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NHNE News Brief 24
Friday, August 16, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


The Highest Perception

Piltdown Man Finally Laid to Rest
The Great Siberian Fireball Explained
Crisis of Declining Pollinators
Volcano Watch at Mammoth Lakes
Internet Popular
Leukemia After Chernobyl

Dynamic Communicators, Inc.

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Skeptics Make the Best Journalists
Tap Into the Spirit of Life

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Current Predictions
ECR: A Change in Focus & Content

An Engineer in Egypt
Controversial Sphinx Video

Who Owns Alien Implants?

The Waver

All the News that Will Sell You Something

Investing on the Net



"The highest perception is to feel God as bliss welling up from within your Infinite depths. Don't yearn for visions, spiritual phenomena, or thrilling experiences. The path to the Divine is not a circus."




In 1953, Piltdown Man, the so-called missing link between humans and apes, was exposed as a fraud, but up to now, the perpetrator was unknown. This spring, the personal trunk of Martin A.C. Hinton, former Curator of Zoology at the BRITISH MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, was discovered in the loft of the museum and found to contain bones artificially stained in the same manner as the Piltdown "fossils." It is worth noting that Hinton was notorious for being a practical joker. (JG)


(Source: Richard Stone, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 9/96)

In 1908, hundreds of square miles of Siberian forest were flattened and burned by a mysterious fireball which exploded with the force of 1,000 Hiroshimas. Over the years, there have been many theories as to the cause of the explosion: comet, alien spacecraft, nuclear explosion. Now using computer models and data gathered from exhaustive ground surveys, scientists think they have finally solved the mystery: a 200-foot stony meteorite falling at a 45 degree angle was torn a part by atmospheric pressure into fragments, which disintegrated quickly and created a midair explosion four miles above the earth's surface. The shock wave from the explosion knocked down the trees and kicked up dust clouds which colored sunsets for weeks. (JG)



It turns out that the world-wide decline of bee populations reported in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 20 is only part of a bigger crisis of declining pollinators. A study published by the ARIZONA-SONORA DESERT MUSEUM of Tuscon, Arizona in July reported a world-wide decline in over 280 species of vertebrate pollinators, including hummingbirds, bats, weasels, and warblers. The decline in pollinator populations is linked to human encroachment of the species' habitats and pesticide poisoning. (JG)



Two volcano watches in six days were declared in June for the Mammoth Lakes area of California. The second was announced after a swarm of 60 earthquakes hit the area within a three-hour period. A spokesperson for THE U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (USGS) stated the watch was "Level D," where "E" is the lowest stage. The Mammoth Lakes area is only 30 miles from Mono Lakes, where one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in the North America took place 760,000 years ago. (JG)


(Source: CNN, 7/26/96)

According to a new study by INTELLIQUEST, 9 million new people went online this year, raising the total number of Internet users to an estimated 35 million. But studies indicate that 40% of these people spend less than two hours a week online. In a related story, INTEL has just announced it is planning to give away software over the Internet that will support an easy-to-use standard to make global calls inexpensive and as clear as speaking on the telephone. Long-distance phone companies are closely monitoring the new software service. A string of other software developers are also rushing to produce bug-free, crystal clear global chat software. (JG)


(Source: NATURE, 7/25/96)

Although no increase in childhood leukemia has been reported in the immediate area of the failed Chernobyl nuclear reactor following the disaster in 1986, scientists studying the situation now report that the risk of leukemia more than doubled in Greek children born to mothers exposed to the fallout during pregnancy. Outside of the former Soviet Union, Greece had among the highest levels of contamination following the Chernobyl accident. (JG)



OUR SPIRITUAL DIMENSION: A FREE catalog of audio tapes & books for exploring, healing and embracing ourselves.

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"I have appreciated reading your newsletter this past summer. It has been a great comfort to me to finally find folks who are interested in truly monitoring earth changes by employing spirituality and scientific data. For many years, I only heard the spiritual rumblings and predictions of prophets and seers, which are subject to interpretation, and are often inaccurate, especially with earthquakes. I dread that the religious factions of this nation will frighten people into thinking that the world is ending. It's not -- it's simply continuing... The analytical approach you take, makes your information more reassuring. Skeptics make the best journalists."

---Sherry, Idaho City, Idaho



"Was really glad to find your Web site. It is loaded with all kinds of info that I am interested in and need as I live in rural PA where there is practically no information available. I want to be part of the positive energy that brings in the New Age in peace love and harmony. I do not want to see anyone suffer because of these changes. A lot of the info you give out will help people be able to bring in changes in a more peaceful manner. It is a time of real beauty, and love is more available now than has been for a very long time. We are blessed now with this sacred gift. Tap into the Spirit of Life."

