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NHNE News Brief 10
(Friday, September 15, 1995)

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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NHNE News Brief 10
Friday, September 15, 1995

The Real Frontier

Marian Appearances:
Mary in the "Lost Books of the Bible"

Dreams, Visions & Revelations:
Dreamwork Goes Mainstream
A "Politically Correct" Bible

More Proof for Reincarnation

UFO's & Abductions:
Roswell Film Update
Dr. Mack Survives Harvard Review

Gordon-Michael Scallion:
The Blue Star & the Comet of the Millennium
4-Quake Scenario Update
ECR Newsletter Goes Global

Earth Changes:
The Hurricanes Keep Coming
Ozone Hole Worst Ever

Holistic Health:
Bras & Breast Cancer
New Microwave Hazards

Steve Jobs & the World Wide Web

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"In the twenty-first century
the real frontier will not be space,
or the oceans' floors,
or telecommunications,
or genetic engineering,
or a thousand other external pursuits.
It will be human relations."

---Hugh & Gayle Prather,
From the book, "I Will Never Leave You"

Marian Appearances:

By Michael Donahue (

One of the phenomena that has accompanied the recent widespread sense that some form of profound change is immanent has been a resurgence of interest in, and reports of, the appearance of Mary, Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother Mary; she is called by many names. And she seems to be everywhere: Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia; Conyers, Georgia; Akita, Japan. While Mary has, in the past, been associated primarily with Roman Catholicism, today people such as Elizabeth Clare Prophet of the Church Universal and Triumphant, and self-described "New Age channeller" Ray Sanford, invoke, and even claim to speak in, her name.

This is a series of columns examining both the historic traditions concerning Mary, and the modern accounts of her presence. In a previous column, we examined her role in the events described in the New Testament, as well as passages believed to prefigure her in the Old Testament. In the process, we touched on the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. In this issue's column we will examine another set of writings: the New Testament Apocrypha.


The New Testament Apocrypha are sometimes presented as a group of alternative scriptures that were "suppressed" by the "establishment." In fact, these writings differ from the New Testament writings generally in two respects. Most were written later than the New Testament documents. Scholarly consensus (if there ever is such a thing) seems to be that most of the major documents of the New Testament were completed before the year 100 AD. Most of the Apocrypha have later dates of authorship; 50 to 100 years later. Thus, when the final "editorial" decisions were made about 400 A.D. as to what was in (the "Canon") and what was out, these writings were judged to have been written too long after the fact to be reliable. In addition, the accounts in the Apocrypha are rather different from those included in the Canon.

In the Apocrypha, both Jesus and Mary appear less as teachers and holy people than as miracle workers. The boy Jesus, for example, turns mud into birds and then strikes dumb a child who "tattles" on him for having done it. Joseph is working in the carpenter shop, cuts a board too short, and the boy Jesus makes it grow back. Jesus rises from the dead, and a talking cross comes out of his tomb to comment on the situation. In short, these accounts often were so different from what most of Jesus' followers had experienced or received in their teaching that they did not "ring the bell of the dharma" with respect to the Jesus they knew. (In case you're wondering, Revelation just barely made it.)


All of that having been said, it is interesting to note that much of what is taken as information about Mary's life, and the basis of several traditional "feast days" associated with her--the names of her parents (Joachim and Anne), her conception, nativity, presentation in the temple--all come from New Testament Apocrypha. Mary's importance and powers are emphasized in these sources. The Gospel of the Hebrews portrays the Archangel Michael being incarnated as Mary, bringing Christ with him/her. Accounts of the actual birth of Jesus, noting that the birth process did not require a midwife, and did not alter Mary's virginity, are in the Ascension of Isaiah. This (and parallel texts) are among the sources for the Catholic doctrine--still presented in the most recent Catechism of the Catholic Faith--that Mary was a virgin before, during, and after Jesus' birth (ante partum, in partu, post partum). The Gospel of Philip, one of the Nag Hammadhi documents, considers Mary the incarnation of the Holy Spirit. There are also "gospels" that focus on Jesus' nativity and infancy. In these, Mary's birth is presented like that of the Old Testament prophets: to an aged couple, in an answer to prayer. There is an account of Mary's presentation in the temple, complete with prophecies like that of Jesus. The Gospel of Nicodemus (also known as the Acts of Pilate) recounts a meeting of Mary with Jesus as he is on the way to his crucifixion. In this account, Mary faints. Note that while this incident is not in the accepted Canon of the New Testament, the meeting (but not the fainting) is included in the tradition "Stations of the Cross" depicted in every Catholic church, and ritually reenacted in them every year. The Gospel of Nicodemus also includes a soliloquy by Mary at the foot of the cross.

