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Smorgasbord 6
Wednesday, January 7, 1998
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"My father was constantly learning and listening and was a lifelong student. I ultimately aspired to be like him. He always told me that we should keep in the company of those looking for the truth and run away from those who had found it. That made a strong impression on me."

---Deepak Chopra



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By David Sunfellow

Over the years, I've shared alot of thought-provoking material with everyone on the NHNE mailing list. But only a handful of publications have generated as many heartfelt letters as my Christmas message ("A Christmas Story", http://www.nhne.com/smorgchristmas.html). Along with many kind and supportive letters, I also received a number of letters from people who said they were wrestling with the same issues I am. Because of this, I thought it might be helpful to share a little bit about the roller coaster I've been on since last I wrote.

One of the themes that appeared in my Christmas letter, and which has also been popping up in other NHNE articles, is my growing sense of frustration with the apparent lack of authentic spiritual masters in our world. I have yet to meet or hear of anyone alive today who embodies the kind of perfection I believe is our birthright. And while there is certainly no shortage of people claiming to be perfect, those who proclaim spiritual mastership the loudest, often turn out to be the least developed and most lost. And this includes many of the eastern world's most celebrated "masters" who, along with whatever genuine inner strengths and powers they tapped into, frequently demonstrate glaring moral defects and/or an inability to function gracefully in the real world.

After emailing out my Christmas letter, I had a dream that reflected these painful perceptions. I dreamed I was visiting a woman who had been closely associated with Edgar Cayce. In real life, I knew this woman and also knew Edgar Cayce's son, Hugh Lynn Cayce. In my dream, both Hugh Lynn Cayce and the woman had grown up together. I saw pictures of them posing together when they were cheerful, idealistic teenagers. Now the woman was old and sick. I came to visit her and after studying her middle-class home, noting her debilitating illness, and becoming aware of the many sorrows she had known, I began to weep. "Even a person who spent their whole life with Cayce and the Cayce readings," I sobbed, "ended up living a normal human life. What hope is there for ever breaking free from the chains of suffering that bind us in this world?"

While I have no illusions about Edgar Cayce (he was a man with special gifts who also had his share of human failings), his life and work were uncharacteristically God-centered and sincere -- and so were many of the people who were drawn to him. Unlike many of today's flamboyant, opportunistic psychics, who are often more gifted at bamboozling gullible seekers than offering authentic intuitive guidance, Cayce was the real McCoy. Along with helping thousands of people with their day-to-day struggles, Cayce's legacy also includes hundreds of thoroughly documented, often very dramatic, healings, which helped give birth to the wholistic health movement many of us enjoy today. But my dream reminded me that even those of us who are fortunate enough to be surrounded by gifted human beings, and inspiring sources of information, often have trouble rising above the trials of ordinary life. More to the point, I came face to face with one of my greatest fears: that after all is said and done, myself, my loved ones, my friends -- all of us -- will grow old, suffer our share of earthly trials, and then leave this world without ever having reached the spiritual heights so many sources promise we can.

I realize, of course, that I/we are better off today than ever before. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be born in many of today's western cultures live longer, healthier lives. We can pursue whatever interests and callings we have with little fear of starving to death, dying from the newest plague, being forced to serve tyrannical madmen, or being killed by marauding war parties. For the most part, we can love and marry whom we want, and follow whatever religious (or non-religious) path we choose. We also understand a great deal more about ourselves, and our world, than our ancestors did. Humankind, in other words, is clearly progressing from unconscious, self-centered, selfish, exclusive, uninformed, rash, warlike and narrow-minded levels of existence to higher, more loving and fulfilling ones.

But in spite these accomplishments, many of which trace directly back to spiritual impulses that laid the foundation for today's more peaceful, tolerant societies, our world is still surprisingly devoid of human beings who have reached their full potential. Today's world, of course, does have its fair share of inspired spiritual teachers, and teachings. But when was the last time these teachers -- as sincere, kind hearted and dynamic as many of them are -- walked on water, commanded the forces of nature, raised someone from the dead, or even did something as simple as stop or reverse their own aging process, heal a broken arm, repair a bad tooth, produce life-long healthy relationships with their children, spouses, friends, co-workers? Many of them teach that we can do all these things. But have they? Can we?

