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NHNE News Brief 44
Friday, January 10, 1997

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"As you make your way through the hazardous paradigm wars of this era, through the chaos of competing myths and belief systems, keep your sense of humor intact, your heart open, and your wits about you. And every morning before you set out on your journey, check the batteries on your spiritual bullshit detector to make certain it is in good working order."

---Sam Keen, from "Hymn to an Unknown God" via NEW AGE JOURNAL, February, 1997



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What's all the fuss about? Come and see for yourself:


(Sources: NEWSWEEK, 1/13/97; Steve Marshall, USA TODAY, 1/6/96)

1997 roared in like a lion with strange and violent weather hammering a number of areas around the world. In the U.S., torrential rains in the Pacific Northwest caused unprecedented floods, blizzards swept the Plains, and freezing rain and fog blanketed the East Coast. States of emergency were declared in 41 of California's 58 counties which experienced some of the worst flooding in their history. The floods forced the evacuation of as many as half a million people -- the nation's largest since the 1993 flooding of the Mississippi River. The surge from as much as 40 inches of rain flowed down the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, raising river levels beyond flood stage. So far, 27 deaths on the West Coast have been attributed to flooding. In that part of the world, it seems they are either battling fires or floods. In Minnesota, blizzard conditions were so severe that for a time not even the snow plows were running. The Arctic conditions that struck Europe can best be measured by the fact that the Netherlands canals froze so solid that they were able to hold the famed 124-mile "Eleven Cities" skating race -- something that has only happened 14 times this century. (JG)


(Source: USA TODAY, 1/6/97; ASSOCIATED PRESS, CNN ONLINE, 1/5/97 via Philip R. Henika)

In the last three weeks, 450,000 believers and curiosity seekers have visited Clearwater, Florida -- more than four times the city's population -- to see the image of the Virgin Mary on the side of a downtown office building. The crush of seekers has cost the city $40,000 to handle the crowds. There have been a few problems with unruly worshipers and fires started by votive candles. Believers say the two-story image that appeared in rainbow hues on the side of the black-windowed building is a miracle. Others say the image may have been there for months, possibly a chemical residue or discoloration. The owners of the building have no plans to remove it. "We're just going to watch and see what happens," said Jim Cascio, a company manager. Onlookers have left behind almost $30,000 in donations, turning the parking lot into a virtual shrine. The money has been distributed to local charities. (JG)


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS, 1/6/97)

Thousands of Israelis crowded Tel Aviv beaches January 6, to watch for extraterrestrials whose arrival was predicted by Israeli psychic Helinor Harar. As the theme music from the TV show, "The X-Files" resounded from loudspeakers, she shouted: "Israel will be the center for UFO landings." TV crews had set up cameras in hopes of filming the visitors, but the only object Harar spotted was a plane about to land at Ben-Gurion airport. Harar, who predicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upset election victory, later told ISRAEL TV she had a new date for a landing -- Valentine's Day. She also ventured another prediction: "Until [alien spacecraft] fly over Hebron, there will be no agreement," in reference to a troop pullout from the West Bank city currently being negotiated by Israel and the Palestinians. (JG)


(Source: Hilary Appelman, ASSOCIATED PRESS, 1/2/97)

For years, scaffolding and sectarian squabbles have kept Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the dark. The Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Armenian Orthodox denominations jealously guard specific parts of the church such as the tomb and the 115-foot dome. Although the church suffered major damage from fires and an earthquake in the past two centuries, it was not until recently that a restoration of Jesus' tomb was possible. $5 million for the restoration of the skylight and decoration of the dome was donated by George and Marie Doty of Rye, New York. The newly restored dome above the traditional site of Jesus' tomb was unveiled the day after Christmas, revealing golden rays exploding across a backdrop of pearly white, surrounded by sparkling stars, its skylight illuminating the dark interior of the 900-year-old church and the marble tomb below. The design by Ara Normart of Fresno, California is intended to represent "the glory of God enveloping the risen Christ." Leaders of the three denominations that control the church presided over the unveiling ceremony. "The significance is not the artwork," said Normart, "it's the fact that the three [factions] got together and agreed after so many years." The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was built by the Emperor Constantine in 335, destroyed in 1009, and rebuilt by the Crusaders the following century. (JG)


