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NHNE News Brief 11
(Monday, October 16, 1995)

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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NHNE News Brief 11
Monday, October 16, 1995

The Master Samurai

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Okasaki Muramasa was the greatest swordsmith of ancient Japan. Not only was he famed as a master of the art, but as a man of inspiring moral stature as well. So great was his intensity of spirit, it is said that when he forged a sword, something of his own nature would pass into it. His ablest disciple, Muramasa, was reputed to have exceeded him in the keenness of blades. A samurai, wishing to ascertain the finer edge, placed a Muramasa sword in a flowing stream. Every fallen leaf that floated down and met the blade was effortlessly cut in two. The samurai then did the same thing with a sword made by the master, Okasaki. To the samurai's amazement, each leaf that came near the Master's blade inexplicably avoided it.

---Adapted from the book,
"Zen and The Art of the Macintosh"

Marian Appearances:

By Michael Donahue (

It struck me as I was preparing the column I was going to do--on Marian apparitions between the end of the New Testament era and the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe--that I may be being too linear or "left-brained" for some of you. Wouldn't surprise me; my wife once accused me of not having a right brain. In any case, some of you may be chomping at the bit for me to "get on with it" and talk about "the juicy stuff"--current Marian apparitions. That's not going to happen right away, but I wanted to address those concerns by using this column to talk about how people can get rapid access to information on this topic; online of course!

The bulk of this column comes from the "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) file for APAR-L, a mailing list for people who want to discuss Marian apparitions. They regularly post the latest message from a wide variety of "non-disapproved" Marian apparitions. "Non-disapproved" apparition (my term, not their's) is (and here I quote from the FAQ document) "any apparitions either approved by the Catholic Church, or not contrary to or condemned by the Catholic Church." That list is far, far longer than I expected. Here are a few of the "acceptable apparitions" the list includes:

The mailing list is "edited" to the degree that people are expected to be fairly polite (flaming is not allowed) and if the owners haven't "cleared" the apparition, they won't post the message. The messages make interesting reading, as we will see in later columns, but be warned that most of the traffic on the list is, of course, between members. It consists mainly of personal laments on the declining state of the Catholic church, a growing apostasy (perhaps the "Falling Away" prophesied for the last days), and also requests for prayers about health concerns. But if you're still interested, you can subscribe to the mailing list by sending e-mail to:


In the body of your e-mail note type:

SUBSCRIBE APAR-L [First Name] [Last Name]

It is also true that any number of current apparition sites have their own mailing lists, for example:

The Conyers Apparitions (Nancy Fowler, Conyers, Georgia, USA) maintains a mailing list at:


On AOL, you can go to the Main Menu, click Internet Connection, click on the file for mailing lists, and then search for the particular name of the apparition you're interested in. If you're not on AOL, you can search the LISTSERV database for mailing lists like this:

Send a piece of e-mail to:


In the body of your e-mail type the following:


On the World Wide Web, you can go to:

This site will give you access to tons of stuff. Encyclicals, Vatican II documents, news, lists of Latin masses, canticles, Bibles, early writings, virtual tours, and links to many sites, including:

Apparitions - Apparitions of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary:

And, of course, you can always use a web browser to search for "apparitions" and "Mary." Better use both if that's what you're interested in, otherwise you'll get about 3 times as much stuff as you want.


The movie "Gospa," starring Martin Sheen, which is about the apparitions at Medjugorje, will open nationwide on October 20th. It focuses on the pastor at the parish where the apparitions occurred, rather than on the visionaries.

A while back, my Science Fiction Book Club mailing included a listing for "Mary's Little Instruction Book." I ordered it at once, of course. It includes quotes from the New Testament, as well as modern apparitions. It's blue, and now that I think about it, I believe I have seen it before at places like the check-out counter at Barnes & Noble's.

Did anyone else notice that the Bradford Exchange, the folks who do the plates with Elvis, or the Three Stooges, or Star Trek on them, recently had one for Our Lady of Fatima?

This Mary stuff is catching on...

