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NHNE News Brief 7
(March 13,1995)

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Monday, March 13, 1995
Number 7

An Angelic Doctor

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Back when I was pregnant with my eldest son, 1958 to be exact, I had gone to see my doctor on a regular visit. He told me I had at least another two weeks before the baby would come. Two hours later I was back in his office hemorrhaging all over his new carpet. I was sent immediately to the hospital. While at the hospital I was induced and labor began. My blood pressure dropped to 60/40 and everywhere I looked, I saw a black aura around people and things. When the doctors and nurses could no longer get a fetal heart beat they decided to do a C-section.

After the procedure, my doctor told my parents and husband that in all probability neither my son or I would survive.

After three days of laying in bed unconscious I started to revive. My son also made a turn-around and within a week I was up and moving about although I was still very weak and low on blood volume. I had received seven pints of blood and was still 60% low.

Another doctor whom I thought was a resident from a European country came to visit me. He passed the time of day with the usual amenities of one learning a bedside manner. He remarked on the fact that I was nursing and that here in this country not many women nursed, but where he came from all women nurse their children. After a few moments he said, "Well my job is done here. I can leave you now." I smiled and thanked him for his interest.

After he left the woman who was in the bed next to me, her name was Judy, remarked that my doctor didn't come to see me very often while I was awake. I was quick to tell her that he was not my regular doctor.

Upon telling her that, she proceeded to tell me that this doctor had been in my room every night and stayed by my bedside for three nights. When she would wake for the 2 AM feeding he would ask her to watch me and call the nurse if I should stir. Then he would leave, saying he was going to the nursery to see the baby.

After hearing this, I requested a nurse whom I knew personally to see if she could have this doctor return to my room so I might thank him. She soon returned to tell me she didn't know who I was talking about nor did anyone else on the floor. When I told her he just left she told me that no one had left my room.

The Head Nurse, who by the way was a nun, came into my room and said she would talk with the Chief of Staff and find this man for me. The next day she returned to tell me that the Chief of Staff had told her there was no one on that floor who answered to that description. In fact, there was no one in the hospital who answered to that description.

I was required to stay in the hospital for two more weeks and although I was allowed to roam the halls and visit other patients I never saw or heard of this man again. After a long recuperating period, both my son and I regained our health and strength.

Mary Ann, From Oklahoma

Letters To & From NHNE:


Wanted to let you know that you reach all kinds of people--some guided, some misguided--but all concerned about where this beautiful planet we call earth is going. We all need to do our share to protect Her, because God knows we've allowed our insensitivity over the ages to plunder and abuse Her. I hope we can somehow do whatever it takes to heal Her and I know that She knows that there are those living on Her that truly care about Her.

Thank you my friend for sharing your work and efforts for the good of us all, your NewHNewE is making a difference. I appreciate all you've done so far and though I and others could probably find something of your work to criticize, I dare say no one wants to, because your work comes from the heart and the love of what needs to be done--and Love is the Energy of the Soul--is it not?

I like your stuff!

Many Blessings


I just finished reading NHNE Update 2/28/95 and wanted to let you know how much I really appreciated NHNE News Brief 6. After reviewing your mission statement once again, I was struck with the singularity of purpose of NHNE's primary mission and how in tune it was with my own search, especially during the past year. I particularly appreciate the fact that most articles are written quite objectively and it is thus left up to the reader to make up their own mind as to the contents.

With this in mind, I was a little surprised to read the review of THE CELESTINE PROPHECY. After reading the book last spring and not knowing much about it or the author (this was just before it became the huge success it is now) I must say that I had an entirely different view about it. I was quite upset. I felt that it was written as a parody of all the new ideas and spiritual things that I was just beginning to learn about and I felt that the author, James Redfield, had purposely left the reader hanging as to the Tenth Insight in order to be able to write a sequel at some other time. Perhaps I am just a bit too skeptical for my own good, but as I have said before, I am indeed serious about this quest for answers and explanations in my life and therefore take most things with more than a single grain of salt. I am trying to learn the art of openmindedness and feel that NewHeavenNewEarth is helping a great deal in this regard. I thought the author did a fabulous job in writing the review, however, and I'm glad to see that others are getting the opportunity to share their ideas with everyone else.

Love and friendship, Jan



First, the compliments! Your electronic publications as well as other assorted documents you've put out are like a gold mine. In the years since I've been striving for spiritual growth and understanding, I've adopted the attitude of staying "open" to all possibilities, and trying to leave "no stone unturned." The attitude of NHNE seems to be very much along those very same lines, in that all things are fair game: UFO's, pyramids, ancient cultures, Scallion updates, etc.

Now here's my single criticism. I was a bit dismayed by the inclusion of Dr. Michael Langone's "Cult Checklist." (At least you correctly placed it in the "Controversies" section of News Brief #6.) However, several New Age spiritual and religious groups would "APPEAR" to meet several of the criteria mentioned in this checklist, especially to an outsider who might be unfamiliar with the group's teachings, and take some things out of context.

