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NHNE News Brief 33
Friday, October 25, 1996

Monthly "Lighter Side" Edition

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The Opposite of Love

Thieves Steal Dinosaur Prints
A Nest Egg for the Future
Praying Pays
Mutilations & Crop Circles
Metal Fragment Not from UFO
Computers You Can Swallow
Stone Age Meets Computer Age
Personal Wealth in America
Baker's Dream
Cat Caution
Hand Washing in America
Boys' Intelligence

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Bone Wars

Reporting the End of the World

One Persons's Garbage...

Esrever Hceeps
Giving Back to the Community

The Human Side of the Richter Scale

Herbal Happiness
The Hype of Cord Blood Transplants

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"The opposite of love is not hate...
It is indifference."

---United Way slogan


(Source: REUTERS via CNN ONLINE, 10/15/96)

The only known set of fossilized Stegosaurus footprints have been stolen from the Outback, angering aborigines. Aborigines believe the prints belong to a mythical creature from their "Dream Time" and were part of a "song line" of sites used in their ceremonies, said anthropologist Patrick Sullivan. "It's a very sacred thing to me," said Joseph Roe, aboriginal custodian of the footprints for the past eight years near Broome, on the country's remote northwest coast. "Whoever has taken them has placed themselves in great danger," he said. "They might get sick... or I might get sick." The offense is punishable by death under aboriginal law. "If [the thief] comes to face me," he said, "I will put a spear through him." It appeared power tools were used to remove the prints from the rock. The stegosaurus was ten-foot-tall herbivore with a double row of spikes along its back that lived 130 million years ago. (JG)


(Source: Sarah Van Boven, NEWSWEEK, 10/21/96)

Now for those who would rather not start life at the bottom again, PROMETH, an investment company based in Liechtenstein, has a special reincarnation investment program whereby you can leave a nest egg (minimum $130,000) for your next reincarnation. You have to claim your money within 23 years of your death, and, of course, know the secret passwords. (JG)


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS, 10/09/96)

During a trip to Stockholm, a Spanish businessman and devout Roman Catholic stopped to pray at a church, which was empty except for a coffin. Eduardo Sierra knelt down and prayed for the deceased for 20 minutes, and then signed the condolence book after he saw a note saying those who prayed for the dead man should enter their name and address. He would be the only person to do so. Several weeks later he got a call from the Swedish capital, informing him he was a millionaire. It seems that Jens Svenson, the man he had prayed for, was a 73-year-old real estate dealer with no close relatives. He had specified in his will that "whoever prays for my soul gets all my belongings." (JG)


(Source: Christopher O'Brien, CRESTONE (Colorado) EAGLE via CNI NEWS, 10/16/96. O'Brien is also the author of "The Mysterious Valley," an investigation of unusual animal deaths (UADs), UFO sightings and other anomalous phenomena in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.)

On September 23, 1996, Dave Jaramillo discovered a slain cow on the family's property west of Antonito, in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. The animal's tongue, colon, udder and one ear had been removed. Jaramillo observed that "the cuts were real clean, with no tears or jagged edges." As is often the case with such unusual animal deaths, he could find no trace of tracks or blood anywhere around the carcass. What made this animal mutilation unusual is the fact that about 100 feet away Jaramillo found a pattern of crop circles impressed on the grass. Three circles, each measuring about three feet in diameter, were arranged in a triangle twelve feet on each side. Around each circle were three smaller circles, four inches wide -- a total of twelve circles in the formation. A vast majority of unusual animal death cases feature no additional clues whatsoever. Only a handful of cases on record feature these circular markings. In August, three cattle mutilations were reported in northern New Mexico with related UFO sightings. (JG)


(Source: Julie Marie Brown, ROSWELL DAILY RECORD via CNI NEWS, 10/1/96)

On March 27, 1996, a man delivered to the Roswell UFO Museum an unusual fragment of metal that he claimed had been retrieved from the famous 1947 crash of an alien spacecraft. Laboratory tests indicated that there was nothing inherently unusual in the basic composition, which consisted of silver and copper; however, highly magnified photos revealed an astonishing 19 discrete layers of alternating silver and copper in an overall thickness of only fifteen thousandths of an inch. Now the mystery has been laid to rest because a positive match has been made between the museum's fragment and scraps from the studio of Utah jeweler, Randy Fullbright. According to Miller Johnson, head of the museum's research department, the layered metal process is an ancient Japanese metal working technique known as "mokume gane." (JG)


