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NHNE News Brief 4
(Friday, January 6, 1995)

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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NHNE News Brief 4
Friday, January 6, 1995

The Blind Man At The Gate

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Long ago, I remember a blind beggar sat each day beside the gate on the east side of the wall of the city of Jerusalem. For years he made that place his daily residence.

So clever were his ears that he had learned the sounds of those who walked along the way. He could detect the man of wealth by his step, by the sound of his voice, even by the sound made by the texture of his clothes and shoes. By cleverness of the ear he could discern the Roman from the Jew; in fact, he could identify, with little difficulty, a man of almost any nation.

By sound alone did he discern what he considered to be the worth of men. Those who dragged their feet or who let their sandals flap too much as they walked; those whose clothes were of insufficient crispness or weight (indicative of lack of wealth), he ignored, and did not even bother to raise his cup and ask for alms.

One day footsteps were heard along the hillside and upward to the gate--familiar footsteps, but of little importance to the beggar. By the sound of their feet and the timbre of their voices he recognized the walk of two fishermen from Galilee.

Beside the fishermen as they passed by was the voice of a man he recognized as being from Nazareth. If I might know the beggar's thoughts at the time, they were, 'Ah, a man from Nazareth. Perhaps he has a family of the class of workers or carpenters, perhaps a maker of roofs. These fisherman, this laborer, would have no coins for me. Better to save my voice than to waste on them a forlorn hope of alms.' These were the words within his mind and heart.

The fishermen were Simon and Andrew. The Nazarene was a man called Jesus.

The beggar remained blind throughout his years; the slyness of his ear had stolen away the very opportunity that his eyes might see. Had his heart been prepared in love, he should at least have spoken. Or had he even asked, unknowing, sight might have been received. Yet, so it is that often men allow the greatest opportunity to walk by them. In blindness they hear its footsteps, but they judge its cadence by the ear of wisdom and fascination in things of the world.

Who was the blind man at the gate? I am. It has taken me nigh two millennia to begin to hear anew. And still, my eyes do not see...

---From a psychic reading given by Ray Stanford entitled "The Blind Man At The Gate"

Letters To & From NHNE:


I have been reading any scrap of info that I can get from you. The Scallion predictions (are)... really preying on my mind. Also, there was another ANCIENT PROPHECIES on TV recently with a slew of others with the same predictions.

I've gotten really depressed over this and although my husband laughs at me I can't seem to get this out of my mind. How can anyone continue with their lives as usual if they really believe this? I don't know what to think. People tell me that there have always been predictions about the end of the world, especially with the millennium closing in on us.

What do you think? How seriously should I take all this?


We are convinced that our world is on the brink of passing through some very heavy-duty changes--which is one of the main reasons we wanted to start building a network that can 'gracefully' pass through whatever changes may be coming.

Although we are convinced that big changes are coming, we aren't sure exactly what to expect. That is why we intend to run stories on people like Gordon-Michael Scallion and go over his predictions (and him, too, for that matter) with a fine-tooth comb. Who is he? What kind of person is he? How did he come by his particular gift? Is he and his gift for real? How accurate are his predictions? Are they similar to what others are saying, or completely different? Do his predictions 'ring true' to us (and others) or do they feel 'cooked up' and bogus? We, like you, want to know and we are determined to find out.

From what I know of the times we are presently entering, there have indeed been people throughout the ages that have predicted the end of the world--especially at critical points in history, or at turning points in time. For the most part, these predictions have, however, been relatively isolated: Only a few people, usually with a particular religious or philosophical axe to grind, have been the ones making these predictions (which, of course, never happened). Now, however, virtually every aspect of modern civilization is in crisis and predicting some kind of global collapse. Scientists, environmentalists, politicians, psychics and fanatics alike, as well as a growing number of supernatural events (like the appearances of Mother Mary all over the planet) are all adding their voices to the growing chorus of warning. And so, too, are common, everyday men and women. Many of their dreams, visions, near-death experiences, encounters with angels, abduction experiences are all saying essentially the same thing... But along with getting the message 'big changes are coming,' I think it is also critically important, and, in the long run, even more important, to understand why they are coming and what to do about them. Similarly, it is also very important to keep things in perspective. The worst that can happen (which, by the way, I don't think is going to happen) is that the human race will be wiped off the face of the earth. If death is a final experience (we die and that's it), then being wiped off the face of the earth might be something to worry about. But death is no longer the horrible thing it once was. Even modern science is being forced to consider the likelihood that we survive the death of our bodies. Life, in other words, cannot be destroyed. You and I and those we love will survive no matter what happens on our planet.

But this is where we are now, in bodies, with loved ones to take care of, with hopes and dreams to pursue, with lessons to learn, so it is important to make the most of it. Which leads us back to why these changes are coming and what to do about them.

I believe these changes can be likened unto a birth. Our race, and planet, have reached a point in their evolution where they are ready to move on to the next stage of their existence. Some changes, like being born, passing through adolescence, and dying, are fairly dramatic events. Even when we are prepared, the most we can do is make our passage a graceful one. The passage itself, the process of being born, cannot be side-stepped or avoided. But, and here is the important point, if we understand what is happening, the changes will be much, much, MUCH easier to pass through. So knowing why they are coming is one practical way to prepare for them.

We can also spend time trying to understand ourselves, and our fears better. If we are able to successfully deal with our own fears, and establish some sense of who we are, where we are from, and where we are going, then our fears and concerns about other things--including global change--will be dramatically reduced. Instead of being unsettled, we will be solid. We'll know our place in the grand scheme of things and be able to deal with whatever experiences pass our way.

