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NHNE News Brief 25
Friday, August 23, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


The Three Bricklayers

The Return of the Woolly Mammoth
Environmental Awareness in China
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Embryo Ethics

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"Once there were three bricklayers. When the first man was asked what he was doing, he answered gruffly, 'I'm laying bricks,' without ever taking his eyes from his work. The second man replied, 'I'm putting up a wall.' But the third man said enthusiastically and with obvious pride, 'I'm building a cathedral.'"

---Margaret M. Stevens


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS and CNN ONLINE, 8/19/96)

In a project reminiscent of "Jurassic Park," Japanese researchers plan to use ancient DNA to try to re-create the prehistoric woolly mammoth. Genetics specialist Kazufumi Goto and his colleague Shoji Okutsu left recently for Siberia, where they hope to recover frozen carcasses of the woolly mammoth, a number of which have been found in Siberia buried under a thick layer of permafrost. The woolly mammoth existed during the Pleistocene Period and became extinct about 10,000 years ago. Goto has said that the key to his effort is to find preserved DNA in mammoth sperm and combine it with an egg from a live female elephant to produce a half-mammoth, half-elephant offspring. Over several generations, a creature genetically close to the prehistoric mammoth could be created. "If successful, we may be able to revive other extinct species using the same process," he commented. Goto and Okutsu acknowledge that there's no scientific precedent for such a procedure -- and other experts are extremely skeptical. (JG)


(Source: Beijing Bureau Chief Andrea Koppel, CNN ONLINE, 8/14/96)

In China, where the environment traditionally has taken a backseat to politics, short-term economic gains are giving way to long-term ecological damage. Thus, curbing pollution over the next 15 years has become a national priority as China examines efficient alternatives to coal, methods to fight soil erosion and other ways to clean up the environment. China accounts for 10 percent of global emissions, making it the fourth largest contributor to air pollution behind the United States, Europe and the former Soviet Union, according to China's environmental group FRIENDS OF THE EARTH. Low-grade coal is largely to blame for the majority of the nation's air pollution, which steadily increased over the last 18 years of economic growth. The country has also suffered severe environmental damage from its population of one billion dumping trash and contaminating rivers. (JG)


(Sources: REUTER via CNN, 7/20/96)

THE AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION has filed a lawsuit against THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA) for declining to tighten rules on sulfur dioxide emissions, charging that current air standards do not protect people with asthma. Sulfur dioxide pollution, which comes from burning fossil fuels that contain sulfur such as oil and coal, can cause narrowing of breathing passages in asthmatics and others with respiratory problems. In May, the EPA decided against revising national standards for sulfur dioxide because it believed the existing standards were adequate to protect public health from sustained, low level exposure, plus the fact that sulfur dioxide emissions nationwide have fallen to a point nearly 40% below maximum permitted levels. (JG)


(Source: Geoffery Cowley, NEWSWEEK, 8/26/96)

New research from New York's COLUMBIA-PRESBYTERIAN MEDICAL CENTER indicates that the onset of Alzheimer's Disease can be delayed in women. Studies show that the female hormone estrogen helps maintain healthy brain cells and it appears that older women who take the hormone reduce their risk of disease. In a test of 1,124 women, 16% of those who had never taken estrogen, developed Alzheimer's, compared with only 2% who had used the hormone for over a year. Although it is still too early to recommend the hormone for Alzheimer's prevention alone, the benefits of estrogen for women's hearts and bones is already a well-known fact. (JG)


(Sources: THE AUSTRALIAN, 5/10/96 and MICROWAVE NEWS, Nov-Dec/95 via NEXUS, June-July/96)

Dr. Bruce Hocking, former Chief Medical Officer for TELECOM AUSTRALIA, has just finished a study which determined that children living near TV towers have a 60% higher rate of childhood leukemia. Dr. Hocking presented his findings at the ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS annual scientific meeting in Canberra. In 1987, he studied the rates of cancer near TV and radio towers in Honolulu and made similar conclusions, but his study was never followed up. A survey by the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA) showed that Honolulu had the highest radiation levels of any city in the U.S. (JG)



