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NHNE News Brief 17
Friday, June 21, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


Why Merely Survive When You Can Flourish?

Psychics Outnumber Priests in France
China Opens Bigfoot Museum
Transparent Metal Invented
54,000 Year-Old Artifact Discovered
Worrying Stunts Girls' Growth

Profit Sharing & NHNE

Aleutian Islands Quakes

Deepak, The Omnipresent

"The Quickening"

Aliens Captured in Brazil
Mass UFO Sightings in Australia

Traces of Comet Impacts on Earth?
Sonic Bloom
Coincidence or Something More?

Skewed News

False Memory Syndrome Disputed
Genius Grants
Are You Eccentric?

I AM AMERICA Prophecy Conference: June 22 & 23

The Sedona Center for the Alexander Technique




"Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea."

---Motto of Celestial Seasonings


(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 6/17/96)

France's self-image as both the home of rational thought and "eldest daughter of the Roman Catholic Church" has been severely dented by statistics showing the country now contains more psychics and clairvoyants than priests. Last year's tax returns show that more than 50,000 people made money from faith-healing, predicting the future, astrology or similar practices, while 35,000 were men of the cloth. Almost one-fifth of the French population (10 million), have consulted a clairvoyant and the paranormal business has an estimated annual turnover in France of more than 1 billion francs. (JG)


(Source: XINHUA NEWS AGENCY via James Sutton, REUTERS via ISCNI*FLASH, 6/17/96)

Last month, China opened a museum dedicated to the elusive "Bigfoot" ape-man said to roam THE SHENNONGJIA NATURE RESERVE in central Hubei province. The museum displays samples of reddish hair and plaster models of huge footprints collected over the years that are said to prove the existence of the creature, which local residents call the "Wild Man." The museum also features documents and pictures of various scientific and exploratory operations to track down the creature. Since the 1950s, both scientists and amateurs have searched in vain for the creature in the Shennongjia valley, as well as for its cousin, the Yeti, in the Himalaya mountains. China's Bigfoot has also been popularized by "The Wild Man From China," a documentary shown on AMERICAN PUBLIC TELEVISION. (JG)

[In NHNE News Brief 15, we reported that the best-known film evidence of Bigfoot in the U.S. was a hoax. One door closes, another opens.]



It's not quite the "transparent aluminum" of Star Trek IV, but Dutch scientists think they have discovered a metal that you can see through under certain conditions. Normally a thin sheet of yttrium covered with palladium behaves like most metals, displaying a shiny mirror-like surface; however, seconds after the metals are exposed to hydrogen, something totally unexpected happens - they turn transparent. Evacuate the hydrogen, the metals turn shiny and metallic again, unlike normal chemical reactions which can only go one way. The value of such a discovery is not clear, but already Philips has bought the rights to the material. (JG)



The creation of the first artistic images is usually credited to early Europeans, who some 33,000 years ago began carving fertility symbols and animals on rock and ivory in France and Germany. The discovery of a 54,000-year-old, three-inch wide engraved flint may change that perception. The flint was excavated near the Syrian town of Quneitra in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights by Naama Goren-Inbar of Jerusalem's HEBREW UNIVERSITY. Both Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans lived and used tools in the region when this image of four nested arcs was engraved, but archeologist Alexander Marshack of Harvard's PEABODY MUSEUM says it's most likely the artist was a modern human, since known Neanderthal artifacts are limited to things like unadorned tools, beads and worked ivory. Marshack admits he has no idea what the image represents. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 6/24/96)

Anxious girls are shorter is the conclusion of a report published in this month's issue of PEDIATRICS. Dr. Daniel Pine, a child psychologist with the NEW YORK STATE PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE and COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, found that girls with anxiety disorders grow an average of two inches less than others, and were twice as likely not to reach 5 feet 2 inches tall. These results are consistent with Pine's earlier research showing growth-hormone abnormalities in adults with emotional disorders. Curiously, the study found no association between anxiety and height in boys. (JG)



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Our plan is to total the income each week, deduct the weekly expenses, and divide up the profits based upon the amount of involvement each individual has in that particular issue. For example, writers will be paid according to how long their articles are, how many they have published in a specific News Brief, whether it is an original piece or a summary of existing material, and how much editing is required. After expenses, 50% of NHNE profits will go towards the production of the News Brief (writers, editors, programmers), while the other 50% will go toward marketing (people who send NHNE new sponsors, subscribers, and donors).