(Source: Don Robertson, COASTAL VIEW NEWSPAPER via CNI NEWS, 1/1/97)

A number of UFO reports have come from California in recent weeks, mostly from the coastal areas of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties near Los Angeles. For example, a videotape shot on December 3 clearly shows a UFO that had appeared over a ranch in the Camarillo area for five consecutive nights. The object was very bright, plainly visible against a blue sky. SVP DIGITAL SYSTEMS of Studio City, California found that an "analysis of the above video indicates object is of a solid nature. It appears to have a gaseous shroud surrounding its core. Its ascent rate, based on frame calculations, indicates high velocity movement." In Carpinteria (15 miles east of Santa Barbara), on December 12, a man jogging saw a large white object appear above the mountains and slowly make its way down the slope and continue out over the Santa Barbara Channel. "It was big as a house," said the jogger, who was a contractor. On December 12, a Simi Valley woman reported seeing an object in the sky travelling at a most amazing speed. It was witnessed by two other people. "Sunlight glinted off the top and bottom of the craft, which appeared to be a slightly flattened egg shape,' she claimed." On December 6, a man at his home in the Santa Monica mountains watched as a large black triangle passed over him. The object was thick, and lighted around its periphery with red, green, and white lights. One week later, December 13, a couple watching a meteor shower from Canalino School playground in Carpinteria saw a similar black triangle outlined with white lights around the edges. Another man watching the sky the night of December 13 from the Carpinteria bluffs saw a dark, manta ray-shaped object pass silently overhead. (JG)


(Source: CNN ONLINE, 12/21/96)

The air in the U.S. is cleaner than it was a decade ago, according to the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY'S (EPA) annual report on air quality trends. Over the past 10 years, six major air pollutants have declined, including lead, carbon monoxide and smog. The report says that air pollution has declined even while the economy has grown. "Clearly we do not need to choose between our health and our jobs. Economic growth and environmental protection can go hand-in-hand," said EPA Administrator Carol Browner. This progress has industry leaders denouncing the need to adopt further pollution regulations but the EPA disagrees, and has proposed new legislation to strengthen standards on smog and soot. "Despite the progress that this report shows, in 1995 approximately 80 million people lived in areas where air did not meet existing health standards," said Browner. (JG)


(Source: REUTERS via SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 11/29/96)

Some regard semiconductor manufacturing as a clean industry because it is light manufacturing, but in reality it has grim statistics. For example, according to the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA), California's Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the semiconductor industry, has more hazardous waste sites (28) than any comparable area in the United States. The semiconductor industry makes 220 billion chips a year, but uses hundreds of millions of gallons of water and produces tons of toxic gases and hazardous solid wastes each day, including phosphine, diborane, arsine, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. The semiconductor industry has corrected some of its more grievous environmental misdeeds such as the use of underground storage tanks which were prone to leaking. Also, most manufacturers have stopped using chloroflurorocarbons after it was found they were destroying the ozone layer. In November, the EPA reached an agreement with INTEL CORP. on the control and monitoring of hazardous emissions at its Chandler, Arizona chip-making facility, including a commitment by INTEL to recycle 65 percent of its water and cap emissions below current EPA limits. If successful, the EPA and INTEL deal could become a model for environmental regulation throughout the semiconductor industry. (JG)


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---Christine Lee, Jacksonville, North Carolina



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---Allison J. Craig, Ottawa, Canada

[Yes. The News Briefs will still be posted on our Web site about a week after they are emailed to our paid subscribers.]


By David Sunfellow

The January issue of Gordon-Michael Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT (ECR) is out and it contains Scallion's predictions for 1997. Scallion only lists 16 predictions for 1997. Of these 16 predictions, only one of them is a prediction for geological change. In comparison, last year Scallion made a total of 38 predictions, 7 of which were geological, and the year before, in 1995, Scallion made a total of 66 predictions, 25 of which were geological.

