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NHNE News Brief 23
Friday, August 2, 1996

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(Source: NEXUS, June-July/96)

At a recent meeting of THE MUTUAL UFO NETWORK (MUFON), Surgeon Roger Leir reported his findings on removing what he felt were three alien implants from two different people. The devices were flat, triangular, and measured about half a centimeter (.2 inches) on a side. They were made of a black, metallic material covered by a tough organic membrane. Both patients were unaware that they had implants, which were discovered when X-rays were taken for other reasons. There was no scar or visible point of entry. There was unusual nerve growth in the area near the implants. The metallic material is still being analyzed. Both implanted persons have indications of abduction history. (JG)


(Sources: THE MOUSE MONITOR, 3/96 via NEXUS, June-July/96)

Be prepared for the next biometric wonder -- the artificial nose. We are not talking here about something that the android Data sports on his face on Star Trek, this device sniffs out and chemically analyses the unique combination of substances secreted from a person's skin and then files the information away for future reference. One legitimate use might be to keep track of convicted shoplifters. Artificial noses could be strategically located at all store entrances, and alert store security if a known shoplifter enters the store. And you can just imagine the uses of this sort of device at airports and borders. [For other examples of biometric identification, see the article in this issue called "Global Identification Threat."] (JG)


(Sources: ASSOCIATED PRESS and CNN, 7/14/96)

International traders are illegally dumping in India "the worst waste of the wasteful nations on the planet," says GREENPEACE spokesman Jan Rispens. The Indian government claims that it is keeping a tight rein on the import of hazardous wastes by licensing only five companies to accept hazardous metallic wastes for recycling from three countries -- Germany, South Korea and The Netherlands -- but Greenpeace counters that India is unable to monitor and control its borders against the influx. GREENPEACE and SRISHTI, an Indian environmental group, have evidence that in the last two years, "151 different companies imported over 70,000 tons of toxic zinc and lead ashes, residues, skimmings and dross from 49 countries." At the top of the list of offenders are the U.S. with 13,000 tons, Australia with 10,000 tons and Canada with 8,000 tons. (JG)


(Sources: ASSOCIATED PRESS and CNN, 7/13/96)

Two home tests for the AIDS virus went on sale in the U.S. in July. The test kits are available from JOHNSON & JOHNSON and HOME ACCESS CORP. People use the kits to take a blood sample at home, mail it to a laboratory and, three business days later, learn by telephone if they have the HIV virus that causes AIDS. Both companies offer the opportunity for counseling. The number for the HOME ACCESS test kit is 1-800-HIV-TEST; the number for JOHNSON & JOHNSON's kit is 1-800-THE-TEST. (JG)


(Source: Jeff Levine, CNN, 7/13/96)

[This news item is a follow up to an article on healing and prayer in NHNE 21.]

About 70 research specialists convened near Washington in July to discuss ways of integrating religion and health care. Dr. Dale Matthews of GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER plans to research the issue in a study of 60 rheumatoid arthritis patients. At CALIFORNIA PACIFIC MEDICAL CENTER in San Francisco, doctors hope to harness spiritual powers to aid healing breast cancer patients who have undergone medical treatment and have now turned to faith to continue their medical progress. "Physicians are trying to legitimize getting re-involved in the area of religion, spirituality and health care," said Dr. Larry Dossey, author of "Healing Words" and "Prayer is Good Medicine." (JG)


(Sources: ASSOCIATED PRESS, CNN, 7/26/96 and Gerard Fryer, MILLENNIUM MATTERS, 7/26/96)

1,500 tremors over the past week have shaken the Loihi Seamount about 20 miles off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii and they are building in intensity. This is significantly more activity than is normally associated with the eruptions of Kilauea. The earthquake activity may signal that a volcanic eruption is imminent. Loihi Seamont is 10,000 feet tall, but its top is still 3,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. (JG).