Dreams, Visions & Revelations:

By David Sunfellow

Long before Gordon-Michael Scallion was captivating international audiences with talk of earth changes and ancient civilizations; long before "holistic health" was a household word; long before mainstream Americans were talking about astrology, auras, past lives and psychic abilities, there was a simple man who laid on a couch and gave psychic "readings" on all of these topics--over 14,000 in all. Along with a handful of other 20th century seers, Edgar Cayce profoundly influenced virtually every aspect of today's New Age/planetary transformation movement. Some movements, like A COURSE IN MIRACLES, openly acknowledge the importance Cayce and his organization (THE ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH AND ENLIGHTENMENT) played in their paths. Many others may not even realize how Cayce, his readings, and his organization helped prepare the way for them to share their gifts with the world.

In commemoration of Cayce's passing (50 years ago this year), the A.R.E. recently published an article by Harmon Hartzell Bro, Ph.D., who is the only living person who worked daily with Cayce on hundreds of his readings. Bro, who is also the only graduate-trained social scientist ever to observe Cayce's readings, has spent years challenging the idea that Cayce was first and foremost "a psychic." Rather, Bro contends Cayce was first and foremost "a man of prayer;" someone who, above all, longed for and sought after God. According to Bro:

"Working with professional psychics, some of the best in our land and from Europe, has been a special privilege for me as a psychologist of religion. I have studied them at work, for days, months, or even years at a time; there have been mediums, clairvoyants, psychometrists, healers, diviners, channels, and confidants of poltergeists. I have learned much of laws and processes from these athletes and opera stars of psi; they have greatly enriched my life and my theories. But the image that ever haunts me is not of their impressive powers. It is of a photographer...of a man of prayer [Edgar Cayce], who understood with Paul that powers not born directly from loving relationship only make us booming gongs and tinkling cymbals..."
Cayce, according to Bro, was one of those rare human beings that lived an honest life; free, in large measure, from all the hocus pocus and false posturing we so see often today. He had a calling and a gift, but he wasn't perfect, nor were his readings--and he knew it. He made mistakes. He didn't understand everything. He was required to grow and change and give up deeply ingrained beliefs he once thought were true. In the end, Cayce, in Bro's recollection, doesn't emerge as someone who knew where he was going or how to get there. Rather, he emerges like many of us might: as a person who loved God (and Jesus) and spent his life trying to follow, often rather clumsily, where he felt he was being led.

In honor of Cayce's 50 year anniversary and in the hopes that some of Cayce's heartfelt devotion to God might rub off on the rest of us, here are excerpts from two articles written by Harmon Bro about Edgar Cayce. The first series of quotes come from Bro's recent commemorative article, "Edgar Cayce Revisited: Fifty Years Later; Finding the Man Behind the Icon," that appeared in A.R.E. COMMUNITY, October, 1995, while the second article, "Was Edgar Cayce Really A Psychic?," comes from an article that appeared several years earlier in the A.R.E's VENTURE INWARD MAGAZINE.

"There was a dark shadow of self-doubt that lived somewhere inside him. He knew that he had once lost his gift--he then thought permanently--by using it to predict the outcome of horse races. He remembered the time he was brought to Chicago to demonstrate his gift for a newspaper, and the editors demanded that he levitate an elephant. He looked back on this period of giving oil drilling readings and heading the Cayce Petroleum Company in Texas as a time when he had lost his way--and nearly lost his family--and when his readings had apparently gone wrong for the first time. He was stained by the loss of his hospital and university, when he could not provide sufficient leadership to hold his quarrelsome backers together. He argued hotly with his gifted elder son, Hugh Lynn, who was his principle helper, his tormentor, and his conscience. So, as a natural extremist by temperament, he could be moody, suddenly withdrawn, and needful of appreciation... But if an individual is finally best known by where he or she is headed, rather than by where he or she has been, then we must meet Cayce as a person seeking the closer walk with God. This was the defining relationship from which all others sprang."

"Of all that I recall with deep feeling about Cayce the man, it is his modesty, his God-evoked humility, which I find hardest to represent today to my associates fascinated with his powers... Clearly his modesty, including self-depreciation with wry humor, was a chosen discipline, not wholly a natural posture. For he was a man of great bearing, who knew he was special. Head waiters and church ushers, grocery clerks and physicians, all showed a spontaneous deference in meeting him... His dreams and mystical experiences, which he shared with me in great reticence, had shown him chosen to help prepare the way for the return of the Christ to His own. He did not doubt the call nor the implications for his stature, though he understood that the first shall be last and that love requires preferring the other person sincerely. He must also be described as a man of high intelligence... and his lack of formal education beyond grade school had been easily compensated by his rich church experience and the astonishing array of famous people--from Houdini to Barrymore to Woodrow Wilson--who had sought him out (he was twice brought to the White House by Edith Wilson to give readings)."

