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NHNE News Brief 51
Friday, March 7, 1997

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of the extraordinary times in which we live."

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Prayer is a Force

Colin Andrews

"Celestine Prophecy" Mini-Series
Huge Solar Storm Hits Earth
Major Earthquakes Strike Asia
Farmers Under Attack
Fortuna Vindicated
"Agile Al" on Oprah
Abduction Insurance Hoax
Help Wanted

Video Nicely Unslick
Integrity & Commitment
The Lesser of Two Evils

The Musical Connection
A Chilling Message

Cameraman Manhunt Continues
Are Flying Triangles Aircraft?
UFO Linked to Cattle Mutilation

Ed Dames on the Hot Seat

High-Tech Origins Challenged - Again




"Prayer is a force as real as terrestrial gravity. As a physician, I have seen men, after all other therapy had failed, lifted out of disease and melancholy by the serene effort of prayer. Only in prayer do we achieve that complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind, and spirit which gives the frail human its unshakable strength."

---Dr. Alexis Carrel



The NHNE Toby Award ( is named in honor of Tobias, the hero of the Book of Tobit, which is one of the twelve books of the Biblical Apocrypha. Tobias is a model of virtue. He follows the spirit, searches for truth, and persists in the face of adversity. NHNE is proud to award our second Toby to Colin Andrews, one of the world's leading authorities on crop circles.

With so many controversies swirling around the crop circle phenomenon, we are grateful for the thoroughness, levelheadedness, professionalism and heartfelt sincerity that Andrews brings to this important field of study. A case in point is the recent Oliver's Castle Video that supposedly documents a crop circle being made by mysterious balls of light (See News Briefs 27, 29, 45, 47). Andrews was given a copy of the video by a young man who claimed to film it. After signing a hand-written contract that insured the film maker received 90% of whatever monies were generated from the video, Andrews was given permission to use the video in whatever way he wanted to. But Andrews refused to go public with the video because of numerous inconsistencies. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the man who had given him the video, Andrews hired a private detective to track the man down. In the current issue of Andrews' CIRCLES PHENOMENON RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL (CPR) newsletter, Andrews and two other crop circle researchers that were intimately involved in the Oliver's Castle fiasco, spent seven pages detailing the twisted chain of events and suspicious characters involved in the video. Early on, Andrews publicly stated that he felt the video was a hoax -- and he has continued to maintain this position, in spite of intense pressure from people within the crop circle community who believe the video is authentic. He has also resisted the temptation to profit from the video financially.

While humanity will probably be faced with both genuine and fabricated mysteries for some time to come, and while there will probably always be unscrupulous human beings willing to take advantage of real and hoaxed mysteries, as long as there are people like Colin Andrews investigating, those of us who want to know the truth, will have at least a few credible sources to turn to for reliable information.

We encourage you to give Colin Andrews and his organization the support they deserve. You can support his work (and promote the serious investigation of the crop circle phenomenon) by becoming a subscriber of his newsletter. For more information, please write:

P.O. Box 3378
Branford, CT 06405

Phone & Fax: (203) 483-0822


(Sources: Chris Petrikin, REUTERS/VARIETY, 2/21/97; Steve Huckman, HOLLYWOOD ONLINE, 2/21/97)

CBS is planning a four-hour mini-series based on James Redfield's best-selling book, "The Celestine Prophecy." A writer has not yet been named, but Redfield and Beveral Camhe have signed on to produce the upcoming show. Redfield's spiritual mystery was self-published in 1993 and was later published by Warner Books where it stayed on the NEW YORK TIMES' Best-sellers List for three years. The mini-series' official soundtrack is currently being recorded by PRIORITY RECORDS in Los Angeles. (KAB)



