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NHNE News Brief 12
(Friday, November 17, 1995)

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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NHNE News Brief 12
Friday, November 17, 1995

I Embraced All Viewpoints

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"I embraced all viewpoints. From the standpoint of the miraculous, I found truth everywhere, in all phenomena, whether trivial or momentous. Instead of finding out what is true and what is not true, I had discovered, to my delight, the joke of existence: That any statement, any action, any belief is, in a secret way, an expression of ultimate Truth...

"Each new revelation was marvelously funny, yet not absurd. The joke was that the wildest dualities were equally valid, and equally good. Truth encompassed all particulars, and each particular revealed Truth."

From, "Reins of Wild Horses,"
by Sally Clay,
An Account of a Spiritual Awakening

Sacred Transformations:


By Bob Manrodt

We live in a remarkable time. Amidst great cultural and social changes brought on by forces such as incredible technology, unprecedented communications, and cultural unrest, we are increasingly hearing remarkable stories of human experience. While some stories are being told, many are still untold. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people seem to be experiencing events in their lives that are quite extraordinary.

Near-death experiences, mystical experiences, religious visions, UFO abductions, psychic events, spiritual emergencies, lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, these are just a few of the names given to extraordinary experiences. Sometimes these experiences are very difficult and may assume crisis proportions. Mind, body, or soul may be challenged to the limits, or people may find themselves amid extremely vulnerable and sensitive states being treated in ways that are less than appropriate. Perhaps we ourselves have had this sort of experience.

We have all heard of these experiences in one way or another--through the media, in books and magazine articles, or by word of mouth. What some of us are interested in--indeed, more than interested in--are the spiritual implications, the tremendous influences and meanings of these experiences. Extraordinary experiences may prove extremely relevant, not just for the life of the individual experiencer, but for all of us together here on Planet Earth. Truly, our experiences can call into question the very foundations of reality--whatever that is. Through the telling of our tales and personal experiences, we are inspired to explore how these experiences affect our lives, our spirituality, and our destiny as members of Planet Earth.

This is the first column in an ongoing series that will appear in the NHNE News Brief. Future columns will focus on varieties of sacred transformation such as the near-death experience as a spiritual vision, the spiritual experiences of UFO abduction, and working with difficult experiences. We will be asking, and trying to answer questions like, "What are these experiences?" "What do they entail?" "What is their meaning?" "How can we make sense of them in our lives?"

Additionally, this column will provide updates and information on the expanding SACRED TRANSFORMATIONS web site (formerly called WINDOWS IN ETERNITY). So far this site has a few personal stories and information about such things as Rhea White's EXCEPTIONAL HUMAN EXPERIENCE projects. Hopefully, over time, many more stories will be added as well as much information and discussion. Please feel free to visit at any time, and expect to see changes and new material offered as the site evolves.

I warmly invite you to send your personal accounts (or artwork?) of spiritual or extraordinary experiences for consideration of inclusion on our web site. All sincere, honest accounts are welcome. Many of us, such as myself, are in process with our experiences, so some of our expressions will reflect the challenges of working with these experiences in the context of everyday life. I realize that our spiritual stories can be extremely sensitive and intimate and that some stories will reflect personal woundings and difficulties. Perhaps through our shared efforts we can create a kind of sensitive environment that feels safe for our expressions. Assuredly, many will benefit through such expressions. I believe we all will benefit.

I sincerely hope that many will feel called to participate in a way that is comfortable for them, either by presenting their stories and experiences, or simply by sitting with and absorbing these stories of real people who have journeyed through extraordinary realms.

Please email comments, feedback, suggestions and stories to:

You can also visit the SACRED TRANSFORMATIONS web site at:

Thank you.
May you be at peace and experience happiness.

Dreams & Dreamwork:


By Gillian Holloway

Most of us know that unresolved issues and current challenges are often the stuff our dreams are made of; yet we tend to overlook the way dreams highlight our greatest talents and gifts in recurring cycles, or vividly haunting images.

In recent months I have seen a dramatic increase in dreams focusing upon the life assignment of individuals. Images of stripping off clothing that is too small, wise women encouraging the dreamer down a path, weaving magical fabric on an ordinary loom, and stepping up to home plate are just a few of the beautiful dream clues that have acted as road signs for people who are hearing the call of their life assignment.

Because people share so many amazing dreams with me, I have come to believe that there are few pains as relentless as that caused by the destiny we refuse to fulfill. It seems as if a part of the psyche remembers why you decided to be born, and will cause you any amount of anguish necessary in order to bring you to the fork in the road where you must choose that path, even if it is in a sense of surrender or resignation because you know nothing will ever give you any peace until you at least try to fulfill your heart's desire.

My own path as a dreamworker was revealed to me in dreams that recurred endlessly long before I was willing to take them seriously. Be aware that the psyche's dreammaker is often far ahead of the time line of waking life. You may be dreaming of a career or path that does not yet exist, yet for which you must now prepare.

I am often asked if the inability to understand a dream stems from being "in denial" about it's contents. Typically, I only encounter this type of denial and blindness toward scenes that address the dreamer's gifts, talents and natural genius. For some reason, we are almost universally resistant to recognizing the fullness of our capacity for helping others through sharing our talents.

