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NHNE News Brief 58
Friday, April 25, 1997

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NASA Revises Space Station Schedule
Third Tail Discovered on Hale-Bopp

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Information Fatigue Syndrome
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"Keeping the main road is easy,
but people love to be side-tracked."

---Lao Tzu


(Source: Sarah Van Boven & Hideko Takayama, NEWSWEEK, 4/28/97)

Developers and dreamers looking out on the vastness of the open ocean are seeing all sorts of opportunities these days. WORLD CITY has visions a floating hotel complex, with which they plan to snare a share of the $50 billion conventions market by offering tax deductibility. CEO John Rogers, states, "We've pretty much developed the 30 percent of this planet that is land mass. Now it's time to develop the 70 percent that is water." The Japanese government has helped fund the three-year "Megafloat R&D Project" to design floating housing complexes in order to escape the crunch on their land-poor country. The Pentagon pictures billion-dollar floating air bases towed to hot spots in the event of a crisis. But perhaps the most ambitious project is the world's first floating city. Florida-based ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS INC. has been planning the project for 10 years. The $6 billion vessel "Freedom," would be 27 times larger than the biggest passenger ship ever made, and home to 45,000 residents. The ship would circle the globe once every two years, floating in international waters off major coastal cities for weeks at a time. The city would boast a school system, medical center, airport and police force. Nan Ellin, author of "Architecture of Fear," comments that "Freedom" is a logical extension of 20th century housing patterns. "We've fled from the city to the suburbs to the gated communities. A floating city is the ultimate escape in that it is ultra-exclusive and ultra-safe." 350 pioneers have already signed up for condos averaging $800,000 apiece, and building could start as early as September. (JG)


(Source: HEALTH via SPECTRUM, Mar-Apr/97)

Nearly all homosexuals have been taunted or threatened because of their sexual orientation, and more than one third have been physically attacked. In order to better understand the cause of homophobic attitudes, psychologists at the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA recruited 64 male heterosexual students and divided them into two groups -- homophobic and non-homophobic -- according to the degrees of anger and dread they experienced around gays. The students in both groups watched erotic videotapes featuring heterosexual, lesbian, and gay-male sex while their levels of physical arousal were measured. Surprisingly, 84 percent of the homophobes responded physically to images of male homosexual sex, all the while denying feeling excited by the erotic scenes, compared to only 34 percent of the of the non-homophobes. This study seems to support the theory that repressed homosexual urges motivate the aversion, discomfort, and rage felt by some men toward gays, and this emotional turmoil sometimes leads to violence. (JG)


(Source: SEDONA RED ROCK NEWS, 4/18/97)

The birth of a red heifer, a breed thought to be long extinct, has renewed hopes of orthodox Jews in Israel that the Old Testament priesthood and animal sacrifices can be re-established in Jerusalem. The Book of Numbers required religious Israelites to sacrifice a red heifer as part of their ceremonial purification. The Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. End time prophecies in the Book of Ezekiel refer to a time when such sacrifices are once again offered in a newly-rebuilt Temple, heralding the arrival of the Messiah. Ceremonial and moral law encoded in the Torah could again become a rallying point for Jewish religious, cultural and ethnic identity, just as it was under King Solomon, who built the original temple. According to Avraham Poraz, a member of the Israeli Parliament, "If the fanatics get ahold of [this] and try to take over the Temple Mount, God knows what will happen." [Our information on this event and related prophecies is sketchy. If you are able to shed more light on the matter, we would like to hear from you. James Gregory ""]


(Source: Robert J. Samuelson, NEWSWEEK, 4/7/97)

While most Americans know that the amount of beef consumed by the nation has declined over the last 20 years (23 percent), it seems to be one of the few food items that we are eating less. In the years from 1975 to 1994, as expected, consumption of chicken was up (88 percent), but surprisingly, so were pork (28 percent), fresh vegetables (29 percent), fruit juice (30 percent), and soft drinks (85 percent). One of the few products that showed a decline in consumption besides beef was coffee (33 percent). (JG)


(Source: Katy Kelly & Deidre R. Schwiesow, USA TODAY, 4/23/97)

Britain's ICELAND SUPERMARKETS have just started offering veggies with kid appeal. Chocolate-flavored carrots, pizza-flavored corn, and peas that taste like baked beans are included in their new line of "Wacky Way" vegetables. Not making the cut: Bubble-gum-flavored broccoli. (JG)


(Source: Rebecca Ostriker, NEW AGE JOURNAL, 6/97)

