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NHNE News Brief 13
(Saturday, January 6, 1996)

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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NHNE News Brief 13
Saturday, January 6, 1996

The Psychiatric Hotline

Dreams & Dreamwork:
How to Direct Your Dreams

Dreams, Visions & Revelations:
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Prophets & Prophecies:
Abrahamsen Predictions
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Hello, welcome to the psychiatric hotline.

If you are obsessive-compulsive,
please press 1 repeatedly.

If you are co-dependent,
please ask someone else to press 2.

If you have multiple personalities,
please press 3, 4, 5 and 6.

If you are paranoid-delusional,
we know who you are and what you want.
Just stay on the line so we can trace your call.

If you are schizophrenic,
listen carefully and a little voice
will tell you which number to press.

If you are manic-depressive,
it doesn't matter which number you press.
No one will answer.

---Author Unknown

Dreams & Dreamwork:


By Gillian Holloway

One of the best ways to enhance your intuition as well as get fast emergency input regarding an important situation is to ask for dreams about a question that concerns you. This process of asking for special dreams is now referred to as Dream Incubation, since it involves seeding the mind with questions prior to sleep, and then waiting gently for the dreams to come to life as your conscious mind drifts into slumber. By focusing your dreams on a particular topic, you can sometimes gain an aerial view of a frustrating roadblock, understand another's behavior by seeing the world through their eyes, or feel more certain about a decision that calls for extra courage, or a leap of faith.

While preparing for bed, begin thinking about the topic you want to dream about. Skirt the well-worn path of your habitual thoughts, and instead focus on what makes the issue important to you. How does this question relate to your life philosophy, your spiritual beliefs, your goals for this lifetime, or your deepest values? Research shows that consciously examining the factors that make an idea or request personally meaningful to you increases your chances of directing your dreams to that target.

Bring this contemplation to a close by synthesizing a question about your dream topic. The most effective types of questions seem to be requests for guidance, insight, or the glimpse of a probable future. Make the question fairly short so that you can gracefully repeat it in your mind as you fall asleep. Many people match the question to their breathing, silently repeating half on the inhalation and half on the exhalation. The process should feel smooth and easy, so that soon the question will ask itself, almost like a prayer, affirmation or mantra that requires no effort.

You may want to ask what you need to learn from a given situation, what you may be overlooking in a conflict, or how to approach a challenge from the highest level. If you're wondering what to do, ask what would be likely to happen if you took a certain course of action. Consider the dreams that result to be highly accurate estimates of the future, not precognitive glimpses of your certain fate.

When you awaken be sure to write down or tape record the dream so that you can examine it later. Remembering a dream and understanding it are two distinct functions; the process is much easier if you allow yourself to focus on one at a time. (If at first you do not have a dream that feels related to your question, keep trying. Worry blocks intuition, and inhibits memory; so try to unclench inside and assume an emotional posture of openness to insight.) Reflect on your dream for a few days before summing up your final conclusions about it's message. If appropriate, share the dream with friends whose opinion you respect, asking them to reflect the metaphors and themes that stand out to them. Finally, review the dream in light of your deepest values, goals and ideals. If you understand the dream correctly it will almost certainly echo a truth you have felt inside but lacked words to describe. Many have found their dreams' wisdom acted as a reference point to help integrate inner truths with worldly conditions in a way that was both healing and practical.

Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., is a Dream Analyst with a marvelous site on the World Wide Web dedicated to dreams and dreamwork. Called, "LIFETREKS: DREAM INTERPRETATION SERVICES & RESOURCES," Gillian's site is full of valuable information, insights and resources concerning dreams. Along with creating and maintaining a wonderful web site, Gillian is also a dream author, lecturer and counselor. If you have any interesting dreams you would like to share, Gillian's site also has a section dedicated to the "Dream of the Month."


Dreams, Visions & Revelations:

By David Sunfellow

Here is a condensed version of THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS that Deepak Chopra presents in his best-selling book by the same name. A couple of my friends and I put this list together so we could use them on a daily basis. Deepak's organization is also trying to build a global network of people who are studying and applying these principles at the same time all over the world. According to a section in his book called, "GLOBAL NETWORK FOR SPIRITUAL SUCCESS":

"I am writing to invite you to join me, and potentially millions of others worldwide, in the GLOBAL NETWORK FOR SPIRITUAL SUCCESS, which will be based on the daily practice of these powerful principles.

"...Having your attention on a spiritual law will completely transform your life, as it has mine, and if we collectively put our attention on the same law each day, we could soon reach a critical mass of successful people that could transform life on planet Earth.

"To join the GLOBAL NETWORK FOR SPIRITUAL SUCCESS, all you need to do is send your name, address and, if you like, phone number and/or email address to the post office box [listed below], and we will send you a wallet-size card with the seven laws and keep you informed as the Network develops."

P.O. Box 1001
Del Mar, CA 92014


1. Silence, Meditation, Just Be.
2. Commune with nature; Silently witness the intelligence of all things.
3. Practice non-judgement.


1. Give everyone I encounter a gift.
2. Gratefully receive all of life's gifts to me.
3. Keep wealth circulating: Wish everyone I meet happiness, joy & laughter.


1. Witness the choices I make in each moment.
2. Two Questions: "What are the consequences of this choice?" Will this choice bring fulfillment to myself and others?"
3. Ask my heart for guidance and be guided by its message of comfort or discomfort.


1. Practice acceptance: This moment is as it should be.
2. I take responsibility for my situation: I don't blame anyone, including myself; I know every problem is an opportunity in disguise.
3. I am defenseless: I give up the need to defend my point of view and remain open to all points of view.


1. I carry a list of all my desires wherever I go. I review it before silence and meditation, before sleep and when I awaken in the morning.
2. I release my list to the universe, letting things unfold in their own time and way. When things don't unfold as I expect them to, I trust that the Cosmic Plan has designs for me that are grander than mine.
3. I accept the present as it is and manifest the future through intention and desire.


1. I am detached: I allow myself and others the freedom to be as they are; I will not rigidly impose my idea of how things should be.
2. Uncertainty is essential; solutions spontaneously emerge out of confusion, disorder and chaos; the more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I feel.
3. I open myself to all possibilities and experience fun, magic and the mystery of life.


1. I carry the consciousness of Eternal Being into the earth-bound experience.
2. When I express my unique talents and use them in the service of humanity, I lose track of time and create abundance for myself and others.
3. I ask myself daily: "How can I serve? How can I help?"