I'm deeply convinced that building deep relationships with other human beings is also vitally important. We need other human beings to explore ourselves, and the mystery of life with. And we also need other human beings to turn to and lean on when the chips are down. None of us are islands unto ourselves and those of us who try to live as if we are, won't have the help of other human beings when we need it.

And then there's God--forming a direct relationship with Him (or Her or whatever you want to call It). A direct relationship with God is a good idea to pursue even in the best of times. And in the worst of times, it may be the only thing that helps us keep our head (and the heads of those we love) above water.

As for preparing for the coming changes on the physical level--storing food, water, clothes, seeds, tools, moving to safe areas of the country, etc.--we may be guided to do all of these things, but, personally, I don't think physical survival should be our main focus. Our main focus should be forming a direct relationship with God, deepening our relationships with other human beings, and seriously working on ourselves. Although this may seem like an ineffective way to prepare for massive earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, I am convinced that this is the only way any of us are going to survive the coming changes. For along with the coming changes being a process of birth, I have come to believe they are also a pruning process. They will separate those of us who have learned to be better people (people more attuned to God, more in love with others, and more respectful of the Earth), from those who haven't. Those who have will pass safely into the new world that is emerging, while those who haven't will be given more chances elsewhere.

These are some of my views, not the Gospel truth. Like you, I am still trying to figure it all out. I hope some of these ideas are comforting and, if not, at least thought-provoking. As time goes on we plan to dissect every issue related to the turbulent times we are presently passing through from many different angles. There is, in fact, no other place I know of that will be tackling these issues with more determination, thoroughness, and objectivity than we plan to. So if you really want answers to the questions you asked, you're in good company. Together, we can find them.

---David Sunfellow

Dear David Sunfellow,

Thank you very much for your response to my worries. You make a great deal of sense and you really did make me feel better.

I'll tell you that it's not the thought of dying that bothers me as much as the thought of everything that the human race is will be gone--the good along with the bad. There is so much that is beautiful and precious on this planet, every tree, every creature...I can't bear the thought of all that we have accomplished just being lost--works of art, music, ideas. It's mind numbing to me that this could all be gone when we're on the verge of so much. We've done so much in 100 years, just imagine where another 100 could take us.

I'm a big science fiction fan and it never occurred to me (until I read these predictions) that Star Trek or Babylon 5 couldn't happen. These are things that I dream about even though they could never happen in my (current) lifetime. We haven't met any other species or lifeforms to share with. Another species could change us with their knowledge and way of life.


I/we share many of your concerns and it is my sincere hope (and firm belief at this point) that we will, indeed, be able to save the best of our culture and move on to ever more wonderful experiences...

---David Sunfellow


I had a passing thought last night as I fell asleep. As a builder/developer/planner, I and my associates often use maps and plans as a means of bringing into the physical our thoughts and ideas. An architect will draw a plan, visually think about what his product will look like, get others involved and eventually the house or project will take on a life of its own, having been birthed through the thought and planning process and end up existing in our physical framework.

Would the production of a map showing earth changes not have the same effect? With hundreds or thousands of very enthusiastic New Agers, with good intentions or otherwise, looking at, thinking about, and ultimately giving energy and attention to earth changes what contribution is being made to a future situation?

Is this responsible? Is it consistent with your understanding of metaphysics? Why do this project? Do people really need to look and ponder over a future such as this? What value would it have in their lives?

There are many people tied into the new age movement that in a very weird sort of way would love to see California fall into the Pacific. This would provide hard evidence of many prophecies, and perhaps confirm various New Age notions about "the end times" (which I personally think is a load of crap, excuse my choice of words).

Can't someone construct a picture of the future that folks could put their energy into that would lessen poverty, improve the quality of government, help clean up the environment? How about producing a map of the Amazon rain forest that shows it to be twice as big as it is today, or at least at its original size? Or a picture of the Atlantic ocean or the Hudson River, sparkling clean and loaded with healthy fish ?

This would seem to be more consistent with responsible metaphysics, where everyone understands that thoughts are indeed things. Put our energies on what we want, not what we may fear.

If there is something here that I don't see, I would welcome your thoughts.


Most of us tend to view dramatic, painful changes as something negative. And often they are. There are, however, some times when dramatic, painful changes are actually beneficial. There are even times when such changes are a vital, absolutely necessary part of our development...

It is, therefore, exceedingly important to understand the true nature of the changes we are talking about. If the earth changes we are talking about are archetypal (like the archetypal processes of birth, puberty, and death), then our calling is to understand, prepare for and align ourselves with them. If, on the other hand, the changes predicted for the earth are not archetypal, if, in fact, they are changes that are unnecessary and avoidable, then we should do everything in our power to withdraw our energy from them and align with more peaceful, less dramatic kinds of expressions.

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that many of the dramatic changes being predicted for our planet, and race, are archetypal, unavoidable, evolutionary, and highly desirable. And this is why we are putting together a composite earth changes map. We are trying to identify the PHYSICAL changes that our planet NEEDS to pass through so that we, like good midwives, will know what to expect and how to respond. We are also trying to identify physical changes that may NOT be a part of this archetypal pattern and, if possible, diffuse them. In a similar vein, we think there are a lot of maps, earth change predictions, and 'end-time prophets' that are bogus--and we're anxious to clear up some of the mud they've helped create.

The idea that our planet is on the verge of passing through major physical, geological changes has been around for quite some time. Modern science knows that our planet has passed through a series of planetary-wide upheavals. There have been powerful geological disturbances. There have been mass extinctions. Huge comets have even smashed into our planet. Many believe that our planet has also endured a series of highly destructive pole shifts.