On October 15, 1996, a modern-day miracle took place at BONGO JAVA, a Nashville, Tennessee coffeehouse: An employee about to take a bite of a cinnamon bun noticed that it looked like Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Word of the "Nun Bun" flashed around the world. The public was hungry for more. BONGO JAVA has now started to market the likeness on T-shirts and coffee mugs, and donates 10 percent of the proceeds to charity. There is even a Nun Bun Web site ( which displays the saintly nun morphing into her baked likeness. One comment on the site's guest book: "I have worshipped cinnamon buns for years now. Ironically, there is a nun at my church who looks remarkably like a cinnamon roll." (JG)


(Source: Earle Eldridge, USA TODAY, 4/9/97)

Tired of getting smelly hands and being rained on when you gas up at self-serve stations? SHELL OIL has a better way: The Smart Pump. Currently being tested in Sacramento, people can actually have their gas tanks filled up without ever having to leave their cars. Here is how it works: Pull up to the gas pump; a red light signals where to stop; a panel similar to that of an ATM automatically moves up to the driver's window; you swipe your debit or credit card and choose your grade of gas; you unlatch the door that covers your fuel cap (if you have a latching system); a robotic arm opens the fuel door, places the fuel nozzle into your fuel pipe and fills your tank. The process requires a small transmitter mounted on your windshield and a special fuel cap from SHELL. There may be a fee to use the service. In addition to being convenient, the pump could be a real boon to disabled drivers. (JG)


(Source: Don Knapp, CNN ONLINE, 4/18/97)

In California, where things like the Hula Hoop and the waterbed first got their start, dairy farmer George McClelland did not think it odd when he decided to spend $25,000 on mattresses for every one of his 250 cows. His hunch seems to have paid off -- since they began sleeping on the mattresses, which are made from recycled car tires, his cows have suffered fewer health problems. "The girls lay here, content, chewing their cud. You can always tell a contented cow when they're chewing their cud." One reason they're contented, says veterinarian Frank Mongini, is because the mattresses are softer and cleaner than the sand and manure they used to sleep on. "We're eliminating a stress here," Mongini says. Where it really pays off is at the milking machine. Happy cows, McClelland says, are productive cows. Can a cow's life get any better? "Well, you never know," McClelland says. "We're thinking of trying pillows for 'em next." (JG)



"I am pleased and humbled to be chosen as the recipient of your Toby Award and want to thank NewHeavenNewEarth for your very kind words and consideration in bestowing this honor upon me. It truly makes the many long hours spent designing and maintaining the Web site more worthwhile than I ever anticipated and is deeply appreciated. It will certainly stimulate me to work even harder to maintain the high standards that the Award represents. I will display the Award proudly on my 'Late Breaking Website News' page, along with a brief description. It will also include a direct link to your Web site where viewers can review the excellent Shroud articles found on your site.

"I happened to be on the phone with Terry Landau (the Executive Producer and Director of the recent CBS Special, 'The Mysterious Man of the Shroud') at the specific moment I checked my email and discovered your letter! I actually read her some of your letter over the phone. I consulted with Terry during the course of the production of the program and helped get her in touch with accurate sources whenever I could. She used my Web site regularly as a resource for her production, so I had a small behind-the-scenes involvement. I thought the show was balanced, entertaining, informative and very well produced.

"In the near future, I will add to the Web site the CBS toll-free number where one can order copies of the program. It is the first time I have made a videotape available via my site, but I feel this program is worth it.

"Once again, thank you for the great honor. It is sincerely appreciated."

---Barrie M. Schwortz

[Barrie Schwortz received our third Toby (, as announced in News Brief 55. He is the Official Documenting Photographer for THE SHROUD OF TURIN RESEARCH PROJECT, Inc., (STURP) that conducted extensive tests on the Shroud in 1978, and is the creator of The Shroud of Turn Web Site <>.]



"In this time of exciting awakenings, it delightful to find a publication which simultaneously keeps its head in the clouds and its feet on the ground. Please sign me up for another year."

---Fred Niemann, Austin, Texas



"I enjoyed browsing the NHNE Web site for the first time. Your site is why I bought my computer and got hooked up to the Net. I am stuck here in the Bible Belt and now I can find my spiritual family. I feel it is a most exciting way to contact like minds until we can do it on our own with our thoughts. I will be back often."

