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NHNE News Brief 28
Friday, September 13, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


Stretched by a New Idea

Cosmic Storms Wreak Havoc
Dreams Same Around the World
Spats Hard on Immune System
Personal Survival Vehicle

A Gathering of Women: Oct. 25 -27

The Power of Collective Thought

Online 1, Offline 0, Total List 679

The Joy of the Printed Word
Food Crisis Follow-Up

Crop Circle Video Progress Report

King: Earthquake & Volcano Alert
Scallion: HAARP & Hurricanes

Tornado Sounds Key to Detection

Virtual Bishop has Cyberspace Congregation
The Natural Law Party
The Benefits of Meditating

Transplanting Animal Organs to Humans

Anti-Gravity Device Invented?
Cooking Oils Could Lubricate Cars
Looming Internet "Gigalapse"?

Law on the Net
Is There Anybody Out There?
Environmental Law Network




"Man's mind,
once stretched by a new idea,
never regains its original dimensions."

---Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


(Source: TIME, 9/9/96)

Scientists know that every 11 years the sun undergoes an increase in sunspot activity which affects the earth's magnetic field. What they don't know is why the sun is super-active now, between cycles, throwing off huge amounts of plasma. The unusual cosmic storms are disrupting satellite communications as wave after wave of solar plasma slam into the earth's magnetosphere. Researchers at MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY are concerned that a large cosmic storm could severely disrupt electronic communications, as was recently demonstrated by two recent power outages on the west coast. Next year, NASA will launch a detection satellite -- the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) -- in permanent earth orbit. The plan is that it will give advanced warning if dangerous amounts of plasma are in a collision course with earth, allowing for the shut down of electronic systems to limit the damage until the danger is passed. (KAB)


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, Sept-Oct/96)

Dreams of people from around the world reflect the universal concerns of human life and specific individual interests rather than age, race, ethnic or economic status is the conclusion of a study by G. William Domhoff of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at Santa Cruz. The details of the survey are published in the book, "Finding Meaning: A Quantitative Approach." The only cultural difference he detected in dreams is the amount of physical aggression. (JG)



Recent research at OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY about the impact of attitudes and emotions on the body has revealed that stress hormones are released when couples fight. The chemicals, which have the effect of suppressing the immune system, stay in their bodies for up to 15 minutes after an argument ends. Women show the effect more strongly than men. (JG)



One of the potential implications of crustal slippage on a global scale is a wall of water 300 feet high sweeping continents at velocities exceeding 100 mph. It would carry away every living thing on the surface and solid objects weighing less than several hundred thousand tons. How can anyone survive such a disaster? In ancient times, individuals built wooden flotation capsules (arks). "POLESHIFT.COM" offers the modern counterpart -- Personal Survival Vehicles (PSV's) that are capable of riding out "The Wave" and providing life support for an extended period of time. Each PSV would carriy from 2 to 5 passengers, food for up to one year, tools, instruments, and portable computers. Each PSV might also carry with it the sum total of the scientific, technical and literary knowledge of mankind. A seminar to explore the feasibility of such devices is scheduled for November 30-December 1 at the HYATT REGENCY O'HARE in Chicago. For more information, check out their Web site: (JG)


OPTIONS FOR GROWTH presents their Second Annual Women's Retreat:
October 25 -27, 1996, in Sedona, Arizona

Historically, women have been conditioned to sell their individuality short for a spot in the system -- marriage, family, the work force and society. It is now vital that we learn to use our unique, individual pro-creative energy to change ourselves and our world "from the inside out." But first, we must be able to know and access that power. Join a community of women in exploring an individual experience of yourself and Spirit, the source of creative energy. We will stay at the beautiful NEW EARTH LODGE in Sedona, and share ourselves through rituals, hikes to powerful energy sites and creative expression. The cost of $350 per person includes accommodations, meals and transportation to and from the PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Please call if alternate accommodations are desired. Space limited to 20 women.

Facilitators: Linda O'Keefe, CISW & Donna Callaghan, BA, Transpersonal Counselor

For more information, please contact:

Options For Growth
P.O. Box 65145
Tucson, AZ 85728-5145
Phone: (520) 615-1449
Fax: (520) 615-0018

Relationship Help Line: (520) 204-9441



The ideas we encounter in books, newspapers, magazines, radio, television and movies often precipitate events in the real world. If you believe as I do that our thoughts create our individual and collective reality, then this is not a surprising phenomenon. Indeed, if you and I could see how many human beings were thinking and emoting particular images, we probably wouldn't have any difficulty predicting world events.