We will publish the profit-sharing details each week in the NHNE News Brief. Although the amount that's coming in from subscriptions right now is small, we anticipate that financial support will grow dramatically over the next year and that we will all share in the success.

NHNE Profit Sharing - because we are all in this together.

James Gregory



This is just to say hello and ask if you have seen any analysis of what is happening in the Aleutian Islands. I have been watching the quake reports but have not seen anything about what might actually be happening there.

---Jane Mazzagatti, Pennsylvania

[We have been following the seismic events in the Aleutians quite closely. Although it does seem that there is an extraordinary amount of seismic activity occurring right now, it does not seem to be cause for alarm; this area is traditionally very active because it sits on a plate boundary. Definitely an area to monitor closely. (JG)]


By David Sunfellow

By now, you've probably heard of Deepak Chopra. And if you haven't, you will. Why? Because he is beginning to show up everywhere.

Who is Deepak Chopra? Here's how the current issue of TIME (6/24/96) describes him:

"Deepak Chopra, 49, is a physician, an endocrinologist who came to the U.S. in 1970 [from India]. He is also a mystic in an ancient tradition, Hinduism. But his true genius lies in synthesis, in an amalgamated vision he can express in the language of computers or Arthurian magic or devotional verse.

"...Since the runaway success of his book "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" in 1993, he has written one best seller after another, selling an astonishing 6 million copies. His videotapes are legion. A Chopra Web site is in the works as well as a CD-Rom touted as "the ultimate Chopra experience." For those in the U.S. who do not read, watch television or surf the Net, the man himself may soon appear nearby. In a recent six-week span, Chopra spoke in Denver, New York City, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

"He hates the term guru, yet that is the term applied to him by actress Demi Moore, who (along with singer Naomi Judd and George Harrison) sits on the board of advisers for his soon-to-open healing center in La Jolla, California. Other devotees include Michael Jackson, designer Donna Karan and former junk-bond king Michael Milken.... Public-TV stations... [play] Chopra's vastly popular lecture tapes during their subscription drives. Dozens of chief executives swear by him publicly, and his lawyer maintains that 'it is mind blowing, the list of [Chopra intimates] at the highest levels of government in a variety of countries - including this one.'

"Chopra may have done more than anyone else in the U.S. to create a vocabulary for the intersection of faith and medicine. Other American doctors preceded him in their insights about the spirit's healing power. But Chopra, by accident of birth and nationality, was ideally positioned to tap an entire pre-existing cultural tradition. And Chopra, harnessing his spectacular ambition and extraordinary communication skills, was ideally equipped to exploit the tensions inherent in being Marcus Welby (that caring 70s TV doctor) via Delhi. Like all great teachers, he was telling Americans something they already knew, in this case about health. At the same time, he was hinting at something they didn't know, a simplified Hinduism that was fascinating to a nation of seekers. Says Richard Perl, chief executive of Chopra's new corporation, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, somewhat grandly: 'The world is using Deepak as a catalyst for a step it's ready to take.'"

After serving as Chief of Staff at a Massachusetts hospital at 38, Chopra began to feel dismayed with the medical system. He was burnt out by the life-style that came with his job: pots of coffee, packs of cigarettes and Scotch each night to come down again and increasingly concerned about the way patients were treated and processed. These reservations eventually led him to TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION (TM), which helped him stop smoking and encouraged him to return to his Indian homeland where he visited the headquarters of TM founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Before long, Chopra was involved in helping the Maharishi market Ayurvedic herbal cures. He spent the next few years globe trotting on behalf of AYUR-VEDICS and running an upscale Ayurvedic clinic in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Until 1987 he was chairman and sole stockholder of MAHARISHI AYUR-VEDA PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL. He was a millionaire to whom, in 1989, the Maharishi awarded the title, "Lord of Immortality." Shortly thereafter though, Chopra ended up in hot water with THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSCOCIATION who accused Chopra and others of a number of misrepresentations such as lack of scientific rigor that fell just of short of fraud. The bad publicity contributed to a break with the Maharishi, who Chopra claims tried to prohibit him from the speaking and writing that provided his income. After that rift, Chopra started writing. The result was "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind," his first best-seller. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In the past few years Chopra has abandoned clinical activity completely, declining even to apply for a California medical license. When the Chopra Center opens this August near its founder's lavish home in La Jolla, the doctoring will be done by others. All told, Chopra claims his various businesses have made him between $10 million and $15 million. Significantly, he hasn't kept all the money for himself. He is known as a lavish donor to charities.

