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NHNE News Brief 29
Friday, September 27, 1996

Monthly "Lighter Side" Edition

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


Planting Apple Trees

Giant Vacuum Sucks Up Prairie Dogs
Together Forever
The Religious Dilemma of Life On Mars
Wife of "Marlboro Man" Sues Tobacco Company
Republicans Like Angels, Democrats Like UFOs
Insurance Against Aliens
Caffeine-Spiked Spring Water
Water into Gasoline

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Housekeeping Notes

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The Working Class is Restless
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A Challenge!

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Crop Circle Video a Hoax

Are Aliens Good or Bad?

Science Investigates Psi
The Pain of Prophecy
Cayce Earth Change Predictions

Communicating with Immobile Patients

Hacker Forbidden to Use Computers




"Even if I knew for certain
that the world would end tomorrow,
I would still plant an apple tree

---Martin Luther via Pamela Roseann Malone


(Source: CNN ONLINE, 9/8/96)

In a triumph of rodent-control technology, Gay Balfour has invented a machine that vacuums up prairie dogs. Called "Dog-Gone," this Rube Goldberg-like contraption was put together based upon details that he received in a dream. The machine is essentially a truck previously used for cleaning out sewer lines and manholes coupled with four-inch hoses from a local industrial supply store. The operation is simple: stick the working end of the hose down a chuck hole and fire up the vacuum cleaner. The furry little critters are sucked up at 300 mph, hurtle through the plastic hose, and shoot out like cannonballs into a foam rubber-lined tank on the back of the truck -- a little dazed at first, but scampering around almost immediately. Prairie dogs eat crops, damage irrigation systems, and their holes are a hazard to livestock and farm machinery. Depending on the job, Balfour relocates, exterminates, or sells the prairie dogs for pets. He has also shipped them as feed to federal breeding programs of endangered species such as the black-footed ferret which preys on prairie dogs for food. Animal rights activists are ambivalent about Dog-Gone -- they are pleased Balfour's method captures prairie dogs alive, but would prefer that extermination was not an option. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 9/30/96)

Cat lover Julian Wedgewood of Devon, England has recently won approval to turn his 4.5 acre oak grove into a cemetery for pets and their masters. He plans to sell plots at the foot of each of the 1,800 trees and attach brass plates to the oaks as memorials. Prices range from $390 for humans and $40 to $160 per pet. Tiny pets like birds and gold fish are free. (JG)


(Source: CNN ONLINE, 8/7/96)

Though NASA's report of life on Mars may rattle the fundamentalists, the findings are not a threat to traditional biblical convictions, says Professor Anthony Tambasco of GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY. For example, the VATICAN has its own observatory at the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA in Tucson and is said to have teamed up with NASA on occasion. Most Muslims would also welcome the discovery of life beyond Earth, according to Sayyid Syeed of the ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA. Syeed says the Koran refers to Allah as the God of "worlds," not just one world, which does not preclude God creating life forms on other planets. Rabbi James Ruden of the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE says NASA's findings can only be "celebrated." Ruden says most Jews' interpretation of Genesis leaves open the possibility of life on other planets. Bill Hoesch of the INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH, a group that supports the teaching of "Creation Science," says that as far as he's concerned it's too early to get excited at this point. (JG)


Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS, 9/13/96)

Lilo McLean, the wife of actor, David McLean, who appeared for years as the Marlboro Man and died last year from lung cancer, is suing PHILIP MORRIS, the makers of Marlboro cigarettes. McLean was already a longtime smoker when he began his role as the rugged Marlboro pitchman in the early 1960s. The lawsuit claims that McLean sometimes smoked five packs of cigarettes while posing for a single commercial. McLean became an anti-smoking crusader after he was diagnosed with cancer, even going so far as to appear before a meeting of PHILIP MORRIS stockholders to ask them to limit their advertising. (JG)


(Sources: UPI, 9/6/96 via Rebecca Schatte, ISCNI*FLASH)

A poll by R. Kelly Myers of the UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SURVEY CENTER says 7 percent of those surveyed reported seeing angels, and 9 percent reported seeing a UFO. Myers' data shows Democrats are twice as likely as Republicans to have seen a UFO. Specifically, 13 percent of Democrats report a UFO sighting, compared to only 6 percent of Republicans. On the other hand, Republicans were more interested in angels, Myers polling data discloses. Nine percent of Republicans report seeing an angel, compared to only 1 percent of Democrats. Myers cautions, "These could be spurious relationships," since more Republicans are churchgoers with strong religious views. "It's not necessarily a function of their party affiliation." (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 9/16/96)

