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NHNE News Brief 6
(Friday, February 24,1995)

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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Friday, February 24,1995
Number 6

Disappearing From The World

Letters To & From NHNE:
The One I Have Been Looking For
About Our Pathwork Report
Something Remarkable Is Unfolding Online
A Virtual Community

CyberSpace Update:
Online Love & Therapy
Healing, Virtual Reality Style
Cybersmith: Espresso, Pizza & Cozy Computers
Online Services Expected To Double In '95
You Mean--Like--Go Outside?

The Celestine Prophecy:
An Introduction
A Review
Names, Resources & Addresses

Spiritual Communities:
The Fellowship For Intentional Community (FIC)
Communities Magazine: Winter 1994
The Findhorn International Eco-Village Conference

13 Cult Characteristics

UFOs & Abductions:
Area 51: Toxic Waste Troubles
The Omni UFO Field Investigator's Guide
Current Sources Of UFO Information
Omni's Top 11 UFO "Classics"

Gordon Michael-Scallion Update:
1994 Hits & Misses
The Hall Of Records

Earth Changes:
Kobe: Old, Weak & Poor Suffer The Most
Japanese Earthquakes & Nuclear Reactors
California Flood Damage
European Flooding
California: Stress & Shocks Increasing
Using Microquakes To Predict Mega-Quakes
U.N. Report: Ozone Hole Worsens
Earth Festival
Scallion Earth Changes Hotline Number

Current Events:
Hillary & Marianne
Holy Laughter
Saving The Earth A Few Seeds At A Time
Wave Power
Smart Cars
More Reproductive Problems
Justice, Iraqi Style

Atlantis Rising
Real Goods Update
The Sense Of Survival

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"Plants and animals are disappearing from the world at the rate of 27,000 species a year, 75 a day, and three an hour."

Kenny Ausubel,
Author of "Seeds of Change: The Living Treasure"

Letters To & From NHNE:


I know, after reading much of your material that I have downloaded from AOL that your organization is the one I have been looking for. I have told many people about your newsletter and will continue to expose you to my family and friends. Keep up the excellent work.

Sheldon San Jose, California


I can't thank you enough for the letter [Pathwork Report] this morning. You have brightened my day considerably. I'm going to attempt to read and for once DO the suggestions...

From My heart, Thanks, Mike


I just read the News Brief #5 and was particularly interested in the dialog found on page 10 concerning electronic communication. David Sunfellow says "something remarkable is unfolding online." A mass awakening is beginning to happen because this form of communication is "beginning to build the bridge." I am relatively new at online communication, and in a very short time have contacted remarkable people who have provided me with information needed for my spiritual growth. It is an excellent media for establishing communication and I honestly believe I was guided to some people I would not otherwise have ever had an opportunity to meet.



Couldn't we... regard NewHeavenNewEarth as an intentional community? A virtual one?

Suzanne From Ashland, Oregon

It has been my hope that the NewHeavenNewEarth project would indeed become a vibrant collection of like-minded seekers, all doing their part to help give birth to a new way of life on our planet. Suzanne's comment reminded me of a quote I have been looking for an excuse to share with everyone. A friend of mine found it on the backside of a Catholic Sunday Service program. --DS

"It is important to keep ourselves from thinking about community only in terms of living together in one house, or sharing meals... or doing projects together... The primary quality of community is a deep sense of being gathered by God. When Francis Xavier traveled alone across many continents to preach the Gospel, he found strength in the sure knowledge that he belonged to a community that supported him with prayer and brotherly care. And many Christians who show great perseverance in hard and lonely tasks find their strength in the deep bond with the community in whose name they do their work.

"Here we touch one of the most critical areas of the Christian life today. Many very generous Christians find themselves increasingly tired and dispirited, not so much because the work is hard or the success slight, but because they feel isolated, unsupported, and left alone. People who say, "I wonder if anyone cares what I am doing..." are in real spiritual danger. We are able to do many hard things, tolerate many conflicts, overcome many obstacles, and persevere under many pressures, but when we no longer experience ourselves as part of a caring, supporting, praying community, we quickly lose faith. This is because faith in God's compassionate presence can never be separated from experiencing God's presence in the community to which we belong.

"The crises in the lives of many caring Christians today are closely connected with deep feelings of not belonging. Without a sense of being sent by a caring community, a compassionate life cannot last long and quickly degenerates into a life marked by numbness and anger... Apart from a vital relationship with a caring community, a vital relationship with Christ is not possible."

From the writings of Father Henri Nouwen

CyberSpace Update:

"It's like stepping up to get a drink from a fire hose."

Tom Truscott, one of the Usenet's founders, describing what it is like to use today's 10,000 plus Internet newsgroups. NetGuide, March 1995


Q. One of the most popular online activities is seeking a companion or spouse. As the Internet is an invisible world, is there a better chance for people to know one another online and less chance of being judged for superficial qualities?

A. No. As a therapist, I've heard this same story repeated a dozen times: Two people talk for months and imagine their relationship deepening. Then they meet in person and--bam!--they can't relate. Something has changed. We are not just ethereal presences, or disembodied voices in cyberspace. Our faces and bodies express an enormous amount of data about who we are that can't be reduced, not if we want a real flesh-and-blood relationship. We need soul and body to communicate truly. You can't get around this.

Q. So if we assume an online lover will look or act a certain way, we're asking for trouble?

A. Absolutely.

Q. Can the Internet help us open our souls to one another?

A. Before we can open our souls to others, we have to get aware of it in ourselves, and open it to ourselves. Before cyberspace can hum with soulful links, we--each of us--need to get connected to us.

