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NHNE News Brief 30
Friday, October 4, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


Doubt What You Say, Believe What You Do

In Search of Soul Mates
Bigger, Badder Storm Era?
Birds Threatened by Global Warming
Fair Share
TV on the Net
ORACLE to Promote Network Computer
Nurses & Suffering
Good News Notes

Lifetreks: Dream Interpretation Services & Resources

CBS Affiliate Interviews Your's Truly

A Much Needed Perspective
A Sober Fix

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Profile: Joyce Murphy

Nightmare in Dreamland

Smart Card Update
New Energy Devices

New Translation of the Bible
Dead Sea Scrolls to be Published

Near-Death Experiences
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"People may doubt what you say,
but they will always believe what you do."

---From an Inspirational Poster



Francesca Cappucci, of FORDUCCI PRODUCTIONS, INC., is conducting a study on soul mates. As a journalist with 10 years experience working for ABC, Cappucci recently contacted NHNE and asked for help reaching people with soul mate stories. According to Cappucci, "I am interested in how people discover their soul mates and what happens to these people when they do? Do they go on to share their lives together? Is your soul mate your brother, sister, spouse, lover, friend, child or even pet? I want to see if there is consistency in this recognition. Do people connect to learn karmic lessons? If so, what are examples of these lessons?" Cappucci has agreed to put together a report for NHNE discussing her discoveries. If you have any soul mate stories that you would like to share, you can contact Cappucci at the following addresses:

P.O. Box 41704
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Fax: 213-257-7431 (DS)


(Source: Jack Williams, USA TODAY, 9/12/96)

Major hurricanes seem to run in 20- to 30-year cycles, and there is evidence that we are shifting back to a stormier era. A major hurricane is one defined as having wind speeds in excess of 111 mph. Global weather patterns over the last two years have promoted hurricanes -- the strong winds high above the Atlantic that normally tear apart storms have been missing. Part of the reason for this is that the Gulf Stream seems to be speeding up thus heating up areas of subtropical oceans and changing the wind patterns. This in turn seems to be related to the salinity of the ocean -- the saltier the faster the Gulf Stream moves. In the 1960s, large amounts of ice from the polar regions broke off and melted, diluting the sea water. There have been more major hurricanes so far in the 1990's (6) than in all of the 1980s (5). (JG)


(Source: David Briscoe, ASSOCIATED PRESS, 9/19/96, via SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS)

Global warming resulting in coastal flooding, changes in the start of seasons, and drier weather poses a threat to millions of migratory birds, said a recent report by the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND. "The effect of global warming on bird migrations is like a family setting out on a long road trip only to discover that all the gas stations, hotels and restaurants are closed," said Adam Markham, who heads the fund's GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE CAMPAIGN. "You wouldn't get too far and you might not even survive." Environmentalists say the most effective way to hold back global warming is to cut back on fossil fuel emissions by improving automobiles, reducing travel and lowering energy consumption worldwide. (JG)


(Sources: NATURE, 5/16/96 and 7/11/96 via SPECTRUM, Sept-Oct/96)

An indigenous tribe in India has been awarded the intellectual property rights to an active ingredient from a plant called jeevani. The herb has been traditionally used to fight stress and provide instant energy. The 2,500-family Kani tribe in southern India will receive a $25,000 "know-how" fee plus a 2 percent royalty of drug sales. Jeevani was first discovered when the tribe's people led scientists to the plant. (JG)


(Source: REUTERS, 9/19/96)

A software company unveiled a new product recently at an Atlanta computer industry trade show that makes it possible to broadcast live video and audio on the Internet using only a basic telephone line, a conventional modem and a home computer. "Anyone with this software and a computer can sit in his garage and broadcast to the world," said Chris Cladis, general manager of FIBER & WIRELESS, of Torrance, Calif. "There is virtually no limit as to how many people can access the signal." (JG)


(Source: Tim Jones, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 9/7/96)