Claiming that it is only responding to news of life on Mars and the huge success of "Independence Day," London brokerage firm GOODFELLOW, REBECCA, INGRAMS, PEARSON is now offering insurance protection against aliens with bad intentions. For an annual premium of $156, you are protected against being eaten by aliens ($468,000 benefit), abducted by aliens ($312,000 benefit) and impregnated by aliens ($156,000 benefit). The insurance company has yet to process their first claim. (JG)


(Source: TIME, 9/9/96)

When pure spring water isn't enough, now you can buy it laced with caffeine. Introducing "Water Joe" -- the new caffeine-spiked spring water beverage that is catching on with students and anyone else trying to stay awake or needing an artificial boost. The distributers are marketing Water Joe as the drink of choice for those who want a buzz without the bite of coffee or the sweetness of soft drinks. A 16.9 oz. bottle has the same caffeine kick as an 8 oz. cup of coffee and retails at 99 cents. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 9/30/96)

After years of research, Ramar Pillai of India has finally persuaded authorities at the DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY to approve a patent on his formula for making gasoline out of water. He won't divulge his formula, but says that the main ingredient is an herb that grows near his village. Scientists who have witnessed the conversion process and tested its results say the discovery is very real. (JG)


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By James Gregory

[On September 17, NHNE received a press release from Colin Andrews, world-renowned crop circle expert, stating that, in his opinion, the Oliver's Castle crop circle video is almost certainly a hoax. We felt this information was so important that we flashed the complete text out right away to all of our paid subscribers. We include an edited summary of Andrews' announcement here.]

Many things have not looked right since Colin Andrews met a man in THE WAGON AND HORSES PUB who claimed he had made a videotape showing a crop circle in the process of formation as four UFOs hovered above. The young man, approximately 25 years old, gave his name as John Wheyleigh and asked Andrews to research the footage for him. He presented Andrews with a contract to sign, suggesting he would receive 10% of all monies earned by the footage. In return, Andrews promised to analyze the tape and make public the results.

Several weeks of investigation produced disturbing findings. Andrews reviewed the crop pattern details as recorded by CPRI the day after discovery, and studied details in the tape itself. His conclusion, pending a more detailed analysis of the plants and photographs, is that BOTH the crop pattern AND the video are hoaxes, probably made by the same group. He has reason to believe that several persons are involved in this fraud scam and the video/television business is likely connected to it.

Some people believe that Andrews' reason for not showing the tape to the world sooner is so that he could make a lot of money out of it. He points out that he has received no money for the tape, although many television stations and researchers wanted it and were willing to pay. Andrews claims that the many other allegations made about him on the Internet and elsewhere are also untrue, if not libelous.

In view of the findings, Andrews has decided to cease working with the tape and to try to learn more about the people involved. There is some confusion as to the identity of the mysterious "John." He could be John Wheyleigh or another man with the similar name of John Wabe who works for a company that edits videotape for television. Contact has been attempted with John Wheyleigh and John Wabe over several weeks without success. Other enquiries are underway and Andrews has sought police advice regarding legal proceedings, should they be necessary.

Andrews feels that, given the developments thus far, this was the right way to have gone about things. The crop pattern and subsequent tape appear to have been designed to damage researchers like Andrews and Peter Sorenson (who also received a copy of the tape), and the phenomena of crop circles itself. Sorenson is having the tape analyzed in the U.S., and early indications from his investigations are equally disturbing.

You can write Colin Andrews at:

P.O. Box 3378
Branford, CT 06405-1978

For a detailed report of the Oliver's Castle video, including an analysis by Peter Sorenson see: (JG)


(Source: ISCNI*FLASH, 9/18/96)

[The following excerpts were taken from a panel discussion at the PROJECT AWARENESS UFO CONFERENCE held in Tampa, Florida, September 13-15, 1996 on the motives of the perpetrators of so-called abductions.]

DR. ROGER LEIR (the California-based podiatrist who pioneered the surgical removal of alleged alien implants): Let's suppose [a stranger had] the technology to come through your wall, take your 11-year-old daughter, perform medical experiments on her, play with her mind, [tamper] with her genes, and then bring her back to bed, sometimes upside down wearing someone else's clothes. If a human did this kind of thing, [the perpetrator] would not be walking the streets.

