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NHNE News Brief 26
Friday, August 30, 1996

Monthly "Lighter Side" Edition

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


Courage to Lose Sight of the Shore

To Boldly Go...
Last Lunar Eclipse of Millennium
Sea Lions Enlisted for Whale Research
Tai Chi Prevents Injuries
Surf from the Couch
College Football Sinks to New Low
Chocolate Mimics Marijuana
Born Happy
"Soul Catcher" Computer Chip
Virtual Hang Gliding
Good Intentions Gone Amiss
Cuba Reports on UFO Sightings

Visabella Mythic Clothing

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Thoughts on Coming Disasters
Gleaning the Meat
ITC Article Supports Research

Setting the Record Straight on the Sphinx Film

Psychic Experiences Have Positive Effect

Search for Higher Consciousness

Kasparov vs. Computer -- Again

Antidepressants & Dreams
Scientist Invents Electronic Ear

Items Not Available in Stores

My Dream 2000




"We cannot discover new oceans
until we have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

---Muriel Chen

(Via Diana Brock Makes' POSITIVE PROJECTIONS NEWSLETTER, July, 1996)


(Source: NETGUIDE NOW!, 8/25/96)

On September 8, 1966, the U.S.S. Enterprise set out on its five year mission. 30 years and many galaxies later, Star Trek is still going strong, and it's been quite a trip, with three TV spin-offs, six feature films, and countless conventions and books. According to the one of the most comprehensive sites tracking Trek mania (, there are currently 573 home pages, 22 mailing Lists, and 63 newsgroups dedicated to Star Trek topics on the Net. The official Star Trek Continuum site ( has details about the upcoming "Star Trek 30: One Weekend on Earth" convention being held September 7-8 in Huntsville, Alabama. Earlier this year, THE DISTRICT COUNCIL OF EDINBURGH held "Star Trek: The Exhibition" which drew almost 200,000 visitors ( (JG)


(Source: Bob Berman, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 9/96)

If you enjoyed the light show of this year's Perseid Meteor Shower (NHNE NEWS BRIEF 20), you'll love the lunar eclipse scheduled for September 26. Unlike solar eclipses, whose viewing is restricted to very narrow bands on Earth, lunar eclipses are visible world wide, and this is the last one we'll have until the year 2000. The eastern U.S. will see the eclipse begin about 9 PM and peak at 11 PM. On the West Coast of the States, the event will start shortly after sunset. During the eclipse, the moon may turn red, two-toned or black, depending on the condition of the Earth's atmosphere. On that same night, Saturn will be in conjunction with the eclipsing moon, and will be at its closest, biggest, and brightest of the year. (JG)


(Source: Susan Reed, USA TODAY, 8/5/96)

Researchers have succeeded in training two California sea lions to pack video cameras around on their backs to help study the behavior of whales. Sea lions are very common along the California coast. They frequently buzz around whales, researchers say, like gnats around a picnicker's head. Scientists hope to record the movements of gray whales off Monterey Bay and humpback whales off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. The sea lions are also being trained to put satellite tags on the whales, which allows for their movements to be precisely monitored. Information on their migration patterns could ultimately help scientists preserve them. (JG)


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, July-Aug/96)

Seniors who practice Tai Chi suffer 25 percent fewer falls. In a study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of various types of exercise programs to prevent falls in seniors, the only one which proved helpful was the Chinese martial art, Tai Chi. The report published in the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION speculated that the slow graceful movements of Tai Chi promote a greater sense of dynamic balance. (JG)


(Source: NETGUIDE NOW!, 8/25/96)

The controversy over privacy, freedom, and regulation of the Internet heated up last week after unidentified hackers altered the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE home page: Labeled the "Department of Injustice," the modified page contained a hate-filled diatribe, a swastika, pictures of Adolph Hitler, and images of genitalia. After disabling the site, Justice Department officials were quick to point out that their Web site contained no sensitive government material, nor was it connected to any computers containing sensitive material. In a related news, information about network security is available at RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NETWORK SERVICES: (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 8/19/96)