For example, I am a member of ECKANKAR which at separate times has billed itself as "The Ancient Science of Soul Travel," and more recently as "A New Age Religion." Since my involvement with ECKANKAR, I've grown quite a bit and found many answers I have been searching for. However, many of my closest friends and relatives were quite concerned in the first few years, believing that I had gotten involved with some strange and dangerous cult. They spent quite a bit of time and effort trying to "save" me from this danger. As the years went on and I didn't sign my home over to the organization, move into a commune, start collecting weapons, or drink poisoned Kool-Aid, they finally began to see many positive changes in my life and began to relax a little more.

My point is that we all seek answers to our questions and the meaning of our lives, and the "Cult Checklist" is the ONLY thing I've seen from NHNE which might seem a little bit "divisive" to some. While I totally agree that the information SHOULD be presented to us to read and decide, I feel that you should have also have included an "alternate" viewpoint showing the "other side" of the controversy, or at least a disclaimer stating that some people may not agree with Dr. Langone's position.

Sincerely, Darrell


You guys are doing an incredible job and I'm learning a lot from reading your newsletter! [The] NHNE newsletter is the best New Age related newsletter I've encountered so far. The balance of objectivity and subjectivity seen in NHNE is just perfect for me! I can sense that seeking truth is the main idea behind the project and the purpose is beautifully maintained!

However, there is one thing that might improve NHNE. I've noticed that although you guys seem to value the interaction with the readers/supporters, it is still kind of limited. That's probably because most of the readers don't see what's happening behind the scenes (emailing, phone calls, letters, etc.). So it's not really yet what you might call a "gathering place" IMO.

So I was thinking what could improve on that area. And my answer to that problem was creating a MAILING LIST based on NHNE newsletter! With the mailing list, people can talk about topics presented by the newsletter or exchange related info, etc.! It's better than the NHNE "folder" because Internet people can participate, too. This idea might help to create a "community" of like-minded people! What do you think?

Bye, Goro

Have you ever considered any way to tell all NewHeavenNewEarth members about each other? I'm not sure everyone would want their names and addresses given out but I know that I for one am curious about other members and the particular reason NewHeavenNewEarth appealed to them. I am also wondering why they are at this point in their lives--whether they are just on a quest for new knowledge and new ideas or if a particular experience has jolted them out of their previous ways of thinking (as has happened to me).

These are just some of the things I have been thinking about recently. Hope some of it helps! Thanks for another great magazine.

Love and friendship, Jan

Editor's Note: I have written to both Goro and Jan, hoping to enlist their services to launch their suggestions. We are also busily working on several other fronts to make the NHNE project a thriving community of active, highly connected seekers who share a common vision.


With your talent and motivation, I am curious as to why you don't consider a magazine format with advertising, a bit of color. Provide yourself with more financial security and go national. Have you considered it?

Warm regards, Tim

We can't do what we want to do using a print media format. Aside from the enormous amounts of time, money and resources that would be involved in such a project (all of which are way out of my/our league at the moment), our principal concern is to set up a way for like-minded people to share with one another instantly. Our News Briefs and Special Reports are the tip of the

David Sunfellow


Editor's Note: Most of us are being buried alive under an increasing avalanche of information. Although some of you may have been thinking it, one of you managed to express concern about all the information we are sending out. Here is my response:

I don't know anyone who isn't being overrun with information these days. Trying to stay informed without being overwhelmed is a major dilemma of our time. And, believe it or not, this is one of the things I/we have been hoping to address with the NHNE project. Rather than being ANOTHER thing to read, I am hoping we emerge as a replacement of sorts for the piles of information out there. We subscribe to magazines, newsletters and other information services all over the place and have been trying to save our readers the trouble (and expense) of reading everything themselves. In the nut shell, what we have been trying to do is to create a summary that highlights important pieces of information. Along with keeping our readers informed of important developments around the world, we have also made a point of providing them with as much information as we can about how they can track down the original source themselves if they feel a need to find out more.

If, however, a person isn't that interested in the topics we are covering, then summarizing them doesn't help very much. In the end, we would end up being just one more piece of bothersome information and their time would probably be better spent reading things that really catch their attention.

So don't let us add to your information overload. I spend much of my time picking and choosing how I am going to spend my reading time and have had to dump a lot of interesting things that were a step or two removed from my real passions. So don't hesitate to dump us if we are becoming more of a bother than a help.

David Sunfellow


Editor's Note: In NHNE Update: 2/28/95 I excerpted some of the juicier portions of a NATIONAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL news release to let all of you know what the NRDC believed the Republican-controlled Congress was up to. While the reader that sent us the original news release was grateful for us passing it along, another one of our readers was rather miffed.


You do yourself and NHNE a great disservice when you reproduce emotionally charged and unsubstantiated information such as the referenced article. The entirety of this article is emotionally charged with words like:

"moving at breakneck speed to enact into law a section of the Contract with America that is so environmentally destructive"

"legislative bombshell"


" Act that would sweep away virtually every legal barrier that now shields us against polluted air, toxic waste, rampant logging, deadly oil spills, and dozens of other environmental threats"

"such a dangerous legislation"

"massive sneak attack "

"stealth environmental policy" that amounts to "a guerrilla war on green laws"

Any time you see an article that is so bereft of fact and full of emotionally inflammatory language, that is a signal to beware of the source. This article runs counter to your stated NHNE policy of objectivism and exposing the other side of the story.

