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NHNE News Brief 21
Friday, July 19, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


One Day at a Time

Metal Objects Found Under Sphinx
More "Fact or Fiction" in the Works
Sharks in Danger
Millennium Notes
Where Have All the Frogs Gone?
Cockroach Education
Online Hurricane Service Blown Away

The Beat Goes On

All in This Boat Together
Trying Times A-comin'
Sign of Divine Intervention

Sedona Photo Retreats

Negative Portrayals of ET's Could Backfire

White Buffalo Update

What is a Magnetic Pole Reversal?

AIDS Cases Levelling Off

Bodies are Not Fashion Accessories

BGH Threat to Cows
Alternative Healing & Traditional Medicine
Mindful Walking

Advertisers Going for Olympic Gold

MSNBC: New 24-Hour News Channel
"Millennium" (New Fall Series)




"I try to take one day at a time...
But sometimes several days attack me at once."

---Ashleigh Brilliant


(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 7/16/96)

On July 11, researcher and author Graham Hancock appeared on Art Bell's nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hancock divulged that one of the members of the team working at the Sphinx leaked information that ground-penetrating radar and seismic equipment has verified the existence of nine underground chambers and that metallic objects have been identified in all nine chambers. Hancock, author of "Fingerprints of the Gods," commented,"If we examine the ancient Egyptian traditions concerning... the great secrets of the gods that they say is concealed at Giza speaks of books, documents, records going back to the time of the gods, and it says that this record chamber is guarded by metal statues of curious or strange abilities." (JG)


(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 7/16/96)

Robert Kiviat, the man who brought us last year's controversial "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?" has four more TV specials in the works. If all goes according to plan, the first to air will be "Alien Implants: Fact or Fiction?" This special will air in the early fall of this year followed by "Alien Autopsy Cameraman: Fact or Fiction?" Kiviat promises his second special will include an "in silhouette" interview with the person who purportedly shot the famous footage used in "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?" The former UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and ENCOUNTERS producer hinted that the third and fourth productions will deal with ET-related themes, including Richard Hoagland's material concerning Moon and Mars anomalies. (JG)


(Sources: DISCOVERY MAGAZINE, 4/96 via SPECTRUM, July-Aug/96)

While a growing number of scientists, researchers, doctors and patients believe that shark cartilage is good for people with cancer, it's not good for sharks. The growing demand for shark cartilage could spell disaster for the shark population; some species show 80% declines over the last 20 years. One large factory in Mexico alone currently processes 111,000 large coastal sharks a year to supply the cartilage demand. (JG)


(Source: SPECTRUM, July-Aug/96)

Most millennialists share a belief that the world as we know it is going to end around the year 2000. Typically, such predictions are linked to the Bible as well as other prophetic sources. Curiously, there is no mention in the Bible that the year 2,000 has any significance whatsoever; in fact, biblical scholars share agreement on the fact that Jesus was probably born four to six years before the beginning of the formal Christian Era upon which we base the dating system. This being the case, it is likely that the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' birth has already passed. (JG)


(Source: SPECTRUM, July-Aug/96)

Frogs and other amphibians are mysteriously dying out all over the world. Environmental factors are suspected, but up to now nothing could be pinpointed. Scientists have recently discovered that the die off is the synergistic result of two factors: increased ultraviolet rays and acid rain. The increased ultraviolet rays are due to the depletion of the ozone layer which in turn is linked to freon from air conditioners and refrigerators and CFCs from spray cans; acid rain is the by-product of industrial air pollution. We are all one. (JG)


(Sources: NATIONAL WILDLIFE, Apr-May/96 via SPECTRUM, July-Aug/96)

In 1990, the cockroach problem at a public school in Allegan, MI was so bad that children were carrying cockroaches home in their lunch boxes and pant cuffs. Regular insecticides were ineffective -- the bugs had developed an resistance. In desperation, a local exterminating company took the radical approach of creating an artificial ecosystem inside the school that was hostile to the cockroaches. Two of the cockroach's natural enemies were introduced: nemotodes and tiny wasps the size of pinheads. Neither posed a threat to humans but quickly eliminated the cockroach problem at a cost less than conventional methods. Biological pest control is now used in all Allegan's schools, making it the first U.S. school system to replace pesticides with natural methods. (JG)


