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An NHNE News Flash:
Egyptology Society in Miami:
Atlantis Discovered?

Thursday, July 17, 1997


Hello Everyone!

The following report has been taken from an unverified press release issued by Aaron Du Val, President of the Egyptology Society in Miami Florida. We share it at this time because the implications of such a discovery are staggering; however, given the absence of hard evidence and lack of third-party corroboration, it is NHNE's contention that the information is highly suspect. We will keep you posted of further developments.

James Gregory
NHNE News Brief


(Sources: Aaron Du Val, President, Egyptology Society, Miami, Florida Press Release, 7/6/97; personal interview, 7/16/97)

From the 7/6/97 Press Release:

The ruins of temples dated at 12,000 years old have been found near Bimini, Bahamas. Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, although smaller in size than the Great Pyramid of Giza, appear to have been more advanced. Casing stones have been measured which are of the same unique angle as those at the Great Pyramid.

The ruins are megalitic and bear a remarkable resemblance to ancient sites in Egypt. So called "quarry marks" found in the Aswan quarries and also on the Great Pyramid, itself, appear to be identical matches with those found on the Bimini temple stones. Other characteristics closely match features at megalitic sites in Peru, the Yucatan, Ireland and Scandinavia. The stones are already drawing international attention and aggressive research and analysis projects are being set up which hope to commence more involved investigations shortly.

Analysis of these enigmatic ancient temples built near Bimini over 12,000 years ago has only just begun. Although many maps of the heavenly realm adorn various walls of these mysterious Bimini temples, there is an almost complete lack of other markings. Of the limited glyphs that do exist, however, several match those found in the famous Altamira Cave in Spain which contains the well-known bison painting. In addition, there are exact orbital plots of the planets and what seem to have been intricate star shafts, metal-coated walls, and intermingled stones of various colors.

The Egyptology Society, which claims to be affiliated with the MIAMI MUSEUM OF SCIENCE, will be hosting several meetings this summer at the museum to introduce the evidence to the public. The first meeting, including the first public pictures and video footage, will be held on July 25.


The following interview of Aaron Du Val (ADV), President of Egyptology Society was conducted by James Gregory (JG), Editor-in-Chief of the NHNE News Brief on July 16:

JG: Where are the ruins exactly and who discovered them?

ADV: Neither the discovers nor the location has been announced yet. It is likely that this information will be announced at the meeting on July 25. Hopefully, we will have contacted the museums and the government by that time so that the site can be protected.

JG: Are the ruins underwater?

ADV: Some of them are under water and some of them are under the sand under water.

JG: What size are the structures?

ADV: Overall, they are not as big as the Giza pyramids, but some of the stones are extremely large.

JG: Are the stones in place, or are they scattered about?

ADV: They are not in their original formation.

JG: What kind of response are you getting from your announcement?

ADV: We are getting calls from people all over the world. One thing we are kind of amazed at are the number of people who are adamantly against any links between this site and Egypt -- it just throws them for a loop. We have had people calling the MIAMI MUSEUM OF SCIENCE who just fly into a rage and don't know where to start attacking -- they end up complaining about the punctuation of our news releases. Atlantis is a pretty touchy subject. Maybe this will be the trigger to bring more people forth to explore ideas that have been taboo in the past. Megalithic structures are not supposed to be in the Bahamas. These are closer to what you would find at Giza than what you would find in Mexico or Peru, which is very strange. People are saying unbelievable things like it could force the re-interpretation of the course of human history.

JG: Do the matching quarry markings lead one to believe that these stones come from the same quarries as those of the monuments of Giza?

ADV: No. They just used the same markings. There are a lot of different theories as to how they were made -- possibly by sonic drills or poured as a liquid and then hardened.

JG: Edgar Cayce predicted that just this sort of thing would be discovered.

ADV: This discovery fits right with his predictions. Now we are not saying it is Atlantis, but it sure is strange how these findings not only match Cayce's predictions but Plato's writings as well, even to the metal-coated walls.


[NHNE would be interested in hearing from anyone in the Miami area who could attend the July 25 meeting of the Egyptology Society at the MIAMI MUSEUM OF SCIENCE and submit a report of the proceedings to NHNE. If you are interested, please contact James Gregory, "".]



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