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Smorgasbord 2
Friday, November 21, 1997
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HELENA ROCCA, who shares this quote:

Jesus saw some infants nursing. He said to his disciples, "These infants are like those who enter the Kingdom of Heaven." They said to him, "How then can we enter?" Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside, and the outside like the inside, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, then you will enter the Kingdom."

---The Gospel of Thomas



Erich Von Disneyland
"The Excel Phenomenon," No. 2
Holocaust Global Registry Website
Smoking Fathers Threaten Unborn Children
Barbie's New Look
105-Year-old Athlete Sure to Win
International Internet Sweep Day
Internet-Ready Cars
Has Bill Gates Finally Met His Match?
El Nino Forecasts
El Nino Map
Ultraviolet Radiation Linked to Deformed Frogs
Natural Causes Warming Arctic
Ancient Eruptions May Have Caused Global Warming
Earth's Inner Core Turning Independently
Water Once Flowed on Mars

Brother Seron, from the Planet Venus

A New Weekly Column

"We Do Not Understand These Things"

My Favorite Mac Websites

We Are Microsoft
"Ticket, Please"

How Many of You Actually Read This?




Erich Von Daniken, author of 23 books including the best-selling classic, "Chariots of the Gods," is branching out. Now 62 years old, Daniken is planning to open a Disneyland-like theme park on the outskirts of Interlaken, in Switzerland, in the autumn of 2001. Daniken's theme park, which will be called "Mysteries of the World," will cover 200,000 square feet and will feature life-sized replicas of some of the ancient sites which Daniken believes are the handiwork of extraterrestrials. Among other things, Daniken's theme park will include replicas of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, the tomb of Pacal at Palenque, Mexico, and the Mayan astronomical observatory at Chichen Itza, Mexico. Other exhibits will include a covered pavilion providing a simulation of a night flight over the mysterious Nacza lines on the desert of Peru. Daniken's park is expected to be open all year round and will cost between $45 and $60 million to construct.



(Source: THE WASHINGTON POST, 10/13/97)

"The Excel Phenomenon," debuted at the No. 2 spot on THE NEW YORK TIMES and WALL STREET JOURNAL nonfiction lists, selling about 140,000 copies. Published by PRIMA in Rocklin, California, the book is a profile of Dallas-based EXCEL COMMUNICATIONS INC., which has grown to a $2 billion telecommunications company and the country's fifth-largest long-distance carrier in less than 10 years. "I think number two is as far as my book's going to go, and that's just fine," says Jim Robinson, the book's author. "I highly doubt I'll unseat 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,'" said Robinson with a chuckle, referring to the John Gray book that has dominated both lists' top spot for more than 200 weeks. Robinson points to EXCEL COMMUNICATIONS as a perfect example of how the American workplace is changing. EXCEL'S success using a nontraditional business strategy illustrates the increased movement toward U.S. entrepreneurship and away from the "barracuda mentality" sometimes found at corporations or in the government.




(Source: Lee Underwood, FYI - ISRAEL IN THE NEWS,11/16/97)

JEWISHGEN, INC., the leading internet site for Jewish genealogy, announces the opening of the Holocaust Global Registry, an interactive searchable database accessible worldwide. The JEWISHGEN Holocaust Global Registry provides a central place for all survivors to list themselves and to search for, and connect with, family and friends. Child survivors who do not even remember their surnames may enter whatever information they have in the hope of discovering their roots. Anyone may add names or search for lost ones who might still be alive. The Holocaust took the lives of six and a half million Jews. After more than a half century survivors are still searching and occasionally finding each other or locating friends and relatives, often by chance. Others lack the physical and emotional strength to pursue the search especially since the odds for success have been poor. Thousands of Jewish children were saved and later adopted. They were given new names and often a new religion. As adults, many of them are still unaware of their true identity and Jewish heritage.



(Source: BBC NEWS, 11/18/97)

Men who smoke tobacco could be putting their children at greater risk of cancer because of damaged sperm, according to scientists. The study, made at the UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, is not about passive smoking, the effect of smoke on children's lungs. It is about the damage smoking can cause long before babies take their first breath. Doctor Tom Sorahan and his colleagues have found new evidence that smoking can damage sperm. The research, published in the BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, suggests that a child fathered by a man who smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day has a 30 percent greater risk of getting cancer.