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS, 9/11/96)

Think computers, only smaller, and so smart you'll only notice the information you are getting, not where it's coming from. That's the promise of the next phase in the personal computing revolution as revealed in the BOEING WEARABLE COMPUTERS WORKSHOP in September. Already, the Army has a computer the size of a pill that can be swallowed to track the core body temperatures of soldiers. The Navy is building an intelligent body suit woven from conductive polymers that can tell medics the extent of the wounds of an injured soldier and how soon they should get there. Inspectors at an Air Force F-16 squadron in Ohio can already call up manuals and airplane schematics using a head-mounted computer screen and voice-activated software, rather than consulting printed manuals. At the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON in Seattle, researchers are building retinal scanning displays that would eliminate the need for head-mounted screens entirely; instead, users would wear a little projector mounted just below the eye. (JG)


(Source: REUTERS, 9/30/96)

Bushmen trackers survive in the vastness of the Kalahari by knowing how to track animals, build shelters and find water. Now they are learning a new skill that may help ensure their survival and that of the world's wildlife. The trackers are being taught to enter data into hand-held computers on the animal signs they see during patrols. The illiterate trackers click on icons to enter data. The computer is connected to a global positioning system which automatically pinpoints the position, time and date. The theory is that the computers will allow trackers to record information that could be used by wildlife managers to combat poachers and assess the health of plant and animal populations. For the cost of 10 hours of helicopter flying time a tracker can be employed for a whole year in the field. (JG)


(Source: FORBES via REUTERS, 9/30/96)

This year's FORBES list of the 400 wealthiest people in America is out, and it includes some fascinating insights. For the third year in a row, MICROSOFT CORP. co-founder Bill Gates is the richest person in America, with a net worth of $18.5 billion, up almost $4 billion in just one year. Nebraska investor, Warren Buffett, came in second with a net worth of $15 billion, followed by another MICROSOFT billionaire, Paul Allen, 43, who helped Gates start the company 11 years ago and is worth $7.5 billion. The number of billionaires on the list this year grew to 135, with a combined worth of $312 billion. The wealth of all 400 on the list totals $477 billion. What can aspiring billionaires learn from this group? Start a successful company, and make sure you retain a hefty portion of the stock. The magazine pointed out that ideas can now lead to great fortunes, where in years past wealth was only to be made through owning hard assets such as land, steel or oil. More than half of those who made the list were not born wealthy -- 217 are self-made millionaires. And curiously, the 63 people on the list who do not have college degrees have a much higher average net worth than the college graduates on the list. (JG)


(Source: Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY, 10/16/96)

For those who just can't resist baked goods, but want to keep the fat intake low, now there is a substitute for the butter, oil, margarine and shortening typically called for in baking recipes. "Lighter Bake" is a fruit puree of plums and apples made by SUNSWEET. Substitution is easy -- half a cup of "Lighter Bake" equals one cup of oil, and reduces fat in baked goods by up to 90 percent and calories by up to 30 percent. (JG)


(Source: NEW SCIENTIST via SPECTRUM, Sept-Oct/96)

Cuddling and kissing cats in childhood could lead to rheumatoid arthritis in adulthood, according to a study by Australia's UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE and ROYAL ADELAIDE HOSPITAL. Researchers found that people suffering from arthritis were more than twice as likely as non-sufferers to have been in frequent close contact with cats while they were between the ages of 10 and 15. The connection is unclear, but it may be that cats harbor micro-organisms that provoke the body's immune system into attacking its own joints. (JG)


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS, 9/17/96)