Public Internet access is coming soon to an airport, convention center, or hotel room near you. By March, 1997 ATCOM/INFO of San Diego plans to place thousands of its ATM-like Internet-access kiosks in high-traffic locations and hotel rooms throughout the U.S. The company claims that their users will be able to retrieve email and other data from the Internet easier and faster than with regular computers. Users will be charged $3 for 10 minutes and will pay by swiping their credit cards. (JG)


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"I was a little disturbed by 'The Waver' story you ran in NHNE News Brief 24. His story is interesting, but what about the story of the people he has left behind -- the responsibilities he has traded for a different life? To me, he is the epitome of our throw-away society. Instead of working your way through the hard times, you separate yourself from reality and try living in your own little world and seek out those that will help you subsist. Has he abandoned the 'salvation' of his children for the world's? Is this an acceptable sacrifice?"

---Katina Duklewski

[Ed only started walking after the divorce. His two daughters live with their mother and the town where they live in his home base. That's where he was headed when he left Sedona. He sees his daughters regularly. Apparently, Ed was not a dependable source of support during his marriage, but in a unique way, has actually been more stable since he took to the roads. Waving and walking is his method of healing himself. Because of the way Ed feels called to express himself, he tends to bring "stuff" up in other people. But who of us can question which is the correct way to walk on the Earth? I do not judge what he is doing, just report on the effect he has on people and the integrity with which he walks. ---Sandy Ezrine]



"There is a man in town convinced he's going to be under water in a year or so (we are north of Boise, Idaho) and he is like Noah preparing for the flood. He has Scallion's map etc. but I don't think he has Net access, so his information may be a few years old. I am very disturbed that folks like him are walking around terrified due to information from a person that I am very skeptical about. The NHNE analysis of his predictions was excellent. Why don't more folks pay attention to his inaccuracies? Maybe folks are just too intimidated to question people like Scallion. I heard he predicted that California was going under by December, 1995. So far, it's still there."

---Sherry, Idaho City, Idaho

[You bring up a very important issue: What is the best way to cope with disaster predictions? If any of you have any comments about this important subject, drop us a line at "".]


(Source: Adam Rogers, NEWSWEEK, 8/26/96)

It seems that with the flood of information pouring in from the Galileo space probe, we almost need a weekly update to keep you informed of all the new developments. Here is what's new this week with the moons of Jupiter:

-- More remarkable pictures of the icy crust of Europa show that some "ice pans" may have rotated after they broke apart, lending additional evidence that there is something slippery underneath -- most likely water. It is already known that Europa has organic molecules and heat -- other factors necessary for life.

-- Pictures of a 60-mile-high blue geyser on Io indicate an eruption of the volcano Ra Patera is in progress. The plume is most likely sulfur dioxide. Volcanic debris from Pa Patera cover 15,000 square miles of the moon's surface.

-- A device on Galileo called a plasma wave spectrometer used for measuring electromagnetism has determined that Ganymede has a magnetic field -- making it unique amongst all the moons in the solar system. Up to now, magnetic fields have only been detected on the planets. (JG)


(Source: Robert J. Samuelson, NEWSWEEK, 8/26/96)

Corn and wheat prices in the U.S. are near record levels and last week the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE reduced its estimate of the 1996 corn crop by 4.7%. There are grim forecasts of rising food prices and the prediction that we are entering into an era of global food scarcity. But is there really a food crisis? NEWSWEEK columnist Robert Samuelson doesn't think so, and uses the following statistics to support his case:

-- In 1940, Americans were spending 21% of their disposable income on food. By 1970, that figure had dropped to 14%, and it is now 11%. This decline is even more remarkable when you consider that Americans now spend almost half their food dollars (40%) in restaurants. That's up from 26% in 1970 and 15% in 1940.

-- Around the world, despite famines in some areas like the sub-Sahara, diets have improved. While the world's population has doubled since 1961 (2.1 to 4.4 billion), total grain output has tripled (.4 to 1.1 billion metric tons).