And if all this weren't enough, Chopra has more plans on the drawing board: Chopra's last big book, the novel "The Return of Merlin," was another best-seller, and Chopra has optioned it as a possible mini-series. There is talk of a Chopra musical and, believe it or not, Chopra has just signed a contract with TOMMY BOY RECORDS to produce two MTV-style videos. The videos will feature Chopra chanting spiritual wisdom over soundtracks of world-beat and dance rhythms written by pop stars such as Dave Stewart, formerly of the EURHYTHMICS. Chopra has also written a screenplay about a hit man who finds enlightenment in Bombay.

So what, exactly, is Chopra saying that has captivated so many people (and made him so wealthy)? Beneath all material manifestation lies Reality, God, a Universal Consciousness that all human beings came forth from and can tap into. Tapping into this Universal Consciousness, allows human beings to transcend all earthly boundaries and, at the same time, make their deepest hopes and dreams come true while living in the dream world.

(Sources: David Van Biema, TIME, 6/24/96, NEWSWEEK, 6/24/96)

[See News Brief 13 for a condensed version of Chopra's popular "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success."]


(Source: "The Art of Talk" by Art Bell)

Have you ever had a feeling that the world is out-of-balance and something dramatic is about to occur? Do you live under the certainty that "life as we know it" is about to change? In the quiet at the end of a long and hectic day, have you noticed a knot in your stomach and said to yourself, "What the hell is going on?" In his many years as a talk show host on radio, Art Bell has been watching people trying to cope with the accelerating pace of life; he calls these feelings "experiencing 'The Quickening.'"

The following are some items which seem to trigger the "Quickening" experience:

-- The apparent increase in earthquake and volcano activity
-- Comets, comets and more comets
-- Unusual weather patterns and increased storm severity
-- Senseless crimes of violence, especially by children
-- People behaving as though they are without a soul
-- The unexplained increase in anxiety in the general population
-- Growing workplace insecurity
-- New technologies emerging at a rate faster than social and economic systems can absorb them
-- Government deficits growing at a rate which threaten the long-term financial security of the world
-- The difficulty for families to be able to provide the stable and loving environment necessary to successfully raise children.

For information about Art Bell and his nationally syndicated radio program, DREAMLAND, you can visit his Web site at:



(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 6/17/96)

Well-known American abduction researcher, John Carpenter, has just recently returned from Brazil after examining the rumored capture of two or more "alien beings" by military authorities there. He comments: "It's a damn good case. I'd say it's equal to Roswell."

[We felt this news was so important that we didn't want to sit on it until the Friday publication of our weekly News Brief, so on June 17 we sent out an email "NHNE News Flash" of the full report to everyone on the NHNE mailing list. As of July, "NHNE News Flashes" will only be available to paid subscribers.] (JG)


(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 6/17/96)

[In News Brief 15, we mentioned that we were working to verify a story that there had been mass UFO sightings in Australia. Since then, the following two reports have surfaced.]

SUNDAY HERALD-SUN, Melbourne, 5/26/96: residents in three states report seeing UFOs on the night of May 24. One eyewitness watched three lights in the sky over the Adelaide Hills for 20 minutes. Other witnesses said they saw a white ball the size of the full moon hover and then sink below the horizon over several minutes.

