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NHNE News Brief 15
Friday, June 7, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


A Hasidic Saying

A Formidable Task

"Zero Point" Interview
Global Perspective

Huge Lake Discovered Under Antarctic Ice
Aussie Tidal Wave Threat Real
Pyramid for Rent

Shroud of Turin: Authentic After All?
Bigfoot Film a Hoax

Chinese Pyramids Update
Sphinx & Pyramid Chambers Update

4-Quake Scenario & Mt. Rainier Update
Divine Choreography

Near Miss by Killer Asteroid
Dams and the Earth's Rotation
New Planetary Power Grid?

Alien Research Group Expands

Trial by Fire: Fortuna & the FTC

Heal the Earth as One: June 7-8
Star Knowledge Conference: June 12-15
World Peace & Prayer Day: June 21
I Am America Prophecy Conference: June 22 & 23

The Mysterious Origins of Man (Repeat): June 8

Developing Stories
Upcoming Special Reports (for NHNE Subscribers)

Options For Growth




"A man must have two pockets into which he can reach at one time or another according to his needs. In his right pocket he must keep the words: 'For my sake was the world created.' And in his left: 'I am dust and ashes.'"


By James Gregory (JG)

Just one week into our new weekly format, and David and I are realizing what a formidable task it is to keep cranking out a News Brief every seven days. It seems that as soon as one issue is finished and sent out, the deadline for the next one is breathing down our necks. It is, however, a job that we feel is important. We are committed to providing you, our readers and supporters, with accurate, useful, and well-written news stories week after week. We are also having the time of our lives. It's exciting living on the cutting edge, seeing news as it is happening and being in touch with the people who are directly involved.

In this pursuit of excellence, we are planning a number of changes to make this publication even more interesting and dynamic. For example, we want to hear what you think about items in the News Brief. In this issue we start printing letters from readers we feel have something important to share. Write to me at "" and we will publish your comments as space and time permit.

We need your help as well. Take a look at the list of stories still in the development stage located at the end of the News Brief. We aren't able to publish these yet because we don't have enough information, or because we haven't been able to verify the facts. If you have news on any of these topics, we'd like to hear from you ( On the Internet, everyone has the chance of being a reporter.

And finally, we want to share our abundance with you. Starting in July, we intend to share our profits with those people who help us produce the News Brief and those who support our work by selling subscriptions and arranging for donations and sponsors. We'll be sharing more about this in future issues.

James Gregory (JG)



"While I personally think the reviewer of Gregg Braden's book, "Awakening to Zero Point," clearly MISREPRESENTED some of what he claims Gregg said, he also made some good points. A lot of people have had a hard time getting into the book and plenty have had trouble understanding what was being said. It is important to point out that the book was only written AFTER Braden had begun doing the seminars, to fill a plea from workshop participants for more info than was in the classes. It was never his intention that the book be out before the public without the background of the workshop. Gregg seems to be generally a person of integrity.

"We all see what we need to or want to see when we pursue understanding. It certainly does not diminish the tremendous power of the experience of one of Gregg's workshops... nor will it change too many of the minds of those who have had that experience."

--- Name withheld by request



"Congratulation with the new initiatives - I'm very impressed with the quality and quantity of information and news. The only 'complaint' I have is the fact that some of it (very naturally) is of very specific local American interest (well sort of). I guess it could keep some of us Europeans away from subscribing (read 'paying')."

In light

Kim Hjortholm
Copenhagen, Denmark

[Good point. We'll try to be more global in our coverage in the future. JG]


(Source: New York Times, the Arizona Republic, 5/25/96)

Using radio and seismic waves, scientists have verified the existence of at least 70 fresh water lakes thousands of feet under the Antarctic ice cap. The largest lake measures 140 miles long and 30 miles wide. Polar researchers are puzzled as to their origin and are eager to drill down through the ice to study them. Problem: how to avoid contaminating the fossil water which has possibly remained unchanged for a million years? (JG)


(Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 2/19/96)

Residents of Sydney, Australia are more likely to pay attention to psychic predictions of killer tidal waves now that geoscientists at THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG have discovered evidence that eastern Australia has been hit regularly by huge waves. The most recent was 250 to 300 years ago, when a 360-foot tsunami struck the coastline of New South Wales. A wave that size hitting eastern Australia today could wipe out 50% of the population of the country. (JG)