A massive solar storm, which some are calling the most significant natural event of January, erupted from the surface of the Sun on January 6 blowing off a cloud of charged particles 30 million miles wide which slammed into the Earth four days later at a speed of one million miles per hour. What made this event particularly significant was the fact that, for the first time, scientists were able to track the event from its inception at the surface of the Sun until the moment of impact on the Earth. When the billion-ton cloud collided with us, it increased the amount of energy in the planet's magnetosphere to 1,400 gigawatts, nearly twice that of all the electric power generated in the U.S. On January 10, ATT's Telstar 401 satellite suddenly shut down, an event attributed to the destructive power of the solar storm. (JG)



This past week was a seismicly active one as major earthquakes struck a number of Asian countries causing great destruction and loss of life. On February 28, a 7.3 magnitude quake struck Pakistan's isolated Sibi district killing at least 100 people. Figures are sketchy due to the remoteness of the area. The next day, a 6.1 magnitude quake struck the mountainous Ardabil province of Iran damaging 83 villages. The official death toll is 500, but aid workers estimate the loss of life to be closer to 3,000. In recent days, powerful quakes have also hit Armenia and China. (JG)


(Sources: Department of Agriculture Press Release via MILLENNIUM MATTERS, 2/19/97)

Harvests of non-citrus fruits in the U.S. were down for the second year in a row, as strange and inclement weather continued to plague fruit farmers across the nation. Apple production for 1996 was estimated at 10.4 billion pounds, one percent less than 1995 and nine percent below 1994. Grape production for 1996 totaled 5.5 million tons, down six percent from the previous season and down six percent from 1994. Peach production was set at 2.1 billion pounds, down 10 percent from last year and 18 percent below 1994. Pear production was placed at 778,750 tons, down 18 percent from 1995. The year 1997 is turning out to be no better for farmers: in North Dakota, 12,600 cattle are dead and the number is expected to be higher in South Dakota, as a result of the five blizzards that have roared across the region since November; in Florida, a January freeze cost farmers $100 million in crop losses of beans, squash, tomatoes, sweet corn and zucchini. (JG)



In News Brief 15 (Friday, June 7, 1996) we reported that the U.S. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) went after THE FORTUNA ALLIANCE, an Internet-based network marketing company, alleging that it has been "operating a fraudulent and unlawful pyramid sales scheme." The FTC froze their assets, slapped them with a temporary restraining order, sent a agents to FORTUNA'S headquarters, took control of their Web site, publicly boasted of their attack on FORTUNA in the media, and then hauled them into court. While the FTC held the FORTUNA raid up as an example of their ongoing efforts to curtail bogus business practices on the Net, they apparently bit off more than they could chew going after FORTUNA. After months of court appearances and intense behind-the-scenes negotiations, the FTC and FORTUNA ALLIANCE have reached an out-of-court settlement (consent order).This agreement, initiated by the FTC, finds THE FORTUNA ALLIANCE, and all of the named defendants, innocent of the charges leveled against them by the FTC. The price of this settlement was, however, very costly: in order to get back to business quickly, FORTUNA had to agree to drop a 300 million dollar counter-suit that it had filed against the FTC. For more information about FORTUNA and/or their out-of-court settlement with the FTC, you can email Steven A. Moerman at "". (DS)



Al Siebert, a guest columnist for WIND & WINGS 2 (, appeared on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW on March 4th. The program dealt with survivors of extreme disasters. Al was chosen to appear as the guest expert because Oprah's producer was very impressed with his book, "The Survivor Personality" (1996, Berkley/Perigee Books). Due to air nationally on Tuesday, March 11th, the show features several survivors of extreme disasters and discusses why some people are more likely to survive life threatening situations than others. For information about Al, his work and his appearance on THE OPRAH WINFRY SHOW, you can visit Al's "ThriveNet" Web site at <>. (DS)


(Sources: Helen Macleod, JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, 12/31/96 via CNI NEWS, 2/16/97, Maurice Chittenden, (UK) SUNDAY TIMES, 1/12/97 via CNI NEWS, 2/26/97)

