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NHNE News Brief 19
Friday, July 5, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


The Importance of Vision

Organic Carbon Found in Fossil Meteorite
Termite Plague Threatens New Orleans
UFO's Continue to Buzz Australia
Roswell, NM: Home of the Strange
New Caves Discovered in Qumran

A New Milestone for NHNE

Taking a Second Look
Update from Dr. Chet Snow

The Circle of Atonement: Teaching & Healing Center

Hillary, Spirituality & the Nature True Leaders

"ID4": Aliens as Enemies

News from Giza

The Drought of 96
New Sensors Bring New Focus

Re-Inventing the Wheel

Sexual Assault Drug

"The Path"




"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Book of Proverbs 29:18


(Source: Carl Zimmer, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 8/96)

1.85 billion years ago an asteroid the size of Mount Everest slammed into the Earth near present day Sudbury, Canada with an explosive force equal to 1,000 times the world's current nuclear arsenal and tearing out a crater 35 miles long. Astonishingly, some rock samples from the debris have just been found to contain organic carbon and a form of helium that could only have come from the neighbourhood of a dying red giant star. Looks like life on this planet might have been given a kick start from a visitor from outside our solar system. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 7/8/96)

Formosa termites are levelling New Orleans, bite by bite. Introduced by military ships returning from East Asia after World War II, the infestation has exploded in recent years -- increasing 1200% since 1989. The problem wasn't really apparent until 1992, when Hurricane Andrew felled thousands of termite-weakened trees. Scientists are scrambling to find a way to stop the hardy critters before they spread up both U.S. coasts. (JG)


(Sources: ISCNI*FLASH, 7/1/96 and REUTERS in CNN, 6/23/96)

In an update to a story we first ran in NHNE News Brief 17, UFO'S continue to be seen over major Australian cities. The flap escalated when UFO's with orange flashing lights appeared suddenly over Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as reported in the June 16, 1996 edition of the MELBOURNE SUNDAY SUN-HERALD and TEN TV, the Australian national television network, which aired video footage on June 19 of the bright orange lights that cavorted over the city of Adelaide. On June 17, the ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE (RAAF) announced the formation of a commission to study "mysterious lights in the sky." UFO sightings around the world have risen by more than 200% during the past year claims Ademar Gevaerd, editor of UFO MAGAZINE. (JG)


(Source: Laura Bly, USA TODAY, 6/28/96)

This week marks both the 49th anniversary of the crash of alien space ships at Roswell, New Mexico and the debut of 20TH CENTURY FOX'S ballyhooed alien-invasion film "Independence Day." In an admitted attempt to cash in on the current extraterrestrial craze, residents of the town of Roswell, otherwise known as "UFO Town, USA," have organized a "UFO Encounter," July 4-6. Some of the planned events include an alien costume contest, an "out of this world" fireworks display, and a Crash and Burn Expo -- a non-motorized vehicle competition designed to showcase the talents of "aspiring galactic engineers." The local UFO MUSEUM AND RESEARCH CENTER and THE UFO ENIGMA MUSEUM will both be open for business, and for $15 you can take a bumpy 8-mile drive to the ridge where the an alien spacecraft allegedly crashed, sparking a what-if controversy that has simmered for nearly five decades. The theme of the extravaganza: "It Did, They Are." Organizers expect 10,000 people to attend the event. (JG)



Four new man-made caves have been discovered in the Qumran region a short distance from the original caves containing the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is hoped that an excavation of the site will shed new light on long-simmering controversies over the scrolls. Politics have entered into the fray since the area is part of the West Bank territory scheduled to be negotiated under the terms of the Israeli/Arab peace deal. Israeli authorities are going ahead with excavations despite accusations by the Palestinians that they are plundering the site and demands that they stop. (JG)


With the publication of this News Brief, NewHeavenNewEarth achieves another milestone. Not only have we produced a full month (five weeks) of weekly NHNE News Briefs, a NHNE News Flash on the capture of aliens in Brazil, and published a full-length issue of Wind & Wings, we are now launching a profit-sharing arrangement with our supporters and contributors.