(Source: Atlantis Rising #6)

In a search for creative ways to raise money, THE EGYPTIAN DEPARTMENT OF ANTIQUITIES (EDA), has decided to rent the Great Pyramid. For $450 your group can have the run of the pyramid from closing time until opening time the next morning. The action was in response to pressure from mystics wanting to spend more private time in the Great Pyramid. [For more information on other money-making efforts of the EDA, see our article in ANCIENT CIVILIZATION WATCH of this issue.] (JG)


(Source: Associated Press, The Arizona Republic, 5/22,96)

In 1988, the Shroud of Turin, an ancient cloth many believe to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus, was declared a fake by three different laboratories. All three laboratories carbon-14 dated the Shroud and found it to be some 1200 years younger than it should have been.

Now scientists have discovered that bacteria and fungi in ancient textiles may throw off the carbon dating by hundreds and even thousands of years. "Radiocarbon dating of ancient textiles is not a reliable test," says Dr. Leoncio Garza-Valdes, one of the researchers who presented their findings at the May 21 meeting of THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MICROBIOLOGY in New Orleans. The Shroud could possibly date back to the time of Christ after all.

[For more information on the Shroud, see our special article on the Shroud of Turin, posted on our web site ( and stay tuned. We will present a longer article on this important topic in our next News Brief.] (JG)


(Source: ISCNI*Flash, 6/1/96 and USA Today, 6/5/96)

In 1967, a man named Roger Patterson claimed he had filmed a Bigfoot. Patterson's film created a sensation when it first came out and went on to become the most famous and well-known Bigfoot films of all time. Numerous experts, unable to explain the creature's peculiar gait, concluded it probably wasn't a human in a costume. Now, however, a person has come forward who claims to have helped fabricate the film.

Harry Kemball, Director and Screenwriter at Golden Eagle Productions told THE 'X' CHRONICLES researchers that he was at the CanWest 16 mm Film Editing Room in 1967 when Roger Patterson and his friends fabricated the hoax.

One of Kemball's extra-tall buddies played the role of Bigfoot. According to Kemball, they all laughed and joked about the rental of the gorilla costume and the construction of the big feet. Patterson and his crew chose muddy ground so that the footprints would expand.

The film crew shot the scene on 16mm Kodak EF High Speed Color Positive film stock and then force-processed the film in so-called "Hot Soup" to enlarge the film grain to add to the sense of mystery. A shaky camera zoom with the right amount of "out of focus" completed the deception.

Kemball states, "This creature does not and never has existed." The 'X' CHRONICLES is in possession of a signed statement by Kemball attesting to the facts stated here.

This development comes at a time when interest in Bigfoot is at an all-time high. Visits to the three main World Wide Web Bigfoot sites have increased dramatically. One of the big three, THE BIGFOOT RESEARCH PROJECT, can be reached at: http://www.teleport .com/~tbrp. Their hotline (1-800-BIG-FOOT) rings constantly and, although it's accessible only in the Bigfoot-prone Northwest, the four-person project staff fielded about 4,000 calls last month alone. (JG)


(Source: ISCNI*Flash, 5/16/96)

[In last week's News Brief, we reported that pyramids had been discovered in China. Here is some additional information.]

China may have a pyramid larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza and more than a dozen of comparable size, all previously unknown to the Western World. This incredible information was presented by a relatively unknown researcher, Hartwig Hausdorf, at a STARDATE ONE SETI conference held in London on May 4.

Hausdorf was one of the speakers at the conference. It is not clear why he was the first westerner allowed on the site of the "White Pyramids" in Xian Province in central China, but he came back with video footage to verify his claim. One clip showed him standing on top of a pyramid with 17 others visible around it. He claims that there are 90 pyramids in total ranging in height from 35 to 90 meters (115 to 320 feet), plus one located 50 km (30 miles) southwest of the town of Xian which is a colossal 300 meters (980 feet), making it bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The design of the Chinese pyramids is similar to those in Mexico; they are made of piled earth with stepped sides. Most have their tops levelled off and some are rectangular rather than square.

There are a number of factors involved as to why we are only now learning of the existence of the pyramids. There is a sketchy account of a American pilot spotting the largest pyramid when he found himself flying off course in the area during World War II. He photographed the feature and submitted a report which was filed away and forgotten.