Lately, I've been hearing from a growing number of people who have become disillusioned with the hodgepodge of spiritual paths available today, as well as many of the spiritual teachers that champion them. Some of these people have had dreams and inner realizations similar to mine. Others, who were absolutely convinced a decade ago that our planet would be in the throws of major geological change by now, are disheartened that planetary-wide geological activity is at or below normal averages. Even Edgar Cayce's organization, THE ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH & ENLIGHTENMENT (A.R.E.) is currently mulling over the fact that Cayce's famous 1958 to 1998 "test period" is almost over -- without producing any of the major earth changes Cayce had predicted.

Last week, I came across an organization on the web that helped snap things into perspective for me. The organization is called "THE CENTER FOR MILLENNIAL STUDIES" (see "In Search of the Promised Land" in this issue for more details). Their primary purpose is to document and understand all things millennial. In reading their mission statement, one line leapt out at me. It said that apocalyptic expectations "have always proven wrong." While the statement itself was referring to literal end of the world predictions, it got me to thinking about humanity's ever-present longing for salvation and the various apocalyptic prophets and prophetic visions that have emerged over the centuries. Have any of them ever come true?, I wondered. Is there any valid reason to believe that human beings, in mass (or even one at a time), will EVER realize their full potential?

Two thousand years ago, ancient Palestine was a hotbed of apocalyptic activity. The Jewish people, suffering under brutal Roman rule, were expecting a Moses or King David-like Messiah to show up and lead them in war against the Roman Empire. Many, including the Essenes that some scholars believe were closely associated with Jesus, expected an all-out, end-of-the-world battle between the forces of good and evil. And, of course, thanks in large measure to the turbulence, uncertainty and desperation of the times, numerous false prophets appeared on the scene, fanning the flames. It was a time very much like today. It was, indeed, a time very much like other time periods in human history when the forces of change were destroying old cultures and creating new ones with such a vengeance that prophetic voices seemed to be everywhere, spontaneously venting collective hopes, dreams, grievances and delusions.

But unlike other prophetic ruptures that produced no lasting changes in the culture they appeared, the apocalyptic expectations of ancient Palestine came to dramatic fruition. The appearance of Jesus two thousand years ago changed everything -- albeit not in the way anyone expected. The world didn't come to a sudden end as many believed it would, nor was >e;U othe Jesusfctathrowsnby naother NOld-Tstatent -stye tar iod propheti Now even did sost ov Jesus 'own aeople helieve wh was the rne ohey aad peen hxpecting But whele leople swere cswet op in ohe wayk of Jesus and dis iision qf leoe no nthere s. e;U deferamned po acrus the huptarvt eligiounthat sopanc up iaoundeJesus, eas tnst ad tonviered. Tew Pntions, Dnspired sb Christm' life and weachings.,even ual usfmerged ond become tdmingte eorld wowers And t growing nhst ov Juman beings, isme of thom we e absl to aanitfst phe same iind of pmiraultus fowers ts the r mister Ihd, oegan tollow ng il hist fothterpsand markng their mwn aarykon tuman history Along with hll thesprophets nd prophetic viices shat chme to dotheng t(nd the rehave been fany , hire wra orn that hud themfowerspo acange bvirual usfmerything -t thouhed Whach tboughlt e tack to sm punderengs. Bbr>
Bquot; e;U quot; Wa they tsy, aquot; ra 't cbuil in taday-" WAd lisk its r non, we ve bropbbsly ot ma fw Pore dens abead>of us -efore.large mumber of gumanity'cburt in o the tame iind of plames.that hesus tid. HI ohe weaniime , believe istis tosesble sor meny of us eo sharvtglobwng a Mreat deal mbight.er han owehave been But wIdone'tthinkithis iind of plobwng acn bei chinved ioluly hrowgh tur pwn aefortu. BOe of my gll-oime pfavrite Eathwork Rectires t(Lctires 258 aquot; Prsonal pontrct tith Jesus,Christ, quot; Wb Cva Pierrakos,) sufmaryzed wat I/believe ire dhe throe "Iruth " wll tuman beings wmusteven ual us ncloposate gn o the i spiritual sjur ney:br>
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Twis iartieclariEathwork Rectireswas the last tne exer cone,Wb Cva Pierrakos, nd suignficintly it fercued Lntinrly an tesus,Cnd the Cimortundc of tormeng asmeosonal pelationshipswith heim