Prophets & Prophecies:


Aron Abrahamsen, a well-known psychic who has been featured in such books as, "WE ARE THE EARTHQUAKE GENERATION," "PSYCHIC ARCHEOLOGY," and "POLE SHIFT," recently sent out a special reading on possible volcanic eruptions and earth changes to the people on his mailing list. About half of Abrahamsen's warning appeared in the December, 1995, issue of Gordon-Michael Scallion's newsletter, THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT.

From Aron Abrahamsen's October 31, 1995 report:

"In regards to the eruption of Vesuvius, we are here on the top of the mountain, looking down into the crater. Deep down, of course, it is very hot; the flow has begun to move to the top. Interestingly, also, the surrounding area, as we are quickly moving away from the inside of the mountain and to the surrounding area. It is very warm, even the top of the mountain is very warm. The region around the foothills is warm and in spots is hot.

"Now we will project ourself about 3 or 4 miles down. There is an eruption already in progress. For the moment it has been blocked off by large masses of plain granite stones which must melt before the magma can move farther up. The period of time it will take for it to rise to the top, will be from 45 to 90 days from this date (Oct. 31, 1995). In that period there will be an eruption, not as severe as the one which took place when Pompeii and other cities were buried. But it will be fierce enough to put fear in the people.

"...About the same time as the exploding of Vesuvius, Pelee [in Martinique] will also explode. It will appear to people as simultaneous. But there will be a short time between them. There is an underground passage way between Vesuvius and all the other volcanoes.

"...Before we go on, let me give you a word of caution: Don't be misled by the quiet before the storm. What will come will be quite devastating. Below the seabottom, quakes will be experienced which will cause tsunamis and will affect India, Japan, and many other areas. In Alaska, volcanoes will explode, and in the Aleutians. Mt Shasta, Mt. Hood, St. Helens, Rainier, and Baker, and then Alaska. It will be like fireworks. People will think the world has come to an end. But it hasn't.

"1996 will be the time to watch.

"There are other things to watch, such as the financial market. Nothing happens by itself. The market is very high with little to support it. The eruptions will affect it. So watch the market in 1996...

"The eruptions in Vesuvius and Pelee will come by the end of this year or early next year."

Just for the record, Abrahamsen, like every other psychic I know of, has been wildly incorrect about many of his predictions. He has also had a string of solid hits, both in earth change predictions and in other areas. Here is how Abrahamsen describes his errors:
"Of course, I am not always right, not because the information is incorrect, but because the way it is interpreted through my channel. As you know, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint a date from the other side; we can only hope that we have received the correct interpretation. Other than that, I have no explanation for the misses. It might at the same time also be interesting to speculate why the right answers came out. There is still so much to learn about the mechanism of this process of obtaining information psychically. Until then we must continue to do our best and give out what we are able to obtain at the same time..."

(From Chapter Twelve in POLE SHIFT by John White)

For more information about Aron Abrahamsen, his readings, current predictions and work, you may contact:

P.O. Box 919
Anacortes, WA 98221-0919
Subscriptions: (800) 891-5818
Fax: (360) 293-4815


For those of you who missed the recent INTERNATIONAL PROPHECY CONFERENCE which took place in October of 1995 in Philadelphia, a video is now available of the presentation made by Dr. Chet Snow, author of the book, "MASS DREAMS OF THE FUTURE." Called, "EARTH SHIFT: THE VIDEO," Snow's talk, which is accompanied by an informative slide show, deals with such topics as:

Significantly, Snow recently moved to Sedona, Arizona. What makes this move particularly important is that some elements of his Arizona move were apparently foreseen by a hypnotic progression Snow experienced in July of 1983 while living in California. In Snow's progression, which is recorded in Chapter One of MASS DREAMS OF THE FUTURE, "The Day the Bottom Dropped Out," Snow found himself living in Arizona ("north of Phoenix") in 1998 after much of California had been destroyed by earthquakes. Snow's vision also included various upheavals around the world, including the entire destruction of Japan. According to Snow's vision, everything started unraveling sometime between 1997 and July of 1998.

While Snow does not talk much about his Arizona visions in his EARTH SHIFT presentation, he does talk about the surprising overview that emerged from the thousands of future progressions he reported on in his book. These progressions share the viewpoint that the Earth is rapidly heading toward some kind of global collapse and that following the collapse, four distinct groups will emerge:

1. Groups of people living in high tech, artificially inclosed cities;
2. Groups of people living in artificial space stations, in space colonies, and on space ships;
3. Groups of people living in primitive, non-technical and post-disaster type settings;
4. Groups of people living in New Age type communities, complete with green houses, alternative sources of energy, nurturing environments and pleasant, beautiful surroundings
Snow, who is gearing up to write a sequel to MASS DREAMS OF THE FUTURE, recently told this reporter that he felt the current predictions of global disaster could still be avoided. While noting that many of today's planetary systems are, indeed, breaking down like various predictions said they would, Snow also pointed out that a growing number of people are becoming increasingly aware of how manifestation on this plane works. In addition, Snow also noted that a growing number of people are envisioning creative, positive futures for the planet and beginning to gather together in communal situations around the world so they can bring these new visions into manifestation.

For more information about Chet Snow, his work, and his newly released video, you can write:

Dr. Chet Snow
P.O. box 1738
Sedona, AZ 86339-1738

Price: $29.95



One more piece of Chet Snow related info. Along with authoring books and making videos, Snow also publishes a small newsletter called, "MASS DREAMS." In the November, 1995, issue of MASS DREAMS, Snow reports that FIVE NEW VERSIONS of Lori Wilkins Toye's I AM AMERICA map were presented at THE INTERNATIONAL PROPHECY CONFERENCE. According to Snow, each map represents a different level of Earth changes activity, depending on how humanity responds to the ecological and spiritual warnings that are now occurring. In Toye's "best-case" scenario, much of California and New York would be spared, while in the "worst-case," North America would be split in two and hardly anything would remain beyond the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ridges. Toye plans to publish the new maps sometime in the near future. An audio video presentation of the new information, which was recorded during the INTERNATIONAL PROPHECY CONFERENCE, is available from:

P.O. Box 2511
Payson, AZ 85547
Phone: (800) 930-1341
Fax: (520) 474-8799


Gordon-Michael Scallion Update:


Well, as most of you know, Gordon-Michael Scallion has been pretty busy lately. Shortly after a December 3rd, 1995, 8.0 earthquake struck the Kuril Islands (850 miles north of Tokyo), Scallion issued a statement saying that he felt the 8.0 Japanese earthquake was the beginning of the third phase of his repeating 4-Quake Scenario.

Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario begins with an earthquake in Japan, which triggers earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and/or South Pacific, followed by earthquakes in South America and, finally, the West Coast of America. In his October, 1995, EARTH CHANGES REPORT, Scallion wrote:

"The next cycle of the 4-Quake Scenario begins in the December, 1995-January, 1996 time frame. The average magnitude of the next cycle however, increases to 8.0 or greater. The signals to watch for the beginning of the next cycle are quakes in Japan, followed by quakes in the Indian Ocean region or the South Pacific, followed by quakes in South America, and lastly the west coast of America. Should the second quake in the cycle occur in the Indian Ocean instead of the South Pacific, then the location of the fourth quake in the cycle will be somewhere in Southern California--possibly my Palm Springs predicted event."
On January 1st, 1996, a 7.7 earthquake hit Indonesia and Scallion recorded the following statement on his ECR HOTLINE:
"This is Gordon-Michael Scallion with a special January 2nd, 1996, Earth Changes Bulletin. On January 1st, 1996, at 0805 Greenwich Mean Time, a powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.7 hit Indonesia at latitude 0.66 North, longitude 119.92 East.

"I believe this quake is the second event predicted to occur in my current 4-quake scenario. The first event occurred on December 3rd, 1995, on the Kuril Islands, with a moment magnitude of 8.0.

"Since the epicenter of this quake was between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, I cannot say for certain how the next two quakes in my scenario will play out. However, I do sense that Mexico or north-central South America are potential regions for the next quake.

"As previously stated in ECR, events will occur within weeks of each other.

"Any mega-activity in Mexico or South America should be seen as a precursor for activity in the West Coast of North America from British Columbia to San Diego."

In Scallion's most recent ECR newsletter (January, 1996), Scallion adds:
"Unlike earlier 4-Quake Scenarios, the current cycle may proceed much quicker, occurring, in some cases, within days of each event. Any activity in the Indian Ocean from this point forward should be considered a potential precursor to activity 50 miles either side of a line drawn from Vancouver, B.C., to Eureka, California, to Palm Springs, California, to San Diego, to the California Baja. Palm Springs, California continues to be a potential 'high risk' region. At press time (December 15, 1995) I am seeing visions of tsunamis off B.C., Oregon, and Washington State coastlines in '96."
Scallion is also predicting that Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna is ready to erupt. In the December, 1995 issue of ECR, Scallion writes:
"My 1992 predictions state that when BOTH Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna become active, great Earth changes will occur globally... I now sense that this region is about to erupt."

"If 1995 seemed to pass in lightning fashion, hold on, because 1996 will make 1995 seem like slow motion. The energies at play for 1996 may be related to a train that began to pull out of the station in 1995 with its wheels spinning attempting to pull the great weight coupled to its engine. In '96 the wheels stop spinning and the engine begins to gain speed. By '98 the train will have reached maximum speed.

"This analogy may give you an idea of just how powerful the energies at play will be during the second half of this decade. It is a time of instant karma. What you do in life in '96 comes back like a boomerang--not in the hereafter, or the next incarnation--but in the present, whether it be positive or negative.

"Powerful forces are at work in '96 bringing out the best and the worst of us. Everything in life will be amplified from this point forward. If you're balanced expect the greatest train ride ever. If not, expect to get off the train, receive some lessons, and hope to catch the train at the next stop in '97."

---Gordon-Michael Scallion, ECR, January, 1996

The January, 1996 issue of Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT features a long list of predictions for 1996:


1. 1996 will be the year of space discoveries.

2. Space probes will provide knowledge that some planets in our solar system--like Jupiter--are growing in size.

3. Other space probes will indicate that new and unknown forces exist on the sun.

4. An understanding of how sun spots are really created will be discovered, causing many scientists to rethink conventional scientific theories.

5. How ice ages were caused on the Earth will be discovered as a greater knowledge of the sun's magnetic cycle and solar pole shifts, are understood.

6. The origin of Jupiter and the moon will be known.

7. New propulsion systems emerge based on implosion.


1. A major paper manufacturer joins with a laser printer company to produce the world's first reusable computer paper. The paper is constructed out of magnetic fibers containing a type of toner sandwiched between insulating layers and coated on both sides. The laser printer does not use toner but relies on a magnetic charge to excite the toner in the paper and create the image. The image is permanent until fed back into the printer where the new image replaces the old.


1. Earth changes increase globally. The number of quakes greater than 7.0 breaks the record for the year. Many reach magnitude 9.0.

2. The year 1996 is to go down as one of the coldest years on record.

3. Tsunamis hit the Pacific Coast from Vancouver, B.C. to Oregon as a result of an offshore quake between 45 and 60 degrees latitude.

4. Fires sweep across the Pacific Northwest, California, Georgia, Kentucky.

5. Droughts begin in the food belt of U.S. Imperial Valley. Crops are hard hit in California and the Plains states.

6. Water levels in the oceans rise because of a melt-off above 60 degrees latitude.

7. Portions of Chicago and Detroit burn as arson and riots envelop the cities.


1. The economy declines in '96 as a result of a decline in retail sales because of extended personal credit as well as earth changes. Many disasters reach double digit billions.

2. Rare coins increase in value as collectors buy up the market.

3. Housing in key rural areas increase in value as many move away from disaster areas or cities of high crime.

4. The number of small businesses increases substantially in '96. Those that dominate these new businesses are computer software training programs; World Wide Web Internet site designers; computer consulting; specialty foods; alternative health care; exercise and stress reduction clinics; walk-in clinics of all types; career counselling and testing; and newsletters, such as investment, rural living, and self-sufficiency.

5. Retail sales decline in U.S. Computers and automobile sales are hardest hit. Expect drastic price reductions and rebates.


1. Egypt continues to be the focus of ancient discoveries as the age of technological man is proven to be much older than thought.

2. New discoveries in the Holy Land refer to the Lost Tribe of Israel.

3. In the Americas, new discoveries date the pyramid builders of the United States to over 5,000 years. Expect discoveries to occur in the south.


1. UFO sightings increase and more television shows air never-before seen footage of alien craft.

2. U.S. Government admits to the existence of classified documents relating to UFO's.

3. Crop circles expand to include new symbols-- pyramid shapes and star charts.

4. Angelic sightings and experiences increase globally. Messages from saints and Native American spirit warriors appear on the same night to many individuals and groups. The common message: Return to God, honor the Earth and her creatures and love one another for time is short.