On the other hand...

Q. Support groups are proliferating online. Can these replace the therapist and more conventional modes of healing?

A. The age of therapy is ending--the age of the therapist and patient, in one room, one on one. I truly believe this. The new therapy that replaces it will occur outside of a room, in a kind of nurturing community, which the Internet might provide. It will be a community of support and understanding, where people with like-minded problems talk about the soul, about the heart.

From an interview with Thomas Moore, author of SOUL MATES and CARE OF THE SOUL that appeared in the February, 1995 issue of NETGUIDE.



If you are someone with a fear of heights (or any kind of fear for that matter), then virtual reality may offer you some unexpected hope.

A psychologist and therapist named Ralph Lamson has come up with a unique way to help acrophobiacs (people who are afraid of heights) deal with their fears. He contacted a virtual reality company and had them design a computer generated environment which enabled acrophobia sufferers to confront their fears directly. With their real feet planted safely on the ground, Lamson's clients donned a virtual reality helmet and slowly worked their way up to ever increasing heights.

The practical results?

After one virtual reality session, 91 percent of Lamson's subjects were able to attain new heights in real life, such as walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Three months later, 91 percent of Lamson's clients were able to ascend 15 stories in a glass elevator.

Now that virtual reality has proven its worth with acrophobiacs, there is a strong possibility that all kinds of other fears can be tackled as well. In addition, whereas it often takes years for people to come to terms with their fears in normal counseling situations (which use talking as the medium of healing), Lamson's study suggests virtual reality can speed up the healing process considerably (which uses real--or seemingly real--experience as the medium of healing).

Source: Omni, March 1995



Cybersmith, an upscale computer store and cafe', recently opened in Cambridge, Mass. For a small fee, computer buffs can try out the Internet, new CD-ROM titles and virtual reality on 48 computer terminals--and sip espresso and eat pizza at the same time. You can also order your food via email and pass notes around to any of the other networked computers. There is, however, one problem: whereas PCs are king in the public at large, MACS are the computer of choice here. 46 of the 48 computers are Macintosh.

Source: Newsweek, February 20, 1995 --DS


A new Study by New York's CDB Research & Consulting, Inc. is predicting that online subscription rates will double in 1995.

According to the survey, customer awareness was highest for PRODIGY, with 73%. Next was THE INTERNET (which was evaluated as an online service by the study) with 58%, COMPUSERVE with 56%, and AMERICA ONLINE with 44%.

Source: NetGuide, March 1995



JS: David, do you realize the two of us have been practically chained to our MACS for months, cranking out more than a thousand pages of Macintosh Secrets and undocumented tips?

DP: It wasn't easy, was it? Those round-the-clock work sessions...

JS: Hey, now that we've got ourselves a book, what do you say we put this all aside and relax a little?

DP: Great idea. I know just the thing: we can play a little SuperTetris, maybe break out the SimCity Supreme...

JS: Uh...

DP: In fact, I've got the new Terrain Editor.

JS: Actually, David, I was thinking more of, you know, REALLY relaxing. I mean, actually DOING something.

DP: Doing something? Such as?

JS: Interacting with real human beings.

DP: Gotcha. And you're absolutely right. We've been isolated for weeks.

JS: Exactly.

DP: We'll fire up the old modem and see who's chatting on America Online.

JS: No, David! Let me be blunt: my body is beginning to atrophy. Your eyes are bloodshot. We have both lost touch with our friends and loved ones. My wife and daughter barely know me anymore. We need to get out of here. I mean, there's a big, bright, wonderful world out there--a world where the sun shines and birds sing; a world filled with music and sound and color.

DP: Oh, oh, oh! I see what you mean.

JS: You get the idea?

DP: Absolutely. You want to make a QuickTime movie.

JS: No!

DP: But sound and color...

JS: Look, just turn off your MAC.

DP: What?!

JS: Turn it Off.

DP: Joe!

JS: Let's go outside. We'll play tennis. We'll throw a Frisbee. We'll work up a sweat.

DP: You mean--like--we'll go outside?

JS: You'll feel like a new man.

DP: You sure about this?

JS: Come on!

DP: Um... Should I bring my PowerBook?

David Pogue and Joseph Schorr talking with one another in their best selling book, "Mac & Power Mac Secrets, 2nd Edition"


The Celestine Prophecy:

By David Sunfellow

Every year tens of thousands of books are written. Of these many thousands of books, only a very small percentage are actually published. And of those that are actually published, only a handful become best-sellers. If one of these best-selling books is really good, then the author may begin to turn up on national talk shows. Rumors may begin to circulate about movies based on their book. In very rare cases, a best selling-book may even launch a movement, causing its fans to organize, study, and seek to practice whatever truths the book may contain.

One remarkable book that has done all of these things is THE CELESTINE PROPHECY. If you haven't heard of this book, chances are you are either from another planet, in a coma, or spending time in a Tibetan cave.

THE CELESTINE PROPHECY has been on The NY Time's Best-Beller list for 51 weeks. As of now, it is listed as the number one best selling-book in the country. Its companion book, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, AN EXPERIENTIAL GUIDE, has been on the NY Times Best-Seller list for one week. At present, it is listed as the number four best-selling book in the country. In addition, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY has also spawned a monthly newsletter, THE CELESTINE JOURNAL, that boasts a mushrooming readership of some 12,000 people. And, finally, CELESTINE PROPHECY STUDY GROUPS are popping up all over the country. Ann Buzenberg, Editor of THE CELESTINE JOURNAL, estimates that there is at least one Celestine Prophecy Study Group in every major city in the country!