LINDA MOULTON HOWE (award-winning filmmaker and leading expert on UFO-related animal mutilations): My own personal opinion is that what happens to animals and what happens to humans is related, it's just that they're treated differently. The animals are dead, and fluid and tissue are removed. Humans are taken [alive] and fluid and tissue are removed, and amnesia is [induced]. If we knew for certain that this had a positive end-game to it -- [that] 50 or 100 years in the future everything was going to be destroyed anyway through some environmental destruction -- maybe our perspective would be a little clearer. If I have any clarity at all, it would be that confusion and contradiction and manipulation are part of what [the phenomena] do, and perhaps in our innocence we interpret that as being evil and negative, when in the long run it may not be.

JOHN CARPENTER (leading abduction researcher): Do you realize... grizzly bears meet in the woods every week and have a support group because these humans came in their helicopters, darted them, did experiments, put these stupid tags on their ears that they can't get off, and sometimes they beep and make sounds. And no one bothered to explain it to them, or ask their permission. So here are all these animals on our planet, wondering what the heck these humans are doing to [them]. But we [humans] don't think anything of it. We know we're not trying to do anything to cause them to become extinct -- in fact, it's just the opposite. What [the aliens] are doing is pretty much the same.

BUDD HOPKINS (best-selling author and abduction authority): I have never seen malevolent behavior on the part of the aliens. On the other hand, I have never seen them do a damn thing for anybody that was helpful, except in some cases where people were healed of some particular condition. Maybe it was just equipment maintenance, like [taking] care of a sick bunny in the laboratory. The point is, there is no reason to believe that these god-like people are here to help us and no evidence that they're here to swoop down like "Independence Day" and smash us. They seem to be here for their own purposes, [which are] very difficult to fathom. Certain things we can say for sure: they seem to be experimental; they are not deliberately inflicting pain; they try to keep the person comfortable. Without any doubt, the amount of damage this has done to people is enormous and extraordinarily unfortunate. I've seen people who have taken their own lives because of the terror and fear, and yet I don't think any of that is intended. They don't kill you, they try to keep you calm, they bring you back. But, if you go through these experiences, you are going to suffer.

DR. COURTNEY BROWN ( a political science professor who has uses remote viewing to investigate aliens): Things can happen to us that we don't understand, and we can be frightened of them. That's one side of the story. But consider [aliens called "grays" involved in a] genetic engineering project. They have their own limitations. What do [abductees] often report back [about the grays]: the Spock-like mentality, the lack of variation in thinking, very shallow electro-chemical emotional views. Imagine [the aliens] getting permission from a person before they are born, who says, "Okay, you can abduct me. I want to be involved in your altruistic project because you guys really do need help." Now imagine the experiencer actually being abducted, and the grays bringing this person on board kicking and screaming, with an emotional electro-chemical brain that's just about out of control. [The grays have] only one electro-chemical response in their own brains to virtually any stimulus. They want to have more variation in their responses to stimuli, but they honestly can't understand what the woman or man is going through. "We asked you to do this. [You gave us permission. Why are you behaving this way?]" So, when you are feeling frightened, let the fear go. But also feel sorry for the grays, because they don't even understand the nature of these emotions. (JG)


By Karol Ann Barnett
NHNE SwiftWing Global Reporter

For half a century, skeptical scientists have effectively denied the existence of psychic phenomena by invoking any one of three arguments:

-- 1. The evidence is unconvincing because it can be explained by fraud or error. This argument, though illogical, was the result of investigations where a few psychics were caught using stage magic or other deception. Instead of discerning each case on its own merits, the skeptics disavowed all psi abilities.

-- 2. Psi conflicts with established physical and psychological laws. Skeptics claimed that nothing was "real" unless the evidence for it was empirical, based on repeatable experiments.

-- 3. Parapsychology is an affect of body-mind duality, which science rejects. Skeptics pooh-poohed psi as the result of irrational belief systems, having nothing to do with the physical universe.

This total dismissal of the psi mystery forced those intrepid few who were interested in psi, to turn away for fear of ridicule and/or professional suicide. But the tide of truth refused to turn from human intransigence. In the past few years, there have been a growing number of credentialed, mainstream scientists who have immersed themselves in psychic phenomena and are investigating psi in the laboratory. And they are making waves.

Psychic phenomena is currently being studied at some of the most prestigious universities in the world: HARVARD UNIVERSITY is researching the alien abduction phenomenon and life after death; ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY is investigating out-of-body experiences; DUKE UNIVERSITY continues its exploration of anomalies like deja vu and ESP.

Now, the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA-LAS VEGAS (UNLV) is taking a place of prominence among the pioneering universities studying the unknown. The newly-created CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH LAB, directed by Dr. Dean Radin, is exploring the mysterious connection between mind and matter.