5. Strange balls of light are seen coming from the waters of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It will be discovered that they are caused by electrical activity in the ocean floor as a result of tectonic pressure, thermal activity, and magma breaking through the crust.


1. Doctors report a significant increase in patients reporting electrical sensations. The cause will eventually be traced to the discharge of high pulses of electromagnetic energy generated within the Earth.

2. Vision quest and reincarnation centers emerge as thousands seek to find their real purpose in life.


1. Nuclear catastrophe in U.S.

2. Quakes in Palm Springs, California.

3. Quakes in the New Madrid Fault.

4. Crustal slips in Ring of Fire because of super mega quake.

5. New England to experience three seasons instead of four.

6. Global temperature decrease--a minimum of a half-degree.

7. Volcanic ash fall-out to encompass the whole planet in 96-'97.

That's what Scallion is predicting for 1996. Sometime soon, we will be revisiting his predictions for 1995 and seeing how many of his predictions for 1995 actually came true.


Gordon-Michael Scallion finally has his own web site. While the ECR web site presently contains only general information on Scallion, and his work, Scallion is planning to expand his web site to include special bulletins, similar to those presently available via phone. Scallion still does not have a public email address.



Scallion's popular newsletter, THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT, added 2,632 new subscribers last month. According to Scallion, "We continually receive new subscribers with notes attached saying that it was through a current ECR subscriber they found us. I continue to marvel at the way the 'grass roots' system works. To me it is an example of a 'thought colony' in action. It has been this process alone that has enabled ECR to continue. ECR does no outside advertising, nor does it accept donations, but relies entirely on subscriber support."

Meanwhile, Scallion is planning to release a new "FUTURE MAP OF THE WORLD" this spring and is also moving ahead with plans to launch a new radio program called, "TIMESTREAM." The TIMESTREAM series will focus on topics ranging from ancient civilization to life in the new millennium. It will be produced in Scallion's new, state-of-the-art digital, audio and video recording facility that comes complete with a satellite hookup.


In previous News Briefs, I reported that Scallion had abandoned his 900 earth changes hotline number "because of lack of interest" and launched a new 900 hotline dedicated to helping people test and develop their intuitive abilities. Then Scallion decided to use his new 900 ECR AUDIOTEXT NETWORK as a psychic hotline AND as an earth changes hotline. Now Scallion has changed things again. If you call his old 900 number (900-903-2745), here is what the new message says:

"This is Gordon-Michael Scallion with a special bulletin to inform our call-in audience of the changes in the ECR Hotline.

"On December 27, 1995, this hotline was changed to a free service. The only charges to a caller now are normal long distance charges.

"The new ECR Hotline service not only makes this service more affordable to current callers, it now enables anyone in the World with a touch-tone phone to access this service. Our previous 900 number service restricted access to the U.S. only, and some cities within the U.S. were 900 number blocked.

"In the past, Matrix Institute, publishers of ECR, attempted to keep our subscribers updated weekly with information to our previous 900 number service. While people have availed themselves of this weekly service, the usage has been primarily dictated by events going on in the world.

"If there was a lot of Earth Change activity, the amount of calls was high. But if things were quiet in the world, the usage would drop off considerably. Because of this inconsistency in volume, cost to maintain our previous service was very high.

"Our new service corrects this difficulty by providing special Earth Change bulletins, by me, any time one of my predictions has occurred or is in the process of occurring, such as my current four-quake scenario. Special bulletins will be announced in the preamble, again, only if and when a significant Earth Change event occurs.

"I will provide a mid-month ECR Update on the 15th of each month regardless of Earth Change activity in the world.

"Another new service on the new ECR Hotline is a preview of what can be found in the next issue of ECR. This bulletin is provided by Cynthia Keyes, and is updated on the first of each month.

"In closing, please feel free to pass along or post on bulletin boards our new hotline number to anyone you feel that may benefit from it."



The Matrix Institute
P.O. Box 336
Chesterfield, NH 03443-0336
(800) 628-7493

The Earth Changes Report:
Subscription $36.00 a year (12 issues)

This report on Gordon-Michael Scallion was prepared by David Sunfellow, with the help of David Block (who recorded and transcribed the Scallion hotline updates included in this article).

Earth Changes:


Around midnight on January 27, 1700, Japan's Pacific coast suddenly rose seven feet and stayed that way for many hours. The unexpected tsunami washed through houses and flooded rice paddies up and down the coast. Where did the tidal wave come from? Kenji Satake of the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF JAPAN believes that the Japanese tsunami was produced by a giant earthquake that occurred ten hours earlier and 5,000 miles away in the Pacific Northwest. Satake believes the wave was produced by a magnitude 9 earthquake that rocked the coast all the way from northern California to Vancouver Island.

Satake and other scientists also believe the quake, which was centered on a fault just offshore called the Cascadia Subduction Zone, generated a much larger tsunami along the North American coast. In marshes located as much as half a mile inland, geologists Jody Bourgeois and Mary Ann Reinhart of the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, have traced a thin, unbroken sheet of sand the wave left behind. They have calculated that the wave was at least 30 feet high at the coast. Using computer models, Satake was able to determine that an 8.0 earthquake would only have raised the seas in Japan by one foot, or less. A 9 magnitude quake, on the other hand, would have raised the seas seven feet.

Along with solving the mystery of the 1700 Japanese tsunami, Satake's research has also helped scientists understand just how large a quake the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which runs near the cities of Portland and Seattle, is capable of producing. If a 9 magnitude quake struck the Pacific Northwest today, it would be catastrophic.

---Discover Magazine, January, 1996 (DS)


Using images from the EUROPEAN SATELLITE RES-1, which sweeps a radar beam over the ground and collects echoes as it orbits the Earth, French researchers have been able to measure the shape of a volcano to within a fraction of an inch. And in measuring volcanoes, they found something surprising: Volcanoes expand before they erupt. What this means is that scientists now have a new tool to help predict volcanic eruptions. According to image specialist Didier Massonnet of the NATIONAL CENTER FOR SPACE STUDIES, "We can actually monitor most of the volcanoes of the world without moving from our office. Then, if one of the volcanoes gives signs of awakening, we can direct specialized instrumentation to it." Significantly, Massonnet is presently keeping a close eye on Mount Vesuvius and California's Long Valley Caldera.

---Discover Magazine, January, 1996 (DS)


In 1941, famed Virginia Beach psychic Edgar Cayce, laid out one of today's most commonly repeated earth change scenarios:

"Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S. In the next few years land will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many battle fields of the present will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which THE NEW ORDER will carry on their trade as one with another. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia--these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered. Then the area where the entity is now located (Virginia Beach) will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land--much of that is to be disturbed--in this land--as,of course much in other lands."