This knowledge gives you and I a lot of power -- and responsibility. For unlike human beings that are not yet conscious enough to pick and choose the images they lend their creative power to, we can; you and I can consciously help create the world we want by focusing our thoughts and emotions on those images we want to become a reality.

Significantly, great numbers of people are beginning to realize how much power they have to change the world. And the mass media is helping. Who would have believed 20 years ago that books like James Redfield's "Celestine Prophecy," or Dannion Brinkley's "Saved by the Light," or Deepak Chopra's ongoing series of books would be topping best-seller lists? Who would have imagined movies like "Resurrection," "Ghost," "Powder," and "Phenomenon" would be produced by Hollywood? Who would have predicted popular television shows like Star Trek would present images of people transcending all physical limitations and exploding into beings of Light [Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Transfiguration"]?

Since best-selling books, blockbuster movies and long-running television series are made possible by MILLIONS of people enjoying them -- and, by the power of collective thought, helping these images manifest in the real world -- these are profoundly hopeful signs.

And it gets better.

Up until now, the job of seeding the mass mind has fallen to those who had enormous amounts of money, power and influence. Large publishing companies decided which books became best-sellers, while multi-million dollar networks and movie studios controlled the air waves and movie theaters. And while a growing number of extraordinary books, television shows and movies have managed to weave their way through the jungle of agents, editors, producers, directors, publicists and spin doctors, the days of power-brokers and middlemen seem to be nearing an end. Thanks to the emerging global communications system, inspired people will soon be able to share their story with the rest of the world directly. What's more, if they want to, they'll soon be able to present their story almost as professionally as today's corporate giants!

A recent issue of NEWSWEEK (September 2, 1996) discussed how digital editing is revolutionizing Hollywood. The costly and complicated days of cutting and splicing reels of film together to make a movie are almost over. Instead, desktop computers, running dazzling new special-effects software, are doing the job. And while the technology is not yet here that will allow most little people to produce Hollywood-caliber films, everything is moving in that direction. What it takes a full-blown Hollywood production company to produce today, a handful of talented scrappers (with the right computer equipment) will be able to produce tomorrow. And after they've completed their production, they won't have to worry about how to get it into theaters around the country. They'll be able to use the Internet to share it with whomever is interested. In other words, the time is almost upon us when you and I will be able to reach as many people as today's television networks, publishing companies and Hollywood studios do.

NewHeavenNewEarth has sprung into existence to create a network of little people that can infuse the planet with direct, personal, first-hand inspirations that eventually become planetary-wide realities. Next week, we will be exploring this topic in greater detail. WIND & WINGS 4 will be taking the place of our usual Friday News Brief and it will be examining the extraordinary potentials all human beings have -- and some have already experienced.

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow



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You and James do nice work. Please accept my subscription for six months of the hard-copy version of the NHNE News Brief. I like to have the printed version of the newsletter lying around the house so it can circulate more, and also be passed on to other people who might also find it fascinating (and who might, then, also subscribe). And then I can also bring it into the office.

---Randall C. Keller, Pleasant Hill, California



[In NHNE News Brief 27 we published an article by Joya Pope criticizing the sloppy reporting of a NEWSWEEK writer in an article about a world food crisis. Due to technical problems, we missed including the following information in Ms Pope's article.]

The NEWSWEEK Letters Editor just called me to check some facts in a letter I had written them criticizing the Food Crisis article by Robert J. Samuelson (NEWSWEEK, 8/26/96). They were considering printing my letter, but flat out refused to comment on the chart in the same NEWSWEEK article showing population and food production for 1961 and 1994 which supposedly proved how great we are keeping up. The only problem is that 1994 population figures they used (4.4 billion) are off by more than a billion (5.7 billion), which totally blows away their happy statistics about how grain production just keeps going up and up on a per capita basis every year. I don't get it."

---Joya Pope, Fayetteville, Arkansas


By Joyce Murphy

[For three years, Joyce Murphy has worked with Colin Andrews leading expeditions to current world hot spots of UFO-related activity. She is the Founder and President of BEYOND BOUNDARIES UFO RESEARCH -- an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between UFOlogy and hard science. Her organization networks with researchers, experiencers, and contactees for the purpose of gathering information and supporting documentation, and then immediately shares these findings with the world. This article is based on correspondence between NHNE and Joyce about a videotape that allegedly shows "white spheres" of light creating a crop circle in Wiltshire, England, as reported in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 27.]

