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NHNE News Brief 16
Friday, June 14, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


Those Who Rekindle the Inner Spirit

Sedona Scientists Invent Wetter Water
Barefoot Hiking Good for the Sole
Vinegar Found in Outer Space
New Planets Discovered

A Course in Light

"If You Publish It, They Will Pay"

Planetary Power Grid Article

Secrecy, Openness & the New Age

Shroud of Turin Update

New Directions

Are Tribulations Coming?

Factors that Retard Aging

Fatigue, Compulsion & the Internet
The Biology of Beauty

Fortuna Update

Osho in Sedona

"The Tenth Insight"

World Peace & Prayer Day: June 21
First Annual Dolphin Tribe Gathering: June 21-28
I AM AMERICA Prophecy Conference: June 22 & 23

Developing Stories
Upcoming Special Reports (for NHNE Subscribers)




"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."

--- Albert Schweitzer


(Source: Sedona Red Rock News, 6/12/96)

Nobel Prize nominees, Gael Crystal Flanagan and Patrick Flanagan have discovered a way to alter the structure of water so that it more closely resembles human cellular water. Minute catalytic minerals called Microclusters reduce the surface tension of water so that it can be more easily assimilated by cells. This helps the body absorb nutrients more quickly and dispose of toxins. Lack of proper cell hydration is one of the principal causes of aging. For more information call John Lloyd at (520) 494-4882. (JG)



Here is an idea that is taking off - barefoot hiking. But why would anyone want to walk around outside in the dirt without footwear? Enthusiasts claim that the practice is a great way to connect with nature, while at the same time improving balance and toning small foot muscles. They practice their hobby on leaf-carpeted conservation trails and other friendly surfaces. There are now shoeless walking clubs in Michigan, Connecticut, North Carolina, and California. For more information contact, BAREFOOT HIKERS at:


(Source: GAIA ALERT, 6/11/96)

Radio astronomers from THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS have found traces ordinary vinegar (acetic acid) in a stellar cloud in the constellation Sagittarius, 25,000 light years away. 25 years ago ammonia was also discovered in interstellar space. Molecules of ammonia and acetic acid combine to form amino acids - the building blocks of life. This latest discovery supports the theory that comets and asteroids carrying biologically important chemicals could have been instrumental in the formation of life on Earth. (JG)


(Source: Associated Press, 6/12/96)

Looks like we have neighbours. At a meeting of THE AMERICAN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY in Madison, WI, astronomer, George Gatewood, announced that Lalande 21185, fourth nearest star to the sun, appears to have at least two planets, both roughly the size of Jupiter. If his preliminary calculations are correct, it's unlikely that the planets support life because they orbit too far out from a weak sun. (JG)


This issue is sponsored by:


"A Course in Light" is a series of meditation techniques and readings that have been given to humanity for the purpose of self discovery and personal transformation. With a conscious use and direction of light frequencies you can experience a change in your physical, mental and emotional makeup. Profound, enlightening and timely, spiritually directed by THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, this course has been practiced by many students over the past 20 years. Books, tapes are also available.


13824 Ramblewood Tr
Dallas, TX 75240



If you've ever had to charge for your personal services, you probably know how hard it is to put a value on your work. But if you are in business, at some point you have to bite the bullet and say, "This is what I am worth." It is important that you feel good about what you are charging (you don't want to undervalue or overrate yourself) and that your client feels that he or she is getting their money's worth.

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James Gregory



"Thank you for this wonderful newsletter. I really look forward to receiving it each week. May I reprint the interesting article on the New Power grid to a email group I am on (ART BELL FANS)? I would provide necessary credit."

---Shari Greenfield, San Francisco

[Glad you enjoyed the article. We were worried that it was too technical. You have our permission to reprint it for your group. Our intention is to share NHNE information with as many people as possible.]


By James Gregory

[We at NHNE are constantly striving to give you solid news about the transformation of the planet. Part of our job is to sort out what is accurate and reliable from what is not grounded in fact. This philosophy extends to not getting involved with conspiracy theories. We do not deny that conspiracies exist, we just normally avoid them because they can be such black holes of gossip, misinformation, and speculation. In this article we discuss the BILDERBERG GROUP as a counterpoint to a more enlightened gathering of people on this planet.]