In their February 16, 1997 issue CNI NEWS reported that a British man claiming to have been abducted by aliens, and having taken out insurance coverage for just such an eventuality, had received a settlement from his insurance company for 1.6 million dollars. John Carpenter said he was taken aboard a spacecraft last October, where he met several small beings with "triangular heads [and] dolphin-like skin" who communicated with him telepathically before he passed out. When he awoke back on Earth, he thought he'd been dreaming, until he noticed an "alien claw" stuck to his shirt sleeve. Neighbors had caught his "beaming up" on video. The video, the claw and the story were sufficient evidence for Simon Burgess, Managing Director of GOODFELLOW REBECCA INGRAMS PEARSON LTD. -- the London underwriting agency that had insured Carpenter against being "abducted, impregnated or eaten by aliens" -- to pay the claim. According to the story, believers were claiming this development confirmed, once and for all, that alien abductions really do happen. Skeptics said the whole thing was a scam, since the evidence -- including the claw -- was sold by the insurance company to an unnamed U.S. media agency for more than the cost of the payout. Now it appears that whole thing may be a hoax. John Carpenter is in fact Joe Tagliarini, an unemployed City of London courier, who dreamt up the idea of selling American-style alien abduction insurance in Britain, and the man "paying" the one-million-pound cheque is Tagliarini's business partner, Simon Burgess, an insurance broker with a talent for promoting bizarre policies to get publicity. Tagliarini claims that the abduction actually happened and that he changed his name to protect his identity. The British insurance industry is distancing itself from Burgess, who is no longer registered as a broker. However, Burgess boasts he has already sold 1,100 policies against alien abduction and has received "many hundreds of inquiries" a day since the payout. (JG)


(Source: Press Release, MILLENNIUM INSTITUTE, 2/21/97)

The people whose only job is to think about the next millennium are looking for help. The staff and associates of the non-profit MILLENNIUM INSTITUTE use one of the world's most sophisticated computer models to map the future for governments and for organizations like UNESCO and the WORLD BANK. Now they are now seeking ideas from ordinary citizens around the world on how best to prepare for the next century and the next millennium. "We're just a few weeks away from the start of the 1,000-day countdown to the threshold of the next 1,000 years," says Gerald Barney, President of the MILLENNIUM INSTITUTE. "We want to know what people think we should do to best observe that countdown period. Every person in the world has an equal stake in the future, and this is the time to be heard." "There are no rules for submission," he said. "We want to know what people would like to see done in their communities, by corporations, by universities, and by their governments to prepare for a future that can be sustained in the face of declining natural resources." The Institute plans to award a $1,000 prize to the person submitting the best set of ideas. The winning ideas will be published on the MILLENNIUM INSTITUTE Web site. People can submit their ideas to "Ideas," MILLENNIUM INSTITUTE, 1117 N. 19th Street, Arlington, VA, USA, 22209-1708; e-mail: "". (JG)



"Watched 'The Video.' Nicely unslick. David Sunfellow and James Gregory are real people presenting us with straight forward information. I especially liked the way they played off each other. Good synergy there. Interviews were good, too. I felt they captured something essential in each of the folks they spoke with, letting them have the space to really develop their thoughts and say it without having to rush or get sidetracked. I have a better understanding of Sedona, leaving me wanting to know more. One of the high points for me was when the TV interviewer was trying to corner David into stating something incriminating about Mr. Scallion. David stayed clear admitting he didn't know, wishing he knew more, and then turned it into the opportunity to admit the general challenge we all have in keeping to the highest ethic while less honorable motives nip at our heals. This was a wonderful way to include Scallion, rather than implicate him and play him into the typical bad guy role, which TV so loves to do. I really appreciated this."

---Steve Haag, San Jose, California



"Even though I have known David Sunfellow for some time, I got an even stronger sense of the person while watching the NHNE video. His sincerity and goodness as well as his sprightly sense of humour came across so strongly. A friend of the family who joined me in watching the video was particularly impressed by the fact that Sunfellow refused to judge Scallion's motives, even when he was egged on by the interviewer. I truly respect Sunfellow's integrity and his commitment to NewHeavenNewEarth."