(SOURCE: REUTERS, 11/17/97)

It's more than a face lift -- Barbie, perhaps the world's most famous doll, is getting an entire makeover. MATTEL, which makes the legendary figurine, says Barbie's hips are too wide, her breasts are too big and her waist is too narrow. So they plan to produce a new version of the doll -- to better reflect the desires of Barbie's target audience, girls aged three to 11, who MATTEL says are looking for a cooler, hipper and more physically realistic Barbie. The doll's exaggerated proportions have long infuriated feminists and others who feel the toy sets unrealistic standards for young girls. If Barbie were enlarged to life-size, she would have measurements of 38-18-34.



(Source: REUTERS, 11/14/97)

Joginder Singh is a certainty to make a clean sweep of prizes in the 105-years-and-over section at an athletic meet in New Zealand. The 105-year-old Indian will compete alone in his age group, running, throwing and jumping in the Oceania veteran championships in the North Island town of Hastings in January. Singh, a Sikh from northern India, claims the world record for the men's 95-years-and-over long jump of 4.15 metres, which he set in 1990. His passport, which was provided to the organizers as proof of age, shows he was born in Patiala on June 12, 1892, making him the oldest of the 500 entrants by 20 years.



(Source: CNN ONLINE, 11/17/97)

Consumer protection officials in 25 countries have told hundreds of internet website operators that their get-rich-quick business opportunities and pyramid schemes may be illegal. "International Internet Sweep Day" was conducted October 16, the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION announced Monday. In the United States, the FTC, the FEDERAL SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION and COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION joined consumer protection agencies and securities regulators in 22 states in targeting suspect websites. The FTC then issued warnings to 180 site operators. A prime objective of the sweep was to educate businesses using the internet about consumer protection laws and to deter any future violations. In addition to the United States, nations participating were Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.



(Source: REUTERS, 11/18/97)

At the COMDEX computer show, IBM demonstrated a car that lets drivers surf the internet, catch up on e-mail, get navigation help and drive at the same time. The car is a working concept that employs technologies already in use, such as IBM's voice recognition software, so that the user can verbally request the computer to read aloud email messages, locate a restaurant or hotel, in a safe manner that does not interfere with driving. IBM said that most of the technology could be made available to consumers in as little as 18 months as add-on's to their existing vehicles. The Network Vehicle accesses the internet via a satellite connection, using HUGHES ELECTRONICS DirecTV and DirecPC satellite link. The car also includes an integrated cellular phone, NETSCAPE'S Communicator software for browsing the web, a touch-screen color flat panel for cockpit control and SUN'S Java language. The car also has a heads-up display, developed by DELCO ELECTRONICS, that projects onto the windshield -- similar to the display used by jet fighter pilots to navigate their destination or to check the vehicle functions without taking their eyes off the road. Passenger seats are equipped with individual terminals for interacting with the internet, watching television or playing video games.



(Source: BBC NEWS, 11/18/97)

The script sounds like it comes from an All-American hero comic book. Just one man standing in the way of global domination by an evil genius, armed only with a sense of right and wrong. The classic image of an underdog suits Ralph Nader down to the ground. And while there is no doubt that his current nemesis, Bill Gates, is both a genius and no stranger to global domination, Mr. Gates has been busy showing the world that he is hardly evil. Self-deprecating wit at the COMDEX computer show in Las Vegas has revealed the human side of Bill Gates. Nader first rose to fame after writing a best seller in 1965 about GENERAL MOTORS' car safety record, called "Unsafe at Any Speed." This forced GM to withdraw the Corvair, and car makers generally to install airbags in their vehicles. But as befits the man at odds with society, he does not actually own a car. Mr. Gates grinned in the face of his enemy at COMDEX, however, saying his number one reason for loving his PC was to use MICROSOFT'S CarPoint software to show Mr. Nader his Corvair collection.