Each year, the BILDERBERG GROUP holds a secret annual meeting. Attendance is by invitation only, participants take a vow of silence, and no press releases are distributed. THE BILDERBERGERS are a mysterious group of 120 of the most influential and powerful people in the world. This year, their annual meeting was held in Toronto from May 30 to June 2 under tight security.

Past "achievements" attributed to the BILDERBERG GROUP include:

-- Setting up the Manhattan Project
-- Selecting Eisenhower as the Republican candidate for 1952
-- Putting an end to the reign of Eugene McCarthy
-- Helping to establish NATO
-- Promoting the creation of such gatherings as THE PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE and WORLD AFFAIRS and THE ASIAN WINDOW
-- Approving of the presidential nomination of Bill Clinton
-- Designating Colin Powell as an acceptable choice of running mate on Bob Dole's presidential ticket and earmarking Senator Sam Nunn as second choice.

At the Toronto meeting, the agenda included the privatization of the public utility, ONTARIO HYDRO. Interestingly, less than one week after the meeting, a commission headed by Donald MacDonald recommended that 1/3 of Ontario Hydro's generating capacity be sold to private investors, despite the fact that similar moves in other countries have led to windfall profits for investors but higher utility rates for consumers. This decision is not so surprising in light of the fact that MacDonald sits on the Steering Committee of the BILDERBERG GROUP and that Premier Mike Harris, who had appointed him head of THE ONTARIO HYDRO COMMISSION, attended the Toronto meeting as well. Other members of the BILDERBERG GROUP include Darcy McKeogh, Provincial Treasurer, and Maurice Strong, the Canadian industrialist hired in 1992 by the provincial government to solve ONTARIO HYDRO'S debt problem.

Counterbalance this with the STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM held recently in San Francisco. Founded and chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev, the Forum believes that in this golden moment between the end of the Cold War and the dawn of a new millennium, we are experiencing the birth of the first global civilization. 270 people payed $5,000 each for the privilege of participating in such a lofty endeavor.

One of the participants, an oil tycoon who built an eco-resort off the coast of Belize after having an epiphany with a dolphin, commented, "A new group is taking shape that is totally undefined, but represents the next wave beyond 'new age.' Something is terribly wrong with our present situation and... there must be a better way."

In his welcoming address, Ted Turner praised Gorbachev for bringing the Cold War to an end, calling it, "the greatest accomplishment in the history of humanity," but added that "with the Cold War behind us, this Forum's job is to help chart the way for humanity. We either do smart things and live, or dumb things and die."

In the keynote address, Gorbachev pointed out that, "We are facing a sweeping crisis that challenges our civilization. We have to reinvent the paradigm of our existence... into one that is more kind to the human being. I believe that transition is already underway. We need to make it less chaotic, to prevent cataclysm." He closed on the upbeat note, "We are entering upon an era of great opportunities and risks. I believe that we will be able to avoid catastrophe. Let us help the people of the world live and solve their problems."

Organizers tried to provide a balance between openness with the press and closed doors to encourage frankness amongst participants. Curiously, the media were cool in their enthusiasm to cover the event, possibly because the Forum was dealing, in most part, with abstractions. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the event is that it happened at all.

The next gathering of the STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM is planned for October, 1996.

