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The NHNE Earth Changes Composite Map

By David Sunfellow, Robert Perry & Thomas J. Dunn

(January, 1997)

If you are seriously interested in knowing just how valid predictions of impending worldwide catastrophic geological change are, then this is the material to see -- and share with your friends. To date, it is the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched data on the subject we are aware of. Our revised composite map report contains 8 pages of additional information. If you are someone laying awake at night wondering if California is going to fall into the sea, or if mile-high tidal waves are going to sweep you and your family away, you will rest easier after reading this report.

Many sources, psychic and otherwise, have long predicted catastrophic physical changes for America. How many of these predicted changes are the same, or similar? And how many of these predicted changes are likely to happen? These are the questions we set out to answer.

In preparing our composite map, we examined eight different sources of information:

In the end, the only sources that we felt were complete and/or credible enough to report on were the maps produced by Goodman, Scallion, and Toye. Our composite map is, therefore, based on maps produced by these three sources. It charts the similarities and differences between these three sources.


This book was originally published in 1978. Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, Ph.D. collected predictions from seven well-known psychics. Although not completely unanimous in their predictions, Goodman found that the psychics "were predicting the same earth changes." His seven psychics were:


Gordon-Michael Scallion is the most well-known and widely-publicized of today's American psychics. His specific predictions, as well as the overall content of his visions, follow closely in the footsteps of the famed Virginia Beach psychic, Edgar Cayce.

According to Scallion, his psychic gifts were triggered by an experience he had in 1979. After admitting himself to a hospital for a sudden, unexplained illness, a woman appeared to him in a vision and made a series of short-term and long-term predictions. Among other things, the woman said that beginning in the late 1980's there would be major earth changes. These changes would begin, she said, with earthquakes, volcanic activities and tsunamis. By the 1990's, they would spread to the whole planet and would increase in intensity with each passing year. She called these changes a "Tribulation."

Now, almost two decades after his initial experience, Scallion claims that his visions come to him both spontaneously and as a deliberate, conscious process of inner seeking. The earth changes map that Scallion publishes is a finely chiseled reproduction of the many, suspiciously consistent, visions he claims to receive. Scallion first published his earth changes map in 1982. Since then he has made four revisions that we are aware of, in 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1997. His most recent version is called "Future Map of North America." As its name suggests, this new version includes Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Central America.


In 1983, Lori Adaile Toye had a recurring dream in which four white-robed beings unraveled a map showing a drastically altered United States. Five years later, a friend urged her to reconstruct this map. In over 80 sessions, she contacted the four beings through a meditative state, and guided by them, she and her friend meticulously constructed the I AM AMERICA map. She has now founded the I AM AMERICA organization in Payson, Arizona, to "provide help during the time of changes."


Our map consists of 12 legal-size pages. One page contains our composite map, while the other 11 pages contain a description of what we came up with. Sections include:

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By David Sunfellow

"A wonderful modern tale of humanity's spiritual journey. Imagine's gentle blend of myth, compassion and profundity, contains far-reaching truths about ultimate reality, as well as practical truths about how to see and treat our fellow humans."

---Robert Perry,
Founder, The Circle of Atonement

"In a world that appears so complex and confusing, it is comforting to be reminded that appearances are deceiving. Happily, Imagine comes to us as such a refreshing reminder of the simplicity of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going."

---Donald Giacobbe,
Author of "His World: A Christian Meditation Manual"

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