---Ruth Wright, Mifflin, Pennsylvania


By James Gregory

These are exciting times. Last week NASA announced that there may have been life on Mars about four billion years ago. The news comes as a result of tests on a 4.3 pound meteorite found in Antarctica (the meteorite is known as "Allan Hills 84001") which have revealed fossil evidence of primitive life. The rock, one of 12 similar samples found on Earth, is thought to have been jolted away from Mars by a massive collision 15 million years ago and then drifted in space until it fell to Earth 13,000 years ago. Thin slices of the rock show organic molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which can be formed only in two ways -- by biological action, such as by microorganisms, or in the process that forms planets. The meteorite's chemical composition matches that discovered by the Viking spacecraft that landed on Mars in 1976. Life on Mars has been considered a possibility ever since studies by spacecraft landers showed that water was once present on the planet surface.

If NASA's theory is correct, it would be the ultimate vindication for an organization that has had more than its share of critics. Since the landings on the moon, NASA's detractors have said it has no clear objective or goal. But now, it does -- the search for life on Mars -- and elsewhere.

And as luck would have it, there are a number of international programs already set to visit the Red Planet. Three missions are due to fly in this year's "launch window," a time of planetary alignment that occurs every 26 months allowing for fuel-efficient voyages:

-- NASA's MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR MISSION is due to blast off on November 6 for a 10-month cruise to Mars. Once in orbit, Surveyor will use its suite of remote-sensing instruments to create a detailed global portrait of Mars -- capturing its huge canyon systems, massive volcanoes, and frozen polar caps at an unprecedented level of detail. At highest resolution, the spacecraft will see objects less than two metres wide. These detailed photos should clear up any confusion over the controversial pyramids and face on Mars claimed by Richard Hoagland.

-- The RUSSIAN MARS '96 MISSION will be launched 10 days later. The orbiter has an experimental payload for studying the surface, atmosphere and magnetosphere. MARS '96 will dispatch two landers to the planet and two penetrators -- torpedo-shaped projectiles which will impact a few metres into the ground to analyse soil density and composition.

-- December will see the launch of MARS PATHFINDER, the first of ten small U.S. robotic spacecraft. Each payload consists of an orbiter to map the planet, a tiny rover which will roll around the surface and radio back details of the rocks' chemistry. The idea is for the orbiter and rover to find the best places to look for life so that a later robot can land, grab a sample and bring it back to earth. Finding evidence of water is one of the goals of the Pathfinder mission. Scientists say liquid water is the key to life's origin. "It seems fairly likely that life similar to ours, if there is water available, would evolve in other environments in our galaxy or our universe," said James Ferris, a leading researcher and editor of the journal ORIGINS OF LIFE AND EVOLUTION OF THE BIOSPHERE. "I suspect that there are sheltered places on Mars (where) there are sources of liquid water we haven't yet discovered," adds Wes Huntress of NASA's OFFICE OF SPACE SCIENCE.

Mars has always been a planet shrouded in mystery, from the early days of astronomy when "canals" were discovered on its surface, the sensational 1938 radio re-enactment of H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" that panicked a entire nation, to the controversial huge face and structures discovered on the surface by Richard Hoagland. And then there are the mysterious disappearances of Mars spacecraft: Mars Observer disappeared just before making orbit in 1993, and the latest Russian probes have failed as well.

Any endeavor to search for life in space will not stop at Mars. Early this year, NASA established THE ORIGINS PROGRAM -- the active search of the galaxy for other planets like ours. "We know there are hundreds of billions of stars in our own galaxy," said the program's director, Edward Weiler. "We've now started detecting planets around some of those stars. In fact, most of us believe we're going to find whole solar systems around most stars." Already, special orbiting telescopes are being designed for the work that lies ahead.

In related news, it appears that Europa, one of Jupiter's largest moons, may have an ocean under its icy surface. Research suggests that the body of water might be up to 65 miles deep, full of organic compounds and salts, making it one of the most promising places in the solar system beyond Earth to search for existing life, even though the ice would block most of the life-giving sunlight. The icy moon is in a continual tug of war between the gravity of Jupiter and two of its moons -- Io and Ganymede. The friction from the tidal forces may heat the planet and keep the water liquid under the ice. A second possibility is that biological activity may be powered by geothermal heat from the centre of the planet -- much like thermophillic, heat-loving bacteria and isolated biological communities recently discovered near submarine volcanoes on Earth.