(Sources: Armen Victorian, NEXUS, Dec-Jan/96, John Whitley, WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE, 6/7/96, and Phil Catalfo, NEW AGE JOURNAL, Jan-Feb, 96)


By David Sunfellow

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most venerated, remarkable and mysterious artifacts in the world today. It also the single most studied artifact in human history. Believed by many to be the actual burial cloth of Christ, the Shroud made its first recorded appearance in 14th century France. Housed in the Italian city of Turin since 1578, renewed interest was generated in 1898 when the first photographs were made of the relic and it was discovered that the image on the Shroud was a photographic negative! How was such an image made? And how does one explain the incredibly life-like details which are remarkably consistent with Biblical accounts of Christ's crucifixion? Historians, pathologists, linguists, biblical scholars, textile experts, chemists, physicists, photographic specialists, artists, botanists, microbiologists and other scientists from around the world have been trying to answer these important questions for decades. The information these various disciplines have acquired about the Shroud are truly extraordinary. Modern researchers have been able to identify such things as pollen samples that trace back to Jerusalem, a rare Roman coin that was placed on one of the eyelids of the crucified man, even the kind of Roman whips and the height and position of the two soldiers that whipped the crucified man.

But none of these extraordinary discoveries saved the Shroud from being declared a medieval forgery after three different laboratories Carbon-14 dated the Shroud in 1988 and found it to be some 1200 years younger than it should have been. While scores of Shroud scientists hotly challenged the Carbon-14 results, claiming the tests were flawed and that there was a host of other evidence supporting the Shroud's authenticity, news that the shroud was a fake spread like wildfire throughout the world.

Now, however, the tide has turned again. The Carbon-14 tests are being decisively challenged by a team of microbiologists led by Leoncio A. Garaza-Valdes, MD, adjunct professor of microbiology for THE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER, and Stephen J. Mattingly, PhD, president of THE TEXAS BRANCH OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY. After months of examining microscopic samples, the team concluded in January that the Shroud of Turin is centuries older than its carbon date. Why? The Shroud's fibers are coated with bacteria and fungi that are centuries old. The team believes carbon dating had sampled the bacteria and fungi as well as the fibers' cellulose.

As important as this discovery is for people interested in proving the authenticity of the Shroud (and, by extension, the authenticity of the story of Jesus' crucifixion and possible resurrection), the microbiology breakthrough also has dramatic implications for the dating of other artifacts. It would mean that ancient relics the world over can be more accurately dated - and, in many cases, re-dated. What's more, the discovery is being heralded as a major scientific achievement by scientists from many different scientific fields.


Those of you who want to examine in detail the Shroud of Turin, and the various issues surrounding it can check out the NHNE Special Article on the Shroud ( I also encourage you to visit Barrie M. Schwortz's SHROUD OF TURIN WEB SITE ( Barrie's site contains full-color pictures of the Shroud, links to other Shroud related sites and current Shroud research and news (including the article much of the above information is based on). It is also worth noting that Barrie was the Official Documenting Photographer for THE SHROUD OF TURIN RESEARCH PROJECT, INC., (STURP), the team that completed the first extensive scientific examination of the Shroud of Turin in 1978.

(Sources: NHNE Special Article on "The Shroud of Turin," David Sunfellow, 10/21/94 & "Science & the Shroud: Microbiology Meets Archeology in a Renewed Quest for Answers," Jim Barrett, The Mission, Spring, 1996.)


(Source: ECR, 5/96)

Every month Gordon Michael Scallion receives thousands of letters asking for clarification or additional information on various topics. For some time now, Scallion has been feeling frustrated because the newsletter format of his EARTH CHANGES REPORT (ECR) is slow and uni-directional. In an attempt to become faster and interactive, he plans to launch a regular radio call-in show. Scallion will answer questions and respond to comments live, and share ways in which listeners can develop their intuition. The show will start airing in October on public radio stations across North America and be provided free of charge to any FM station that wants to carry it. Scallion is also considering broadcasting on the AM and shortwave bands. (JG)


(Source: Chet Snow, 6/13/96 & ECR, 6/96)

Dr. Chet Snow, author of "Mass Dreams of the Future," recently spoke on Art Bell's "Dreamland" radio program about the pivotal nature of the year 1996, in terms of certain key events. He firmly believes that together we hold the key between which of two widely-predicted future archetypes (Apocalypse or Spiritual Awakening) will first succeed in attaining a "critical mass" of consciousness, thereby moving the Earth and humanity inexorably in that direction.