In the last few thousand years, a growing number of psychics, seers and prophets have predicted that our particular time period would also experience major upheavals as well. And, of course, these human prophets are no longer confined to the ranks of the spiritually-minded. Virtually every aspect of modern civilization... are all singing the same tune: Some kind of planetary collapse is imminent.

Some of us associated with this project have spent over twenty years aggressively wrestling with the issues you and I are discussing. We have encountered all kinds of predictions, become acquainted with large numbers of psychics, prophets and visionaries, and heard just about every kind of end-time scenario you can imagine. After everything is said and done, we have come away with two very distinct feelings: 1. Our planet is, indeed, on the verge of passing through some kind of global collapse; and 2. There are legions of misguided, misinformed and ultimately erroneous takes on the situation that demand the kind of scrutiny you are asking for...

Finally, you asked about focusing on more positive scenarios; creating, for instance, maps of a beautiful new world, full of healing, love, peace, cooperation. How about putting some energy into these potentials? I couldn't agree more. We intend to do that--and, in fact, have been and will continue to present some exceedingly promising visions of the future. With all the talk of earth changes, our bottom line is not a fire and brimstone, end of the world scenario. Our bottom line is that the changes coming to our planet will, in the end, give birth to the kind of world you outlined. In my opinion, part of helping usher in this new world deals with preparing for the traumatic process of birth, while another part deals with thinking new thoughts, drawing new maps, envisioning new possibilities. We intend to do both--with a passion...

---David Sunfellow


While browsing the AOL New Age Forum, I came upon the following message that was posted by one of our readers. With the author's permission, I wanted to share his experience with all of you.

I've been down to Ft. Walton Beach many times for my job. While there, I visited Gulf Breeze and eventually became friends with some of the really fine people who have been featured on SIGHTINGS and other such shows. It happened that during my last trip, the SIGHTINGS crew showed up to film an update on the ongoing UFO flap in that region. During the day, they filmed interviews with some of the locals, then during the evening came back to the Shoreline Park to film the skywatchers. Nothing unusual appeared during their stay, but I was amused to see the director asking the crowd to all look up into the sky in the same direction and point. I just saw that episode of SIGHTINGS a couple of weeks ago, and sure enough, there we all were, looking up in the sky like loons. SIGHTINGS didn't say we were looking at anything, but neither did they say we were posed. They just left it to the assumptions of the viewers.

I generally find SIGHTINGS to be an interesting show and not unreasonably sensationalized. I wish it covered topics in more depth. Posing people is, I suppose, a way of creating an interesting scene, even if it is misleading.




The December 19, 1994 issue of U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT ran a cover story on end-time prophecies and modern-day scholarship. Here are a few highlights from that article:

  • As the year 2000 approaches, a multitude of end-time predictions, self-proclaimed prophets and doomsday organizations are appearing everywhere, both inside the folds of traditional Christianity, and outside. Some of these latter-day people and organizations are not only zealous, but dangerous, as in the case of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and the Solar Temple in Switzerland and Canada.

  • Although much smaller in scale, another end-time craze swept the European world when the year 1000 approached. According to a book by Henri Focillion called, THE YEAR 1000, the cultural and artistic activity in European monasteries nearly came to a halt as the year 999 came to an end. One legend claims on midnight, January 1, 1000, the entire country of Iceland converted to Christianity--mostly out of apocalyptic anxiety.

  • Throughout the ages various would-be prophets have stepped forward with specific dates concerning when, exactly, the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ would take place:

    ---Basing his predictions on the dimensions of Noah's Ark, Hippolytus of Rome (A.D. 170-235) predicted A.D. 500 would be the day Christ returned to earth.

    ---In 1840, Baptist Bible teacher William Miller gave a series of FOUR bogus dates for Christ's return. Many of his followers dressed in white robes and waited on a hillside for the Lord to take them away. When Christ failed to show up at the appointed hour (or hours, in Miller's case), some of Miller's disciples left, while others remained behind and started the SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS.

    ---Harold Camping, who currently presides over a network of 39 Christian radio stations and 14 shortwave transmitters (THE FAMILY RADIO, INC.), proclaimed the world began with Adam in 11013 B.C. and was scheduled to end September, 1994. His book, "1994?", which sold 70,000 copies, predicted that skies would darken at midday and graves would fly open as the dead joined the living to face God's fiery judgment. Camping, who's network will make some $12 million this year, claims that he is delighted his prediction didn't come true. Why? Because he has many friends and family members who are "not yet saved."

  • Contrary to popular and traditional beliefs that the book of Revelation and other Old Testament prophecies were written with our particular time period in mind, many modern scholars (both liberals and conservatives) believe that these scriptures dealt with events that took place during the time they were written. Many scholars believe, for instance, that the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelation was a description of Nero, the murderous Roman Emperor.

  • One prophecy that figures prominently in many end-time scenarios is the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple. The Temple which was first destroyed by the Babylonians over 2,500 years ago was rebuilt and then destroyed again 656 years later by the Romans. Now, The Dome of The Rock Mosque, the site believed by Moslems to be where Mohammed ascended to heaven, stands directly atop the old site. While many Jews stress that they have no plans to displace the mosque (which certainly would ignite a holy war), a small group of Jews believe that if proper preparations are made, a miracle will occur that will enable the Temple to be built again. In preparation for just such a miracle, they have begun replicating many of the items contained in the original Temple. Meanwhile, other Jews have started gathering the names of all Jews descended from Aaron, the priestly brother of Moses, so they can be pressed into service if and when Solomon's Temple is rebuilt.

