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NHNE News Brief 27
Friday, September 6, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


"I'm not in trouble. You are..."

New Lifeform on Earth
Search for Atlantis Resumes
Edgar Cayce Movie Planned
Video Games & Gambling Addiction

A Gathering of Women: Oct. 25 -27

A Watershed

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Biological Earthquake Prediction
Response to Disaster Predictions
Lunar Eclipse Primer

Filmed: A Crop Circle in the Making

Group Counsels Abductees

Who Built the Great Pyramids?

The Charlotte King Effect

Yes, There is a Food Crisis!

Estrogen & Alzheimer's Revisited

Context Institute




"I went into a shamanic trance, meditating on pollution and earth changes, and had a vision of Lady Gaia. I'd been expecting a withered, consumptive hag, but the one who appeared was a beautiful dark-haired woman in the flower of youth and beauty. She perceived my surprise and gave me a sad smile. 'Michael, you humans don't understand. I'm not in trouble. YOU are in trouble...'"

---Michael Harner (via the MMNEWSLETTER, August 29, 1996)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 9/2/96)

A previously unrecognized class of lifeforms has been discovered thriving in near-boiling water on the edge of volcanic vents a mile and half beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Although two thirds of the genes in these microbes, called Archaea, are like nothing ever seen before, they also share traits with organisms in the two previously recognized domains -- Bacteria and the more complex Eukaryotes, which includes plants, animals, and humans. The fact that Archaea seem related to all other life leads scientists to believe that they may be precursors to all other life on the planet. And, since Archaea live in areas previously thought uninhabitable, this significantly increases the likelihood that similar lifeforms might exist on Europa, Mars, or other planets. (JG)


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, July-Aug/96)

A psychic reading of Edgar Cayce's (364-3) which promised that "some portions [of Atlantis] may be seen if a geological survey would be made of Bimini in the Gulf Stream" has long tantalized Atlantis seekers. This summer the ASSOCIATION OF RESEARCH AND ENLIGHTENMENT (A.R.E.) has resumed its search for the legendary continent around the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. The first step of researchers G. Douglas Richards and Joan Hanley is to analyze data from a side-scan sonar survey made in 1993, which will probably lead to a more detailed underwater survey in promising areas. (JG)


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, July-Aug/96)

SHADOWCATCHER ENTERTAINMENT has hired Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan to write a screenplay for a movie about Edgar Cayce, America's best known psychic. This is their second attempt -- in 1990 they hired Chris DeVore, script writer for the film "Elephant Man," but they were not happy with the results. Schenkkan plans to go back to basics, put Cayce's story in a Christian context, and avoid the bizarre. He is currently in Virginia Beach gathering material. (JG)



A new study has found that one in seven Louisiana residents between the ages of 18 and 21 is a compulsive gambler -- triple the adult rate. Louisiana Senator Jay Dardenne thinks this finding is so serious that he wants to raise the minimum gambling age in his state to 21. He also plans to introduce anti-gambling education in public schools. The report singled out video poker as the main culprit, and Dardenne thinks he knows the reason: It is an "easy leap from video games to video poker." (JG)


OPTIONS FOR GROWTH presents their Second Annual Women's Retreat:
October 25 -27, 1996, in Sedona, Arizona

Historically, women have been conditioned to sell their individuality short for a spot in the system -- marriage, family, the work force and society. It is now vital that we learn to use our unique, individual pro-creative energy to change ourselves and our world "from the inside out." But first, we must be able to know and access that power. Join a community of women in exploring an individual experience of yourself and Spirit, the source of creative energy. We will stay at the beautiful NEW EARTH LODGE in Sedona, and share ourselves through rituals, hikes to powerful energy sites and creative expression. The cost of $350 per person includes accommodations, meals and transportation to and from the PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Please call if alternate accommodations are desired. Space limited to 20 women.

Facilitators: Linda O'Keefe, CISW & Donna Callaghan, BA, Transpersonal Counselor

For more information, please contact:

Options For Growth
P.O. Box 65145
Tucson, AZ 85728-5145
Phone: (520) 615-1449
Fax: (520) 615-0018

Relationship Help Line: (520) 204-9441



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With this issue of the NHNE NEWS BRIEF, we break new ground. This is the fourteenth News Brief that we have published since we changed to the weekly format on May 31,1996. Up to that point, there had been thirteen News Briefs published since October 21, 1994.