These events, in no particular order, are:

-- The volcanic eruption of Mt. Rainier.
-- Electoral victories by right-wing Jewish fanatics in Israel and/or Islamic fundamentalists in Turkey.
-- A major earthquake in India or in the Indian Ocean.
-- The death or major incapacitation of the Pope leading to his replacement.

He claims that if two or more of these events happen this year, it will be the signal that Mother Earth and the human race are in for a "worst-case" scenario of Tribulation between now and 2012. If none, or only one of them occurs, then we can breath a bit easier as it would signal a mitigation or postponement of the darker predictions he's been studying from the Bible, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Native American shamans and extraterrestrial channels.

On May 5, a quake of magnitude 5.4 struck 60 miles from Mount Rainier in Washington State. Gordon Michael Scallion has predicted that an earthquake in the range of 5 to 7.5 within approximately 50 miles of Mount Rainier would be the signal that the eruption of the mountain is immanent.

On May 29, Benjamin Netanyahu, a hard-line right winger, was elected Prime Minister of Isreal.

On June 6, Turkish Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz stepped down after three months as head of a conservative coalition, which has been paralyzed by corruption rows and the powerful Islamist opposition. Turkey has been without stable leadership since Ciller, the country's first woman premier, resigned last September. The political turmoil has impaired Turkey's ability to deal with a 12-year-old Kurdish rebel insurgency, tense relations with neighbor Greece and deep economic woes.

Things don't look good.

Meanwhile, Chet Snow is working full-time on his new book: "Earth Shift: The Time is Now," delving further into prophecies and predictions about the next 50 to 100 years. For more information on Chet Snow's work, visit his Web site and perhaps even help him with his research: (JG)



-- Happy marriage or relationship
-- Job satisfaction
-- Feeling of personal happiness
-- Regular work routine
-- Regular daily routine
-- Ability to laugh easily
-- Satisfactory sex life
-- Feeling in control of personal life
-- Enjoyable leisure or vacation time
-- Ability to express feelings easily
-- Optimism about the future

(Source: Deepak Chopra's Calendar for 1996)


By James Gregory

Some people cruising the information highway can't find the off-ramp. Online addiction is becoming increasingly recognized as an affliction of our cyberage. But when does the hobby become a disorder and when does "dedicated" become "compulsive"?

According to New York psychiatrist, Ivan Goldberg, the founder of INTERNET ADDICTION SUPPORT GROUP, living in a virtual world is much safer than having to deal with the problems that abound in the real one. Often compulsive behavior is a symptom that masks an underlying problem. Sort out the real problem and the compulsive behavior disappears.

Here are some danger signs to watch for:

-- Shirking day-to-day responsibilities, especially sleep, nutritious food, personal hygiene
-- Neglecting someone close to you to the point where they are complaining
-- Making excuses for not spending time with people
-- Checking your email more than twice a day, and feeling the need to answer it right away
-- Backache, wrist ache, eye ache, elbow ache, phone-bill ache
-- Chronic fatigue

If your online activities are creating problems in your life, it may be time to seek professional help. If chronic fatigue is troubling you, and you are certain you are not a compulsive cybernaut, consider the following tips:

The primary cause of ordinary fatigue is an imbalanced diet. Try eating a number of small meals regularly throughout the day, starting with a good breakfast, rather than wolfing down a huge meal just when you are about to faint from hunger. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Drink plenty of water, since fatigue can be triggered by mild dehydration. Avoid foods high in sugar and caffeine. They give you a quick artificial lift which will leave you feeling more depleted than before. Consider daily vitamin and mineral supplements, taking care to include B complex, magnesium, and iron. A lack of iron, in particular, will slow you down. 80% of active women are low in iron and as are many vegetarians.

You may be eating well, but not absorbing your food properly. A naturopathic or nutritionally-oriented physician can test your enzymes and stomach acid and make the necessary adjustments, if necessary.

The adrenal gland secretes a hormone called DHEA which helps to keep you feeling energetic. Chronic stress can trigger adrenal fatigue which can contribute to tiredness. Your doctor can test for this, and pantothenic acid, vitamin C and Siberian ginseng help to maintain a healthy adrenal gland. An underactive thyroid also produces similar symptoms of fatigue, a condition often missed in medical tests. One indication of a thyroid problem is chronic low body temperature.