Significantly, James Redfield, 44, the author of the wildly popular book, is refusing to institutionalize and/or regulate what happens with much of his work. Although THE CELESTINE JOURNAL is planning to list the names and addresses of Celestine Study Groups, they have refused to take an active role in setting any kind of agenda. In addition, Redfield, although not officially endorsing others to teach his material, has also NOT prohibited others from doing so. According to Redfield, "There is no CELESTINE school from which accredited trainers graduate and never will be, and we endorse no one who teaches workshops on the subject, although many fine people seem called to do this."

In an age bent on enforcing copyright laws and strictly controlling systems for spiritual development, Redfield's approach is unique and refreshing. Since he feels one of the hallmarks of the new way coming to the earth is that it is intuitive and experiential, he is encouraging people to read his work and then let Spirit guide them to apply it in their lives in whatever way feels right to them.

After nearly a year of friends and acquaintances pressuring me to read THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, I finally succumbed. Although I managed to find what I felt were a few loose screws in Redfield's work, I was also impressed with much of what it had to say. Not only is it full of interesting insights and practical tips, but it is also playing a significant role in helping awaken people to the times in which we live. Like so many other voices that seem to be spontaneously appearing all over our planet, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY is another voice proclaiming that the human race is on the verge of a collective leap in consciousness.

So what in the world is THE CELESTINE PROPHECY? What does it say and what is it about? I managed to corral one of our enthusiastic readers to write the following review.

A REVIEW By C. L. Miller

Having grown progressively more restless, unsettled and wondering where my life was heading, and being fascinated by the life of Edgar Cayce, Atlantis, UFOs, Ancient Prophesies, psychics and the paranormal, and the expansion of mind through knowledge of metaphysics, I stopped into a local bookstore to look up some new books on Cayce. By "coincidence" just inside the front door was a display advertising "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. I'd never heard of this title that was already the New York Times #1 best seller. So along with two Cayce titles, I was drawn to purchase a copy. The ad and the dust cover's inside dialogue read as though it was to be a factual account of an ancient manuscript recently unearthed in ancient Peruvian ruins. As I read the first few pages I was confused because it read like an adventure fiction. There were no factual details, this seemed pure fantasy. But as I read, I could relate in my own life experience to the underlying premises; they were far more than fiction. They were Truth!

This 246 page work, published by Warner Books in March '94, takes the form of a fictional adventure; but it would be more accurately described-–in the final analysis--as a tale of parables, rather than fantasy. According to the author, in an interview with NEW FRONTIER MAGAZINE, "the book is just an offering of truth, it's a parable--an adventure parable--and I wrote it in story form so that it could be taken for what it is, a story that contains truth".

The premise is based on humankind's growing restlessness as the end of the second millennium approaches. It reveals nine "insights" that develop one on the other, in building block form. Before the second "insight" can be discovered and understood, the first must be fully assimilated--and so on. It is not possible in the course of a brief review to reveal the nine insights with any depth of understanding, nor probably with a convincing validity. It is necessary to be exposed to each in turn and then see the truth of each insight by seeing their application in a life experience--even in the context of your own life experience! The book, with its storytelling parable approach, gives the reader the beginning of a comprehension of each of these secrets. It reveals that the knowledge and application of the "insights" is dangerous to the "status quo" and is or may be resisted by those in power in government and religious circles.


In closing, the parable/story-line ends by suggesting that a Tenth Insight awaits discovery. (James Redfield is currently at work on a sequel entitled "The Tenth Insight").

The "Celestine Prophecy" is a book that is hard to put down. As a reader of average speed, I finished it on the second day. Though filled with complex concepts and deep inner meaning, its fictional style makes it an "easy read." It amazingly develops its messages by hitting the triggers of your own life experiences and offering flashes of personal comprehension and enlightenment. As with other enlightenment processes, one who is not open-minded and receptive at the time of exposure will see this as merely a fantasy novel. But those who are truly at a crossroads in their life and are searching for new insights into their spirituality and their purpose in life, this book will offer some true determinant perceptions.


By James Redfield
Published By Warner Books

By James Redfield & Carol Adrienne
Published By Warner Books

This work provides a deeper analysis and understanding of the nine insights and provides individual, partner and group exercises, group discussion topics, and an in-depth cross reference to other sources of information that expand the understanding and application of the "insights".

Carol Adrienne's Office Address & Phone Number:
12284 San Pablo Ave., Suite 110
Richmond, CA 94805
(415) 553-2535

A Monthly Newsletter
Ann Buzenberg, Editor
Published By Satori Publishing
PO Box 360988
Hoover, AL 35236
(800) 814-6462
Subscription Price: $29.95 A Year

By James Redfield

These tapes are based on Redfield's interpretation of an individual's moon and sun sign and are aimed at helping people understand their particular control issues and discovering their mission in life.

Satori Publishing
PO Box 360988
Hoover, AL 35236
(800) 814-6462
Price: $30.00 per tape


James Redfield's wife, Salle Merrill-Redfield has published two meditations which include audio tapes with instrumental music. These are available through:

Warner Books New Markets Dept.
1271 Avenue of the Americas,11th Floor
New York, NY 10020

Research: Byron Schiers, C.L. Miller, David Sunfellow

Spiritual Communities:


If you are someone who is interested in spiritual communities (or any kind of intentional community for that matter), then THE FELLOWSHIP FOR INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY is one organization you need to know about.

Beginning in the mid 80's, the FIC's first major project was to research, publish and distribute the 1990/91 DIRECTORY OF INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES. The 1994/95 version of this directory contains the names of over 500 communities!