Thus these documents form much of the wider tradition held about Mary, and also present her as something more than human; nearly a heavenly power.



For information concerning Mary in the New Testament, I recommend: MARY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, A COLLABORATIVE ASSESSMENT BY PROTESTANT AND ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOLARS. This is a wonderful, scholarly, ecumenical work. Raymond E. Brown, Karl P. Dunfried, Joseph A. Fitzmeyer, and John Reumann (editors). Philadelphia Fortress Press, 1978.

For the text of many of the New Testament Apocrypha, see: THE LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE and THE FORGOTTEN BOOKS OF EDEN.

For almost anything on Mary, see: THEOTOKOS: A THEOLOGICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY by Michael O'Carroll. Michael Glazier Books, 1982. This column relies on this source often.

Dreams, Visions & Revelations:


Well, you and I know that dreams are powerful tools for personal (and collective) transformation. Now mainstream science and the public at large is starting to take dreams more seriously, too.

LIFE MAGAZINE ran a cover story this month on current research into the world of dreams. Noting that dreams have played a significant role in human civilization since the beginning of time, LIFE listed a few examples:

"Aristotle believed that dreams are an early warning system for illness (and recent studies suggest Aristotle may have been right). Dreams have been credited with the creation of Mont St. Michel, the discovery of the structure of the benezene molecule, fixing Jack Nicklaus's golf swing, Lyndon Johnson's decision not to run for reelection in 1968, many of the routes mapped out by Harriot Tubman for the Underground Railroad, and enough novels, poems and paintings to fill the libraries and museums of a small civilization."
And let's not forget the important role dreams have played in the Bible and other religious and historical traditions.

So what has science learned about dreams so far?

We all dream, even if we don't remember our dreams. Our most fertile dreaming occurs in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. We enter REM about 90 minutes after falling asleep, and it occurs more frequently and for longer periods of time as sleep progresses. We also dream sporadically during non-REM sleep, although less elaborately. We spend two hours of every 24 hours dreaming, adding up to more than five years of our lives. Significantly, science also now knows that human beings need to sleep AND DREAM in order to stay healthy. People who are allowed to sleep but who are awakened every time they enter a dream state, quickly develop all kinds of disorders.

So why do human beings (and other animals for that matter) dream in the first place? Scientists aren't sure. Some believe dreams are the handiwork of unconscious forces bubbling to the surface (Freud, Jung), while others, like Harvard neurophysiologist J. Allen Hobson, believe dreams are little more than neurological misfirings, as random as the ramblings of an Alzheimer's patient.

Whatever the true nature of dreams, now that they've gone mainstream (like so many other fringe topics before them), you and I will be the ones who benefit. With so many different people beginning to seriously study dreams, it is probably only a matter of time before all of us better understand their role in our lives.

---Life, September, 1995 (DS)

For more information on dreams, check out David Sunfellow's ebook, "Dreams & VisionQuests," which is located in our database.


Most of us have heard about classic fairy tales being rewritten to eliminate all sexist, racist, elitist and insensitive comments about the physically challenged. But the Bible?

Yes, even the Holy Book itself is under siege. The OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS recently published a new "inclusive language version" of the New Testament and Psalms. In this new version, God is no longer referred to as "Father" and Jesus is no longer "Son." (Instead, God is referred to as "Father-Mother" and Jesus is referred to as "Child.") The hierarchical title of "Lord" has been removed, as have all references to God as a "He" or "Him." "Darkness" has been banished in connection with evil because the editors didn't want people with dark skins to be associated with evil. Even metaphorical references to "the right hand" or "the right hand of God" have been removed to appease left-handed folks.

While the editors do not think that Jesus spoke in gender-neutral language 2,000 years ago, they apparently believe that's the way he would (and should) speak today.

---Newsweek, September 11, 1995 (DS)



Remember Ian Stevenson, the M.D. from the University of Virginia, who gained fame by collecting some 2,500 cases of people, mostly children, who claimed to remember past lives? While his research continues, another group of researchers launched a seven year study of their own. Their report, which was recently published in the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, attempted to systematically verify the past-life stories of children in India, Burma, Thailand, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

The results of their new study:

In 80 percent of the 123 cases, the researchers were satisfied that the dead person corresponded to all or many of the child's often highly detailed statements.