Once I understood the call of my dreams and surrendered, my career as a dreamworker unfolded miraculously, as if a thousand angels went ahead of me to prepare the way. Enormous effort, hardship, and forced growth have been present, yet my sense of connection and deep meaning has never wavered. Challenges are most painful when we feel separate from others and from spirit. Thus the challenges of right work do not seem so difficult because we no longer feel estranged from our core purpose and our ability to give to others in a meaningful way.

Those of us who sense the significance of our current time must pay special attention to our dreams and the actions we take within them. It is extremely likely that your dreams are shining a light upon your path and the precious gifts you came to share. Take a second look at those dreams in which you accomplish miracles and consider how you may best answer the call from your dreams of destiny.

Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., is a Dream Analyst with a marvelous site on the World Wide Web dedicated to dreams and dreamwork. Called, "LIFETREKS: DREAM INTERPRETATION SERVICES & RESOURCES," Gillian's site is full of valuable information, insights and resources concerning dreams. Along with creating and maintaining a wonderful web site, Gillian is also a dream author, lecturer and counselor. If you've got any interesting dreams you would like to share, Gillian's site also has a section dedicated to the "Dream of the Month."


Marian Appearances:

By Michael Donahue

At the end of October, I had the pleasure of attending the convention for THE SOCIETY FOR THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF RELIGION in St. Louis. While there, I heard a presentation that I felt would be of considerable interest to readers of this column. The author, Dr. Miguel Leatham of TEXAS A & M, has kindly agreed to let me share his research with you. It has to do with a Marian apparition site in Mexico called "New Jerusalem."

In 1973, the Mary appeared to a 50-year-old peasant woman named Gabina Romero. Appearing as the "Virgin of the Rosary," Mary announced that the world was about to end, and that the Catholic church had "fallen from the faith." She said she had chosen a local priest, Fr. Nabor Cardenas, as her prophet.

Over the next 8 years, a chapel, convent, and monastery grew up in the village that Mary had chosen. Mary directed the formation of the community by speaking through Gabina. Fr. Nabor made clear that these statements are the latter-day "Gospel of the Virgin" and has condemned the changes brought about by Vatican II (the church council that resulted in having the Catholic Mass "modernized").

Gabina died in 1981, and a new seer received messages until 1989. Since then, Fr. Nabor has taken center stage, receiving messages from various souls in Heaven and Purgatory. The group believes before the year 2,000 the world will come to a cataclysmic end. The group also believes that they will be protected by being taken into the air (a "Marian Rapture") and that they then will live on in an earthly paradise.

Dr. Leatham's presentation went on to compare the similarity between New Jerusalem and a variety of similar Marian/apocalyptic communities which he says "exist in countries as disparate as Japan ("True Catholic Apocalyptic Kingdom of the Virgin," on Honshu), Nigeria (in Anambra State, followers of the "Servant of Mary"), Australia ("Our Lady of the Ark," in Nowra), Canada ("The Apostles of Infinite Love," in Quebec), and the U. S. ("Our Lady, Queen of the Everlasting Hills," in North Dakota)." These communities tend to form around dissident priests, perhaps because of the strongly priest-centered religion of conservative Catholics. These communities all share three major traits:

1. A "cult of personality" around a prophet-founder, destined for greater authority in the future (both the Australian and North Dakota priest/leaders are said to be destined to become "Pope Peter II").

2. An account of an apparition to a person with a history of personal suffering that starts a long series of messages, which direct the founding of a Marian community.

3. Further messages make clear a plan to save either the community or the world from coming disaster. For these people, the Virgin is their Church, their faith.

Interestingly, American members of the community tend to be those (currently only three) who have made their way there after association with similar movements in the U. S. (e.g., "Our Lady of the Roses," Bayside, New York, headed by Veronica Leuken), and are intensely, traditionally Catholic (to the point of leaving the Catholic church over "modern errors"). In contrast, members who originated from that area of Mexico cite solving personal problems (addiction, physical abuse) as reasons for their interest in the community; they were not conventionally religious before their association with the group.

Thus, these "Marian apocalyptic groups" seem to be those who have given up on much of the rest of humanity, closed in on themselves as a community of "the saved" and await their rescue from a fallen world.

Michael Donahue is a social psychologist and psychologist of religion who lives in Minnesota. (Yes, there was an apparition in that state, too, but Michael wasn't involved.) If you have questions or comments about Michael's column and Marian apparitions in general, you can email Michael at:

Dreams, Visions & Revelations:


Well, if you haven't had your daily dose of angels, you might want to check out "ANGELS ON THE NET," a web site dedicated completely to all things angelic. Along with posting stories of encounters with angels, providing links to other angelic sites and selling angel products (tee-shirts, tote bags, books), ANGELS ON THE NET also publishes an online newsletter. ANGELS ON THE NEWS is published monthly by Mark E. Lufkin & Karen A. Knowles (the caretakers of the ANGELS ON THE NET web site).



Those of you who are fans of the television show, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, now can find out more about current episodes and the actors and actresses behind it.


Finally, here's my favorite angel story from the ANGELS ON THE NET site:


"When my husband and I were asked by our marriage counselor to secure a certain book that was to be of much help to us, we selected a bookstore, and proceeded inside. We looked and looked for that particular book, and it was just not to be found.