In 1992, the Fellowship took over the role of publisher of COMMUNITIES MAGAZINE, a magazine that has tracked the rise and fall, ups and downs, ins and outs of communities since 1972.

And last August, FIC hosted the first-ever International CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY which drew nearly one thousand people to Evergreen State College near Olympia, Washington, where the gathering was held.

In addition to publishing a best-selling directory and popular quarterly magazine, and hosting annual conferences, the FIC also makes many community referrals--both for people seeking communities and for communities with openings. They help people clarify their goals, identify the skills they need to develop, connect with resource and support organizations, and find like-minded others pursuing their grand aspirations. They also administer a Community Business Loan Fund (which offers small, short-term loans to community businesses) and hold open meetings twice a year, rotating among host communities to encourage participation from all regions of the country.

Future projects include establishing an annual tour of existing communities and the production of a manual on creating new communities.

Fees for FIC membership are:

$15.00 Individuals
$25.00 Organizations
$20.00 Communities of up to 10 members
$35.00 Communities of 11-50 members
$50.00 Communities of over 50 members

Member benefits include:

For more information, you can write or call:

P.O. Box 814
Langley, WA 98260
Phone: (206) 221-3064
Fax: (206) 221-7828


The Winter, 1994 issue of COMMUNITIES MAGAZINE was dedicated to exploring what communities have learned over the years. Anyone interested in the topic of communities, especially spiritual communities, should run (not walk) out to your local bookstore/newsstand and buy a copy of this juicy issue. A few of the articles that especially impressed me were:

The Findhorn update and list of cult characteristics that appear in this News Brief were also featured in the Winter, 1994 issue of COMMUNITIES MAGAZINE. --DS


The Findhorn Community in Scotland has announced that its October, 1995 Conference will be on eco-villages. The conference, which is scheduled to be held October 7-13, will offer tools, inspiration, sharing and support for applying the basic principles of sustainable living within communities in ways that are applicable to urban and rural settings, in both developed and undeveloped countries. Eco-village pioneers will share how they have successfully dealt with problems and found solutions through sustainable technologies, economics, social/cultural, ecological, and spiritual values.

In addition to exploring the entire topic of eco-villages, the Findhorn Conference is also planning to help launch an International Eco-Village Foundation that will seek to strengthen and support the growing international eco-village movement. For more information, you can write or call:

Accommodations Secretary
Cluny Hill College
Forres, IV36 ORD, Scotland
Phone: (44) 0309-673655
Fax: (44) 0309-673113


Spiritual organizations, communities, and groups seem to be popping up like wildfire. Some of these gatherings of like-minded souls are relatively healthy while others appear to be dangerously dysfunctional. How do you separate the healthy ones from the potentially harmful ones? Dr. Michael Langone prepared the following list of things to look out for. He is Executive Director of the American Family Foundation.


1. The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment.

2. The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

3. The group is preoccupied with making money.

4. Questioning, doubt, dissent are discouraged or even punished.

5. Mind-numbing techniques (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, debilitating work routines) are used to suppress doubts about the group and leadership.

6. The leadership dictates--sometimes in great detail--how members think, act and feel. (For example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, get married; leaders may prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, how to discipline children, and so forth.)

7. The group is elitist, claiming a special status for itself, it leader(s) and members. (For example, the leader is considered the Messiah or avatar; the group and/or leader has a special mission to save humanity.)

8. The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which causes conflict with the wider society.

9. The group's leaders are not accountable to any authorities (as are, for example, military commanders and ministers, priests, monks and rabbis of mainstream denominations). The group teaches or implies that its supposed exalted ends justify the means that members would have considered unethical before joining the group. (For example, collecting money for bogus charities.)

10.The leadership induces feelings of guilt in members in order to control them.

11. Members' subservience to the group causes them to cut ties with families, friends and personal goals and activities that were of interest before joining the group.

12. Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group.

13. Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.

Dr. Michael Langone's CHECKLIST OF CULT CHARACTERISTICS originally appeared as an appendix in CAPTIVE HEARTS, CAPTIVE MINDS: FREEDOM AND RECOVERY FROM CULT AND ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS by Madeleine Tobias and Janja Lalich, Hunter House, 1994, © 1994, Hunter House, Inc. The book can be ordered from Hunter House, P.O. Box 2914, Alameda, California, 94501-0914. (800) 266-5592. Reprinted by permission.


UFOs & Abductions:


Five former and current government employees, and the widow of a sixth, are attempting to sue the Federal government for harm they claim they suffered at the infamous (and supposedly nonexistent) Area 51 facility in Nevada. The suit claims that the workers experienced blackouts, rashes, respiratory problems and dime-sized open sores after they were exposed to burning toxic wastes at the secret government sight.

But proving harm and, in one case, death, was caused by exposure to toxic wastes is only part of the problem facing the defendants. A bigger problem is coming up with an officially acknowledged name for the sight. Although the government denied the facility existed at first, now it is admitting that some kind of facility does exist in the area, but refuses to reveal its name. And without an officially recognized name, the lawsuit can't go forward.

If the government refuses to provide a name, attorneys for the defendants are threatening to call in Russian military experts, whose testimony (and satellite photos) will identify and name the sight everyone in the world already knows as Area 51, or Groom Lake.

To make matters even more interesting, the Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency have launched their own investigation to determine if there have been hazardous waste violations in Area 51 (or whatever you want to call it).

Source: Newsweek, February 20, 1995



"Some 15 million adult Americans have at one time or another in their lives witnessed what they believed to be a UFO."

"The UFO phenomenon represents both the most prevalent and under-reported anomalous phenomena of this or any other century."

