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NHNE News Update:
Crop Circles Expose'
Thursday, April 2, 1998


Hello Everyone,

There has been a great deal of speculation concerning the true nature of crop circles. Are they the handiwork of extraterrestrials, mother Earth, secret military organizations, diabolical governments, organized human hoaxers, time travelers, angels, fairies, elves, opportunistic farmers, money-hungry film makers, Doug and Dave? Along with dispatching our own reporter to the wilds of England to investigate this controversial phenomenon (Sherry Stultz, an ordinary school teacher by day and roving NHNE SwiftWing reporter by summer vacation, will investigating England's crop circles this June-July), we just learned that NBC is planning to air a television special on crop circles in May. Tenatively called, "Unmasked -- Revealing the Secrets of Deception," the NBC special will be showcasing the tools and talents of a group of well-known English crop circle makers who claim responsibility for many of England's most famous crop circles.

To keep all of you up-to-date with the latest crop circle news and developments, this special NHNE News Update includes a story that appears in the current issue of CNI NEWS describing the upcoming NBC special as well as thought-provoking excerpts from the website that serves as homebase for the crop circle makers who are featured in the NBC special.

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow


The following CNI NEWS story is reprinted by special permission. It appears in the current issue of CNI NEWS (Vol. 4, No. 3, Part 2, April 1, 1998).

Hired English "Circle-Makers" to Show Their Stuff

[The following text is based on a story from the New Zealand newspaper The Southland Times dated March 9, 1998, with additional comments from "circlemaker" John Lundberg. CNI News thanks Joe Murgia ( for bringing this story to our attention.]

An eerie glow lit up the night sky over southern New Zealand on Saturday, March 7. The glow centered on the farm of Robert and Janice Saunders in Dunearn, where large circles mysteriously appeared in a field of wheat. The strange events attracted police from Nightcaps and Winton, and a large crowd of people.

The lights were not the work of aliens but a film crew from Californian-based Tri-Crown Productions, filming a documentary on crop circles for NBC-TV. But not crop circles as an unexplained mystery. Crop circles as the work of hoaxers, pure and simple.

Producer Jeff Androsky said the filming on the Saunders' property was for a one-hour show, part of a series called "Unmasked -- Revealing the Secrets of Deception." This segment will show that talented hoaxers could have created some of the most elaborate crop formations reported in England and elsewhere in recent years.

Androsky says an inquiry to New Zealand's Crop and Food Research department turned up the possibility that the Saunders might be willing to provide a suitable wheat crop where hired hoaxers could do their thing.

"They've been great," Androsky said. "They set aside a paddock for us, Janice has fed us and they opened up their home and farm to us. We've had unbelievable co-operation. You never would get that in the U.S."

According to hired circle-maker John Lundberg, he and his comrades Rod Dickinson and Wil Russell were brought to New Zealand by the film company and asked to demonstrate what they could do. "We were asked to design a complex crop formation that could be made at night in under four hours," Lundberg says. "The formation we designed had over 100 flattened circles and a diameter of 300 feet, putting it on a par with some of the most complex formations to appear in the fields of England over the past few years."

Lundberg says the results of their effort can be viewed at http://www.head-

While the circle-makers plied their trade, cameramen and powerful lights hung suspended over the wheat field on two huge 40-ton cranes, and more film was shot from a helicopter.

The program is scheduled to air in the United States on the NBC network in May.

CNI News, along with the majority of reputable crop circle researchers, has long recognized that some crop glyphs are undoubtedly the work of skilled hoaxers. However, there is much evidence to suggest that some formations are the product of forces entirely different and separate from human activity.

In May, timed to coincide with NBC's airing of their debunking program, CNI News will run a long article detailing the crop circle research of biophysicist W.C. Levengood and his colleagues. This research provides overwhelming evidence of unusual energy effects in some crop formations which cannot be attributed to the action of hoaxers.

CNI News regrets that NBC-TV seems more interested in showcasing the results of human deception than the far more important work of dedicated researchers like Levengood.

Even so, this program might do some good in the end. Never before have legitimate crop circle researchers had an opportunity to watch the best of the professed hoaxers at work. There are bound to be lessons aplenty in NBC's footage, and perhaps even proof that a definite hoax is visibly different than a non-hoaxed formation. Stay tuned!


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The following links and excerpts come from the Circlemakers Website:



"The nocturnal pastime of circle making was made popular by the work of two Hampshire-based artists, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. For over 12 years their simple circle sets attracted the interest of scientists worldwide. During this time other artists began to emulate them, eventually superseding them, and continued a chain reaction -- mutating from the UFO lore from which it still suckles and, in turn, nourishes -- to become what is arguably the most mysterious 'tactile-paranormal' phenomenon this century. In 1991, Doug & Dave's claim to original authorship created an atmosphere well known to theological sociologists; that discomfirmation can lead to strengthened belief. Consistent with previous millennial activity, the religious use of pseudo science to plot our destiny has reached another high... the circles have become signs and portents of our time.

"Welcome to the 'circlemakers' website. Within this site you will find a wealth of information by and about England's crop circlemakers. You'll be able to learn how to become a circlemaker using our easy to follow 'Beginners Guide'. Read about the history of circlemaking, 'hear' a crop cirlcle being made, learn about some of the weird experiences the circlemakers have encountered whilst out making formations and gain some insight into 'why' this tight band of individuals spend their summers out in the fields of England flattening cereal crops in various intricate patterns!"