-- Improved seeds, fertilizers, irrigation techniques, and pesticides have increased the efficiency of farms. American corn farmers have improved their corn yield per acre by a factor of five since 1920; Chinese rice yields have doubled since 1940 as has sunflower seed production in India since 1986. [While conventional farming techniques may have increased food production, Samuelson failed to mention there are a growing number of serious problems associated with commercial farming. The depletion of soil, wide-spread use of known cancer-causing pesticides, and the questionable nutritional value and long-term viability of hybrid plants are three examples.]

-- The recent drop in American grain stockpiles is the result of bad weather and the fact that the American government reduced planting acreage after a bumper crop in 1994. Nevertheless, the U.S. corn crop is expected to be 18% higher than in 1995, and total world-wide grain production is expected to be 6% higher than last year. These extra food supplies should blunt price increases.

Will there be a food crisis in the future? There could be more bad weather, and some futurists predict that the world is reaching its natural limits of food production. Samuelson, however, remains optimistic pointing out the remarkable ability of farmers to disprove the prophets of scarcity. (JG)


(Sources: David Yarrow and Laura Lee, MMNEWSLETTER, 8/13/96)

The Mayan Calendar, which predates the Spanish invasion of South America by several hundred years, predicted that the sun's magnetics would drop and that earth's magnetics would go through changes as part of a process that would culminate in 2012 A.D. with the "Age of the Intellect" giving way to the "Age of the Gods."

Recent astronomical observations have recorded that the sun's magnetic field seems to be dropping. In addition, the earth is showing an increase in the base magnetic resonance from its historical 7.83 cycles per second. This rate, called the Schumann Resonance (SR), was once thought to be a constant -- a global military communication system was developed based on this frequency. Yet in the last few years the rate has risen to 8.6 cycles per second, and is still climbing. Scientists don't know what to make of this. They acknowledge SR as a sensitive indicator of temperature variations and worldwide weather conditions. Fluctuating SR may be a factor in the severe storms, floods, and weather of recent years. The increase in the Earth's magnetic resonance has been accompanied by a decrease in magnetic field strength. According to UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO Professor Bannerjee, the field has lost up to half its intensity in the last 4,000 years. And because a forerunner of magnetic polar reversals is field strength, Bannerjee believes we are due for another reversal. Scientists don't know why the earth's magnetics are changing but some theorists have surmised that there is a connection between the sun's dropping magnetics and earth's magnetic changes.

In related news, Psychiatrist Howard Friedman has determined that geomagnetic storms affect psychiatric patients. Initially he had thought the notion proposed by Robert Becker, a scientist who participated in THE INTERNATIONAL GEOPHYSICAL YEAR'S AURORA WATCH, laughable, but a study of 28,000 patients in eight hospitals over four years and 67 magnetic storms showed a significant relation. Nurses reported behavior changes in nearly all patients one or two days after cosmic ray changes. Solar flares are known to emit low energy cosmic rays which disrupt geomagnetism one or two days later. Studies also showed slowed reaction time in humans and general stress in rabbits exposed to electro-magnetic (EM) fields 10 to 20 times Earth's. It has been long suspected that geomagnetism helps keep cell functions in normal ranges but up to now there was no theory as to how EM fluctuations affect cell biology to cause altered reaction times, stress, and cancer. (JG)



[On August 16, 1996 ISCNI*FLASH published an excellent report by Paul Anderson on the incredible harvest of crop circles appearing this year around the world. We at NHNE felt the article was so well done and so important that on August 19, 1996 we "flashed" the article in its entirety to all paid NHNE News Brief subscribers. For the rest of our readers, we include a summary of the article here.]

Over 80 crop formations of a wide variety have appeared in Britain so far this year, several of mind-boggling size and complexity since mid-July. The largest, most complex design in the world was discovered last month on the slope of Windmill Hill in Wiltshire, England. The pattern is a three-armed spiral composed of three Julia Sets consisting of 194 circles and measuring approximately 1,000 feet in total diameter (a Julia Set is a highly complex mathematical equation relating to the science of Chaos Theory; the Mandelbrot Set fractal is composed of an infinite number of Julia Sets). The pattern displays stunningly perfect geometry, with standing centre tufts in some circles, and complex, intricate woven "nests" in the centres of others. Still other circles have "fan" centres, with the crop splayed outward from the centre instead of being flattened in a spiral pattern.