---From "Edgar Cayce Revisited: Fifty Years Later; Finding the Man Behind the Icon"

"Walking closer with God was for him the whole ballgame. The evidence is in his letters, in his Sunday afternoon talks at the Cayce hospital, in his sketchy but earnest memoirs, and in the questions he asked in readings given on himself. It is in the dreams he recorded, in notes taken on the Bible-study classes he led, and in his deeply felt spoken prayers which echo still in the hearts of those of us who heard them. The evidence of the centrality for him of relationship, not powers, is in scores of photos of individuals and couples who he cherished and tried to serve, tacked on the walls over the studio couch where he gave readings."

"Nobody who knew Cayce well would suggest that he got up in the morning and went to bed at night thinking of his trances and how he might improve and promote them. Nor thinking of his other evident powers, such as reading minds, seeing auras, and viewing discarnates. Living with him made clear that he arose and lay down with prayer, not as duty or as accomplishment, but as his hungry reaching for God..."

"The scandal of the Cayce legacy is obvious, though not often publicly discussed. It is that in forty years [now fifty], or an entire generation, we have managed so little in replicating his kind of service to others. Successors were promised; few have appeared, though many have tried to pull the psychic sword from the rock. Could it be that we have jammed the whole process, by ardently pursuing powers of the mind, when only relationships will work?"

"Cayce's central relationship was with 'the Father,' most often as he found Him shown in 'the Son,' the Galilean whom he called 'the Master.' Out of Cayce's awed and tender devotion, tested and toughened by his failures, he found remarkable results in capacities to help others... The point is this: the cry of his heart was not for greater powers. It was for a fuller relationship with his Lord."

---From "Was Edgar Cayce Really A Psychic?"

Harmon Hartzell Bro, Ph.D., is a longtime professor of world religions and psychology of religion, as well as a Jungian psychotherapist. He is also co-director of PILGRIM INSTITUTE (an organization that has sought, with some success, to understand and replicate Cayce's central gifts) and teaches graduate courses, which include the work of Edgar Cayce, for students at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has recently created audio and video tapes on themes in Cayce's life. Inquiries can be made to PILGRIM INSTITUTE, 62 Fifer Lane, Lexington, MA, 02173.

UFO's & Abductions:


Many people remember former President Jimmy Carter declaring that he, personally, had seen a UFO and would tell the public what the U.S. Government knew about UFO's if he were elected president. Now, some 14 years after his presidency, two students asked Carter if he was aware of any government evidence pointing to the existence of extraterrestrials. Carter said U.S. Military and security agencies actively investigate reports of Unidentified Flying Objects, but "I never knew of any instance where it was proven that any sort of vehicle had come from outer space to our country and either lived here or left."

Carter did, however, admit that the Central Intelligence Agency turned to a woman in California who was reputed to have psychic powers to help locate "a special U.S. plane" that went down in Zaire during his presidency. After a meticulous sweep of the African terrain by American spy satellites failed to locate any sign of the wreckage, Carter said the head of the CIA asked her to come in. "She went into a trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point and the plane was there."

---Reuters, Thursday, September 21, 1995 (DS)


ISCNI*FLASH, the twice-monthly electronic newsletter of THE INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF CONTACT WITH NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, is one of the best online sources for UFO information presently available. I encourage all NHNE readers to subscribe to this important newsletter (it's free).

To subscribe to the ISCNI*Flash, send a message to:

and write:

Subscribe ISCNI*Flash

in the body of your email message.

I also encourage you to visit the popular ISCNI web site, which contains both current and past issues of their newsletter, as well as several other important areas dedicated to exploring non-human intelligence:


Recent ISCNI*Flash stories include:

--Ongoing, in-depth reports on THE ROSWELL FILM.

--In-depth information on THE HALE-BOPP COMET (See News Brief 10 for more details).

--The President Carter story mentioned above.