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James Gregory
The NHNE News Brief



"As publisher of OPEN MIND MAGAZINE, I get a fair number of newsletters and the like. I have a tendency to take a brief look and usually dismiss them as being a lot of superfluous information. You know, "I'm too busy" and all that. I sat down this morning and really read the latest NHNE News Brief. I realized, as I read on, what a great collection of diverse, down-to-earth and interesting material you all are compiling for the rest of us, and I want to express my congratulations, and thanks, for a job very well done. It's the best reading on the Internet, as far as I can see. I'll be getting my subscription bucks in and feel great about it!"

Mark H. Harrison
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"Re: the article in NHNE News Brief 16 about my 1996 predictions, as originally published in my November, 1995, "MASS DREAMS NEWSLETTER": at this half-way point around 1996, I think we're still pretty much in the "gray" category concerning these events: Israel and Turkey are definite set-backs and may set the stage for a new Mid-East confrontation in 1997 or 1998 (just in time for the "three and a half years of peace, followed by new war" prophecy for Israel mentioned in the Biblical books of Daniel and the Revelation of St. John). But the Pope is still alive, the Indian Ocean disarmingly quiet and the Grandfather (Mt. Rainier) hasn't (yet) "answered" the Granddaughter (Mt. St. Helens) to cite ancient Native American prophecy. One thing that all the Native American elders I've spoken with so far this year have stressed is that it will be Mother Nature and Mother Earth that may provide the best clue about our near-term future. They all predict a severe worsening of the current drought in the Southwest and Southern Plains for 1997 and 1998; if this occurs, and indications are that it will, then one of the last conditions I foresaw and describe in Chapter 1 of "Mass Dreams of the Future" would be met. Then, hang onto your hats!"

Dr. Chet Snow
Sedona, Arizona


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By David Sunfellow

If the mainstream news media is your main source of information, then it's likely you think that Hillary Clinton and, for that matter, the entire Clinton White House, is, well..., not playing with a full deck of cards. Using revelations from Bob Woodward's new book, "The Choice," as a jumping off point, TIME, NEWSWEEK, the major television networks, a host of talk shows and many other mainstream news sources merrily reported on the parade of "New Age gurus" that have been passing through the Clinton inner circle. While Woodward focused on the First Lady's provocative meetings with Jean Houston ("a believer in spirits, mythic and other connections to history and other worlds"), other notables have included Marianne Williamson (best-selling author of "A Return to Love"), Anthony Robbins (best-selling author of "Awaken the Giant Within"), and Stephen Covey (best-selling author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People").

While the mainstream media has tended to marginalize, or worse, make fun of the growing list of alternative-minded people circulating through the Clinton White House, many of these people have done far more than simply crank out best-selling books. Along with being the co-founder of THE FOUNDATION FOR MIND RESEARCH and author of 15 books, Houston claims to have met Eleanor Roosevelt six times and had her life changed by an encounter with Helen Keller as a young school girl. Houston is also reported to have been friends with Teilhard de Chardin, Aldus Huxley, Margaret Mead and Joseph Campbell. In other words, Houston and many of the other people Hillary has been spending time with are some of the most innovative, influential and well-connected people on the planet. Many of them also have a growing number of followers worldwide.

Hillary, of course, is not alone in seeking to understand life's deeper mysteries through exploring areas frowned on by more traditional elements of society. She is preceded by a long list of other American first ladies who were also interested in visionaries, psychics, mediums, astrologers, soothsayers, philosophers and human potential advocates. To name a few: the wives of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, even Ronald Reagan (Nancy Reagan paid $3,000 a month to an astrologer to help plan the timing of executive actions and be sure her husband didn't go places when things looked dangerous from an astrological point of view).