(Sources: ASSOCIATED PRESS in USA TODAY, 7/12/96 and FEMA Press Release, 7/16/96)

In NHNE News Brief 15 we announced the new ONLINE TROPICAL STORM WATCH launched by the FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA). On July 10 and 11, just days before Hurricane Bertha was predicted to slam into the U.S. East Coast, storm watchers jammed the online service straining the service's technical capabilities and causing it to crash a number of times. In the preceding five days, the site received half a million hits each day! With hurricane season only six weeks old, and Bertha only the second named tropical storm of the season, FEMA says they're moving quickly to upgrade their World Wide Web capability so they'll be ready to accommodate the next onslaught of hurricane-information-hungry cybersurfers. (JG)



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Next week is our monthly "Leftovers Issue", where we relax a little and have some fun. To date, we have only had two submissions to our Urban Legends Contest. Deadline is Wednesday, July 24. Come on people, I know each one of you out there has at least one good story. Let's hear them.

For those of you who had trouble accessing the happy face crop circle mentioned in last week's News Brief, my apologies -- I made a mistake on the web site address. Here is the correct version:

Boy, those addresses can get complicated! The site is good for a smile.

James Gregory
Editor-in-Chief, NHNE News Brief



"I would like to commend your editor. I think he is doing a great job. I especially liked his report on the "flywheel" since I am interested in the development of interim technology, and his report on the drought since the soybean market may be moving in a positive direction as a result. I also enjoyed JG's article on the "White Buffalo Woman" and I appreciate Dr. Chet Snow's inputs to this newsletter. I hope that your readers will begin to understand how much you and your staff are giving, and that they will begin to support these efforts more. We are all in this boat together and it is nice to be in this boat with you and your wonderful staff. Keep up the good work."

---Brenda Johnson, Philadelphia, PA



"I sense very trying times a-comin'. My dreams have been very vivid and provocative lately. I am experiencing a great surge of spiritual 'awakening,' if I can call it that. I cannot express this stuff to my closest friends, not because of shyness or anything, but because the words just don't form in my head. The upside is that it forces me to follow my intuition more since I can't rely on 'science' and 'reason.' I feel totally connected to everything in the universe, and at the same time, totally disconnected. I remember trying to describe a similar feeling to the family doctor when I was a kid over 25 years ago. Odd how this stuff comes back around. Faith is the lifeline to grasp firmly when you're tossed on the stormy psychic waters."

---Chris Czech, Moose Meadow, Alberta, Canada



"Just a note to let you know I am reading NHNE and loving it. Keep up the good work. Few people read The Book of Revelation to the end where Chapter 22 mentions the New Heaven and New Earth to come. It is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. You are one of the few (if only) Web sites to emphasize the positive transition in all of this. Actually, when one thinks about it and reads the facts clearly, the cataclysms predicted by Cayce and Nostradamus for the 70's and 80's have not come true. California was supposed to already be in the ocean, etc. I like to look at the prophesies that are NOT being fulfilled today as a sign of Divine Intervention."

---Jon Locke

[Nostradamus' predictions were vague and Cayce used a 1958-1998 window which has not passed yet. Interesting concept, though, that we will follow up on.]



Come to Sedona and learn the art of photography while enjoying the retreat-like setting of the beautiful Red Rock country. You'll see vortexes and sacred sites as we travel by jeep; you'll experience a sweat lodge and enjoy times of quiet meditation in the hills of Sedona; you'll spend time with other like-minded people who are also on the path. Airfare is NOT included. Lodging (in the beautiful INN OF SEDONA--you'll have your own room) IS included. So is film, film development, (bring your own camera, or borrow one), jeep travel, personal instruction, some meals, a wonderful brunch at ENCHANTMENT RESORT, a hot air balloon ride and a trip to the Grand Canyon (in the five-day retreat), and more.

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(Sources: CSETI Press Release, 7/9/96 via ISCNI*FLASH, 7/16/96)

THE CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE (CSETI) is concerned about the growing trend towards negative portrayals of non-human lifeforms such as in the movie "Independence Day."