(Edgar Cayce Reading # 1152-11, 8/13/41)

While the possibility of west coast--in particular, California--earthquakes is something seismologists and the general public have known about for many years, the thought that New York City could be the site of major earthquake activity hasn't been taken very seriously--until recently.

A recent issue of NEW YORK MAGAZINE featured a cover story that took a close look at New York City's vulnerability to a major earthquake. The conclusion: While more than 80 people interviewed for the article disagreed on how big, how devastating and how soon an earthquake would strike New York City, they all agreed than an earthquake was on the way--and New York City wasn't ready for it.

Historically, two significant earthquakes have already rattled New York: one in 1737 and the other one in 1884. Both measured around 5.0 on the Richter scale. Most experts expect another earthquake, at least 5.0 on the Richter scale, will strike the New York City area. If a magnitude 5.0 quake does strike, it could produce the same effect as a 6.0 would in California.

According to Alan Kafka, a geophysicist at BOSTON COLLEGE'S WESTON OBSERVATORY, "We think we are ready for a 5. But that's a California 5. Our 5, when it comes, won't be their 5. Our population and buildings are packed so densely, our city infrastructure is so old, that a New York 5 could easily pack the wallop of a California 6."

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY seismologist Klaus Jacob adds, "Now if you go beyond 6, nobody knows what's gonna happen. A magnitude 6 would probably have the same potential to come close to what the 7 did in Kobe [Japan]. And if we ever would have a 7 in this area--forget it! I mean, there will be no Metropolitan Museum, no Museum of Modern Art, no Lincoln Center. Forget it. New York as we know it as a cultural, business, population institution will not exist if we have a 7."

---New York Magazine, December 11, 1995 (DS) (Article provided by David Book)


Now here's an interesting post. As reported previously in NHNE News Brief 11, Steve Newman maintains two great resources on the World Wide Web that are committed to tracking various kinds of planetary changes. In mid-December, while California was being pounded by ferocious winds and rain storms, Steve posted the following message:

"Greetings from soggy Sonoma/Napa Wine Country in California. Our severe wind and rain storm that lashed the West Coast since the weekend has caused power failures and communication outages which have prevented an update of Earthday. We are operating on emergency generator power, but the phone lines are too noisy to get a reliable upload of what material that is available. One of our satellite dishes used to collect data and stories was smashed by a fallen tree, and another is out of alignment. An attempt will be made to get a column up by Wednesday afternoon. Thanks for your patience. Steve Newman, Earthweek Author"

---Earthday, Thursday, December 14, 1995 (DS)

You can visit Steve's EARTHDAY and EARTHWEEK sites at:


A new United Nations report estimates that more than 30,000 plant and animal species now face possible extinction. The report, entitled THE GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY ASSESSMENT, was released in November at THE SECOND CONFERENCE OF PARTIES TO THE CONFERENCE ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 1,140-page report makes several attempts at estimating the human impact on other species. It says mammal extinctions this century are 40 times what fossil records show they were millions of years ago.

The rate of species extinctions since humans first walked the Earth maybe 1,000 times what would have been on the planet without human intervention. In the last four centuries, 484 animal and 654 recorded plant species have become extinct, according to the report. Nearly three times as many bird and animal species have disappeared since 1810 than in the previous two centuries. Threatened species include 533 mammals, 862 birds, 257 reptiles, 133 amphibians, 934 fishes, 2,647 insects and other invertebrates and 26,106 plants, the study found.

In addition to the increase in endangered species, the report decries the loss of genes, habitats and ecosystems. The assessment funded by the Global Environmental Facility for the UN Environment Program, is the result of work by about 1,500 scientists. It cites several reasons for the decline in species, including:

1. Human population growth and economic development that depletes biological resources.

2. Human failure to consider the long-term consequences of actions that destroy habitat, exploit natural resources and introduce non-native species.

3. Failure of economic markets to recognize the true value of maintaining the variety of species.

4. Increased human migration, travel and international trade.

5. The spread of water and air pollution.

---Associated Press
& The United Nation's Home Page:


Here is a rather bleak assessment of the current condition of our planet that appeared in the January, 1996 issue of DISCOVER MAGAZINE:

The seasonal ozone hole reemerged over the South Pole last year. In October, ozone concentrations there were a third of the historical average for the month. While ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons have been banned, black-market trade in them may slow the atmosphere's recovery.

By burning fossil fuels and using fertilizers, humans introduce more than 300 million tons of nitrogen compounds a year into the biosphere. Besides contributing to acid rain and ozone destruction, nitrogen fallout also overfertilizes some soils--endangering native grasses in America prairies and turning Dutch heaths into shrub lands.

The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is now 358 parts per million, higher than it's been for at least 160,000 years, and 27 percent higher than it was in 1800. The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation releases 6 billion tons of carbon a year. While the United States now leads the world with 1.4 billion tons of emissions, China may take first place within a few decades as its growing population burns more coal.

The Arctic is thousands of miles from major industries, but on some days the smog there rivals that of regions downwind of Los Angeles. Arctic animals, such as polar bears, have accumulated pesticides and PCB's in their tissues.

Since 1970 the amount of lead added to gasoline worldwide has dropped 75 percent, and people are healthier for it. In the United States, lead concentrations in blood dropped by 78 percent between 1976 and 1994. Other countries, however, lag behind: The worst is oil-rich Nigeria, which puts 25 times more lead in its gas than is now permitted in the United States.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, ramshackle nuclear reactors are coming to light behind the iron curtain. THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY says that four facilities in Eastern Europe and Russia, including Chernobyl, are accidents waiting to happen. Worldwide, more then 130,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel are in some kind of storage, a quarter of which is in the United States.

It has been estimated that .6 of the Earth's rain forests disappear each year, but the numbers are disputed, particularly in the Amazon. Although a recent study puts the loss there at 6,300 square miles a year--an earlier estimate had it five times as high--Brazil hasn't analyzed crucial satellite imagines since 1992. One thing is clear: the fires in Brazil in 1995--which were deliberately set to clear land--were the worst ever recorded there.

Across Russia, Europe, and the Eastern United States, forests have been holding steady or even expanding in recent years. In Vermont, forest cover has risen from 35 percent to 80 percent since 1850. The causes include the abandonment of farms, government protection, and commercial planting. The established forests, though, are often too fragmented to allow the natural fauna to reemerge. And with the fall of the Soviet Union, an explosion of logging may hit Siberian forests.