Since we launched our weekly format, we have tried out a number of experiments. Some worked, some didn't. Our end-of-the-month "Lighter Side Edition" has been popular and gives us the opportunity to publish articles that would otherwise be too soft or light hearted. Some people did object to the meatloaf reference: "Not quite meat, but nutritious and good for you." Our apologies to any vegetarians we may have offended. We must never lose the ability to see the humor in a situation, no matter how serious life becomes. Strangely, we expected to be flooded with contributions to our monthly urban legends feature; sadly it died from neglect.

So, too, with profit-sharing. We thought we were going to revolutionize the Web and the publishing industry by sharing our financial good fortune with those who directed subscribers, sponsors, and donors to us. Yet, in all this time, not one subscriber, sponsor, or donor has credited another with their decision to get involved financially with NHNE. So we have terminated profit-sharing. We still hope to pay writers, and those who direct good stories to us for publication.

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There is only one major problem looming on the horizon that threatens our viability as a cutting-edge publication promoting planetary transformation, and that is money. Since we began our new format we have received an income of $2,315, but have incurred expenses of $7,455. You don't need to a mathematician to see that we can't keep this pattern up for too long.

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We have always maintained that the success of the News Brief (and NHNE in general), like the future of the world, is in our hands. It is up to all of us as to whether we flourish, or merely struggle to survive.

James Gregory



"I, too, have problems dealing with Scallion and others who preach doom and destruction. If I were to listen to anyone about earth changes it would have to be the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. How do we deal with disaster predictions? BIOLOGICAL EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION is one way that many people can tell for themselves and prepare for disasters. I am the pioneer of that concept. I make my predictions based on changes in the earth's magnetic field and how those changes are interpreted by my body. I have learned that there are thousands of potential sensitives out there who have the ability to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I want to pass this knowledge on, so that no one need fear being caught unprepared by a major earth change."

---Charlotte King, Salem, Oregon

[We feel that Charlotte King's story is so important that we are running a full-length article on her in this issue.]



"I have been following disaster predictions rather closely and have come to the conclusion that there is a small amount of truth in all of them. Personally, I much prefer the approach of authors such as Graham Hancock, whose work is based on tangible evidence. Since locations and actual specifics vary greatly, it would seem foolish to jump to any immediate conclusions, but this doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared. Understanding the reasons for such a disaster and equipping ourselves with the knowledge to survive would seem to me preferable to building arks and underground bunkers. It is incumbent on all of us to research things for ourselves and not wait for the 'experts' to tell us. However, this is not an endorsement to start propagating the words of every would-be prophet, but to evaluate each theory on its own merit. Forums such as NHNE are a great place for those of us with similar thoughts to help each other work through the varied ideas currently in vogue."

---Jeff Meek, Tempe, Arizona



"I wonder if your last NHNE NEWS BRIEF 26 might have misquoted DISCOVER MAGAZINE on the upcoming lunar eclipse when it said, "this is the last one we'll have until the year 2000." Might the article have meant the last TOTAL eclipse? Normally we have two lunar eclipses every year, with each lunar eclipse accompanied within two weeks before or after by a solar eclipse. (Solar eclipses can occur without a companion lunar eclipse and in some years there are no lunar eclipses at all.) The "Eclipse Interpretation Manual" by Rose Lineman lists six lunar eclipses during the years 1997 through 1999, and shows the September lunar eclipse as the last total lunar eclipse during this century. Of the six eclipses listed, two are partial (3/24/97 and 7/28/99) and four are appulses (3/13/98, 8/08/98, 9/6/98 and 1/31/99). Robert Carl Jansky's "Interpreting Eclipses" describes an appulse as follows: "When the Moon passes through the Earth's penumbra [secondary shadow], this does not produce an eclipse, but does produce a distinct darkening of the Moon's surface. During the appulse, the body of the Moon receives the light of the Sun from only one side of the Earth." Moon lovers like myself and others interested in astrology can rest assured that there will be plenty of significant lunar events besides full Moons to watch for in each of the upcoming years between now and 1999."

---Suzanne Stephens, Ashland, Oregon


(Sources: Colin Andrews via CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR, 8/29/96, and Stuart W. Conway, MMNEWSLETTER, 8/29/96)

[We recently received news of a dramatic event in England -- a videotaped record of a crop circle being formed. We felt that this news was so important that we flashed out a detailed account on Sunday, September 1 to all our paid subscribers. Here is a summary of that information.]