Now I do not know the details about this legislation, I do recognize a "red herring" when I see this kind of language. Although I do support the concerns for protecting the environment, and understand the importance of this work, I also have seen too much politics of power and money involved in the environmental movement with total disregard of the impact on human progress and even safety to believe that the "green laws" are all pure...

Much of this power-politics has been established under the old liberal Congressional banner and the recently elected Conservative Congress is now trying to regain control "by the people and for the people" rather than by the arrogance of bigger and bigger Government controls and spending. And I support that effort. I would suggest that you go back to your "flag waver" and have THEM provide an in-depth analysis of what this legislation is attempting to accomplish and then have some of your staff take that "objective assessment" and look "at the other side of the story" before you wave the banner in the name of NHNE. Frankly, I cannot support this kind of biased and uninformed editorializing without any basis in factual information. I would hope you would retract your blind duplication of this item until your staff determines the unbiased, unemotional details of this legislation.

Regards, Chuck


Although your letter was pretty strong medicine, I appreciate you taking me to task on running THE NATIONAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL announcement in such a blatantly lop-sided fashion. If we had the time (and felt like it was an issue appropriate for us to tackle), I should have done exactly as you suggested: got all the facts before passing on a half-baked picture.

Barring a time-consuming attempt to present a full, fair and objective presentation, I could have at least edited out the emotionally charged and obviously biased tone and simply provided our readers with names and addresses--which is what I will do in the future if and when information is passed on to us that I feel is important enough to share, but not close enough to our purposes to launch our own investigation.

Again, I dropped the ball on this one and appreciate you pointing that out. Although I am liable to make many other mistakes in the future, I will do my best not to repeat this one.

With Love & Best Wishes, David Sunfellow

CyberSpace Update:


"Everything from media to medicine, from data to dating has been radically transformed by a tool invented barely 50 years ago... The revolution has only just begun, but already it's starting to overwhelm us. It's outstripping our capacity to cope, antiquating our laws, transforming our mores, reshuffling our economy, reordering our priorities, redefining our workplaces and making us sit for long periods in front of computer screens..."

Newsweek, February 27, 1995, Technomania Cover Story

The entire February 27, 1995 issue of NEWSWEEK was dedicated to exploring the explosive and highly unpredictable world of the information superhighway. What follows are a few quotes from this interesting issue:

"For many years computers were thought to be a centralizing force--those in the upper levels of hierarchy could access up-to-date files on millions of people and keep an Orwellian eye on their domains. But since the advent of personal computers and distributed networks like the Internet, we now understand that the essential character of the computer is decentralizing. The symbol for this is the lone teenage hacker, sitting at a cheap computer in his bedroom, wreaking havoc on powerful institutions. But an equally valid symbol might be the low-level white-colar employee who can access mountains of business data to get a high-level picture of the company's operations and send her evaluation via email to the CEO."

"Technomania" Cover Story

"Obviously, the decentralizing nature of the computer poses a threat to dictators, who have to choose between keeping their countries in the digital dark ages (and suffering dire economic consequences) or liberating a technology that might dangerously open up the entire society."

"Technomania" Cover Story

"What governments should really fear is a communications expert."

Subcomandante Marcos, Chief Spokesman for Mexico's Zapatistas Rebels, "When Words Are The Best Weapon"

"Forget geography. Forget race, gender. In cyberspace, you are what you care about."

"The Brave New World Of Cybertribes"

"Only 13 percent of adult Americans say they've gone 'online.' A mere 4 percent say they've ever used the World Wide Web, the fast-growing segment of the Net. Just 2 percent say they log on to a network at least an hour a day. But even these numbers are powerful: they match the viewership of many cable networks."

"The Brave New World Of Cybertribes"

"Like it or not, America is a land of inequities. And technology, despite its potential to level the social landscape, is not yet blind to race, wealth, and age. The richer the family, the more likely it is to own and use a computer, according to 1993 census data. White families are three times as likely as blacks or Hispanics to have computers at home. Seventy-four percent of Americans making more than $75,000 own at least one terminal, but not even one third of all Americans own computers."

"The Haves And The Have-Nots"

"There is another gap to be considered. Not just between rich and poor, but between young and the used-to-be-young. Of the 100 million Americans who use computers at home, school or work, nearly 60 percent are 17 or younger."

"The Haves And The Have-Nots"



The authors of "50 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time" have launched an entire Web-site on--you guessed it--conspiracies. Contact (^conspire) and you will have access to a broad range of regularly updated conspiracies. To name a few: UFO landings, CIA wiretaps, Marilyn Monroe's death, The Jamestown massacre and, of course, the JFK assassination.

Newsweek, March 6, 1995



"The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been established to help civilize the electronic frontier; to make it truly useful and beneficial not just to a technical elite, but to everyone; and to do this in a way which is in keeping with our society's highest traditions of the free and open flow of information and communication."