Indeed, although most Americans never learn about this in school, America itself has its roots in the mystical, other-worldly areas Hillary is presently exploring. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and other American founders were high-ranking Freemasons, as were about 50 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Freemasons at that time were a secret organization devoted to the perfectibility of man. They believed in the then-esoteric notion that humans could evolve through spiritual and secular learning, and that each person could, in his lifetime, graduate to ever-higher states of awareness. George Washington dedicated the Capital Building in a Masonic ceremony signifying the new nation was devoted to the pursuit of evolving consciousness. Many of the nation's monuments, mottos and seals also express these highly unconventional ideas and ideals (take a look at the Great Seal of the United States that appears on every U.S. one dollar bill to see just how strongly Masonic and mystical traditions influenced early America).

Some of America's most famous leaders have also been visionaries themselves. In two well-known stories, Lincoln reportedly dreamed about his own assassination several days before he was actually shot, and Washington, in his hour of greatest trial at Valley Forge, was reportedly visited by "a singularly beautiful female" that showed him a vision of America's destiny and inspired him to cross the Delaware for a surprise attack on the British.

And, of course, America is not alone. Human history is full of human encounters with the Divine. Ancient tribes and clans consulted shamans. Old Testament prophets and kings regularly received premonitions and advice from on High. Ancient Greeks consulted the oracles at Delphi. In short, humanity's greatest initiators of change have always been plugged into a supernatural power -- either as it expressed Itself through them, or through an unusually gifted circle of friends. Staying connected with God, Spirit, and whatever new energies are expressing themselves in the world has always been the hallmark of all true leaders. All true leaders, including the three most admired by Hillary (Jesus, Mahatma Ghandi, and Eleanor Roosevelt) have also received a great deal of bad press for pioneering new courses of human thought and action.

Hillary, in other words, while being ridiculed today by people with less vision, spiritual hunger and foresight than herself, is in good company. She is also providing a valuable service to the growing planetary transformation movement. Not only has she helped solidify the movement by gathering together many of its foremost leaders, but she has also helped inject both them and their visions of a new world into the consciousness of mainstream society.

These are, indeed, remarkable times.

(Sources: VENTURE INWARD, Jan-Feb, 1996; NEWSWEEK, 7/8/96; TIME, 7/1/96)

[NHNE subscribers will receive an NHNE Special Report on Jean Houston and her work next week. Written by NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Gail Rossi, the NHNE Special Report describes a talk given by Houston two days before the release of Bob Woodward's book. Gail's report also deals in depth with Houston's inspiring personal philosophy.]


By James Gregory

If you are reading this, then the anticipated alien invasion of July 4th -- "Independence Day" -- has probably not materialized as anticipated, except as a smash summer hit in movie theatres around the world.

Nevertheless, we are in "a major alien moment" according a sarcastic article in the latest issue of NEWSWEEK. Reporter, Rick Martin, claims that all matter of weirdness has taken hold of otherwise sensible people, citing Hillary Clinton and her hypothetical talks with Eleanor Roosevelt and SONY's ESP lab as examples.

"Why has this vast middle class of credulous neospiritualists sprung up over the last few years," Martin asks. "Boomers approaching their golden years are still searching for meaning in their lives, something more transcendent than finding an old Grateful Dead record. Disillusioned Gen-Xers, prone to conspiracy theorizing, are convinced they have a better chance of encountering an alien than they do of collecting Social Security. It's a substitute religion for people who haven't got one, and a supplemental one for those who already do. 'I want to believe' is the movement's (and the moment's) mantra. These very words are inscribed on a UFO poster behind Agent Muldur's desk on "The X-Files."

The fact is, people who believe in the paranormal (that which you do not normally see and encounter in your day-to-day life) are no longer members of fringe groups -- they are your neighbours, the teachers of your kids, they are you and me. NEWSWEEK admits that a recent poll they commissioned found that 48% of Americans believe in UFO's and 40% believe in the supernatural. The motto of this generation might be more like "The truth is out there" -- the statement that ends each "X-Files" episode.