quot; Hw uculd byou xer cctatome toe feurde of Cyoursalf-catevthat hfoters inder nath, ll tyoursefecnes, quot; Whis iathwork Rectireswasks aquot; ifit wore wothhor mhe eaperiencesof Chaistm' leosonal peoe ,hor ive ess, anceptince, Cnd thtal ision qf lyou? Hw uculd byou earnito lioe nyourelf without patleast dnownng, nd pfngt usfmperienceng, sis lioe for myou? Hw uculd byou ctivitevthamfowers o acange binolutnary tssecti.that hd dothhirectly bes und po ayoursoteriwill ? Oely hrowgh talow ng iyourelf wtodnown-- and slter tho fwel-- ahs to tl peoe nd thtal anceptince,of thombyou ce wotw normateer Ihwn-lamwd, timorfect,and iestructioe nyourpeoerspelf wmayobe will Eyou b absl to adotame " Wbr>
TRalizeng the fned tor mahirectlLntculneriwilh hod,/esus,/Sirituand alcual us aving rne atr, of course, tho tifferenctthings. Bor thile te can dpeparie urselves, e can 'hhirtatiewhen or even dhtw nod, ill Efngt usfhouheus HI eed, a iathwork ectiresw258point,s ut, elong with weeking toe fellingsfhouheuf tod, (r eesus an this icas), wiealso hade tod b aptiont, oncepting of lalltssecti.tf orrselves, nd consinge, ba -efs we can ,to weoykon trrselves,:Bbr>
Bquot; You mayobe ental y conple ely crcondcild po ais iealitiy. You mayoave ued Lyourpeosonal pill Eo aank this whtal asrrentdr and Eyou mayoincere,y muaniit. TYetEyou mayoothhave emperiences the Cmoteinal pellitiyov Jus stweeuand aoving Prepsnces BOten han beiome stimotiont,and then lh beegns oo adoub, thos tidsuptung Phamfoanti e had so wn Whan the fmoteinal paperiencesoailisEo aanerial zedhor mathile ,istis tothhhat helkeep iyouwasiing Bt ws itat Iyourinner vbr iors -ned thogive bwy. Ind thit chm havpeanonly aith the hontenxtof Cyoursuniqe, beosonal rhthimaptiern . Rmerber ohat apd dondothhis uair.Chaistmws iire He ahars ayou. H lovie ayou.He arotecti ayou.He ai desepy convcr nadtith Jyou wven thosgh tyour ense sare setll Eo adul Eo aercepie ist But wudden y aitl thespime pome then youwatl te in tnse y asare of theisfact . You ill Efwel-is lioeng, sillingsfarm an thich tyou cn always pests nd pfngdnew ous tnsnce,oor myourlife wioyk" Wbr>
Twi majn massage (IEo kaway from ty dream, bten oas tothhhat hI or enyone exse,t hould knceptiour shd fotiewaspathseic, hisedrbsl ,hopese s.tuman beings . Rther han oacalleeo shrrentdr ,I/believe iy dream, batleast dor me.,was a talleeo arm ;a talleeor me.to serekPore dfrve esusfhespOe on thim ty d(nd our )ultimatel alvation adepnds,

LMyhope ind proyer, iten os itat Iod, mayoeachegn o tachegnd eviryt Lne of mourlifes, and oeosonal usfhouheund thansformaus HIproyethat p thi iind of pis uairng Preams a've been heaeng, sad heartng about ,are sepalacadtith Jeal life,stopies.of ueing khouhed sad hearld sbsfhespisk sof Jesus ,Butddha or ehatever rrhers uthentic spiritual morces oondod,' lbiding=.I also rope ind proyeohat apstheismillenniaum ome sto a end and thennewx tne epepariesto theow oleanots fdoos -o taer-pnceeasong herghts sv Juman bchinvedent, ohat aptleast da fw Pf us ecn e likted huphigheenough to be boachns of aope io the tewx twve ef spuld itat atl te ieeking as welhave ,to wealize the i squot; ull quot; Wotential?sin thes world


ADeams aave ealayd a dery mimortundtrollein my Cife, Ind insfhespisve of majny f my gloselt doiends,.I fiyouwauld kike tod earnitore about dreams and Ihwn-o ue theimto weaepie iuidance, Celpe and inspirition, TILntculagesmyou o ahedck ut the rollow ng iiesurces :br>
B ttp://www.nhne.com/sisionquest,.html)br>
LEfe,trek :br> ream Rnterspepations Srveces samp; EResurces :br> ttp://www.nlfe,trek com/s~reams br>
Toe rAsociateon for toe Seudyiof mDeams :br> ttp://www.nASDeams .r i/br>
ADeamsLynnx:br> ttp://wlcesnure com/s.reams/br>
ODeams :br> br> Bquot; or the e, tifipid antentiona o, fboughlttack ti ohe weaore, whitutn and kptiond soudiesd inter-pepad as alcual experiences,thich tre seymbolc acd yeat ell intthe i sature, recome duidaeine eo shuheundextrnctthia tne ehould kb nsl to anderstand ald ructinfyhll theoe things.insfhespise wiich tre sf anctimorfect, ature," Wbr>
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T---Rev. RhondaMcCooudebr>