From The EFF Mission Statement

For five years THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION has been monitoring activity on the information superhighway. It's goal: to insure that the fundamental rights of free speech and privacy remain intact, regardless of future technology. In addition, the EFF also seeks to keep the power of technology in the hands of the little guy versus the government (or governments).

Among the EFF's success stories is a 1994 wrestle with the FBI in which the courts ruled that the FBI must disclose the cost and number of wire-taps conducted each year. The organization also sponsored a federal court case in which judges affirmed that electronic mail cannot be read by law enforcement officers without a court-authorized warrant.

The most well-known EFF battle revolves around a device called the "Clipper Chip." Basically, the Clipper Chip is designed to protect online communication from unauthorized snooping--unauthorized snooping by everyone that is, except the government. The EFF launched a grassroots assault on the government's plan to monitor the information superhighway with this device. Although the controversy surrounding this issue (and device) continues, EFF is monitoring the situation closely. Many expect the Clipper Chip controversy to surface again this year under a different name: SkipJack.

Significantly, many of the those involved in EFF read like Who's Who in the computer world. Steve Wozniak (of Apple Computer fame), Mitch Kapor (the father of Lotus 1-2-3) and legions of other wealthy, influential and powerful computer pioneers are zealously supporting the EFF's work. For more information, contact:

1667 K Street NW, Suite 801
Washington, DC 20006-1605

Internet WWW Site:
America Online Keyword: EFF
CompuServe: Go: EFF
eMail address:

Phone: (202) 347-5400
FAX: (202) 393-5509



By David Sunfellow & Kathleen Blake Frankel

All of us want to protect ourselves and our children from crippling diseases, in particular, from crippling childhood diseases. For the past several decades traditional medicine has said the best way to do that is to have yourself and your children vaccinated. Many states have, in fact, passed laws requiring parents to immunize their children before their children can attend public schools. And the President and Mrs. Clinton have made vaccinating all American children a major goal of their administration.

But not everyone thinks immunizing your children (or yourself) is a good idea. In fact, a growing chorus of doctors, researchers and concerned parents are waging a ferocious battle with the medical establishment to get both the federal government and mainstream doctors to admit that the medicine they are prescribing is more dangerous than the diseases they are trying to prevent. Indeed, some are even saying that the vaccinations traditional doctors are prescribing are CAUSING the diseases they are supposed to prevent.


A March 6, 1995 issue of NEWSWEEK reports that "new research from Romania has shown that babies who get shots of antibiotics shortly after being vaccinated for polio run a higher than average risk of contracting the crippling disease. They get it from the vaccine itself--though nobody is sure what role the antibiotics play."

Wholistic health advocates have long maintained that vaccinations do far more harm than good. And whereas such advocates used to be confined to the distant sidelines, now they are appearing regularly on mainstream talk shows and news reports. And along with making their case by sighting numerous books and studies, they often have their own personal horror stories as well. Many, in fact, jumped into the alternative health arena after their children had been vaccinated and were either killed or seriously injured as a result.

Here are a few chilling statistics compiled by THE NATIONAL VACCINATION INFORMATION CENTER (NVIC) that were aired March 2nd, 1994, on NBC's NOW, with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric:

Although the wide-spread and unexpectedly dire nature of the vaccination controversy is not well known, risks associated with vaccinations are. Doctors are required by law to inform parents of a chilling number of side-effects associated with vaccinations. What's more, many children who are vaccinated and don't suffer any apparent adverse side-effects, frequently end up contracting the illness that the vaccination was supposed to protect them from. Why? The traditional medical establishment doesn't know.

So why does the medical establishment insist on promoting childhood vaccinations when they know they don't work like they are supposed to and that there are serious, sometimes deadly reactions to some of these vaccinations?

Unaware of how wide-spread the problem really is, the medical establishment traditionally believes that the harmful (possibly fatal) side-effects a few children experience shouldn't prevent vaccinations from being administered to millions of other children who would benefit.

That's the more positive view of why the government is supporting childhood vaccinations.

Others insist that the government is supporting childhood vaccinations because they want to save face and not look as incompetent as they may be. In addition, since childhood vaccinations are a multi-million dollar industry, a great many American companies (and individuals) may lose a lot of money if the vaccine industry dried up.

If the NVIC findings (and the findings of numerous other studies) are correct, then the position of the traditional medical establishment is no longer tenable. Some parents are, in fact, in the process of suing the drug companies who produce vaccines, the Federal government who promotes them and doctors who administer them.

Sadly, the people (children and adults) who have been vaccinated may end up being the real losers. Wholistic health advocates have long said that there is no need to vaccinate children in the first place. There are other methods of protecting children from harmful diseases that are safe, natural and proven effective. In addition, a growing number of studies are indicating that adverse reactions to vaccinations in childhood may not be the only problem vaccinated people have to worry about. Many adults who were vaccinated as children are beginning to show signs of long-term adverse effects, including an increased susceptibility to cancer, immune system failures and various neurological disorders.