We don't have to tell you that exercise is important in combatting fatigue, but if you are chained to your desk, here are a few yoga postures that you can perform while sitting in a chair:

--Support your head in your hands and bend backwards. Hold for four minutes.

-- Sit in a chair sideways, legs extended. Twist the upper part of your body as far as it can go and hold for four slow breaths. Turn in the other direction and repeat.

-- Push you chair back and bend forward placing elbows on desk and head on hands. Hold for four minutes.

As a final note, we can't stress the importance of prayer and meditation enough. And you don't have to necessarily sit alone in a dark room - walking prayer and meditation are just as helpful. The time you spend in the stillness will be more than compensated by clarity of thinking and time-saving shortcuts.

(Sources: Margie Sullivan, NEW AGE JOURNAL, Jan-Feb/96 and Jean Callahan, NEW AGE JOURNAL, Mar-Apr/96)


(Source: Geoffrey Cowley, NEWSWEEK, 6/3/96)

How do we perceive physical beauty and why do we place so much importance on it? Scientists are now taking these questions seriously, and gaining some surprising insights.

Studies have shown that people considered attractive fare better with parents and teachers, make more friends and more money. Every year, 400,000 Americans, including 48,000 men, choose some sort of cosmetic surgery.

It has been widely assumed that ideals of beauty vary from era to era and from culture to culture, but new research is finding just the opposite - people everywhere, regardless of race, class or age, share a sense of what is attractive. Despite local variations, there seems to be a world-wide bedrock of shared preferences.

We seem to judge beauty by rules that we are not even consciously aware of and surprisingly, even babies gaze longer at "attractive" faces than at those judged "unattractive." Imagine, kids untouched by the media still tend to make the same judgements about what is attractive as adults!

So what are theses rules? All animals are attracted to other animals that are healthy, clean (by their standards), and demonstrate competence. We love symmetry and there is evidence that facial symmetry is related to good health. Surprisingly, averageness is found to be attractive, perhaps because individuals with average characteristics would less likely be carrying genetic mutations.

And yet, while we find average faces attractive, the faces we consider most beautiful are not average. As a rule, the ideal female has a higher forehead, fuller lips, shorter jaw, and smaller chin and nose than average - all characteristics that indicate abundant estrogen and therefore enhanced fertility. The ideal man sports a big jaw, strong chin, and imposing brow pointing to a generous supply of testosterone and the physical strength and resistance to disease associated with it. You can participate in a fascinating experiment to create the ideal male and female face by visiting

While both sexes value appearance, it probably comes as no surprise that men place more stock in it than women. There is no better cue to reproductive potential than female waists and hips. During puberty, while boys are amassing bone and muscle, girls are gaining an average of 35 pounds of reproductive fat around their hips and thighs containing roughly the 80,000 calories needed to sustain a pregnancy. Fertile women typically have waist-hip ratios (WHR) of .6 to .8, whatever their actual weight; for example, a woman with measurements of 36-25-36 would have a WHR of .7. Our ideals of size have changed over time, but our taste in shapes is amazingly stable - Barbie and a Rubinesque model show almost the identical WHR. Almost anything that interferes with fertility - obesity, malnutrition, pregnancy, menopause - changes that ratio. Studies show that a woman with a WHR of .9, was a third less likely to get pregnant than one with a WHR of .8 or less. Men respond to such a revealing signal. "You have to get very close to see a woman's face," says Devendrah Singh, University of Texas psychologist, "but you can see the shape of her body from 500 feet away."

The implications of these studies are somewhat troubling. They suggest that looks are important even though they reveal nothing about character. They also imply that sexual stereotypes are not strictly artificial - women are designed to favor dominant males over meek ones, and men are designed to value women for their youthful qualities.