Martin continues, "'Star Wars' (intergalactic Armageddon) as opposed to 'Starman' (friendly alien falls to earth) is the narrative du jour." Chris Carter, creator of "X-Files" adds, "Steven Spielberg did two wonderful alien movies ('ET' and 'Close Encounters') a long time ago. The new approach is more apocalyptic, and that's interesting."

In a side bar to Martin's article, Sharon Begley presents a synopsis of the status of current scientific proof of the paranormal. The best evidence she can come up with for telepathy is a recent study by the UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH that managed a 50% hit rate where 25% would be expected from random results. She qualifies the findings by suggesting that they may be unintentionally biased by a number of factors. She was able to find little hard evidence for psychokinesis; even so, she again suggested that researchers were ignoring negative data to skew the results in their favour. As far as proof of UFO's is concerned, she rejects eye witness accounts outright, and points out that photographic evidence can now be easily faked with off-the-shelf computer graphics software.

Curiously, Begley did not mention crop circles -- a phenomenon that began in England in the 70's with a few simple circles in cereal crop fields to present day, where thousands of beautiful and complicated glyphs are appearing around the world each year in media as diverse as cereal crops, muddy rice fields, forests, marsh grass, snow, sand and ice. Who made them and what do they mean? A group of Hopi Indians reacted very emotionally when crop researcher, Colin Andrews, showed some photos of crop circles. The symbols they said were no script or language, but spoke directly to the human consciousness. According to Michael Hesemann, author of "The Cosmic Connection," crop circles are a gentle and non-intrusive way for non-human entities to make their presence known to the world. Crop circles are as ephemeral as sand castles and snow men and their messages are here by the thousands for those who care to listen.

Arthur C. Clarke, author of "2001" and noted millennialist once observed: "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." I propose that two other possibilities exist: that we are not alone, and that the beings with whom we share the universe are probably not heartless killers bent on eradicating human life, but, rather, kind and considerate souls who are gently making their presence known to us. Personally, I prefer the graceful beauty of 100-foot interconnected circles in a field of ripening wheat to a 15-mile wide spacecraft blowing up the White House and Empire State Building.

(Sources: Rick Martin and Sharon Begley, NEWSWEEK, 7/8/96 and "THE COSMIC CONNECTION" by Michael Hesemann)


(Sources: Martin Stower, ISCNI*Flash, 6/9/96 and ATLANTIS RISING #6)

Stonemasons are replacing the cement restoration of the Sphinx of recent years with stone blocks carved as faithfully as possible to replicate the original. Archaeologists and engineers are aiding in the restoration by providing an archive of photographs of the monument through the years. "The Sphinx is the world's oldest patient," says Dr. Zawi Hawass, director of the Giza area. "We must always be at its bedside."

The restoration work is already providing some surprises. The first of two tunnels leading into the core of the monument has been explored and found empty but another remains unexplored on the northern side. "We will enter it soon," said Hawass, "but we expect to find nothing; it has been opened before." A funerary complex connected to Chefren's granite temple has been uncovered during dismantling of the Son et Lumiere Theatre as part of the Giza Plateau's "new look." The complex includes an ancient canal and two tunnels leading to its northern and southern entrances. The canal has been dated at 4,500 years old, making it the oldest canal in the world.

Archeologists from WASEDA UNIVERSITY in Japan have been working at Giza since January, 1987. The latest site investigated by the Japanese was the Sanctuary of the Sphinx. Japanese studies indicate the existence of a hollow 2.5 to 3 meters underground south of the Sphinx. Grooves on both sides of the Sphinx's body indicate that there may be a tunnel underneath the Sphinx connecting the south and north grooves. In front of the two paws of the Sphinx, the Japanese found another hollow space about 1 to 2 meters below surface. Again, they believe that it may extend underneath the Sphinx. Their conclusion is that there are more cavities below the Sphinx than were previously known.

In other news from Giza, researchers have identified a tunnel south of the pyramid of Khufu and confirmed the existence of a wooden boat inside of the second pit of Khufu. In addition, the pyramid of Chefren, closed in October for repairs in the wake of the 1992 earthquake in Egypt, reopened in April. Its re-opening was to coincide with the closing of the pyramid of Mycerinus for restoration. With all this restoration work going on, it's no wonder that the Egyptians are looking for ways to make more money.