ORACLE CORP. has launched the "network computer" -- a stripped-down, low-cost alternative to the personal computer. The first version of the network computer, which retails for $299, was unveiled in September. The network computer has no storage or built-in operating system -- it is designed to access software stored on the Internet or on a central computer network. While more limited than a PC, once it is connected to a network it will perform many of the most popular tasks, including word processing, email and accessing sites on the Internet. "There will never be a true information age until computers reach the consumer-market penetration levels of television and telephones," says Larry Ellison, CEO of ORACLE CORP. "You need 90 percent penetration to have a true information age, and we'll never know that with the PC because they're too complex and too expensive." (JG)


(Source: NEW SCIENTIST via SPECTRUM, Sept-Oct/96)

There has been a lot of news attention on doctors who assist terminally ill patients with their suicide plans, but a controversial new study by the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA now focuses on the role of nurses. Researchers have found that one in five intensive care nurses in the U.S. intentionally hastened the death of a terminally ill patient, often without the knowledge of the patient's doctor. In the majority of cases, the nurses administered an overdose of painkilling medications. Many nurses said they made the decisions on their own because the doctors spent so little time with the patients and were unaware of how much they were suffering. About two out five nurses said they would help a patient die if they knew they would not be punished for it. (JG)



-- In 1988, the City of Los Angeles caught a lot of flack for its $65 million program to replace conventional toilets with low-flush models. Now it seems their efforts are paying dividends: each year the city saves $15 million and uses 25,000 acre-feet less water. (SPECTRUM, Sept-Oct/96)

-- Due to efforts to protect the Earth's atmosphere, the destruction of the ozone layer should peak about the end of the decade and signs of recovery should be detectable by 2010. (Source: SPECTRUM, Sept-Oct/96)

-- Sometimes it seems that the dentist's needle used to dull the pain hurts more than the pain itself; plus the fact that the novocaine used as a painkiller leaves the patients mouth feeling numb for hours. A new form of dental anesthesia has been developed that is painless, leaves no residual numbness, and, best of all, is patient controlled! Cell-demodulated electronic targeted anesthesia (CEDETA) uses radio waves to block sensations in tooth nerves. Wired pads are placed on the back of the patient's hands, and a receptor is placed in the mouth. The patient uses a lap control to regulate the pain-blocking signals. CEDETA was approved by the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) in 1992 for all types of dental procedures. (AMERICAN HEALTH, 6/96 via SPECTRUM, Sept-Oct/96)


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Jim Moore, a Bureau Chief and television reporter for CBS affiliate A.H. BELO BROADCASTING, recently spent a full day with Gordon-Michael Scallion, interviewing him for a two-part news story that will air the last part of October or first part of November. According to Moore, his report marks the first time that Scallion has been interviewed by a serious mainstream journalist. As a part of Moore's story, he also visited a man in Texas who has spent his life's savings preparing for Scallion's catastrophic predictions, as well as seismologists in the Mammoth Mountain area (a volcanically active area in California that Scallion has long predicted would become active). Along with a cameraman, Moore also made a special trip to Sedona this past week to interview your's truly.

The finished story will air first in Austin, Texas and then be fed out to about 19 other television stations that are owned by A.H. BELO BROADCASTING. After these local stations have had a chance to air the story, it will then be fed into the CBS network at large. As soon as viewing dates have been established, we will let all of you know when, exactly, the story will air and in what cities. James Gregory, the Editor-in-Chief of the NHNE NEWS BRIEF, and I will be reporting on Moore's visit in the next News Brief. I also plan to write an in depth Special Report for all NHNE subscribers that will cover most of the things discussed in my interview with Moore.

This could be a significant turning point for NHNE.

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow



"I enjoyed the quote in NHNE NEWS BRIEF 27 from Michael Harner about meeting Gaia, young, beautiful, and healthy (just the opposite of what he expected) who set him straight about who was in trouble and who was not. It is a much needed perspective when we consider what "healing" the Earth really means."