Significantly, both Stevenson's research and the research conducted by his colleagues, indicate that people who are raised in cultures that believe in reincarnation have an easier time remembering past lives. Is this because real memories are allowed to surface more easily, or because false memories can be more easily cooked up? Current research, some of which is quite extraordinary, seems to suggest the former.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that even though many cultures have a solid belief in reincarnation, they apparently don't understand it very deeply. In an interview that appeared in VENTURE INWARD, Stevenson noted that the moral behavior of many Indians is not much better than their Western counterparts. They believe they've lived before and will live again but don't grasp the idea that their current thoughts and actions will determine their future lives and experiences.

---New Age Journal, August, 1995 / Venture Inward, September/October, 1995 (DS)

UFO's & Abductions:


As you might expect, the recent world-wide airing of the Roswell Film has gotten the global press in overdrive. So what's the latest?

AMERICAN JOURNAL, an American newsmagazine television program, announced several new developments:

  • The Kodak expert that FOX television showed examining the Roswell film, claiming that it could have come from film made in 1947 by Kodak, now says that he only saw a very small portion of the film and that he only had about "20 seconds" to examine the small segment he had.

  • Three black and white pictures of an alien that closely resemble the alien on the Roswell Film were anonymously sent to a British newspaper. One picture shows someone dressed in the same kind of white suit that the Roswell film's examining doctors were shown wearing, only this person is using paints to color the alien's face.

  • Ray Santilli, the man who presently owns the film, is quoted as saying he purchased the film for a fee of $100,000.00 from the original owner (an 82 year old ex-U.S. military cameraman) to make money. "I didn't get involved in the film for love," Santilli says. And true to his words, after selling broadcast rights to major news sources worldwide, he is now selling the film footage for $60.00 a tape. The Roswell tape is called, "ROSWELL, THE FOOTAGE."

  • And, finally, while Santilli has been saying that he has proof that President Truman was present at the Roswell, New Mexico, autopsy, AMERICAN JOURNAL claims that Truman was on an official visit in Ottowa, Canada, at the time the autopsy was supposedly conducted.
  • ---American Journal, September 6, 1995 (DS)

    For more information on the Roswell Film, you may want to visit the ISCNI web site which has one section dedicated to tracking current Roswell Film developments:


    Dr. John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist who believes many people who claim to have been abducted by aliens might be telling the truth, has been in a lot of trouble lately. After writing "ABDUCTION" (a book that discusses his work with abductees), Dr. Mack appeared on talk shows all over the country reinforcing the idea that extraterrestrials may indeed be visiting planet Earth, abducting and experimenting on human beings. Back home, at Harvard, Dr. Mack's controversial research prompted indignant colleagues to investigate his research methods. During closed door hearings, Dr. Mack defended his work by calling witnesses to demonstrate his clinical success in treating patients who experienced abduction trauma.

    The results? Although the entire episode cost Dr. Mack $100,000 in legal fees, in the end Dr. Mack was vindicated: The dean of the medical school concluded that Mack remains "a member in good standing" of the faculty.

    ---Source: Venture Inward, September/October, 1995 (DS)

    Gordon-Michael Scallion:


    In News Brief 9 we reported on Scallion's predictions concerning the appearance of a blue star which he says will transform our current single sun system into a binary system. Scallion claims that this new star will appear by the turn of the century and be visible for "1,800 years."

    Scallion's current EARTH CHANGES REPORT (September, 1995), reports that two amateur astronomers have discovered a new comet that appears to be 1000 times larger than Haley's Comet. Called the Hale-Bopp Comet, scientists are expecting it to make its closest approach to our sun in April of 1997. Dr. Brian Marsden, a Harvard University astronomer says, "It could become the comet of the millennium as it comes towards the sun over the next year or two." Scallion is openly speculating that this comet might be the blue star he has been predicting.

    While scientists believe that the new comet might be large enough to be seen during the day, it is unlikely to reach the level of brightness ("100 times brighter than any morning star") or the size ("during the evening, it will appear as a moon") that Scallion is predicting. Nor is it likely to alter its normal flight path and hang around for "1,800 years." Scientists studying the comet say that the comet has been visible from Earth before, and will be visible again--about every 3250 years.

    These glaring inconsistencies didn't seem to make much difference to Scallion. Not only was the comet story headlined on the front page of his most recent newsletter ("Has the Blue Star Been Sighted?"), but most of the newsletter dealt with previous Scallion predictions relating to the appearance of Scallion's Blue Star. What's more, the information presented in Scallion's most recent newsletter establishes the appearance of a blue star as one of Scallion's most central (and dubious) prophecies.