The fascinating idea that there might be life on Europa beneath ice-covered oceans was first proposed by Richard Hoagland in the magazine STAR & SKY, January, 1980. It is now suspected that, 16 years later, as data pours in from the Galileo space probe, that NASA is close to confirming this hypothesis.

Meanwhile, the search for life continues. For up-to-date information about the story of the year, if not the decade, check out the definitive NASA page on the topic:

"The Earth is not a freak speck around a freak star in a freak galaxy, lost in an immense 'unfeeling' whirlpool of stars and galaxies," Nobel laureate Christian de Duve wrote in "Vital Dust," a book about the origin of life. "The universe was -- and presumably still is -- pregnant with life." A birth announcement is expected any time.

(Sources: ELECTRONIC TELEGRAPH via UKUFONET, 4/16/96; Nick Flowers, ELECTRONIC TELEGRAPH, 7/19/96 via John Joseph Mercieca; ISCNI*FLASH, 8/1/96; CNN, 8/10/96; REUTER, MILLENNIUM MATTERS, 8/13/96; John Zarella, CNN, 8/13/96; Adam Rogers, NEWSWEEK, 8/19/96; Goro Adachi, PROPHETIC INSIGHTS)



In the current issue of Gordon-Michael Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT (ECR, August, 1996), Scallion makes the following predictions:


"Previously I warned of the potential of quake activity in New York City and the region -- '96 thru '98. I have been seeing visions of this once again. I don't have a time frame yet, but I sense that a quake in the 3-4 range will hit prior to a quake in the 7+ range."


"I had a dream prophecy recently and was told that in December, 1996, large quakes would hit one, or both, U.S. coasts. Hopefully, I will receive additional clarity to report to you before then."



Significantly, the two last issues of Scallion's newsletter have focused less on Scallion's earth change predictions and more on other topics. It has also been shortened from 16 to 12 pages. Scallion's July issue carried a lead story entitled, "The Return of Private Jemison," (an article that described Scallion's reported encounter with discarnates from the Civil War era), while the current issue of ECR carried a lead story on "Stonehenge: Instrument of the Prophets." Why the change in focus and content? It may have something to do with the fact that many of Scallion's most dramatic prophesies have failed to occur as predicted. (DS)


(Source: Christopher Dunn, ATLANTIS RISING #8)

Christopher Dunn has worked for 35 years as a machinist, toolmaker, and engineer. He recently visited Egypt to study ancient Egyptian engineering techniques. This is a report of his findings:

-- In the Aswan quarries there is an unfinished granite obelisk weighing 3,000 tons. Putting aside the question of how they planned to move the huge block once it was finished, Egyptologists claim that the granite was quarried by ancient Egyptians using copper axes and chisels hardened by hammering. There are holes drilled in the granite 12 inches in diameter and three feet deep. According to Dunn, there is no way that work-hardened copper could perform these tasks on a material as tough and hard as granite.

-- Dunn found intricate hieroglyphs carved in statues of granite and diorite (another very hard rock). The glyphs are amazingly precise, with grooves that were sharp and square and deeper than they were wide; some parallel grooves are separated by a wall of rock only .03 inches wide. Again, Dunn felt that copper tools could not even come close to such precision.

-- All the surfaces of the granite sarcophagus inside the second (Khafra's) pyramid on the Giza Plateau are perfectly flat as measured to a tolerance of .0002 inch. This level of perfection would be impossible to achieve by hand, claims Dunn. So too, the 21 huge basalt boxes in the rock tunnels of the temple of Serapeum at Saqqara, the site of the step pyramid. Each of the boxes weighs 65 tons, yet all surfaces are perfectly flat as well.

-- Dunn determined that a three-dimensional block of contoured granite that he found on the Giza Plateau was finished to such a degree of accuracy and precision that it could have only been milled on a machine guided on three axes simultaneously.

-- Detailed measurements of holes drilled in granite by the ancient Egyptians show a cutting rate of .1 inch in a circumference of six inches (one in sixty), a rate which is astonishing. Dunn has determined that the only way such cuts could be made would be by ultrasonic cutting machine, a claim no one has been able to disprove.