"Hand washing in America has become all but a lost art," said Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, Minnesota state epidemiologist. In a recent survey by the public health committee of the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY, researchers hid in stalls or pretended to comb their hair while observing 6,333 men and women do their business in five cities. Among the results: The country's dirtiest hands may be in New York City, where 40 percent neglected to wash up afterward. Chicago hands, relatively speaking, are reasonably clean -- there the watchers saw 78 percent take the time to wash after using the bathroom. Seventy-one percent washed up in New Orleans, 69 percent in San Francisco and 64 percent in Atlanta. Women are cleaner than men -- the survey found on average 74 percent wash after using the toilet, compared with 61 percent of men. Dirty hands are an common means of spreading diseases, ranging from colds to illnesses that cause diarrhea and other intestinal problems. (JG)


(Source: BOTTOM LINE PERSONAL, 8/15/96)

Because several genes for human intelligence are located on the X chromosome, and boys only receive their X chromosomes only from their mothers, Australian geneticist Gillian Turner has concluded in an article in THE LANCET that a boy inherits his intelligence from his mother. Girls receive an X chromosome from each parent and therefore their intelligence comes from both. (JG)


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(Sources: REUTERS via CNN ONLINE, 10/18/96; ASSOCIATED PRESS via CNN ONLINE, 5/26/96)

A group of scientists has filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent natives from reburying an ancient skeleton of possible major historic significance. On July 28, bones of the so-called "Kennewick Man," were found protruding from a bank in the Columbia River at a park in Kennewick, Washington.

Originally, scientists thought they might be dealing with the remains of a man of European origin from the 19th Century, and were astounded when radiocarbon dating done by the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at Riverside concluded the bones were more than 9,000 years old. The skeleton is not only the oldest ever found in the Columbia Basin, but it could be the most compelling evidence to date that North America's first settlers migrated across a land bridge that once spanned the Bering Strait. And the fact that the bones appear to be those of a Caucasian with a large nose and thick, bony brows could cast new light on the nature of the first Americans.

But a coalition of Indian tribes, citing the 1990 NATIVE AMERICAN GRAVES AND REPATRIATION ACT, has claimed jurisdiction over the bones and plans a ceremonial burial. "We understand that non-Indian cultures have different values and beliefs than us," said Armand Minthorn of the Umatilla Tribe. "We are not trying to be troublemakers. We are doing what our elders have taught us: to respect people while they're with us and after they've become part of the Earth." Until a settlement is reached, the skeleton is being held in a secret location by the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS

Meanwhile in Nevada, things are proceeding at a more peaceful and leisurely pace. Researchers at the NEVADA STATE MUSEUM announced recently that the oldest mummy ever found in North America and one of the oldest in the world has been sitting in a sealed box at the basement of the museum for the last 50 years. The mummy had been unearthed in 1940 by S.M. and Georgia Wheeler, married archaeologists hired by the state to excavate the Spirit Cave, about 60 miles east of Carson City. The museum decided to wait on the determination of the mummy's age until dating methods improved.

Recently, using new dating techniques, Erv Taylor of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at Riverside determined that the mummy known as the "Spirit Cave Man" was buried 9,415 years ago, about 6,500 years earlier than previously estimated. "We were absolutely astonished," museum anthropologist Amy Dansie said in discussing the remains of the 5-foot-2-inch man. Unfortunately, the Wheelers both passed away without ever knowing the significance of their work.

The Spirit Cave Man died in his mid-40s after a hard but relatively long life. The man had a partially healed skull fracture and suffered from back problems and severe tooth abscesses -- ailments which in combination may have killed him. The body was naturally mummified by the extreme dryness of the small cave and the wrappings, including mats made from bulrushes using a technique thought to have been developed thousands of years later. Well-made moccasins were on his feet and woven bags and other everyday artifacts were found nearby. Curiously, as in the case of the Kennewick Man, the man had a long, relatively small face and a long cranium -- characteristics different than those of modern American Indians.