Radin, winner of the PARAPSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION's 1996 award for outstanding contributions to the field of parapsychology, is the most-published researcher in the parapsychology field with 165 papers, one fourth appearing in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Recently featured in the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, Radin's ongoing projects involve the study of remote healing, remote viewing, psychokinesis, and intuition. Radin believes that the answers to the mysteries of mind and matter will be forthcoming by the next century, and that science will help find them.

(Sources: Mary Manning, LAS VEGAS SUN, 9/15/96; Lloyd Auerbach, FATE, 5/95; K. Ramakrishna Rao, THE JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY, 6/94; Paul Kurtz, THE SKEPTICAL INQUIRER, 6/92)


By James Gregory

[This the third in a series of articles featuring Charlotte King, a remarkable woman who seems to be able to sense earthquakes and volcanoes BEFORE they happen. In the last article (NHNE New Brief 28), she successfully predicted a 6.6 earthquake on the island of Honshu, Japan two days before it occurred.]

NHNE: How does timing work in your predictions?

KING: As a rule, the symptoms start about 12 to 72 hours before the event transpires, give or take 12 hours. In the case of major events, there can be a much longer lead time. For example, I had over 20 days lead time in the case of the Petrolia Quake of 1992. The lead time for the Northridge Quake of 1994 was 18 days; Loma Prieta of 1989 was 22 days. When the symptoms become stronger and more painful, it usually means that the quake will occur within 12 hours.

NHNE: How do you know location?

KING: The location of an event is based on the symptoms and where they are located in my body. In the case of events which have a specific symptom, like quakes in Japan that produce a pain in the left shoulder blade, I make the connection as soon as the symptoms appear. Similarly, Mexico is heart, the Mammoth Lakes area of California is stomach, and Mount St. Helens is the back of the head. A combination of stomach pain and heart and ears means to watch volcanoes, especially in the Sierra Nevadas of California. These are just basic locations for pain; I go into more of the specifics in my flyer. [Charlotte publishes a 20-page pamphlet about physical symptoms and earthquake prediction which is available from her for $20.]

NHNE: What is the Seismic Flu you sometimes mention?

KING: Seismic Flu is the instantaneous onset of stomach or intestinal flu that comes and goes within 12 to 24 hours. Areas associated with the Seismic Flu are the Wasatch Range in Utah, New Madrid in Missouri, the Sierra Nevadas, San Francisco Bay and southern California.

NHNE: How do you deal with the pain?

KING: Sometimes I take medication. I have one pill for the heart, another for the intense stomach pain, one for vertigo, a muscle relaxant, and finally one for heavy pain. At times I have had to take oxygen for the heart problems.

NHNE: What are you feeling right now (9/24/96)?

KING: I am having severe stomach pain and have taken my meds twice already along with a large dose of coke syrup, the remedy I grew up with for stomach problems. I got ill about 8 last night and was up with Seismic Flu until 3:30 this morning. The pain is centered between the sternum and the naval. This has always meant the Sierra Nevadas. Southern California symptoms are still being slightly felt as well. Not a lot of heart pain, so I do not think it is anywhere close to Los Angeles. Watch the areas of Joshua Tree, Big Bear, Ridgecrest, China Lakes, Lake Isabella, Lake Crawley, Yucca Valley, Landers, all in the Sierra Nevadas. Still possible activity building along the Wasatch and New Madrid faults. Still watching the Washington/Oregon Corridor. Whatever this is, SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE FULL MOON ON THURSDAY, September 26. And on top of all the pains that I have been experiencing, I am now having MAGMA SYMPTOMS and they hurt. Being volcanic, the Sierra Nevadas and the corridor between Oregon and Washington are obvious, but also watch Hawaii, West Yellowstone, Indonesia, Japan, Alaska, Mt. Pinatubo, and Mount Etna in Italy. Use care when driving at times like this, depth perception is off.

NHNE: How do you regard this gift of yours?

KING: It is not the most fun way to spend my life, but I think it has a purpose. This gift has been given to me to warn people about when and where the next big one will strike. I have also been able to put together a model that allows me to teach other people to be able to understand for themselves their own "Earthquake Language"(c) as to when and where the next quake is going to strike.