    "During Tribulation (the "Tribulation" is a seven year cycle which Scallion says will end in 1998) this Blue Star will be seen in the heavens for all who have eyes to see. From a scientific point-of-view, it will seem that a new star crossed the heavens and reached the outer fringes of this system in a moment of time. This star, the domain of angelic beings, shall reach out to all the Earth--physical and non-physical. The hearts and minds of all who are ready to accept their divinity shall transform as if in a flash. At first, many will reject this phenomenon, but as the Light bathes all in this realm of existence, more shall awaken. Before 1998 all will have seen the Light and many will experience higher spiritual vibrations. This shall fulfill the prophecies of old: 'His Light shall be seen in the clouds.'"

    "When one looks into the sky in the year 1998, two suns shall be present, not one. The new addition will be the small Blue Star, visible in the horizon during the day, and brighter than the brightest evening star or planet. All races of people shall have a bluish tint to the skin as a result. Eyes will become cat-like in order to adjust to the new atmosphere and light, with vision being both physical and non-physical. Those who choose shall be able to communicate, at will, with animals and the other kingdoms, as well as the spirit world. The life span shall be two hundred years--150 years will be like 50 today... All the plagues of the 90's shall be gone, including AIDS. Love shall fill the places where before hate dwelled. Laughter shall be heard in every corner of the world... This is the true Coming, the Great Awakening, the age of the Blue Star."

    According to the Blue Star prophecy quoted above, which was first published by Scallion on February 18, 1993, "new animals, never before seen on Earth, shall emerge after the changes, as will new plants" and "all children born after 1998 shall be telepathic at birth and many born prior shall exhibit such abilities." In addition, Scallion's Blue Star is not really a star at all, nor does the cycle he ascribes to it look anything like the cycle that astronomers are presently tagging the Hale-Bopp Comet with. Indeed, Scallion's Blue Star doesn't act like any known star, comet, moon, or any other celestial object:
    "This celestial object is pure spiritual energy, a star made manifest by spiritual forces--a star composed of light beings. These angels--souls of the highest level--who by their own spiritual evolution, joined together in a singular Host to serve. "

    "This star has moved through the heavens at various cycles, passing slowly sometimes, pausing other times, and appearing to remain still at other times. It has visited the Earth many times, most recently 2,000 years ago, when it appeared briefly, moving across great expanses of time in just moments. At that time to fulfill the prophecies of old and to announce the birth of His messenger whose task was to remind man of his divine nature. This same star also visited Earth 12,000 years ago, to warn the world of the coming flood--the sinking of Atlantis. Twenty six thousand years ago the Blue Star manifested physical members from its Host to teach the universal laws of Oneness. This brought forth a society known as the Order of Oneness, or the Law of One. The Blue Star was visible for longer periods at other time frames, such as 54,000 years ago, when the turning of the poles occurred. Each time the Star came because it was called and its assistance was needed during the transitions."

    So Scallion's Blue Star is an "all things to all people, places and events" kind of star. It defies all known laws of astronomy, crossing vast distances in a flash, slowing down, speeding up and, occasionally, even standing still. Rather than following some kind of regular and predictable orbit, it simply shows up whenever it is needed--usually during humanity's most critical historical events. It heralded the birth of Jesus, the sinking of Atlantis, the shifting of ancient poles and is presently on its way to usher in the next new age. And how can it accomplish all these spectacular feats? Well, because it is composed of angelic beings, not ice, dust, dirt, gases or other cosmic matter. And these angelic beings don't simply gather together in a heavenly sphere and light up our skies during special events. When the need arises, they also take on earthly form and teach mankind all about God and the laws of the universe.

    While Scallion's Blue Star prophecies are, in my opinion, even more far-fetched than his ancient history worldview, which includes the claim that the Great Pyramid is a gas-tuned time machine (see News Brief 8), apparently a great many others think Scallion may be on to something. Scallion claims in his most recent newsletter that "no other feature article in ECR was better received than the Ancient Civilizations series" (see News Briefs 6, 7 and 8). And more Ancient Civilization articles are planned. "In future issues of ERC, I will cover Atlantis in detail--its people, technology, spiritual beliefs, colonies--the United States was one--social structure and relationships with other people from other countries and dimensions."