---Mary Anne Buchowski, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



"I would think everyone would be on their knees thanking their various and sundry gods for the news that the Antarctic ice cap is melting (NHNE 49). My understanding from reading the book 'Pole Shift' is that pole shifts are generally triggered by a destabilizing buildup of ice at one of the poles causing the poles to shift and restabilization to occur. I would think that any flooding from the melting of part of the Antarctic ice field would be considerable less traumatic and destructive than the 90 percent annihilation of life caused by the shift of the poles and the resulting 1,000 mph winds."

---Keith York, Lake Tahoe, Nevada



Mathematician Gerald Hawkins has discovered a connection between crop circle patterns and the diatonic scale of music. Hawkins made a detailed study of 25 crop circles, discovered from 1981 to 1988, which had been measured in precise detail. In the case of a crop circle which had smaller satellite circles associated with it, Hawkins arrived at a crop circle ratio based on the diameter of the main circle divided by the diameter of the satellite. For concentric rings, the ratio was derived by squaring the diameter of the larger ring and dividing it by the square of the smaller diameter. The outside measurements of the rings were the ones used.

Hawkins compared the 25 crop circle ratios to the ratios of the pitches of the eight notes of the diatonic scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C'), where C was used as the reference. The notes correspond to the white keys of a piano and he found that each and every note was hit at least once, while none of the notes corresponding to the black keys were. The statistical probability of this happening by chance is 1 in 400,000. He also found that 16 of the 25 crop circles corresponded exactly to musical notes.

Hawkins' conclusion was that although he cannot say that crop circles are "musical," it can be said that crop circles and the eight-note musical scale are based on the same mathematical relationship. These findings also argue against some who feel that crop circles are the product of natural phenomena. Apart from bird and whale songs, the set of diatonic numbers does not occur in nature. Therefore, it appears that there is some sort of intelligence behind the creation of crop circles. (JG)



In 1995, a crop circle consisting of five concentric circles, which came to be nicknamed "The Solar System," was discovered in a wheat field on the Longwood Estate in Britain. Detailed measurements of the formation have revealed that it is indeed a model of our solar system. Using the distance from the Earth to the Sun as a reference, the true astronomical distances of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the asteroids are in the ratio: 0.4, 0.7, 1.0, 1.5, 2.8. The distance of the rings in the crop circle are in the ratio: 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.4, 2.6.

What is chilling about this particular formation is its apparent message: while all the other planets and even the asteroids are represented, the planet Earth does not appear in the concentric circle representing its orbit. (JG)


(Source: CNI NEWS, 2/25/97 and 3/1/97)

As announced in News Brief 50, CNI NEWS has launched a full-scale search for the man who claims to have shot Ray Santilli's controversial "Alien Autopsy" film footage. Not only have they posted still images and a short video clip of the cameraman on their Web site, they have also created an interactive area so that people who may have information on this man's identity or whereabouts can log the information ( Their plan is to compile and distribute information from this database to key researchers. Here is the latest information on the cameraman:

At Ray Santilli's invitation, Robert Kiviat, the U.S. television producer of "Alien Autopsy -- Fact or Fiction," prepared 25 detailed questions for the cameraman to answer. The cameraman's own son shot the video sometime before mid-July 1996 on a non-professional camcorder. The cameraman responded briefly to about half of Kiviat's questions. The cameraman's plan to obscure his own face failed so the son requested that the tape not be shown unless the face and the voice could be disguised. Ray Santilli sold the unaltered video to a Japanese television network which aired the footage in Japan in December 1996. Though the video quality was poor, the cameraman's face was visible and his voice clear.