The British MINISTRY OF DEFENSE and scientists from around the world are continuing to investigate the remarkable "Stonehenge Julia Set," a huge 508-foot diameter spiral with 149 circles, which appeared in a field only a few hundred feet from the famous Stonehenge monument in broad daylight on July 7. Witnesses at the site said that the formation was definitely not there at 5:30 that evening, but was there no later than 6:15 PM, meaning it was created in less than 45 minutes. No one saw or heard anything or anyone in the field during that time.

The "DNA Helix" appeared on June 17 under similar circumstances. This formation, located at Alton Barnes, measures 648 feet long and consists of 89 circles forming twin interwoven strands that strongly resembled a diagram of the DNA double helix. It appeared within a 30-minute window.

The longest crop formation ever recorded appeared last month near Etchilhampton in Wiltshire. Stretching approximately 4,100 feet, it consists of a long central pathway with 14 large circles along it. The largest circle contains an odd triangular symbol similar to that found this year in formations near Roundway and Chisledon in Wiltshire.

Video footage was taken of several "luminosities" hovering over a large 390-foot formation the night it appeared near Oliver's Castle in Wiltshire.

Elsewhere in the world, a 700-foot formation (the largest yet in the U.S.) appeared near Chehalis, Washington on July 17, close to where another pictogram was found in 1994. The pattern resembles "thought bubble" type formations in Britain. This year, American circle formations have also been reported in California, Colorado, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska. A number of circles and pictograms have recently been reported in Canada, Holland, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany as well.

Testing of plants from circle formations in both in the U.S. and England continues to show evidence of microwave-type energy effects. If this year's crop formations are the work of human hoaxsters, they represent a level of artistry and ingenious stealth that defies imagination. If they are not the work of hoaxsters, then once again we must ask -- where do these formations come from and what do they mean? After years of investigation, no one has yet found a satisfactory answer.

Excellent photos of 1996 English crop circle formations can be found on the Web at:


Copies of lab reports, additional articles and other information can be obtained from:

Telephone & Fax: (604) 731-8522
eMail: (JG)


(Sources: Rick Mofina, THE SPECTATOR, 8/10/96 via Lynn Greenblatt)

Call it Canada's own X-File, a memo obtained recently under the Access to Information Act indicates that the Canadian government was monitoring UFOs as early as 1950. Code named "Project Magnet" and marked "Top Secret," the November 21, 1950 memo shows that the Canadian government's specific interest was studying UFO propulsion technology hoping to adapt it for domestic use.

Some excerpts from the secret memo:

-- "The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States government, rating higher even than the H-bomb."

-- "The existence of a different technology is borne out by the investigations which are being carried on at the present time in relation to flying saucers."

-- "We believe we are on the track of something."

-- "Flying saucers exist."

Project Magnet was created in 1950 with the aim of studying magnetic and geomagnetic phenomena, especially those stemming from unusual boundary conditions. The NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, an agency of the Canadian government, continues to gather information on UFO sightings. (JG)


(Source: from the private correspondence of Pat Parrinello to ISCNI*FLASH, 8/16/96)

On August 19, 1995, Pat Parrinello underwent surgery in Los Angeles to remove a possible "alien implant" from his hand. The following are some excerpts of his current views on a number of subjects, now that he has had a year to assess the results of the surgery:

-- Ownership of the implant: "I conceded 'ownership' to those whose interest matched my motives. I am keen to know the metallurgical data as I feel that this will give me some clues as to why I was 'selected' for an implant in the first place. Further, having the thing tested was a choice that I could in no way have made without the generosities of those people involved. So, do I 'own' the implant? NO! In my opinion it belongs to the whole of humanity if it turns out to have value in furthering our knowledge of what is going on."