Fortunately, we do not have to look to nature for moral guidance. (JG)


(Source: Fortuna Press Release, 6/10/96)

Last week we reported that THE U.S. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) had issued a temporary restraining order against THE FORTUNA ALLIANCE, a profit-sharing cooperative that the FTC accused of being an illegal pyramid scheme. On Monday, June 10, in a partial victory for FORTUNA, THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT issued a preliminary injunction rather than the permanent injunction sought by the FTC.

"This FTC action appears to be based on no actual research about FORTUNA or contact with it's leadership," said Bob Sailer, FORTUNA attorney. "The activities of FORTUNA do not constitute an illegal pyramid scheme as claimed by the FTC. Members can get their money back at any time and the goods and services offered by FORTUNA are completely legitimate. The FTC has not only denied FORTUNA their constitutional right to engage in commerce, they have hurt thousands of people around the world and denied many charities the money generated through the activities of Fortuna." (DS)


(Source: Rob Eure, The Oregonian, 12/24/95)

It has been 10 years since Rancho Rajneesh, an ambitious and calamitous experiment in communal living on 64,000 acres near Antelope, Ore. collapsed amidst charges of murder, wiretapping, arson, and mass poisoning. The faithful scattered to dozens of small meditation centres around the world. The largest concentration remained in Pune, India at the original commune where Rajneesh taught his principles and practices, and died in 1990.

Recently, Rajneesh followers have begun to quietly form a new community amid the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. They don't call themselves "Rashneeshees" anymore - they are "Oshos," from the name taken by the bhagwan shortly before he died. As many as 50 Osho followers are involved in an unnamed organization that operates the Sage - the only vegetarian eatery in town, a store specializing in healing oils, Osho Academy - a mediation centre, and Osho America - a book distribution centre that serves the bhagwan's disciples. Another 100 or so in town are refugees from the Oregon commune and claim no ties to the businesses, school, or formal leaders.

When the Oshos started opening stores and mediation centres in Sedona a year and half ago, reports of their unsavory past first caused a bit of a buzz, but in a town where almost every brand of free-lance worship is honored, a mellower band of Rajneesh devotees is finding acceptance. They don't wear shades of red anymore, or drape themselves in beads and images of the bhagwan. There is no commune, just a loosely-knit cluster of individuals who continue to meditate and seek enlightenment according to the master's teachings. They are buying homes, donating to local charities and joining the Chamber of Commerce. By Sedona standards, they are downright mainstream.

Prem Patipada is one such follower: her journey began as a devotee in San Francisco 20 years ago, and has taken her to the ashram in Pune, the power rooms in Rancho Rajneesh, sanctuary in Geneva, and a conviction and fine for wiretapping in the United States. She remains faithful to Osho but separate from any attempt to reorganize. She says that none of the leaders in the Sedona community was at the centre of the Oregon commune. Veterans vow to shun dogma that rises from structure and to avoid repeating the mistakes of Rajneeshpuram. "I see it as part of the journey," she says. The new Oshos are learning "how to become human... in all its dimensions. It's very beautiful."

Sedona's Osho community is probably the largest and most formal congregation in the United States. (JG)


By Vincent Vanderbent & Cynthia Stringer
NHNE SwiftWing Global Network Reporters

"The Tenth Insight" by James Redfield (Warner Books) is a sequel to his best-selling book, "The Celestine Prophecy." Redfield's new book leads us on a journey from the hidden depths of our past to our potential future. It leads us past the obstacles that are in the way of manifesting our higher ideals and vision. In a light and easily digestible prose, Redfield introduces several interrelated concepts against a background of global enlightenment.

The Tenth Insight weaves various shamanistic principles into a storyline similar to The Celestine Prophecy and its series of Insights. The connection with the Insights, and the reintroduction of some the characters in a new and intriguing setting, makes The Tenth Insight a fascinating read. Again, the lead character is guided from one encounter and situation to another, while attempting to solve the mysterious disappearance of his friend, Charlene, in a hidden valley in the Appalachian Mountains. On his path, he picks up messages and tries to put them together as if he were solving a puzzle. Listening to these messages and finding a fitting interpretation of them is presented as the main challenge.