Dunn stood in awe before these engineering marvels, and admitted that he would be hard pressed to produce these artifacts today even with our advanced methods of manufacturing. He left Egypt with a new appreciation for the engineering abilities of the ancient Egyptians, but with little respect for mainstream Egyptologists and their conventional explanations. (JG)


(Source: William P. Eigles, ATLANTIS RISING #8)

ATLANTIS RISING is reporting that a short video has recently surfaced that is causing controversy on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. Called "Secret Chamber," the ATLANTIS RISING article says the video shows Zahi Hawass, Director of EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES FOR THE GIZA MONUMENTS, scrambling down a tunnel saying: "Can you believe it? We are now inside the Sphinx. This tunnel has never been opened before. No one really knows what's inside the tunnel but we are going to open it for the first time. Edgar Cayce, America's famous 'Sleeping Prophet,' predicted that a chamber would be discovered beneath the Sphinx containing the recorded history of human civilization. For the first time ever, we'll show you what lies beneath this great statue -- a chamber which will be opened tonight, live, for our television cameras..."

Is the video a joke, or for real? The controversy lies in the fact that the video was shot in November, 1995, and financed by THE SCHOR FOUNDATION of New York. The same foundation was granted a one-year renewable license in April, 1996, to carry out surveys at Giza and around the Sphinx using seismographs and ground-pentrating radar to locate the "Hall of Records." Hawass is a senior official of the SUPREME COUNCIL OF ANTIQUITIES which grants the licenses. Dr. Joseph Schor claims that the video was shot simply "to test equipment," and was not a promotional venture aimed at luring a U.S. television network to televise the live opening of a chamber under the Sphinx, as claimed by authors Graham Hancock ("Message of the Sphinx") and Robert Bauval ("The Orion Mystery").

Hancock and Bauval have been shut out of any further research on the Sphinx and pyramids because of their allegations, as has John Anthony West, who made the unpardonable sin of trying to steal the Sphinx from the Egyptians by suggesting that it was much older than the accepted 4,500 years.

Recent surveys of the bedrock around the Sphinx have determined the existence of a rectangular chamber under the Sphinx's paw approximately 9m by 12m in size, 5m under the ground. And for the record, the Edgar Cayce source said the entrance to the Hall of Records would be discovered beneath the paws of the Sphinx while the chamber itself would be found between the Sphinx and the Nile river. (JG)


(Source: UPI and Michael Lindemann, ISCNI*Flash, 8/1/96)

This month's PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE features something extra in addition to the usual cleavage. Bold red letters on the cover promise the "World's First Authentic Photographs" of a real live alien. According a report from UPI, PENTHOUSE's flamboyant publisher Bob Guccione may have paid as much as $200,000 for the photos.

Alongside his proclivity for nude women, Guccione harbors an outspoken and obviously genuine interest in the prospect of human-alien contact. He seems convinced of a government sponsored UFO coverup. He invested considerable resources into "PROJECT OPEN BOOK," the short-lived UFO research effort undertaken by his "other" magazine, OMNI. And there can be no doubt that, in publishing "The Alien" in the latest PENTHOUSE, he thought he was on to the story of the decade, if not the millennium.

The text accompanying the PENTHOUSE alien photos shows just how strongly Guccione believed his own story. The following excerpts are from the article written by Keith Ferrell:

"Bob Guccione doesn't give up. And he doesn't get scared. 'The three extraordinary images published here may well be the most important pictures in the history of photography,' says Guccione, the editor and publisher of Penthouse. 'A photograph of Jesus Christ might be a comparable story to the first real photo of an extraterrestrial,' Guccione says. 'Otherwise, there's nothing that compares to this.'"

Unfortunately for Bob, filmmaker Paul Davids, executive producer and co-author of the made-for-TV film "Roswell," has recently disclosed that the alien in the photos is one of the models made for his film -- which now resides in the INTERNATIONAL UFO MUSEUM AND RESEARCH CENTER in Roswell, New Mexico. "There's not even one chance in a billion-trillion," he said, "that it's anything other than the prop we loaned to the Roswell museum. Every detail matches."

To add another layer to the drama, a few days after the world-wide television premier of Ray Santilli's "Alien Autopsy" last summer, a tabloid newspaper in Hong Kong printed photographs of what it claimed was a "real" alien. These photos quickly spread across the Internet. Although they looked more "real" than Santilli's alien, it has now been definitely established that they do NOT represent a genuine alien. They too appear to be shots of the "Roswell" movie prop.

You can compare the PENTHOUSE "alien" with photos of Paul Davids' movie model by visiting the INTERNATIONAL UFO MUSEUM Web address: Allowing for differences in camera angle and lighting, it is easy to see that they are one and the same. (JG)


Source: Katharina Wilson, ISCNI*FLASH, 8/1/96)

[The news item is a follow up to an article about alien implants in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 23.]