Colin Andrews and I just viewed the video footage of the formation of a crop circle. I have a mixed opinion of its authenticity. Here are some of the elements of the video that are cause for suspicion for me:

--Everything is a little too perfect. The balls of light forming the circle show up so perfect on the camera. The pattern is shown forming in such a way that it is totally believable. As explained by Colin, the shadows form just at the correct times. The exclamation by the photographer recorded by the audio of his camera is just perfect and matches the cool way he held the camera.

-- The camera does not shake at all. Either it was on a tripod the whole time and the photographer knew exactly where to place the tripod to film the action, or we have a photographer frozen with shock, or we have a photographer who was very calm, cool, and collected.

-- Why were NATO representatives present?

Where does this put me with my opinion? 50/50. Colin has the some of the same misgivings, but, like me, will feel badly if the film proves to be a hoax, as it very well may. We should all question any information we receive in this field, as there are many out there who would like to make us all appear as babbling fools. I will be very interested in seeing the results of the official analysis.



[In last week's NHNE NEWS BRIEF 27, we published a long article about Charlotte King, a remarkable woman who senses earthquakes and volcanoes BEFORE they happen. Here is a short note that we received from Charlotte on September 9, 1996.]

"I am having a lot of rib and upper back pain right now. This seems to indicate that we
are looking at a 6.0 or greater earthquake for either Japan (Honhsu, Hokkaido, or Kuril Islands) or Indonesia. [On September 11, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck the island of Honshu, Japan. The quake was centered 90 miles offshore from Tokyo. A tsunami warning was declared for surrounding areas. There were no immediate reports of any damage or casualties.]

"Other areas to watch for earthquake activity are Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, and Bolivia.

"There is lots of volcanic activity building. It feels like it is near home (Oregon) as I have been having a lot of vertigo and related subjects.

"The Mammoth lakes area of California has been busy again, driving me crazy with stomach pain. West Yellowstone National Park area is kicking up again as well. I have earaches and headaches right now, and those are the symptoms for Italy and southern California. I am still feeling the Sierra." (JG)



The most recent issue of Gordon-Michael Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT (September, 1996) contains the following:

"Question: Do you think that some of the catastrophic Earth changes that you have predicted could possibly be precipitated by some miscalculations of our American scientists with the HAARP project in Alaska?

"Scallion: That is definitely a possibility. However, I think that damage to the Earth has already occurred -- underground nuclear testing. My visions have shown me that the HAARP project doesn't go anywhere and becomes abandoned because of lack of funding. I believe the real reason for its collapse will be due to the negative publicity it receives brought about by concerned Earth awareness and Earth healing citizens."

[HAARP (High-Frequency Active Aural Research Project), is a U.S. DEFENSE DEPARTMENT project that is reportedly burning holes in the ionsphere to see how the atmosphere might be used to defend the U.S. against ballistic missle attacks. See NHNE NEWS BRIEF 9 for details.]

"Question: Do you see any other hurricanes for the rest of the season?

"Scallion: Hurricane Bertha began the cycle ECR predicted when it came in at 34.3 degrees north latitude and then went north. I think we'll see that pattern repeated. We will not see the number of storms or hurricanes we did last year -- about 50 percent of those levels are what I predict for '96. We may see one hurricane hit the Northest." (DS)


(Source: EUREKALERT! 9/4/96)

The serendipitous discovery of sound waves from a tornado near Greeley, Colorado in June 1995 could be the key to developing a new tornado warning system. The discovery was made by Al Bedard, an adjunct professor in the AEROSPACE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT at the UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO at Boulder, who with his colleagues was testing a new system designed to detect sound waves from high-country avalanches. To their surprise, one of the first sounds they picked up was an acoustic signal emanating from a tornado 14 miles away.

The event was "the first clear, experimental evidence that sound waves were generated by atmospheric vortices," said Bedard. Since that time, the observing system has detected sound waves from 14 other Colorado tornadoes as far away as 100 miles. Bedard hopes the tornado research will eventually spur the creation of small, inexpensive tornado detectors for use in homes that could sense tornadoes at large distances. Since most tornadoes move at only five to 10 miles per hour, detecting them earlier could provide those in its path with additional time to take cover or evacuate.