By draining swamps to build farms and houses, and by harvesting bogs for peat, humans are believed to have destroyed 50 percent of the Earth's wetlands. In some places, like California's Central Valley, the figure is 99 percent. Wetlands are havens for many species and are also natural wastewater treatment plants.

Land degradation by soil erosion, overgrazing, and the like has affected 43 percent of all vegetated land on Earth. In Australia, a whopping 70 percent of agricultural land has been degraded.

In 1952 the Cuyahoga River made history by catching fire. But these days both the Cuyahoga and other American rivers and lakes are far cleaner. Even so, 40 percent of America's lakes still remain unfit for swimming and other uses.

The clash between Spain and Canada over fishing rights off Newfoundland last spring dramatized the global crisis of overfishing. Fish catches from all oceans except the Indian are in decline. New research suggests that fish stocks have not fallen below a fatal threshold. If we fish less, the oceans will rebound.

Undisturbed habitats are disappearing all over the world. More than half of the Serengeti, for instance, which is home to elephants, lions, giraffes, and other large animals, has been disrupted since 1920 by farming, poaching, and other human activities.

The sperm count of Parisian men has declined by 32 percent in 20 years. In industrialized countries, rates of testicular cancer are on the rise. It has been speculated that pollutants like DDT and dioxins might be responsible because they may mimic or disrupt hormones.

The world's refugee population has been skyrocketing. It now stands at 23 million, 2 million of whom are Rwandans fleeing their country's civil war. Rwandan camps in Zaire and Tanzania have been struck by dysentery and cholera, and as the refugees strip the land of vegetation, they threaten already vulnerable species, such as the mountain gorilla. Before the civil war, Rwanda embodied the population crisis rather than the refugee crisis: its fertility rate of 8.5 children per woman was the world's highest.

Wind power, sometimes noisy, but otherwise pollution-free, currently provides only .1 percent of the world's electricity, but its use is exploding. Developing countries in particular are embracing it: India, for example, has more than tripled its wind energy capacity in the last two years.

---Discover Magazine, January, 1996 (DS)


While the preceding article might lead us to believe that almost everything about the Earth's environment is getting worse, an article that appeared in the June, 1994, issue of THE EUROPEAN deserves to a little air time, too. The article reported that a study published in the journal "SCIENCE" indicated that the Earth's air is getting cleaner!

"It seems as if the planet's own cleansing service has suddenly got a new lease of life," says Paul Novelli of the University of Colorado in the U.S., co-author of the report. Among the pollutants that have begun to disappear from the atmosphere are carbon monoxide, from car exhausts and burning rain forests, and methane, which comes from the guts of cattle, paddy fields and gas fields. Even carbon dioxide, the main gas behind global warming, fell slightly in 1992, says Novelli.

Current research indicates that carbon monoxide has undergone the most dramatic decline. Concentrations have doubled since pre-industrial times, and were rising by one to two percent a year in the 1980's. But since 1991, they have fallen by a staggering six to seven percent each year. The same trend, published by Novelli, shows up at 27 monitoring stations around the globe.

The main planetary clean-up agent is a chemical called hydroxyl. It is present throughout the atmosphere in tiny quantities and removes most pollutants from the air by oxidizing them. One theory is that the atmosphere is producing more hydroxyl. Ironically, that could be because of the ozone hole, which allows more ultraviolet radiation into the lower atmosphere, where it manufactures hydroxyl. Volcanic eruptions would speed up the process as the particles released help destroy the ozone layer. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in June of 1991 released millions of tons of dust into the upper atmosphere, where it stayed for about two years--coinciding with the greatest reduction in carbon monoxide.

Another theory, backed by Novelli, is that the driving force is recent controls on vehicle exhausts in Europe and America. These may have cut the global carbon monoxide emissions enough to take the pressure off hydroxyl's clean-up duties, allowing more spare hydroxyl to clean up other pollutants.

---The European, June 10-16, 1994 (DS) (Article contributed by Bruce Fraser)


Officials in Brazil are studying the use of Zeppelin air patrols to help save the Amazon rain forest from illegal tree-cutting and burning of the jungle. Under the novel plan, which air force and environment ministries are presently studying, Zeppelins would guard the Amazonian frontiers, carry goods and passengers, and monitor any kind of emergency in the vast jungle. Joseh Seixas Lourenco, Secretary of State for the Amazon, said that airships had already been successful in Brazil during World War II when they patrolled the coast. Three foreign companies, WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION, a company based in the United States, ZEPPELIN, a German company, and Canada's HYBRID AEROSPACE are also reported to be involved in the discussions.

---Earthday, November 28, 1995 (DS)

UFO's & Abductions:


THE INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF CONTACT WITH NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE will be presenting a weekly preview of television, film and print media, covering all aspects of CNI phenomena, both fact and fiction. Whether you want the Discovery Channel's latest documentary on UFOs, or the worst Sci-Fi film of the week, MEDIA WATCH plans to preview it. MEDIA WATCH is scheduled to launch Friday, January 5, 1996 at the ISCNI Web Site:

Look for this new feature under "What's New."



Ed Komarek is running for Congress in California. What distinguishes Ed from all the other political candidates in California (and elsewhere for that matter) is his focus on UFO's. According to Komarek, "The two greatest issues facing the human race today are over population that results in environmental degradation and the impact of the reality of cosmic, spacefaring civilizations on Earth societies."

Komarek is co-founder of OPERATION RIGHT TO KNOW, a UFO political activist group. According to Komarek, both he, and fellow ORTK co-founder, Mike Jamieson, decided to run for Congress as a "further assault upon the wall of denial and ridicule surrounding the UFO subject."

---Dean Polling, Thompson News Service
via the ISCNI*Flash, Vol. 1, No. 19, December 16, 1995

Spiritual Communities:

"An 'ecovillage' is a human-scale, full-featured settlement which harmlessly integrates human activities into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future."



FINDHORN, the famous spiritual community that was founded in 1962 in northeast Scotland by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy McLean, recently served as host to THE INTERNATIONAL ECO-VILLAGE CONFERENCE. The conference, which took place from October 7-13, 1995, was completely booked TWO FULL MONTHS in advance and ended up drawing 400 participants from 40 countries. More than 300 people had to be turned away because of lack of space. It was the largest gathering ever held at FINDHORN. The conference was sponsored by THE FINDHORN FOUNDATION, THE CONTEXT INSTITUTE, and UNESCO, and co-organized by John Talbott (the FINDHORN ECO-VILLAGE PROJECT Focalizer) and Diane Gilman (CONTEXT INSTITUTE co-founder).