The following are edited excerpts of an interview of Robert Kiviat (RK) by CNI NEWS Editor Michael Lindemann (ML) on February 21, 1997:

ML: Does the man you met, who claims to be the son, look enough like the man on the film to be family-related?

RK: He does look like the father to some degree. If he's an actor, they probably picked an actual father and son.

ML: Was this meeting specifically for the purpose of handing over the tape?

RK: It was supposed to be a meeting where I would both meet the cameraman and receive a copy of the tape from him. Unfortunately, a last minute "emergency" came up and Santilli couldn't make it, so he sent a representative. And that, according to Santilli, is the reason the father himself did not come.

ML: Who is in possession of the first generation copy of that film?

RK: Ray Santilli controls the actual material and he gave the first generation copy to the Japanese.

ML: Ray Santilli evidently sold the videotape to the Japanese with no stipulation that the man's face and voice be disguised. Is it your impression that the cameraman is okay with this?

RK: At one time the cameraman wanted to be silhouetted, but now it appears he doesn't mind not being silhouetted. This man and his son were bright enough to know that they could have guaranteed silhouette, but they didn't do that -- they sent it in as is. That may be the biggest clue to his willingness to come out.

ML: Was the cameraman paid to do this interview?

RK: My understanding was that he was paid [but] I have no idea how much.

ML: Now that Ray Santilli has released this footage to the Japanese, what would you like to see happen?

RK: This project at the CNI NEWS Web site is a great beginning to get information out to the public and to help close some of these nagging issues in one of the greatest mysteries of perhaps the last 25 years. This is the first time that anyone has shown the footage to the American public. This is a big step because the Internet is going to become a major source for cooperation between television shows and the viewing public. My goal would be to have the cameraman's image shown on national television, so we would have an answer. My company is now in preproduction on a possible new FOX UFO special that will recap the alien autopsy/cameraman issue based on what is known at the time we finalize the show for airing. If CNI can close this thing out during preproduction, we'll cover how their Web site led to closure. My guess is this show would be timed to air around the [fiftieth] anniversary of Roswell [summer 1997]. (JG)


(Source: CNI NEWS, 3/1/97)

Over the last six months, the northwest of England has experienced a number of "flying triangle" sightings. Descriptions of the craft are usually detailed due to its habit of hovering for a while, before departing at high speed. Most witnesses describe a black triangular shape with lights at each corner, as well as a central red/orange glow. The corner illuminations may be conventional navigation lights, although they are usually dim and constant, and more probably represent the source of propulsion. The version most often seen is described as being between 30 to 50 feet across. Sightings are often accompanied by reports of a "charged" atmosphere, indicative perhaps of some form of field propulsion which allows the craft to hover, climb, turn and accelerate at will. This may also explain the slight humming noise evident at times. From eyewitness accounts, it almost appears that the vehicle is performing to its audience, as if the operators are interested to see the response of the observers.

Triangle sightings in the UK sometimes include exotic details. For example:

-- Around 7 p.m. in July 1996, Liverpool resident Dean Crowther looked out of the window of his apartment overlooking the River Mersey, where he saw a black elongated triangular object emerging from the depths of the river. He estimated the triangle to be approximately 30 feet long, by 20 feet wide. The object rose out of the water and into the air to a height of 25-30 feet where it hovered motionless. Throughout this time, the edges of the object appeared to ripple and fluctuate. It then travelled straight up at high speed and was quickly lost from view.

-- At 6:20 p.m. on November 8, 1996, a man named Mal Jones was driving to work with he spotted a black triangle moving slowly over Liverpool. He followed the object in his car and saw it hover over the River Mersey for at least 25 minutes before clouds obscured it from view. Jones reported "red dull light at front, two dull yellow lights at rear; the lights were like a torch with dying batteries. It was a perfect triangle." Jones said he could not make out any noise as he was driving.