"I looked up to my right side, and a tall man said to me, "Is this the book you are looking for?" I took the book from him and began glancing at it. I showed it to my husband, standing next to me. I turned to thank the man, and he was not there. Thinking no more about it, my husband and I proceeded to purchase the book.

"The clerk asked us where we found the book, as he told us the book had not been in the store for months. We explained that a tall man had handed it to us.

"'What tall man? You're the only ones in the store,' he replied while figuring the purchase on his computer.

"We finished the transaction for the book, and left the store, walking about 25 or 30 feet down the sidewalk. Together, without conversation, we both stopped, turned toward each other, rather dumbfounded. 'Are you thinking what I am thinking,' I asked my husband?"

---This story furnished by Richard E. Leffler, author of "Where are the Angels?"


Edgar Cayce Update:


THE ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH AND ENLIGHTENMENT, Edgar Cayce's organization, finally has a home base on the World Wide Web. Unlike an earlier A.R.E. site that was hosted by the A.R.E. PRESS primarily for the purpose of selling Cayce-related books, this new site actually gives a nice overview of Edgar Cayce, the A.R.E. and some of the main themes found in Cayce's 14,000 plus readings (ancient civilizations, dream interpretation, ESP, health and healing, prophecy, reincarnation). It also provides you a way to contact the A.R.E. and be added to their general (snail mail) mailing list.

Significantly, the site plays down Cayce's role in predicting major geological changes before the turn of the century. Instead of focusing on many of Cayce's dramatic geological predictions (which have inspired countless others to offer similar predictions), the site instead focuses on the changes it says are already underway:

"Cayce suggested that the years between 1958 and 1998 would indeed be a period of great global transformation. However, these changes would not lead to the 'end of the world' but, in time, to the dawning of a New Age of hope and community for all humankind...

"Many groups continue to predict major cataclysms and the approach of inevitable change. Ironically, oftentimes these groups have failed to realize that change is all about us. There are wars and rumors of wars broadcast around the globe in the blink of an eye. We hear of floods and famine and hate crimes as they occur; and a day doesn't pass when we don't see renewed evidence of gang wars or drugs or our inhumanity to one another. Unfortunately, much of this information has become so commonplace that we may simply shrug our shoulders, change the channel, or turn the page. In many cultures, the world has become more fractured than ever before, as politics, race, sexuality, culture, and religion divide us. Countless thousands of individuals have been killed, are dying, or have simply given up. And yet, in spite of all these things, some individuals continue to wait for the 'Big One' as evidence of 'changing times.'

"It's time for us to wake up and realize that the changing times are happening RIGHT NOW. Our world, our civilization, and our individual lives are all undergoing dramatic personal and collective change. Yet, this is sometimes hard for us to recognize because the changes have not been a single event. They have been a process. Cayce's predictions for the future are not really about earthquakes; instead, they are about the fact that a new world is being born. The changing events in our lives and in our surroundings are to enable us to remember why we are here. Simply stated, those changes are the testing which will enable us to put God in our lives."



Gordon-Michael Scallion:


First, let's repeat Scallion's ongoing 4-Quake Scenario.

Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario begins with an earthquake in Japan, which triggers earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and/or South Pacific, followed by earthquakes in South America and, finally, the West Coast of America. In his October, 1995, EARTH CHANGES REPORT, Scallion writes:

"The next cycle of the 4-Quake Scenario begins in the December, 1995-January, 1996 time frame. The average magnitude of the next cycle however, increases to 8.0 or greater. The signals to watch for the beginning of the next cycle are quakes in Japan, followed by quakes in the Indian Ocean region or the South Pacific, followed by quakes in South America, and lastly the west coast of America."

"Should the second quake in the cycle occur in the Indian Ocean instead of the South Pacific, then the location of the fourth quake in the cycle will be somewhere in Southern California--possibly my Palm Springs predicted event."

In the current issue of ECR (November, 1995), Scallion says:
"I considered activity at Mt. Popocatepetl in Mexico to be a precursor to quakes reaching magnitude 8.0 plus or minus .5 in the Mexico City region. Popocatepetl came to life in 1994 and this month the second earthquake greater than 7.5 occurred. I CONSIDER THE RECENT ACTIVITY IN MEXICO AS THE BEGINNING OF A THREE MONTH 'WINDOW' FOR EARTH CHANGES TO OCCUR ALONG THE WEST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES.

"Other events that send up early warning flares for me are the recent eruptions of volcanoes in Japan. These have triggered thousands of small earthquakes in that region and increased the risk that a major quake or blow-off may occur in the region shortly.

"Several ECR subscribers recently wrote in to remind me of what I had said on the July 15, 1994 national television program ENCOUNTERS. I stated the following: 'The next event in the sequence will be an earthquake greater than 9 in Los Angeles [epicenter--50 mile radius of Palm Springs], and that occurs before December of 1995.'"

Finally, Scallion had this to say about other early warning signs:
"I am watching Japan, the Indian Ocean and the U.S. Cascades region very closely now. A major earthquake in any of these areas would indicate potential Earth change activity to occur within weeks, perhaps days, along a line drawn from Vancouver, B.C., to Eureka, California, to San Diego, California."