---James Yax, Mount Shasta, California



"Thanks for the wonderful newsletter. It makes a difference in my life. In addition to my subscription payment, enclosed please find a check as a contribution to what is needed. Please keep producing NHNE. It seems to be the only rational approach to keeping up with all the incredible info passing through and around this planet today. Your 'snippets' are about all I can deal with currently in my life as I am confronted with the overwhelming volume of potential input. And, of course, being the addict that I am, I have become very dependent on your weekly newsletter for a sober fix."

---Harry Breaux, New Orleans, Louisiana



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By James Gregory

[With all the news about crop circles this summer, we thought it would be helpful to learn more about the people who study such phenomena and their thoughts about what is happening. This is Part One of a summary of an interview with Joyce Murphy and Colin Andrews which was sent out to our paid subscribers on September 30.]

Joyce Murphy is the President of BEYOND BOUNDARIES INC. She founded the organization eight years ago. For the past five years, she has organized a yearly expedition with Colin Andrews to England and Scotland to investigate crop circles and other possible UFO-related phenomena. The rest of the year she organizes expeditions of researchers to places of currently-occurring UFO phenomena.

The BEYOND BOUNDARIES primary team consists of four persons:

-- Joyce Murphy, a MUTUAL UFO NETWORK (MUFON) State Section Director and Field Investigator (MUFON is a non-profit group dedicated to the scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon).

-- Ruben Uriarte, a longtime UFO investigator, crop circles investigator and Assistant State Director of California MUFON

-- A Ph.D. psychologist trained in remote viewing by the MONROE INSTITUTE

-- Stuart Conway, a photo journalist doing freelance work for many newspapers including the GLASGOW HERALD in Scotland

Several specialists in different countries associated with BEYOND BOUNDARIES raise the total number of staff to ten.

Murphy's academic background is in mathematics and physics. She first became interested in crop circles in 1991 when she happened on to George Wingfield speaking in a Dallas hotel and became fascinated with his descriptions of crop circle geometric designs and mathematical glyphs. Since that time she has visited over 40 crop circles. For her, the two most impressive formations have been this year's Triple Julia Set -- a fractal following the single Julia Set -- and the Mandelbrot Set of a couple of years ago. Murphy believes a crop circle is authentic when it shows plaited plants -- an intricate, intelligent layering that which cannot be man made. Huge intricate designs are another characteristic.

On a number occasions she has experienced a feeling of warmth on the sites of crop circles, and she has witnessed more dramatic reactions in other people, including clients who became violently ill.

Asked why crop circles seem to be evolving into increasingly complicated shapes over the years, she responded, "Would anyone be paying attention to just simple circles after all these years? Perhaps someone is trying to hold our interest or attention. Remember, our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter these days. We must be constantly entertained with increasing cleverness!"

In addition to crop fields, crop circles have appeared in snow, rice paddies, stands of trees and sand. One complex circle even formed on the Hudson River on very thin ice. She feels the creators of the glyphs are just trying to get the message out in whatever way they can -- whatever that message may be. Perhaps, she suggests, it's: "If I keep trying and trying, and maybe one of these days those Earth idiots will get the message."

Despite the host of new and more complicated crop circles continuing to appear every year, the scientific community and mass media at large aren't paying much attention to them. In Murphy's opinion, they feel they have already been there, done that. Since they have found no explanation, as far as they are concerned, there may not be one. Also, Doug and Dave (admitted hoaxers who came clean) have settled the issue for most people. Everyone knows that it was Doug and Dave who made all the circles throughout the world and are still creating more and more complex patterns in their retirement. And those circles which are not created by Doug and Dave themselves are now hoaxed by a growing group of followers who have taken up the rewarding hobby.

Most crop circles appear in England, typically within a 40 mile radius of Stonehenge. Murphy speculates that somehow Stonehenge is the true center of strength and the more perfect works of this art occur near centers.

The most puzzling aspect of crop circles is Who? And Why? Murphy offers the following three possible answers in explanation:

-- The Gaia Theory: Mother Earth is a living organism in distress and is crying.

