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NHNE News Flash:
Jesus, Shroud, Cydonia, Crop Circles
Tuesday, April 7, 1998



From Jesus to Christ
Shroud on TV & In Time Magazine
Current Pictures of the Face on Mars
Crop Circular Update



The FRONTLINE special on Jesus, "From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians", wraps up tonight on PBS. For those of you who may have missed it, or simply want to know more about the various topics this feature covered, here are a couple PBS links:

"Trace the epic story of the rise of Christianity, through a chronology, interactive maps of key archaeological finds, information about biblical archaeology, and a look at the discoveries that have challenged familiar assumptions about Christianity's origins."

Home Page:

Synopsis of Show:



This evening, at 9:00 -11:00 PM Eastern and Pacific time, the CBS television program "Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel," will feature the Shroud of Turin. The program includes interviews with Dr. Harry Gove, Dr. Walter McCrone, Ian Wilson and Barrie Schwortz ( Two episodes are airing back to back, and I'm not sure which hour will include the Shroud segment. Check your local listings to verify time and channel in your area.

More news about this is located on the Shroud of Turin Website:

This week's issue of TIME MAGAZINE is also featuring an article on the Shroud, which should be on the newstand today.



In case you missed it, here is where you can find a current picture of the Mars Global Surveyor Image of Cydonia:

CNN ONLINE story on the Face on Mars:



An updated version of the Crop Circular article that was sent out yesterday to everyone on the NHNE Mailing List is now posted on the Crop Circular Website. Freddy Silva, the author of the article, has tighted up a few sections to be sure the article accurately reflects New Zealand newspaper accounts of the upcoming NBC special on crop circles.


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