According to a report that appeared in the current issue of COMMUNITIES, "the conference program was enough to take the breath away of anyone with even a cursory interest in eco-villages. Many attendees were 'full' before the second day."

Along with presenting speeches by some of the world's top eco-village proponents, the conference also featured a series of practical workshops and demonstrations. Strawbale and "Earth Houses" were built, Findhorn's "Living Machine" (a biological sewage treatment system) was completed, and conference participants also participated in meditation, singing, dancing, dream work, sweat lodges, suanas and other activities. Many workshops were held in Findhorn members' homes and workspaces.

As a community, FINDHORN is 33 years old. It began transforming itself into an "eco-village" five years ago. Coupled with the efforts of other well-known, and well-established spiritual communities (like THE FARM in Tennessee, for example), a growing international eco-village network is rapidly emerging all over the world.

For more information about the recent FINDHORN ECO-VILLAGE CONFERENCE, you can visit the ECO-VILLAGE INFORMATION SERVICE at:

Or write FINDHORN:
The Park, Findhorn, Moray IV36 OTZ, Scotland
Phone: 01309-690-110
Fax: 01309-690-933

Or contact LOIS ARKIN
(the author of the COMMUNITIES MAGAZINE article)
(213) 738-1254

---Communities: Journal of Cooperative Living, Winter, 1995 (DS)

Holistic Health:


If you haven't already switched to eating strictly organic, here's a list of the most toxic commercially grown fruits and vegetables:

Bell peppers
Mexican Cantaloupes
Green Beans

---Time, December 4, 1995 (DS)

Current Events:


Okay, you start a movement based on the expectation that Jesus will be returning to Earth any minute. In fact, you are so sure Christ is ready to return that you predict the exact day of His appearance and gather your followers atop a hill to await His triumphant return. When He fails to show up the first time, you come up with another date, and then another--FOUR DIFFERENT DATES IN ALL, all of which fail to produce the Messiah. If you are an average end-time organization your credibility is shot and you probably go up in flames. If, on the other hand, you happen to be THE JEHOVAH WITNESSES, then you take it on the chin, and adapt; you dig in for the long haul and stop trying to predict when Christ will return.

In the early days of the movement, most Witnesses weren't particularly interested in saving money, starting careers, or making burial plans. They believed that Christ would come in their lifetime and acted accordingly. But now that the Witnesses have publicly declared in their flagship magazine, THE WATCHTOWER, that "no one knows the day and the hour" of Christ's return, they are beginning to concentrate on making their time here on Earth more productive--and comfortable. Case in point: The church recently completed building a 670 acre educational center in rural New York state that includes 624 apartments, garages for up to 800 cars, and a dining facility that accommodates 1,600 people in one sitting.

So far, the radical about-face shift in philosophical orientation has produced no noticeable decline in the organization, which numbers 5.1 million world wide. But outsiders may not know what kind of trouble the new shift has produced inside the church, because the Witnesses rarely air their differences with outsiders.

---Newsweek, December 18, 1995 (DS)


The spirit seems to be on the move everywhere these days--even in mainstream politics.

In Sweden, Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, a cancer researcher and founder of THE NATURAL STEP, has created a society-wide consensus-building program based on systems thinking and continuing dialogue.

Robert began his initiative by circulating the draft of a scientific report on the state of the environment. When another scientist criticized it, Robert didn't fight back. Instead, he invited the scientist that had criticized his report, along with other Swedish scientists, to offer suggestions about how to improve it. Before long, Robert managed to bring Swedens scientists to a consensus on the cause of environmental problems, as well as the solution. With the help of Sweden's media and Department of Education, the consensual report was then shared with every household in Sweden. The result: Twenty of Sweden's major corporations are now phasing out all use of petroleum products, unrecycled minerals, and non-biodegradable compounds. These same corporations are also developing ecologically sustainable farming and forestry methods and are lobbying the Swedish Parliament to pass "green taxes" (taxes on pollution and overuse of energy). In addition, similar NATURAL STEP programs are now developing in Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, and the United States.

Another Swedish trailblazer has founded a new political party which is committed to letting "intuition be the guide in political work." Ulf Wahlstrom is the founder of Sweden's new "ENHET (Unity) PARTY." The party's major emphasis is on human relations, spiritual development and self-sufficiency. It also promotes environmentally sustainable policies, disarmament, and an economy without interest, inflation, or speculation. Significantly, Wahlstrom teaches courses on the popular spiritual classic, "A COURSE IN MIRACLES."

In England, James Traeger and Johan Quanjer have started "THE SPIRIT OF EUROPE MOVEMENT." This new movement promotes an idea called "Pneumatocracy," which means "the rule of Spirit" or "soul rule." It is based on a "unity in diversity" approach, which honors many paths to God and emphasizes the unity of mind, body, soul, and spirit. It has been very supportive of the European Union and a common currency and promotes the creation of a new European Presidency. Quanjer recently ran (unsuccessfully, but much supported) for the European Parliament in the recent European Union elections in Britain. Elizabeth Huddleston, an American woman living in Missouri, plans to run on a similar platform for the United States Senate in 1998.

Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio, while Ross Perot's REFORM PARTY failed to make the ballot for the 1996 Ohio presidential primary, the followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi filed enough signatures to get their party, THE NATURAL LAW PARTY, on the ballot, along with their presidential candidate, John Hagelin, a physician. During the 1992 election campaign, Hagelin and his running mate, Mike Tompkins, along with more than 175 other NATURAL LAW PARTY candidates who ran for state and federal office, made U.S. history. The Party was on the ballot in 32 states and was only the third political party, after the Republicans and Democrats, to achieve national party status and receive federal matching funds. Among other things, THE NATURAL LAW PARTY advocates an end to negative campaigning and partisan politics ("conflict-free" politics), natural, sustainable agricultural practices that produce food without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, natural health care, renewable energy and innovative educational methods.

The flood gates appear to be opening.