-- A young boy reported that around 7 p.m. in November 1995, he and a friend had seen an object which appeared for just a few seconds between the clouds at the northern end of the Wirral peninsula looking towards the River Mersey. When pressed for further information, he described to researcher David Tilbury a solid black triangle and an one more interesting detail: in the glow from the lights -- three white/yellowish, one red -- he could see pipes on the underside of the craft. This feature has been mentioned in the past by other witnesses throughout the world, but is not a regular observation.

-- It was recently revealed that the BBC has been "D-Noticed" (forbidden from broadcasting any information on a certain topic) concerning reports of black triangles. This may account for the BBC's relatively tame coverage of a January 1995 incident in which a commercial 737 jet reported a "near miss" with an unidentified aircraft over Manchester, England. After extensive investigation, the CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY (CAA) concluded: "In the absence of any firm evidence which could identify or explain this object, it was not possible to assess either the cause or the risk to any of the normal criteria applicable to air-miss reports." Pilot and co-pilot both described the object as "wedge shaped." The affair was one of the few ever listed by the CAA as "unexplained."

-- The latest development occurred on February 13, 1997 over Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, when just before 3:00 p.m., a black triangle was seen flying between two ROYAL AIR FORCE Tornados at an altitude of about 200 feet. The three aircraft headed out to sea towards the North Sea ACMI testing area which hosts military exercises.

Researcher Tilbury says, "All this adds weight to my belief that the mysterious black triangles are cutting-edge technology aircraft. There are certain things which, for reasons of defense must remain under wraps, but if we have developed this revolutionary aircraft, then surely it's something to celebrate, not hide away behind some sort of bizarre alien facade, especially when sightings are beginning to cause public concern." (JG)


(Source: CNI NEWS, 3/1/97)

On January 12, 1997 at 2:30 in the morning, Pedro Viera, a retired police officer, was driving home on Route 40 between Caguas and Humacho in Puerto Rico when he saw a disc-shaped UFO hovering over a field. To his surprise, he realized that it was lifting up a bull with what he described as "a tractor beam." Bellowing in terror, the bull passed through an aperture on the bottom of the saucer and was lost to sight.

Viera immediately set off in his vehicle down the highway in pursuit of the UFO. Suddenly, he was cut off by a pickup truck and forced to the side of the road. According to Viera, two men in black uniforms emerged from the truck, walked over to his car and told him "to let them do what they were doing." At first he didn't understand what they meant; then he realized they were talking about the saucer.

Having lost sight of the UFO, Viera continued his journey home. Five hours later, several Puerto Ricans found a dead bull further along Route 40. They reported that the animal had been mutilated and "looked as if it had been dropped from a considerable height." (JG)


(Source: Skye Turrell, CNI NEWS, 3/1/97)

Ed Dames has been a major player in the current controversy about remote viewing. After serving a stint as Operations and Training Officer for the U.S. ARMY's official remote viewing project during the 1980s, Dames went on to found a company called PSI TECH, which conducts remote viewing for corporate clients and also trains people to remote view. Dames trained Professor Courtney Brown, whose 1996 book "Cosmic Voyage" and recent statements concerning a possible "companion" of Comet Hale-Bopp have caused a sensation. Dames has publicly denounced Brown for violating the strict protocols of remote viewing and says that Brown's findings are unreliable. Some of Dames' remote viewing results are no less sensational, such as a discovery he announced some weeks ago on the Art Bell's radio show that a cannister of deadly viruses was heading toward Earth from space, and when it landed it would result in the end of civilization as we know it.

On February 19, Ed Dames spoke at a public meeting of the Los Angeles chapter of MUFON. The following are excerpts of a CNI NEWS report of his lecture by Skye Turrell:

When Ed Dames strolled out on stage, the first thing you noticed about the man was that he was extremely short. This incongruity was one of my lasting impressions of the evening. Here was a man who spent most of his adult years in the military, a world where muscle and the threat of physical harm was the currency of trade. Yet this man survived, excelled even, despite his stature.