Omni, March 1995

The March, 1995 issue of Omni Magazine contains Part One of the OMNI OPEN BOOK FIELD INVESTIGATOR'S GUIDE. Omni plans to introduce their research guide in several installments.

"The Project Open Book tool kit will allow you to conduct your own investigation of the persistent UFO phenomenon. It will contain tips and techniques about locating and classifying UFO reports. It will tell you, precisely, how to investigate UFO reports. It will tell you how to report and then investigate a sighting of your own. You'll learn how to interview witnesses, how to collect physical evidence, and how to sniff out potential hoaxes. You'll be instructed in the finer arts of audio and photographic analysis, both still and video. And you will be provided with the names and numbers of information sources, both print and electronic."

Part One of the OMNI FIELD GUIDE discusses the infamous Air Force UFO project, Project Blue Book, and offers a few guidelines for tracking down valid UFO sightings. Part One also contains the following names and addresses:


P.O. Box 292
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

Route 1, Box 220
Plumerville, AR 72127

103 Oldtowne Road
Seguin, TX 78155-4099

2457 West Peterson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659

Box 277
Mount Rainier, MD 20712


By Edward J. Ruppelt
Doubleday, 1956

By David Michael Jacobs
Indiana University Press, 1975

By Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Henry Regnery Company, 1972

By Jacques Vallee
Henry Regnery Company, 1965

By Jacques Vallee
Henry Regnery Company, 1969

By Jerome Clark
Omnigraphics, 1990, 1992

By Daniel S. Gilmoor
Bantam Books, 1969

By Richard F. Haines
NelsonHall, 1980

By Brad Steiger
Ballantine Books, 1976

By John G. Fuller
Dell, 1987

By Bud Hopkins
Richard Marek Publishers, 1981


Gordon-Michael Scallion Update:


The February, 1995 issue of Gordon-Michael Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT contains Scallion's annual review of his predictions. Scallion's "Hits & Misses For 1994" includes the following statement:

"In compiling this report, we have eliminated any predictions where the data was unavailable to make a determination as to whether or not the event actually happened. We have also eliminated multi-faceted predictions in which there were partial hits, unless we could break down the elements into separate predictions."

What's left?

64 hits. 10 misses. 43 predictions still pending.

The business of making and tracking predictions is, by its very nature, a very messy business. Some of Scallion's predictions are so vague that there is virtually no way they can't happen. Take, for instance, the prediction that "weather records shall be broken. There shall be great loss of life and property." Obviously, weather records are bound to be broken somewhere in the world. And somewhere in the world, the breaking of such records may well end up in the unexpected loss of life and property.

On the other hand, 1994 was a year of unusually devastating storms that broke records all over the globe and also resulted in the loss of many lives and much property. And Scallion was also specific, accurately picking out various areas around the United States and world that would be affected by severe changes in the weather.

In other areas, Scallion was equally vague, and accurate. He predicted, for instance, "between 1992 and 1997... plagues and new diseases will appear." Anyone could make a prediction like this and be right. But then he went on to make predictions that were more specific:

Some of Scallion's erroneous predictions include:

When all is said and done, it is very difficult to tell how accurate Scallion really is. He has, however, been accurate enough to keep our attention. Also, we continue to be impressed with what seems to be an honest attempt to track his own hits and misses. What's more, Scallion continues to put his predictions in writing for all the world to see.

As for Scallion's predictions for 1995, they appear to be more dramatic and more specific than in previous years (See our Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions For 1995 Special Report)--which means they will be easier to track. Although Scallion won't rise or fall depending on how accurate his 1995 predictions are, they will help us see just how accurate Scallion's overall vision is of the times in which we live.



Beginning with the February, 1995 issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT, Gordon-Michael Scallion is introducing a nine-part series on ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS.

In Part One of this series, "The Egyptian Hall of Records Part 1: Prophecies For Our Times," Scallion makes some rather far-fetched claims:


Earth Changes:


As you might expect, the earthquake which devastated the Japanese city of Kobe took its heaviest toll on the elderly, the weak and the poor.

According to studies by Japan's NHK television and the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, 52 percent of the people confirmed killed in the earthquake were aged over 60. Many of these elder residents lived in wooden structures built shortly after World War II, whereas much of the younger population lived in newer, more earthquake stable structures.

The Kobe earthquake also wrought its worst destruction in poor neighborhoods and left homes of the rich still standing. In addition, many handicapped people, including those who were deaf and blind, experienced many more hardships than the population at large.

Source: Reuters --DS


In response to the devastating Kobe earthquake, the mayor of Tsuruga, Japan, said his city would freeze its permission for the construction of two nuclear reactors near his city. Tsuruga is located about 80 miles north of Kobe and about 190 miles west of Tokyo.

Although there were no reports that nuclear power plants were damaged by the Kobe quake, the mayor of Tsuruga apparently doesn't want to take any chances--at least not now. The city assembly, with backing from the local chamber of commerce, had previously decided to go ahead with plans to build a nuclear reactor, rejecting a proposal for a referendum.

Japan has 46 nuclear power reactors with a total output of 37.361 million kilowatts. They accounted for almost 30 percent of the country's electric power generated as of the end of 1993.

Source: Reuters --DS


California is estimating that recent flooding will cost in excess of $1.3 billion, the highest cost of any floods in the state's history. Gov. Pete Wilson declared a state of emergency in 38 of California's 58 counties due to floods or storm damage. President Clinton declared a major disaster in California and pledged federal aid to flood victims. The Office of Emergency Services estimated losses incurred by private individuals and companies at $860 million, about half of which are insured losses. Losses to state and local government property is estimated at $294.8 million, to agriculture at $92.5 million and to highways at $90 million.