A student camping on the hilltop of Oliver's Castle in Wiltshire, England may have taken the first video footage of a crop circle in formation. At first light on August 11, 1996 he claims he saw a small glowing white sphere pass swiftly across the field directly below him. He grabbed his video camera and just seconds into the tape two white spheres moved into the frame and arced in a large spiral. As the spheres spiralled across the field, circles of grain suddenly flattened to the ground and within seconds a large complex crop pattern materialized. Before the whole sequence was over a second pair of white spheres approached and also took a route arcing around in a large ring. As they did so, the pathways and smaller circles of this elaborate 'snowflake' pattern took form.

If authentic, this videotaped sequence may be the most important UFO and crop circle film footage ever.

Oliver's Castle, one of the most enigmatic ancient hill forts in the country, is famous for the Mary Line that runs through its spine. The crop formation is situated below the hill's ramparts. It resembles a snowflake or the steering wheel of a tall ship. The formation consists of 19 circles in total, made up of a large central circle and six arms with three circles in diminishing sizes on each. The central circle spirals clockwise with no standing crop centre, but the other smaller circles on the arms each contain standing centres. The total diameter is approximately 390 feet.

The wheat was very ripe at the time the formation appeared, a condition which can produce messy constructional forms, but in this case the crop was very gently flattened, with layering over the underlying pathways. The floor pattern is extremely neat. The overall design is quite exquisite in form and the six-fold-symmetry design is reminiscent of a beauty found at Etchilhampton in 1993.

The cameraman/witness has invited world-renowned crop circle expert Colin Andrews to perform a detailed analysis of the footage and handle world media interest in the tape. The first results and detailed statement regarding the footage will be made through the CPRI newsletter. If the film proves to be genuine then the world premier will be held at the crop circle conference in Springfield, Missouri on September 7-8.

For information about Colin Andrews' offline newsletter and organization, CROPCIRCLES PHENOMENA RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL (CPRI) and/or BEYOND BOUNDARIES UFO RESEARCH, another organization seriously committed to the study of crop circles, send a request for more information to: (JG)


(Source: Mikaela Rierson, THE AWARENESS JOURNAL, 8/96)

A group called STARGATE INTERNATIONAL was created in December 1995 to "bring the truth about extraterrestrial contact to the American public" and train people to assist those in crisis because due to a troubling alien contact or abduction experience.

The group offers regular crisis intervention training workshops for the purpose of forming a network of people to staff their global hotline, which came online in June. "We need trained volunteers who can handle people with dignity, caring, and expertise. We're are looking for volunteers who naturally ask questions like 'How do you feel?' and "What do you need?' instead of 'What color was it?' and "What shape and how long?' Most people who call, tell us that they thought they were the only person who had had a UFO contact," says Cecilia Dean, founder and CEO of the organization. Dean continues, "It's not just about UFO sightings -- it's the global implications of contact. If we come to know -- instead of merely ponder -- our place in the universe, it will change the entire history of the whole human race."

If you are in crisis because of a UFO/ET experience, call THE STARGATE HOTLINE at: (520) 388-8591. Leave your name and phone number and a trained volunteer will call you back shortly. The next CRISIS INTERVENTION WORKSHOP will be held on September 27-29 at the HOLIDAY INN CENTER in Tuscon, Arizona. The cost is $320.

For more information or to register call:
(520) 882-9544

Or write:

P.O. Box 85159
Tuscon, AZ, 85754 (JG)


(Source: Joseph Jochmans, "Time Capsule: The Search for the Lost Hall of Records" via ATLANTIS RISING #8)

Conventional history tells us that the three great pyramids of Giza were built about 4,300 years ago by three successive pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty. However, there are enough things wrong with this picture to suggest that the three great pyramids were built much earlier and were a model for all subsequent pyramids:

-- Hieroglyphics on a stele found in 1857 just east of the Great Pyramid state very clearly that Pharaoh Khufu, the person generally accepted as the builder of the Great Pyramid, in fact only made some repairs to it. The hieroglyphics go on to state that he also performed some repair work on the headdress of the Sphinx which had been damaged by lightening and built several small pyramids for his family near the Great Pyramid -- claims which have since been verified.