    No doubt we will also be hearing more about Scallion's Blue Star, which, of course, plays a major role in Scallion's ancient history overview.


    While Scallion may be dredging up bogus information in matters pertaining to ancient history and celestial events, he continues to make enough accurate earth changes predictions to keep our attention.

    In our last News Brief, we reported the biggest part of Scallion's current earth changes predictions is his "4-Quake Scenario." Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario begins with an earthquake in Japan, which triggers earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and/or South Pacific, followed by earthquakes in South America and, finally, the West Coast of America. On May 27, 1995, a 7.6 earthquake struck the island of Sakhalin, which borders the Sea of Japan. Although this earthquake was a few hundred miles away from Japan, Scallion felt it was close enough to be a part of the 4-Quake Scenario he has envisioned. On July 4, 1995 a 7.1 earthquake hit the Kermadec Islands in the South Pacific, prompting Scallion to declare in his August newsletter, "I believe the cycle has begun." According to Scallion, "The next event to watch for--within weeks rather than months of the July 4 quake--is a quake greater than 7.0 in South America or Mexico. Should this occur then the fourth event will be a quake, or quakes, on the West Coast of America."

    Scallion reports in his most recent newsletter that an 8.1 earthquake struck South America near Chili on July 30, 1995. According to Scallion, "this fulfilled the third part of the ECR 4-Quake Scenario."

    While the first three parts of Scallion's prediction have taken place, he is continuing to hedge his bet on the fourth one:

    "The statistics AGAINST the fourth event occurring--a magnitude 7.0 or greater [earthquake] along the West Coast of America, is very high. However, should it occur, it is predicted to occur within weeks rather than months, which puts the window of probability sometime in September/October." Scallion goes on to say, "Most people want to know if Palm Springs is the location of the fourth event. I wish to restate that the 4-Quake Scenario does not indicate the epicenter of events, only windows, magnitude average, and country of potential events. Earlier ECR predictions cover greater specifics on some future events... This prediction remains open and the fourth event of this 4-Quake cycle, should it occur, may or may not be in Palm Springs."
    For the record, Scallion has predicted that a 9.0 earthquake, plus or minus .5, will strike the Palm Springs area in 1995 (see our Special Report on "Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions for 1995 (& beyond)," located in our web site database).

    Scallion continues to say that whether or not the fourth event takes place in the current cycle, the entire cycle will begin again in December 1995/January 1996. The next cycle is supposed to have earthquakes in the range of 8.0 or greater, rather than 7.0 or greater that Scallion has predicted for the current cycle.


    So how many people have heard of Scallion and his predictions? Scallion claims to have reached some 50 MILLION people through national television, radio and magazines. And while numbers are not available on how many people presently subscribe to his newsletter, interest is running high enough for Scallion to hire a new editorial and graphic staff. Their plans? To begin distributing THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT on alternative newsstands around the world. Plans are also afoot for Scallion to go online, possibly putting up his own web site.

    Meanwhile, Scallion has discontinued his 900 Number EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE due to lack of interest.

    ---The Earth Changes Report, September, 1995 (DS)

    Earth Changes:


    You may recall from previous News Briefs that Colorado State University atmospheric scientist William Gray has been predicting a ferocious Hurricane season. Well now that his predictions are coming true, he has bolstered his growing reputation as one of the scientific community's most accurate hurricane forecasters.

    So what, exactly, is he predicting?

    "We're going to see hurricane damage like we've never seen before."

    But wait, before you ascribe this ominous prediction to planet Earth turning her fury loose on wayward humans, Gray has another angle. Gray believes the large number of storms this year seems unusual only because the U.S. has experienced a hurricane lull for the past 25 years. According to Gray, it is not that the storms are necessarily getting more severe, but that there has been massive population growth in hurricane prone areas--thus, greater destruction of humans and their habitats.

    On the other hand, the reasons for hurricane cycles is still a mystery--at least to scientists. While some scientists blame increasingly destructive hurricane seasons on global warming trends, others are not convinced. Gray himself bases his predictions on El Nino, Sahel rainfall and other factors.

    Finally, Gray reminds us that while earthquakes tend to get more press, hurricanes can be far more destructive. According to Gray, hurricanes, not earthquakes, are "the biggest natural threat facing the U.S."

    ---Time, September 11, 1995 (DS)


    THE UNITED NATION'S WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION (WMO) recently released a report that says the hole in the ozone shield above Antarctica now covers an area the size of Europe, or 3.86 million square miles. According to the WMO report, the hole is the largest ever. Worse, it has been growing at a rate of about one percent a day, which is also the most rapid rate on record.