As growing numbers of abductees discover that they have "alien implants" and consider the prospect of having these foreign objects removed from their bodies, urgent questions are arising. Given the many unknowns in "implant surgery," how can the health and safety of the abductee/patient be assured? Is it better to leave implants where they are? Are the implants linked to person's neural net, and if so, what are the hazards of removing them? What constitutes proper handling of the removed objects? Who owns the objects?

Peter Davenport, Director of the NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER, recently made the following comment at the UFO EXPO WEST CONFERENCE in California: "Ufologists should establish a precedent at this time, regarding the ownership and possession of removed implants," and went on to state that he believed that any FOREIGN BODY (as opposed to a tissue sample) removed from a person should remain the property of that individual.

If you have any thoughts on these matters, Katharina Wilson, author of "The Alien Jigsaw," is researching the subject and would like to hear from you. Email your comments to her at:, or send them by regular mail to: PUZZLE PUBLISHING, P.O. Box 230023, Portland, OR 97281. (JG)


(Sources: Chet Hughes & R. H. Wheatley, Planet Earth Net:

[This article follows up on a concern expressed in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 21 about news makers owning the news networks.]

Years ago, the major news media consisted largely of independent organizations without ties to special interest groups or corporate parents with potential hidden agendas. The "Fourth Estate," as these independent voices became known, served as watchdogs to industry and provided a balance to the three constitutionally-created branches of government. Today, the balance of power in the media industry is shifting, raising serious questions.

We all know about the evil of government-controlled media in places like Russia and Serbia. But, how much coverage would there be of the link between smoking and disease if all your news was brought to you by PHILIP MORRIS? And imagine if your favorite network news show was owned by MERRILL LYNCH -- do you think you'd get a realistic picture of the economy?

Yet, this is exactly the situation today. The major television networks in the U.S. are owned by GE, WESTINGHOUSE, DISNEY, TIME-WARNER, FOX, and PARAMOUNT. All of them sell something else -- appliances, movies, action figures, games, clothes, nuclear reactors, weapons -- in addition to TV time. Do you think there is any possibility that their other businesses might influence the images and ideas they choose to deliver to your living room? For example, what are the chances that a movie critic on ABC will pan a new Disney flick? If Westinghouse were to be sued by the federal government for price fixing, would CBS cover it fairly? Would NBC give us a straight story on nuclear power?

Of course, media outlets have been influenced by the interests of their advertisers since time immemorial. The new trend toward media ownership by large diversified corporations is even more disturbing. The influence is no longer second-hand. The people who now control the news you see each day have other primary interests that are bound to conflict with objective reporting. Furthermore, no matter how much they talk about Mom and apple pie, these companies are global in scope, and are no longer concerned about boundaries. Were any of the networks opposed to NAFTA? How many news shows do you see that are sympathetic to restricting immigration?

George Orwell warned us that government was not a reliable source for the information that shapes our views of the world. If Orwell had lived long enough, one suspects that he would now be casting a suspicious eye on the new corporate media giants as well. (JG)


By Sandy Ezrine

In many towns across the United States the scene has been the same: a man, simply dressed, walks down the highway, smiles, waves, and then keeps walking. Ed Carlson, "The Waver," began this strange journey 22 years ago. He had a varied career including working as an actor, salesman, and deputy sheriff. He was married with children and thought everything was fine. Then his wife left him. As a result of the separation, he seriously considered ending his life, but an inner voice whispered to begin wandering, and so he started to walk. In one of his journeys across the country, he even wore a blindfold to intensify his senses and learn more about trusting people.

One day, another message from within told him to start waving as he walked in order to share the feelings of unconditional love that he felt in his heart. "There is no better feeling than to feel love and then to give that love back," he comments. It also creates an interaction; positive or negative, he definitely awakens something in people when he waves. Most people wave back and smile.

To date, Carlson has walked 190,000 miles. People often misunderstand his intentions when they see him waving, but, gradually they come around. Some towns take longer to understand and embrace what he is doing, but he just keeps waving. He even feels unconditional love for those who make obscene gestures. Carlson has no ID and no permanent home. He walks six days a week and takes Mondays off. In many ways, his mission to walk and wave is reminiscent of Peace Pilgrim. [Peace Pilgrim was an older woman who took to the roads of America in a spiritual journey in the 1980s.]

