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NHNE News Update:
Mars Probe, TV Specials & CSICOP Media Blitz
Saturday, April 4, 1998


April 6th

The schedule for the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) images of Cydonia (where the Face on Mars is located) has been made public. The first Cydonia images will be available Monday morning, April 6th. Images from the Viking and Pathfinder sites will be available 24 hours later.

Quick Summary of Specific Target Places & Dates:

NASA "Mars Global Surveyor" Mirror Sites:

This, of course, is a very important event for folks that believe Mars has been or presently is home base for extraterrestrials living on Mars. If the NASA photos, which will be more detailed than the original Viking 1 Orbiter photographs, reveal the Face on Mars area is, indeed, a series of artificial structures, then humankind will never be the same again. If, on the other hand, the Face on Mars area turns out to be nothing more than rock formations (as most NASA scientists are predicting), Face-on-Mars-conspiracy buffs -- both those who created them as well as those who believed in them -- will have some serious soul-searching to do...


PBS, Four-Part Special, April 6th

FRONTLINE will be presenting a four-part special called "From Jesus to Christ." The special, which takes an in-depth look at the life and death of Jesus and the rise of Christianity, begins airing Monday, April 6th, on PBS. Check your local listings for details.



NHNE has learned that Barrie Schwortz and Joe Nickell (see our special News Update "SI DIGEST & The Shroud of Turin" <> for more details) are both involved in an upcoming BBC special on the Shroud of Turin. I have included a recent CSICOP news release which comments on this program as well as a recent media-blitz by their organization. When more details are available about the upcoming Shroud special, I will let all of you know.


CSICOP Press Release:

Friday, April 3, 1998

It's been a busy week for CSICOP and a successful week for promoting the message of skepticism...

On April Fool's Day, newspaper readers in southern Florida awoke to find CSICOP's list of the Top Ten Strangest Hoaxes of All Time published as an opinion editorial by the Miami Herald. ( The full article is also availabe on

The release generated radio interviews across North America. Barry Karr, Joe Nickell and Matt Nisbet took to the airwaves for interviews on CNN radio, NBC radio, the nationally-syndicated Jerry Hughes Show, Wisconsin Public Radio, KFWB Los Angeles and more than twenty other radio broadcasts aross the U.S. and Canada. For most of Tuesday and Wednesday CSICOP's five office phone lines were ringing non-stop with interview requests and dozens of inquiries from radio listeners about SKEPTICAL INQUIRER subscriptions.

Meanwhile, prompted by the recent Therapeutic Touch(TT) study released by the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine (Prometheus Books), CSICOP was contacted by CBS Eye to Eye with Bryant Gumbel to aid in a segment on TT. CSICOP refered CBS to NYC-based biochemist and researcher Saul Green, Science Editor for SRAM, and provided CBS with extensive background materials.

CSICOP first brought the world's attention to the claims of TT back in the Winter 1993 issue of SKEPTICAL INQUIRER. Follow-up reports appeared in the Spring 1993 and July/August 1996 issues. (To order back issues or articles of SI, call 1800-634-1610.) Much of the recent widespread criticism of therapeutic touch takes root in the original work and research done by CSICOP fellows Vern Bullough and Bela Scheiber.

Media inquiries on a wide range of topics keep pouring into the CSICOP offices. Senior Research Fellow Joe Nickell was recently named special paranormal consultant to the BBC as he collaborates on two upcoming documentaries involving the topics of the Shroud of Turin and Levitation.

Nickell has been a busy man as of late. Last week he traveled to the state of Washington to address the Northwest Association of Physics Teachers and Professors. Also speaking at the event was CSICOP fellow Ray Hyman. On April 1st, Nickell gave a much publicized speech at Bristol Community College in Connecticut and will address the MIT Alumni Association on Monday, April 5 in Boston.

CSICOP continues to be a major resource for top international news publications. On Sunday March 29, an article by Robert Baker was cited in a Washington Post article on paranormal radio host Art Bell. The February issue of DISCOVER magazine called on Nickell and CSICOP consultant Michael Dennett for a story on Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster. While this week, a science magazine from Norway arrived in our offices that featured Joe Nickell's now famous Alien Timeline. The Timeline has appeared on ABC's 20/20 and as far away as magazines in Brazil!

Feedback from the media continues to be very positive. Reporters, editors, and producers make use of CSICOP's network of scientific experts and leading researchers to gain critical analysis of the latest claims of pseudoscience and the paranormal. The media also relies heavily on the in-depth, cutting- edge features and articles found exclusively in current and past issues of SKEPTICAL INQUIRER magazine.

Nobel laureate Leon Lederman said it best when he commented " I know junk science when I see it. So do you. But it takes CSICOP to provide the data, the anecdotes, the information that helps us all to respond to the barrage of unbelievable garbage that regularly assails us."


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