--A story which first appeared in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on August 24, 1995 that said Laurence Rockefeller, the 85-year-old philanthropist, has been pressing the Clinton administration to open the government's UFO files. According to the DAILY NEWS story, Rockefeller told White House Science Adviser John Gibbons that the government must put an end to 40-plus years of denial on the subject of UFO's, particularly the rumored crash of a spacecraft in Roswell, NM, in 1947. A Rockefeller-funded study on UFO activity--conducted recently with the help of three former astronauts--should be presented to the White House this fall, according to Michael Luckman, of the New York Center for UFO Research. Rockefeller is also said to have financed a group trying to contact extraterrestrials with lasers.

--And, finally, the ISCNI*Flash is presently following up on a story about alleged alien implants, recently removed from two people in California. These implants, reported to be nearly identical and of metallic composition, were removed by surgeons on August 19, 1995. It is said by the surgeons that pathology tests indicate something never before seen in the medical profession. This story is developing, and ongoing testing of the implants is yielding new surprises at every step. The final analysis will be electron microscope imaging of the implants, but this has to be done last so as to avoid any damage that electron bombardment might cause. Currently an electrical engineer is testing the implants for any detectable emissions.

You can keep track of all of these stories, and more like them, by becoming an ISCNI*Flash subscriber and/or visiting their impressive web site.


One of the largest UFO-related conferences on the West Coast will be taking place in San Mateo, just south of San Francisco, on the weekend of November 4-5, 1995. UFO EXPO WEST features 20 speakers offering both lectures and workshops, including some of the best known names in UFO research:

Call (310) 312-1421 for more information and registration.



Well, if you've been wondering where you can order your own "original, uncut, raw footage" of the Roswell Film, this is the story you've been waiting for. The Roswell Film, along with various other pieces of Roswell information (news clips from newspapers and magazines, a summary of the Roswell Film story, etc.) are all available on the World Wide Web via THE ROSWELL CENTRE:

The cost of the film (which is billed to your credit card) is:
Overseas Price, including P&P = 35
UK Price, including P&P & VAT = 33

What do you get for your hard-earned money? Here's what the film producers have to say about their product:

"This video tape contains all the viewable material taken from the reels of film we received from the man we believe was the Roswell cameraman; the tape is protected by Macrovision and may not be copied.

"There has been much controversy about the existence of the material, its content and its quality. A great deal of authorization research has been completed details of which are also contained on the tape. We ask you to consider the evidence carefully and then draw your own conclusions.

"We must, however, draw your attention to the following:

"1. Whilst the film stock has been verified as manufactured in 1927, 1947, or 1967 we cannot currently warrant that the contents were filmed in 1947.

"2. Although our medical reports suggested that the creature is not human, this is currently impossible to verify.

"3. Although we have been informed that the footage emanates from the Roswell incident, this is currently impossible to verify.

"4. Please note due to the origins of the film, the footage is not up to broadcast quality."

In other words, you might be purchasing genuine pictures of real aliens or you might be financing one of the biggest hoaxes of all time.



Several months ago, OMNI MAGAZINE charted a radical new course for their work: They stopped publishing their magazine on a monthly basis, passed their print subscribers on to DISCOVER MAGAZINE, made plans to publish their magazine on a quarterly basis (available only at newsstands) and started investing a great deal of time and money into developing a strong online presence. According to Keith Ferrell, Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief for OMNI, "We've been designing, building, and refining our presence in cyberspace... We wanted... to create... an interactive electronic universe where fact and fiction, speculation and commentary, dreams and realities, science and history, paintings and prose, matter and antimatter could come together, collide, coalesce."

How are they doing? While OMNI's presence on AMERICA ONLINE (Keyword: OMNI) is interactive, multi-faceted, and full of interesting information, their new site on the World Wide Web is surprisingly, well, empty. Ferrell talks about OMNI's new web site in the current fall issue of OMNI and invites his readers to stop by and check it out, claiming, "there's nothing else quite like it." But if you actually go there to see what Ferrell is so proud of, all there is to see is the contents from their current issue (no articles to read) and a couple other sections that are under construction.

Hopefully, it won't take OMNI too long to start posting their world class information on their new web site. When they do, it will definitely be a site worth visiting:

Gordon-Michael Scallion:


We've repeated Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario prediction so often here, that most of you probably have it memorized by now. But in case you haven't, here it is again:

Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario begins with an earthquake in Japan, which triggers earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and/or South Pacific, followed by earthquakes in South America and, finally, the West Coast of America.

