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NHNE News Update:
The Great Experiment at the UN
Friday, April 24, 1998


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Hello Everyone,

As all of you know, yesterday was the day "The Great Experiment" took place. We've been hearing from many people who participated, including one NHNE reader who participated in the UNITED NATIONS event in Manhattan which, it turns out, was by invitation only. Her report follows. If you are interested in finding out more about the event itself, or what other people had to say about it in other parts of the world, you can visit The Great Experiment Website:

Home Page:

Message Boards:

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow


The following report comes from Betsy Stang, Executive Director of THE WITTENBERG CENTER, a not-for-profit, publicly-supported organization with consultative status with THE UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC & SOCIAL COUNCIL. THE CENTER'S purpose is to facilitate a bridging of the ancient wisdom with contemporary life. THE WITTENBERG CENTER is dedicated to creating forums for the dissemination of information about indigenous cultures, Earth awareness, appropriate technology and personal and planetary transformation.


NHNE: Betsy, can you tell us how many people showed up at the UN-related event in Manhattan?

STANG: There were about 100 people present. The event was part of a UNITED NATION'S Values Caucus meeting to honor The Association of Permanent Representatives who have been having monthly off-the-record discussions with NGOs (NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS with either observer or consultative status at the UNITED NATIONS). The Values Caucus is chaired by Deborah Moldow of THE WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY and James presented a beautiful song on May Peace Prevail on Earth. This is the time of the yearly meetings of THE COMMISSION ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT when governments and civil society come together looking at ways to create a more sustainable planet. Obviously all prayers are needed in this endeavor.

NHNE: Where was the meditation held -- in one of the UN buildings, or somewhere else?

STANG: The event was held at the UNITED NATION'S CHURCH CENTER, across the street from headquarters.

NHNE: Who, exactly, invited Twyman to the UN?

STANG: I'm not sure.

NHNE: Were there any other authors, entertainers, and other celebrities that showed up with Twyman?

STANG: No, this was an invitational only event.

NHNE: The information posted on The Great Experiment Website suggested that Dr. Doreen Virtue, best-selling author of The Lightworker's Way, and Gregg Braden, geologist and author of Awaken to Zero Point, would be joining Twyman. Are you saying that Twyman was the only one who was invited and, therefore, the only one who attended the meeting?

STANG: Not quite. We, The NGO Values Caucus, organized the event to honor the Ambassadors and one of the members invited James to play a mini concert. We only found out about the Great Experiment by email.

NHNE: Can you tell us if the meditation steps Twyman outlined for The Great Experiment were used at the meeting?

STANG: Yes, these steps were used.

NHNE: Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to share with us?

STANG: James was part of an ongoing energy of different spiritual traditions coming together to work towards a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Throughout the day, I was aware of how many people are working in their own ways and in their own traditions, whether old or new, to make a difference at this critical time.

One thing of note, this Sunday marks 4 years, 4 months, 4 weeks, 4 days since the Cry of the Earth, when the prophecies of the Hopi, Iroquois, Lakota, Annishinabe, Mik Mac, Mayan and Huichol peoples were finally told at the UNITED NATIONS on November 22, 1993. The Hopi elders said that the determination of the Earth changes would be decided within that time, and that all people needed to commit themselves to making a difference. So now we will see. The elders of the indigenous traditions have said that when people link in focus around the world, it makes a huge difference. James did say that scientists were doing some measurements of the event and its effects. Yesterday was also the worldwide commemoration of the Holocaust.

It is important to note that there are also calls for world linkage in prayer on June 21 for World Peace and Prayer Day, September 26 for the Prayer Vigil for the Earth, and on December 8th. There is also the worldwide system of Peace Chambers link at 7 PM on the 7th of every month for prayer. Perhaps we should be training ourselves to pray for global healing every day. This world certainly needs more prayer.

I hope this is helpful.

NHNE: Yes. Thank you very much for taking the time to share this with all of us.


Betsy Stang, Executive Director
The Wittenberg Center
188 Wittenberg Road
Bearsville, NY 12409

Phone: (914) 679-9764



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