There are also claims that friction between Zawi Hawass and archeologist, John Anthony West, erupted into violence when Hawass tried to remove West and his team from the site after the discovery of a chamber beneath the Sphinx. Resentment has been simmering for a long time between Hawass, the Director of the Giza District of THE EGYPTIAN DEPARTMENT OF ANTIQUITIES, and West, author of "The Traveller's Key to Ancient Egypt" and "Serpent in the Sky." John Anthony West will be a keynote speaker at a public symposium about recovering ancient lost knowledge at the UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE from September 27 to 29. No doubt we will get all the details then. (JG)


(Source: Ginny Carroll and Peter Annin, NEWSWEEK, 7/1/96)

The American Southwest is in the grip of the worst drought in 40 years. Though some areas have been afflicted for five years and others for as little as ten months, climatologists agree that there is no end in sight. The cause can be traced to El Nino (the "Christ Child"), a huge weather system in the western Pacific that in good years spawns welcome winter rains in the American Southwest and the Plains. Last year, and again this year, it did not appear, making a region that is naturally one of the driest in the world even drier. Normally a split jet-stream carries storms to the north and south of the North American continent, but in the current configuration, the jet-stream has consolidated and in the western part of the continent has swung north of its usual path, leaving the Southwest isolated and parched.

In Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas, the lack of rainfall has wiped out the winter wheat crop leading to a short supply of cattle feed forcing ranchers to cut back their herds. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry predicts agribusiness losses already at $2.4 billion could reach $6.5 billion, making the '96 drought the costliest natural disaster in the state's history.

With no rainfall, farmers from Montana to Texas have been dependent on water pumped from a vast underground reservoir known as the Ogalla Aquifer. This fossil water was trapped during the last ice age and is not replenished by rainfall. It is a one-time, non-renewable resource. In the last 15 years, levels in some parts of the aquifer have dropped as much as 50 feet.

The fear now is that the drought could create a dust bowl reminiscent of the 30's. This time, though, many of the windbreaks are gone and the number of acres under cultivation has been hugely expanded meaning that the Plains are more vulnerable than ever to the combined effects of drought and wind. (JG)


(Sources: Jeffrey Winters, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 8/96 and NASA Press Release via GAIA ALERT, 4/24/96)

[This article is a follow-up to an article that appeared in NHNE News Brief 15 about a near-miss by a killer asteroid and the need for an automatic system to monitor near-Earth objects (NEOs).]

Thanks to a newly installed electronic camera pointed at the night sky from atop Maui's Haleakala volcano, NASA astronomers are making new discoveries daily. The March observing run alone produced more than 1,000 asteroid sightings. Total detections since NEAT (The Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking System) went on-line in December of 1995, has climbed to more than 2,400 objects. 45 percent of these objects are known while more than 200 are new discoveries receiving new asteroid designations. When the camera is upgraded later this month astronomers expect to detect four times the number of comets and asteroids currently being observed.

The new tracking system has enabled astronomers at NASA'S JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (JPL), Pasadena, CA, to make their first discovery of a new long-term comet and four new Earth-crossing asteroids which represents half of all the Earth-crossing asteroids discovered worldwide during the month of March. Two of the discoveries are classified as "potentially hazardous asteroids," capable of coming exceedingly close to the Earth. These discoveries certainly suggest that we could face a surprise encounter with a large, unseen object. If these newly discovered Earth-crossing asteroids have not been seen before, then there is strong evidence that many others are near the vicinity of Earth and the inner planets, which NEAT and other programs are designed to discover.