Eleven people were killed in the recent flooding and thousands were forced to evacuate their homes. Hardest hit areas included the wine country of northern California, the area around the state capital of Sacramento, and Malibu in southern California.

Source: Reuters --DS


California is, of course, not the only place on our planet experiencing major flooding. Along with the Mississippi river, Texas, and other portions of the United States, Europe has also been dealing with unexpectedly severe flooding.

Torrential rains, combined with prematurely melting Alpine snows, caused the largest evacuation ever mobilized in the Netherlands: 250,000 people were forced to leave their homes in Limburg and Gelderland.

Upriver in Germany, the Rhine rose to 35 feet at Cologne, equaling the century's record height set in 1926. Altogether, six German states were engulfed by the rampaging rivers. The most extensive overflows hit France, where flood waters covered almost all of the country's northern half!

But as far as most Europeans are concerned, Mother Nature is not the main one to blame. Humans are. After all, they are the ones that have transformed large tracts of land into shopping malls, parking lots and highways which have doubled or tripled the volume of unabsorbed water. European farmers have also been busy ripping out hedge rows which encourages water to flow, unobstructed, in one roaring direction.

Source: Time, February 13, 1995 --DS


Scientists are reporting that the recently discovered fault which caused the 6.7 Northridge quake is more dangerous than previously thought. Robert Yeats of Oregon State University and colleagues believe that the fault is a continuation of the so-called Oak Ridge system of faults. According to Yeats and his colleagues, "there is a major danger of a rupture similar to that of 1994, on the Oak Ridge fault to the west of the Ventura basin, where the fault has a slip rate nearly three times higher than it is in the San Fernando Valley." They also said that scientists who have been frantically mapping the network of faults in California should have spotted this one.

Ross Stein of the U.S. Geological Survey said the 1994 Northridge quake probably made the area more dangerous. According to him "calculations suggest that the Northridge earthquake increased the stress on both the central Elysian Park and the eastern Oak Ridge faults, and the rate of small shocks near both faults is now higher than it was before the Northridge earthquake struck."

Source: Nature --DS


An eight year study of the San Andreas fault has turned up some interesting information. Using extra-sensitive measuring equipment, seismologists have been monitoring thousands of tiny "microquakes" along a 11.5 mile stretch of the infamous fault.

Although some of the scientists involved in the study thought that earthquake patterns were too random and chaotic to use for prediction purposes, now they're not so sure. Instead of turning out to be random and chaotic, the microquakes (mostly from below 0 to 2 on the Richter scale) are turning out to be very systematic.

Some of their more intriguing findings:

Source: Science, January 20, 1995 --DS


The World Meteorological Organization is reporting that ozone depletion is "unusually low." In addition, the United Nations agency is also reporting that it is no longer possible to blame ozone lows on the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which sent vast amounts of aerosol gases into the atmosphere.

According to WMO ozone expert Rumen Bojkov, "The deficiency is much stronger than what one would have expected. We did not expect such a huge area of Asia and Europe to be under such ozone destruction."

Bojkov told a news conference that there was not yet any ozone hole over the northern hemisphere and the Arctic itself--still in the depths of the polar winter night. Over middle northern latitudes, however, the dozens of monitoring stations from which WMO receives its data reported significant decreases in ozone over the past six weeks. Worst affected was Siberia, Russia's vast eastern province, where ozone depletion has reached 35 percent in recent days.

In Europe, as far south as Spain, ozone levels were 10 to 15 percent below long-term averages. Large parts of Asia recorded similarly low levels. On the west coast of the United States, levels were between five and 10 percent below average. The U.S. east coast, where stratospheric temperatures are higher, has not been affected.

Long-term dangers associated with ozone destruction include an increased risk of skin cancer from higher ultra-violet radiation levels. Scientists are also increasingly concerned about adverse effects on crops, animals and marine life.

Source: Reuters --DS


All right, things don't look particularly bright on the level of earth changes. Every day we hear of some new natural disaster: Volcanic eruptions, major earthquakes, massive flooding, ferocious storms. What to do?

Annie Kirkwood, author of the book, "Mary's Message To The World," felt inspired to organize a conference on earth changes. But rather than focusing only on the gloom and doom aspects of the coming changes, Kirkwood felt that she wanted to offer positive perspectives and hopeful, helpful solutions.

"Our whole goal is to do as God/Spirit has asked of us and help people by providing a place to meet others and secure information which will help them make decisions. We offer a special gathering of speakers to give you different perspectives of what is to happen, how to face it, and how to be ready, as best you can."

Who are these speakers?

The conference is scheduled for March 17-19 in Dallas, Texas. For more information, you can call or write:

c/o B&A Products
P.O. Box 111249
Carrollton, TX 75011-1249
Phone: (214) 418-9771
Fax: (214) 416-2141

B&A also carries a solid selection of end-time products, including books and survival kits. I encourage you to write or call and ask for copy of their catalog. --DS


For those of you interested in finding out what the latest natural disasters around the world are, you can call GORDON-MICHAEL SCALLION'S EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE NUMBER: (900) 903-2745. Based on information from national weather and earthquake tracking services, their list is updated weekly, every Wednesday. The cost is $.95 a minute. The estimated cost per call is between $1.95 and $2.85. You must be over 18 to call.

Current Events:


Those of you who are fans of A COURSE IN MIRACLES will recognize the name of Marianne Williamson. Along with being one of the COURSE'S most popular spokespersons, Williamson has also authored A RETURN TO LOVE, a best seller based on principles from A COURSE IN MIRACLES. .