-- The three great pyramids of Giza are so huge and are built with such a degree of precision that no other pyramids in Egypt come close to matching them. 23 major pyramids were erected following the Fourth Dynasty, and in every case the work was done hastily and sloppily using blocks that were little more than squared boulders.

-- About 12,000 years ago, melting glaciers in the Mountains of the Moon plus a sharp rise in precipitation in Central Africa caused the Nile River to swell a thousand times its normal size. At the same time, ocean levels in the Mediterranean were rising dramatically due to the melting of glaciers to the north. The combination of these conditions inundated the lower Nile valley -- the last major flood in Egypt's history. Geologists have found a 14-foot layer of silt around the bases of the great pyramids of Giza which contains sea shells and even the fossil of a sea cow! The shells and fossil have been dated at 9,600 B.C., plus or minus 300 years. When the Great Pyramid was first opened, salt was found inside encrusted an inch thick. The salt was tested and found to be sea salt. The locations where the salt was found is consistent with the pyramid being submerged half way up its height.

What seems more a more likely scenario is that the three great pyramids were built about 10,000 B.C. as claimed by in the accounts of the Greek Plato, the Roman Marcellinus, the Coptic Al Masudi, and the Arab Ibn Abd Alhokim. This would also clear up a puzzle about which pyramid is attributed to whom. Conventional history attributes the Great Pyramid of Giza to Khufu (called Cheops by the Greeks), the second largest to his successor Khafre, and the smallest to Menkhare, the last great pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. Conventional wisdom would expect that each successive pharaoh would try to top the exploits of the former. The fact that the reverse is true lends credence to the theory that these pharaohs laid claim to existing pyramids -- the first choosing the biggest, and the last having to settle for what was left.

William Fix, author of "Pyramid Odyssey," provides this assessment: "The many fundamental differences between the major Giza monuments and the rest of Egypt's pyramids indicate that they do not fit into the contended chronology for dynastic Egypt. But if they do not belong to dynastic Egypt, there is only one direction in which they can be moved -- back into the past." (JG)


By James Gregory

At one point in the recent movie "Phenomenon," the character played by John Travolta becomes suddenly nauseous and disoriented. He knows instantly that he is sensing ultra low frequency (ULF) waves that are a warning that an earthquake is coming. Fiction? Although it seems incredible, thousands of people around the world are able to "feel and hear" earthquake and volcanic eruptions before they actually take place.

Probably the best known of these sensitives is Charlotte King of Salem, Oregon whose accurate prediction of the major eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980 cast her into the limelight and attracted the attention of scientists and journalists alike. Names like "Human Seismograph" and "Incredible Ears" soon found their way into print. She was featured on television shows like "That's Incredible," "In Search Of," "Sightings," "Encounters," and "The Other Side."

King was tested by the scientific and medical communities, and the tests revealed that she could hear sounds in the extremely low 2-7 Hz (cycles per second) range and that she had a very high sensitivity to fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. The doctors and the scientists who tested her called the phenomenon "The Charlotte King Effect."

King began hearing these sounds, which to her sounded like a foghorn, in May, 1976. In 1979, she noticed that the sounds would sometimes change in pitch or rhythm signifying the coming of an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 or greater (on the Richter Scale) within 72 hours. She found that no matter where in the world earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or higher occurred, she would have severe earaches for three days prior to the event. Eventually she could distinguish 13 different signatures of the same sound. Each area of the Pacific Rim had its own signature and each time that sound showed up there would be a quake in that area. As time went on she was able to discern a certain vibrational quality that indicated underwater quakes.

In June 1979, something woke her from a sound sleep so she called the local TV station to ask if anything was happening. She was told all was quiet. Several hours later there was a beaching of Sperm Whales in Oregon that lasted two days. That beaching was the catalyst King needed to put it all the pieces together: the whales heard the same sounds that she heard, they became confused, and beached themselves. Charlotte shared her theory with a scientists at a mammalogists' convention being held at the time at OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY. They said the accepted theory was that whales beached themselves because parasites in their ears caused them to become confused and unable to navigate under water. The possibility that the sound of impending earthquakes was in some way connected to beachings was not considered. However, within 72 hours of the beachings, four quakes hit in Big Bear, California.