"I remember that when I first entered the world of crop circles, every summery wheatfield was a potential landing zone for a whirling plasma vortex, or God knew what. Upon entering a crop formation, I tended to imagine the sudden, nocturnal fall of luminous circlemaking-stuff, the hissing rush of ionized air through stalks, the moving edge of bent grain as the vortex rapidly etched its strange patterns, and then the evanescent gasp as it spent itself and collapsed intn the dark quiet of a country night. We who had gathered to capture, or merely to celebrate, this remarkable phenomenon, were like an anointed elite, uniquely able to grasp the importance of what, incredibly, seemed invisible to the rest of the world.

"Of the myriad shapes found in the fields, some were assimilable into the framework of the plasma vortex theory; others, from the insectoid to the alchemical, implied a more intelligent authorship. As the latter increased in relative frequency, and accounts began to circulate of hoaxers seen here, heard there, my perception of this phenomenon began a dramatic shift. The occasional messiness of circles became due not to the dumb haste of spinning plasma, but to the inexpertise of humans. Nor, now, was the symbolism of the shapes accidental; indeed, it seemed as though the hoaxers were paying a great deal of attention to the predictions of the circles enthusiasts. Similarly, the enthusiasts' gatherings began to seem like convocations of the religious faithful, with the odd eaves-dropping hoaxer thrown in.

"As I began to make circles myself, l noted that my own mistakes, or unconscious idiosyncracies, were transformed magically by cerealogists into special accomplishments that no human could possibly duplicate. A standing stalk in a circle of felled wheat, missed by my garden roller as a lawnmower might miss a blade of grass, was seen as a cerealogical miracle. A pictogram, fabricated with the aid of several pints of Guinness and a wood-and-rope stalk stomper, was later alleged, with the most sensitive instruments, to be buzzing with radioactivity. At times it seemed that we hoaxers, rather than the crop circle phenomenon itself, were invisible to ordinary mortals, who could only see what they were programmed to see. I once lost a stalk-stomping implement, and learned later that it had been discovered by circles enthusiasts who assumed it to be some other researcher's measuring rod..."

"Perhaps the most poignant change was the one which transformed my first innocent enjoyment of the crop circles phenomenon: now on the summer occasions when I found myself driving through agrarian countryside, I saw each wheatfield not as the shimmering site of a future visitation from the unknown -- in the form of plasmoids or flying saucers or winged seraphs -- but as a potential canvas... upon which I and others might give life to our own mysterious creations."



"After spending many hours at my drawing board throughout the winter of 1991, it became apparent that given the correct equipment and an average understanding of mathematics, humans would be perfectly capable of producing large and complex crop-circle formations.

"Towards the end of the 1992 season, our circlemaking team decided to test our refined techniques by attempting to produce what was, at the time, probably the most complicated design ever. It was whilst creating that formation that the following event occurred: As the sky grew darker we slowly walked along the narrow footpath that ran alongside our intended canvas for the night. I knew we had to start early if we had any chance of completing the formation before daybreak.

"Once in the field, our initial job was to set up the datum line - A taut length of string (on this occasion pulled diagonally across a number of tram lines) that acts as a spinal cord from which the formation can grow. Finally we were off, and like the low munching of sheep our stompers began to turn the design into reality. After about an hour, we three circlemakers converged on the same point and began quietly discussing our progress. Suddenly my attention was drawn to a light that had appeared from nowhere. It was a few hundred yards away and directly in front of us. As soon as I'd registered its presence I alerted my colleagues. Amazed, we stood there gazing at this football-sized orange light as it hung motionless, about forty feet above the surrounding countryside. After an estimated five seconds the light began to slowly descend. Within another five seconds it had descended about ten feet and had faded into invisibility. With little time to spare, we excitedly returned to our work, always hopeful of a repeat performance.

"Subsequent daylight checks revealed no evidence of the light's existence. That year also saw a large increase in the number of luminosities reported around circle sites. Did we witness a naturally occurring phenomenon -- or were we really being scanned by the genuine circlemakers?"



"I'm often asked why I make crop circles. It's a difficult question to answer, there are countless reasons for doing it. Being able to construct something that many people believe to be beyond human endeavour is certainly one.

"The circles-prone area of Wiltshire could be referred to as a psychic landscape. The location of crop circles within this landscape is of great consequence. Seeing a formation put down in just the right place in relation to its surroundings adds an extra dimension to a formation; it becomes more than the sum of its parts. The proximity of many circles to established sacred sites, such as Avebury or Silbury Hill only adds to this sensation.

"In 1991, Rob Irving described the crop circles as being "temporary sacred sites." Last year, we created a number of these. Many people visited them. Some came to meditate; some came to dance; others came to decipher, and still others came simply to view these huge "...cathedral-like floor plans." Numerous visitors reported a diverse assortment of anomalies associated with these sites.

"I consider the circles we've put down to be genuine. There is no intention on our part to deceive. Our work generates response, often from other circlemakers, and can sometimes act to catalyse a wide range of paranormal events. I still believe there is a genuine phenomenon, but I now also believe that we're a part of it. Working backstage with the circles has allowed me to journey into the heart of an anomaly. It's been a real eye-opener, as well as providing a fascinating sociological insight. I certainly haven't got the whole picture yet -- but I've got a much clearer one."


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