-- That multi-dimensional ETs are creating some sort of message for all us.

-- That the superpowers have some sort of new toy and their games are resulting in these works of art.

"I think the season for crop circles may have peaked in the summer of 1996, and that there may not be many more. Our time is nearly up on this planet. We have messed our own nests and we do not even realize it. We are living in a very fragile environment. If only one small element of this intricate creation fails, then we could start tumbling. Total chaos might be the result. If we, as conscious beings, have not received the message by now, we never will."

Colin Andrews has identified the Oliver's Castle crop circle video as almost certainly a hoax. In Murphy's opinion, it was probably just another attempt to divert attention from the real issues. She has a hard time imagining anyone wasting precious time and energy on such a feat as hoaxing a circle.

For those interested in crop circles plus a wide variety of other UFO-related phenomena, consider becoming a member of BEYOND BOUNDARIES INC. For a yearly fee of $30.00 you receive the following benefits: BEYOND BOUNDARIES bimonthly magazine; international connection with contactees, and experiencers; introductory gift of exclusive Stonehenge glyph photo; discount on cost of joining your first expedition and discounts on BEYOND BOUNDARIES products; opportunity to publish your research or opinions; discount on advertising in the magazine; access to massive photo library and UFO Network database.

P.O. Box 250
Rainbow, Texas 76077
Phone: (800) 259-8747
Fax: (817) 573-1582


By Karol Ann Barnett

Before 1989, Nevada's top-secret military facility at AREA 51, located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas, enjoyed its privacy. Nevadans knew that base personnel experimented with spy planes like the U2, the SR-71, and the F-117A Stealth Fighter, on the world's longest, paved runway. They also knew that the secret base trained soldiers for duty. But then they found out some things they didn't know.

In 1989, Las Vegas journalist and KLAS-TV news anchor George Knapp interviewed on camera a former scientist who claimed to have worked at the secret base. The scientist, Robert Lazar, claimed he had been hired to reverse-engineer a craft of such advanced technology, such as an antimatter propulsion system, that it could not have been made on earth. Further, he claimed that this craft was only one of nine alien vehicles that had been captured by our government in the past 50 years. There are inconsistencies in Lazar's story that make him a less-than-credible witness.

Since Lazar's interview, the once-secret military base (also known as THE NELLIS RANGE COMPLEX, S-4, GROOM LAKE, THE RANCH, THE ZOO and DREAMLAND) has been anything but. Throngs of people make their way to DREAMLAND in order to see strange things in the night sky. Hundred of UFO reports have been filed. THE LEARNING CHANNEL recently aired a report showing footage from four different videos of unidentified flying objects over the base with flight patterns that seem to defy known physics. Not many of the filmed and photographed UFOs have been explained.

In 1984, the PENTAGON seized 89,000 acres of Nevada land to secure the base from the public's view. With the base's activities under increasing scrutiny, the PENTAGON seized an additional 4,000 acres in 1994, under dubious circumstances. CONGRESS questioned the PENTAGON about these land grabs. AIR FORCE officials stated that they would only talk in closed chambers. One anonymous source with the highest security clearance claimed that experiments with mysterious technology on the base has for years been funded by "black-budgets" that require no public accountability.

Suspicious land grabs are one way the military protects the base's secrecy. Another is the use of intimidation, harassment, and even deadly force to secure the area from possible trespassers. In 1994, Glenn Campbell, a local resident and head of a governmental watchdog group who publishes the GROOM LAKE DESERT RAT, was being interviewed on public land near the base by a crew from Los Angeles' KNBC-TV, when the local sheriff suddenly appeared at the behest of some unknown authority. Campbell was jailed for refusing to end the interview and five of the crew's videotapes were confiscated.