She began to have headaches and chest pains. Tests revealed that her heart was fine, and the headaches were of the migraine variety, possibly stress related. Daily headaches and many quakes later Charlotte started making regular quake predictions. She was able to predict their time and magnitude, and whether the quakes were water or land based.

If King had to pick a date that changed her life, it would be the 16th of March, 1980. On that day a new kind of pain wracked her body. She knew instinctively that it was linked to Mt. St. Helen's. Shortly after, the radio confirmed that Mt. St. Helens had its first ash eruption, and a large fracture could be clearly seen across its snowy slopes. King had known that she could "hear" earthquakes, but at that moment that she understood that she could also "feel" volcanoes. For the next few months the volcano continued to shake and rattle. Her headaches and physical pain intensified to the point on May 17, 1980 when they became unbearable. She had been in regular contact with the media warning them that something big was brewing for Mt. St. Helens. At 8:20 that evening she called the news department at KATU TV in Portland and said, "You guys wanted to know when the volcano is going to blow? It's going to let go in 12 hours or less!" and to log the time of the call.

After she made the call to the television station, King's thoughts turned to the safety of the people who lived on and around the mountain. She finally fell into a restless sleep. About 5 a.m. she went outside to get the morning paper and glanced up at the sky. It was the color of fire. "People are going to die," she cried aloud. She went back into the house and turned on the television and lay on a couch, head throbbing. Shortly before 9 a.m., a special news bulletin announced a major eruption of Mt. St. Helens was underway triggered by a huge explosion at 8:32 a.m. By this time, her pain was so intense that she was unable to raise her head. Her doctors now believe that she suffered a stroke when the mountain blew.

In March, 1981 she made contact with Chris Dodge of the SCIENCE POLICY RESEARCH DIVISION, of the U.S. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Together they founded PROJECT MIGRAINE to demonstrate that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could be forecast as to time, magnitude, location, and likelihood of the event. King remained with PROJECT MIGRAINE until 1985.

From 1992 to 1994, the earth shook with a vengeance and her pains were constant. If the quake was magnitude 6.0 or greater, she logged the prediction. One of the most difficult times was during the seismic activity in Southern California's Yucca Valley, Landers and Joshua Tree. When a quake was building in one of those areas, it felt very volcanic in nature, and correspondingly her headache was a full-blown migraine, accompanied by vertigo and sharp electrical-like shocks to her the heart.

People with similar sensitivities began contacting her and asking for help. She was not only surprised to find that the majority of the sensitives had the same symptoms as she did, but that most of them experienced the symptoms at the same time in the same part of their bodies, no matter where they lived. Only a few were able to "hear" earthquakes like she could, however. She prepared a pamphlet that listed the symptoms and the locations in the world that were linked to the symptoms. (This 20-page pamphlet is available from her for $20. It is her only source of income. Donations are also greatly appreciated.) She also began to lecture and meet with groups of people in order to make everyone aware of the amazing ability of the human body to predict earth changes.

King's overall accuracy rate for predictions has been rated at 85-90 percent for earthquakes measuring over 6.0 magnitude and near 100 percent for volcanoes. She responds most strongly to activity in the Cascades and the Sierras, and the area from Los Angeles south into Mexico.

King has just set up a Web site at: where she hopes to start posting warnings of impending earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in a month or so. She also has plans for a message board where visitors to her site can post short notes of interest to others, such as physical complaints, beachings, unusual animal or insect behavior, which could all be precursors to earthquakes and eruptions. More information will be available in her upcoming book, "Earthquake Language, The Charlotte King Effect."

If have you ever had an unexplained headache, suddenly started bumping into furniture and dropping everything, or gotten angry for no reason, you too may be earthquake sensitive. According to King, anyone can learn to do this. "All you have to do is be sure you are medically fit, learn the significance of the symptoms, and then listen to your body. No one really needs to fear being caught unprepared by a major quake any more."

King will be featured on a British show called "The Savage Earth," which will air on PBS this fall and "The Unexplained" on A&E in January/97. She will also be written up in the SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE later this fall.