-- Removing implants: "Don't do it. If you can justify your reasons for having an 'alien' implant removed, then go ahead, but consider this: if it is indeed a 'genuine article,' you just may be in for a few surprises and changes in your personal makeup that you had not counted on. I lost my psychic intuition to a great degree. If you have any psychic abilities, you are going to feel naked in the world the day you lose them."

-- Experiences during the operation: "When [the surgeon] connected with the object, my body felt like the Christmas tree at the White House. Then it was gone. If your whole body were your elbow and someone hit your funny bone, you'd understand."

Parrinello has been told that the lab analysis of the implant will be available in about a month. (JG)


By James Gregory

The year is 2000 and Iranian forces are advancing on Saudi Arabia in a bid to seize control of the oil-rich Gulf. As U.S.-led allies gear up in a Desert Storm-style response, computer systems around the world are suddenly hit by invisible assaults from cyberspace: telephone and power networks are taken out by "logic bombs" planted via the Internet; viruses and other digital weapons send banking and financial systems into a spin; planes and trains crash; the world is paralyzed.

Fantasy? Not according to top officials and business leaders in the U.S., who feel that their nation's military, financial, government and business sectors are particularly vulnerable to "information warfare" (IW). "The U.S. homeland may no longer provide a sanctuary from outside attack. Information warfare has no front line. Potential battlefields are anywhere networked systems allow access," concludes a study by THE RAND CORPORATION.

How likely is it that wars will be fought like this? Considering the fact that a poor nation can arm itself to the teeth with cyberweapons for virtually pennies, it seems very likely. What's more, it may already be happening. A plague of "cyberthieves" is already jumping from phone switches and computers in different countries around the world stealing untold millions from banks and private companies. Various aspects of the U.S. Government computer system are constantly under attack. The GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING OFFICE (GAO) says that in 1995 there were 250,000 attacks on defense computer systems alone, 65% of which were successful in penetrating their targets. Although such hacking appears to be erratic, unstructured, and launched more by curious individuals than organized terrorist groups, a real attack could be designed to be difficult to trace by making it look like a bunch of college kids simply flexing their high-tech muscles.

How do we prepare for such an eventuality? Infowar offices are being set up in the Army, Navy and Air Force. In June, 1995 THE NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY in Washington quietly graduated its first class of 16 infowar officers, specially trained in everything from defending against computer attacks to using virtual reality in planning battle maneuvers. The specter of cyberterrorists has President Clinton worried enough that he signed an executive order in July to gather a panel of experts to study the problem of cyberterrorism, and then tell Americans how to safeguard against information warfare. He also ordered plans to protect infrastructure that to one degree or another relies on computers. That includes telecommunications, electrical power systems, gas and oil reserves, banking and finance systems, transportation, water supplies, emergency services such as fire and police, and government.

Some, however, are questioning just how real such a threat is. "If you shut off all the lights in Iowa for two hours or stop VISA Card purchases for an hour, that's not going to bring the country to its knees," says Martin Libicki of NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY. Libicki and others point out that computer failures and power outages are a simple fact of life, and the economy is too resilient to be easily crippled by system failures, deliberate or accidental. However, Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick counters, "we will have a cyber-equivalent of Pearl Harbor, and we do not want to wait for that wake-up call." Neither do the hundreds of high-tech companies who stand to make a multibillion-dollar windfall battling information warfare. In the end, counterterrorism experts say they're still more concerned about the less sophisticated threats, such as the recent bombing at the Olympics.

More than 120 other nations are also making defense plans against IW.

[For a more in-depth analysis of Information War, see the article entitled "Infowars" in NHNE 9 on our Web site.]

(Sources: REUTERS, Brian Barger; CNN, 7/16/96; TIME, August 21, 1995; Jonathan S. Landay, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 6/7/96)


(Source: Don Kladstrup, CNN ONLINE, 7/30/96)

Fertility clinics in Britain began destroying more than 3,000 frozen human embryos in July as required by a 1990 law passed that stipulates that human embryos can only be kept in storage for five years, unless the donors specifically request an extension. The law was passed because Britain's HUMAN AND FERTILIZATION EMBRYOLOGY AUTHORITY said it was impractical to keep every embryo indefinitely. "We fought for months to try and preserve all these embryos, to save them for the future use of couples. But we are required by law of the land that we destroy these embryos," said Dr. Peter Brinsden, director of a fertility clinic in Cambridge. When embryos are destroyed, they are simply lifted from the freezer, and allowed to disintegrate.