For more information, visit Charlotte King's Web site:

or contact King directly by:

Regular Mail: 1273 Franklin NW, Salem, Oregon 97304-3901
Phone: (503) 399-0139

For up-to-date earthquake reports check out the GLOBAL EARTH REPORT:



Many of today's earth change predictions have their roots in the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, the famous Virginia Beach, Virginia, "Sleeping Prophet". Before he died in 1945, Cayce gave over 14,000 carefully documented readings. Though most were on health-related issues, he also made a number of dramatic predictions about earth changes. The following is a slightly edited sampler of some of his best known earth change prophecies:

"Land will appear in the Atlantic and the Pacific... New York City will in the main disappear... the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia -- these will disappear... The waters of the [Great] Lakes will empty into the Gulf... [Virginia Beach] will be among the safety lands, as will portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and much of the southern and eastern portions of Canada." (Reading 1152-11, 8/13/41)

"If there are the greater activities in Vesuvius, or Pelee, then the southern coast of California, and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada, may expect, within three months following same, an inundation by earthquakes." (Reading 270-35, 1/21/36)

"The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting of the poles -- so that where there has been frigid or semi-tropical will become more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. These will begin in the period from '58 to '98." (Reading 3976-15, 1/19/34)

Q: "What change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2000 to 2001?"
CAYCE: "When there is the shifting of the poles, or a new cycle begins." (Reading 826-8)

Q: "[Jesus] said He would come again. What about His second coming? When shall that be?"
CAYCE: "The time no one knows... Not until his enemies -- and the earth -- are wholly in subjegation to His Will, His powers... [then] He shall rule for a thousand years." (Reading 5749-2, 6/28/32) (JG)


(Source: REUTERS, 9/11/96, 9/18/96; CNN ONLINE 9/20/96)

Many people who have suffered severe head injuries speak of the nightmare of being conscious of their surroundings but utterly unable to communicate. Now British scientists are working on a system that could help doctors communicate with people who are paralyzed or in comas. Steve Roberts and colleagues at London's IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY hope a "hairnet" of electrodes connected to a computer will permit them to "read" a person's thoughts. Roberts said that if immobile patients are able to hear, they are able to respond at a mental level and the computer would pick this up. A simple "yes or no" type of communication system could be set up.

This technology also has the potential to be used to create "hands-free" aircraft controls. The pilot would simply think about making a maneuver and the aircraft would instantly respond.

In a related story, a company called THE OTHER 90 PERCENT TECHNOLOGIES INC. has already developed a device called "MindDrive" that enables people to command machines just by thinking. The device relies on a sensor placed around a computer user's finger. It doesn't actually read thoughts, rather uses filtering technology to decipher electrical signals given off by human skin which are a response to thoughts. Those signals alone can, for example, guide a digital skier down a computer-depicted slalom course.

The company is in a joint venture with WALT DISNEY's MIRAMAX STUDIO to develop short films whose plot and outcome are controlled by viewers' thoughts. MIRAMAX President of Marketing, Mark Gill, said such a movie could make its debut on the Internet at the start of 1997.

THE NATIONAL EASTER SEALS SOCIETY, the non-profit organization for the disabled, also has expressed interest in the product. It could provide entertainment and perhaps revolutionary help for people who cannot use their limbs. "In its present state I don't think it could drive a wheelchair, but that's not too far off," said society spokesman Roger Wellman.

The MindDrive unit sells for $149.95 and ten initial games and other software products are priced from $24.95 to $39.95. (JG)


(Source: Carol Morello, KNIGHT-RIDDER, 9/11/96)

In 1991, Kevin Lee Poulsen went to jail for computer fraud, mail fraud, intercepting wire and electronic communications, money laundering, and removing property to prevent seizure. Even among hackers, Poulsen's computer shenanigans were legendary. And that is why authorities made an example of him with a five-year jail sentence -- more hard time than any hacker in history.

In a world plagued by a spreading rash of security breaches and viruses, authorities fear sophisticated hackers such as Poulsen can outwit all the barriers they conjure. Therefore, when he was released from prison in July, one of his parole conditions was that he was not permitted to so much as touch a computer keyboard for three years.

In a world increasingly driven by computers, the irony is not lost on him. With the demise of the card catalog, he is forced to rely on librarians to look up books for him in their computer indexes. Wanting to pursue higher education, he chose English literature -- a field that doesn't require computer literacy. He needs work, but with most office jobs being computerized and thus out of the question, he's pursuing an opening as a cowboy boot salesman. He has gone to the extreme of seeking permission to use automated teller machines and drive automobiles equipped with computer chips that regulate the engines.

Ordered to pay almost $70,000 in restitution for prizes he swindled, Poulsen believes he should be permitted to get a degree in computer science so he can eventually get a well-paying job in a field he knows and loves. His friends have designed a Web page in which he outlines his case in a letter to the judge: (JG)


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