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An NHNE News Update:
Little Chance of Big Calif. Quake
Thursday, March 19, 1998

By David Sunfellow


Remember these famous quotes?


"As to the changes physical again: The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles... And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98..."

---Edgar Cayce Reading #3976-15, January, 1934


"The year 1993 shall be known as 'The Year of the Great Quakes'. The Earth's magnetic field shall become erratic as it prepares for its new course. In the United States, the first of these changes will see the beginning of the breaking-up of California starting with Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco -- the Golden Gate Bridge damaged, the Imperial Valley inundated -- a nation in shock... The land's time has come, it prepares for its cleansing and reunion with its mother land -- Mu. Many see the event as a relief and begin to rebuild. Sadly, more is to come. Mass migrations begin into Nevada, Arizona, Colorado. Western U.S. hit with quakes -- many exceed 7.0..."

---Gordon-Micheal Scallion, from the January, 1993, issue of Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT newsletter


"I see a portion of the Imperial Valley under water this year. I see no turning back now. I believe all my predictions will occur regarding the West Coast. My visions are now in full color with no alternative aspects, or realities, to shift to. In other words, events will now unfold with no possibility of change. I suggest everyone living on the West Coast pay attention to their dreams and intuitive sense. Time is now very short. Earth changes in the year 1995 will create new maps of the West Coast."

---Gordon-Micheal Scallion, from the April, 1995, issue of Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT newsletter


One of the most embarrassing legacies of modern psychics (Cayce, Scallion, and a host of others) is their repeated insistence that California (and much of the rest of the world) would experience catastrophic geological change by or around the turn of the century. Indeed, in California's case, the geological change was predicted to be so severe that the entire state would disappear beneath the Pacific Ocean. The victim of super-mega quakes, and massive inundations of water, most of California, according to these psychic sources, should be under water by now -- or, if not fully or partially submerged, then at least being ravaged by earthquakes 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and larger. Nevermind the fact that geologists say it is geologically impossible for California to fall into the ocean as psychics have predicted, and nevermind, too, that the global level of both earthquake AND volcanic activity has stayed near annual averages for most of this century. People have still sold their homes, uprooted their families, and spent their life savings moving away from doomed portions of the world to safe ones.

Three and a half years ago, when NHNE made its first appearance online, we believed many of the dire earth-change predictions made by Cayce and others were inevitable. Now, after carefully studying U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (USGS) information, contacting professional geologists, seismologists, and volcanists, and systematically tracking (and discrediting) earth-change psychics like Gordon-Michael Scallion, it is obvious that massive global geological change are not going to happen as predicted.

But what about smaller geological upheavals in California like "the big one" both psychics AND scientists have long predicted? A recent USGS press release now reports that Southern California is not likely to experience a huge earthquake because scientific studies which have been predicting an increase in California earthquakes are seriously flawed...


News Release
March 18, 1998

U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Geological Survey
Western Region Outreach Office
345 Middlefield Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025


Southern California is not likely to experience a "huge earthquake," according to two scientists with the U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. In a presentation to members of the SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, meeting at the UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO in Boulder, USGS seismologist Tom Hanks reviewed the number of earthquakes of magnitude 6 or larger that have occurred in southern California during the past 150 years and concluded that the rate of seismic moment release since 1850 is in balance with strain accumulation in the region. Neither is there an "earthquake deficit," according to Hanks and his USGS colleague Ross Stein.

The case for the "huge earthquake" was proposed by David Jackson, science director of the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE CENTER in Pasadena. Jackson founded his argument for a huge earthquake on a perceived "seismic moment deficit," meaning that the strain release that occurs during earthquakes has not kept up with the strain accumulation caused by the relative motions of the Pacific and North American plates across southern California.

Earlier reports of a deficit of magnitude-6 or larger earthquakes in southern California were in error, due to the incomplete reporting of earthquakes in the early part of the 20th century and before. This was due to the very sparse population and general absence of newspaper reports in the early years of development in southern California, Hanks said.

"While the number of earthquakes in southern California can vary considerably over the years and decades, only rarely are these variations anything other than what might be expected from random processes," Hanks said. "There have been no statistically significant variations in the number of 6 or larger earthquakes from one decade to the next in southern California during the 20th century, and there is no evidence that the rate of magnitude-6 earthquakes in southern California is increasing at the present time or at any other time during the 20th century," Hanks said in his presentation Wednesday. He also noted that roughly half of the magnitude-6 earthquakes during the 20th century have occurred on the San Andreas system and half on a myriad of secondary faults. Some earlier studies had suggested that the rate of magnitude-6 shocks on the lesser faults should be three times higher than the data indicated. Hanks and Stein say the earlier models suffered from size distribution functions for the model earthquake population that are unsupported by the data in southern California.

Hanks said earthquake deficits, seismic moment deficits, "huge earthquakes" and time-variable seismicity rates should and do have considerable impact on the rational assessment of earthquake hazards, risk, and insurance rates in southern California. "For example," he said, " a valid seismological argument that the rate of seismicity in southern California is only half of what it should be is a prima facie case that earthquake insurance rates are only half of what they should be."

As the nation's largest water, earth and biological science and civilian mapping agency, the USGS works in cooperation with more than 2,000 organizations across the country to provide reliable, impartial, scientific information to resource managers, planners, and other customers. This information is gathered in every state by USGS scientists to minimize the loss of life and property from natural disasters, contribute to the sound conservation, economic and physical development of the nation's natural resources, and enhance the quality of life by monitoring water, biological, energy, and mineral resources.


For more information concerning catastrophic global geological upheavals, including yearly earthquake rates, failed psychic predictions, torpedoed pole-shift theories, and potentially-bogus legends of ancient, technologically-advanced civilizations (like Atlantis) that were swept away in previous apocalyptic earth changes, check out:

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