For more information you can contact:

512 West Maple Avenue, Suite 206
Vienna, Virginia 22180
(800) 909-7468

The NVIC was started by a mother whose child was brain injured as the result of being vaccinated. Among other things, the NVIC distributes information (including state-by-state vaccination requirements and current books on immunizations), publishes research papers, provides the lot numbers of vaccines with especially dangerous track records, and serves as a support group for people interested in protecting their children from immunizations and for parents whose children have been harmed by vaccinations.

By Diane Rozario
Published By Patter Publications
P.O. Box 204
Burlington, IA 52601

Rozario's book reviews over 60 books that deal with immunizations and presents the names and addresses of over 70 organizations and publishers who provide immunization information. Topics in her resource guide include:

Books for New Parents
Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness
Adverse Reactions
Filing Vaccine Injury Claims
Reporting Adverse Reactions
Legal Exemptions
Current Research
International Travel
History of Vaccination
International Organizations
Vaccine Manufacturers
Homeopathic Vaccines

Holistic Health:

"Social isolation is statistically just as dangerous as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or lack of exercise."

Newsweek, March 6, 1995, "Dialing The Stress-Meter Down"


Life is stressful--perhaps more stressful now than at any other time in history. And if we don't find ways to effectively deal with stress, it kills us, either slowly through systematic psychological and physiological breakdowns, or quickly through heart attacks and other dramatic physical ailments.

How much does stress effect you and I? What causes it? And how can we learn to deal with stress effectively? Here are a few answers from an article entitled, "Dialing The Stress-Meter Down," that appeared in the March 6, 1995 issue of NEWSWEEK.






"By the year 2040, there will be 1.3 million Americans 100 years or older; some demographers put that figure at 4 million."

Time, March 6, 1995

Although the prospect of 4 million centenarians running around, in various states of mental and physical deterioration, may not be a particularly uplifting vision, some studies indicate that those who make it past 85 may be a rather hardy group.

Heart disease and strokes have their greatest impact on people aged 50 to 80. Those who make it past these dangerous years are less likely to be stricken at all. And what is true of heart disease and strokes, is also true of Alzheimer's disease, which usually takes its toll by the mid 80's. Another interesting statistic is that while the possibility of dying rises steeply from 50 to 90, the odds level off after a person reaches 90.

According to Harvard geriatrician Thomas Perls, "the genetically weak die off, and what is left is an enriched group of healthy, strong individuals."

But genetics is not the only factor that scientists feel is responsible for longer lives. Temperament (specifically, the ability to handle stress well) is also an important factor, as is a moderate life-style, regular exercise, and a good education (studies indicate that better-educated people suffer less mental deterioration in old age).

Source: Time, March 6, 1995, "How To Live To Be 120"


Dannion Brinkley Update:


We have been attempting to track the predictions that appear in Dannion Brinkley's best-selling book, SAVED BY THE LIGHT. Detailing a remarkable near-death experience Brinkley had in 1975, his book includes 117 different predictions. Of these 117 predictions, Brinkley claims that 95 of them have come true. One of his predictions, due to take place this year, deals with a terrible nuclear disaster that is supposed to occur in the northern hemisphere somewhere, possibly the Soviet Union.

"A second nuclear accident appeared in the box [CHERNOBYL was the first nuclear disaster Brinkley claims to have accurately predicted], this in a northern sea so badly polluted that no ships would travel there. The water was a pale red and was covered with dead or dying fish. Around the water were peaks and valleys that made me think I was seeing a fjord like those in Norway. I couldn't tell where this was, but I knew that the world was frightened at what had happened, because radiation from this accident could spread everywhere and affect all of humankind. The date on the picture was 1995.

The vision didn't stop there. People were dying and deformed as a result of these nuclear catastrophes. In a series of what seemed like television pictures, I saw cancer victims and mutated babies in Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland, not hundreds or thousands of people, but tens of thousands, in vast array of deformity, going on through generations. The poisons released by these accidents were carried to the rest of the world through water, which was tainted forever by this nuclear waste. The Being made it clear that humans had created a horrible power that had not been contained. By letting this power out of their control, the Soviets had destroyed their own country and possibly the world."

SAVED BY THE LIGHT, Chapter 5, "The Boxes of Knowledge," Pgs. 36-37

If a story carried by the February-March, 1995 issue of NEXUS is authentic, then the nuclear disaster scenario predicted by Brinkley may be in the process of unfolding.

NEXUS reports that an article that appeared in the November 30-December 6, 1994 issue of THE WEEKLY TELEGRAPH, Moscow has admitted that it spent 30 years disposing of atomic waste by pumping it directly into the Earth. What's worse, THE TELEGRAPH article indicated that the pumping is still going on.

Scientists already suspect that the wastes have leaked into rivers leading into the Caspian Sea and the Arctic Ocean. In addition, the wastes have been blamed for the rise of cancer deaths in several locations where the waste has returned to the surface. The dumped material is reported to measure up to 3 billion curries of radiation. This compares to about 50 million curries released by the CHERNOBYL disaster and 50 curries released at THREE MILE ISLAND. Experts say that even small amounts of the Moscow waste could sterilize vast areas of the northern oceans, destroying and contaminating the food chain for the entire northern hemisphere, rendering vast areas uninhabitable for centuries.