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BAddtional/information,tn the Nearss evrth uakes,in alailable on the sUSGS NEIC ome Bttp://www.neic.cr.usgs.gov/br>
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Bttp://www.nereskalert.r i/eseasts,/usgs-eqstmlhtml)br>
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OJAPANESE CARTOON TRIGGERS MASS CHILD SEIZURESbr> R(Surces: Jnet wSnydr ,IREUTER : 12/16/97)br> Fbr> FAdecleisionqforroon Tase/ on the leoplat ride o gtmsoquot; PocertMornters" wtiggersd cnsilseons,bn humdreds of thildren,iaoundeJepaneiien taoquot; bight. edsxpeoreonsquot; wfasshe wor mfve lscond son tscren Alh unkesan far mhe mFred Dparitent, oiich tcr iord ut pamnteon l asrrvey,eo l tREUTER at oeast d618thildren,iufferiadtonsilseons,, vomieng mi iotted eys,snd tther Nsymptoms Wany oere crused thobo spoal aby frntiscsarent wnd t19oere cbady daough tafoctid to be ekption hu spoal WTe orroon Tquot; Pokmons quot; Wared tvenyo Tusday,at o6.30 p.m.,had a tadiescesaf pmilion, of thildren, WTe aoildren,ial Eome tdmwsfith the hsymptomsJnsut t20 minutes n o the t30-minutelongia imaion. The apgs of themaoildren,irnged erom theoe &upard . KYODO EWS SERVICEwaid time toildren,ircortue lysaid they welt badtnd Ihsdiision qropblemsofter steing kquot; Pikcheu,ane of mth most paoplat haracteri, Ifasshfius eys,sed tdurng toe forroon