On May 27, 1995, a 7.6 earthquake struck the island of Sakhalin, which borders the Sea of Japan. Although this earthquake was a few hundred miles away from Japan, Scallion felt it was close enough to be a part of the 4-Quake Scenario he has envisioned. On July 4, 1995, a 7.1 earthquake hit the Kermadec Islands in the South Pacific. This earthquake was followed by an 8.1 earthquake that struck South America near Chili on July 30, 1995.

On September 14, 1995, a 7.5 earthquake struck the west coast of Mexico. This earthquake was followed by several more large quakes in the same general area. While earlier Scallion predictions definitely indicate that the fourth earthquake would strike somewhere ON THE WEST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES, possibly in the Palm Springs area, Scallion now claims in his current, October, 1995, EARTH CHANGES REPORT that the recent Mexican quakes "fulfills all aspects of the last cycle of the 4-Quake Scenario."

While these earthquakes did occur on "the west coast of America," they did not take place in the areas Scallion outlined in a map which appeared in his June, 1995, EARTH CHANGES REPORT. Scallion, in other words, is definitely stretching things to claim the recent Mexico earthquakes are part of his original 4-Quake Scenario predictions.

Stretching things or not, the general earthquake pattern does seem to be unfolding as Scallion said it would. The next phase of Scallion's cycle will, however, be much harder to fudge on. Not only is the 4-Quake cycle supposed to repeat itself, but the next time around all of the earthquakes are supposed to be 8.0 or greater.

"The next cycle of the 4-Quake Scenario begins in the December, 1995-January, 1996 time frame. The average magnitude of the next cycle however, increases to 8.0 or greater. The signals to watch for the beginning of the next cycle are quakes in Japan, followed by quakes in the Indian Ocean region or the South Pacific, followed by quakes in South America, and lastly the west coast of America."
Now by "west coast of America," does Scallion mean "the west coast of the United States," specifically California, or does he mean "the west coast of the entire American continent?" Here is what he has to say:
"Should the second quake in the cycle occur in the Indian Ocean instead of the South Pacific, then the location of the fourth quake in the cycle will be somewhere in Southern California--possibly my Palm Springs predicted event."
In the meantime, Scallion claims his visions "do not indicate any imminent activity for the west coast of the United States at this time."

Significantly, Japan has been experiencing a rash of earthquake activity lately. A sharp earthquake struck south-central Japan on October 6, registering a magnitude of 6.3 from an epicenter beneath Osaka Bay. Another moderate earthquake, registering a magnitude of 4.6, rocked parts of Japan's Izu Peninsula, about 110 miles (170 km) west of Tokyo on October 13. The region has also been the site of thousands of smaller earthquakes during the past few weeks, which scientists believe are associated with renewed volcanic activity deep beneath the seabed.

Meanwhile, Mount Ito, a volcano in southwestern Japan, which began to erupt for the first time in more than 250 years, continued to rumble on Friday, October 6. Another nearby volcano, Mount Hossho, also spewed steamy smoke and ash in the Kuju mountain range of Oita Prefecture. Mount Hossho last erupted in 1738.

Keeping in mind that the 4-Quake Scenario is supposed to begin in Japan, the current earthquake and volcanic activity in Japan could be the beginning of Scallion's next predicted wave of quakes.


While Scallion is obviously continuing to make predictions concerning earth changes, he is also claiming that his visions are taking another new turn. Whereas he was propelled backwards in time to come up with his ancient history predictions (see News Briefs 6,7, 8), now he is being propelled into the future.

"Unlike the majority of my previous visions which focused on physical changes in the world, this new inner-world experience focuses on a greater period of change--the New Millennium."
Scallion also says his visions of the future are being ushered in by being able to travel backwards and forwards through time. He calls these experiences "timestream journeys" and says they occur without notice, often at the most inappropriate times. Scallion also claims his first timestream journey into the New Millennium occurred in the spring of this year.