(Source: H.J. Bruins and J. van der Plicht, NATURE 382, 1996)

Cereal grains from the Biblical town of Jericho form the centrepiece of an intriguing hypothesis linking archaeological and environmental evidence with Old Testament events. According to radiocarbon estimates by H.J. Bruins and J. van der Plicht, cereal grains from an archaeological layer corresponding to the Bronze Age destruction of Jericho are around 3,311 years old. Interestingly, recent work suggests that the volcanic eruption at Santorini in the Mediterranean, which spread debris throughout the region, happened 3,356 years ago, 45 years before the destruction of Jericho. The Santorini eruption may account for the Mosaic plague of darkness immediately prior to the exodus from Egypt. The time between the exodus and the destruction of Jericho is close to the 40 years that the Hebrews were supposed to have wandered in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land. (JG)


(Sources: NATURE, REUTERS and Christine Negroni, CNN, 7/16/96)

Scientists know little about the core of our planet other than it is a giant iron crystal the size of the moon. Now, Xiaodong Song and Paul Richards have begun to unravel the mystery. The COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY seismologists measured the records of 50 years of earthquakes, determining the velocity at which the vibrations traveled through the Earth's core to other places on the globe. The scientists learned that the core is spinning slightly faster than the Earth itself. Every 400 years, the core gains a full turn ahead of the Earth. This information about the Earth's core may shed new light on how the Earth works. For starters, the core's motion could explain why magnetic north and south periodically wander or reverse over Earth's history. Gravitational pull and seismic activity also could be viewed differently because of this discovery. (JG)


(Sources: David George, CNN, 7/22/96 and ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Large numbers of blue whales have congregated in an area just west of the Channel Islands off the coast of California, and marine biologists who want to know why. Scientists from the NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION are working on a three-week project this summer to tag and track the whales electronically. "This is cetacean soup out here," says Fred Benko, owner of a private charter boat that shuttles scientists to and from their research area. Preliminary research suggests that the CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY contains the most concentrated blue whale population in the world, but since the Channel Islands are hardly the only place where krill -- their favorite food -- thrive, researchers wonder what else might be drawing the whales to the area. Blue whales are the largest animals on earth, some measuring over 100 feet long, and have been listed as endangered since 1966. (JG)


(Sources: VITAMIN RETAILER, 5/96 via SPECTRUM, July-Aug/96)

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is 60 mg per day, a figure based upon the amount needed to prevent scurvy in adults. For years, progressive scientists such as Linus Pauling have claimed that this figure is ridiculously low. A recent, federally-funded study conducted by the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH (NIH) has determined that white blood cells became saturated when subjects took 100 mg of vitamin C per day; blood plasma was nearly saturated at 200 mg; the body's ability to absorb vitamin C declined rapidly above 400 mg per day; dosages in excess of 1000 mg per day created oxalates in the urine, a condition that could lead to kidney stones. Based on these findings, the NIH recommended that the RDA for Vitamin C be increased to 200 mg per day, an amount that can be obtained by eating five servings of fruit and vegetables. (JG)


(Sources: NASA Press Release, 7/9/96 via ISCNI*FLASH, 7/16/96)

NASA's Galileo spacecraft has begun to transmit stunning closeups of Jupiter's moon Ganymede revealing that the face of the huge satellite has been extensively bombed by comets and asteroids. Space physics instruments on the spacecraft have made the major discovery that planet-sized Ganymede possesses its own magnetosphere. Possible sources of a magnetic field include a molten iron core or a thin layer of conducting salty water underneath its icy crust. The crisp new images and magnetospheric findings were revealed in data returned by Galileo in the days since its first flyby of Ganymede on June 27. Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 6/10/96)

For years, Dr. Joshua Lederberg at ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY has been warning of America's vulnerability to chemical and biological warfare (CBW) and CIA Director John Deutch calls CBW the most urgent post-cold-war threat to U.S. national security. In June, the Marine Corps unveiled an elite new unit -- the CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL INCIDENT RESPONSE FORCE (CBIRF) -- consisting of 350 hand-picked marines to counter biological and chemical attacks on U.S. embassies and military installations around the world. When deployed, the force will be linked by computer to civilian CBW experts. (JG)


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One of the many benefits about being the Editor of the NHNE News Brief is that every day I have the opportunity to learn something new. For example, I would have never thought to try barefoot hiking before I came across the concept while preparing NHNE 16. Now when I hike, I try to incorporate the barefoot mentality with what I learned about mindful walking while putting together NHNE 19. One word of caution: don't try barefoot hiking in the desert in the summer. A hiking partner and I suffered serious burns to our feet before we realized just how hot sun-baked ground can get.

Similarly, I reduced my intake of Vitamin C when I learned of the potential risk of kidney damage while working on this issue of the News Brief, and I developed a profound appreciation for the beauty and intricacy of crop circles while researching the subject for NHNE 14.