Bedard has been conducting atmospheric research on severe storms for 20 years. In 1982, he spearheaded the development of the Totable Tornado Observatory (TOTO), an instrument used to gather data from inside tornadoes. TOTO provided the basis for the mythical instrument, "Dorothy," featured in the movie, "Twister." (JG)


(Sources: ASSOCIATED PRESS via CNN ONLINE, 9/1/96)

In January 1995, Father Jacques Gaillot was fired from his post as Bishop of Evreux, a diocese of 550,000 Catholics northwest of Paris that includes desperate ghettos of Arab and African immigrants. No explanation was given, but the Church hierarchy apparently had enough of Gaillot's outspoken and much-publicized stands against French policies on immigrants, the homeless and others known as "the excluded."

Bishops cannot be stricken from the rolls unless excommunicated, so having removed him from Evreux, the Vatican had to find Gaillot a diocese, even if it was a symbolic one. Their solution was the "Diocese of Partenia," a territory in the dunes of southern Algeria that ceased to be inhabited in the 5th century. What they hadn't counted on was an Internet whiz named Leo Scheer who figured: "If Partenia is nowhere, then it is also everywhere," and offered to create a Web site for Gaillot: -- a virtual pulpit, so to speak.

Now no longer a rural bishop, Gaillot is now Monsignor to the masses, championing the downtrodden worldwide. Gaillot accepts no confessions by computer, but otherwise he offers all the spiritual comforts of a parish priest. He is consulted via the Internet on everything from poignant spiritual dilemmas to matters better left to Dear Abby. "I miss my parishioners, but now I can address people everywhere," he said. In the first six weeks of 1996, his Web site had a quarter-million hits.

He answers all his e-mail himself. "I spend hours a day at it," the bishop said in the single room where he lives and works. Gaillot still receives a bishop's salary but is unsure where he stands with Rome. Last December, a frank chat with the pope brought neither a new post nor a reprimand. The Vatican declines any comment. (JG)


By Stan Kendz

[The NHNE NEWS BRIEF has chosen to avoid political issues and not endorse any particular political party. However, in the interests of planetary transformation, we share with you the following article on the NATIONAL LAW PARTY. For a more comprehensive picture of the spiritual side of politics, we encourage you to read "Spiritual Politics" in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 13.]

Since my youth I have waited with bated breath for the inevitable catastrophic social changes which are bound to occur as a result of humanity's insensitivity to the environment and to each other. I had given up hope of ever redeeming our decaying social structure. Then, in 1992 the NATURAL LAW PARTY (NLP) was formed. Although I viewed them as a group of idealists, I voted for them because I was too responsible to continue to do nothing, and felt that a vote for the lesser of two traditional evils was simply throwing my vote away.

In 1994, the party contacted me again. I was amazed that they were still in business. In a surprise move, they asked me to consider running as a congressional candidate in New York State. When I presented the facts that I watch no TV, read no paper, listen to no radio, and am not a political animal, they wanted me even more than ever. It was then that I decided to take a closer look at the NLP. This is what I found:

-- For many Americans and spiritual adepts, this grass-roots party, founded by a handful of concerned individuals in 1992 in the heartland of America, holds the promise of being the emerging government of Heaven on Earth. The party, already the third most popular party in California, is running more than 800 candidates in 49 states in the up-coming election. It has already won seats in 49 other countries throughout the world.

-- NLP has a fascinating history. More than 35 years ago, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi left his home in the Himalayas of India and travelled to the West with a vision of establishing Heaven on Earth. His plan was simple: teach enough people to realize self-awareness, and the establishment of Heaven on Earth will naturally follow. He created Transcendental Mediation (TM), a method of daily meditation adapted for the Western mind. Under Maharishi's guidance, the ensuing years produced more than 5,000 scientific studies that validated the effectiveness of his social programs, making TM the world's most researched and proven stress-reduction technology. [For some details on the social benefits of TM, see the article in this issue entitled "The Benefits of Meditating."]

-- In addition to advocating daily meditation, NLP is dedicated to adopting any solution that is scientifically valid and that will help manifest Heaven on Earth. NLP defines Heaven as: "A state of living where all good happens to all." A society living in Heaven on Earth would live in complete harmony with all the laws of nature. Disease, crime, repression and stress would be eliminated forever. Abundance would be available to all just like it is in nature. Expanding affluence would enable every individual to fulfill their heart-felt desires. Everyone would reach their full potential and live as divine beings with infinite creative possibilities.