Steven M. Greer, M.D., the Director of CSETI, says, "The portrayal of extraterrestrial lifeforms in ever-frightening ways would be harmless if no extraterrestrials exist. But we have compelling evidence that indeed we are already being visited by advanced non-human life forms, and the association of this fact with the terrifying images of movies like "Independence Day", could result in a general xenophobic response by society at the time of a confirmed disclosure that we are not alone. The media should exhibit more restraint in these portrayals of extraterrestrials and should also endeavor to investigate the growing scientific evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations have made their way to earth."

CSETI conducts serious research into the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. For more information, contact them at:

Phone: (704) 274-5671
Fax: (704) 274-6766



By Gail Rossi, NHNE SwiftWing Global Reporter

[This article is a follow up to an article in NHNE 20.]

Medicine men from THE OGLALA LAKOTA TRIBE have made tentative plans to hold their annual Sun Dance sacred ceremonies in August on the ranch where a white buffalo calf was born May 9, according to the buffalo's owner, Joe Merrival, a full-blooded Oglala Lakota Indian. In a telephone interview July 17, Merrival, said the calf, a male, is actually the third white buffalo born since August 20, 1994, when the now-famous white buffalo calf, Miracle, was born on an exotic animal farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. Being the third, its birth fulfills the Lakota prophecy that the predicted earth changes have begun and the time of choice is upon us.

Incredibly, 13 days before the male was born on Merrival's farm, a female white buffalo calf was also born on his ranch. It died within 24 hours of its birth, and is now in the process of being mounted by a taxidermist. (Last week's report in NHNE 20 erroneously reported that it was the male which died and that the female was still alive.)

Oglala Medicine Man Floyd Hand Looks For Buffalo has tentatively agreed that the Sun Dance ceremony include the introduction of four new sacred peace pipes crafted from the leg bones of the female white buffalo that died. These four new pipes, representing the Four Directions, would join the original sacred pipe given to the Lakota by White Buffalo Calf Woman, which is now in the keeping of Lakota Medicine Man Arvol Looking Horse. Merrival said the elders and medicine men want the ceremony to focus on unifying the seven scattered bands of the Lakota into one, as the first step toward restoring the Sacred Hoop of knowledge. From that foundation, they say, the circle can then be expanded to include all Indian nations, the United States, and all of the nations of the world.

His wife, Abbie, has named the male white buffalo "Medicine Wheel," in honor of the four directions. She also has given the name "Rainbow" to the female that died, "because she went to the spirit world," she explained. "We feel blessed that it came to us. I think it will bring us much hope. We've been struggling so hard for all these years," she added. THE PINE RIDGE RESERVATION is in the poorest county in the United States.

DNA tests performed by Bob Morris of STORMONT LABS, INC., Woodland, CA on tissue samples from the dead female calf have now confirmed, beyond any doubt, that it was indeed a full-blooded white buffalo, and not a "beefalo," (buffalo and beef cattle mix) as some skeptics had claimed. Morris plans to visit the ranch in late October to test Merrival's whole herd because of the extreme rarity of a white buffalo birth. Merrival said he also has several other "light" colored buffaloes among his 21-head herd, although they do not exhibit the distinct silver-gray color of the white buffalo, a color which the Lakota call "Pottassa."

In part because of the "beefalo" rumors, Merrival said he hasn't had the huge crowds that David and Valerie Heider had to contend with in Janesville, when an estimated 50,000 visitors from around the world flocked to their ranch in the first four months after Miracle's birth. The most the Merrival's have had in a day has been around five vans of people. Merrival's 20-year-old grandson Dusty has been leading people down to the fenced pasture on his 400-acre ranch to see the herd, which is attracted to the tourists who put out cornmeal and molasses "cakes" which the buffaloes love.

"I appreciate people coming down," said Merrival, 57, who works at a full-time construction job to make ends meet. "There's no charge [because] I want this event to be used in the best way for the most people possible." Merrival began his buffalo ranching operation six years ago, after leaving a job as Chairman of the OGLALA PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT. After getting commitments from the federal parks in the region to donate "surplus" buffalo to the Oglala, he developed a five-year proposal for a 30-family buffalo ranch cooperative among the Oglala to provide food, education and a tourist business to help his people not only economically but culturally. Tribal governors, however, resisted the plan, and it has gone nowhere as of yet, although the white buffalo births might change that, Merrival hopes.