For more information about Dannion Brinkley, his best-selling book, SAVED BY THE LIGHT, and his near-death predictions, you can search our WWW database.


Gordon-Michael Scallion Update:


Well, here is a Scallion prediction that we can verify happened exactly as he said it would. In Scallion's February newsletter, THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT, which was published January 26, 1995, Scallion predicted:

"...quakes greater than 6.5 will follow a scenario as follows:

1. Beginning with Japan 2. Followed by quakes in the Indian Ocean, and/or South Pacific 3. Followed by South America 4. Finally, the West Coast of America.

The sequence will occur in weeks rather than months."

Following the January 17, 1995 Kobe 7.2 earthquake in Japan, a 6.9 quake hit Indonesia, followed by a 7.1 quake in New Zealand. Two days later, a 6.5 earthquake hit Columbia. And a week after that, on February 18, a 6.6 earthquake struck offshore near Eureka, California.

Scallion is predicting the "Four Quake Scenario" will continue. According to his March, 1995 newsletter:

"We continue to be in a window for major global Earth changes to occur--ending on March 15. The four quake scenario will repeat several times more this year during the following time frames: the February-March window, May-June, and December 1995-January 1996. I do not believe we will get through 1995 without massive Earth changes around the world, including of course, the United States. Each time the cycle runs, quakes will increase in magnitude. I continue to see magnitude 8.0 and greater this year through the regions I've mentioned--possibly greater than 9.0."


Scallion is continuing to predict that Mount Rainier will erupt sometime before the end of the year. Scallion had been predicting "an earthquake in the 5 to 7.5 range will hit the Cascades region about 50 miles from Mount Rainier. Mount Rainier will erupt shortly thereafter." Scallion made this prediction in August of 1994.

A moderate earthquake measuring 5.0 occurred Friday evening, January 28, 1995 about 14.5 miles south of Seattle and 10.9 miles north of Tacoma (which places the earthquake's epicenter within the 50 mile radius Scallion had predicted). Scallion believes this is the earthquake he predicted. A message that appeared on Scallion's February 1st EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE read as follows:

"Gordon-Michael Scallion today stated that this quake (the January 28, 5.0 Seattle quake) has indeed confirmed his prediction and expects additional quakes as well as the eruption of Mount Rainier to occur anytime between now and year's end."


Now that we have got a few of Scallion's earthquake and volcano predictions out of the way, what about the weather? As we reported in NHNE News Brief 5, Scallion has been predicting that there would be major flooding in America come this spring--and now he is getting more specific:

"I can now be more specific about what I see for the U.S. [I see] early rains combined with melt-offs will flood tributaries from Maine to Florida. Hardest hit will be : the Carolinas, Virginia, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania on the East Coast, the states in the area of the Great Lakes, along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, along the Colorado River, much of southern California, Arizona, Texas, and Missouri. The time frame I see is from March through May."

In addition, Scallion is continuing to predict major flooding in Europe, especially in Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Spain, and Germany. According to Scallion, "wind, water damage, and quakes in 1995 will break the bank."


Well, buckle your seat belts. If you think Scallion went out on a limb predicting that the legendary HALL OF RECORDS was going to be discovered this year in Egypt, wait until you see what he says will be discovered inside. In NHNE News Brief 6, we summarized the first part of Scallion's HALL OF RECORDS article. Here, then, is a summary of what he has to say in Part II:

Although the bulk of Scallion's ancient Egypt/Hall of Records predictions continue to be almost identical to the Egypt/Hall of Records predictions of Edgar Cayce, Scallion continues to claim they are original visions, given to him since 1979:

"As early as 1979, I began receiving images of ancient civilizations and time capsules being placed in archives for a future time. I had no idea what I was seeing. A few years, and hundreds of visions later, I discovered I was traveling back in history to a time when civilization was highly advanced, in many ways beyond where we are today."

How reliable are Scallion's ancient history visions? Who knows. The only thing that seems certain at this point is that the truth, whatever it is, is bound to emerge. If Scallion is right, he will be one of the greatest psychics of all time and virtually every aspect of our present civilization will be tumbled down and taken up anew. If, on the other hand, he is wrong, he will join legions of other psychics who have made the same kind of wildly improbable and, so far, embarrassingly unsubstantiated, claims. And I, for one, can't wait to get this mess cleaned up and sorted out. Is there really an ancient Hall of Records buried in, at, under or near the Sphinx, or can all of these stories be traced back to one hugely bogus thought form that generations of psychics have somehow managed to fall into?


According to Scallion's March, 1995, newsletter, his organization, The Matrix Institute, is being overrun with calls. Although the Institute tried to handle the increased interest in Scallion's work by expanding their staff, installing more phone lines and enlarging their facilities, Scallion's ongoing appearances on national television and radio shows is continuing to generate more calls than his organization can handle. Because of this, the Matrix Institute has shifted their 800 number to a telephone service bureau in Boston. Their number remains the same, but the Boston-based professional answering service will be handling their product information and ordering calls.