The Natural Step in the United States:

The Natural Law Party Home Page:

Dr. John Hagelin for President, 1996:

---Communities: Journal of Cooperative Living, Winter, 1995; Reuters (DS)


While a growing number of corporations are making a sincere effort to heal the planet, others are still spending a lot of time (and money) trying to "look" like they are helping when, in fact, they are some of planet Earth's worst villains. Typically, "greenwashing" companies will claim (often via multi-million dollar advertising campaigns) that they are helping preserve rain forests by preserving an exotic species of plant. What they don't say is that they wiped out an entire eco-system, including acres of ancient trees, to make room for the single exotic plant they wanted to cultivate. Many of these companies also publicly declare themselves to be friends of the environment while, at the same time, spend millions of dollars behind-the-scenes to fight public initiatives (and candidates) that are seeking real environmental protection.

According to AMERICANS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT (AFE), environmental initiatives were defeated in several states in 1992 because several corporations were able to create and fund oppositional front groups. In Massachusetts alone, a consortium of companies including THE AMERICAN PAPER INSTITUTE, DOW CHEMICAL, OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL, UNION CARBIDE, EXXON CHEMICALS, THE GROCERY MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA, and MOBILE OIL outspent environmental groups thirteen to one, contributing nearly $6 million to defeat a recycling initiative. In Ohio, the corporations outspent environmentalists thirty-three to one!

What can be done to stop this kind of two-faced behavior?

THE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION suggests that we redesign laws to hold individual managers and investors liable for corporate actions, revoke the corporate charter of those companies that continually cause environmental damage, and encourage consumers to put their money where their mouth is (write letters, sign petitions, participate in protests and, perhaps most importantly, don't buy the products of offending companies until they have become as green as they publicly claim they are).

---The Other Side, November/December, 1995 (DS) (Article contributed by Susan Perry)


Tired of going shopping and returning home feeling like you have been run over by a couple trucks? A new holistic mall may be what you are waiting for.

THE HEALTH & FITNESS MALL opened this fall in Atlanta, Georgia. The first of its kind, the new mall will be home to some 70 shops and services, including holistic physicians, natural food stores, a seminar center, a juice bar, an herb shop, as well as a traditional gym and sporting-good stores. If things go well, the new mall plans to duplicate their holistic health mall concept around the country.

---New Age Journal, December, 1995 (DS)


Geologists at Australia's ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY believe that more than 600 million years ago, days were just 21 hours long. When dinosaurs first appeared 250 million years ago, days were up to 23 hours. Dr. Leslie Morrison of Britain's Royal Greenwich Observatory also analyzed records of lunar and solar eclipses to calculated that the world spun much faster in earlier epochs. THE CENTRAL BUREAU OF INTERNATIONAL EARTH ROTATION SERVICE in Paris is expected to make another adjustment to our current Earth time at the end of this month by adding an extra second at the stroke of midnight on New Years Day.

---Earthday, December 18, 1995


Here's some bad news rabid STAR TREK fans.

Sociologists from THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHUMBRIA in Britain say that at least one in ten fans of the cult science fiction series "Star Trek" is a maladjusted figure whose addiction is obsessive. Their finding is based on interviews with fans who attended Star Trek conventions.

---Reuters, 12/20/95 (DS)



Is the Information Superhighway beginning to do away with printing presses, like printing presses did away with scribes? Maybe, and there's at least one group of monks who aren't going to be left behind a second time.

CHRIST IN THE DESERT, a community of 25 Benedictine monks in New Mexico has set up a web site that gives you the opportunity to ask for prayers, do biblical research, consider a vocation as a monk and, if you are looking for some spiritual web programmers with a long tradition of scribing, help you create your own web site!

According to the CHRIST IN THE DESERT web site, "For over 1,500 years monks have combined words with art to produce publications of subtle beauty. Today, at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, we bring this tradition to the World Wide Web and we offer this tradition to you. We can help you design and publish web pages that possess uncommonly high artistic and editorial beauty."

If you are interested in visiting this unique site, the URL is:

If you are interested in hiring some cutting-edge Benedictine monks to program your web site, write:

If you are interested in requesting prayers, write:

---Newsweek, December 11, 1995 (DS)


Microsoft Corp and NBC have formed an alliance to produce an all-news channel to go head to head with CNN. This comes just after the ABC announcement of an all-news channel beginning in 1997. The Microsoft deal has them investing $220 million over the next five years, giving them a 50% stake in the new news service. The new channel will be called MSNBC. Along with this initial investment, both companies will sink another $200 million into the development of the cable channel and a supporting online service. Microsoft will likely use this deal to try and give themselves an edge in the expanding Internet arena.

---Breaking News, Friday, December 15, 1995 (DS)


"The MILLENNIUM MATTERS..." covers just about everything all of us are interested in: Planetary transformation, prophecy, ancient civilizations, modern enigmas, earth changes, UFO's and abductions, crop circles, conspiracies, communities, holistic healing. And they do it in several different ways: They have a beautiful home base on the World Wide Web; they publish postings from their popular AMERICA ONLINE folder (located in the NEW AGE section of the RELIGION & ETHICS FORUM) and, most recently, they have also started a new Usenet newsgroup called "alt.future.millennium," which all of us at NHNE have been invited to share with them.

The main force behind THE MILLENNIUM MATTERS is Judith Paulson. She started THE MILLENNIUM MATTERS project in November of 1994 and has since been joined in the mailing list, newsgroup, and web site by Michael Connolly (co-creator of the website, Spirit editor), (Gaia editor), Glen Boyd (MMChat host, UFO editor) and Burt Jessop (Intentional Communities and Alternative Healing editor).

World Wide Web:

To receive information about "The MILLENNIUM MATTERS..." mailing list (full or digest), newsgroup, or website, you can write Judith at:


Norvell E. Von Behren, Director of THE HOUSE OF DAVID in Littleton, Colorado, publishes information from a variety of sources concerning earth changes. THE HOUSE OF DAVID is a non-profit Teaching Group that is not associated with any religious group or denomination. EARTH CHANGES PROPHECIES is presently available via regular mail, email, and is also posted on the MIND BODY SPIRIT GROUP web site. For those of you who are interested, Behren's email newsletter is one of the fastest sources of current earth changes material presently available on the Internet. He published a complete transcript of Scallion's recent interview with Art Bell almost as soon as the interview had been aired. He also managed to post information from Scallion's current EARTH CHANGES REPORT newsletter before it reached many of Scallion's subscribers via regular mail.

World Wide Web:


Regular Mail:
Norvell E. Von Behren, Director
7463 S. Marion Street, Littleton, CO 80122
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Ken Davis is Australia's most successful composer of relaxation, ambient and environmental music. His music features the pan flute, piano and nature sounds. Over one million people worldwide now listen to his music daily.


Welcome to all CBUs and dancing particles on the spiritual path! Explore a garden of tips, treasures and divine surprises.

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