So what is Scallion seeing in the future? A new series called "The Millennium Prophecies" is presenting Scallion's futuristic visions. Part 1 dealt with "The Quickening" and zeroed in on time and the nature of thought. According to Scallion, "thoughts shall have a greater dominance over outer events. The games you call 'virtual reality' today are precursors to tomorrow's reality, though no machines will be necessary."

And time? Well, "time, as you now experience it, shall be no more."

"The Quickening," by the way, refers to the time period we are presently in. "This is the time of the 'quickening'--the adjustment to a new level of consciousness and a new race."

Next month, The Millennium Prophecies Series will deal with "The Coming Teachers."


In case you are wondering if Scallion has anything to say about the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash and/or UFO's in general, he does. He is quoted in the current issue of EARTH CHANGES REPORT as saying:

"According to my visions, a crash did occur in New Mexico during that time frame (in 1947, when the Roswell event allegedly took place), and space aliens were indeed on board."
Scallion is also continuing to predict that "UFO sightings [will] increase [and] pictures of alien crafts [will] be broadcast live on national television" this year. This was made at the beginning of 1995.


Finally, as reported in our last News Brief, Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT has completely changed. Whereas before it was a nice looking newsletter, now it is a small, glossy, mini-magazine, complete with color ink, color photographs and a new team putting it all together.

The new format also includes a new program called "MindGames," which has been created to help Scallion's readers "stimulate and awaken... innate intuitive abilities."

Basically, Gordon-Michael Scallion and Cynthia Keyes, Scallion's partner and the Editor of ECR, will be introducing a series of intuitive games that their readers are invited to play. While Scallion and Keyes will be busy "transmitting thoughtforms amplified through sound, visual images and/or with the aid of a radial device (a structure, such as a pyramid, which by its very design acts as a transmitter of energy patterns)," their readers will be busy using their "dreams, meditation, contemplation, visions, voices, and feelings" to hone in on what Scallion and Keyes are transmitting.

The first game is called "TIME2." Every week, Scallion and Keyes will get together and choose a particular time to transmit to their readers. Once they've picked a time, they will set a clock to ring at the time they have chosen at the same time, every day, for one week. The following week, they will pick a new time. And so on. Their readers, meanwhile, are supposed to write down the time they think the clock is ringing each week and then, after four weeks, send their times in.

To make the game more interesting (and, perhaps, to make a little money in the process), Scallion has also set up a 900 number you can call to find out what the "prior week's" time was. The "ECR AUDIOTEXT NETWORK" will also include 2 to 3 minute guided attunements by Scallion and Keyes that have been designed to heighten intuition, which may be listened to just prior to seeing if your TIME2 prediction is correct.

You can reach the ECR AUDIOTEXT NETWORK by calling (900) 903-2745. The cost is 95 cents per minute and you must be 18 years old to play.


Earth Changes:


For decades now, a growing number of scientists have been warning that ill-conceived human activities may be causing the planet to warm, which, in turn, could lead to all kinds of global catastrophes. But until recently, the warnings of these scientists have gone largely unheeded, principly because other scientists claimed these doomsday predictions were based on shoddy and inconclusive research.

But the days of shoddy and inconclusive research may be over. After decades of trying to create computer models that accurately simulate what happens when human-generated gases are pumped into the Earth's atmosphere, climatologists may finally know what they are doing--and talking about. In 1991, they successfully predicted temperature changes in the aftermath of the massive Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines. A number of other studies have also boasted their confidence, including a recent report that ties an increase in the severity of U.S. rainstorms to global warming.

Perhaps most impressive of all, the number of scientists predicting some kind of global warming disaster has mushroomed from a handful of "fanatics" to thousands of highly trained scientists from many different scientific disciplines. Most recently, THE INTERNATIONAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CONTROL (IPCC), a United Nations sponsored organization made up of more than 1,500 leading climate experts from 60 countries, issued a stunning report on what may be coming our way if human beings don't make drastic changes--pronto.

According to the IPCC's report, unless the world takes immediate and drastic steps to reduce the emissions of heat-trapping gases, the so-called greenhouse effect could drive global temperatures up as much as 6 degrees F by the year 2100. This is an increase in temperature comparable to the warming that ended the last Ice Age.

What would the effect of such a melt-down be?

The report says that sea levels could rise as much as THREE FEET, causing huge swaths of densely populated land to be inundated by rising seas. Entire ecosystems could vanish as rainfall and temperature patterns shift. Droughts, floods, and storms could become more severe.