China's Cultural Revolution wiped out all references to the pyramid fields of Xian. Indeed, influenced by Chairman Mao's decree that all relics of the rich landhoarders should be obliterated, the Chinese even started a program to plant trees on the mounds to give them the appearance of hills in an attempt to forget that they ever existed.

Probably the most compelling reason for the secrecy is the fact that the largest of the pyramids is not far from a secret Chinese rocket base. For decades, no foreigners were issued permits to travel anywhere near the site.

The local archaeologist/museum curator in Xian said that there is no money or direction to delve into the origin of the pyramids. His comment on the situation was, "It will have to be for the next generation, if at all."

Hausdorf's findings are recorded in his book, "The White Pyramids," which at this time is available only in German. (JG)


(Source: MMList, 5/29/96)

[Last week we ran a headline about opening up secret chambers in the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. Here is an more information.]

There are two suspected chambers under the Sphinx - one is between the paws and the other is at the back end of the monolith. Both subterranean chambers registered on a seismic survey of the site by John Anthony West as three-dimensional rectangles indicating a man-made origin. The presence of the front chamber has been confirmed by a geomagnetic survey.

The door in the Great Pyramid is at the end of the southern shaft of the Queen's Chamber. David Keys, archaeological correspondent, adds that the door is made of yellow limestone and is of a portcullis design, meaning that it opens by sliding up into a cavity in the ceiling. There is a 2 mm gap between the door and the wall. Black dust, apparently made up of decaying organic material like plant and textile fibers, has blown out of the chamber through the gap. The existence of air currents within the mystery room suggests it is of substantial size.

Egypt's DEPARTMENT OF ANTIQUITIES (EDA) has awarded licenses to open both the room beneath the paws of the Sphinx and in the Queen's Chamber. The shaft door in the Great Pyramid is due to be opened in September and work has already begun on the door to the Sphinx chamber. Parties involved include THE SCHOR FOUNDATION and FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY. There is no plan at this time to open the chamber at the back of the Sphinx.

TV companies are expected to pay £10 million to cover the event. Traditional archaeologists working on the site, such as John Anthony West, are concerned that all the commercial hoopla will hijack their work. (JG)



Here's what Scallion had to say in the May issue of his EARTH CHANGES REPORT (ECR) newsletter: "I sense that a series of quakes will hit the West Coast of the United States this April or May, and that one of these will hit the Los Angeles area with a magnitude 7.7 or greater. This may, or may not, be my predicted Palm Springs 9.0 quake. I also see quakes greater than magnitude 6.0 occurring in the Cascade Range in Oregon and Washington during the same time frame."

As noted in our last News Brief, Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario prediction for April or May, didn't happen.

Here is what he is saying this month (June, 1996):

"At ECR editorial deadline (May 15) no other significant earthquakes have occurred along the West Coast of the United States. I continue to sense a build up of tectonic forces in the region and expect further quake, or volcanic activity to occur shortly."

Scallion also believes that the 5.4 earthquake that hit the Seattle area on May 3 is a precursor to Mt. Rainier erupting "within months." Rainier is located about 60 miles from Seattle. (DS)



From the time THE MATRIX INSTITUTE began publishing the EARTH CHANGES REPORT, the editors, Gordon Michael Scallion and Cynthia Keyes, have been faced with the challenge of how to best present information that, on the one hand is important, yet on the other, disturbing. Understandably, the idea of cataclysmic changes causes fear in the hearts of many. The question is, what is the appropriate response to this information? Here is a summary of what Scallion and Keyes have to say about this important topic in the current issue of ECR (June, 1996):

---The first thing to keep in mind is that the Earth is a dynamic planet. There is a divine choreography expressed in the myriad cycles of animal, plant and mineral on this life-sustaining wonder we call Earth.

---The only changes that pose a problem for Earth are those wrought by man. We have managed to create a witch's brew of unnatural substances which the Earth cannot recycle, we've damaged the environment, and performed dangerous experiments with nuclear detonations and electromagnetic waves. It may be that the only way for the Earth to regain a balanced state is through changes that could only be described as cataclysmic.