THE EXAMINER, Melbourne, 6/4/96: from May 26 to May 30, police received scores of calls of UFOs in four locations, some as widely separated as Victoria (southeastern Australia) and Queensland (northeastern Australia). One person with a video camera shot nine minutes of video footage of a disc-shaped flying vehicle with three bright yellow-orange lights in a triangular formation flying below cloud level. (JG)



Scattered across southern Illinois, Missouri, and eastern Kansas are eight large, gently sloping depressions, 2 to 10 miles wide and an average of 60 miles apart. The structures have been reliably dated at 310 million to 330 million years old - a time of mass extinction on Earth - but no one has been quite sure how they formed. The alignment and similarity of the pockmarks has led some geologists to conclude that a series of subterranean volcanic explosions created them, even though no volcanic rock has been found at any of the sites.

Michael Rampino, a geologist at New York University, believes he has a better explanation. Inspired by the collision of the 21 fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter in 1994, he suspects that the features are the eroded traces of a string of craters formed when pieces of a comet or asteroid broke up and slammed into our planet.

According to Rampino's calculations, if a comet fragmented within a few million miles of Earth, its pieces would have had time to drift apart enough to strike the Midwest at 60-mile intervals at 50,000 miles per hour. Such an impact would explain why the rock in the depressions is folded along circular fractures radiating from a center like a bull's-eye, suggesting an intense disruption.

Strings of impact structures have been identified on our moon and Jupiter's moons, but never before on Earth. Rampino's theory has triggered a world-wide search for similar structures. (JG)


(Source: Stephen Jones, NEXUS, 6/95)

[What if there was a simple method to dramatically increase crop yield that was inexpensive and did not require the use of dangerous pesticides? Too good to be true? Apple farmer Stephen Jones decided to look into the matter.]

Jones first learned about Sonic Bloom from a book called "Secrets of the Soil." The theory is that plants open their pores when stimulated by certain sounds. The technique is that while a serenade of pulsed chirps and whistles are played, the plants are sprayed with a nutrient-rich soup of 55 trace minerals, amino acids and seaweed. He visited the inventor, Dan Carlson in the U.S., and brought a sound generator and a supply of "magic potion" back to his fruit farm in New Zealand. He found that it resulted in a superior crop of disease-free, crisp and juicy apples. Jones was so impressed by the response that he started promoting the technique to farmers in New Zealand and Australia.

In his research of farmers using Sonic Bloom, the preliminary results are encouraging: fruits and vegetables are more abundant and better tasting; strawberries, beans, and tomatoes grow beyond their normal growing season; fruit trees and vines which hadn't produced at all in years, yield fruit in abundance; almost everyone reports that they encounter little or no pest or disease problems; timber trees grow taller faster, and fruit trees start bearing fruit after their first or second-years (normally it takes four or five years); fruits ripen faster, which is a big bonus in areas with a risk of early frost; yield per plant increases dramatically; flowers mature quicker and seedlings can be transplanted earlier; plants seem to respond faster from hail damage; crops are hardier in drought conditions - some farmers run the sonic unit each night to encourage plants to absorb as much dew and moisture directly from the air as possible; extracts from medicinal plants seem to be richer and more potent. Sonic Bloom techniques have been so successful that some growers are reluctant to share their success stories because they are afraid of losing their marketing edge.

Dan Carlson is a small-time inventor. He has refused to sell his idea to big corporations because he is afraid that in a country where the government pays growers NOT to grow, his invention would be put on a shelf and forgotten. In addition, the U.S. requires that agricultural products be registered state by state. He does not have the resources to market his product effectively by conventional methods.

Nevertheless, it is Jones' opinion that Sonic Bloom is on the verge of becoming a huge success, as people around the globe become open minded to this radical type of technology and consumers demand better quality food and less environmental damage. Sonic Bloom just might prove to be answer to end world hunger.

For more information, contact:

Dan Carlson
708-119th Lane, NE
Blaine, MN, USA 55434
Phone: (612) 757-8274




(Source: Bob Berman, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 4/96)

Celestial coincidences are fun and fascinating, but they make scientists nervous. A few examples:

The Andromeda Galaxy is the nearest galaxy to our own. It also happens to be the biggest and brightest one within 50,000,000 light years.

Our sky displays two disks - the sun and the moon. They just happen to appear the same size (best way to see this is a solar eclipse) and the sun's rotation just happens to be the same as the moon's revolution (28 days). This also happens to be the period of the moon's rotation, so that as the moon revolves around the Earth it always keeps the same face (the Man in the Moon) pointed to the Earth.