In News Brief 11, I reported that Scallion was planning to run a series of columns called "The Millennium Prophecies." The second column in this series, "The Coming Teachers," was supposed to appear in the current issue of EARTH CHANGES REPORT (November, 1995), but it didn't. While ECR offered no explanation as to why the "The Millennium Prophecies" series came to an abrupt end, ECR does have a history of starting, and then stopping various projects with no comment or explanation.

In place of what was supposed to be another "Millennium Prophecies" article was an article called "The Ethereans."

In this new article, Scallion claims that he receives communications from many levels of consciousness. Most of the time, Scallion claims these communications occur "through visions brought to my aware self through my subconscious mind." At times, however, "direct communications occur with other intelligences." Scallion claims that in late 1981, and again while he was in England studying Crop Circles in 1993, he experienced direct communications with a group identifying themselves as "The Ethereans." Recently, Scallion claims that while working at his word processor, he found himself typing words that he had not intended. Before long, complete sentences, and then paragraphs, appeared and Scallion entered into a question and answer session with the presence that was temporarily hijacking his hands and computer.

"THE ETHEREANS: We have developed, through our minds, a technology which allows us to travel to other dimensions or levels. Those symbols found in your crop fields that are of such controversy are created by us in conjunction with other intelligences--the Pleiadeans.

"GMS: The Crop Circles?


"GMS: Why the Pleiadeans and not just your world?

"THE ETHEREANS: The seeds of this world are from that world. They are your ancestors and like parents, look over their children with love and concern.

"GMS: I know many people would like to know just how the Crop Circles are created. Many have found to be manmade.

"THE ETHEREANS: A portion are, made by those who struggle to accept their own spiritual identity. The majority are real--those that are found to contain magnetic residues from our imaging process.

"To create the symbols, we establish a matrix between our worlds--a time portal if you will. Once established, we are able to construct, out of your atmosphere, any object we desire using your known, and unknown, elements. In this case, we create a small sphere of red plasma--a stylus, and project it to a favorable magnetic grid region of Earth where we are able to leave our messages."

So why are Scallion's Ethereans (and Pleiadeans--and whomever else is involved) making Crop Circles all over the world? The article didn't say. Scallion is, however, promising to share more about his automatic keyboard discussions with The Ethereans in future issues of ECR.


In previous News Briefs, I reported that Scallion had abandoned his earth changes hotline number "because of lack of interest" and launched a new hotline dedicated to helping people test and develop their intuitive abilities. Now Scallion's new ECR AUDIOTEXT NETWORK will also be doubling as an earth changes hotline.

ECR now offers a 2-3 minute weekly earth changes report, which is updated every Monday at noon EST, and a 2-3 minute weekly commentary on the status of various Scallion predictions, which is updated every Wednesday at noon EST.

You can reach the ECR AUDIOTEXT NETWORK by calling (900) 903-2745. The cost is 95 cents per minute and you must be 18 years old to call.


The Matrix Institute
P.O. Box 336
Chesterfield, NH 03443-0336
(800) 628-7493

The Earth Changes Report:
Subscription $36.00 a year (12 issues)


Earth Changes:

By David Sunfellow

Most of us probably think the most serious threats planet Earth faces come from earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, holes in the Earth's ozone, global warming, nuclear explosions, maybe even pole shifts. But a recent National Public Television special presented by NOVA uncovered another, much more serious threat. Called, "THE DOOMSDAY ASTEROID," the NOVA special spelled out in chilling detail the threat planet Earth faces from being struck by marauding comets and asteroids.

Science has long believed that the Earth was pummeled by asteroids, comets and other massive heavenly bodies in the early days of its formation--over 3 billion years ago. But, until recently, most scientists thought this was an event limited to Earth's distant past. They also believed the ancient celestial pounding eventually gave way to billions of years of gradual, non-catastrophic, evolution.

Now, however, a series of stunning new discoveries have proven that the Earth has not only been catastrophically pummeled, repeatedly, in the last few million years, but it is also in danger of being plummeted again, at any moment, by asteroids and comets, some of which are as large as entire states. If we could see what is sailing in between the distant stars and our tiny little planet, one expert says we would see 100 million chunks of ice and rock ominously whizzing through the skies.

These modern day revelations are currently traced back to Gene Shoemaker, an astronomer with THE UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S LOWELL OBSERVATORY. In the 1950's, Shoemaker sent shock waves through the scientific community by suggesting that various craters on our planet (and the moon) were formed by asteroids or comets, rather than volcanic eruptions, which was what most scientists believed at the time.

Using the moon's potholed surface as a reference point, Shoemaker set out to see how often celestial objects smashed into the moon and, by extension, also struck the Earth. With the help of modern satellite and aerial surveillance, Shoemaker and other scientists soon identified over 200 impact sites around the planet. One of these impact sites, which measured 100 miles across and which was buried a mile beneath the Earth surface, dated back 64 million years ago--the exact same time dinosaurs mysteriously vanished from the earth. Supporting the idea that whatever struck the Earth 64 million years ago unleashed a global catastrophe, geologists the world over have discovered a dark ring in the geological history of the planet that contains elements very common to asteroids, but very rare on Earth. The geological records above the dark layer contain records of mammals and other recent life forms, while the geological records below contain the records of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The dark layer also bears witness to some kind of massive global firestorm. And while scientists still aren't sure how, exactly, the dinosaurs were killed off (or, for that matter, how exactly, two thirds of the rest of the Earth's species were killed off and 90% of the Earth's biomass burned up), there is evidence:

That was 64 million years ago. What about now?