---Corrine Champigny, Nashville, Tennessee



"I enjoyed reading the article in News Brief 56 about the COUNCIL FOR MEDIA INTEGRITY (CMI) blasting TV shows of distorted science. I too am bugged by shows on the paranormal that are totally uncritical and unrealistic. However, many years ago, when I first became familiar with CMI's parent organization, the COMMITTEE FOR THE SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION OF CLAIMS OF THE PARANORMAL, my impression of them was that they were nothing short of the mirror image of what they were criticizing. At the very least, the individuals connected with the group at that time (Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Martin Gardner, Philip Klass, James Randi) seemed to me, despite their claims of objectivity, to be absolute believers in their religion of scientism. A mention that many people see them this way might have been appropriate to round out your article -- otherwise, one is left with the impression that they are what they say they are: knights of reason and objectivity, just arrived on the field to save us from superstition. One of the reasons I appreciate the News Brief is that it steers clear of the extremes represented by both uncritical TV specials and the true-believer skeptics. Lord knows we need this middle ground."

---Robert Perry, Sedona, Arizona


(Source: Pamela Kramer, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 4/16/97)

The mass suicide of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult left behind many unanswered questions, not the least of which is: Who has the rights to it all? Rio DiAngelo, who left the cult a month before the suicides and was the first to find the bodies, demurs on the question of how much money he stands to make, indicating that he finds the question crass.

More pragmatic is Robert Rich, Chief Executive Officer of INTERACT ENTERTAINMENT, the multimedia firm that employs DiAngelo and may share with him the rights to the Higher Source Web site design business -- which may be worth as much as $1 million. It's an odd assembly. It was INTERACT that created the 1-800-SEARCH service, designed to find long-lost loved ones. That service became the bread and butter that launched the firm onto the Internet -- which led to its connection with Heaven's Gate. "Here's a group of people that wants to work for us," said Rich. "They knew our biggest business was finding lost friends and family members -- [yet] they had deliberately lost their friends and family members." And Rio now has business associates instead of cult partners.

San Diego County officials are arguing with DiAngelo over who actually has the rights to the group's property. They want to auction the group's Web business and members' belongings, with the proceeds going to surviving family members. DiAngelo's attorney, Robert Zakari, said his client received a diskette on March 25 detailing plans for the business on the same day two farewell videos and three letters arrived in the mail. Zakari refused to release the instructions, but he said they indicate that DiAngelo and INTERACT ENTERTAINMENT are supposed to take over the business.

Thusfar, the experience has been a profitable one for DiAngelo, in terms of exposure and money. Counters DiAngelo: "Money does not motivate me. I'm not the one that's made such a big deal out of this." (JG)


(Source: Paula Fredriksen, NATIONAL REVIEW, 12/31/97 via Mary Anne Buchowski)

Can an analysis of history's millennial fevers help us see more clearly into the future? Richard Landes and Stephen O'Leary think so. Together they have established the CENTER FOR MILLENNIAL STUDIES dedicated to both understanding past movements and monitoring and collecting data on current ones.

Landes, a professor of medieval history at BOSTON UNIVERSITY, has studied the historical record of events around the year 1000 in southern France and has recorded his findings in his book, "Relics, Apocalypse, and the Deceits of History." The good news was that the advent of the first millennium evoked regional efforts at civility and decency -- what contemporaries called the "Truce of God." The bad news was that it also led to holy war, first against the European Jews and heretics and eventually against Muslim Jerusalem.

Landes is now working on a study of the full sweep of Western Christian culture to the year 2000. He sees a persistent extreme oscillation between peace and violence, and whenever these moments of millennial fervor coincide with a revolution in communications technology, the pace quickens and the range of society affected broadens. In antiquity, Christianity profited from the shift from scroll to codex; in the sixteenth century, the printing press resulted in the Protestant Revolution; and now we have the Internet.

O'Leary, a professor of communications at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, traces the rise and fall of the Millerite movement in his book, "Arguing the Apocalypse." For years in early nineteenth-century America, Miller had predicted an apocalyptic climax, but when he actually named a precise date -- 1843 -- membership in his group surged, both in numbers and social prominence of its members. When the prophecy failed to materialize (a time known as "the Great Disappointment" in Millerite history), the group transmuted successfully into the Seventh Day Adventists. By naming the date, Miller made the period between 1840 and 1843 an apocalyptic hot zone. Says O'Leary, "With the year 2000, we're in one too. The millennarian Zeitgeist [the intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era] will really heat up."

Here's what the CENTER FOR MILLENNIAL STUDIES thinks we can expect in the near future:

-- Internet: If the '60s motto was, "The Revolution will not be televised," then the '90s motto is, "The Apocalypse will start on the Net."