It was just a matter of time -- soon you will be able to surf the Web from the comfort of your couch with a device that fetches Web pages from the Internet and displays them on your TV screen. The unit is basically a stripped down PC with a superfast 33.6 Kb modem built in and some software pre-loaded. Plug your phone line into it, connect the box to your TV just like a VCR, flip the switch, and you are in! You surf using a special remote control. WebTV provides Net access at competitive rates and Philips manufactures the unit which will retail at $329 when it hits the shelves October 1. A dozen other companies are developing similar products. (JG)



(Source: NEWSWEEK, 9/2/96)

Instead of relying on old fashioned skill to defeat their opponents, THE SAN JOSE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL TEAM has launched a public search for a woman they believe can put a curse on the competition. "We don't want anybody injured," says coach John Ralston. "We just want someone to put a hex on the other team." The hextress they are looking for is Josephine Canicatti, who reportedly cost THE YANKEES the '55 World Series by casting her "evil eye" on Casey Stengel. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), no one knows where she is. If she is still alive, she would be 83. (DS)


(Sources: ASSOCIATED PRESS; CNN ONLINE, 8/22/96; Michael Lemonick, TIME, 9/2/96)

Why does chocolate make people feel good? It now appears that chocolate contains substances that mimic the effects of marijuana. "We are talking about something much milder than a high," said Daniele Piomelli, a researcher at the NEUROSCIENCES INSTITUTE OF SAN DIEGO. Piomelli found that chocolate contains anandamide, which is also produced naturally in the brain and which activates the same target that marijuana does. He also found two chocolate ingredients that inhibit the natural breakdown of anandamide, which could lead to heightened levels of anandamide in the brain. Piomelli stressed that his work does not imply that chocolate is addicting. Christian Felder of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH estimated that a 130-pound person would have to inject the equivalent of 25 pounds of chocolate in one sitting to get a buzz. (JG)


(Source: Jerry Adler, NEWSWEEK, 7/29/96)

"Trying to be happier is as futile as trying to be taller," claim UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA psychologists David Lykken and Auke Tellegen in a paper published in the May issue of PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE. They studied 2,000 twins and determined that happiness is governed by a genetic set point in the same way many scientists now believe that a metabolic set point governs a person's weight. Lykken and Tellegen have come under fire for their sweeping remarks. Lykken has recently qualified his initial statement by adding that although people have a strong tendency to revert to their happiness set point, they can also transcend it. And a good thing too; UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS psychologists Edward and Carol Diener, who also study happiness set points, claim that the capacity for happiness may be as important as the opposable thumb in explaining the success of the human species. Positive moods, they say, may "motivate human sociability, exploration, and creativity, and produce a strong immune response to infection." (JG)


(Sources: Robert Uhlig, Electronic Telegraph (UK), 7/18/96 via Errol Bruce Knapp, ISCNI*FLASH, 8/16/96)

A computer chip implanted behind the eye that could record a person's every lifetime thought and sensation is being developed by BRITISH TELECOM (BT). "This is the end of death," says Dr. Chris Winter, of BT's artificial life team of eight scientists at their MARTLESHAM HEATH LABORATORIES near Ipswich. They call the chip "Soul Catcher." The proposal to digitize existence is based on the calculation that over an 80-year lifespan, a typical human processes 10 terrabytes of data. If current trends in the miniaturization of computer memory continue at the rate of the past 20 years, memory chips capable of storing 10 terrabytes will be available in 30 years. Dr. Winter said BT was taking Soul Catcher very seriously, but admitted that there were profound ethical considerations. (JG)


(Source: Al Hinman, CNN, 7/26/96)

Virtual reality has become so sophisticated that pilots practice on programs that simulate airports right down to pebbles and skid marks on the runway and flocks of birds soaring in front of the planes. Now EVANS & SUTHERLAND, the company that first developed the flight simulators, is working on simulators for the common folk such as a hang-gliding trip through the Grand Canyon. If they catch on, such experiences my soon be found at local movie theaters and entertainment complexes. (JG)