You can reach Charlotte King by:

Regular Mail: 1273 Franklin NW, Salem, Oregon 97304-3901
Phone: (503) 399-0139

(Sources: Information from the soon-to-be-published book: "Earthquake Language: The Charlotte King Effect" by Charlotte King; Robert Fryer, EARTHQUAKE WARNING RESEARCH Web site (; SCIENCE DIGEST, 2/82; L.A. MAGAZINE, 3/94; Allan Brettman, DAILY NEWS, 6/14/80; SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL, 3/90)


By Joya Pope

[In NHNE NEWS BRIEF 25, we published an article called "Is There a Food Crisis?" based on a column in NEWSWEEK by Robert Samuelson. Joya Pope, author of "Upcoming Changes," wrote us three lengthy letters in response to what she felt was a "sloppy, Pollyanna-ish NEWSWEEK article by a fellow who is a gleeful skeptic and not a food expert." We publish excerpts from her letters here because we feel that her comments provide a counterpoint to mainstream journalism.]

It seems that our planet's expanding numbers and rising affluence are pressing against the earth's natural limits. One supporting factoid: China has overtaken Germany in beer consumption, and production is expected to double in the next five years. China has neither the land nor the water to increase its harvest, and industry is gobbling land and water away from food production. It is for this reason that new golf courses in South China have been banned, despite the fact that the sport is amazingly popular. Similarly, Vietnam recently became alarmed about cropland disappearing to the demands of industrialization and passed a law protecting the land from further shrinkage.

The world demand for food is driven upwards by the annual addition of 87 million people. Merely maintaining the current world per capita grain consumption requires and additional 28 million tons of grain production per year, or 78,000 tons more each day. Destructive heat waves in the summer of 1995 reduced the world grain harvest to a level well below consumption, contributing to a steep drawdown in world grain stocks. This was the third consecutive year that consumption exceeded production, and 1996 is expected to be another year of low grain yields.

In December 1995, the European Union imposed an export tax of $32 per ton of wheat in an attempt to keep domestic wheat at home and stop the rising price of a loaf of bread. In a similar move, Vietnam has restricted rice exports in order to keep domestic prices lower. And there are rumors that Clinton is considering banning U.S. wheat exports. WORLDWATCH INTERNATIONAL thinks we will see a lot more politicization of food issues in the future.

But rather than becoming pessimistic, let's get the facts and figures straight, and start creating policies to protect the land and support small farming families.

-- Grain harvests per capita have been steadily declining since 1984, a trend that may prove difficult to reverse, given increasing urbanization, soil erosion and salinization, weird weather (Russia and the U.S. had terrible growing weather in 1995), spreading water scarcity, and fertilizer already being applied at maximum amounts. The 1995 grain harvest was the lowest since 1965. Grain was in such demand and short supply that prices rose drastically in 1995; carryover stocks have been severely drawn down and no longer can buffer prices in low harvest years.

-- The soybean harvest was down 8 percent in 1995, with production well below consumption.

-- Even with tight grain supplies, the demand for meat -- a grain-intensive food -- surged to record levels. World meat production climbed 4 percent in 1995 making even less grain available for human consumption on a per capita basis and further squeezing food supplies of the very poor. China is now the world's leading consumer of red meat, consuming nearly double that of the U.S.

-- On the positive side, the world fish harvest was up 7 percent in 1995. The downside is that much of this increase is due to aquaculture, an endeavor which shares many of the problems of the livestock and poultry industries: grain and soymeal -- human food in their own right -- are used to feed the fish; diseases among fish kept in confined areas are problematic; vaccines, disinfectants, and organic wastes escape into larger, previously "natural" areas leading to the death of other aquatic life.

Lester Brown of WORLDWATCH INTERNATIONAL sums up our dilemma: "It is fine for optimists to assure us that technology and a 'can-do' attitude will solve our population and food problems. But so far, they have only delayed the inevitable. As a result, China's cropland and water scarcity will be ours, too, and we will join 1.2 billion Chinese consumers in bidding for our own finite supplies of wheat, corn and rice."

(Sources: "WORLDWATCH'S Vital Statistics - 1995," Lester Brown; "Who Will Feed China?" Lester Brown, Geri Guidetti, MILLENNIUM MATTERS ONLINE NEWSLETTER, 8/16/96)


By Kathleen Blake-Frankel
NHNE Holistic Health Consultant

The article in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 25 entitled "Estrogen and Alzheimer's" ended with the words, "the benefits of estrogen for women's hearts and bones is a well-known fact." This is not necessarily true. Dr. John R. Lee writes in his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause," that "the highly regarded Framingham Study, the only on-going, long-term, epidemiologic study in the U.S., found no coronary benefit from estrogen use. Other studies have found increased cardiovascular disease risk from estrogen use. In her letter to the editor of the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, Dr. Jerilynn Prior listed 16 references disputing the claim that estrogen provided cardiovascular benefit." In this very informative and 'must-read' book for women of all ages, Dr. Lee adds, "It is now generally agreed that estrogen therapy temporarily retards osteoporosis progression, but does not truly prevent or reverse it."