-- Catastrophism: Various fear-based groups such as survivalists and paramalitias will increase their efforts to forge protective communities against the forces of darkness.

-- Globalism: In its secular mode, such movements will call for world government and global peace. The Fundamentalists will perceive this call as a move by the Antichrist to re-establish Babylon.

-- Spiritual experimentation: Nobody took UFO cultists and charismatic religious leaders very seriously until the Heaven's Gate debacle. Expect more of the same.

-- Jews in the news: The final conversion of the Jews, or their destruction, has emerged in apocalyptic myth as the ultimate vindication of Christianity. See the "Red Heifer" article in this News Brief. (JG)


(Source: "An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural" by James (The Amazing) Randi via Steve Haag)

One of the most renowned and still-popular champions of disaster is Nostradamus, born Michel de Notredame in Provence, France in 1503. He took on the Latin version of his name when he published his major opus, "Centuries," which consisted of almost 1,000 quatrains (four-line verses of poetry). According to debunker, skeptic, and sometimes magician, James Randi, Nostradamus' writing was social and political commentary on the events of his time, rather than obscure prophecies about the future.

Before dissecting one of Nostradamus' more popular quatrains, it is important to have a little background on the times in which he lived. It was the era of the Holy Inquisition, when the Catholic Church was burning heretics. While Nostradamus was nominally Catholic, it was by force -- only two generations earlier, the Notredames had been the Gassonets, a Jewish family that had converted to Catholicism under pressure. Letters recently discovered in the BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE in Paris reveal that Nostradamus was actually a closet Luthern, something that would have had him burned at the stake if he had been found out, thus the need to disguise the biting satire of his commentaries.

Randi chose to analyze Quatrain 51 of Century II, one of the Top Ten often presented as positive evidence of Nostradamus' prophetic ability. Translated literally from the original French, it reads:

"The blood of the just shall be wanting in London,
Burnt by thunderbolts of twenty three the Six(es),
The ancient dame shall fall from (her) high place,
Of the same sect many shall be killed."

Nostrademians believe that the seer was writing about the Great Fire of London, 111 years in the future. They point to "three the six" as referring to the date of the event, 1666. They also say that the "ancient dame" was St. Paul's Cathedral, known as the "Old Lady," which was destroyed in the fire along with many other churches, thus validating the line, "of the same sect many shall be killed." Other fans postulate that "Old Lady" referred to a statue of the Virgin Mary standing atop the church which toppled during the fire.

Randi counters that St. Paul's Cathedral was never called the "Old Lady," and a detailed illustration of the pre-fire cathedral shows that it had no external statues. Instead, Randi claims that the "Old Lady" refers to Catholic Queen Mary 1, who began executing prominent Protestant heretics in London on January 23, 1555. 300 of these unfortunates were burned at the stake in groups of six, and out of "mercy," bags of gunpowder were tied to their bodies to hasten their passage. Mary died three years later, sickly and quite insane. Randi claims the following is a more accurate translation of the quatrain:

"The blood of the innocent will be an error in London,
Burned by thunderbolts, of twenty-three, the six(es),
The senile lady will lose her high position,
Many more of the same sect will be slain."

One modern "interpreter" of Nostradamus is John Hogue, who published his book, "Nostradamus and the Millennium" in 1987. In the first edition, Hogue claimed that Nostradamus specified four antichrists, one being the Ayatolah Khomeini who would lead an invading army of one million all the way to Egypt. By the time Hogue had released his fourth printing of his book in 1991, references to Khomeini, who had since died without fulfilling Nostrademus' mission for him, had been replaced by Saddam Hussein. All four editions, as Randi gleefully points out, show a portrait of Nostradamus holding a telescope, an instrument that in his lifetime had yet been invented. (JG)


(Sources: AUFORA NEWS UPDATE, 4/9/97; DISCOVER, 5/97)

NASA will begin its in-orbit assembly of the International Space Station (ISS) no later than October 1998, and is looking at options that will allow the Agency to work around the one-year delay caused by the late arrival of the NASA-financed/Russian-built Functional Cargo Block. "We will work through this schedule issue, and we undoubtedly will face additional problems in the future. But we are well on our way to the realization of this world-class facility," said NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin. Inadequate funding by the Russian government to the RUSSIAN SPACE AGENCY (RSA) and its contractors for building another key station element -- the Service Module -- has resulted in construction delays of up to eight months. NASA will determine the timing for decisions which need to be made in the event that Russia is unable to provide its agreed contributions to the ISS program. By the time of the station's scheduled completion in 2002, it will span the length to two football fields, weigh 460 tons and have cost $50 billion. The station, which will house seven astronaut researchers, is being hailed as the single most costly object ever built and the biggest engineering project since the pyramids. (JG)


(Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS via CNN ONLINE, 4/19,97)

A team of astronomers at the ISAAC NEWTON GROUP of telescopes in the Canary Islands say they have found a third tail of sodium gas trailing behind the Hale-Bopp Comet. Scientists were at a loss to explain how the sodium tail, which is unlike any other seen before, was created. Astronomers have long known that comets typically have two types of tails -- one made of dust and the other of electrically-charged gas called plasma. They have also known that comets contain sodium, but had never seen it in the form of a tail. The sodium tail looks much different than the comet's plasma and dust tails. The dust tail is the broad, bright band that is most visible from Earth. The plasma tail is made of narrow wisps and is seen to the left of the dust tail. Hale-Bopp's sodium tail, on the other hand, is described as a straight, thin line left of the two tails. Unlike the others, it doesn't grow wider as it gets farther from the nucleus. Said Brian Marsden, an astronomer who runs the Cambridge-based INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION's clearinghouse for discoveries, "It may be the most surprising thing we've had with Hale-Bopp." (JG)


(Sources: Rebecca Ostiker, NEW AGE JOURNAL, 6/97; HEALTH via SPECTRUM, Mar-Apr/97)

The supplies of oil in the world are finite. Discovery of new oil deposits peaked in 1962, and since then the rate has dropped, despite technological advancements and improved search methodologies. The U.S. Geological Survey predicts that the world's oil production will peak around the year 2010 and by 2050 will only be a small fraction of what it is today.

At the moment, alternative fuels supply less than 1 percent of U.S. electricity. One reason that solar power has not caught on as expected is because, compared to other energy sources, the cost of converting sunlight to electricity is still prohibitively high. That may be changing. A team of scientists working at the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY's NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORY has announced a technological breakthrough that could make solar power cheap and plentiful. It involves depositing a thin layer of a semiconductor called indium gallium diselenide onto a glass backing. When the semiconductor is exposed to sunlight, it converts it into electricity at one tenth the cost of the conventional crystalline silicon-based cells now on the market.

Solar cells using this new technology could be available within a few years to produce electricity from the sun at the rate of six cents per kilowatt hour -- a figure that compares very favorably to electricity now generated from nuclear, coal- and oil-fired power plants. The discovery could help usher in a golden age of solar power. Project leader Ken Zweibel predicts, "By the year 2005, photovoltaics should compete for at least 10 percent of the world energy market." The figure is particularly significant, considering that nuclear power now accounts for 8 percent of the world's power. (JG)


(Sources: Darren Waggoner, THE AMERICAN NEWS SERVICE, 4/21/97; ULS REPORT via Scott Boeck and Bob Laird, USA TODAY, 4/18/97)

Almost half the material going into landfills today is NOT household waste. Since 1970, construction debris has made up 49 percent of landfills, and non-packaging garbage another 35 percent. Surprisingly, paper and plastic packaging only made up 16 percent of the total content of landfills.

Imagine an industrial park in which all the products are designed and manufactured in environmentally-friendly ways, and the businesses are organized so that the waste produced by one company can be used as raw material by another. That's the dream being pushed toward reality by The GREEN INSTITUTE, a venture in Minneapolis that is setting up what it calls an "ecological industrial park," one of about 20 similar projects operating independently nationwide. In its ideal form, GREEN INSTITUTE Executive Director Michael Krause envisions an industrial system that would emulate nature, where nothing is wasted.

The GREEN INSTITUTE has already created one business -- THE RE-USE CENTER -- a retail operation that sells building materials salvaged from demolished properties. It employs 13 people and generates $350,000 in annual sales. Eventually, the GREEN INSTITUTE hopes to expand to 200,000 square feet of industrial space. Krause has been talking to a variety of potential tenants, including one which would open a paint remanufacturing plant that would recycle old paint, some of it becoming high-quality caulk. Krause especially likes the idea of businesses that can use each other's waste. "That's almost always cheaper than using a virgin raw material," he said.