The remains of Spirit Cave Man are thousands of years older than Egyptian mummies which date to 4,000 B.C. or younger, and the "Ice Man," discovered in 1991 in the Austro-Italian Alps who dates to about 3,300 B.C. The only known naturally mummified remains that predate the Spirit Cave Man were found on the Peruvian coast, and are about 10,000 years old. (JG)


(Sources: From Fred Dewey's private email jokes, via his father, Bill Dewey, and slightly modified by the self-promoting NHNE staff)

Sooner or later, the earth will be no more. When the end of the world arrives, how will the media report it? Some hypothetical headlines:

-- USA TODAY: "We're Dead"

-- THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: "DOW JONES Plummets as World Ends"

-- NATIONAL INQUIRER: "OJ and Nicole Together Again"

-- PLAYBOY: "Girls of the Apocalypse"



-- WIRED: "The Last New Thing"

-- ROLLING STONE: "The Grateful Dead Reunion Tour"


-- DISCOVER: "Will the Extinction of All Life Affect the Way We View the Cosmos?"

-- TV GUIDE: "Death & Damnation: Nielsen Ratings Soar!"

-- LADIES HOME JOURNAL: "Lose 10 Lbs by Judgment Day!"

-- AMERICA ONLINE: "System temporarily down. Try calling back in 15 minutes."

-- INC. MAGAZINE: "10 Ways You Can Profit from the Apocalypse"

-- MICROSOFT WEB SITE: "If you didn't experience the rapture, try downloading software patch RAPT777.EXE."

-- NHNE NEWS BRIEF: "Just remember, you read it here MONTHS before the rest of the world knew about it!"

[If you have any hypothetical headlines you would like to report, NHNE would like to hear from you.]


(Sources: NEWSWEEK, 10/28/96; ASSOCIATED PRESS, via CNN ONLINE, 10/13/96)

The good news is that since 1990, reduction and recycling have reduced Germany's waste output by 252 million tons a year (16 percent). The bad news is that this ecologist's dream has created an economic nightmare, causing government-built incinerators to sit idle, placing landfill projects on hold, and resulting in skyrocketing taxes to pay costs. Things have gotten so bad that the city of Dusseldorf has ordered a local factory to stop shipping paper waste to a recycling company in Belgium which pays for it, and start sending it to a local underutilized disposal plant which charges for the service. The Belgian firm has petitioned the European Union to ban "garbage protectionalism."

Meanwhile, in Spain, a mountain of garbage 300-feet-high is threatening to engulf the small fishing village of O Portino. A weakness in the dump's containment walls has already resulted in an avalanche that has killed one man and caused the evacuation of 250 of the town's residents. Most of the waste is 20 years worth of refuse from the nearby town of La Coruna. The cleanup of O Portino will take three months and cost $20 million. La Coruna is still recovering from the spill of 23 million gallons of oil when the Greek tanker, Aegean Sea, ran aground in 1993. If the garbage dump, with its mixture of used batteries, heavy metals and other materials, collapses and slides the few hundred yards into the ocean, the environmental damage will be even worse. The surrounding waters comprise one of Spain's most prosperous fishing grounds and fishing is the region's principal industry. (JG)


By James Gregory, with help from David Sunfellow and Gillian Holloway

[The NHNE Paranormal Research Team was divided on this story. Those of us who visited the Reverse Speech Web site and called the 900 number, felt the whole operation was too slick, commercial, fuzzy and gimmicky to be authentic. The 900 call (a suspicious money-making opportunity in itself) produced a hefty phone bill, but little solid evidence that Reverse Speech really works. Only fragments of recorded messages were played and these were so inconclusive that some of us thought you could probably play any recording backwards and get some kind of garbled message out of it. Others of us felt that conscious and unconscious material may, indeed, emerge simultaneously and leave a tell-tale trail in reversed speech patterns. We may take a more in-depth look at this story in the future. For now, you'll have to use you own judgement. Our only advice is this: if you can't stop yourself from calling the 900 number, don't stay on the phone as long as we did.]

In the seventies it was trendy to play records backwards to listen for hidden messages, like John Lennon saying "We buried Paul" at the end of a Beatles song. Now it seems that the study of reverse speech has become a science. According to Australian researcher David John Oates, he has discovered a new form of communication called "Reverse Speech" that has the ability to uncover a deeper truth and meaning behind what we are actually speaking.

According to Oates, Reverse Speech is automatically generated by the human brain. It occurs every time we speak and is imbedded backwards into the sounds of our speech. This previously undiscovered function is the mind's own independent voice speaking from the deepest regions of consciousness.