These are the scenarios current super computer models are predicting. Other factors, which climatogists still don't understand (like how deep ocean currents might affect a warming planet), might make things better, or worse.

So how, exactly, can humanity avert this disaster? The report recommends switching from coal and oil to natural gas, turning to nuclear and solar energy, slowing deforestation, altering land use and traffic patterns, curbing automobile use, changing lifestyles and employment patterns. Immediately.

Unfortunately, most researchers are concluding that such sweeping changes in human behavior are not likely to happen. One economist, Henry Jacoby of M.I.T.'s SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, summed up what many others are thinking: "If you said, 'Let's design a problem that human institutions can't deal with,' you couldn't find one better than global warming." Some researchers are even beginning to suggest that research money should be spent on learning how to deal with warming when it comes, rather than trying to prevent it. It is already too late, they say, to do much else.

---Time, October 2, 1995 (DS)


If you have been reading your NHNE News Briefs (or listening to mainstream news reports for that matter), then you know that the holes in the ozone are getting bigger. You may also know that a 1987 international treaty requires the phaseout of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the chemicals that eat ozone molecules. If the standards set by this treaty are followed, scientists predict that the ozone surrounding the Earth would reach prepollution levels by 2050.

What you may not know (but might suspect), is that not everyone is sticking to these guidelines. Worse, there is a thriving black market in CFC's. Importers bring tons of the chemicals from Europe into ports ranging from Newark to Miami, where most of the CFC's end up in air-conditioner rechargers. Rather than using recycled CFC's, as the law requires, some shops use the cheaper bootlegged CFC's.

How much? Export/import documents analyzed by the environmental group OZONE ACTION, indicate the black market topped 22,000 tons last year. This year, however, a global dragnet, run by the EPA, Customs Service, FBI and CIA, called OPERATION COOL BREEZE, expects to cut the illegal trade in half--at least.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that CFC's are still being manufactured (American factories are allowed to produce 53,500 tons each year, for export, until the year 2005) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a United Nation's organization that monitors the ozone situation, is continuing to predict that things are going to get worse before they get better.

---Newsweek, September 25, 1995 (DS)


We've all heard how the destruction of rainforests is wiping out untold numbers of plants and animals, many of which haven't even been identified. Now ecologists are saying that there is another thriving ecosystem that is in danger. And this new endangered ecosystem is not in some exotic location. It is in our own backyard.

Ecologists are now "clambering up backyard oaks and familiar northern conifers... and finding airborne ecosystems with weird aerial plants, unknown insects, and possible sources for life-saving drugs, not to mention the power to affect global cycles of water and climate."

That's right, the trees and ancient forests of North America, all the way from Florida to the Canadian tundra, are becoming popular research areas for ecologists. Unfortunately, some of the folks living in these areas are not happy about these new discoveries. For while ecologists and environmentalists are rushing to study and protect these newly discovered ecosystems, locals who rely upon timber for their livelihood are enraged. Still upset with laws that protect creatures like the Spotted Owl, some of these locals have taken to demolishing research sites with sledgehammers, chain saws, and hunting knifes.

While the issue of harvesting trees from the few old-growth forests that remain on the planet may not be resolved to everyone's satisfaction any time soon, there is one question that can be answered: How could we have missed an entire ecosystem in our own backyard? According to Meg Lowman, an ecologist who has studied tropical trees and their insects for a decade, the answer is simple: "We forgot to look up."

Another reason has to do with where this new ecosystem is located. Some of the trees in these old growth areas--Douglas firs, giant sequoias, and redwoods--are over 1,000 years old and 350 feet tall. In some cases, the lowest branches are 100 feet off the ground. Not only are these tree-top ecosystems difficult to reach, but they are also very difficult to study. Falling and moving around are major concerns.

The solution: Some scientists are enlisting the aid of giant cranes that can both hoist researchers up to tree-top ecosystems as well as help them move about without breaking their necks.

---Discover Magazine, November, 1995 (DS)


250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian period, 95% of all ocean-dwelling species and 70% of all land-dwelling vertebrates were wiped out. Entire communities of plants and animals, hardy insects, coral reefs and their inhabitants, dense forests of fern-like trees, giant amphibians, predatory reptiles, and hard-shelled marine invertebrates all vanished. No event in the fossil record--not even the catastrophe that would kill off the dinosaurs 185 million years later--was more devastating or left a greater mark on the fossil record of planet Earth. Indeed, life on planet Earth almost came to an abrupt end.