In addition, the price of Scallion's newsletter has dropped from $46.00 a year to $36.00.

For more information about Scallion and his work, you can contact:

P.O. Box 336
Chesterfield, NH 03443
Administrative Offices: (603) 363-4916
Product Information & Ordering: (800) 628-7493


For those of you interested in finding out what the latest natural disasters around the world are, you can call GORDON-MICHAEL SCALLION'S EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE NUMBER: (900) 903-2745. Based on information from national weather and earthquake tracking services, their list is updated weekly, every Wednesday. The cost is $.95 a minute. The estimated cost per call is between $1.95 and $2.85. You must be over 18 to call.


Earth Changes:


A series of new storms and record high flood waters are continuing to beat the daylights out of California. In this latest round of California water-wars, 12 people have died, hundreds of homes and businesses have been damaged and tens of thousands of people have been left without electricity.

On Sunday, March 12, President Clinton declared a large part of California a federal disaster area. Clinton's declaration came after a formal request by Gov. Pete Wilson to make federal aid available to individuals and local governments in 39 of California's 58 counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, Sacramento and Santa Barbara. According to the Wilson, things are so severe in California that "effective recovery is beyond the capabilities of the state and local government."

Wilson said damage to public and private property in the latest storms was estimated to be several hundred million dollars. He said more than 10,000 people have been evacuated and more than 1,500 remain in shelters.

California has been battered by natural disasters over the past two years, including wildfires, the Northridge earthquake, flooding in January, and most recently, flooding, landslides and mud debris from the latest winter storms. A large area of California was also declared a major disaster area in January after devastating floods then that caused at least $1.3 billion of damage.

Source: Reuters



Are earthquakes REALLY increasing in size and frequency, or is there some kind of end-of-the-millennium fever making us think the ground is shaking more often than it used to? Well here are a few sobering statistics:

Source: The United States Geological Society, The Earth Changes Report, March, 1995


Current Events:


Sunrise, March 21, marks the end of two cycles of the Mayan Calendar, initiating a time when ancient and hidden knowledge is to be reawakened. According to Mayan Daykeepers and Traditional Elders, March 21 is a crucial opportunity to strive through prayer and ceremony to bridge the gaps between the continents, religions, cultures, and races for all ages.

Don Hunbatz Men, a highly-regarded authority on the history, chronology and calendars of Mayan civilization, as well as a respected ceremonial leader and founder of the Mayan Indigenous Community in Merida, Mexico, emphasizes that this time of transition is for everyone, not just the Maya. 1995 is a decisive year and the human race will have to enter the path of cosmic light if it is to remain a thinking species.

In support of this Mayan event, the Hunbatz Men's Center for Mayan Studies is sponsoring a Solar Initiation ceremony and conference in Merida on March 19-26 to coincide with the spring equinox. Those who are unable to join the Mayan elders and invited Tibetan Lamas in Merida, are encouraged to join in Spirit. The Mayan Council has asked people of good heart -- no matter their race or their spiritual tradition -- to unite in prayer at sunrise on the morning of March 21, 1995 to help end the old cycle of darkness and give birth to the new cycle of light. They are also encouraging people to gather at other sacred sights around the world to usher in this important Mayan event. People can also participate by sending letters of inspiration and prayer to: The Center for Mayan Studies, APDO 7-014 Merida 7, Yucatan, Mexico. These letters will be anchored in a sacred site during this ceremony.

Hunbatz Men was also behind the highly popularized "Harmonic Convergence" of 1987. He taught Mayan wisdoms to American professor Jose Arguelles who went on to write the book, "The Mayan Factor," which helped turn the Harmonic Convergence into a global event.

Source: The Celestine Journal, March, 1995



The Marharishi Foundation, an organization based on the teachings of Marharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, recently purchased a sprawling air base 80 miles northeast of London. The Foundation plans to use the old Bentwaters Air Base, which shut down two years ago, to house a university that will teach "yogic-flying," a peculiar form of meditation that causes TM'ers to hop/levitate while meditating.

But teaching people how to hop along on their posteriors is not the new university's only goal. According to Vice Chancellor Geoffrey Clements, a university full of meditating students could also generate enough spiritual energy to "influence positively the collective consciousness of the whole country."

Source: Newsweek, March 13, 1995



A major effort is presently underway in Hollywood to create a metaphysically-based film company. Called, NORTH TOWER FILMS, the new Hollywood film company intends to produce movies aimed at raising the planetary consciousness. Robert Watts, whose credits include Star Wars and all of the Indiana Jones movies, and ex-astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, are some of the people involved in establishing this new production company.

Source: Atlantis Rising, December, 1994



John Walter has invented something that can help people see themselves differently. Literally. It's a mirror that lets you see yourself as you really are. Called the "True Mirror," Walter's mirror doesn't reverse the image it displays. Instead, the True Mirror uses two perpendicular mirrors to create the same image of ourselves that everyone else sees.