This form of communication can be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards. According to Oates, once every five or ten seconds, very clear and precise phrases occur. They are very quick and fast and are often hidden in the high tones of speech. For this reason, speech reversals are very easily missed by most researchers. The two modes occur simultaneously yet are formed in different parts of the brain -- forward speech comes from the left brain and Reverse Speech from the right brain. Any thought that is on a person's mind has the potential to appear in Reverse Speech. If a lie is spoken forwards, the truth may be spoken backwards. Reverse speech can describe unconscious motivations, desires and thoughts.

Oates has been developing Reverse Speech technologies for 15 years. One might ask, "What good is such a discovery?" Oates offers many suggestions, but the two that seem to make the most sense are as a lie detector and for screening applicants and staff.

The best way to make an informed decision about the validity of Oates' claims is to listen to some examples. You can try his Web site: You can also listen to examples by calling (900) USA-4300, but it will cost you $2.99 a minute, and you must be 18 years or older to place the call.

Here are some examples drawn from the Reverse Speech Web site:

-- Neil Armstrong walking on the moon: "That's one small step for man" reverses to say, "Man will space walk."

-- Led Zeppelin: Right at the very end of the "Stairway to Heaven" are the reversed words, "Play backwards. Hear words sung."

-- The Beatles: The Beatles' song "Help" contains the interesting backward message, "Now he uses marijuana."

-- Live commentary of the JFK assassination in Dallas, Texas: Right at the precise point of the assassination, a speech reversal occurs that says, "He's shot bad. Hold it. Try and look up."

-- O.J. Simpson: One reversal occurs in the words, "Just turn a tape recorder on the next time." Played backwards, this reversal says, "I skinned them all." A second sound bight has a reversal that says "The law will forgive crime."

-- Bob Dole at the Republican Convention: As he speaks forwards, Dole attacks Clinton's tax policy; backwards, he says: "The guy's off his head."

Oates was recently featured on the "Art Bell Show" playing reversals from the presidential debates and also on "Strange Universe." His new book: "Reverse Speech - Voices from the Unconscious" will be available soon, as will a reversing machine specially designed with an instant forward/reverse function and a built-in speed control. He can be emailed at REVERSE SPEECH ENTERPRISES:


(Source: THE NEW AGE JOURNAL, Sept-Oct/96)

Shane Watson is the owner of BODYWORK EMPORIUM of Southern California, the world's largest retailer of massage supplies. He believes in giving back to the community and has recently established the private non-profit TOUCH FOUNDATION to provide free massages and caring touch to the terminally ill, the disabled, the elderly, the homeless, and those in financial need.

The backbone of the organization is a group of 100 volunteers drawn from the ranks of massage therapists, body workers, energy channelers, and healers, who as a group make up one of the best paid professions in the alternative health field. He sees his service as sort of a "tithing through touch."

The volunteers are trained to encourage their clients to choose a technique that feels safe. "Some people are uncomfortable with a body massage," explains Watson. In such cases, he says, "energy work [in which the channeler does not physically touch the client] can provide a non-invasive, non-threatening, nurturing alternative." This approach is particularly important when working with the isolated and marginalized who, on the one hand are very protective about their space, yet crave attention and physical contact.

THE TOUCH FOUNDATION's goal is to serve 125 clients a month. For more information, you can call the TOUCH FOUNDATION at (818) 386-1380. (JG)


(Source: NEWSWEEK, 10/14/96)

A little unclear about what the numbers mean on the open-ended Richter Scale of measuring earthquake intensity? Japan's newly revised Earthquake Intensity Scale (used as a companion to the Richter Scale) clarifies what you can expect:

Rating = Effects

1.0-1.9 = Some feel trembling.
2.0-2.9 = Many feel trembling. Suspended lights sway.
3.0-3.9 = Some feel frightened. Dishes rattle.
4.0-4.9 = Those asleep are awakened. Some items fall off shelves.
5.0-5.4 = Some seek shelter. Dishes and books fall.
5.5-5.9 = Many frightened. Some free-standing objects tip over.
6.0-6.4 = Can't stand still. Many windows break.
6.5-6.9 = Can only crawl. Some brick walls crumble, doors come off.
7.0-7.9 = People and furniture thrown about.
8.0-8.9 = Earthquake-proof buildings suffer damage.
9.0-9.9 = Total destruction.