---So the question remains, what is the best way to respond to the possibility of serious changes on Earth? In many cases, we may be able to do little except graciously stand aside and let the changes unfold. If man was not present on the Earth, the Earth would still go through certain natural rhythms. Never-the-less, some practical preparations we can make are to stockpile items necessary for physical survival, work together within communities to prepare escape routes and emergency shelters, and eat healthy food.

---Probably the single best thing we can do is to become true partners with the Earth by increasing our awareness of the miracle of life: take a few minutes each day to observe plants, birds, animals and other human beings. This simple act places a person in harmony with others of like mind. The same effect can be achieved through meditation and prayer. There are a growing number of such like-minded people Scallion calls "Earth Healers." They have an incredible healing power.

But how are we to know where the healing energy should go? It is possible to re-direct a tornado or diminish the destruction of a volcano, but in doing so, we may go against the natural cycles of the Earth and cause more harm than good. Better to wish a healing, and then allow the creative force to decide where and how to direct that healing energy." (JG)


(Source: TIME, 6/3/96)

In late May, an asteroid one third of a mile across and moving at 58,000 miles an hour missed Earth by only 280,000 miles - a hairbreadth in astronomical terms. If the meteorite had collided with earth, it would have produced an explosion equivalent to all the US and Soviet nuclear weapons exploding in one place at the same time (3,000 to 12,000 megatons). It was the largest object ever observed to pass that close to Earth.

The near miss of Asteroid 1996JA1, as it has been catalogued, is hardly unique - neighbouring space is teeming with Near Earth Objects (NEO). So far 100 NEOs larger than 6 tenths of a mile across have been charted - any one of these would be big enough to cause the kind of world-wide extinctions that wiped out the dinosaurs. Eleanor Helin, an astronomer with the JET PROPULSION LABORATORY in Pasadena, says that there may be thousands more like 1996JA1 still waiting to be found.

Astronomers have been trying to convince the world that asteroids and comets present a real danger and have proposed a network of computer-monitored telescopes equipped with sensitive electronic cameras to seek out celestial threats to the planet in plenty of time to fend them off with long-range missiles. Most of the large ones could be cataloged within a decade given the necessary funding, but budgets are tight and congressional support is lacking. The world seems largely unconcerned with the danger of large bodies hurtling through space. NEO hunters have had to settle for $1 million a year from NASA plus whatever donations they can come up with.

It remains to be seen if the recent near-miss will change any minds.

[For more information on the dangers of asteroids, please see the article "Doomsday Asteroids" on our Web site:] (JG)


(Source: ECR, 5/96)

NASA scientist, Dr. Benjamin Choa, has reported that dams are affecting the spin of the planet. 88 reservoirs have been built since the 1950s, most of them between the equator and 45 degrees north latitude. He calculates that the reservoirs contain 10 billion metric tons of water and their presence has actually speeded up the rotation of the planet in the same way that a figure skater speeds up when she draws in her arms.

Without the water stored in reservoirs, the planet would have slowed down an additional .2 millionths a second per year for the last 40 years and the oceans would have risen 1.2 inches. Because most of the water is stored in the Northern Hemisphere, the lopsided weight has also pulled the axis of rotation 60 cm away from the North Pole. None of these minor variations poses any threat, but will have to be taken into consideration in calculating long-term changes in global motion. (JG)


(Source: Emergency Information Public Affairs, 6/5/96)

[Last week we reported on some predictions for the 1996 hurricane season, which started June 1. Here is some additional information.]

As the 1996 hurricane season begins, THE FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA) is launching its TROPICAL STORM WATCH PAGE on the Internet's World Wide Web. This is the second year for FEMA's popular online service.

"Last year we were amazed by the increasing popularity of the FEMA Web site," FEMA Director James Lee Witt said. "By the time Hurricane Opal hit Florida in late September, users checked our files more than 225,000 times in just one week. In fact, since last May, our Web site files have been accessed 5,000,000 times."

THE TROPICAL STORM WATCH PAGE offers hurricane preparedness information, fact sheets, maps and links to other key Web sites with weather satellite images, forecasts and advisories. The FEMA Web site is updated daily, ...sometimes hourly... with news releases, situation reports and graphics. As a hurricane approaches landfall, users can see the projected path of destruction and government evacuation plans.