Yet, many think destroying the frozen, two-celled structures is a terrible waste. "They are potential human beings," said embryologist Dr. Robert Evans. "I am not one of those who grants the embryos the same rights as a child, but we have stored them to establish a pregnancy." Doctors create extra embryos because in-vitro fertilization does not always work. There is only a one-in-ten chance of a frozen embryo becoming a human being.

Member of Parliament David Alton suggested an alternative: rather than destroying the embryos that have been frozen, parents should be given the right to adopt the "orphaned" embryos. As much as Dr. Brinsden dislikes the idea of destroying embryos, he is adamantly opposed to the suggestion of making them available for adoption. "I believe it is quite morally and ethically wrong to put them up for adoption without the consent of the couple for whom they were originally created," he said. "The very large majority of people would feel very unhappy if they knew there was a child (of theirs) wandering around this world they knew nothing about."

In related news, Canadian Health Minister David Dingwall introduced legislation in July that would ban several controversial genetic and reproductive practices, including: the buying and selling of human eggs, sperm, and embryos; genetically selecting the sex of a fetus for non-medical reasons; and creating embryos for medical research.

The bill would also ban surrogate motherhood, in which a woman is impregnated either with an embryo from another woman's egg or by artificial insemination using her own egg, and then gives the baby up. A statement from Dingwall's ministry said some of the practices pose "serious risks to human health and safety," and "are contrary to the principles of human dignity, respect for life, and protection of the vulnerable."

A Liberal Party majority in Parliament makes passage of the bill a near-certainty. (JG)



Stressed out? Longing for peace and quiet? Wanting things to flow more harmoniously in your life? Then Feng Shui could be just what the doctor ordered. Using such soothing things as desk-size bubbling water fountains, strategically placed mirrors, beautiful music, lively colors, and the careful positioning of the material things in your home and office, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that seeks to create a harmonious flow of energy in your physical environment. WIND & WATER, the newest member of THE NEWEARTHNET PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION NETWORK (, is one of the planet's best sources of information about Feng Shui. The WIND & WATER Web site provides a thorough overview of Feng Shui, answers visitor's questions, carries an impressive line of products, offers private consultations, and is beginning to build a mailing list of people who are interested in keeping posted on the newest Feng Shui news.

To join the WIND & WATER mailing list, all you have to do is send a message to "" and ask to be placed on their mailing list. (DS)



Speaking of feeling frazzeled, here's another site designed to lift your spirits. Check out the MESSAGES FROM THE VIRGIN MARY Web site -- a simple page devoted to spreading the messages that Our Lady still gives to us in Medjugorje, Croatia. The site features pictures and stories and a brief history of the apparitions, but the main appeal comes from the library stocked with all of Mary's messages back to the time in 1984 when she first started to appear. She is still giving a new message on the 25th of each month, and in July's message, Mary warns us that "you speak much about God, but you witness little with your life," and recommends that "your life may be true before God, so that in the truth of your life you witness the beauty God gave you." She adds, "I invite you again to decide for prayer because through prayer, you will be able to live the conversion. Each one of you shall become in the simplicity, similar to a child which is open to the love of the Father." (JG)



Thursday, September 12, 1996 is UNITY'S THIRD ANNUAL WORLD DAY OF PRAYER. People all over the world are encouraged to join with SILENT UNITY in a network of prayer to raise the spiritual consciousness of humankind through a world-wide community of prayer. The theme this year is to "Seek first the kingdom." The special affirmation written for this event is, "I give thanks, dear God, for my growing awareness of Your presence, out of which all needs and desires are fulfilled." In addition to the U.S., SILENT UNITY ministries are active in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Germany, and Ghana. UNITY CHURCH will hold prayer vigils on that day in their local communities.


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