    And what do Americans as a whole think about all of this? A poll conducted by U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT found that 59% of the American public believes the world will come to an end sometime in the near future. 60% believe that there will be a final judgment day. 49% believe there will be an Anti-Christ. 44% believe the battle of Armageddon will take place. And 44% believe there will be a rapture of some kind.


    Near-Death Experiences:

    "I have never interviewed anyone who had a near-death experience who told me that they came back to make more money or to spend more time at their jobs away from their families... Instead, they become convinced that they need to be more loving and kind. They react to their experience by living life to its fullest. They believe their lives have a purpose, even if that purpose is obscure to them. Invariably it involves concepts such as love of family or service to others. They seem to know that the love they create while living will be reflected and radiated back to them when they die."

    Melvin Morse, M.D.
    From His New Book, "Parting Visions"

    By David Sunfellow

    All right, we're all familiar with near-death experiences. We've heard how people leave their bodies, pass through long, dark tunnels, encounter dead loved ones and radiant beings of light, endure panoramic, sometimes painful, reviews of their life, and are so overwhelmed with the love of God that they don't want to return to earth. We've also heard that these experiences permanently change the lives of those who have them and, what's more, that this growing phenomenon might be contributing to a global awakening of sorts. There can't be anything else to say, can there? Hasn't this topic been examined from every possible angle?

    Not quite.

    PARTING VISIONS, a new book by best-selling author Melvin Morse, M.D., takes a penetrating look at the experience of death from the standpoint of everyone involved, not just the person who is dying. The book examines near-death experiences, after-death visitations, premonitions of death and a host of other issues surrounding the experience of dying.

    Morse is the author of two other best-selling books on the near-death experience: TRANSFORMED BY THE LIGHT (a book that examines the powerful effect of near-death experiences on people's lives), and CLOSER TO THE LIGHT (a book that examines the near-death experiences of children). What follows are a few of the conclusions found in PARTING VISIONS. Many of these conclusions are based on Morse's own clinical research:

  • Death-related visions are one of the most common paranormal events in our lives. More than 10% of the population has had a vision of some kind related to death--in particular visions related to the deaths of loved ones.

  • The majority of parents whose children die, have visions of their child within a year of their child's death. Among other things, these visions help relieve the terrible grief most parents experience. Such visions also tend to initiate major changes in the parent's life, such as a renewed faith in God and a belief in life after death.

  • After-death visions are more common in people whose marriages are happy.

  • After-death visions are more common in marriages with children.

  • Weeks before death, dying patients consistently have vivid visions of deceased relatives and another world.

  • Death-related visions and experiences are often shared by more than one person. There are, for instance, numerous instances when those attending a person's death also see or experience visions of some kind.

  • Angels are an integral part of visions of all kinds. At least 50% of the children in Morse's studies saw "Guardian Angels" as a part of their near-death experiences.

  • We are usually conscious during our deaths, even though we are perceived to be comatose by those around us. We can see and hear all the events taking place in the immediate vicinity of our bodies.

  • People who undergo near-death experiences are transformed in a number of ways. Their fear of death diminishes. Their love of life increases. They have four times the number of verifiable psychic experiences as the population at large. They give more money to charity. They take fewer over-the-counter medications. They exercise and meditate more. They eat more vegetables. Their physical bodies, in particular the electromagnetic fields surrounding their bodies, are changed.

  • People who have near-death experiences aren't the only ones that are changed. People who hear about their experiences are also changed. Morse sighted research indicating that people who were exposed to information about near-death experiences had an increased belief in life after death as well as an increased desire to love others. Other research conducted on attempted suicide victims, revealed that very few of those who were exposed to near-death information attempted to kill themselves again, while attempted suicide victims who weren't exposed to such information often tried to end their lives again.

  • Contrary to the traditional medical position that death-related visions are the product of medication, sensory deprivation and/or physical, mental and emotional imbalances, Morse presents increasingly overwhelming evidence that death-related visions are, in fact, a normal and natural part of life.

  • Deathbed visions are not the product of wish fulfillment. Such visions often do not unfold the way the visionary expects, nor do they conform to traditional views of what Heaven, hell, Jesus, angels and other conventional archetypes should look like.

  • According to Morse, and other researchers, the right temporal lobe of the human brain is designed to transmit and/or produce paranormal experiences. Morse and other scientists believe that this side of the human brain can be cultivated and developed in much the same way that the left side of the brain can be. When it is cultivated, as it is in other cultures, paranormal experiences and abilities become a normal part of earthly experience.

  • When the right side of the human brain is probed during surgery, it can produce out-of-body experiences, psychic experiences, feelings of deja' vu and mystical experiences. Artificial stimulation and/or seizures to this part of the brain can also cause classic near-death experiences. These experiences, which include the tunnel experience and our personal vision of heaven, can sometimes be played, again and again, apparently without meaning.

  • Dr. Joseph Atkinson, a specialist in gastroenterology, created a carbon-dioxide therapy that allowed his patients to access the core issues of their personalities which he believed was the true cause of their physical ailments. Atkinson's therapy, which involved having patients inhale a carbon-dioxide mixture (called THE MEDUNA MIXTURE), triggered classic near-death experiences. Patients frequently felt that they were dying and reported moving up a tunnel and seeing a bright light. Many of Atkinson's patients also experienced the same kind of permanent changes in personality that accompany traditional near-death experiences. Although Morse claims that Atkinson was so successful that both he and his colleagues believed their therapy should be made available as an inexpensive alternative to psychotherapy, it never was accepted by the medical community at large. It was used for twenty years after World War II and then discontinued when Atkinson retired.

  • Not all near-death experiences are heavenly. Although less common, some near-death experiences can be dark, painful and downright hellish. Morse believes that these kinds of experiences usually come to people who have lived especially dark lives.