The trend here is obvious: each year Scallion is making fewer predictions, and his geological predictions have almost come to a complete standstill. His predictions are also focusing more on ordinary events (like weather changes and economics) and less on far-fetched, super-dramatic events (like ancient high-tech gizmos and fully preserved Atlantians being discovered in Egypt). In addition, many of his predictions continue to be surprisingly vague. Why? When we publish our review of Scallion's predictions for 1996, and also take a look at many of Scallion's failed predictions from earlier years, I think the reason will be obvious: Scallion's track record -- especially in relation to geological changes and extraordinary, highly controversial events -- is embarrassingly poor. His accuracy is so bleak, in fact, that the only reason we continue to track him is to ensure people have somewhere to turn for credible evaluations.

Declaring "this year's visions appear to be different than in previous years," Scallion writes "the main theme for the year is 'change.' Not just change in one or two areas, such as the economy or governments..., it is change that moves globally, throughout all society." Here's a look at the big changes Gordon-Michael Scallion is predicting for 1997:

1. A cure for all cancers, based on removing small portions of diseased cancer cells, reducing their cell-charge level and reversing their polarity, and then reintroducing them to the diseased body, will be found in three years.

2. Credit card debt and bankruptcy will trigger a decline in consumer spending and a major decline in markets, especially the Dow.

3. As a result of conflicts in the Middle East, the price of oil will almost double in 1997, which will also cause markets to decline and inflation to rise.

4. The German economy will be hard hit as markets decline because of union problems. High unemployment results.

5. Japanese investors will start a major pull out of foreign investors from U.S. stock markets. The Nekkei tumbles; other foreign investors follow.

6. Precious metals will move higher, especially silver. The percentage increase of silver will outpace gold bullion.

7. Unprecedented water damage will occur in 1997 because of erratic and repeating weather patterns. Some insurance companies will not be able to pay out full claims. The areas to watch for in the U.S are: the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, California, Washington State, Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Oregon and Louisiana.

8. 1997 will experience one of the most severe winters of the century!

9. 12 hurricanes will be named for the '97 season. The South will be hard hit -- the Carolinas to Florida's eastern seaboard, Florida's Pan Handle to Louisiana, and Galveston, Texas.

10. A mega super quake will hit Japan. Damage in will be in the billions. Japan will declare a state of emergency as scientists predict that more earthquakes are coming.

11. The Middle East will be the region of great discoveries.

12. A temple dedicated to Moses will be uncovered in the Middle East. Carbon-dating the site places Moses in the region more than a thousand years earlier than thought.

13. The Middle East will erupt in war as terrorists hit major Israeli cities.

14. Scientists will discover the moon had an atmosphere and oceans that supported life.

15. New photographs will confirm that life existed on Mars.

16. After strange signals are discovered emanating from Comet Hale-Bopp, a controversy will erupt among scientists: some will say the signals are random emissions, while others will argue that the signals are intelligent.

Finally, to give Gordon-Michael Scallion some credit, his newsletter continues to offer information that is valuable, helpful and, in some cases, inspiring. Along with his predictions, Scallion's newsletters typically include interesting news stories, US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY statistics, important Web site addresses, helpful tips (his January issue, for instance, includes a list of items to include in a first aid kit) and occasionally inspiring columns by Cynthia Keyes, his partner. Our New Year's wish for Scallion is for him to use his growing network to disseminate more of the helpful information that has been appearing in his newsletters, and less wild-eyed, far-out, heart-stopping prophecies. We would also still like to see Scallion publish an of honest account of all of his hits and misses since he began publishing his predictions, with some kind of explanation as to why so many of his predictions -- especially his most dramatic ones -- have failed to happen.

[If anyone has copies of some of Scallion's earlier prediction issues -- from 1982 to 1993, we would be very interested in seeing them].


By James Gregory & David Sunfellow

Ever since a strange craft allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, controversy has swirled around all aspects of the event, but none so controversial as video footage released by Ray Santilli on May 5, 1995 reportedly showing an autopsy of an alien being. Although many in the UFO field (like David Sunfellow, Publisher of the NHNE NEWS BRIEF) quickly dismissed the footage as a hoax, others (like James Gregory, Editor-in-Chief of the NHNE NEWS BRIEF) were more inclined to accept it as authentic. Michael Hesemann ("Cosmic Connection -- Worldwide Crop Circles and ET Contacts") and a group of colleagues formed the INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH TEAM (IRT) to re-evaluate details about the Santilli film and determine its authenticity objectively. The results of the research published in the October/November issue of NEXUS and a recent article in the CNI NEWS have prompted NHNE to take another look at the arguments -- pro and con.