(Sources: SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS, 7/26/96; SEDONA SPECTRUM, 7/96; SEDONA SCENE, 7/19/96)

A group of South African dancers and musicians named AZUMAH performed recently in Sedona, Arizona as part of the area's HILLSIDE SUMMER CONCERT SERIES. Local residents were primed by glowing reports of the group in THE ARIZONA DAILY SUN and on the TV show, GOOD MORNING ARIZONA. The international reputation of the entertainers had resulted in their being invited to the U.S. for a benefit performance for peace in Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition to their music and dance, the group has offered workshops at elementary schools throughout the U.S., where their message of peace and brotherhood had been eagerly received. The name "Azumah" means love in Swahili. Unfortunately, following the Sedona concert on July 20, a fist fight broke out amongst members of the band over tips from the show. Two members of the band were arrested and thrown in jail; one member was taken to the hospital bleeding from the face and head. (JG)


(Sources: UFO ROUNDUP, 7/4/96 via ISCNI*FLASH, 7/16/96)

Spanish-language listeners were shocked on July 4, 1996, when a Cuban radio station broadcast a special program about UFO sightings on the island last October. According to the report, a UFO landed near the town of Torriente, in Matanzas province not far from Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs). After a few minutes on the ground, the vehicle disappeared among the clouds at high speed. The police collected physical evidence of the UFO's presence, including impressions of the occupant's footprints and leaves scorched black by the UFO's engines. The material was reportedly turned over to the CUBAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, which is still investigating the case. Three days later, strange lights were seen in the sky above Puerto Padre and Santi Spiritu, small towns in Las Lunas province, and Majibacoa and Calixto Garcia in Hoguin province. This is the first time that Fidel Castro's government has admitted the presence of UFOs in Cuba.


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Visabella Mythic Clothing offers finely crafted mythic clothing in velvets and silks for women and men to aid in expressing the many facets of your higher self. The offerings include styles for The Divine Mother, Goddesses & Gods, Angels, Fairies, Priestesses and more.


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"I believe the coming changes won't be as bad as many prophecies predict, because people have been doing a lot to raise the vibrations of the planet... It is very important to focus on the positive during these times... We are all connected. Just as spirit is able to heal us, spirit can also heal the planet. Let us give love and energy to the things we DO want, rather than build up hate and anger at the things we don't want. If we think things are going to be really disastrous, we may bring in a lot of fear and attract precisely the situation we don't want. Two years ago, with 5 children ranging from 2 to 20, I was quite fearful, but now my whole outlook has changed. If we trust and love and let go of the fear we will help bring in healing for all of us and the planet. So let us open our hearts and allow Divine love to fill us, so we may share it with the world and be filled again and again."

---Ruth Wright, Mifflin, Pennsylvania



"Thank you for a copy of NHNE NEWS BRIEF 23 with the fine article on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). You are quite good at gleaning the meat from a subject and putting it on paper. I'm REALLY glad that researching the article uncovered things that for you "touched... deeply." It is my hope that ITC has that effect on everyone."

---Mark Macy, CONTINUING LIFE RESEARCH, Boulder, Colorado



"I found your article, "Direct Line with the Beyond," that was in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 23 very informative. It is consistent with some recent reading I have done on near death experiences (NDE). The description of the Astral Plane where we go after death matches up nicely with the morontia worlds as described in the URANTIA BOOK, which has two chapters on what happens just after the death of the mortal body. Thanks for all the work you NHNE folks are putting into the NEWS BRIEF. Please know that it is helping many folks, many of whom you don't hear from."