  • Morse believes that other kinds of mystical experiences and encounters with the Divine can have the same kind of permanent, life-changing effect as near-death experiences.

  • Pointing out that 30 to 60% of all health care expenses occur in the last few days of a person's life, Morse believes that billions of dollars could be saved if death was viewed as a natural, normal, acceptable part of the human experience. More importantly, if a more holistic view of death were adopted by our culture, then patients who had reached the point of death could be allowed to die peacefully, with their dignity intact, rather than be subjected to a battery of last minute high-tech efforts to keep them alive for a few more days or minutes.

  • Morse also mentioned that ongoing studies in the use of prayer to speed healing have turned up remarkable results. Not only do patients that are prayed for by others get well faster, but so do patients who are prayed for by others who have no knowledge that others are praying for them.
  • In searching to see if some kind of precognitive dreams and visions were more dependable than others in predicting death and other events, Morse discovered that there were, indeed, a series of elements that reliable visions had in common. According to Morse, dreams and/or visions that have at least two of the following elements are especially likely to be followed by real events:

  • The dream or vision has a real or hyper-real quality about it. It somehow conveys a sense of ultimate reality.

  • Sights and sounds are superimposed over ordinary reality. Mists may form, voices may be heard, angels and spirits may be seen in a real room or in the midst of a crowd of real people.

  • The dream or vision is extremely intense, often unlike anything ever experienced before. They are so vivid that they cannot be forgotten.

  • The dream or vision is coherent and contains information that has meaning for other people as well as for the one experiencing the vision. The dream or vision in question can be clearly described and understood by others.

  • A mystical white light or a spiritual being of light is involved in the dream or vision. According to Morse, the presence of white light and/or beings of light is the hallmark of very deep spiritual experiences.
  • And, finally, PARTING VISIONS contains an exhaustive list of over 200 cutting-edge books, scientific papers, research articles and other resources dealing with the topics mentioned above.

    Dreams, Visions & Revelations:

    "Answers may come in various ways: Through inspiration, sudden new ideas (usually when you least expect it), new realizations of feelings, through a word someone else says or that you read somewhere. As you go on, you will recognize that these answers are the manifestation of a live process that is so profoundly meaningful and organic that nothing the intellect can think up can ever match it. You will recognize that such answers and the enlightenment that comes are pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, forming little by little a comprehensive picture. Eventually you will rely on this process as on nothing else. It is more real than anything can be in the material world. It is your own path that unfolds, and it eventually reveals the reason for your being here on this earth now, the meaning of your present incarnation."

    ---From Pathwork Guide Lecture 194, "Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches," by Eva Pierrakos

    By David Sunfellow

    Many people believe that there is an infinite, omniscient Higher Power that can guide and direct us in our everyday life. But how do we contact this Higher Power? And, once contacted, how can we sort out what comes to us from On High versus what comes to us from other, less reliable, levels of mind and emotion?

    These, of course, are profoundly important questions that people have sought to answer since the beginning of time. And those of us who are on the spiritual path today, must also wrestle with these issues. We must find ways to receive guidance from Spirit that work for us in today's modern world.

    Generally, I have come to believe that it is both foolish and dangerous to rely on only one form of guidance. We should, instead, become adept at receiving guidance in many different ways. An analogy that has often come to mind is that guidance can best be approached like our five physical senses. Instead of trying to find our way through life using only one of our senses, say using only our sense of sound, we also need to learn how to use our sense of sight, touch, taste and smell. In this way, should we encounter a sleeping snake (which isn't making any noise), our other senses can alert us to danger and help us figure out how to respond.

    So what does all of this have to do with guidance games? Guidance games can help clarify and enlarge upon the other forms of guidance we use. They can help fill out whatever inspiration may be coming to us through our dreams, intuitions, visions, inner voices, inspirations, synchronistic events and feedback from others. And if you happen to be a part of a group that believes in seeking guidance together, guidance games can sometimes be very helpful in bridging the gap between differing, sometimes conflicting, forms of personal guidance. Such games can also provide an opportunity to seek guidance together as well as offer an effective way to "lighten up" a topic that can sometimes be highly charged and controversial.


    To make a long story short, my brother who is involved with a spiritual community in Virginia (The ALM Community) visited the spiritual community I am a part of (The New Jerusalem Community). He brought with him fascinating stories of a guidance game that the folks in his community regularly played. Generally, they gather together various cards, books and other inspiring sources. Then they ask questions and use a six-sided die to pick which source to select answers from.

    When we heard what they had come up with, we felt inspired to create our own version of their game. We constructed several decks of cards, created a canvas playing board with spaces for 12 decks, tracked down a 12-sided die and began experimenting with rules to make it all work.

    At the moment, we have a total of 19 decks: A deck of quotes from A COURSE IN MIRACLES, a deck of quotes from the readings of EDGAR CAYCE, a deck of sayings from THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS attributed to JESUS, a deck of quotes from the PATHWORK LECTURES OF EVA PIERRAKOS, a deck of quotes about JESUS from various sources, two decks of colorful, unusual pictures, two decks of pictures with quotes on them, a cassett tape full of INTERESTING SONGS and MUSIC, a FINDHORN ANGEL CARD DECK, a deck with quotes from THE BIBLE, a deck with quotes from MISCELLANEOUS SOURCES, a deck with the names of various ARCHETYPAL MYTHS, LEGENDS AND STORIES written on them, a deck of FAMOUS PEOPLE, a deck of magazine and newspaper CARTOONS, a deck of HEADLINES, a deck of ANIMAL PICTURES and, finally, a deck of words that relate to INNER BLOCKS.