The scale is logarithmic; in other words, an earthquake of intensity 6.5 is ten times more powerful than one measuring 5.5. (JG)



Depression is the most common mental health problem in the U.S. and antidepressants are among the most frequently prescribed medications. Unfortunately, few people in general and doctors in particular realize that St. John's wort is an herbal alternative that is safer and more effective than conventional antidepressants.

St. John's wort was compared to the commonly prescribed antidepressant, Imipramine in tests conducted between 1979 and 1993. Using the Hamilton Depression Scale as on objective reference, those taking Imipramine improved 45 percent while those using the herb improved 56 percent. St. John's wort also showed 4 percent fewer side effects.

St. John's wort alters mood by modifying the brain's chemistry. Technically, the herb is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO). German studies showed that a few cups daily of St. John's wort tea can help with moderate depression. [As with any medication, St. John's wort should be used with care and its contra-indications should be examined first in detail. If there are any doubts, an experienced herbalist should be consulted.] (JG)


(Source: USA TODAY, 7/12/96)

Cord-blood transplants is a new medical procedure that you will be hearing more about in the future, because it promises to replace bone marrow transplants, a procedure which is expensive, painful, and time consuming. However, the new procedure raises some ethical questions.

Cord blood is rich in stem cells which are used to treat blood and immune disorders. Here is how the procedure works:

-- At birth, the child's umbilical cord is clamped and a syringe is used to extract the blood from the umbilical vein -- usually about three ounces.

-- The cord blood is typed and tested for infections such as HIV and hepatitis.

-- The blood is stored in a vault of liquid nitrogen at -198 degrees C.

-- The frozen blood can be thawed at any time and transplanted into a recipient much like a regular blood transfusion. The cord blood stem cells then migrate to the patient's bone marrow and begin manufacturing new blood cells.

Commercial blood banks are eager to cash in on cord-blood storage, and no wonder -- there are huge profits to be made. They offer to preserve your newborn's precious cord blood at a cost of $95 a year for storage; but should your child or other member of your family need a transfusion, they then charge up to $1,500 for the procedure.

There is very little known about the healing power of blood cord stem cells and how long cord blood can be stored; three years is the current record. VIACORD, a Massachusetts-based commercial blood bank, claims that blood cord stem cells may be used to treat lung cancer, AIDS, and even osteoporosis. But researcher Paul McCurdy of the NATIONAL HEART, LUNG AND BLOOD INSTITUTE says that to claim that stem cells can cure osteoporosis is a "flight of fantasy," and as for the other ailments, no one knows.

The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) is concerned about the commercial hype surrounding the new procedure and has proposed uniform protocols for collecting, storing, and transplanting cord blood and gathering outcome data. Until the protocols are established -- a process that may take five years or longer -- commercial banks are only permitted to recover costs but not make a profit. (JG)


(Source: Jane Bryant Quinn, NEWSWEEK, 10/14/96)

Like to read? Check out: THE AMAZON BOOKSTORE offers one million titles, book reviews on demand, and discount prices that you can pay for by credit card. (JG)


(Source: Kathleen Sands, NETGUIDE, 10/96)

Looking for a long-lost friend? It used to take hours in a room full of telephone books to do what "Switchboard" can now do in few seconds. This online directory is big -- 90 million households and 10 million businesses in the United States. Since information is pulled from the published white pages and other publicly available sources, it's about as current as the latest phone book. On the flip side, searching is so easy, don't be surprised if that long-lost friend catches up to you! "Switchboard" is at: (JG)


(Source: REUTERS)

Now you can explore South America's Amazon jungle in comfort. A group of scientists from London's IMPERIAL COLLEGE plan to relay every step of their Amazon adventure onto the Internet using a laptop computer and satellite phone. Under the project, Web surfers will be able to experience the sights and sounds of the jungle and participate in the identification of such findings as the rare butterfly species the expedition hopes to capture. You can join the safari at: (JG)


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