Those who would like to help support the Merrival's efforts, can send donations to:

Joe and Abbie Merrival
P.O. Box 353
Pine Ridge, S.D. 57770


(Sources: NEW SCIENTIST, 2/30/96 via SPECTRUM, July-Aug/96)

An impending pole reversal was one of the hot topics of the 80's when the book "Pole Shift" by John White was a best seller. The sense of impending doom has lessened as the pole shift "warning" has been downgraded to a pole shift "watch," but scientists are still telling us that it is just a matter of time. The planet's geologic record has very clear evidence that pole shifts have occurred many times in the past and there is no doubt that they will occur again. The phenomenon referred to here as a "pole shift" is not the shifting of the crust by thousands of miles, but rather, changes in the magnetic field of the planet.

Up to a few years ago, it was thought that pole shifts were a gradual process; recent evidence, however, indicates that pole shifts can take place quickly. Scientists studying the alignment of iron particles in lava flows found one case where the Earth's magnetic field shifted 80 degrees in 13 days.

What would a pole shift do to life on Earth? Compasses would obviously be effected as would all navigational instruments which depend on them. Migratory birds would become confused. Some authors have also speculated that a pole shift might produce mass extinctions. While this latter theory is controversial, a report in NHNE 20 claimed that the die off of bees around the world was possibly the result of fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field. Could these changes be the precursor of a full-blown pole shift?

The Earth's magnetic field extends out 60,000 km from the surface of the planet. It shields us from energetic particles emitted continuously by the sun. A diminished magnetic field would leave us vulnerable to the harmful effects of magnetic storms spawned by solar flares and sun spots. Not only would this be hazardous to our health, it would wreak havoc with communications and radar systems and the transmission of electricity over high voltage wires.

Scientists tell us that pole shifts occur, on average, once every 500,000 years. The last pole shift was 780,000 years ago. (JG)


(Source: Associated Press, USA TODAY, 07/09/96)

Figures provided by the U.S. CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) indicate that the AIDS epidemic has stabilized in the United States. Fewer than two of every 1,000 young women in the United States are infected with the AIDS virus, and the numbers are falling sharply in the Northeast, where HIV is most common, new statistics show. In all, 6,230 pregnant women were found to have HIV in 1994, the year for which the most recent data are available.

The latest data, compiled by Dr. Susan Davis of the CDC, were released July 8 at the 11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS in Vancouver. Other new CDC data show that the number of Americans actually falling sick with AIDS has also leveled off over the past two years. "All epidemics do stop at some point. The question is how high it will be when it plateaus," said the CDC's Dr. John Ward.

Between 1990 and 1995, 335,000 Americans developed symptoms of AIDS. The main reason AIDS cases have leveled off is the stabilization of the disease among gay white men. (JG)


(Source: NEW AGE JOURNAL, 8/96)

In an attempt to counter the fashion industry's emphasis on emaciation as beautiful, a San Franciso-based group has launched a campaign to promote a more positive image of women. ABOUT FACE uses posters, buttons, T-shirts, and bumper stickers to satirize the fashion industry. Some examples of their slogans:

-- "Your mind never goes out of fashion."

-- "Emaciation stinks."

-- "Bodies are not fashion accessories -- question the motives of the fashion industry."

-- "Goddesses have hips."

They also offer an action list, "Things you Can Do in Your Own Life"; some examples:

-- Stop talking about your weight, especially in front of young girls.

-- Make a list of women you admire, and consider whether you admire them because of their appearance.

-- Contact fashion companies that impress or offend you. (Addresses and phone numbers provided.)

For more information, contact:

P.O. Box 77665
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 436-0212



(Source: SAFE FOOD NEWS, Winter/95)

It seems that BGH, the growth hormone developed by Monsanto to be injected into cows to increase milk production, is not only a health hazard to humans (see News Brief 14 for details), it may also be a health hazard to cows.