In June of 1908 another heavenly body exploded in the air above Siberia with a force 100 times greater than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. While some people have speculated that a UFO of some kind was responsible, the NOVA special indicated that scientists are now certain that the Siberian explosion was the result of another meteorite. If a similar explosion took place over New York City, experts predict that a half million people would die. Eyewitnesses in cities all over Europe at the time of the Siberian explosion said that one could read a book by the light of the midnight sky.

More recently, in July of 1994, much of the world watched as the Shoemaker-Levy Comet, which was made up of 21 different chunks, smashed into Jupiter. Along with leaving black marks the size of planet Earth on Jupiter's surface, the spectacular crash also made it clear that comets and asteroids are a serious threat to our fragile little planet.

Unfortunately, most of the Earth's current telescopes are designed to study large planetary bodies far from Earth, rather than smaller celestial bodies merrily zipping past the Earth in close quarters. Now that "Earth-crossing" asteroids and comets are beginning to emerge as an extremely dangerous threat, scientists are already saying that it is not a matter of "if" these flying chunks of space debris strike, but "when."

Driving home the point, the NOVA special indicated that the only Earthly presence that is systematically monitoring Earth-crossing materials is the defense industry, in particular, the U.S. Defense Department. And some U. S. Defense Department records indicate that the Earth has, indeed, been recently struck by meteorites. What few records have been made public indicate that the Earth has been struck so often that scientists who have been studying the situation are saying that there may be a great many more Earth-crossing asteroids and comets than previously thought--which would make the situation even more dangerous.

So what should we do?

Shoemaker and others suggest a good place to start would be identifying as many Earth-crossing asteroids and comets as possible. These experts indicate that even a modest effort could locate as many as 90% of the celestial bodies that pose a potential threat to planet Earth. At the current rate, with only Shoemaker and the handful of other astronomers working on the problem, they estimate it will take 500 to 600 years to get the job done.

After the skies have been mapped, then it would be time to figure out what to do with the heavenly bodies that are on a collision course with our planet. Vaporizing them with nuclear missiles and/or altering their courses are possible. But while the technology exists to defend our planet from wayward celestial bodies, an effective job would require serious study. Scientists would need to know what, exactly, the asteroids are made of and how, exactly, to deal with them. A carelessly aimed missile, for instance, could end up breaking a huge asteroid into a bunch of smaller ones, which could then strike the Earth in several places--and be all the harder to stop.

At this point, only two things are certain: 1. The Earth could be hit at any moment by some roving asteroid or comet; 2. It will be hit, again, unless something is done to prevent it.


THE U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY'S NATIONAL EARTHQUAKE INFORMATION CENTER has created a hotline that you can call 24 hours a day for information on earthquakes recorded during the previous 48 hours. Information on felt earthquakes throughout the world of magnitude 5.5 or greater and on felt earthquakes within the United States is included on the recording. The recorded message is updated twice daily by the NEIC. It is also updated whenever the NEIC has issued a press release for an event.

(303) 273-8516


Celestine Prophecy Update:

"A new spiritual awakening is occurring in human culture, an awakening brought about by a critical mass of individuals who experience their lives as a spiritual unfolding, a journey in which we are led forward by mysterious coincidences."

---The Celestine Prophecy, Critical Mass: The First Insight


According to recent issues of THE CELESTINE JOURNAL, a newsletter that reports on news and developments within the world created by James Redfield's best selling book, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, the sequel to Redfield's best-seller, THE TENTH INSIGHT, is due to be released in early 1996 (no specific dates were given).

While Redfield fans await his next book, a Celestine Prophecy wall calendar and poster are currently showing up in bookstores around the country. THE CELESTINE PROPHECY CALENDAR, which is published by LANDMARK CALENDARS, sells for $11.99 USA, $14.95 Canada. The glossy, full color calendar features pictures of planet Earth along with quotations from THE CELESTINE PROPHECY and its companion book, AN EXPERIENTIAL GUIDE. The calendar also includes original essays by Redfield.

THE NINE INSIGHTS POSTER is a two foot by three foot picture of a cathedral forest with Redfield's "Nine Insights" printed on it. It is published by TEN SPEED PRESS/CELESTIAL ARTS and sells for $11.99 USA, $14.95 Canada.

Those of you who may be interested in subscribing to Redfield's newsletter may write or call:

P. O. Box 360988
Hoover, AL 35236
(800) 814-6462

Subscriptions are $29.95 a year.

Celestine Prophecy calendars and posters ARE NOT available through Satori Publishing.


UFO's & Abductions:


In case you missed it, the November 1, 1995, issue of the ISCNI*FLASH (Vol. 1, No. 16) reported that THE JACQUES PRADEL SHOW on French TV Network TF1 presented new and potentially damaging information concerning Ray Santilli's "Roswell Autopsy" film footage.