Earlier this year, New York City attorney Howard Siegel visited the area after reading numerous stories of UFO activity. Siegel planned to circumnavigate the base on his Harley in search of truth. He found it. Though he was careful to double-check his maps, he accidentally crossed over the perimeter because of poorly marked road signs. Within moments, he was thrust into the twilight zone of DREAMLAND when three white jeep Cherokees surrounded him. Two camouflaged, military-types jumped out, drew their pistols, and ordered Siegel to his knees. For three hours, the accidental tourist was detained for questioning and background checks. He was issued a summons that required a court appearance, and then released.

Until recently, the PENTAGON would not admit to the facility's existence. But several former base employees had filed lawsuits against the government claiming that they had been exposed to hazardous waste during their tenure. That action forced the PENTAGON to release a statement acknowledging the reality of the base, but declaring that the activities there were "classified." Though one of the lawsuits was ruled to be a threat to national security, a U.S. District judge ruled that federal agents could interview the workers who are appealing that decision.

In an effort to capitalize on the area's notoriety, Nevada governor Bob Miller authorized a name change for State Route 375, the isolated 92-mile stretch leading into DREAMLAND. Route 375 is now "The Extraterrestrial Highway."

(Sources: Rachael Levy, LAS VEGAS SUN, 10/1/96; Mary Manning, LAS VEGAS SUN, 4/21/96; Howard Siegel, NEVADA, 10/96; Susan Greene, LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, 7/21/94; Glenn Campbell, THE GROOM LAKE DESERT RAT, 2/94; Department of the Air Force Press Release, 12/9/94; Don Ecker, UFO, Vol. 6 No. 4, 1996; Stuart Brown, POPULAR SCIENCE, 3/94; Mark Wheeler, DISCOVER, 11/96)


(Sources: Patricia Lamiell, ASSOCIATED PRESS, 9/16/96; NEW YORK TIMES via REUTERS, 9/26/96)

The huge potential scope of smart cards has prompted concerns about the privacy of users. Smart cards resemble credit and debit cards except that the purchase price is electronically deducted directly from the card using a special machine. Computer chips embedded in the cards can store information from shoe size to credit history. By tracking purchases, telephone and transportation records, they can document a person's everyday movements. Critics claim these cards will be used to compile dossiers on the people who use them.

So it's up to the SMART CARD FORUM, a family of companies driving development of smart card technology, to convince the public that smart cards are protected and confidential. "There's a huge amount of misunderstanding, and that creates fear," said John Burke, the forum's attorney. The SMART CARD FORUM meet regularly to discuss the latest technology and marketing programs necessary to put a smart card in every household.

The AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (ACLU) of New Jersey is fighting a state proposal to encode fingerprints on smart card drivers licenses on the premise that it would treat people who are not suspected of a crime as criminals. "We also oppose the requirement that other data be included" on New Jersey drivers licenses, said David Rocah, an ACLU staff attorney in Newark, "unless precautions are made to ensure that third parties will not have access to that data." Federal regulators, such as the OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY and the FEDERAL RESERVE & THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. are considering how to regulate smart cards.

Smart cards could be a boon for banks and other financial institutions that issue the cards for a fee, and for payment-systems networks like VISA and MASTERCARD, which earn a percentage of each transaction. "This is a huge market," said Peter Hill, Executive Vice President for Technology at VISA INTERNATIONAL, one of the 225 corporate members of the forum. "Cash transactions world-wide total about $8 trillion a year."

A number of big banks are running pilot programs to test consumers' acceptance of the cards, putting about 50,000 smart cards in circulation worldwide. Preliminary results are mixed. For Diane Wetherington, MASTERCARD's Senior Vice President for Smart Cards, the Forum's biggest task is not the social and legal issues surrounding the smart card, but getting consumers to use it and merchants to accept it. "The technology works, the product works," she said. "Now it is up to the marketing associations and companies to really try to create global products."

To move beyond the arena of small purchases, members of the SMART CARD FORUM are developing technology to allow people to use these cards with home computers to pay for Internet purchases, and to download cash onto a smart card. Manufacturers of personal-computers have begun including card readers in their PCs for these purposes.