With the same open mind, I ask you to approach the article in this issue called, "Direct Line With the Beyond." I admit that when I first started researching the use of electronic equipment to receive messages and images from the spirit world, I thought the concept was laughable. But as I learned more about the subject, many of the messages and concepts I encountered touched me deeply. In my opinion there is something of value here. The best test, as always, is to check things out for yourself.

And just to provide a little variety, and to give both your hardworking editor and publisher a much needed break, there will be no News Brief next week. Instead, we will be publishing Wind & Wings 3.

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---Robert Perry, Sedona, Arizona


By James Gregory

It is estimated that only 20% of the information that mediums channel is from spirit, the rest is contamination from their own psyche. If spirits from the other side wanted to communicate to us in a way that was less likely to be garbled or distorted, what method would they choose? According to believers of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), spirits call on the phone, use computers, and even the TV.

ITC, although widely studied in Europe, is not well known in America. The study formally began in Sweden in the 1950s, when a Swedish psychology professor, Konstantin Raudive, discovered words on what should have been blank audiotape. Eventually he and a small group of researchers went on to amass a library of 100,000 tapes as they studied this electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). Around the same time, Swedish film maker Friedrich Juergenson, accidentally captured mysterious voices as he was taping outdoor bird songs. He continued EVP experiments for 25 years and was joined by thousands of other EVP experimenters around the world.

Americans George Meek and William O'Neil took EVP a step further by developing electronic devices which enabled them to carry on prolonged two-way conversations with the spirit world rather than short phrases. Spirit entities even worked with the pair to overcome technical difficulties they encountered in constructing what came to known as "spiritcom equipment."

In 1985, German psychic Klaus Schreiber started receiving audio and video messages on his television set. Typically, for best reception of spirit messages, a TV without an aerial or cable connection is tuned to an unused channel.

Raudive and Juergenson have since died, but have apparently elected to continue their research from the other side. Before proceeding to some of their messages, here is an outline of the spirit world, as given by the spirits themselves:

-- Other worlds occupy the same space as our physical world, but vibrate at higher frequencies. These realities can be "tuned in" in much the same way that a radio can be tuned to one specific station while simultaneously receiving the radio waves of many other stations.

-- When most people die they wake up in the Astral Plane -- a dream-like world, called Heaven by Christians, that closely resembles the physical world. This is a temporary stopping point where those who have passed on receive some R&R after their earthly education in the school of hard knocks.

-- The Lower Astral Plane is a dismal, dark place sometimes called Hell or Purgatory. For the most part, people on this level have not accepted death, and linger near the physical plane trapped in a state of confusion, anger and longing.

-- Other levels above the Astral Plane such as the Mental-Causal Plane, where spirit loses its human form and thought becomes reality, the Celestial Plane, the home of angels and other divine beings, and the Cosmic Plane where all souls merge, vibrate at higher and higher frequencies until the pure light of the God Source is reached.

-- All ITC contact seems to be made with beings in the Astral Plane, which acts as a buffer between the dense Earth Plane rife with fear and violence and the higher realms of pure love and light. In order to make new arrivals appear "at home" the Astral Plane is reported to be much like Earth with homes, schools, and concert halls in a breathtaking setting of hills, trees, flowers and streams. All "earthy" pleasures are available, but gradually they become less important and the astral beings move on to higher dimensions.

What do higher beings hope to accomplish with ITC? According to an angelic being called "Technician," they want everyone to know that life continues beyond one's physical death. Here are some excerpts of messages:

"In our view, the human eye is blind, for it prevents the recognition of existing possibilities and extrasensory perception. Our message is to tell you that life goes on. What serves as 'real' to science is not close to reality in the broad picture. Thoughts have no limits. Other dimensions and structures of being unknown to you are able to capture your thoughts telepathically." Friedrich Juergenson (12/6/96, on a computer in Luxembourg and simultaneously on a TV in Germany. Died 1987)

"Through spiritual insight, I learned from the Omnipotence the things I needed to know here on the Mid Astral Plane and could do more for mankind from here than on Earth. [This is a] beautiful world." Anne Guigne (11/10/93, on a computer in Luxembourg and simultaneously on a TV in Germany. Died 1922.)