Dames announced that he had no prepared speech -- he would simply take questions.

First was "Mr. Obnoxious," who dramatically waved a video purported to show Dames declaring his participation in MJ-12. This exchange was quite contentious, and I watched Dames carefully. How would he respond to pressure like this? I saw not a single flash of anger -- no adrenaline rush, as I'd expect of most normal humans. This was a man who did not allow himself to react on an emotional level. In response, Dames denied the existence of MJ-12. He did say that the MJ-12 documents were deliberately leaked in order to put certain key words into circulation among ufologists. Those words could be tracked, on telephone calls for example, and individuals monitored for whatever information they possessed. He concluded by saying, "The government doesn't know jack!"

Eventually, we got around to the really scary stuff -- the pathogen. Dames predicted the death of virtually all plants on Earth and a rise in human virus epidemics, saying that the effects will peak between 1999 and 2001. Acknowledging that the story sounded far-fetched, he explained that PSI TECH had seen a global economic collapse and, in hunting for the cause of that collapse, they received information about the pathogen. It was not discovered while hunting for the Hale-Bopp "Companion," as those who heard Dames on the Art Bell show might assume. Dames talked about three "safe" places: British Columbia, Switzerland, and a third location that he wouldn't reveal. He urged people to do their own remote viewing to determine where to go.

I wondered how Dames must have perceived the "real" military remote viewers, many of whom (like Ingo Swann) were natural psychics and had dramatic life-altering paranormal experiences. Dames was a monitor in those days, not a viewer himself. I could imagine Dames wanting to emulate such people. At the same time, Dames was a pragmatist. He recognized that PSI TECH was stretching credibility with the pathogen story, and this clearly bothered him. He now wants to focus on cases that can be verified, so as to lend credibility to the less immediately verifiable predictions.

PSI TECH's TWA Flight 800 crash viewings should be verifiable, but the case remains steeped in controversy. Months ago, PSI TECH sent a written report to the official TWA investigation team, stating that the explosion was due to a specifically-described mechanical failure near the central fuel tank. A person in the audience claimed to have heard from a member of the crash investigation team that fragments of a Stinger missile have been found in the debris. Dames' reaction was interesting -- he turned the question around and asked why a legitimate investigator would deliberately withhold evidence from the public.

Dames seemed torn, on one hand insisting that remote viewing is scientific and verifiable, on the other hand venturing repeatedly into incredible territory, such as when he publicly described widespread alien activity on Mars, or his latest prediction of the death-dealing plant pathogens from space. (JG)


By David Sunfellow & James Gregory

Many people have promoted the idea that our current civilization was not the first in Earth's history to reach high levels of technological development. These people point to the great pyramids of Egypt, the massive statues on Easter Island, the towering pillars of Stonehenge, the razorblade-tight stonework of Machu Pichu as proof that a highly-advanced civilization preceded our own.

How valid are these views? Aside from the fact that very few of the theories agree with one another (one claims the pyramids were built by Atlanteans while others say that extraterrestrials, or inter-dimensional beings, or time travelers, or hollow-Earth dwellers did the handiwork), ongoing archeological research is beginning to give the credit for these ancient archeological wonders to our lowly, non-technological ancestors.

In News Brief 9, we reported that archeologists had determined that the huge heads on Easter Island were built by the natives of the island after all. Using DNA samples, geneologists were also able to determine that the Easter Islanders themselves were of Polynesian ancestry, rather than genetic mutants from distant galaxies.

In November 1994, NHNE published a Special Report on "The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx." In that report we detailed how NOVA, an American NATIONAL PUBLIC TELEVISION show, hired Mark Lehner, one of the world's leading experts on Egyptology, to construct a scaled-down version of the Great Pyramid using ancient building techniques recorded in ancient Egyptian temples. Working with a master stone mason, Lehner's attempt was successful. Lehner had begun his work in Egypt as a firm believer in the views presented by Edgar Cayce (that the Great Pyramid and other, as yet undiscovered buildings, were built by Atlanteans). But after years of searching for evidence to support Cayce's claims and even writing books that championed Cayce's Atlantean world view, Lehner was forced to conclude that Cayce was wrong -- the spectacular monuments of ancient Egypt had been built by ancient Egyptians, not Atlanteans, Lemurians, or some other highly-advanced culture from Earth or elsewhere.