What you may not know is that Williamson and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton are frequent lunch companions. A February 6, 1995 issue of TIME not only reported that Williamson had tried her hand at presidential speech writing but that Mrs. Clinton went on record as saying that she admired Williamson. "She is a political supporter who has an intriguing view about popular culture."

For those of you who may be wondering if Williamson is becoming a guru of some kind to the First Lady, Mrs. Clinton also had something to say about that. "[Williamson] is neither my guru nor my spiritual advisor." --DS


We've all heard of speaking in tongues, right? Now a new phenomenon is sweeping many charismatic Christian movements. The new phenomenon, popularly called "The Toronto Blessing," reduces those who experience it to uncontrollable laughter!

For six nights a week, every week, for over a year now, a charismatic congregation near Toronto's Pearson International Airport has been experiencing the new phenomenon. Recently, 1500 worshipers gathered in the VINEYARD CHRISTIAN CHURCH to experience the holy laughter. A dozen pilgrims from Oregon got up to introduce themselves and ended up falling on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. An hour later, the church was full of people who had been swept away. Dozens of men and women of all ages were lying on the floor laughing, while others danced, proclaimed deliverance from emotional and physical pains, or closed their eyes in silent ecstasy. In all, more than 10,000 people have experienced the Toronto phenomenon. Believers interpret the experience as an experience of the Holy Spirit much like speaking in tongues.

And this new phenomenon is no longer an isolated occurrence. The experience is being exported to other parts of the world.

Hundreds of visiting pastors have taken the new spiritual experience home to roughly 7,000 congregations in Hong Kong, Norway, South Africa, Australia and the United States. Anglicans--known for their reserve at worship--seem especially susceptible to catching the holy laughter. Although the laughter is real enough, and although many of those who experience it claim to feel very refreshed afterwards, some church leaders are wondering just how spiritual it is. Some, in fact, are beginning to wonder if the phenomenon is the work of the Devil.

Laughter, the work of the Devil?

Well, its not just laughter and falling to the floor that has gotten some church leaders scratching their heads. Now some people who receive the Toronto Blessing are beginning to roar like animals as well! Some conservative church leaders believe the strange roaring suggests possession by the Devil. Others point out that there used to be plenty of holy shaking and quaking in 18th century revival meetings. Believers in the new phenomenon even go so far as to think the roaring may be a prophetic sign.

Source: Newsweek, February 20, 1995 --DS


Twenty years ago, there were some 30,000 different varieties of rice. Today, 10 types account for 75 percent of world rice production. And what is true for rice, is also true for many other kinds of plants. In short, the healthy diversity of plants has been drastically affected by man. Many scientists regard the loss of biodiversity as one of the top environmental problems in the world today. Why? For starters, the disappearance of anything in the Earth's eco-system profoundly affects the entire system. In addition, since no plant is immune to disease, pests and other attacks, growing only a few species means these few may come under unexpected attack, causing wide-spread food shortages.

Kenny Ausubel's answer to this growing problem is to get the ordinary person to start growing some of the 6,000 endangered plants his company sells in their own backyards. You can find out more about his work, as well as how to get a hold of some of his endangered plants, by getting a copy of his book, "SEEDS OF CHANGE: THE LIVING TREASURE."

Source: OMNI, March 1995 --DS


Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPT) has developed a way to use the piezoelectric polymer--a plastic commonly found in quartz watches and microphones--to produce electricity when stretched by ocean waves.

"Hydropiezoelectric" power is a radical departure from traditional wave power systems which use the rising and falling action of the sea to move a float up and down a chamber, or to push air through a turbine. Previous wave power systems have also involved complicated mechanical parts which corrode.

The new method utilizes a polymer strip that is strapped between the sea bed and a float on the water's surface. As the waves stretch the strip, electricity is produced which is then sent back to a transforming station on the coast.

OPT is presently planning to build a prototype with Japan's Penta-Ocean Construction Company Ltd. In return, OPT has given Penta-Ocean exclusive rights to market its product in Japan.

According to George Taylor, OPT's president, a large 100mW generator could produce electricity at one to three cents per kW hour. This compares with about five cents for electricity produced from state-of-the-art combined cycle gas plants and eight or more cents for oil-fired stations.

Along with being downright clever, Taylor also says that his company's wave power system has a couple of other advantages. According to him, "it's modular [and] you can build it up over time without any huge investments.''

Source: Reuters --DS


"It is after midnight, and Larry is barreling along the freeway at 65 m.p.h., his car in cruise control. He is drowsy, his attention drifts, and he fails to notice the dimly lighted truck ahead of him. Suddenly, as he closes in on the truck, his car automatically slows to 50 m.p.h., maintaining a safe distance between the two vehicles.

"Jolted into awareness, Larry decides to pass the truck. He does not see another car just beginning to overtake him, hidden in the blind spot on his left. But as he moves toward the passing lane, a warning light flashes on his dashboard, a buzzer sounds, and he quickly swings back, narrowly averting yet another collision.

"Now fully attentive, he checks his location, pin-pointed by a glowing dot moving along a map displayed on a dashboard screen, then exits the freeway and reads instructions on an adjoining screen. Finally, as he nears his destination, he is guided further by a computer voice that intones, 'Turn left on Cherry Street.'"

Thus begins an article that appeared in the February 6 issue of TIME about a new generation of smart cars currently being developed by American car manufacturers. According to the TIME article, the American auto industry (the Big Three Car Makers and their suppliers) spend some $24 billion a year in advanced engineering and electronic research. These staggering figures make the American auto industry the largest consumer-electronics industry in the world. All told, some 50,000 engineers and scientists work for the Big Three Car manufacturers alone.