-- Joseph A. Bauer, a surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio pointed out a number of inconsistencies in the medical procedure, including the lack of a systematic progression of the autopsy, instruments such as scissors held awkwardly, doctors devoid of the rudimentary skills of manual examination of a body, and no pumps and hoses necessary to supply fresh air to the operators wearing biohazard outfits. Houston pathologist Ed Uthman was bothered by the unrealistic viscera, stating, "The 'alien' just had amorphous lumps of tissue in her body cavities. I cannot fathom that an alien who had external organs so much like ours could not have some sort of definitive structural organs internally." Uthman also observed that there was no body block, a basic piece of equipment used to prop up the trunk for examination and the head for brain removal.

-- The cameraman always seemed to know where to point the camera in order to record interesting things happening -- before they happened! For example, as the doctor moved the scalpel along the neck and across to the chest, the camera didn't move on. Instead, it remained focused on the side of the neck for several seconds -- until blood began to drip from the wound. Conversely, the cameraman just as often stopped filming when crucial details were about to be revealed. For example, after the examiner cut open the chest of the creature, the cameraman missed the sternum removal, an inexcusable omission. Also suspicious was the choice of a fixed-focus movie camera over an efficient 35 mm still camera with close-up lenses and color film commonly used at the time for medical/surgical/pathological documentation. In addition, the cameraman has not made any public appearances. Obscure telephone conversations do not constitute proof.

-- One of the most damning and often overlooked pieces of evidence against the film being authentic are the alien control panels that appear at the end of the film. While believers have offered various theories about how the controls might work, it is exceedingly doubtful that aliens who are sophisticated enough to navigate the cosmos would produce control panels as crudely crafted as these.

-- Santilli has said many things which are demonstrably untrue. For example, he said that President Truman could be clearly seen in the footage, yet no Truman footage was ever produced. He also said that the footage showed the debris site in the desert, the crashed disk and a crane used to recover it, as well as many military personnel. None of this footage was ever produced. Despite numerous requests for pieces of original film, Santilli has only sent leaders or small snippets of film for testing which have no definite connection with the autopsy sequence. Pressed for a section of film on which there are images of the supposed alien, he has refused, saying that he no longer has control of the original film.

-- Santilli denied knowing John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson (prominent UFO hoaxers suspected of creating the alien), when, in fact, there is evidence that he had known both for some time.

-- The film failed to agree with earlier purported eyewitness testimony about the alleged autopsy. For example, numerous medical informants described the Roswell creatures as lacking ears and having only four fingers with no thumb, whereas the autopsy film depicts a creature with small ears and five fingers and a thumb.

-- Other objections are that the film bore a bogus, non-military code ("Restricted Access AO I Classification") that disappeared after it was criticized; that the anonymous photographer's alleged military status had not been verified; and that the injuries sustained by the extraterrestrial were inconsistent with an air crash.

-- Many prominent Roswell-crash partisans have publicly stated that the film was a hoax: Kent Jeffrey, an associate of the CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES and author of the "Roswell Declaration" stated, "There is no doubt in my mind that this film is a fraud;" Roswell promoter Stanton Friedman said: "I saw nothing to indicate the footage came from the Roswell incident."

-- British expert Cliff Wallace of CREATURE EFFECTS pointed out that he and his colleagues all agreed that "what we were seeing was a very good lifecast. Although the nature of the film obscured many of the things we had hoped to see, we felt that the general posture and weighting of the corpse had more in common with a cast that had been taken in an upright position. We felt that the filming was done in such a way as to obscure details rather than highlight them and that many of the parts of the autopsy that would have been difficult to fake, for example the folding back of the chest flaps, were avoided, as was anything but the most cursory of limb movement." Trey Stokes, a Hollywood special effects "motion designer," added that the being seemed lightweight and "rubbery," that it moved unnaturally when handled, especially in one shot in which "the shoulder and upper arm were actually floating rigidly above the table surface, rather than sagging back against it" as would be expected.