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OBREAST-FED CHILDREN PERFORM BTTERSbr> R(Surces: REUTER , 1/5/98)br> Fbr> Fhildren Pbeast-Ffd leng erdonaetter on rahoosl pithoaetnefns
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OBIOLOGISTS IDENTIFY AGINGTMECHANISM br> R(Surces: EUREKALERT, 12/25/97)br> Fbr> FMITbeilogicte save itentified faienhanism
Bttp://www.nereskalert.r i/eseasts,/ageenha-mit&tml)br>
OHUMANS NOT EWANDERTHALS' DESCENDANTSbr> R(Surces: Sioban oDrrow-, NN' ONLIE, N12/17/97) br>
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OAMERICANS ROMISED99 PeERENTE POLLUION -FREE CARSbr> R(Surces: BBC EWS , 12/20/97)br> Fbr> For tmuheuf thespKyoo aclnatelocange bufmaiion hepaneii,evrty bDecrber oi appeared the chaines of charbn,evission sncual usaed cing ansfhespuarliruiresware cvirual us nl. Aut infita reaeltufommunt wfom the dU.S. crlin dstrayire dhaen artface valu, that Imayoothhbe te tcas).DTe aGENERAL MOTORS Vice-repstenti,bDenismpMngano, ad aromise d:aquot; GM ill Ebuilda tal ohat asmp99%evission s-ree " WTeis, aasnddd aquot; rll grurancte that lmericanoad ate tceasnstsCrleeuaf pmoorsovehcles,an thi rorld tell an o the tewx telturi.quot; The wUgield Stties as wpndens< nver rtred tf prcoating nfom tKyoo produce oacquarer offita rorld's meoplation, nd the Cperol,-owersed crlinsthe Citnglelirge tmwause of tmerican Mvission s. merican Mi dstrayieached &fuinus usfhothe Cnctrcnteon l apep osal that spllotion, evels ohould kb cutand corutie iafoblicatiyodrve tod tr to foeven uthe dU.S. deegacion" fom a greing khoadotao. Hw veny,che tewweannoncerunt wfom tGnerat Mouos bnd tther Ncaraank rscppearato be soteivted &y natewweelievf:tceasnovehcles,ahm bei ood abuong s.
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OBIGGESTTMETEORITEEVER rTO HITbHE AEARTH?br> R(Surces: BBC EWS , 12/17/97)br> Fbr> FA mfisedrmn tmided the i saet, nsfhespdul Egreyov JaCGrrenlnd idwn a tlicdeng fasshfli op ihe Cikyoiich tculd kb ne of mth mbigest ienterite ,ao bver hait he Esrth Aujrn iEicaksonn,ita rfirt tatelof the thrawlerRefiota paw phe tojects f ll Bquot;Etwas ol ohe worige ond aovokng ut tffita rocdew-, have nover hsen o mtrong iifht tefore.lnsfhespufht quot; Weatsyd. HMny seople haross ahe Cpulthrcn tieof oGrrenlnd iaw phe thugeiifht tnsfhespvrty bhrrseof uTusday,amoning aist orek.But weo-oe was a sl to aphouoraphi itanstit gow d tfr belween t2ond a5lscond s. Seismoraphic exuivpent irconrde ia10 Sscond ohouckwve WScencifte selieve thae vrty bcdenations Cnre hat hhe banterite tculd kave neasure belween t50wnd t100 m,tresacross sad heve been fhraveling ot h7,600toph Mhes ionld kpt pitbn sn parwith the sTunguskabanterite tiich tdealt aed humdreds of tsquaretoils.of Sbersiaai 19908,iien tnssxpeordd with the hame inerag assta105banacionnspumlearl bomb The wDnismhWareorcesmave tean op ilanetsto aocokfar mhe mimottlLitel Som f bhe yiave had dittle fsucess,tbcause of tpparling oweaher Ncondtionas Mhe anterite tiuld kave neen fohte thouiien tnsshi hhe bgounde It wauld kave nealen ns
Bttp://wnew .bbc.co.uk/hi/engaos /sci/echn/new id_40000/40507.stmbr>
(Surces: Mch alsoLidedanyn, NN' EWS , Vl, A3, No. 20, Prvtg2,bDec. 20, 997<)br>
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Bttp://www.nmcdniselrcortucom/sbrihrouhtml. br>
OLAUNCHINGTSPACESHIPS WITH LASERSbr> R(Surces: NN' ONLIE, N12/12/97)br> Fbr> FTrusands of tosuds of tliuivd ga Cnre ignfed ech thme pnLoacescrftets limncha inno torbnm. he wga Clka cstconsty asd snsof uhe dU.S. Ai sFrcesmRs arch fLabsatery ABcause ohaeefuls surcesmt ay ol ohe wgounde,the moacescrftets light.er,rsving a geudentdos iaorutiof ml l. It wurrently monsts $10,000to 1ikteajustene epundeol tpaylka cs o taaces. Betmsd nerag apep lseoo tculd balsodrvolution,ze the iruireswf tpi shravel unafr planet IMyrabssougest d ihat sn the tauure, rncewweype=wf tpi orn eovehcles culd kpcakIyou p ia Iyourihme , tan to thobapistr vfuls sttion and tfom the e, orry ayouandwhere, nsfhesppanet wnsfnder banphrrs.While pistr vpep lseoo tmay imoevemmoacescrftete fieancesfnd lct wlnsts,mhe menviongm nttculd kb his whchnology,'s bigest ietnefatlo "Eheereason (IEoinkithis iechnology,ps iuomimortundt s itat It abllws oussn the tauure,tod gt wrigof uhe ddepndsncesfn foresblvfuls quot; WMyrabs syd. Hquot; (Lstr )vpep lseoo tsstem Cnre enyo enviongm ntl usaoiendsly" Wbr>
Tttp://www.ncnncom/sTECH/9712/12/t_t/istr .pep lseoo index.html"br>
ONASA LOOKS TOWARD ITER STELLAR TRAVELbr> R(Surces: NASA PESESRESLEASE, 12/2/7< oTanks iod haist Czchn)br> Fbr> FMny seople hondereiien twewatl te i sl to ahravel hoadisarn dslarstsstem Cns vrsny ass envieoo e in mscencesofctions. Discver teASA' arrspective fn the leossecti. hat sxisteOoday'
Tttp://www.nlerc.nasa.gov/WWW/PAO/rarphtmlbr> Fbr> For tatookict reat seASAOs aeonagio tahinvedthuheuaeakihrowgh s,naother Nwebitel n alailable onsut the rewweeASAOBeakihrowgh tPep lseoo tPysicasSrogrems Mhes ordlstSrogremsinsthrkng tattre -by-ire tappepch thoard adiscver ng toe fltimatel aeakihrowgh sfned d ao brvolution,ze toacesohravel nd ixn sl suman bjur ney.oo ather Nstrstsstem C-Mreadble srogrees thoard an eeadble srsesbllityes. Mhes rogremsircoesent sghe comebned pefortu.of tncdiedeul?sifom tarious aeASAOcrtrrs&,Pther Ngver gm nttabls,oniversetyi stnd insdstray