Recently, NOVA completed a new series called "Secrets of Lost Empires." For this series of four one-hour specials, NOVA hired teams of experts to visit Stonehenge, the Inca ruins of Machu Pichu, the obelisks of Egypt, and the Coliseum of Rome to see if they could reconstruct these ancient monuments using the tools and resources of the time period in which they were built. (We do not deal with the Coliseum in this article because its construction technique is not shrouded in the same mystery as the other monuments.)

In the "Obelisk" special, Lehner was once again accompanied by the two men that appeared in the earlier NOVA Pyramid special, as well as other experts who had been hired for this particular show. Although Lehner and company were hampered by time constraints and poor planning, they were again able to demonstrate that ancient Egyptians possessed the knowledge and resources necessary to construct and later erect their giant obelisks. In this segment, Lehner showed how hard round stones were used to cut and shape the giant obelisks, some standing 110 feet high and weighing over 100 tons. Erecting the huge stones was more problematic, and in the special they never succeeded in standing a full-sized one on end. However, their technique of using a notched base stone, a ramp, ropes and an A-frame tripod would have worked if they had had more time to work out the technical details. The huge stones were dragged over the ground using rollers and floated on the Nile using sturdy freight barges.

The experts featured in the "Inca" segment were more successful. They were able to duplicate Incan building techniques, cutting and positioning stones as tightly as those found in Machu Pichu and other Inca ruins. As in Egypt, in the absence of iron tools, they used the time-consuming method of small, hard rocks to cut and shape the stone blocks. Fitting the stone blocks required nothing more complicated than a good eye, patience, and a mechanical scribing tool. Modern-day experts were able to determine that the blocks were maneuvered along cobble roads simply with ropes and plenty of manpower. Equally impressive was the speed and ease with which the local natives built a 110-foot-long rope bridge out of grass. The bridge was built in three days over a 60-foot-deep gorge and was strong enough to carry four men and two llamas. While the archeologists, architects, stone masons, and local natives featured in the NOVA special were able to successfully use ancient techniques to solve Incan mysteries, a college professor from Minnesota who believed the Incas used high-tech methods to build their impressive structures was less successful. Claiming that the Inca's had used gold parabolic mirrors to melt their stones with the rays of the sun, the Minnesota Geoscience professor was barely able to make a popsicle stick smoke.

The most impressive of NOVA'S four new segments was "Stonehenge." In this special, NOVA's experts were able to drag a massive 20-ton stone over hilly terrain using ropes, plenty of manpower and greased wooden tracks. Standing the monolith on end could not accomplished with the use of ropes and manpower alone, but after some experimentation, the feat was achieved by the addition of a huge A-frame to increase the pulling power of the ropes. Placing a six-ton lintel stone on top of two 20-foot monoliths proved not to be as much a challenge as anticipated. A ramp was built to the top of the two standing stones, and the lintel was dragged up wooden tracks using the same A-frame technique used to get the standing stones vertical. The biggest problem was getting the lintel to stop once it reached the top of the stones and not keep on going taking workers with it. Levers were used to used to move the lintel the last few inches into exact position. It was a beautiful sight to behold!

While NOVA's current special did not clear up all the mysteries associated with these ancient sites (no explanation, for instance, was offered as to how the ancients were able to come up with their precise mathematical and astronomical calculations), it did make it clear that these monuments were built by ancient, non-technological cultures. The evidence, according to NOVA's experts, was plain to see, and easily duplicated if one had the time, the people, and the expertise necessary for the job.


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