In what could be a serious blow to the SMART CARD FORUM's marketing plan, the NEW YORK TIMES reported on September 26 that smart cards have a potential security flaw that allows counterfeiters to duplicate the cards' values. Computer scientists at BELL COMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH said sophisticated criminals might be able to manipulate computer chips embedded in the cards in order to make counterfeit copies of legitimate cards. (JG)


By James Gregory

A number of new energy devices have recently appeared on the market whose inventors make the incredible claim of virtual energy independence. We review and compare three of those devices here.


Dennis Lee came to his energy machine by way of inventing a heat pump that ran on solar energy. He claims that it was the "world's most efficient heating/cooling system" and within 18 months, his company, CONSERVE CORP., was worth $50 million. In 1986, based on that technology and on a vivid dream that gave him detailed technical specs, he invented a low temperature phase change machine -- a heat pump which extracted heat out of the air and generated electricity. In 1987, he met Dr. Victor Fisher who had invented the Fisher Heat Engine, which he claimed "was the most efficient heat engine in the world." A marriage was inevitable, and the Lee/Fisher Energy Machine was the result. Lee claims that this device will generate a kilowatt hour of electricity for two cents. On June 12, 1988 Lee received a patent for the Lee/Fisher Energy Machine, and on June 23, 1988, he was thrown in jail in Los Angeles because he had violated a civil code against making free electricity. The charges were eventually dismissed. Now, representing his new company, BETTER WORLD TECHNOLOGY, he tours the U.S. giving free demonstrations of his Lee/Fisher Energy Machine and related inventions such as a noiseless jack hammer, a welding machine that uses water, and a car that runs with no battery, gasoline, or exhaust system. His device won the INVENTORS HALL OF FAME's "Most Advanced Energy Technology" Award.

For more information about the Lee/Fisher Energy Machine write:

3002 Rt. 23 N
Newfoundland, NJ, 07435



The theories of Joseph Newman are based on a mechanical explanation of the phenomena of magnetism and the principle of "action at a distance" allowing his device to harness such mechanical motion. Newman describes the fundamental mechanical essence of a magnetic field as a particle having a gyroscopic spin, which is fundamental to an understanding of the mechanical nature of electromagnetism. Over the years, Newman has constructed many operational prototypes of his energy device ranging in size from 4 pounds to 7.5 tons. He claims that with his energy machine, every consumer would make a one-time purchase of a unit, install it in their backyard, and virtually unplug themselves from local utility companies. The energy machine could also be utilized to power all air, land, and sea vehicles and would eliminate the polluting internal combustion engine. In addition, Newman claims his energy machine is more efficient than conventional nuclear energy and does not produce harmful radiation. Newman claims that this new electromagnetic technology will totally decentralize public access to energy and will have a profound socio-economic impact upon civilization.

For more information:

P.O. Box 57684
New Orleans, LA 70157
Phone: (504) 524-3063

Related Web site:




In 1995, QUANTADYNE created a hafnium oxide bismuth telluride thermoelectric module that produced electricity by use of the Fermi Effect at a rate of 15.5 watts per 200 Delta T F (a measure of temperature difference) and 2 watts per gram -- the world's first post-event thermal amplification generation system. QUANTADYNE's brand name for this new technology is "PETA Power". QUANTADYNE plans to begin mass producing their energy chip once they raise the necessary capital. The energy chips will not be sold individually; instead, QUANTADYNE plans to sell them as integrated components of their PETA Power systems. A PETA Power system generates electricity by recycling waste heat through a sequential process by amplifying a six degree temperature difference into a much larger temperature difference. QUANTADYNE's first market effort will be to retrofit existing power plant systems to make them more efficient. The second market that QUANTADYNE will actively pursue is the domestic electrical generation market. QUANTADYNE intends to build a household unit called the PETA Power Energy Center that combines heating, air purification, air conditioning, hot water heating, and electrical generation into one system using propane or natural gas as the primary energy source. QUANTADYNE's third market will be a series of small PETA power generators designed for Third World use. QUANTADYNE claims that they maintain a showroom where they exhibit working prototypes and demonstrate "how fuel can be turned into electricity with no moving parts." When, however, NHNE called to talk to someone in person about their products and possibly arrange a visit, an answering machine greeted us, offering to send material. Something they call "corporate sponsorship and strategic alliance development" will be the next phase of their corporate business strategy prior to the company going public.