In related news, Alan Harris of the JET PROPULSION LABORATORY in Pasadena has determined that most asteroids may be just loose collections of space rubble. He bases his theory on the fact that of the 108 asteroids he has studied, only one spins quickly enough to confirm that it is solid. All the others are slow spinners, leading him to his theory that most asteroids are piles of gravel held together only by weak gravitational forces. However, 100 tons of loose rubble moving at 10,000 miles per hour on a collision course with Earth could be just as destructive as 100 tons of solid rock. What makes this finding significant is that collections of loose rubble are much more difficult to deflect with current technology, such as nuclear missiles. (JG)


(Source: Will Hively, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 8/96)

Nobody questions Jack Bitterly's brilliance, but is this 77-year-old inventor on the verge of making the automobile's internal combustion engine obsolete? It all hinges on whether flywheel technology is up to the task.

Not familiar with flywheel technology? Here's a short primer:

-- Flywheels have been around since the Stone Age. Early steam engines utilized giant flywheels as big as 17 feet in diameter to damp out the shudder of the huge pistons. Bitterly's flywheel is 12 inches in diameter, three inches thick, weighs 50 pounds and spins at the incredible rate of 100,000 rpm (that's 1,700 times a second)! The flywheel is made of densely-packed carbon fibers similar to those used in golf clubs and Stealth bombers. It has to be made strong because the outside rim spins at 3,700 miles per hour. It makes no noise because it floats on magnetic bearings and is housed in an aluminum cannister from which all the air has been removed.

-- One flywheel assembly weighs 90 pounds and can generate 25 horse power. 12 to16 units would be needed to power a standard-size car 300 miles, about the same distance as a tank of gas would take it. It is estimated that the unit manufacturing cost would be around $800, making the total cost of the drive train about $10,000 to $13,000. This high cost compared to conventional engines or automotive lead-cell batteries would be offset by the fact that the power source would last the life of the car and the cost of energy equivalent to a tank of gas would be about $6.

-- The way flywheels work is that once they are up to speed (hooked up to a conventional power source, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for a small electric motors to accomplish this act), their kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy by small generators which in turn powers electric motors on each wheel of the car.

-- A flywheel-powered car is, in fact, an electric car. The main difference is the energy source -- flywheels instead of batteries -- and vastly improved performance. The range of typical electric cars is 70 to 90 miles and their batteries have to be replaced every year or two at a cost of $1,800. Bitterly's flywheel car has a range of 300 miles, the system recharges in 20 minutes, contains no toxic materials, and is virtually maintenance free.

In a peculiar twist, research and development costs of Bitterly's company, U.S. FLYWHEEL SYSTEMS are being underwritten by Kevin Costner. The actor and director of the movie "Waterworld", was so moved by the image of a world destroyed by mankind's dependence on fossil fuels, that he created COSTNER INDUSTRIES, with the express purpose of investing in new technologies that promise to improve the environment. Dan Costner, Kevin's brother and manager of the investment company, states that U.S. FLYWHEEL SYSTEMS is "certainly the crown jewel of COSTNER INDUSTRIES."

A working prototype of the system was unveiled at a closed symposium on flywheels at OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE NATIONAL LABORATORY in August, 1995. Bitterly feels that they will start testing a flywheel-powered car by the end of the year.

So far no big auto manufacturer has picked up the option to incorporate Bitterly's design into their models. Meanwhile, there is considerable interest in Bitterly's flywheels powering satellites in space and trains in Germany. He also has a static model in the works that could be used as a back-up power generator. In the event of a power failure, it could assume the load within nanoseconds, thus preventing valuable computer data from being lost.

How long do Bitterly's flywheel systems last? He has designed the system to survive at least 10,000 run-and-recharge cycles. Under normal conditions, that would mean a life of 27 years -- and that's only a lower limit. (JG)


(Source: Jodi S. Cohen and Tim Friend, USA TODAY, 6/20/96)

Rohypnol, a hypnotic drug more potent than Valium is showing up at clubs, bars and parties and is being connected to sexual assaults. Officials say the usual scenario is that men slip the odorless, tasteless and colorless pill, into women's drinks, making them severely disoriented or knocking them out completely. They are then taken to a private place and sexually assaulted. "There's a common thread of 'I can't remember what happened to me,'" says Jane Maxwell, who has been researching Rohypnol at the TEXAS COMMISSION ON ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE.