FIFTH ESTATE, a Canadian news magazine show similar to 60 MINUTES, alleged that Monsanto, offered the Canadian government a bribe of $2.5 million on the condition that the company receive approval to market the drug in Canada without being required to submit data from any further studies or trials. FIFTH ESTATE also reported that two British scientists claim that Monsanto blocked them from publishing the results of a study which found that BGH-treated cows were 19% more likely to show signs of infection than untreated cows.

Meanwhile, some dairy farmers in the USA are beginning to speak up against BGH after losing significant numbers of their dairy cows to infection. Cows treated with BGH show an instant increase in production, but after a number of months on the drug, begin to show elevated occurances of mastitis. When a cow is pulled off the drug, it takes a long time to recover pre-drug production levels. "It's like an addiction," reports Charles Knight, a dairy farmer in Florida. "They get hooked on it." Ironically, it seems the best milkers are most harmed by the drug.

At this time, neither Canada nor Britain has approved the use of BGH. (JG)


By James Gregory

One third of Americans spend a total of $14 million a year on alternative therapies. At the moment, little of this cost is covered by insurance companies, but as health care costs skyrocket and effectiveness is demonstrated, insurance companies are taking a second look at alternative healing methods.

Their main appeal is lower cost. A few visits to the chiropractor are cheaper than back surgery, and an improved diet to reverse heart disease is cheaper than the $40,0000 cost of a bypass operation. Some major insurers now cover acupuncture, midwife-assisted home births, massage, and chiropractic services. Some smaller insurers even cover homeopathy, herbs, reflexology, and ayurvedic healing.

As alternative becomes more mainstream, traditional medicine is beginning to recognize the value of procedures that just a few years ago would have been considered "quackery." In a study of the offerings of U.S. medical schools, Dr. Wallace Sampson of STANFORD UNIVERSITY found that more and more medical schools are adding courses on holistic and alternative medicine with titles like "Caring For the Soul."

"A growing number of people want to examine the connection between healing and spirituality," says Jeffrey Levin, a gerontologist and epidemiologist at EASTERN VIRGINIA MEDICAL SCHOOL in Norfolk. To do such research, he adds, "is no longer professional death." This explains why we are now seeing studies such as the double-blind test set up by Dr. Elisabeth Targ, Clinical Director of Psychology at CALIFORNIA PACIFIC MEDICAL CENTER in San Francisco. She recruited 20 faith healers and 20 severely ill AIDS patients. In a random selection, half the patients were prayed for, half were not. The healers were only given photographs of the patients, their first names, and in some cases, their T-cell counts. Healers were asked to pray for their particular patients for one hour a day; some prayed much more than that.

While it is still too early to release an official report, Targ says preliminary results are encouraging enough to now expand the study to 100 severely ill AIDS patients.

(Sources: Claudia Wallis, TIME, 6/24/96, NEWSWEEK, 6/26/95, VEGETARIAN TIMES, 10/95)


(Source: Sarah Goodman, NEW AGE JOURNAL, 8/96)

For centuries, Eastern and Western monks have incorporated breath and body awareness while walking, to put them in touch with the present moment. With recent research showing that adding positive visualization to low-intensity exercise decreases feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts, mindful walking is starting to gain a place in the fitness regimens of regular folks. The mantra of fitness experts of the 80's: "Feel the burn," is being replaced by the whisper, "Feel the breath; feel the footfalls; feel the breeze."

Here are some basic guidelines to mindful walking:

-- Find the right time of day and stick to it.

-- Choose a safe, inspiring environment.

-- When you go for your walk, leave your cares and worries behind.

-- Give your walk a repetitive focus by repeating a favorite mantra or short prayer.

-- At the end of the walk, take a moment to get in touch with your feelings.

In his book, "Prayer Walking: A Simple Path to Body-Soul-Fitness," Linus Mundy recommends walking outside to "glimpse God's grandeur" and the walking prayer, "Not my will but Thine."

"People say that walking on water is a miracle, but to me, walking peacefully on the Earth is the real miracle," writes Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. The following are two exercises from his new book, "The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation."

-- The Seal of the Emperor: Walk with dignity and joy as though you are an emperor. As you walk, place each foot on the earth the way an emperor places his seal on a royal decree. In the same way that a royal decree can bring happiness or misery, so too can your steps. If your steps are peaceful, the world will have peace.