There's more. The planets' distances from the sun seem to follow the progression: 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192 and 384 if you add 4 to each and divide by 10.

The scientists call these oddities, "quirks," but it makes you think, doesn't it? (JG)


By James Gregory

First the good news: the economy has added 8 million jobs since 1992; we are living an average of 5.5 years longer than in 1970; in 1970, 25% of the elderly were poor, now it's only 12%; women are making 35% more now than they were in 1970; the dropout rate is down from 12% in 1970 to 9%; 65% of households now own their own homes - the highest figure since 1981; lead concentrations in blood have decreased by 78% now that lead is no longer added to gasoline; the atmosphere seems to be spontaneously cleansing itself of carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide; and one final bit of good news: violent crime has been dropping since 1981, especially in large cities, and the overall crime rate is now lower than it was in 1973.

Now the bad news: in 1995, the number of crime stories featured on network evening news was four times the number in 1991, and a recent survey showed that crime, disaster and war coverage averaged 50% of the air time on local newscasts. Good news is downplayed, bad news sells.

Blaming television for what is wrong with the country is nothing new, but social scientists argue that the sheer overload of crime and disaster stories on television is giving the public a warped view of reality. With 58% of the nation getting their news from TV, the repetitiveness and persuasiveness of the media's coverage of crime today shapes opinion, especially by overrepresenting sensational and violent crimes. In addition, it is more likely that violence by blacks will be reported than violence by whites. A study by UCLA showed that although only 50% of violent crimes are committed by blacks in LA, 61% of violent crime stories reported by the local TV station involved black perpetrators. Local newscasts play very directly to people's fears of random violence and vulnerability.

Robert Putnam, a political scientist at HARVARD, notes a direct correlation between the amount of TV people watch and the likelihood they will overestimate crime rates and distrust others. There is also a direct inverse correlation between television viewing and participation in local civic and social organizations. TV watching seems to increase pessimism and induce passivity.

So why doesn't good news sell, and is there anything positive happening in the way news is being reported? The three major TV networks have been criticized in recent years for being too negative and all have added segments to their evening newscasts to explore the issues in a fuller perspective, and an effort is being made to include uplifting stories in their news magazine and morning shows. And there are signs that spirituality is emerging as a subject worth more attention:

-- ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT and NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) have both assigned full-time correspondents to cover religion.

-- The NEWHOUSE NEWS communications empire purchased RELIGION NEWS SERVICE, hired more staff and assembled a global team of correspondents to serve an audience of 30 million people through 50 newspapers, plus TIME and NEWSWEEK, NPR and ABC News. They are treating religion as news and have expanded their coverage to include all religions.

-- NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY has teamed up with GARRET EVANGELICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY to offer the first dual master's degree program in religion and journalism.

-- The Summer/93 issue of Harvard's NEIMAN REPORT, which was devoted to the topic of "God in the Newsroom," was the most popular in the journal's 48-year history.

-- The DETROIT FREE PRESS ran a series on religion and values and commissioned readership surveys on the subject.

-- The DALLAS MORNING NEWS went from no religion section to a weekly, six-page section, assigning an editor and three full-time reporters.

-- The WASHINGTON POST went from one religion reporter to three.

People want more good news. In a study by THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, religion scored higher than entertainment and sports in importance. In the same study, religion ranked last in topics that people felt the press covered well. Rich Oppel of KNIGHT-RIDDER says, "The biggest gap between what readers want and what editors give them is in the area of coverage of religion. Virtually all the readership surveys have indicated very high interest in news about religion." Part of the problem is that journalists as a group seem to be less religious than the rest of America; half the journalists surveyed in a study had no religious affiliation and only 14% went to church.

Public interest in stories rooted in morals, spirituality and ethics is not going to disappear, and as long as editors, publishers and broadcast producers are rewarded with strong audience response, momentum to assign more resources to the beat will grow. Jane Connell of RELIGION NEWS SERVICE sums it up: "The old, tired formulas of conflict and celebrity are wearing thin. There's a sharpening spiritual hunger, and there is finally an awakening awareness in the media that this is an area that needs exploration."