For more information:

Phone: (800) 778-0764


How should we view these incredible claims of cheap energy? Hard to say at this juncture. If hoaxes, they will come to nothing; if legitimate, inventions of this magnitude will not stay under wraps for long, despite vigorous behind-the-scenes machinations of a threatened energy industry. Time will tell... soon.

(Sources: Diana and Kenneth Burke, LEADING EDGE, Sept-Oct/96; Bill Dewey, DEWEY RESEARCH CENTER; Alternative energy Web sites)


(Source: Paul Gray, TIME, 9/9/96)

The world's most popular book just got a new translation that is causing some controversy. "The New Living Translation" of the Bible hit the stores in August with an initial print order of 950,000, a $2.5 million promotional budget, and an endorsement by Billy Graham.

"The New Living Translation" is actually a revised version of "The Living Bible" by Kenneth Taylor. It was designed for readers who found traditional translations tough going and was written at the reading level of a junior high school student. Although it was well received by readers, it was criticized for being too loose. The new translation is the result of the combined efforts of 90 specialists who reviewed Taylor's paraphrase against the original documents. The result is more scholarly, but still remarkably similar to its predecessor.

Is "The New Living Translation" faithful to the Bible you know and love? You be the judge:

God to Adam and Eve: "What is this thou has done?" (King James); "How could you do such a thing?" (New Living Translation)

Psalm 23: "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want." (King James); "The LORD is my shepherd; I have everything I need." (New Living Translation)

Lord's Prayer: "Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come..." (King James); "Our Father-Mother in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your dominion come..." (New Living Translation)

Ecclesiastes 2:3: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." (King James); "There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven." (New Living Translation)

The controversy of whether easy-read Bibles eliminate the majesty and mystery of God's word, seems to pale given the fact that, after 2,000 years, new versions of the Bible are still being produced -- and bought. (JG)


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS, 9/17/96)

An English translation of the entire Dead Sea Scrolls is due to be published in November, providing greater access to the ancient documents that have fascinated religious scholars for decades. "The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation," is the work of three scholars, including Edward Cook, of the ARAMAIC LEXICON PROJECT at Cincinnati's HEBREW UNION COLLEGE. According to Cook, "It's not going to be up there with Danielle Steel or Stephen King, but there will be a lot of people who would be interested in it."

The collection contains the oldest known texts of the Old Testament, as well as messianic prophecies and moral teachings that shed light on the development of Judaism at the time of Jesus and the origins of Christianity. The material includes a story suggesting why God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac; previously unseen psalms attributed to King David; and the last words of the patriarchs Joseph, Judah and Levi.

For years, access to the scrolls was restricted to a small group of researchers. Then, in the early 1990s, a California library made public its collection of photographs of the scrolls, and shortly after, Israeli officials relented and said everyone could review the scrolls.

It appears that a group of monks called the Essenes wrote the scrolls between the second century B.C. and the first century A.D. The first scrolls were found in 1947 rolled up in pottery jars in a cave near the Dead Sea. Other discoveries followed, and eventually a total of 870 scrolls were brought to light. (JG)



A great resource for tracking down information about near-death experiences, as well as reading a growing number of first hand accounts.



Everything you ever wanted to know about the growing number of controversies surrounding the origins of our race from a popular Internet News Group: Pole shifts, crustal displacement, ice ages, cataclysmic earth changes, technologically advanced ancient civilization theories, unexplained ancient artifacts and mysteries, critical reviews of television specials like "The Mysterious Origins of Man."


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