Within three months, THE DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION (DEA) plans to put the drug, known as "Roofies," in the same category as heroin and LSD to combat a sharp rise in smuggling, trafficking and possession. "Making Rohypnol a Schedule 1 drug is needed to increase penalties and prevent it from becoming a 'monster,'" the DEA's Gene Haislip says.

The drug is made by HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE of Switzerland. It is not approved in the USA but is legally prescribed in 64 countries for insomnia and as a pre-operative anesthetic. Seven to ten times more potent than Valium, Rohypnol produces profound, prolonged sedation, a feeling of well-being and short-term memory loss. "Rohypnol has a respected reputation," says company spokeswoman, Carolyn Glynn. "More than 2.3 million doses a day are sold worldwide. We are very serious about stopping the illegal diversion of the product, but rescheduling a compound is an artificial way to deal with this issue."

In the USA, Rohypnol has become increasingly popular among teens and young adults who take it at parties, night clubs and rave dances for its euphoric, drunken-like high. The drug is sold illegally in schools and on the street for $1 to $5 a tablet. The effects are boosted further by alcohol or marijuana. Women have reported passing out and awakening briefly to find they are being sexually assaulted; others say they have no memory of being raped even though there is evidence of it. Gangs in Texas and Florida have reportedly begun using the drug in rapes of minors.

A 12-month study of Customs declarations forms at Laredo found Rohypnol was the second leading drug after Valium being brought across the border. As of March 1, 1996, the DEA documented 2,460 federal, state and local cases involving Rohypnol in 32 states. Nearly all occurred since 1993. The drug is widely used in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona and Oklahoma. Declaring Rohypnol a Schedule 1 drug would provide a minimum 10-year prison term for simple smuggling offenses and allow prosecutors to seek the same sentences that apply to sales and possession of heroin and cocaine. (JG)


By James Gregory

I want to admit two things upfront: I like books that are based on the Bible and I am a strong believer in being clear about what's important in life. So it's no wonder that I liked Laurie Beth Jones' book, "The Path: Creating Your Own Mission Statement." The quote we chose to head up this issue of the NHNE News Brief sums up Jones' belief: "You are either living your own vision, or you are living someone else's."

In her introduction, she quotes Richard Leider and David Shapiro, co-authors of "Repacking Your Bags," whose research shows that the number one fear of people is "having lived meaningless lives." In her studies, Jones noted again and again that the people who were floundering in their lives were the ones who had no real idea as to what they wanted out of life. The clearer people were, she found, the more successful they were in creating the kind of life they wanted. Makes sense.

Most of us could use some help with clear thinking and Jones show us how in an easy-to-read guide. She claims that the single most powerful tool for creating a life that is meaningful and satisfying is having a mission statement. She defines a mission statement as, "a brief, succinct and focused statement of purpose that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all of life's activities." A carefully thought out mission statement acts as both a harness and a sword -- harnessing you to do what is true about your life and cutting away what is false. It helps you put your energy to where is will do the most good. It follows that mission statements are important for individuals as well as corporations.

In her book, she lists 11 false assumptions about mission statements such as "My job is my mission," and "I am not important enough to have a mission" and then with personal anecdotes and Bible stories proceeds to show us her eight action steps to success, some of which (besides having a mission statement) are "Get the facts," "Break ranks and be bold," and "Saturate everything you do with prayer."

Mission statements are for work and personal life. Some examples of mission statements:

"To give life and give it more abundantly." Jesus (according to Jones)

"To recognize, promote, and inspire the divine connection in all of us." Laurie Beth Jones

"To be the official news source of the Second Coming." NHNE News Brief

Jones ends her book with case histories and her own personal story, plus a section entitled "Pitfalls and Potholes."

I found the book entertaining and educational and recommend that you do yourself a favor and buy two copies -- one for yourself, and one to lend to friends.


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