The result? Walter claims that a person's inner self-perception--as well as his or her physical appearance--is largely determined by how others see us. Ten percent of 4,000 test subjects said that they saw a different personality when looking at themselves in Walter's True Mirror. According to Walter, there are some real advantages to this: First, we can better understand why people treat us the way they do when we can see ourselves as they do; and second, seeing ourselves as we really are (instead of reversed) may lead to a host of personal discoveries.

Source: Omni, April 1995



OK, mankind has made a mess of the planet's surface. So how can we clean up the mess we've made and keep it that way for future generations? How about moving underground?

That's what some scientists are suggesting--and now they finally have a working prototype: Kansas City.

At present, about 4,000 people are commuting into the Kansas City underground. For decades the building materials needed for roads and concrete mixes have been quarried from large limestone deposits beneath the city, leaving dozens of passages running horizontally underneath the city. In the fifties, these cavities started to be developed into industrial and commercial spaces. Now, some 40 years later, 20 to 25 million square feet have been developed and leased to about 300 businesses.

The advantages: Development costs are low and rental rates are roughly half as those above ground. Heating and cooling bills are as much as 90 percent lower than surface prices. Physical security, mechanical integrity, low maintainance costs, tight control of noise and vibration, and protection from weather are some of the other positive features. There are, in fact, so many advantages to moving underground that many scientists are beginning to think that moving most our transportation, industrial and commercial infrastructures underground may be the best way to live in harmony with the earth.

On the negative side, many people seem to have an aversion to turning into earth worms. They simply don't like the idea of working (and possibly living) underground.

It is, however, apparently possible to overcome the queezy feelings associated with underground dwelling. Once people realize the advantages of living underground AND enter a clean, beautiful, well-lighted underground area bustling with people engaged in meaningful activity, the apprehension most people feel starts to disappear.

What about the fact that human beings need sunlight to feel good and prevent various kinds of disease and depression? At this point, no one is apparently living underground around the clock, just working, shopping and visiting there.

Source: Omni, April 1995



Perhaps you have heard the remarkable story of Elzeard Bouffier, the solitary French shepherd, that single-handedly transformed vast stretches of desolate wilderness into lush, life-filled forests by planting tens of thousands of trees.

Although Bouffier died in 1947, apparently his tree-planting spirit didn't leave the planet with him. Shortly after his death, in the 1950's, China came up with a unique way to combat fierce dust storms from the Gobi desert. They planted 300 million elm trees parallel to the Great Wall. Now, 40 years later, the results are in--and they are just as stunning as the transformation that Bouffier was responsible for.

"The Great Green Wall," as the trees are called, stretches 1,500 miles along The Great Wall. Farn Parungo, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), calls China's tree-planting solution to storm-control "one of the most aggressive weather modification programs in the twentieth century." The NOAA, which has been studying Beijing weather data since 1955, says that their study shows the frequency of storms has dropped from a spring high of 20 in Beijing to fewer than five because of the trees. In addition, darkness that once engulfed the capital city for 90 hours a month has been reduced to 10 hours.

Although cloud cover and precipitation have been negligible, the average temperature of Beijing has risen one degree. The vast tracks of trees are also helping the soil retain moisture and allowing farmers to grow wheat, corn, and a variety of vegetables.

Source: Omni, April 1995



A remarkable new invention is paving the way to a whole new field of research. Physics professor Steven Garrett of Monterey, California's Naval Postgraduate School has designed a refrigerator that works on sound waves.

Garrett's refrigerator, which flew aboard the shuttle, Discovery, in 1992, uses no environmentally unfriendly chemicals and has only one moving part.

What makes it tick?

The refrigerator consists of a modified stereo loudspeaker, a tube filled with inert gas, a plastic coil, two heat-exchange coils (one filled with alcohol and the other filled with water) and a compartment to store food. When the refrigerator is running, the loudspeaker generates 160 decibels of sound, which is loud enough to destroy living tissue. But since the refrigerator is heavily insulated, it produces less noise than conventional models. In addition, the acoustical system causes some molecules to heat up and others to cool. The cool molecules chill the alcohol-filled tube which circulates through the food compartment, while the water-filled tube absorbs the heat which is dissipated through a radiator.

Since CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) used in modern refrigerators and air conditioners are one of the culprits responsible for damaging the Earth's protective ozone layer, Garrett's invention may turn out to be a godsend. What's more, Garrett is predicting "if we pursue the field (of acoustics), there are tremendous discoveries awaiting us."

The Celestine Journal, Volume 2, Issue 3, March 1995



Although the following story has nothing to do with NHNE, I laughed so hard (forgive me) when I read it that I felt compelled to share it with all of you.

"Polite Japanese risk death by bowing. At least 24 Tokyo residents have died in the last five years while bowing to each other. Five fell under trains after head butts, seven died in curbside and escalator collisions, and many more have been injured in revolving doors. As a result, the city has had to introduce safe 'Greetings Zones.'"

Source: Reprinted in the February-March, 1995 issue of Nexus from an article than first appeared in D. Record, June 25, 1994


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