FEMA Home Page:


By James Gregory

There has long been evidence of the planet having power points connected by lines of energy - the study of geomancy is based upon it. It is suspected that all the ancient sacred sites of the world are built over the power points: Stonehenge, the pyramids of Giza, Machu Pichu, the stone giants of Easter Island, the megalthic temples of Malta, the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon near Mexico City, as well as centers of unusual natural phenomena such as the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea off Japan. Lines of energy have been studied for millennia: in England standing stones and stone circles trace out what are known "ley lines," in Ireland they are called "fairy paths," in Germany "holy lines," the Greeks knew of them as "Sacred Roads of Hermes," the Egyptians referred them as "the Pathways of Min," the Polynesians navigated by "lines of light" in the ocean, the Hawaiians "aka threads." In China, the ancient art of Feng Shui is still practiced on "dragon currents" which affect the balance of the land in much the same way as acupuncture works with the life force of the human body.

In 1973, Russian mathematicians discovered a geometric grid pattern which appeared to link a wide number of natural phenomena into a single planetary system. Their work was based on that of American researcher, Ivan Sanderson, who had earlier identified 12 "vile vortexes" or electromagnetic energy disturbances distributed equidistant over the globe like the pattern on a soccer ball. Their framework linked Sanderson's dodecahedron (a solid made up of 12 pentagons) to an icosahedron (a solid made up of 20 triangles). These are the fourth and fifth solids in the Platonic Series after tetrahedron (four triangular sides), cube (six square sides), and octahedron (eight triangles). Fully 3,300 separate ancient monuments and sacred complexes have been directly associated with their Icosa-Dodeca Grid configuration.

Neolithic stone balls unearthed in Scotland and France show a progression from tetrahedron to dodecahedron. It is thought they were used by the Druids to teach initiates about the evolution of the planet's energy system. In the 1970s, students of Buckminister Fuller discovered that if they immersed an inflated balloon in dye while subjecting it to a vibration of fixed frequency, the dye collected at fixed points on the surface of the balloon connected by thin lines creating geometric arrangements. Curiously, when they increased the frequency, the original points and lines disappeared only to be replaced by new dye points and lines of a more complex configuration. It appears the same thing is happening to our planet - like the dye points on the balloon responding to a change in frequency, the planet's power grid is morphing into a new structure as the Shumann Resonance (the planetary vibration) increases.

Based on the evidence at hand, it is Joseph Jochmans' conclusion that the Russians' planetary grid of the icosa-doecahedron is being replaced by new one based on a double penta-dodecahedron (a solid made of 24 pentacles or five-pointed stars). The energy shifts in the planet are causing corresponding transformations in the consciousness of humanity as a whole and the strange and wonderful natural phenomena we see happening around us are simply signposts for the metamorphosis of the planet.

In related research, Nassim Haramein, claims in his soon-to-be-published book, "The Harmonic Sphere - The End of a Cycle," to have decoded the very fabric of the universe. As his understanding of the concept grew, his model evolved from a simple double tetrahedron to an isotropic vector matrix (20 tetrahedrons), then doubled to balance polarity (40 tetrahedrons), to its final form, a shape he calls a "harmonic sphere" (64 tetrahedrons). Haramein's harmonic sphere and the Jochman's double penta-dodecahedron grid compliment each other - the hyperspace geometry of the harmonic sphere taps into the source energy and thus creates the earth grid. It is Haramein's belief that an actual crystalline model of the harmonic sphere can be built, and when rotated, would be a source of enormous power and healing for the planet.

(Source: Joseph Jochmans, ATLANTIS RISING #7 and Nassim Haramein, "The Harmonic Sphere" (unpublished). Mr. Haramein invites people interested in his work to contact him at (520) 567-0475 or write:


(Source: Alien Research Project, 5/28/96)

Now is your chance to get involved with UFO research. The Baton Rouge-based ALIEN RESEARCH GROUP has just announced plans to expand their scope from simple UFO field investigations in the south to UFO research on a national scale.

They are looking to add field investigators and research teams. They will also be recruiting expert consultants from local regions when needed for research.