    We begin by selecting 12 decks from the 19 decks we now have. Sometimes we simply take turns picking the decks we want, while other times we roll the die to select the decks. Before the game begins, everyone joins in a prayer for guidance and to tune into an important question to ask. When it is your turn, you state your question, roll the die, go to the deck to which the die directs you and pull a card. You then offer your interpretation of the card, followed by other people offering theirs. Discussion of the card lasts for six minutes or so, depending on the size of the group and importance of the question and card. Unlike some other forms of divination, such as Tarot, the cards do not have standard, agreed upon interpretations, and are simply catalysts to evoke personal meanings and allow the Spirit to come through us. Everyone is completely free to interpret the cards they draw, as well as the cards others draw, in whatever way they want to.

    The guidance game does, however, seem to have a mind of its own. Definite themes usually emerge pretty quickly and things often move in directions that no one expected. Sometimes the game produces profoundly clear answers, and other times the entire affair is rather murky and uncertain. As in all forms of guidance, a great deal depends on the people, the needs of the moment, the clarity of mind and heart and the desire to be truly guided from Above versus simply having our own biases and personal agendas played back to us.


    I'm familiar with two different computer guidance games: SYNCHRONICITY and VIRTUAL TAROT. SYNCHRONICITY is based on the I-Ching, while VIRTUAL TAROT is based on two different interpretations of the Tarot. The folks who created SYNCHRONICITY claim that it works better than the original I-Ching, because the computer is able to generate more possible interpretations than the usual method of throwing coins. Although both games are limited in that they offer you specific, preprogrammed interpretations, I have found SYNCHRONICITY has enough versatility and depth to offer real insight, while the VIRTUAL TAROT seems too shallow and limited to provide much help.


    A couple other ideas involve creating dream decks and portable psychomateums.

    Since I work a great deal with my dreams, I have compiled a deck of cards that contain important symbols, themes and messages from my dreams. Occasionally, when I have a question about something, I say a prayer and then pull a card from this dream deck. Since all of the symbols, themes and messages in my personal dream deck already have interpretations and histories associated with them, they often produce helpful answers very quickly.

    Another idea which we have just begun to work on is creating a portable psychomanteum.

    A psycho what?

    Psychomanteum is the word that DR. RAYMOND MOODY, the famed near-death researcher, has coined to describe a special kind of room that is designed to help people contact spiritual forces, including the spirits of those who have died. Based in part on the customs, temples and oracles of ancient cultures, Moody created a psychomanteum that has generated a great deal of interest and, according to many of the people who have used it, healing.

    Although many of the people that first used Moody's psychomanteum used it in the hopes of contacting loved ones, more recently, another phenomenon has been taking place. People are beginning to see other kinds of visions, including visions of global upheavals! Sometimes these visions are vague and fleeting, while at other times that are stunningly real.

    The centerpiece of Moody's psychomanteum is a mirror that has been carefully placed in a dark room. The mirror has been subtly lighted in a way that tends to alter normal perception. Similar techniques, involving pools of water, crystal balls and other reflective surfaces were used in ancient times.

    Our idea, then, is to see if we can construct a "portable psychomanteum"--one that can be easily moved from place to place and perhaps used in times of great need to access help from God/Jesus/Spirit/the Higher Parts of ourselves. We'll keep you posted.

    UFO's & Abductions:

    By David Sunfellow

    Of all the stories of UFO cover-ups I've ever heard, the story of Robert O. Dean is one of the most compelling. Although he and his remarkable story have been featured in OMNI MAGAZINE, on LARRY KING'S 'THE UFO COVER-UP? LIVE FROM AREA 51', and on shows like ENCOUNTERS, as far as we know no one has been able to discredit his story.

    So who is Robert O. Dean and what is his remarkable story?

    Robert O. Dean is a highly decorated veteran who fought in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. After having successfully passed a series of high level security checks, Dean claims he was given the highest top secret clearance NATO had and assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Operation Center (SHOC), located just outside Paris, France. In January of 1964, the SHOC controller on duty went into a NATO vault and handed Dean a massive, highly classified document. Called, "ASSESSMENT: AN EVALUATION OF A POSSIBLE MILITARY THREAT TO ALLIED FORCES IN EUROPE," the 12-inch thick document was one of only 15 copies in existence. The document was the result of two and a half years of research, which had been funded by NATO. It had been put together by military representatives of every NATO nation and also included contributions from some of our planet's greatest scientific minds. All 15 copies were numbered and classified. They were kept under lock and key. They had been published in English, German, and French. The Super Top Secret document dealt, exhaustively, with UFO's.

    According to Dean, the NATO-produced document on UFO's contained the following information:

  • The UFO study team that compiled the document had traveled to Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne, MIT, and other major universities for input on chemistry, physics, atmospheric physics, biology, history, psychology, and even theology. These areas were listed with separate appendices.

  • The document contained reports of civilian and military encounters with UFO's--and their occupants. Some of these reports contained interviews with people who claimed to have been taken aboard UFO's. In one of these reports, a Danish farmer claimed that the aliens he encountered--two little beings and two human looking beings--spoke to him in his native language.

  • One appendix, entitled 'Autopsies', contained photographs of a 30-meter disc that had crashed in Timmensdorfer, Germany, in 1961. According to the report, the British army reached the crash sight first and established a perimeter. Since the craft had crashed in very soft, loamy soil, it hadn't been destroyed. The United States and Russian governments also joined in the investigation.