In response to the question, "What is like to experience the Day of Reckoning?" "I watched myself throughout a movie of my life. A light being offered occasional remarks and selected certain events in my life to drive home acts of selfishness and unfairness on one hand, and my acts of love, kindness and compassion on the other." Konstantin Raudive (1988, died 1974)

Commenting on the angelic beings that assist them on the Astral Plane: "They live on our plane and yet they can ascend to higher planes and again 'bend down' to our level. Their power is almost unlimited and so is their goodness. We seek council with these higher beings to determine the information to send to Earth. The meetings take place in a round room with transparent walls; soft 'music of the spheres' is heard in the background." Swejen Salter (2/21/96, text on a computer in Luxembourg. Died 1987)

Is ITC for real, or is it some elaborate hoax? The unearthly voices work to elevate the spiritual nature of humanity. They are devoted to eliminating fear by teaching us of the wonders of worlds which lie ahead of us. They advise us on how to clean the environment and live lightly on the Earth. They ask nothing of us except "that our eyes might see and our ears hear." ITC researcher Maggie Harsch-Fishbach comments: " The entities who address us through our equipment identify themselves as having passed on into the spirit world. We accept this unless someone can prove otherwise. To this day nobody has come up with another acceptable explanation."

For more information on ITC, contact:

Mark Macy
PO Box 11036
Boulder, Colorado 80301
(303) 673-0660

(Sources: CONTACT, Jan-Apr/96, "When Dimensions Cross," an article by Mark Macy)


By Mary Koch

[Five years ago, Mary Koch began an intensive study of volcanology after discovering that the predictions made by seers such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Gordon Michael Scallion were validated by 50 years of earth science research. This article is a report of her findings thus far.]

Over the last 3 million years, there have been ten active phases of volcanicity. The last two -- approximately 50,000 and 700,000 years ago -- had a particularly dramatic volcanic output. There seems to be a link between the world's heat output and volcanicity -- an active period of volcanoes occurs when there is a higher than normal production of heat in the earth's core which must be released. Since the 1700's, there has been a notable increase in world-wide volcanic activity, even when the better reporting techniques of the last 100 years are taken into consideration. In my opinion, the earth is entering a new phase of world-wide volcanic activity.

First, some geological history. 40 million years ago, the Indian Subcontinent collided with the Asian Plate, forcing the other tectonic plates of the planet to readjust. The continent of North America was pushed over the East Pacific Rise -- a plate boundary that vigorously creates new ocean floor. The state of California now straddles this ridge. The crust of the North American continent sealed the ridge's normal output of magma but because continents are composed of lighter rock, it was unable to block the heat from moving upwards as it had already done through the 1800-mile thick mantle below.

Studies performed by Tanya Atwater show that the San Andreas fault came into existence 20 to 24 million years ago, indicating that it took 16 million years for rising heat to weaken the land above it. I have centered my research on the California area because of the history of the Pacific Plate - it is close to home and shows a great potential for disaster. One of the largest of the 17 or so tectonic plates that make up the Earth's crust, the Pacific Plate is literally ringed with volcanism.

For the next 13 million years, heat continued to rise as subduction and ocean floor growth carried on along the borders of the Pacific Plate. 3 million years ago, the Baja Peninsula split from the continent. At this time, four hot spots developed in California:

-- The Salton Sea, which started to subside at the same time Baja rifted and has sunk a distance of four miles in some places
-- Yucca Valley, a recently discovered hot spot studied by Menlo Park's Dr. William Castle
-- Palmdale, which has a bulge caused by the heat and magma beneath the area
-- Mono Lakes, which began to show renewed quake activity and land deformation in the 1980s

Readings of magnetic data indicate that earth is poised to undergo another pole reversal. Many psychics warn of some incredibly nasty earth changes to begin as early as 1998. If these things are true, then watch for 'preliminary' activity throughout the world from now through 1998 as the precursors to major changes.

If California were to rift, there is the possibility of it happening quickly. Hot spots have already weakened the crust, like perforations between stamps. At the moment, although heat flow is high, pressure prevents the rock from melting and also prevents the gas from enlarging. Were the continent to split quickly, external pressures would be removed and there would be instantaneous release of trapped gas causing an explosion the likes of which mankind has never witnessed. California, as we know it, would cease to exist and the entire Pacific Plate would shift, causing other plates to adjust in order to stabilize. An active phase of volcanicity involves the entire earth.

For more information, there are several sites on the Internet which give regular updates on earthquake and volcanic activity:

-- United States Geological Survey home page:
-- Internet Resources in the Earth Sciences:
-- Volcano observatories on the Web:
-- Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page:

(Sources: "Volcanoes of the World" by Simkin and Siebert and "Naked Earth, The New Geophysics" by Shawna Vogel, "The Behavior of the Earth" by Claude Allegre)


By James Gregory

The dreaded mark of the Beast may be a long way off or just around the corner, depending on which news item you read. For example, a recent study by Dr. Richard Kemp of WESTMINSTER UNIVERSITY in London found that very few sales clerks look at the pictures on photo credit cards, even when warned to be on the lookout for customers using stolen cards. Dr. Nicky Towell, one of Dr. Kemp's researchers summed up the results: "There is a widely held assumption that photo credit cards are a cheap and effective way of stopping fraud. But this is not the case."