Ray Santilli originally claimed that he purchased the autopsy video from "the cameraman" along with rare Elvis footage. Ray Santilli also issued a statement from the alleged cameraman in late July of this year. THE JACQUES PRADEL SHOW revealed that Santilli actually purchased the rare Elvis footage from Bill Randle. Randle, who was a disc jockey in 1955, promoted concerts at high schools in the Cleveland area. The footage that Santilli was after was one of Elvis' first known recorded performances. This footage was obtained by Santilli after a long negotiation process with Bill Randle on July 4, 1993.

In an interview with Bill Randle, the French TV network uncovered that while Bill Randle was indeed the owner of the footage, HE WAS NOT THE CAMERAMAN. Those duties fell to one JACK BARNETT, a newsreel photographer who worked in the Midwest in the 1950s. Jack Barnett, it was revealed by Randle, is dead. French TV reported that Barnett died in 1957 of heart disease and was never in the military.

According to the ISCNI*FLASH article, it was TF1's intention to surprise Ray Santilli with these facts, but Santilli was apparently prepared for the allegation. The latest version of Santilli's story is that the cameraman did not sell the Elvis footage to Santilli, but that the cameraman did call Santilli in his hotel room.

To SUBSCRIBE to the ISCNI*FLASH, send a message to:

with the message:

subscribe ISCNI*Flash

in the body of your letter.




As many of you know, FOX TELEVISION broadcast a special on Ray Santilli's Roswell Film earlier this year called "ALIEN AUTOPSY: FACT OR FICTION." Now FOX is planning to rebroadcast this special again Saturday, December 2, 1995. The third broadcast is supposed to contain new footage, including pictures of the controversial control panels that were allegedly taken from the crashed Roswell UFO.


Holistic Health:

By Kathleen Blake

"The Examiner of Medical Alternatives"

This is an incredible newsletter. It is always full of fascinating and informative articles on all areas of alternative healing: Chelation therapy, DMSO, detoxification, nutrition, mercury amalgam removals, up-dates on the FDA and AMA, healing with energy, and much more. It also includes letters from doctors, researchers, and laymen from all parts of the world sharing information with the readers. Each newsletter is at least 150 pages. If you only want to subscribe to one alternative journal, this is the one!

911 Tyler Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368-6541
(360) 385-6021
10 issues yearly, $49.00 a year

"For the Health Conscious Individual"

Chiropractor David G. Williams is the Editor of this wonderful newsletter. He travels world-wide and reports back to his readers on all of the safe, innovative alternative healing modalities that he finds on his trips. He reports on herbs, vitamins, exercise (specific ones like for hiatal hernia, etc) and many other topics. I especially like this newsletter because he has no advertisements. He also lists names and addresses of places to order some of the materials he has found, yet he does not sell anything himself or receive any money for recommending products.

Mountain Home Publishing
2700 Cummings Lane
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Published monthly, $69.00 per year


This newsletter is important for everyone, but is especially useful for cancer patients, using the Gerson Therapy. This newsletter is also useful for patients using the therapy to heal arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, and other degenerative diseases. This newsletter features articles by Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Max Gerson, M.D.

Visit the Gerson Therapy Homepage at:

The Gerson Institute and Cancer Curing Society
P.O. Box 430
Bonita, CA 91908
(619) 472-7450
Published bi-monthly, $25 per year


The Arlin J. Brown Information Center was the first center of its kind established in the U.S. to dispense information on alternative cancer therapies. This information is always sent to people without charge. THE HEALTH VICTORY BULLETIN is broad in its scope and ability to gather and distribute information. This bulletin is only one of the many services they offer.

Arlin J. Brown Information Center
P.O. Box 251
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
Published 12 times a year, sent without charge to members
(Regular membership $25 year)

Presenting the Successful Scientific Evidence
Against HIV as the Cause of AIDS

RETHINKING AIDS publishes scientific papers, interviews, and debates from among the signatories of the Group for Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, submitted under their editorial guidelines and the varieties of political, medical and social "fallout" resulting from the revelations of the conflict.

It is widely believed by the general public that a retrovirus called HIV causes the group of diseases called AIDS. Many biomedical scientists now question this hypothesis. RETHINKING AIDS proposes that a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against this hypothesis be conducted by a suitable independent group. Writers in this important newsletter include many respected scientists and researchers from around the planet, many of them Nobel Prize recipients.

2040 Polk Street, Suite 321
San Francisco, CA 94109
FAX (415) 992-5865
$25.00 per year

for the professional

This is a very informative journal that is intended for the health professional and/or intelligent, scientifically-minded layman. This publication shares cutting-edge material on a vast array of subjects. Energy medicine, light, dark-field microscopy, classical as well as clinical homeopathy and many other enlightening areas of health and science. They also publish a newsletter for mainstream readers called, EXPLORE MORE.

Explore Publishing
P.O. Box 1508
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
(800) 845-7866
Published bi-monthly, $59.00 per year


This newsletter specializes in in-depth reports on many health-related topics. Everything from insomnia, vaccinations (the dangers of), multiple sclerosis, cholesterol and so much more.

105 West Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Published monthly, $74.00 per year


Jonathan Wright, M.D. and Allen Gaby, M.D. put out this newsletter. It is always up-to-date on what is happening in the areas of nutrition, environmental medicine, allergies, heart disease, and other important areas of healing. Readers are invited to send questions to the editors, which are answered in future issues.