-- Various researchers have pointed out that the body had features that resemble the morphology of assorted human genetic disorders -- low ears, enlarged head, the bulbous eyes. Genetic diseases that might account for these deformities include Patau's Syndrome, Edward's Syndrome and Turner's Syndrome.

-- In stills of the dead Roswell alien, you can make out what appears to be a teardrop-shaped vaccination scar on the left shoulder, suggesting that whoever was lying on that autopsy table was raised here on Earth.

-- Finally, if recently released AIR FORCE files are authentic, the wreckage actually came from a balloon-borne array of radar reflectors and monitoring equipment launched as part of the secret PROJECT MOGUL and intended to monitor acoustic emissions from anticipated Soviet nuclear tests. Materials from the device match contemporary descriptions of the debris (foil, sticks, and tape).


-- The body's six fingers and six toes are perfectly proportioned, an occurrence unusual in humans with birth defects.

-- Santilli arranged for one of Hesemann's IRT team to talk to the cameraman by phone. He was able to provide details about the crash site, which according to him was not the one near Roswell, but a second crash site 15 miles from the White Sands Proving Grounds. His description was so accurate that members of the group were able to find the exact location where the craft allegedly crashed. The rock at the site had been scoured clean by some kind of mechanical action that they interpreted as an attempt to remove all traces of the crash. The group talked to people who had witnessed a bright fireball in the sky on the day of the alleged crash, including a group of natives who developed blisters on exposed skin two days later.

-- IRT talked to four eyewitnesses who saw alien autopsy films while in the military, including one who, while serving as a security coordinator at a top-secret site in Nevada, was shown footage from THREE separate alien autopsies, one clearly showing President Harry Truman observing in the background. Upon seeing the Santilli film, he confirmed that it appeared to be from the same stock.

-- The technique of the cameraman has been criticized for being too jerky, moving around too much, and often not being in focus. The group determined that his jerkiness was at least in part caused by a leg deformity he suffered due to childhood polio; the constant motion was the result of his trying to stay out of the way of two people performing an autopsy in a tiny room wearing heavy protective gear; the camera often went in and out of focus because the cameras the military used at the time had fixed-focus lenses. In the opinion of the IRT group, no one could have done a better job given the circumstances.

-- Everything in the film of the autopsy room was examined and pronounced authentic. There was not one detail that was inappropriate to the situation or era.

-- Most medical experts consulted by IRT about the film were of the opinion that the persons who performed the autopsy had medical training but were more likely surgeons rather than pathologists. The cameraman identified the persons as Dr. Bronk and Dr. Williams. An examination of military records has revealed that Drs. Bronk and Williams, both now deceased, were serving as doctors in active military service in 1947.

-- Dr. Roger Leir [California-based podiatrist and "alien implant" researcher] believed the film was genuine. He pointed out that in the film when the damaged leg of the autopsy subject was flexed, the thigh muscles moved, indicating that was not a dummy.

-- Philip Mantle, former Director of Investigations for the BRITISH UFO RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (BUFORA) and author of the soon-to-be-published "Beyond Roswell," pointed out that the creature had no navel, while every human, irrespective of genetic defects, has a navel. He added that he has seen not one but two separate autopsy films, each featuring similar but different creatures. Only one film has so far been released. He commented, "If it was some kind of deformed human creature, it would probably have to be twins, and neither of them had a navel. You would have expected them to have been written up in some medical literature somewhere, because they were so unique. No one ever did." Mantle concluded, "If [the film] is proved to be a fake, I could accept that, but until that time comes, I remain optimistic that it is the genuine article."

-- Hesemann and the rest of the IRT group concluded that they uncovered enough evidence to convince them that the film might very well be genuine. As a minimum, they felt that it was too important to reject outright. The group has also made an appeal for more information on the autopsy -- pro or con -- in order to clear up the controversy once and for all.