European scientists are working on a version of a biochip implant that uses the global positioning system to determine location. About the size of a grain of rice it can hold 20 Kb of data and can track a tagged crab in 100 feet of water. Human versions of this chip will be available in 1997. The U.S. Postal Service is working on developing a Smart Card, which will hold more data than an implant, but is liable to be lost or stolen. Then there is the PDF-417 under development by SYMBOL TECHNOLOGY INC. to be used by Departments of Motor Vehicles nation wide. It consists of a small raised dot which has enough memory to identify the vehicle, owner's address, Social Security number, and lienholders. The system can also be used to track vehicle movements and issue tickets. DMVs in several U.S. American states are currently running pilot projects.

Thermograms are poised to make their appearance as a biometric form of identification. They are a device coupled to an infra-red camera which takes a picture of the heat distribution pattern on a person's face. Each person has a unique thermal image, which can be quickly matched to a computer database of thermal records. The system is so sophisticated that it can tell identical twins apart. The devices cannot be fooled by cosmetic surgery or facial hair. The technology poses a double ethical dilemma: the system is invisible and does not require subject cooperation.

And finally there is The Immigration Reform Act of 1996 put forward by the U.S. Congress. If passed, the bill would set up a national database of all working-age Americans and aliens; require all employers to receive authorization from the national computer database before hiring anyone; require all persons applying for drivers licenses to provide Social Security numbers and biometric data; centralize all personal data on all Americans into one central database; and require governmental approval before any company could enter into any contract with any private citizen. The House version of the bill is calling for pilot programs to test the idea.

(Sources: THE MOUSE MONITOR, 3/96 and TEAM INFINITY via NEXUS, June-July/96, PERCEPTIONS, May-June/96)


(Source: REUTERS, 6/30/96 via Sandy Ezrine)

Shamans from Africa and Asia joined therapists from the West in the hometown of Sigmund Freud for the first WORLD PSYCHOTHERAPY CONGRESS. About 4,000 participants from over 73 countries, representing ancient and modern schools of psychotherapy, met in Vienna this past July to swap ideas on everything from individual patient care to healing the wounds of the former Yugoslavia.

"Vienna is the home of psychotherapy," said Alfred Pritz, president of the WORLD COUNCIL OF PSYCHOTHERAPY who organized the conference. Freud, an Austrian from Vienna, pioneered the discipline of psychotherapy in the West at the turn of the century. Diversity was vital to the meeting. Delegates from about 50 different schools of psychotherapy had 1,638 lectures to choose from. "This is the first world conference that encompasses the entire field of psychotherapy," said Pritz, who slaved with his team for four years to organize the event.

Another first was the presence of non-Western therapists. Pritz said the congress made special efforts to invite shamans from the Arctic, Africa and Asia. "They have all had several years of training, and in their cultural contexts they are responsible for the spiritual well being of their clients," he said.

The conference takes place every three years and Vienna is hoping to be the host again in 1999. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 6/10/96)

Slowly, but surely, technology is changing virtually every aspect of today's society. The newest potential victim: paper money - specifically, U.S. $100 bills.

U.S. $100 bills are the world's most popular currency. Because of this, there have always been attempts to counterfeit the bills. And we're not talking about mom-and-pop counterfeiting rings, we're talking about well-organized terrorist groups and, in some cases, hostile countries, who crank out U.S. bucks in an attempt to acquire free money and undermine U.S. currency.

Along with trying to identify and nab the counterfeiters, the U.S. government is releasing a new $100 bill packed with anti-counterfeiting measures: a magnetic security thread, watermarks, enlarged portraits, microprinted words, numbers that change color when viewed from different angles and longer serial numbers. Sounds impressive.

Not really. While the U.S. expects to have 70% of the old notes replaced in three years, experts say the new ones will be easy to counterfeit as well. In fact, the technology needed to make counterfeit copies is so good now that one expert says the best counterfeiters will have "to lower their quality" in order not to be detected.

Most first-class counterfeiters are believed to operate out of Iran, Syria, Russia and North Korea. (DS)



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