What caused this stunning catastrophe? Marauding comets, exploding stars, greenhouse warming, ice-age cooling, sea level drops, sea level rises, ocean stagnation, oxygen depletion? A team of U.S. and Chinese scientists may have solved the mystery. They think ancient volcanoes THAT ERUPTED FOR A MILLION YEARS are the source of the massive global extinction.

Located in the plains of Siberia, the volcanoes these scientists have been studying could have easily hurled sulfur dioxide and other gases high enough into the atmosphere to block sunlight. As the temperature of the planet fell, large portions of the planet's water was frozen, causing the oceans to plummet as much as 300 feet. And if this didn't do the trick, an atmospheric mist of sulfer dioxide could have stoked lethal storms of acid rain. Or carbon dioxide, injected into the atmosphere by erupting volcanoes, could have trapped solar heat, disrupting the climate through global warming. Even the physical force exerted by the rising plume of molten magma could have contributed to the extinction by uplifting a substantial section of the Earth's crust.

I guess you get the picture. These were some very powerful--and very long-lasting--eruptions.

While other scientists agree that the Siberian volcanoes terrorized the Earth for a very long time, they still aren't sure that they are solely responsible for the massive extinctions. These "doubting Thomas's" speculate that other powerful forces might also have contributed.

Although the debate continues as to what caused the massive extinctions, everyone does, however, agree on one thing. They all agree that life, on planet Earth, is exceedingly tenacious.

---Time, September 18, 1995 (DS)


Many of you may know about Steve Newman's EARTHWEEK column, which reports on earth changes around the planet. Some of you may have read Steve's column in THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE or even received Steve's column via email. Well now EARTHWEEK has its own site on the World Wide Web. The site contains current and past issues of the EARTHWEEK column, including its usual full-color map which pinpoints various disturbances around the world. Recently, the EARTHWEEK site also added a section that reports on DAILY changes around the world.

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Current Events:

OCTOBER 27 & 28, 1995

We reported on this event in News Brief 9, but here it is again for those of you who may have missed it:

Over 12 different "New Age Prophets" are gathering together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to share and explore their visions for the millennium. Presented by "I AM AMERICA" (the folks who brought us the "I AM AMERICA MAPS"), the conference includes many of today's big-name New Age prophets:

The conference is scheduled to be held in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, October 27 & 28, 1995. Tickets are $150.00 per person and can be purchased from B&A Products (home of Annie & Byron Kirkwood) using your MasterCard of Visa Card: (800) 930-1341.



For decades now, the Walt Disney Company has been a legend in the entertainment business, both for its solid string of box office movies and for its popular amusement parks. Now, however, Mickey Mouse and company are moving into another arena: the arena of personal growth.

Scheduled to open this February in Orlando, Florida, THE DISNEY INSTITUTE, will be presenting classes on relaxation techniques, hydroponic gardening and community building. You will be able to get massages at the on-site spa, take part in Tai Chi workshops or even help create shows for the resort's closed-circuit television station. According to Michael Eisner, Disney's Chairman, "It will be a creatively charged atmosphere where you can engage your body, excite your mind, and expand your horizons."

And, yes, THE DISNEY INSTITUTE is designing things so that the spiritual side of life is also acknowledged and nourished. Louise Franklin-Sheehy, the Institute's Program Manager says, "Part of self-discovery is finding one's spiritual dimension and one's relationship to the whole cosmos."

Located on 58 acres, the Institute will also offer a golf course, swimming pools, tennis courts and 80 (yes, that's 80) daily workshops. Another important part of the program will be the "artist in residence program." This program will enable guests to interact with leading musicians, chefs, writers and other celebrities.

How much does all this cost? Rates start at $582 double occupancy for the minimum three-night stay required. And you can leave your little mouseketeers at home (or at Disneyland or Disney World). The Institute is aimed at the "prefamily" and postfamily" adult visitors market. Families with kids under ten years of age will be discouraged from attending.

---New Age Journal, October, 1995 (DS)


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