If you are interested, send an email inquiry to David Craig, the Director of THE ALIEN RESEARCH PROJECT, along with your location and area of interest. His email address is:


By David Sunfellow

New economic systems are popping up all over the planet at breakneck speeds - and an increasing number of them are using the Internet to get their message out to the world. Some of these new systems seem to be real forerunners of a new way of life on our planet, while others appear to be bona fide charlatans. How do we tell which is which? Well, it looks like these new systems are going to be put to a test that only the truly inspired will be able to survive. A case in point: THE FORTUNA ALLIANCE.

On May 29th, THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) went after FORTUNA, an Internet-based network marketing company, alleging that it has been "operating a fraudulent and unlawful pyramid sales scheme." The FTC froze their assets, slapped them with a temporary restraining order, sent a agents to FORTUNA'S headquarters, took control of their Web site and then let the media know what they had done. While the FTC held the FORTUNA raid up as an example of their ongoing efforts to curtail bogus business practices on the Net (Fortuna is the 12th Internet-based business they have shut down), it looks like they are in for a fight with FORTUNA.

In response to the FTC's restraining order and allegations, FORTUNA immediately mobilized a high-powered team of lawyers, including a former US Attorney for Seattle and the former head of the criminal division for the US Attorneys Office. Claiming "not one person has lost money through FORTUNA'S Home Page," FORTUNA also began using the power of the Internet to mobilize their members (presently estimated at 17,000 worldwide) and began issuing their own press releases counteracting the FTC's allegations. Most significant of all, FORTUNA sent out a request for its members and friends to visualize a positive outcome to the situation. Encouraging their members NOT TO VIEW the FTC as "bad guys," internal FORTUNA memos outlined their novel, maybe even "inspired," response:

"During the meditation time, we will all visualize love and prosperity to all FORTUNA members. We will visualize that all of our trees are full and that we are all abundant. We will also see Fortuna to be a very powerful positive force in the world. That it brings love, abundance, health and positive effect to the whole planet...

"Do not focus on the problems. Do not even acknowledge that there is a problem during the meditation time. This is very important."

Significantly, FORTUNA sees itself on the cutting edge of helping give birth to a new global economic system. Combining network marketing and profit-sharing principles in a mathematical formula referred to as the Fibonacci Sequence, FORTUNA generates income from membership fees and the selling of a wide range of products and services. 45% of monthly membership fees and 100% of purchase profits are shared with the membership. Specific member incomes are determined by how many people you sign up in Fortuna, and how many purchases the people in your downline make. FORTUNA also claims to donate 15% of its gross membership revenues to non-profit organization (NPOs) and worthy causes throughout the world.

FORTUNA'S run-in with the FTC is, in their minds, a classic case of old world systems meeting new ones - or, more accurately, old world systems trying to stamp out new ones. The FTC, on the other hand, not only commandeered the FORTUNA Web site (, but boldly posted their accusations against FORTUNA on it. Most of the FTC's claims revolve around traditional pyramid scheme pitfalls: the people on the top make money, while the people on the bottom lose money. How valid are these claims? While Dr. Peter J. Vander Nat, Ph.D., an economist employed by the FTC to study the FORTUNA situation, makes the government's claims against FORTUNA "sound" ironclad, FORTUNA believes the government doesn't have a leg to stand on - and intends to prove it in court. A hearing is presently scheduled for June 17th.

For general information about FORTUNA and the current FTC challenge, you can call:

(407) 229-0212

Information published by FORTUNA concerning last Thursdays' FTC raid at the Bellingham and Carson City locations is available via Fax On Demand at the following numbers:

Fax: (512) 703-6188
Fax: (512) 404-2370

Anyone interested in being a witness in FORTUNA'S defense can contact Bob Sailor at:

Fax: (206) 883-4616

Contact John Fehr for information about how you can contribute to the FORTUNA Defense Fund:

Fax: (204) 822-3447

FORTUNA Newsgroup:



A free festival featuring THE PAUL WINTER CONSORT, Native American Music, Tibetan Sacred Music, and many other performers is scheduled at the RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATRE in Denver, Colorado from June 7th from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. and June 8th from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. The event is sponsored by HEAL THE EARTH AS ONE, INC., a non-profit organization. The scope of the festival is multicultural and draws artists from all over the globe. The focus of the festivities is the healing of the earth through sound, movement and celebration. The event will be a celebration of multicultural diversity for both participants and audience.

Schedule of Events:

Write Kent Lewallen at "" for more information.