-- NLP believes that Heaven on Earth is not only possible, it is inevitable and well on it's way! Self awareness is the personal experience of knowing ourselves as unique expressions of the immortal, creative Being. The NATURAL LAW PARTY of America acknowledges the failure of our present educational system to provide the knowledge of self awareness. NLP has a plan to correct this fundamental mistake which it feels is the basic cause for all suffering in our country.

-- Armed with a 50-point platform that is aligned with the laws of nature, NLP has a cohesive, humane, and achievable plan to use scientifically-proven programs to swiftly eliminate all expressions of social disease. They claim their programs will simultaneously and humanely correct problems associated with inadequate education, crime and rehabilitation, disease care, sluggish economy, non-sustainable agriculture, non-renewable energy, gross national debt, and the catastrophic threats associated with genetic engineering and nuclear energy. They support individual choice, sustainable agriculture, renewable resources, stimulating the economy by funding programs which promote human creativity and the free market system, humane tax reforms promoting preventative health care, a balanced budget by the year 1999, and peaceful solutions to eliminate crime and drug use.

Why haven't we heard more about this party?

-- 1. In an astonishing decision, the FCC approved a petition from cable companies to exclude national third parties from equal media coverage.

-- 2. Procuring the 3.5 million signatures needed to gain ballot access in 49 states has drained the party's resources and taken the focus off their platform.

-- 3. The fact that NLP supports conflict-free and problem-free politics, means they don't create the type of news that captures the attention of the media.

During the 1992 election campaign, John Hagelin and his running mate, Mike Tompkins, along with more than 175 other NLP candidates who ran for state and federal office, made U.S. history. NLP was on the ballot in 32 states and was only the third political party, after the Republicans and Democrats, to achieve national party status and receive federal matching funds.

I cried the first time I heard John Hagelin speak. What touched my heart was the realization that something wonderful is happening in America -- Heaven is truly unfolding!

For additional information about the NATURAL LAW PARTY call: 1-800-507-3700, or check out the NATURAL LAW PARTY homepage:

[Stan Kendz is a congressional candidate for the NATIONAL LAW PARTY in the State of New York.]


(Source: VENTURE INWARD, Sept-Oct/96)

The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has long claimed that when enough people within a region meditate, it has a calming effect upon the entire population. As a demonstration of this, a British TM instructor set up a mediation center in Merseyside, a town with the third highest crime rate in England. With the knowledge and cooperation of the local police, the center began to solicit and train meditators until a critical mass was reached in 1988 and maintained until 1992. During that time, while the national crime rate rose 45 percent, Merseyside's crime rate went down 13 percent, to the point that it had the lowest crime rate in the country. City fathers calculate that the meditators saved the town $1.8 billion, which works out to $4,500 for every hour the meditators spent in meditation!

In a related story, a study has found that people over the age of 55 who meditate show decreased aging. Publishing his findings in PSYCHOLOGY, Dr. Bruce Goldberg attributes the effect to the increased production of the hormone androgen dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA-S). The production of this hormone decreases with age, but increases with the practice of TM. Interestingly, vegetarianism does not produce a similar increase. (JG)


(Source: Donna Alvarado, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 8/27/96)

As the pace of people dying for lack of human organ donors accelerates -- one person dies every three hours in this country waiting for an organ donation that never comes -- pressure to do more is building. THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) expects to release guidelines soon on this sensitive subject. "We have the technology to sew in an organ and save a life," said Dr. Daniel Salomon at SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE in San Diego, "we just don't have the organs."

Most researchers think the future of xenotransplants lies with pigs: there would probably be less public outcry over breeding pigs for organ donation since they are already bacon on the nation's tables, plus the fact that pigs are not as close to humans on the evolutionary tree and thus less likely to share infectious diseases. Several biotechnology companies are developing drugs to prevent people from rejecting animal organs and a few are already breeding animal colonies in anticipation of the day xenotransplants become feasible on a large scale. BIOTRANSPLANT of Massachusetts, for example, has developed a breed of "miniswine" that weigh 150 to 250 pounds and have organs about the right size for humans. (JG)



Researchers at Finland's TAMPERE UNIVERSITY claim they have invented the first anti-gravity device, a breakthrough which could revolutionize power generation and space travel. The anti-gravity effect was discovered by accident during a superconductivity experiment conducted by a team led by Dr. Eugene Podkletnov. Their claim reportedly passed scientific peer review standards and is now being investigated by NASA. An article on the subject was to be included in this October's JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS published by Britain's INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS. On Monday, September 9, 1996, in a surprise move Dr. Podkletnov contacted the INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS editorial office and requested that his paper be withdrawn from next month's publication in the JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, casting doubt on his claims.