Another eco-park is taking root in Brownsville, Texas, where BECHTEL CORP., a high-tech research firm, has prepared a computer-generated list of hundreds of companies that might be good matches to use each other's waste. Brownsville recently hosted a conference for eco-park developers across the country. The keynote speaker, a vice president at CHAPARRAL STEEL near Dallas, explained how his company takes junked cars and separates the steel from the plastic and glass. Then, the company runs the metal through a minimill to produce a top-quality steel. CHAPARRAL is also looking for ways to recycle the plastic and glass from those cars. "The company's goal is zero waste, where everything that comes from the cars finds a market. (JG)


(Sources: Kathy Nellis, CNN ONLINE, 4/15/97; Jennifer Tanaka, NEWSWEEK, 4/28/97)

A single edition of the NEW YORK TIMES contains more information than an average person in the 17th century would have encountered in a lifetime. Statistics show that the average worker in a large corporation sends and receives an astounding 177 messages a day -- a brainbending cocktail of phone calls, voicemail, email, pages, post-it notes, and faxes.

Sick of the information age? You are not alone. It's making some people physically ill and could even be fatal, according to some experts, like psychologist David Lewis who says, "We are seeing a failure of concentration; we are seeing a loss of motivation, loss of morale; we are seeing greater irritability." The illness isn't just mental. "On the physical level, you might find people having digestive problems," continues Lewis. "They may, if the stress is chronic, have problems with their heart -- hypertension, high blood pressure." Other possible consequences: sleep disorders and adverse effects on personal and sex lives.

In a survey of managers conducted by REUTERS, nearly half thought the Internet would be a prime cause of information overload in the next two years, and one third said they already suffered from stress-related health problems brought on by too much information. 43 percent said information overload made it difficult to make important decisions and almost two thirds said their personal relationships were suffering as a result of the stress.

A slowness backlash seems to be emerging out of all this frenzy, according to Charles Cobbs, a neurosurgery resident at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, San Franciso, who must carry a cell phone, laptop computer and digital organizer to stay on top of his busy schedule. Cobbs, who has even taken to wearing a pager under his wetsuit when he is surfing, says we all long for a simpler life: "We want to turn off the TV, unplug the phone, and read a book."

Psychologist Lewis offers some practical advice for the workplace:

-- Learn to pace yourself.

-- Take breaks to give your brain time to absorb information.

-- Know when to skim and when to study.

"No matter how interesting your job is," he concludes, "it's not worth dying for." (JG)


(Source: HEALTH via NEXUS, Mar-Apr/97)

U.S. epidemiologists wanted to determine how much racial bias entered in to physician' treatments of patients, so they reviewed 9,100 cases of serious illness in five American hospitals. The researchers found that American doctors, who are predominantly white, ordered surgery, dialysis, and other special procedures 50 percent more often for their white patients than for their black ones. Ironically, the evidence also showed that a larger percentage of blacks survived their illnesses compared to whites. (JG)


(Source: Geoffrey Cowley, NEWSWEEK, 2/17/97)

Arthritis may be the world's leading health complaint. In the U.S. alone, 50 million people suffer from the gradual breakdown of the cartilage that cushions joints. The billions spent on relief only mask the pain and don't do anything to repair the damage. Could a simple food supplement succeed where pharmaceuticals have failed? That is the premise of Dr. Jason Theodosakis in his new book, "The Arthritis Cure." He claims that by supplementing two substances produced naturally by the body -- glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate -- arthritis suffers can "slow, halt, or prevent the degeneration of cartilage" and resume active lives. While some scoff, tests show that glucosamine can stimulate cartilage production and chondroitin slows its removal. Toxicology studies show that both nutrients are safe, even at high doses. While the nutrients show great promise in preliminary studies, the ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION warns that "long-term studies are needed to see if the products are indeed helpful and safe." A number of brands of the supplements are now available on the market. (JG)



AUFORA NEWS UPDATE is one of the foremost providers of news and information from the world of UFOlogy. Now, you can unleash your questions about UFOs, argue and to discuss in the spirit of the Internet on AUFORA's new discussion forum. "The truth is in there." (Source: AUFORA Press Release, 4/6/97)



The world's first international directory of New Age, alternative, metaphysical, environmental and spiritual services and products is now available in paperback format. The "Holistic Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook" is arranged geographically to make it easy to find out what's going on in a particular country, state or city. It is an excellent resource for marketing your products and services or to explore new directions for your own inner growth. Author Patti Normandy Greenwood has gathered over 7,000 listings of groups and businesses in 128 countries. The book spans 300 different categories. You can read the first 30 pages and download the Holistic Dictionary and Suggested Reading List for free from their Web site. Cost of the book is $60 plus $7 shipping. Ordering info is on their Web site as well.


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