    ---Inside the craft were 12 small grey bodies, all dead. There were pictures of the bodies being laid out and then put on stretchers and loaded into jeeps. There were also autopsy photos. These autopsies said that the small grey creatures looked as if they were clones of some kind, with no alimentary track. They did not ingest, or process food as we do, nor did they have any system for elimination. Furthermore, it appeared that they were incapable of reproduction.

    ---The craft was cut up into six pie-shaped pieces and flown off to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio.

  • The NATO report contained 5 major conclusions:
    1. Our planet, and the human race, have been studied by several different extraterrestrial civilizations. Four of these races have been identified visually. One race looked the same as the human race. Another race was about the same height, stature and structure as we are, but had a very grey, pasty skin color. The third race was the small, large-headed and small-bodied Greys. And the fourth race was reptilian, with vertical pupils and lizard-like skin.

    2. These alien visitations had been going on for at least 200 years, and probably longer.

    3. These extraterrestrial visitors did not appear hostile.

    4. Flybys, and various other UFO manuvers were designed to demonstrate their capabilities.

    5. A carefully orchestrated program of some kind seemed to be underway. It began with flybys, then landings, and eventually culminated in contact.

    An Article that appeared in the April 1994 issue of OMNI MAGAZINE contains a longer version of Dean's story. In this longer version, Dean lists the names of commanding officers who were aware of this document and also discusses the ongoing trouble NATO had dealing with UFO's that would regularly appear over central Europe. In 1961, Dean claimed that fifty large, metallic, circular objects were spotted on radar. They were flying in formation from the Soviet Union towards Europe, at about 100,000 feet. Although Dean claims the UFO's only appeared on radar for nine minutes, they caused both NATO and the Soviet Union to go to red alert and scramble war planes. According to Dean, a major military confrontation was narrowly averted.

    Earth Changes:


    According to California's Office of Emergency Services, 1994 was the costliest year for natural disaster losses in California's history. The January Los Angeles earthquake, which killed 57 people and caused $20 billion in damage, was sighted as the most expensive and destructive disaster of 1994. Other major California natural disasters included: Infestations of the crop-destroying Mediterranean fruit fly in two counties; a huge wildfire; and a shortage of salmon which forced tight restrictions on commercial fishing off northern California.

    ---Reuters (DS)


    An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale struck Monday, December 26, 1994 off the coast of Northern California. The earthquake, which caused $2.1 million in damages in the coastal city of Eureka, 250 miles north of San Francisco, and some other parts of surrounding Humboldt County caused Governor Pete Wilson to declare a state of emergency. The earthquake damaged 75 houses and 27 businesses in Eureka and another 40 buildings outside the city. The Humboldt County state of emergency was the sixth proclaimed by Wilson in 1994.

    ---Reuters (DS)


    Another powerful earthquake shook a wide area of Japan Wednesday, December 28, 1994. The U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado, set the magnitude at 7.4 with the epicenter 130 miles east of Hachinohe. Three people were killed and more than 267 injured. The impact of the earthquake was felt as far away as Tokyo where high-rise buildings swayed.

    This particular area of Japan is especially susceptible to tidal waves. An automatic warning system alerted Pacific coastal areas to the danger of tidal waves just four minutes after the quake hit. Although no significant tidal waves were generated by this earthquake, a warning that came five minutes too late in a July, 1993 earthquake, ended in the deaths of over 200 people.

    The 7.4 quake was the second major tremor to occur in northern Japan this year and the fourth since early 1993. The first major Japanese earthquake of 1994 struck October 4 and measured 8.2 on the Richter scale. That earthquake killed 12 people and injured 227. The worst earthquake in Japanese history, which measured 7.9 on the Richter scale, took place in 1923. The 1923 quake killed 140,000 people in Tokyo and nearby Yokohama and destroyed more than 560,000 homes.

    ---Reuters (DS)


    In NHNE News Brief 3 we reported that CO2 emissions in the Mammoth Mountain area of the Sierra Nevada had killed over 30 acres of trees. Since then, an update has appeared in the January, 1995 issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT, a newsletter published by Gordon-Michael Scallion.

    According to the Scallion newsletter, trees are being killed mostly along faults surrounding Horseshoe Lake. The water level of the lake has also dropped, indicating a possible crack or hole in the basalt crater in which the lake is formed. Michael L. Sorey, a USGS scientist in the area that ECR interviewed, indicated that tests are continuing. According to Sorey, "Mammoth Mt. is more likely to erupt than other parts of the cadera, and there are potential signs for a new eruption."

    The last time Mammoth Mt. erupted was about 500 years ago. Sorey also noted that the same kind of activity being witnessed in the Mammoth Mt. area preceded volcanic eruptions in other parts of the world, notably Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines and Redoubt in Alaska.



    Popocatepetl, the "smoking mountain" volcano that is located a mere 40 miles from Mexico City, has had several minor eruptions since our last report (in NHNE News Brief 3). 75,000 people living in towns at the base of the giant volcano have been warned to leave their homes, but only 40,000 have chosen to do so.

    The ominous volcano, which is continuing to rumble, smoke and blow hot ash into the air, last erupted in 1921.

    ---Reuters (DS)


    According to the February, 1995 issue of E-MAGAZINE, the CIA has joined forces with a select team of 70 American scientists to see if the CIA's massive spy network (consisting of satellites, planes, ships and submarines) can be put to work collecting information about our planet. CIA resources could be used to monitor such things as greenhouse gasses, ozone depletion, ocean temperatures, polar ice thickness, ice flows, forest fires, forest and desert boundaries, undersea volcanoes and earthquakes, the health and composition of various vegetated areas, whale migration, factory emissions, energy use and agricultural production.