More details at: (KAB & JG)


(Source: EUREKALERT! 8/20/96)

Tests at PENN STATE have shown that many vegetable-derived cooking and salad oils, such as corn, sunflower and canola, can be made to perform as well or better than petroleum-based lubricants. It was found that when blended with a proprietary additive developed at PENN STATE, some vegetable oil formulations perform as well or better than the commercial standard, 10W-30 SG, in the usual tests for oxidative stability (the ability to resist burning and forming deposits at high temperatures). They also performed as well or better than the standards in tests for lubricity (slipperyness) and volatility (evaporation loss).

There has been continuing interest in vegetable oil-based lubricants for many years because they are more environmentally friendly, they can be produced and disposed of with less impact on the environment, and are cheaper to manufacture than current synthetic lubricants. One of the Penn State group's commercial partners, RENEWABLE LUBRICANTS of Ohio, has demonstrated vegetable oil's potential by using corn oil formulations successfully in company vehicles for the last three years. The company's success challenges the widespread perception that vegetable oils oxidize too rapidly to be used in engines.

Vegetable oils offer Third World countries with a good farm base a real alternative to importing oil for lubricants. (JG)


(Source: Steven Levy, NEWSWEEK, 9/16/96)

For nearly a decade the Internet has doubled in size every year. The phenomenon has worked itself into our culture faster than the telephone, television, or the automobile. But has it been too much too fast? Is the Internet in danger of collapsing under the weight of its own success? Bob Metcalfe thinks so. The inventor of the ETHERNET networking system and founder of 3COM CORP. has predicted that by the end of this year the Internet will suffer a "gigalapse" causing the loss of billions of hours of access time and shutting down Web sites, email, and the stock market. He points to the recent dead spells at AMERICA ONLINE and NETCOM as just the beginning and says that as more collapses occur, the whole reliability of cyberspace will be called into question. In his opinion it is time to retool the whole network, and that the garage-style hackers should move aside and let professionals in suits run the show before its too late.

Some feel that Metcalfe's prediction of Internet's immanent demise is premature. "The Internet has collapsed many times and probably will collapse several more times," says Robert Berger, head of INTERNEX, an Internet service provider. He adds, "At the same time a new Internet is rising from the ashes. Pieces of a more robust network are being built." As an example of his claim, MCI has increased its part of the backbone fifteenfold this year.

What it comes down to is a clash of philosophies: structure vs. decentralization. Steven Levy, NEWSWEEK columnist, feels that so far, the decentralized approach has done an amazing job, not only in an technological sense but also in a cultural one. Instead of running around crying that the sky is about to fall, he suggests trusting in the capacity of this remarkable engine of change to cope and adapt to whatever should happen in the future, and be the better for it. (JG)


(Source: CNN ONLINE, 9/2/96)

The Internet provides a number of opportunities to sharpen your knowledge of law and even participate in the outcome of cases. The COURT TV LAW CENTER ( provides answers to legal questions on subjects from bankruptcy to family law to consumer rights. Professor Arthur Miller from HARVARD LAW SCHOOL offers the COURTROOM CHALLENGE ( Real cases are outlined -- argue one side or the other or decide the case -- then learn the official decision of the court. To have some real influence over a case, become a member of the CYBERJURY ( Trial lawyer Roy Konray posts cases he's considering. Members of the jury read the case history, answer a few questions and add comments. Based on the responses he gets, Konray decides whether to drop, try, or settle the case. Once the decision is made, he posts the outcome. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 8/26/96)

The COMPUTER MUSEUM has a novel twist that offers a new perspective on the world of Internet. Drop in to their Web site (, fill out the six-question survey on their title page, and then hunt down the "Who's Out There" feature to see who else is also accessing the Web site at the same time you are. If you are using JAVA, you get to see where the other users are located on a world map. If you don't have JAVA, you get a list of users by country. You can check out their answers to the questionnaire (name or nickname, age, country, etc.) and even send them a message in real time. Sometimes it's nice to know you are not alone. (JG)


(Source: NETGUIDE NOW! 8/18/96)

PACE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW has launched the PACE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW NETWORK ( At the site, users will find the "Virtual Environmental Law Library," which catalogues full-text sources of environmental laws world-wide, and a global law review. The Network intends to sponsor dialogue groups and host a bulletin board to carry notices of lectures, conferences, and programs in environmental law. (JG)


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