After studying all the information, David Sunfellow remains convinced that the Alien Autopsy is a hoax. James Gregory feels that no one has provided convincing proof that the Santilli autopsy footage is a hoax, and therefore believes that it is legitimate until proven otherwise. (Sources: Michael Hesemann, NEXUS, Oct-Nov/96; Michael Lindemann, CNI NEWS, 1/1/97; George Wingfield, GW BULLETIN, 11/22/95; CONSPIRACY CURRENTS, 10/30/95)


(Source: Dan Woolman, IN SEARCH OF Web Site, 11/22/96)

Things cosmic are fairly quiet at the moment while the Sun blocks our view of the Hale-Bopp Comet. The following material was drawn from questions and answers prepared by Dan Woolman for the IN SEARCH OF Web Site <>.

Q: When was Hale-Bopp first sighted?

A: Hale-Bopp was first "officially" discovered and named on July 23, 1995 by Alan Hale (Cloudcroft, NM) and independently by Thomas Bopp (Stanfield, AZ). At the time of its discovery it was a 10.5 magnitude object at a distance of 7.2 AU from the Sun. The comet was discovered 20 months from perihelion (closest approach to the Sun). Most comets are discovered a month or two out. It's rare for them to be found 3 or 4 months out. Kahoutek blew minds in 1973 because it was found 7 months out -- the farthest out ever. Astronomers still can not explain why Hale-Bopp was visible well beyond the orbit of Jupiter.

Q: We have been told that Hale-Bopp was found before July 23, 1995 but its discovery was keep secret for up to two years.

A: This comet has only recently been identified on a photograph taken with the United Kingdom Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring, Australia, on April 27, 1993.

Q: Since Hale-Bopp was found so far out, it must be huge. What size is it?

A: Nobody knows how large the nucleus is, because the heart of the comet is obscured by dust and gas.

Q: Hale-Bopp recently occulted (flew in front of) a star providing scientists the opportunity to accurately measure the size of the nucleus of the comet. The comet made the star dim out for 10 seconds. The official comment was that the results couldn't be trusted because a 10-second dip in light would mean the comet was really huge. Can you comment?

A: There have been no other statements made by NASA concerning this event.

Q: What about the claims of Hale-Bopp's "eyes"?

A: Hale-Bopp's "eyes" were first photographed in October 1995. There is an aberration in the structure of the comet. It must be assumed that the comet may have split in to two or more parts. There is simply no evidence to assume otherwise. This phenomena could also account for the gravitational changes effecting trajectory.

Q: Isn't it interesting that the period for Comet Hale-Bopp is 3,600 years which is the same as that predicted by Zecharia Sitchin for the 12th planet?

A: When it was first discovered, the period for the Hale-Bopp Comet was estimated at 3,600 years. After additional data was gathered, such as that from the image taken by the Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring, Australia in April 1993, its period was recalculated to approximately 2,600 years.

Q: Hale-Bopp was seen in October 1995 by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) throwing off a huge chunk of matter. At the time, there were no thermal or gravitational forces strong enough to cause this. NASA cut off the pictures from HST after this time. Can you comment?

A: There have been no statements made by NASA concerning this event. Pictures of Hale-Bopp using the HST have been taken as recently as October 16, 1996. The astronomer working on the project stated that the pictures taken in October looked the same as those of September and did not release them.

Q: The Galileo space probe was very close to Hale-Bopp when it was out near Jupiter this past summer. Galileo was used to photograph asteroids on its way out. If it was used it to image HB, no pictures were ever released. Can you comment?

A: There have been no statements made by NASA concerning this event.

Based upon the above discussion, Woolman concludes that Hale-Bopp scientific and technical data is deliberately being withheld. He considers the situation totally unacceptable, and urges everyone to sign one or more of the following email petitions demanding the immediate release of all images and photos taken by the HST and relevant information from any other publicly-funded institute:

The petitions are being sent to the executive and congressional branches of government, professional astronomers and scientists, and the media. At last count, 1,637,000 petitions had been distributed!

[Dan Woolman is Coordinator of the IN SEARCH OF Web site and is also a theoretical physicist whose primary field of interest is relativity and matter.] (JG)


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