Standing Elk of the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota has invited medicine people and elders from the Red Nation and ET experts from around the world to a sacred convocation to pool known information about extraterrestrial visits and share that knowledge with the world. The conference will be held in Wagner, South Dakota from June 12-15. For more information, call (605) 384-5152 or fax (540) 349-1750.



The birth last year of a white buffalo calf was a sign to native spiritual leaders and elders that ancient prophecies are now being fulfilled. "It is time for a return to balance or face global disaster," says Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation. Looking Horse is calling for a day of prayer on June 21 starting at 10 a.m. MST in an effort to heal the planet.

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Stinson: (707) 829-3443
Michele Lord: or



I AM AMERICA, the organization that publishes Lori Adaile Toye's "I AM AMERICA" Earth changes maps, is hosting prophecy conference in Phoenix, Arizona, June 22 and 23. Over 20 speakers are scheduled to attend, including: Lori Adaile Toye, Robert Ghost Wolf (Native American Prophecies), Dolores Cannon (Conversations with Nostradamus), Judi Zion (Ramtha), Dr. Chet Snow (Mass Dreams of the Future) and Dr. Norma Milanovich (Earth Healing Journeys).

Tickets: $75.00 per person
Call: (800) 930-1341




NBC's "The Mysterious Origins of Man" sparked heated controversy within the academic community when originally broadcast February 25, 1996, and will be re-broadcast on Saturday, June 8 (8-9 p.m. ET). Professors of science and anthropology from some of the nation's most prestigious colleges and universities voiced strong opinions about some of the theories in the special, which challenged long-accepted beliefs about man's beginnings.

"Our goal was simply to present the public with evidence which suggests an alternative view to some of our most accepted theories," says producer Bill Cote. "We questioned fundamental issues that they (scientists) felt should not be questioned. The bottom line is: the world is bigger than scientists can explain, and some of them want us to believe they can explain everything."

You can check out NBC's "The Mysterious Origins of Man" web site at:



In this issue of the NHNE News Brief, we feature a headline announcing the discovery of a huge fresh water lake under the Antarctic ice. In NHNE #14, we mentioned we are trying to track down a story about an active volcano under the Antarctic ice. What the heck is going on down there? Are the lake and volcano connected? Stay tuned.



Recent developments published in this issue seem to support the authenticity of the Shroud. We feel this is an important development and plan to follow this story very closely. Look for an update in next week's News Brief.



There have been reports that a second white buffalo calf has been born. We are looking into this story, trying to find out what the presence of a second white buffalo may mean in Native American prophecies.



A team of archeologists claim to have found the birthplace of Buddha near Katmandu, Nepal. More details as they come in.



We have received an unverified report of thousands of people witnessing squadrons of UFOs in Australia. We are skeptical, but we are following up on this.



In the next issue we will be reviewing "The Tenth Insight," sequel to "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. In a future issue there will be a review of "The Path - Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life" by Laurie Beth Jones, author of "Jesus, CEO."


If you have any information on any of the above topics, we like to hear from you. Please email us at and make reference to the particular topic in your subject field.




The number of contacts are increasing, as are types of intervention. What is happening and why? The latest on implants. Also, UFO abductees are getting fed up with the abuse and are fighting back.



Not just limited to cereal crops in England anymore, crop circles are a world-wide phenomena. An overview, plus a look into how the "glyphs" are created, by whom, and their message.



Are earthquakes increasing world wide, or are there just more monitoring stations now? Update on earthquake activity. Gordon Michael Scallion's four-quake scenario - an analysis.



Land of red rocks, vortexes, crystal caverns, doorways to other dimensions, Sedona seems to have a powerful effect on people. Many seekers are feeling an urgent pull to move here now.


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Linda O'Keefe and Lance Botthof together have nearly 20 years of personal recovery and counseling experience. Their marriage partnership is founded in a deep commitment to continued personal growth. They seek to share their inspiration with others interested in discovering the power of relationships. Their site on the World Wide Web is dedicated to empowering others towards this end. Included therein, is information on a "Relationship Help Line," designed to help callers with relationship concerns and "Life Shift," a two to four day personal and spiritual growth intensive held in Sedona, Arizona.


Options For Growth
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Sedona, Arizona 86336
(520) 204-9441


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