---Bob Eddins, Prescott, Arizona



In NHNE NEWS BRIEF 24, we ran a report from ATLANTIS RISING about a controversial video showing scenes inside the Sphinx. We suspected that it was a hoax. Some people claimed that the video, financed by the SCHOR FOUNDATION, was made to lure an American network to televise the opening of a secret chamber under the Sphinx. To set the record straight, Daniel Pullen of FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY (FSU) has issued a statement, a portion of which we include here:

"A small team of three geologists and one archaeologist from the FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY went to Giza in early April, 1996, at the invitation of Dr. Joseph Schor, an alumnus of FSU and Chairman of the SCHOR FOUNDATION, in order to determine whether or not we might be able to address the current controversy over weathering, dating, and construction of the Sphinx and other monuments on the Giza Plateau. The FLORIDA STATE team consisted of Dr. Alan Zindler, Chair of Geology, Dr. Leroy Odom, Professor of Geology, Dr. James Tull, Professor of Geology, and [myself] Dr. Daniel Pullen, Associate Professor of Classics. We spent five days at Giza exploring the monuments and geology so that we could gather sufficient on-site information to evaluate the prospect of any future project addressing the three concerns of weathering, dating, and construction. If such a project does come about, we will announce it.

"While [we were in Egypt] we were invited to consider participation in a video. The FSU team declined. Unfortunately, the promotional video used to invite our participation, which included the name of the FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY in the credits, was circulated without our authorization.

"The association of FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY with this promotional video is incorrect."

[Daniel Pullen can be emailed at:] (JG)


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, July-Aug/96)

People who have had psychic experiences in their lives seem to be the better for it, according to a study by researchers at the INSTITUTE OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY. They interviewed 120 people who have had a least one profound paranormal or transcendent experience and found that the majority of respondents indicated that their experiences resulted in an increased belief in life after death, a belief that their lives are guided or by a higher force, increased interest in spiritual matters, increased connection with others, increased meaning of life, happiness, confidence, and an optimism about the future.

It's interesting to note that almost half of those interviewed said that initially their experiences made them afraid, but the fear diminished over time to be replaced by positive feelings.

In related news, molecular biologist Darryl Reanney claims in his new book that death is not an end, but only seems that way from the vantage point of our linear time-oriented consciousness. "After Death: A New Future for Human Consciousness" presents scientific evidence that consciousness is eternal and time is a closed-loop system, with no beginning and no end. (JG)


(Excerpted from an article by John White that appears in the current issue of NEW FRONTIERS MAGAZINE: John White is the author of "Pole Shift," a NEW YORK TIMES bestseller. )

The most intriguing aspect of the UFO experience is the convergence of psychology and physics. As the studies of inner space and outer space merge, it is not enough to ask what they are, where they come from and what they want. Our ultimate questions become: What is reality and how can we know it? These questions bring us to the realization that only by understanding the essence of ourselves can we understand the nature and structure of the cosmos, including the UFO phenomenon.

Physicists and parapsychologists are resorting more and more to the esoteric, hermetic, metaphysical and occult traditions, which use terminology such as the astral plane, the etheric plane, the plane of mind, to denote hyperspaces interpenetrating our own. Where are these hyperspaces? All sources agree: they are within us.

The cosmos, then, may be conceived as having different but interpenetrating planes of existence which are space-time frameworks in their own right. The higher planes are the native realms of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and other evolutionarily advanced beings reported throughout history as interacting with humanity to guide and protect us from harmful inhabitants of the other planes.

As a person evolves in consciousness and expands awareness, he or she passes through these different levels en route to the highest state of consciousness, called cosmic consciousness or enlightenment. As a person moves into those spaces, through whatever spiritual discipline practiced to purify consciousness and develop organs of higher perception, the boundary between "inner" and "outer" events dissolves and a single, unified view of reality is perceived.

Precisely such a change is now occurring -- a new race is emerging on the planet. And certainly this is not my conclusion alone. Others such as Nietzsche, Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, and Gopi Krishna, proposed the same idea. The planet-wide uneasiness and societal upheaval being seen today is fundamentally an expression of people straddling old and new worlds as they try to find out what species they belong to. The dominant species is ego-oriented, technology-mad and unconsciously bent on self-destruction through its materialistic addictions and their unforeseen effects on the biosphere. The emerging species, on the other hand, is life-embracing. It seeks to live in harmony, create a unified planetary culture founded on love and wisdom and, as Native Americans say, walk in balance on the Earth Mother. I have named the new species "Homo Noeticus."