That's a lot of money and people. What's more, the auto industry is apparently ahead of many other cutting-edge industries. TIME quotes Sean McAlinden, an automotive-research economist, as saying the Detroit General Motors Technical Center is "a national treasure, absolutely awe inspiring. There is nothing like it at any national university or anywhere in the defense industry."

How can anyone make a claim like that? Well, it's not just the vast amounts of money and people involved in the industry. It is also what they've come up with. Along with the dazzling technology described in the opening analogy, American car makers are using laser-generated holograms to create full-size prototypes of smart cars BEFORE the cars themselves are actually constructed. These full-size holographic images can accurately predict how the vehicle will sound, how wind shield wipers and lights will work, even how cars will fare in a crash.

Along with satellite-guided mapping devices implanted in the dash of smart cars and radar-like detectors implanted in the bumpers (to help prevent collisions), the new generation of smart cars are also expected to have high-tech sensor systems implanted in various parts of the car that will not only diagnose engine and other system problems but, in some cases, actually repair and/or prevent problems. Also in the works are cars that can achieve 80 m.p.g. and run on power sources such as fuel cells, gas turbines, flywheels, ultra-capacitors, and innovative, lightweight batteries. --DS


The number of pregnancies in which the fetus begins to develop outside the womb (ectopic pregnancies), thereby threatening the mother's life, has risen dramatically. Between 1970 and 1992 the rates of such pregnancies quadrupled. Among other things, researchers blame fertility drugs, smoking, stress, and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases for the growing problem.

Source: Time, February 6, 1995 --DS


According to United Nations and U.S. State Department sources, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Iraqis have had hands, feet or ears amputated, without anesthetic.


As punishment for crimes and political views.

According to the Iraqi government an increasing number of Iraqi citizens have been turning to crime. Iraqi government officials blame this situation on United Nations sanctions. In response to this growing crime wave, Iraq has been using Islamic-sanctioned mutilations as one way to stem the tide.

Whereas, Iraqi officials are justifying the mutilations as warranted under Islamic law, others are accusing government officials of acting reprehensively: First, Islamic religious courts are supposed to dispense such justice (not political parties), and; Second, many innocent people (such as political opponents) are apparently being mutilated as well.

Iraqis who have been mutilated are showing up regularly at camps along the border of Iran. In addition, many Iraqi doctors have fled the country to avoid having to perform such operations.

Although such practices may not solve any of Iraq's long-term problems, they do seem to be very effective in the short run. One unnamed State Department official summed the situation up like this: "As a device to intimidate potential opposition and reduce crime, the mutilations may be tragically effective."

Source: Time, February 6, 1995 --DS



Another print magazine has appeared on the scene covering a wide variety of paranormal and end time topics. Called ATLANTIS RISING, the magazine is based in Livingston, Montana. Although we have not yet had a chance to review their first issue, their second issue contained several impressive articles. My main criticism is the comic book insert they are running in the middle of the magazine. And I'm not the only one that thought the cartoonish (and surprisingly shallow and violent) insert was misplaced and inappropriate. Enough people complained about its appearance in the first issue that the publisher felt compelled to write a letter trying to explain what the cartoon was all about.

So is this a magazine worth subscribing to? If it continues to deliver the kind of articles that appeared in their second issue (minus, we hope, the centerpiece cartoon), it is indeed.

P.O. Box 441
Livingston, MT 59047
Advertising: (406) 222-0875, (404) 333-4931
Subscriptions: (800) 228-8381

Subscription Price: 19.95 a year, for 6 issues. --DS


REAL GOODS is the most well-known and solidly established alternative energy company we know of. Not only do they publish books, newsletters and catalogs, but they also do much of their own research, maintain their own alternative energy consultants, operate various store fronts, and, recently, constructed their own cutting-edge alternative energy resource center. Called THE HOPLAND SOLAR LIVING CENTER, REAL GOODS designed their center to demonstrate that the tools for positive change toward a renewable energy-powered future are now readily available.

In addition, REAL GOODS sponsors a yearly TOUR OF INDEPENDENT HOMES around the country. This past year, REAL GOODS estimates that 5000 people visited nearly 200 tour locations. Tour locations consist of homesites, owned by independent people, that REAL GOODS has helped fit with alternative energy products. These homes contain examples of passive solar design, energy-efficient appliances, alternative building methods and renewable energy systems.

To find out where a REAL GOODS DEMONSTRATION HOME is near you, call: (800) 762-7325. If you are interested in turning your home into a REAL GOODS DEMONSTRATION HOME (which means REAL GOODS will sell you products at discount prices in exchange for you agreeing to open your home to the public on a limited basis), call: (707) 468-9292, ext. 2200 and ask for Karen Hensley.

For more information about REAL GOODS, including how to receive copies of their important catalog, you can call or write:

966 Mazzoni Street Ukiah, CA 95482-3471
Phone: (800) 762-7325
Fax Orders: (707) 468-9486
Technical Assistance: (707) 744-2101
The Internet: --DS


Looking for a thorough, informative, clearly written and light-hearted book that covers the basics of all kinds of physical survival? Then THE SENSE OF SURVIVAL by J. Allan South may be the book for you. It covers such topics as:

By J. Allan South
Published By Timpanogos Publishers
P.O. Box 776
Orem, Utah 84057

THE SENSE OF SURVIVAL may also be ordered from:
P.O. Box 111249
Carrollton, Texas 75011-1249
Phone: (214) 418-9771
Fax: (214) 416-2141

$14.95 + $1.50 Shipping/Handling. --DS

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