(Sources: David Whitman and Stephen Budiansky, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, 3/4/96 and Beth Barker, COMMON BOUNDARY, May-June/95)


(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 6/17/96)

In recent years, a group of psychotherapists has argued that some people who vividly recall being victims of incest, child molestation, or ritual abuse are actually victims of False Memory Syndrome - that the events never happened. THE FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME FOUNDATION (FMSF) claims that at least 25% (and possibly significantly more) of all recovered memories of child abuse are false.

Now, researchers at CARLETON UNIVERSITY in Ottawa, Canada have just finished a study that concludes that the syndrome does not exist as defined by FMSF, and may not exist at all. They advise that False Memory Syndrome not be used as testimony in the courtroom to discredit recovered memories of abuse until the validity of false theory can be established. (JG)


(Source: USA TODAY, 6/17/96)

Are you a struggling genius, hampered by a lack of money from fulfilling your destiny? Don't give up hope; help may be on the way in the form of THE MACARTHUR FOUNDATION. Founded in 1981, the mandate of the Chicago-based JOHN D. AND CATHERINE T. MACARTHUR FOUNDATION is to support fledgling lights in the arts, sciences, and social work.

The foundation, with assets of about $3 billion, is one of the richest philanthropic foundations in the country. It has doled out more than $150 million in grants to 479 recipients since 1981. Recipients can spend the grant money any way they want.

Some of the people and projects funded this year are:

-- $255,000 to film maker, Louis Massiah ("The Bombing of Ossage Ave."), to continue his work of training new film makers and creating places to show independent films.

-- $300,000 to writer, Allan Berube ("Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II"), to continue his research of gay history.

-- $290,000 to choreographers, Eiko and Koma Otake.

Unfortunately, individuals can't apply for MacArthur Fellowships themselves. Instead, the foundation hand-picks 125 individuals to anonymously nominate people in their respective fields. (JG)


(Source: Elaine Appelton and others, NEW AGE JOURNAL, Mar.-Apr./96)

Have you ever wanted to walk on the wild side but were afraid of what your neighbours might say? Here's consolation: eccentrics are healthier and happier than the rest of us. Author of "Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness," David Weeks, says eccentrics "have thrown off the constraints of normal life to do exactly as they please." They don't waste energy worrying what other people might think and therefore reduce the stress in their lives.

In some ways, however, they are also surprisingly conformist, sharing the following traits: creativity, curiosity, idealism, intelligence, and bad spelling (can't be bothered).

There are even companies who will teach you how to loosen up - for a price. The Boston-based ARIEL GROUP (named after the magical sprite in "The Tempest"), is teaching business people across America how to be spontaneous, creative, courageous - even silly. Participants leave their three-day workshop with a sense of confidence and passion about their work, to the point of taking the risk of appearing odd or peculiar in public.

Famous eccentrics include Albert Einstein, William Blake, Lewis Carroll, and Emily Dickinson, as well as the following lesser-known luminaries:

-- Joshua Abraham Norton, who, in 1859, declared himself Emperor of the United States.
-- Contemporary cave dweller, John Slater, who walked from England to Scotland barefoot in his pajamas.
-- Ann Atkin of Devon, England, who has a collection of 7,500 garden gnomes.
-- "Junkist" John Ward, inventor of the motorized brassiere warmer.

Where do you fit in? (JG)



I AM AMERICA, the organization that publishes Lori Adaile Toye's "I AM AMERICA" Earth changes maps, is hosting prophecy conference in Phoenix, Arizona, June 22 and 23. Over 20 speakers are scheduled to attend, including: Lori Adaile Toye, Robert Ghost Wolf (Native American Prophecies), Dolores Cannon (Conversations with Nostradamus), Judi Zion (Ramtha), Dr. Chet Snow (Mass Dreams of the Future) and Dr. Norma Milanovich (Earth Healing Journeys).

Tickets: $75.00 per person
Call: (800) 930-1341




Have stress and a defensive posture toward life gotten you tied in knots? The Alexander Technique can help you learn to release tension and gain greater peace of body, mind and spirit.

Rupert & Linnie Oysler
(520) 204-2566


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