In the course of people's effort to find their true identity, many errors and excesses will occur. The "gods from outer space" concept is a notable example of this. The immediate allure of contact with such civilizations is the possibility of learning from them. Some alien communications speak of "free energy devices" which tap space itself and could do away with the need for oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels. This is an exciting vista. It promises a new era of peace and prosperity such as people have dreamed of for millennia.

Beneath the surface, however, is more of the same narrow vision -- the unquestioned faith in the power of science and technology to secure human happiness. Thus, inherent in alien encounters is a danger we must recognize beyond the mere idea of ferocious killers as expressed in the movie "Independence Day." We must recognize this danger if we are ever to truly build "a new heaven and a new earth." For such knowledge as we might obtain from extraterrestrial contact still does not give us the most important type of cosmic connection -- the type we need in order to deal with the problems of daily living.

We stand ready to become what Carl Sagan calls "Starfolk" and join galactic society. That is the meaning of the Star Child floating in space silently contemplating the Earth at the end of the movie "2001- A Space Odyssey." "2001" is a mighty cinematic saga of human evolution from an ape-like condition to a new stage of trans-human development. Star Child is Kubrick's symbol of the emergence of a new state of evolution: the development of the coming race. Star Child is a citizen of the cosmos, no longer ego-centered or even Earth-centered, but rather universally centered and cosmically conscious.

That godlike state beckons to us through many manifestations today. I refer to the true spiritual teachers of history such as Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Mohammed, Moses, and other more recent figures such as Yogananda, Meher Baba, and Sri Aurobindo. These enlightened ones are forerunners of the "new breed," specimens of an advanced humanity. Their lives have been dedicated to showing those lower on the ladder of evolution that they have within themselves the potential for self-directed growth to a higher state of being. None of them have claimed to be extraterrestrial; they have, however, claimed to be universal, and have said that all others can be also. How? To quote the Buddha's dying words, "By relying upon themselves only, and not relying upon any external help, not looking for assistance to anyone besides themselves." Or as Jesus put it, by seeking first the Kingdom of God within.

In conclusion, I caution against deluding ourselves with the glamour and mystery of UFOs and alien contact for two principal reasons:

-- First, the promise of alien contact is tantalizing yet beyond our control. We are wholly at the mercy of whoever or whatever is out there, subject to their whims, unable to communicate except when they want to allow it, and unable the verify the information they give us about themselves. Some of them could prove hostile rather than benevolent, just as many abductees' experiences already indicate.

-- Second, the proper attitude toward meetings with starfolk can only be that which is proper to have for human teachers and helpers. When our attitude assumes the character of a master-servant relation or a deity-worshipper relation, our own evolutionary potential is discarded and our cosmic calling is unheard.

We are rapidly entering the next phase of evolution. But evolution is essentially transcendence, and the source of all transcendence is the Transcendental. Whether our meetings with advanced life forms seem to come from outer space or inner space, we must recognize that they principally reflect to us that which we ourselves shall eventually become, and that all time and space, all worlds and their inhabitants, arise from the Transcendental Source whose traditional name is God.

[John White produces an annual conference, THE UFO EXPERIENCE. He can be reached at P.O. Box 2051, Cheshire, CT, 06410-5051, USA.]


(Source: REUTERS, 8/20/96)

World chess champion Garry Kasparov will play IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue next year in a $1.1 million re-match of last February's historic contest. An IBM spokeswoman says the six-game match will be played at THE MILLENNIUM HOTEL in New York City May 3-10, with $700,000 going to the winner and $400,000 to the loser.

In Philadelphia last February, Big Blue -- a powerful machine capable of considering 200 million possible moves per second -- created chess history when it became the first computer program ever to defeat a grandmaster in classical chess format. Kasparov recovered from the defeat and eventually won the contest and $400,000 with three wins and two draws in the remaining games. The IBM team of scientists and programmers were awarded $100,000.

