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Scallion & NHNE on TV

Friday, October 11, 1996
(From News Brief 31)
By James Gregory

Copyright 1996 By NewHeavenNewEarth
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Scallion & NHNE on TV
By James Gregory

Wednesday, October 2nd was a red letter day for NewHeavenNewEarth. On that day, a TV crew came to Sedona from Austin, Texas for the sole purpose of interviewing NHNE Founder and Publisher, David Sunfellow. Sunfellow was interviewed as part of a special report on Gordon-Michael Scallion for KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas, a subsidiary of BELO CORPORATION, a CBS affiliate.

The reporter was Jim Moore, a Bureau Chief with the station. He had been given the assignment to put together the first ever investigative report on Scallion. Scallion has been featured by the media many times before, but up to now the attention has been more entertainment than investigative journalism, using such effects as eerie lighting to make Scallion out to be some sort of prophet of doom.

The first part of the TV report will deal with Scallion -- the man and his predictions. The second will focus on Scallion's "Future Map of the World" with special emphasis on California. Sunfellow was approached because NHNE is the only organization Moore knew of that has been seriously tracking Scallion's predictions. Since November 1994, NHNE has published three of Sunfellow's Special Reports on Scallion, including a stinging assessment in February 1996 of Scallion's "hits & misses" for 1995. The NHNE News Brief has also carried regular updates on Scallion's work and prophecies.

While Sunfellow stressed that he is sympathetic with Scallion's overall theme of planetary transformation, he also insisted that Scallion's predictions require critical examination. According to Sunfellow, "If we ever hope to understand the true nature of the dramatic changes presently unfolding in our world, then we need to seriously track predictions like those being made by Scallion. And if we discover that the Emperor has no clothes -- or only a few clothes -- we've got to say so. Our time is too precious to waste believing things that aren't true."

Some of the points Sunfellow made in the hour-long interview include:

-- A host of other psychics, chief among them, Edgar Cayce, were making cataclysmic predictions similar to Scallion's long before Scallion was. Geologically, these predictions often include: massive chunks of the western part of America being dumped into the ocean; the Great Lakes draining into the Gulf of Mexico and the central part of America becoming a huge waterway; New York City being destroyed and much of the Eastern seaboard submerged; new land rising in various parts of the world, especially off the east coast of America; Europe being instantaneously buried under a thick layer of polar ice and/or suffering wide-spread geological upheavals; Japan vanishing completely beneath the ocean; and, finally, a pole shift that would send mountains of water rampaging across the planet.

-- While both Scallion, and other psychics, have accurately predicted minor geological disturbances, the vast majority of their geological predictions -- both large and small -- haven't happened.

-- Scallion's time lines for global disaster have been repeatedly re-drawn, as were many of the time lines of the psychics before him.

-- The geological disasters predicted by Cayce, Scallion, and many other cataclysmic-psychics all converge on or near the year 2000. Most of these sources indicate that major earthquakes would be dramatically increasing worldwide as the planet raced toward its climactic death/rebirth. Instead, major earthquakes around the world are BELOW normal annual averages -- and have been for many years.

-- Assuming Scallion and others are truly seeing visions and accurately reporting them, then their visions of worldwide cataclysmic events are probably dealing with upheavals that are not primarily geological. However, a tidal wave of extraordinary events bare witness to the fact that something remarkable is, indeed, happening on our planet. These events include: planetary-wide pollution, holes in the ozone layer, widespread deforestation, the ongoing extinction of species around the world, increasingly erratic weather patterns, global warming, melting polar ice caps, the threat of nuclear war and/or nuclear reactor accidents, planetary-wide social and political unrest, the rise of a global communications network, stunning scientific breakthroughs, increasing numbers of paranormal events such as crop circles, Marian sightings, near-death experiences, abductions, and UFO sightings, and last, but not least, the growing preoccupation of the mass media with all of these events.

-- While the world, as a whole, is unlikely to experience the kind of planetary-wide geological disasters Scallion and others have predicted, the various geological hot spots Scallion and others have pinpointed (such as California and Japan) could end up experiencing major disasters, especially since scientists have also predicted many of these areas are due for major upheavals. Calamities in these sensitive areas could potentially lead to a collapse of current economic, political and social systems.

Sunfellow plans to write a more in-depth report for NHNE subscribers on what he said during his interview with Moore. A complete copy of Sunfellow's review of Scallion's predictions for 1995 is available in the database section of the NHNE Web site at:

Moore's report will also include a profile on Antonio Carducci, a 78-year-old man who moved from his luxury condo in Miami to the hill country of Texas in order to prepare for the earth changes predicted by Scallion. He invested his life savings in building a survival compound equipped with geodesic domes, electric generators, fuel caches, and 30 tons of canned food.

To round out the report, Moore travelled to Mammoth Mountain, California. In the 1980s, Scallion had predicted the mountain near the California/Nevada border would be the scene of "unprecedented" volcanic activity. It may be no coincidence that Mammoth Mountain has recently been behaving peculiarly with incessant low-level seismic activity and a peculiar release of cold C0/2 gas from the ground that has killed acres of vegetation, a phenomenon that seismologists on the scene are calling "unprecedented."

Although first and foremost a political reporter, this is not the first time that Moore has been called on to investigate the paranormal. In 1993, he was given the assignment to produce a five-part series on UFOs as the companion piece for the two-part "Intruders" special. During his six months of researching the subject, he travelled 30,000 miles interviewing such experts as Ed Walters (Gulf Breeze Conference), Dr. John Mack (abduction authority), David Jacobs (UFO abduction specialist and author of "A Secret Life"), and Budd Hopkins (professionally acclaimed sculptor, best-selling author, and UFO abduction researcher).

Why is Moore given these difficult and sensitive assignments? Because, as he explains, "I am the biggest skeptic at the station." He goes on, "My fascination is with how things will wash out after the new millennium begins. If none of the things many people expect come to pass, I wonder what attitudes will be like? Even though I am skeptical, when I am working on a story, I avoid drawing any general conclusions. My role is to report, not to judge."

Moore's special report will be in two parts, each about five minutes long. It will first air on KHOU-TV in Houston in late October or early November, then be passed on to the other BELO subsidiaries and finally to CBS. We will forward details concerning the air date and time as soon as they are available.


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