Publishers Management Corp.
P.O. Box 84909
Phoenix, AZ 85071
(800) 528-0559
Published monthly, $49.00 per year

"Tomorrow's Medicine Today"

Julian Whitaker is an M.D. who practices wholistic medicine in Newport Beach, California. His newsletter keeps readers informed on subjects including melatonin, vitamins and minerals, and offers nutritional programs to help people overcome arthritis and other degenerative ailments.

Phillips Publishing Inc.
7811 Montrose Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854
(301) 424-3700
Published monthly, $69.00 per year


This newsletter is put out by Dick Quinn, the author of the book, "Left for Dead." In his book he tells how after a heart attack and failed by-pass operation, he healed himself with cayenne pepper and other medicinal herbs. This newsletter publishes up-to-date information on herbs and facts of interest regarding health, as well as updates on what the FDA is doing to try to control our freedom of choice in matters pertaining to health.

P.O. Box 17100
Minneapolis, MN 55417
(800) 283-3998
Published monthly, $35.00 per year

If you have any health-related questions, comments or holistic health resources to share, you can write Kathleen at:



A new age is truly upon us. Not only is the Information Superhighway allowing everyday, ordinary human beings to exchange vast amounts of information with anyone, anywhere, instantly, but it is also making it more and more difficult to control information. Are the days of human beings being able to conceal themselves from one another over? Is truth, whatever it is, finally refusing to be hidden, twisted, spun, embellished and subverted?

Maybe. And here's a story that has brought these issues to a head with a passion.

For years now THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY (CoS) has been fighting a guerilla war with former members and adversaries at large. CoS has been trying to keep its "sacred texts" secret, while disenchanted former members and other CoS critics have been doing everything they can to make these secret teachings public.

According to CoS teachings, it all started about 75 million years ago when a galactic tyrant named Xenu solved the overpopulation problem of his 75-planet federation by transporting the excess people to Earth, chaining them to volcanoes, and dropping H-bombs on them. The unfortunates became what Scientologist founder and science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard, called, "Thetans," which now attach themselves to people, causing all sorts of problems.

Scientologists say their upper-level material about those Thetans are trade secrets and copyrighted, although unpublished. This is because premature exposure to the knowledge without training could cause "irreversible spiritual harm," according to RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER (RTC) President, Warren McShane. RTC licenses the copyrights and technology of the "sacred texts." Anyone who violates and publishes the material--called "Operating Thetans," or "OTs"--will be in trouble, both legally and spiritually.

Former members and other outspoken critics, on the other hand, claim that CoS is an authoritarian political organization structured on concepts of Nazism. They feel their calling is to expose a church which they believe is full of unscrupulous church tactics and doctrine.

Beginning in 1993 the anti-CoS folks started a newsgroup called "alt.religion.scientology." Although initially there was so little interest in the group that it was ranked near the bottom of the 14,000 newsgroups presently on the Internet, once the CoS organization came after them, all that changed. Threats of censorship, canceled postings and raids against "copyright terrorists" generated so much interest that the newsgroup presently ranks in the top 40, with an estimated 20,000 to 200,000 readers each month. CoS also instigated a series of court-ordered raids on several individuals who were disseminating CoS information on the Internet--which also backfired. Instead of putting an end to people passing out the church's secret teachings, the raids prompted dozens of sites all over the Internet to archive and pass out the church's secret teachings.

Meanwhile, in court, the CoS organization has also been taking a beating. On September 12, 1995, Federal Judge Kane in Denver ruled that there were no copyright or trade secret violations in one of the most highly publicized cases. He ordered the return of everything seized (hardware, software and information). The case was appealed, but the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Denver court's ruling. A further appeal by CoS to the U.S. Supreme Court also was unsuccessful.

But the CoS lost more than a case in court. They also lost a $30 million lawsuit, which was reduced to a $2.5 million award, that one of the people they raided filed. So far, CoS has refused to pay. And while church authorities say the judges and jury were manipulated, other observers are predicting more lawsuits are likely.

One more thing.

CoS officials admitted in court that most of their income came from charging "parishioners" for access to the material. Ex-members and others who have seen price lists estimate that it costs a CoS member $365,000 to $380,000 to reach the highest level of the church. Spokespeople for the church denied the cost was that high, but refused to offer their own estimate.

If you want to take a peak at this highly publicized (and often rather nasty) debate, here are a few fascinating sites to check out:

Yahoo: Society and Culture: Religion: Scientology

Electronic Frontier Foundation's Co$-vs-the-Net Archive:


Defenders of CoS:

---Internet World, December, 1995 (DS)

Current Events:


The producers of NBC's Emmy Award-winning special, THE MYSTERY OF THE SPHINX (see our November 25, 1994, Special Report on "The Great Pyramid & the Sphinx"), are completing another special called THE MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS OF MAN. This second one-hour special will again be hosted by Charlton Heston and is scheduled to be aired sometime this fall.

Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo, authors of FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY, Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre, a member of the U.S. Geological Survey, Dr. Richard Milton, author of THE FACTS OF LIFE; SHATTERING THE MYTHS OF DARWINISM, Graham Hancock, author of FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS, and author/explorer David Hatcher Childress and will be some of the people featured in the new NBC special.