Ed says he feels most at home in Sedona, Arizona and Hilo, Hawaii. The first time I saw him walking and waving, I thought he was mentally ill. Then a friend mentioned to me that he had spoken to Carlson and learned that he was walking and waving to help people feel unconditional love and spread peace in the world.

I also learned that Carlson spoke at schools, churches, and to business groups without a fee, so when the minister of our Unity Church was going to be out of town one week-end and we needed a speaker, I suggested The Waver. One of the board members was not happy, but after reminding him of the wonderful work of Peace Pilgrim, he decided to not be judgmental. As a speaker, I found Ed Carlson to be engaging, honest, humorous and very dedicated to his mission. Ed spoke intelligently and clearly from his heart. He reported he'd seen positive changes in the world in the last five years: "People are happier and more loving, more in tune with the spirit. More individuals are directing themselves to the positive [and] that helps others become positive."

Carlson has just finished a three-month visit to Sedona, Arizona -- his third visit in three years. While in town he stayed with friends. By sharing his philosophy at the church he made many new friends. He is totally trusting that he will be provided for as long as he does God's work. Over the past 22 years, all his needs have been taken care of, although sometimes sparsely. If he has money, he eats, and he is always willing to share whatever he has.

Carlson also loves to share his philosophy with others. He believes most of the things in our lives that we perceive as problems, are really lessons. In his forthcoming book, "I Walked to the Moon & Almost Everybody Waved," soon to be published by STILLPOINT, he explains why he started walking and what has happened along the way. He is a great storyteller and has lots captivating stories to share, including the time he spent a night spent in jail with a felon with a bad attitude. By the next morning the two were friends and the tough con had come to understand the meaning of God as his Source.

When it was time for The Waver to leave Sedona for his next destination -- Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- a group of friends and supporters gathered along the main road to give him a loving send off. In the three months that he was in town, I watched the feelings toward the Waver change from distain, to curiosity, to loving friendship. Ed Carlson is a man who walks and waves his talk. He creates a wonderful space with those who are open to him. As he walks and waves, he is spreading peace and unconditional love on our country's roads.

An audio tape of his talk at the Unity Church of Sedona is available by sending a check for $5 payable to Unity of Sedona to:

The Waver Tape
Unity of Sedona
65 Deer Trail Dr.
Sedona, Arizona 86336

[Ed does not have an email address. If you have any messages for him, Sandy Ezrine has offered to save them for his next return to Sedona. You can email them c/o Sandy at: You can also take a peak at Ed who is presently being featured as NEWEARTHNET'S "Trailblazer of the Month":] (JG)

(Source: Karen Reidell, SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS, 7/10/96)


(Source: Thomas McCarrol, TIME, 6/3/96)

A wave from cyberspace is shaking up the stock market establishment. Although only 1% of trading activity is presently taking place on the Net, that figure is expected to jump dramatically, as the number of active online accounts more than doubles to an anticipated 1.5 million by the year 2000.

22 brokerage houses currently offer electronic trading, an increase of 100% in the last year. "The days when the brokers call the shots are over," says analyst Mary Doyle. "Investors are plugging in and taking charge."

No money changes hands over the Net -- only trades are transacted. A customer must first establish an account with the online brokerage firm and make a deposit large enough to cover trading costs. These accounts are not accessible via Internet. Online brokers allow investors to monitor their portfolios, retrieve data from brokerage databases and link them to other business Web sites.

Brokerage houses on the Information Highway have a low overhead and are therefore able to offer lower commissions and provide inexpensive shortcuts to any investor who has a computer and a modem. For example, you would pay MERRIL-LYNCH $78 in commissions to buy 110 shares of WAL-MART stock ($25 per share) but as little as $12 in commissions to certain small online brokerage houses.

The downside when trading on the Net is that you are on your own. Low overhead for online brokerage houses means keeping personal contact with investors to a minimum. Many bare-bones Internet brokers do not even maintain customer-support staff and those who do have help lines, often charge for calls. And although the Net is vast, it is not always fast or dependable. "When you place an order over the Internet, you have to cross your fingers and hope it gets there," says John Markese, President of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS. Internet analyst, Jamie Kiggen, adds, "Many investors fall into the trap of thinking that technology somehow makes them invulnerable. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Although business is good across the board with more than 20% of Americans now owning stocks, traditional brokerage houses and regulators are uneasy in this uncharted territory. But with the average age of a full-service client at 63 compared to a typical 41 year-old Internet investor, Wall Street had better position itself to catch the wave, or risk being swept away by it. (JG)


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