Yet mainstream medicine strangely persists in the single-minded belief that estrogen is the mainstay of osteoporosis treatment for women. This is exceedingly odd because even the most authoritative medical textbooks do not support this belief, as the following examples illustrate:

-- "Estrogens may decrease the rate of bone resorption, but bone formation usually does not increase and eventually decreases." "Estrogens retard bone loss, although restoration of bone mass is minimal." ("Harrisons's Principles of Internal Medicine")

-- "Estrogens decrease bone resorption." "Associated with the decrease in bone resorption is a decrease in bone formation. Therefore, estrogens should not be expected to increase bone mass." (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN medical text)

The side effects of estrogen can include increased blood clotting, promotion of uterine fibroids, breast pain, fibrocystic breasts, gallstones, liver dysfunction, and more ominously, increased risk of endometrial cancer, pituitary tumors, and breast cancer.



CONTEXT INSTITUTE, publishers of IN CONTEXT: A QUARTERLY OF HUMANE SUSTAINABLE CULTURE, now has a Web site! IN CONTEXT regularly tackles some of planet's most pressing issues and features some of humanity's most innovative spokespersons. It seeks to provide balanced and integrated perspectives, as well as promising solutions, to the broad range of issues facing our world. In print from 1983 to 1995, IN CONTEXT is now available free on the Web.

P.O. Box 946
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Phone: (360) 221-6044
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The NATIONAL LIGHTWORKERS RETREAT will be held October 3-6 at the Stoneybrook Inn, McCloud, California, near Mt. Shasta. This year's theme is, "A Healing Process." Presenters include Toni Moltzan, author and channel for THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK, W. G. Black, psychologist, Jim Downey, psychic healer, Zhenia McHeigh, iridologist, Lourice Crumley, healer and practitioner of light. This retreat will include a sweat lodge with medicine man Eagle Walking Stick. This is a gathering of those who wish to share the sacred moments of their journey through transformation; all are welcome. The cost for this retreat is $300, which includes room and events. Camp sites are also available; the cost of attending the events alone is $25 a day.

For more information, or to register, contact Toni at:


David Sunfellow (DS)

James Gregory (JG)

SwiftWing Reporters:
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NewHeavenNewEarth is a grass roots network of enthusiastic people who believe that a divine plan is unfolding in the earth. Our primary goal is to identify, understand and manifest this plan as best we can.

We also believe that our planet is passing through a time of profound change and we are busy building a global network to share information, pool resources and connect with others of like mind. Our goal is to create a global community of like-minded people that can safely pass through whatever changes may come our way and help give birth to a new way of life on our planet.

Based primarily on the Information Highway, we are not directly affiliated with any particular religion, organization, political view or institution, but are aware of and working in harmony with many groups who share similar goals.

We invite everyone who is sincerely seeking to understand the reason for our existence and the nature of the changes presently unfolding on our planet, to join us.

To join NHNE, send an email message to "" and ask to be placed on our mailing list. There is no cost, but we do ask that you consider taking out a subscription to help us with our expenses.

Our home base is on the World Wide Web. Along with containing a database of all of our material, our Web site also provides a host of other important services.

Finally, NHNE sponsors a discussion group dedicated to studying the Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos. To join the NHNE Discussion Group, send a letter to "" and write "pathworkcircle" in the SUBJECT field of your letter. If you are not familiar with the Pathwork Guide Lectures, you can track down our Special Report on Eva's work in our Web site database:

Please send all questions, comments, letters, news clippings and other relevant information to:

Your feedback is warmly welcomed.

NHNE is a member of the NewEarthNet Planetary Transformation Network:


Copyright 1996 by NewHeavenNewEarth

Please feel free to share this News Brief with as many people as you like. If you do share this News Brief with others, we ask that you reproduce it in its entirety (including all credits, copyright notices and addresses), not alter its contents in any way, and pass it on to others free of charge. We encourage those who regularly read our material to support our work by becoming subscribers.

"The truth is in here."


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