Topics to be covered include: The bones of a modern man that were found in rock strata dated to be over 50 million years old; several spearpoints and other tools of modern man that were found under a layer of volcanic ash that was dated to be 250,000 years old; evidence that dinosaurs may have survived until the present time; the Piri Reis map (a Turkish map, dated to 1513, that accurately depicts the continent of Antarctica as it looks under the current thick layer of ice; the possibility that many ancient monuments, like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, were left all over the planet by a previous, highly advanced race.

---Atlantis Rising, Number 5, November, 1995 (DS)


Now here's an interesting idea.

VIKING STUDIO BOOKS has come out with the perfect end-time companion: A futuristic picture book, calendar and prophecy experiment called THE MILLENNIUM PLANNER. Along with providing a set of predictions from such famous seers as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and Jeane Dixon, the book also provides a format for making your own predictions about the future. Along with a colorful wall calendar for the year 2000 and a special invitation for New Year's Eve, 1999, the planner provides materials for you to make your own time capsule of predictions to be opened at that time. And, perhaps best of all, it registers your predictions for a prophecy contest. The most creative and unusual prophecy that proves true will win a $10,000 trip for two to the Great Pyramids--provided, of course, the planet is still here, money is still valuable and there is still a way to get from wherever you are to Egypt.

---Venture Inward, November/December, 1995 (DS)


With new discoveries being made every day and virtually every field of science generating massive amounts of complicated, new material, how can any of us hope to keep up with things? BASIC BOOKS has taken the bull by the horns and rounded up many of the world's most knowledgeable experts. Their mission? Write nontechnical introductions to their field--in 200 pages.

The new series of laymen's books, called SCIENCE MASTERS, already has 22 books commissioned. And these books are not only being written by some of humanity's brightest, most knowledgeable people, but the series will also be published simultaneously by 16 publishers from Sweden to Korea, in languages which include Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovene and, of course, English.

The first three volumes have been penned by John D. Barrow (THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE), Paul Davies (THE LAST THREE MINUTES), and Richard Leakey (THE ORIGIN OF HUMANKIND). And while everyone expects the books to be unevenly written (some will be better than others depending on the writing skill of the particular author), one reviewer commented, "the author list is so prestigious, it glows in the dark."

---Omni, Fall, 1995 (DS)


Imagine this: a little white mouse with a human ear growing out of its back. What?!

Well, the story (and picture) appeared in a recent issue of TIME magazine. The mouse, which had been bred without an immune system (so it couldn't reject foreign objects from its little body), was being used to test a new line of research aimed at replacing body parts lost to disease or accident. While today's doctors are busy restructuring missing body parts with synthetic materials or transplanting tissues from other humans or animals, the doctors of tomorrow believe they will be able to regenerate missing parts from the body that lost them.

The mouse with the human ear was created by scientists at the UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS and MIT to prove that regenerative technology could work. When they've finally gotten all the bugs worked out, humans, they hope, will be able to grow their own tissue without the help of mice (or other creatures).

So how, exactly, did they grow that ear on the little mouse (who probably didn't appreciate serving as a host for a large human ear)?

They fashioned a precision mold out of porous, biodegradable polymer, seeded it with human cartilage cells, then tucked the structure under the skin of the immune-deficient mouse. Nourished by the mouse's blood, the cartilage cells multiplied, taking the shape of the dissolving polymer scaffold and creating a perfectly formed human ear.

---Time, November 6, 1995 (DS)


This year's NOBEL PRIZE IN CHEMISTRY went to the three scientists who first warned of ozone depletion: F. SHERWOOD ROWLAND, 68, of the University of California, Irvine; MARIO MOLINA, 52, of MIT, and PAUL GRUTZEN, 62, of Germany's Max Planck Institute for Chemistry. While these three scientists were honored by the Stockholm committee that awards Nobel Prizes, a month earlier GOP representatives attacked ozone research that indicated industrial chemicals called CFC's destroy the atmosphere's protective ozone layer.

---Newsweek, October 23, 1995 (DS)


THE WORLD WIDE WEB GOBBLES UP eWORLD Well, here's another indication that the World Wide Web is, indeed, gobbling up the Information Superhighway. Apparently concerned that the World Wide Web will eventually put proprietary services like AMERICA ONLINE, COMPUSERVE and PRODIGY out of business (or at least force them to radically alter their current online structures), APPLE COMPUTER isn't waiting around for its own online network to be a casualty. In mid-1996, APPLE will be discontinuing eWORLD, its year-old, 120,000 member online service. Apple intends to transform eWORLD into a web site and act as an Internet Provider for its current customers.

---Newsweek, November 13, 1995 / MacWorld, December, 1995 (DS)


THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA HUMAN RIGHTS LIBRARY contains a collection of over ninety of the most important international human rights instruments -- treaties, declarations, and other materials -- together with authoritative citations. All of this material is searchable and organized by subject matter. The library also provides links to other useful sites containing information about human rights, as well as relevant resources. In addition, the site contains information about the work of the human rights treaty bodies, including general comments and recommendations, decisions and views of the Human Rights Committee, and other materials.



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