    Unfortunately, the data collected may never be made public, or at least not made public in a way that could be traced back to the CIA. Why? The CIA wants to be sure its collection devices, and capabilities, are not compromised. Scientists, on the other hand, need to know how scientific data has been gathered so they can determine how to view it and use it. John Pike of the Federation of American Scientists summarized the dilemma by saying, "The fundamental tenet in science is that you tell everyone everything, and the fundamental tenet in intelligence is that you don't tell anyone anything."

    And then there is the problem of credibility. Is the CIA offering their resources to the scientific community out of a genuine concern for the earth? Or are they more concerned with bolstering their $28 billion budget (which has been being slashed by a congress who can no longer justify huge intelligence community expenditures)? Or, even more sinister, is the CIA using its new green look (and newly formed CIA Environmental Task Force) to eavesdrop on other countries in the name of environmentalism?

    Whatever is really going on with the CIA, the scientific community may not have to rely much longer on the resources of the intelligence community. Although the CIA's surveillance resources are the best in the world at the moment, experts predict that it won't be long before other countries, and private companies catch up.



    For those of you interested in finding out what the latest natural disasters around the world are, you can call GORDON-MICHAEL SCALLION'S EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE NUMBER: (900) 903-2745. Based on information from national weather and earthquake tracking services, their list is updated weekly, every Wednesday. The cost is $.95 a minute. The estimated cost per call is between $1.95 and $2.85. You must be over 18 to call.

    Current Events:


    Dinosaurs and ancient forests. You and I thought they became extinct millions of years ago. Well, as far as we know, the dinosaurs did, but, amazingly, some of the trees that lived along side of dinosaurs have survived in a remote Australian National Park. Carrick Chambers of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney stumbled across 39 pines from a species believed to be extinct for some 205 million years. According to Chambers, "The discovery is the equivalent of finding a small dinosaur still alive on Earth!" The trees, some of which are 150 years old, are covered with dense, waxy foliage and have knobby bark that looks like bubbly chocolate.

    Speaking of extinct plants and animals, a recent episode of SIGHTINGS revealed that biologists on a field trip in North Vietnam discovered three new mammals that were supposed to have perished millions of years ago. The three new animals are an antelope with gills, a saber-tooth deer and a slow running deer. Scientists presently believe that some 30 million species inhabit the earth--and many of them still await discovery in remote parts of the world.

    ---USA TODAY, December 15, 1994; SIGHTINGS, December 24, 1994 (DS)


    Food, drinks, herbal remedies, medications, germs and bacteria may no longer be the only things roaming the inner realms of our bodies. According to an article that appeared in the January, 1995 issue of OMNI MAGAZINE, researchers at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab are in the process of creating microscopic robots. One working model, barely one square inch in size, can find a path between obstacles, move toward or away from light, avoid hills, and grab objects with its small claws. Scientists are hoping to use the tiny "microrobots" in a variety of ways, including searching for cancer, takeing samples, and later performing operations if necessary. Eventually, the tiny little machines might be swallowed in a pill form, inserted in the bronchial tubes, injected into blood vessels or simply crawl into our bodies through our ears.

    There are, however, a few problems to iron out. Two of the biggest problems involve making microrobots small enough to enter living organisms and, once they are inside, to figure out a way to propel them through the exceedingly wet, slippery and elastic inner terrain.



    The entire country of Iceland is in the process of going organic. With a population of 262,000 people, some 5,000 of whom are farmers, Iceland plans to make the switch by the year 2000. Since there is very little use of artificial fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics, the switch isn't expected to be too difficult. What's more, most of the population, including the country's female president, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, as well as Iceland's farmer's union and Parliament, think it is a good idea.

    ---E-Magazine, December 1994 (DS)

    Helpful Resources:


    Tired of giving your long distance telephone money to AT&T and other long distance giants that probably aren't doing very much to help the earth? How about switching to a long distance company that often charges less AND gives one to five percent of your monthly bill to environmental causes?

    MCI NATURE NETWORK: 1-800-766-2887
    GREENSPEAK: 1-800-777-JOIN

    ---E-Magazine, December,1994 (DS)


    Okay, you live in an area that puts chlorine in your water supply. You don't drink the stuff, because you know that several studies have linked chlorine to cancer in the bladder, stomach, colon and other internal organs. But, unfortunately, you still shower and bath in chlorinated water, absorbing the deadly chemical through the pores in your skin as well as inhaling its steamy mist. What to do?

    How about screwing a disk-shaped nozzle onto the head of your shower that will effectively remove the chlorine from your water?

    1039 Overcrest Street
    Fayetteville, AR 72703
    (800) 873-4321
    Cost: $59.95
    Replacement Filters: $18.95

    ---E-Magazine, February, 1995 (DS)


    Looking for a mail-order company that specializes in environmentally friendly products, including alternative energy technologies? REAL GOODS publishes one of the best earth-friendly catalogs in the world. Their current catalog offers such things as: Food dehydrators, recycled paper products, green cleaners, water-saving devices, energy-efficient light bulbs, solar-powered hot water systems, chlorine-free shower kits, water testing kits, water purifying systems, radiation shields for computers, electromagnetic field testers, cutting-edge "How-To" books on topics like organic farming, harnessing the power of the wind, sun and water, straw house construction and self-sufficiency, clothing, eco-friendly gifts, and tons of solar-powered contraptions.

    REAL GOODS is also the world leader in renewable energy technologies and sells more independent energy systems than any other company in the world. They maintain a staff of eight full-time technicians, and publish books and newsletters that specialize in helping people live "off the grid."

    966 Mazzoni Street
    Ukiah, CA 95482-3471
    PHONE: (800) 762-7325
    FAX: (707) 468-9486


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