The Philadelphia match, part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTING AND MACHINERY, drew hundreds of spectators and an estimated one million "hits" on their Web site. "The first match was to test the Deep Blue technology," said C.J. Tan, manager of the IBM team. "Scientifically, our experiment was extremely successful. We learned a lot from dueling Kasparov. We have now refined our technology and are in the process of strengthening our game."

Kasparov, who characterized the match as a battle between human intuition and the brute force of a huge calculating machine, said he welcomed the prospect of a re-match. "I look forward to taking on IBM's new and more powerful machine and hope to prove that human knowledge, intuition, creativity and imagination can overcome the incredible capacity of the new machine." (JG)


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, July-Aug/96)

A preliminary study by researchers at the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS has found that, with a few exceptions of patients on Prozac, the administration of antidepressants alleviated the symptoms of depression, but it also reduced dream recall.

This is cause for concern, because evidence exists which shows that dream recall is effective in working through depression. Because a medication that reduces dream recall does not allow for the alleviation of the emotional content of the dream, there is some suspicion that such medication is suppressing rather than removing the basis for the depression.

More research is needed in this area. Patients who take medication for depression should consult their physician before making any changes. (JG)


(Source: THE ARIZONA LIGHT, 8/96)

Hailed by LIFE MAGAZINE as one of the top ten scientists in the world, Patrick Flanagan has invented the electronic ear. Called the Flanagan Neurophone, the device bypasses the hearing nerve and transmits sound directly to the brain. Electrical impulses are "received" by the nerves through the skin, transferred to the brain, and decoded as sound.

A number of hearing-impaired people who are nerve-deaf or who have had their inner ears removed by surgery have been able to experience sound using the Neurophone.

Flanagan has also created a "Pink Noise" Neurophone which puts a person instantly into a relaxed meditative state. Once in this state, the ability to learn and recall is five times greater than under deep hypnotic suggestion. Neurophone technology bypasses existing neurocircuits allowing the brain to receive information directly into long-term memory storage.

The Neurophone is available now in limited quantities. For more information contact:

5002 E. Paradise Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ, 85254
Call toll-free at: (888) 494-4882 (JG)


(Source: NEW AGE JOURNAL, 2/96)

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the gadgets in Kenji Kawakami's new book "Unuseless Japanese Inventions" must be orphans:

-- Duster slippers for cats: a good way to get your freeloading pet to help out with the housework.

-- Personal rain saver: an umbrella inverted the other way. You stay dry while collecting precious rainwater which is transferred by a tube to a tank on your back.

-- Hay fever hat: nothing more complicated than a toilet paper roller strapped to your head, but invaluable during allergy season and for those annoying little spills.

Useless or "unuseless"? You be the judge. (JG)


(Source: Good Morning Thinkers, 8/19/96 via Sandy Ezrine)

[Robert Muller has spent his entire career focused on world peace and is currently a candidate for Secretary General of the United Nations. He is a remarkable man with a broad vision of the world and world events, combined with a child-like exuberance for all life. He brings us this poem and asks us to forward it to others around the world.]

I Dream...
That on 1 January 2000
The whole world will stand still
In prayer, awe and gratitude
For our beautiful, heavenly Earth
And for the miracle of human life.

I Dream...
That young and old, rich and poor,
Black and white,
Peoples from North and South,
From all beliefs and cultures
Will join hands, minds and hearts
In an unprecedented, universal
Bimillennium Celebration of Life.

I Dream...
That the year 2000
Will be declared World Year of Thanksgiving
By the United Nations.

I Dream...
That during the year 2000
Innumerable celebrations and events
Will take place all over the globe
To gauge the long hard road covered by humanity
To study our mistakes
And to plan the feats
Still to be accomplished
For the full flowering of the human race
In peace, justice and happiness.

I Dream...
That the few remaining years
To the Bimillennium
Be devoted by all humans, nations and institutions
To unparalleled thinking, action,
Inspiration, elevation,
Determination and love
To solve our remaining problems
And to achieve
A peaceful, united human family on Earth.

I Dream...
That the third millennium
Will be declared
And made
Humanity's First Millennium of Peace.


David Sunfellow (DS)

James Gregory (JG)

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