    The ozone layer, which absorbs and blocks most ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, has been steadily declining for years. Radiation that reaches the Earth leads to an increase in cancer in humans and animals, and a reduction in crop yields.

    While the present ozone hole is not able to move very far from its central position over the largely uninhabited southern polar region, it could touch the tip of South America at Tierra del Fuego. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, a weakening ozone layer is also producing increased exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Since the late 1950s, 15 percent more radiation has been reaching Europe and North America.

    While many governments are presently seeking to cut emissions of gases that destroy ozone, WMO predicts that the problem will get worse before it gets better.

    ---Reuters, September 12, 1995 (DS)

    Holistic Health:


    Most of us have heard that men can acquire testicular cancer by wearing jockey underwear that holds their testicles too close to their bodies. Now a new study is suggesting that women can get breast cancer by wearing bras.

    The new study, which was conducted by a maverick team of husband and wife researchers, consisted of interviewing some 4,730 American women from 1991 to 1993. Roughly half of the women had been diagnosed with breast cancer, while the other half were healthy.

    The results:

    Virtually all of the women who got cancer--some 99 percent--had worn their bras for more than 12 hours a day, compared with 80 percent of the cancer-free group. Remarkably, women who refused to wear bras, were found to have a cancer rate some 21 times lower than the national average.

    ---New Age Journal, August, 1995 (DS)


    It is common knowledge that microwave ovens potentially change the molecular structure of the food they cook. Now a recent study, conducted by Hans Hertel, a scientist from Switzerland, and Benard H. Blanc, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry, have discovered that microwaved food creates significant changes in the bodies of people who consume it.

    "These changes included a decrease in all haemaglobin values and cholesterol values, especially the HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratio. Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a more distinct short-term decrease following the intake of microwaved food after the intake of all other variants. Each of these indicators point in a direction away from robust health and toward degeneration."
    The bottom line: it looks like we can add microwave ovens to our list of things that have the potential to cause cancer and other degenerative diseases.

    While Hertel and Blanc's study only involved a small test group, THE SWISS ASSOCIATION OF DEALERS FOR ELECTROAPPARATUSES FOR HOUSEHOLDS AND INDUSTRY were worried enough to take them to court. The court, in turn, ruled that they had to stop telling others of the potential danger microwave ovens posed to human health. Hertel demanded a retrial and, in the meantime, has taken his case to the public--publishing his findings and speaking to health-conscious audiences (in spite of a court order not to). According to Hertel, scientists who work at Ciba-Geigy (the world's largest pharmaceutical company, which is based in Switzwerland) have also jumped into the ring--vowing to support Hertel when he finally gets another chance in court.

    ---Nexus, April/May, 1995 (DS)



    Remember Steve Jobs, the fellow who helped change the world by getting computers into the hands of the everyday folks? Well, after helping make APPLE COMPUTER a household name, he left to start another company, NeXT. While NeXT has languished in the background for years, a new NeXT software development tool called "WebObjects," might put the fledgling company on the global map after all. WebObjects allows programmers to rapidly create interactive sites on the World Wide Web that instantly respond to the particular needs of the person visiting the page. Instead of cybernauts viewing a web page that has been set in cyberstone (a web page that looks the same to everyone who visits it), these new pages will automatically create a web page especially for you. Tell the page what you want to see and it immediately gathers together the appropriate information and creates a personalized page for you.

    According to Jobs, "I think the Web is the most exciting thing happening in computers today... there is more innovation happening on the Web these days since anything I've seen since the early days of the PC market, since the Macintosh. On the Web, a little company can look as big as the biggest company in the world if they just put a lot of energy into their Web site."

    Jobs, of course, is not alone in thinking that the World Wide Web is where all the planet's pioneers are headed. A recent article that appeared in INTERNET WORLD quoted Michael Goldberg, the creator of ADDICTED TO NOISE, an electronic rock-and-roll web-magazine, as saying:

    "The reason ADDICTED TO NOISE [is] on the Internet is that the Net right now is the best communications medium available to disseminate integrated images, text, sound, and video to a worldwide audience. It's instantaneous. For us to be able to put up our daily news column and have simultaneously people in Australia, in Japan, in Spain, in Portugal, anywhere you can think of, getting that information at the same moment, is very powerful."
    ---Source: Newsweek, September 4, 1995 / Internet World, September, 1995 (DS)

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