-- A Flower Blooms Beneath Each Step: Legend says that when the baby Buddha took his first few steps, lotus flowers appeared beneath his feet. You can do the same. Visualize a beautiful flower blooming each time your foot touches the ground. With practice, you will leave fields of flowers wherever you walk. (JG)


(Source: USA TODAY, 7/12/96 and 7/15/96)

Athletes are not the only ones going for the gold in Atlanta this summer. Olympic-related advertising sales are soaring as consumer product marketers rush in to reap long-term benefits from short-term expenditures. "You can't explain the kind of momentum that has been building behind these games," says AT&T marketing head George Burnett. "I've never experienced anything like it."

20 world-wide sponsors and partners such as AT&T, UPS and GENERAL MOTORS have each forked over as much as $40 million to tie their corporate images to the games.

One thing that is surprising is the dramatic increase in advertisers' expenditures over the 1992 Olympics. For example, this year MCDONALDS will spend $62 million compared to $33 in 1992, and VISA will spend $30 million compared to $8 in 1992. Nobody is spending more than Coca-Cola, who has invested an estimated whopping $250 million in the Torch Relay and "For the Fans" ad blitz; in 1992, they spent $33 million.

In another interesting twist, a federal judge has prevented the city of Atlanta from enforcing their regulation that all newspapers sold at the airport must be in city-owned racks emblazoned with Coca-Cola ads.

Olympic-related ad and marketing spending could add more than one billion dollars in revenue to media coffers this year.(JG)


(Source: Al Neuharth, USA TODAY, 7/12/96 and Peter Johnson, USA TODAY, 7/15/96)

In the first direct challenge to CNN since its creation 16 years ago, a new 24-hour news channel was born on July 15. Called MSNBC, after its proud parents, NBC and MICROSOFT, the network features many of the big names from NBC NEWS, offers a menu heavy on the Internet-related items for computer buffs, and pits Brian Williams head-to-head against CNN's king of talk show hosts -- Larry King.

NBC felt it could air only so many news programs such as "Today," "Dateline," NBC Nightly News," and "Meet the Press." People want more news, but there is no more room on their network -- thus MSNBC.

There are some who dispute whether another 24-hour news service is necessary, but news is big business these days. Last year CNN showed a profit of $265 million on revenues of $765 million. Others are troubled that MICROSOFT -- the world's largest supplier of computer software -- is getting so cozy with a content provider such as NBC. "Microsoft not only wants to monopolize software, it also wants to monopolize content," says HOTWIRED media critic Jon Katz. "NBC NEWS should be covering MICROSOFT, not crawling into bed with it."

MSNBC has started by programming 14 hours a day, from 9 AM to 11 PM, and repeating content the other ten hours. They also have a Web site:

It is expected more marriages between TV, computer and print will follow in the future. (JG)


(Source: Mark Schwed, TV GUIDE via ISCNI*FLASH, 7/1/96)

Without a doubt, "Millennium" is the most anticipated new drama of the fall season -- it may also be the most disturbing. Chris Carter, the creator of "X-Files" has a simple idea: as we approach the year 2000, psychopaths around the world emerge to create chaos and horror. It is a story of good versus evil, redemption and damnation, heaven and hell. The main character, ex-FBI agent Frank Black (played by Lance Henriksen of "Aliens"), and a secret group of former law enforcement officers known as the "Millennium Group", have taken on the task of saving the world. As Black says, "The Millennium Group believes we can't sit back and hope for a happy ending."

"The things I am really interested in," says Carter, "are hope, heroism, faith, spirituality, and selflessness." With this show, it's not the paranormal, it's the hell that is right outside our window that's more scary. "This is a simple morality tale," Carter says, "in that people who are the perpetrators of evil deeds are caught and punished."

In Henriksen's view, the undercurrent of doom that accompanies the approaching millennium is real. Humankind is on the verge of catastrophe, he believes, and people have a choice to make. "So the millennium to me is the moment in history when people say, 'Wait a minute! What is it all about? We've got to come out of the trance or there isn't going to be anything left."

"Millennium" airs in the "X-Files" old Friday slot on FOX starting this fall. (JG)


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