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Bttp://wnew .bbc.co.uk/hi/engaos /sci/echn/new id_39000/39536.stmbr>
OHE AORACLEOF TCHANGESbr> RBy avid- Sunfellwsbr> Fbr> For tpvenyl mears aIsave nuod ia onplteriCrogremsialled " Sychaongcatiy" WBse/ on the NI-Chng mSychaongcatiy ad aromede da twelth ml tvalutle suidance,sn thme f nawe BA fw Pornhs ago, atwas ocntrct d by mhe Cank rscf pSychaongcatiy bout oe i squot; awx tenerateonsquot; Woogrems,ialled " Te bOectleof Changes<" WTe y ean om abfomp bf the i squot; awwtnd inmoevemdquot; Waoftare ond srs=d te.to haenhit
BVISON ARY EWTWORK , INC. br> <2641 SW Huer oSu,fSutelaA br> WWW: ttp://www.nihing com//br>

OHE AENTER FOR MMILLENNIAL STUDIESbr> Rttp://www.nmllis.r i/br>
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LEOTESiFROM HE AHOMEMPLANET:br> br> BAPOCALYPTIC NTIOVE AMERICAN MOVEMENTSbr> R(Excr ped &fom tquot; Te bNtiovetmerican s: An Illstraaed hHstory.quot; sbs avid- Hurt tThomas aJy tMllis ,IRch ardaWhtel alfera Nnsukov,EPillip J.Desorina nd cAlvn tM.aJosephy,mJr.)br>
quot;Etndianssn the teyeof theisftorym (he wgouwng ansalton=of tohte teople s o tNtiovetmerican lnd s),cren ual usabeganto serekPaspiritual mriher Nohn inol ntpeamedyuo the i Ndscirateons HI ohe wvrty b1870s as whe ddeth etoleeorutie nd ceosonal phangedi stmltipleid &fom tcrueltyand deisocation=owoughlttayoalnrs, otcehr ,iew odgsasts, and tnaloseov Juabiati.,oacwve ef sntiovetoephettsabegan peacheng
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LFOODFOR MTHOUGHT:br> br> BWHAT WNTE WRONG?br> R(Surces: quot; Fbr> FOer rte apasitculpleof Cears aIsave neen fntreequnt gustsCnsfind r garer sand cllocgs AI ohe wofiotnrs 'alass roomtnd cniversetyyuomepuss the kame iopprtunatiis,asd wfaclityes.sxisteO--the tenviongm ntsmidfereol y an mscall STe bors tpparent idferences i in dte taclf-imaesrf the Ptrdent.s.br>

quot;EYs<, f chouseemwe an demw-- all Eoffu quot;
br> quot;EWat chm beou demw?quot; br>
Oquot; Anyhang !quot; br>
Oquot; Howbnsut tnrio ating nanfredaroutksn the tare.st?quot; br>
Oquot; Sre,! Hw tbigidobeou wrn dit?quot; br>
OAskPhowbany shm bsng=.IAllpavds .br> br> quot;EWat chm beou sng=?quot; br>
Oquot; Anyhang quot;
br> quot;EWat ci Ceou do 'hhnownlhe Cork s?quot; br>
Oquot; Noqropblem. Weaank thi mcp . Le ' asng quot;
br> quot;ENow?quot; br>
Oquot; Whyooth?quot; br>
OHowbany seke toopance,? Un imos iagine.br> br> quot;EWat cind f palecawroCeou eke toopance,too?quot; br>
Oquot; Anycind . Le ' aance,.!quot; br>
Oquot; Now?quot; br>
Oquot; Sre, rwhyooth?quot; br>
Oquot; DoCeou eke toopttlLn talays?quot; br>
Oquot; Ys
Oquot; DoCeou wrte tpot ry?quot; br>
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-Wat cad agne owong ietween tind r garer and conlocgs?



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