What makes the Tenth Insight unique is that it vividly introduces the concept of multi-dimensional realities. In fact, the physical surroundings depicted in the storyline do not change much throughout the book, rather, we as readers are led through experiences of such realms as the Afterlife, Dreamworld and what is referred to as Hell. In the experience of the author we are not alone on our quest to manifest our "Birth Vision," as he calls it. On the physical plane we are, according to him, supported by our "soul group," a group of beings existing and operating in a higher dimension, which accompanies every incarnate individual human being on this planet. Together with the beings of this group, we are meant to bring healing to the planet and humankind, and to release the fear that has been holding most of humanity in its grip for thousands of years. It is this fear that eventually forms the basis for the climax of the story.

Redfield's intention seems to be to awaken within the reader a deeper awareness of his or her individual role in life. According to Redfield, each of us holds a piece of the world vision, which we lost touch with at the start this life. If we focus on the contribution of each individual, work together as a team, and release the fear that is present all around, then we can manifest this world vision. Redfield also stresses the importance of each of us holding a vision of enlightenment for humanity and learning to raise our energy level.

The Tenth Insight is a must-read for anyone interested in team-building efforts and other cooperative living and working environments. Overall, however, The Tenth Insight seems too far ahead of its time to make as big an impact as The Celestine Prophecy.



The birth last year of a white buffalo calf was a sign to native spiritual leaders and elders that ancient prophecies are now being fulfilled. "It is time for a return to balance or face global disaster," says Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation. Looking Horse is calling for a day of prayer on June 21 starting at 10 AM MST in an effort to heal the planet.

For more information contact:

Elizabeth Stinson: (707) 829-3443
Michele Lord: or



The First Annual Dolphin Tribe Gathering will be held on Maui, Hawaii from June 21-28. The Gathering is the creation of Ashleea Neilsen, author of ""Dolphin Tribe: Remembering the Human/Dolphin Connection." Her research focuses on the significance of human/dolphin interaction during these pivotal times on the planet. The conference will be held at the Mana Le'a Gardens and accommodations include private and semi-private rooms, dorms and camping. There will a number of opportunities for participants to dive with the dolphins.

For more information contact:

Ashleea Neilson:



I AM AMERICA, the organization that publishes Lori Adaile Toye's "I AM AMERICA" Earth changes maps, is hosting prophecy conference in Phoenix, Arizona, June 22 and 23. Over 20 speakers are scheduled to attend, including: Lori Adaile Toye, Robert Ghost Wolf (Native American Prophecies), Dolores Cannon (Conversations with Nostradamus), Judi Zion (Ramtha), Dr. Chet Snow (Mass Dreams of the Future) and Dr. Norma Milanovich (Earth Healing Journeys).

Tickets: $75.00 per person
Call: (800) 930-1341




Strange things such as volcanoes and huge fresh water lakes are being reported from the the Land of the Midnight Sun at the bottom of the world. Still working on following these stories up.



There have been reports that a second white buffalo calf has been born. We are looking into this story, trying to find out what the presence of a second white buffalo may mean in Native American prophecies.



A team of archeologists claim to have found the birthplace of Buddha near Katmandu, Nepal. More details as they come in.



We have received an unverified report of thousands of people witnessing squadrons of UFOs in Australia. We are skeptical, but we are following up on this.



In NHNE #18, we plan to review of "The Path - Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life" by Laurie Beth Jones, author of "Jesus, CEO."


If you have any information on any of the above topics, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at and make reference to the particular topic in your subject field.




The number of contacts are increasing, as are types of intervention. What is happening and why? The latest on implants. Also, UFO abductees are getting fed up with the abuse and are fighting back.



Not just limited to cereal crops in England anymore, crop circles are a world-wide phenomena. An overview, plus a look into how the "glyphs" are created, by whom, and their message.



Are earthquakes increasing world wide, or are there just more monitoring stations now? Update on earthquake activity. Gordon Michael Scallion's four-quake scenario - an analysis.



Land of red rocks, vortexes, crystal caverns, doorways to other dimensions, Sedona seems to have a powerful effect on people. Many seekers are feeling an urgent pull to move here now.


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