(Thanks to Chris Czech)


(SOURCE: Michael Conlon, REUTERS, 11/17/97)

Ultraviolet radiation, entering the environment in increased doses because of ozone layer depletion, may be a cause of deformities in frogs that have concerned and puzzled researchers, scientists said Monday. The U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY'S Mid-Continent Ecology Division in Minnesota said the finding was a preliminary one and it still believes the deformities -- most commonly involving missing, deformed or misplaced limbs -- are due to a combination of factors.



(Source: EUREKALERT, 11/13/97)

Natural causes, not just human-induced forces, played a significant role in an unprecedented warming trend in the Arctic in the last 150 years, according to a study published in the November 14 issue of SCIENCE. The study found that the Arctic experienced its highest temperatures in 400 years between the mid-19th and mid-20th centuries. Contrary to previous assumptions, the evidence indicates that the Arctic is characterized by significant climatic change even without the influence of environmental effects caused by humans. "Some of the warming that we observed after the time of the Industrial Revolution may be attributed to atmospheric greenhouse gases, but our observation of dramatic environmental change pre-dates this period," said investigator Dr. Marianne Douglas, an assistant professor in the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO'S department of geology. The multi-centred project capitalized on the expertise of 18 North American researchers who studied complementary climate indicators in all parts of the Arctic. The final compilation of paleoenvironmental data included information from glaciers, tree rings and marine, lake and pond sediments. The findings suggest the Arctic is especially susceptible to global climate change caused by both natural and human sources, and in turn it can influence changes at lower latitudes through mechanisms such as river runoff into the Arctic Ocean and subsequent changes in thermohaline (ocean currents distributing heat) circulation.



(Source: EUREKALERT, 11/5/97)

Drilling into the sea floor south of Haiti has uncovered conclusive ashy evidence that multiple massive volcanic eruptions occurred roughly 55 million years ago in the Caribbean Basin. Those cataclysmic events appear to have caused abrupt inversion of ocean waters, triggering one of the most dramatic climatic changes ever, according to a geologist on the team that discovered the eruptions. The inversion caused the release of massive amounts of sea floor methane into the atmosphere, leading to global warming and possibly speeding evolution of countless new plant and animal species, including many primates and carnivores. At the same time, close to half of all deep-sea animals went extinct, asphyxiated in the suddenly warmer and stagnant deep waters. "Many geologists are interested in this interval 55 million years ago because we don't know of any other geologic period when warming occurred so precipitously, and warmth covered the globe like this," said Dr. Timothy Bralower, associate professor of geology at the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill. "The million-dollar question is what triggered the sudden burp of methane. A dramatic climatic change had to have occurred first." A report on the discovery appears in the November issue of THE JOURNAL GEOLOGY.



(Source: EUREKALERT, 11/13/97)

The proposition that the Earth's little understood inner core is a frozen yet white hot globe of curiously laid out iron crystals, spinning independently of the rest of the planet, is confirmed by UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON geophysicist Kenneth Creager in tomorrow's SCIENCE. But he has also found that the inner core is not as agile as thought, turning four to 12 times slower than the Earth's two outer layers, the crust and the mantle, than previously estimated.



(Source: BBC NEWS, 11/14/97)

People sometimes call Mars the "Red planet" - but nearly four billion years ago, it was the "White planet". The Martian surface was hidden beneath thick white clouds. Below there were erupting volcanoes, oceans, lakes and rivers. This is the portrait of ancient Mars painted by scientists at the Pierre and Marie Curie UNIVERSITY IN PARIS. It's a world away from the dead, rust-coloured desert shown in the pictures recently beamed back to us by the now defunct Pathfinder mission. That space probe, together with previous studies of the Martian landscape and rocks, provided a convincing body of evidence that water once flowed on the planet.




By David Sunfellow

The year was 1973 and I was attending my first year of college at IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY in Pocatello, Idaho. The comet Kohoutek was on its way to planet Earth and rumors were flying that all kinds of massive earth changes were about to lay waste to our world (sound familiar?). To add fuel to the dire predictions, the Reverend Reo Ray from Hawaii was offering a meeting for a few of the more wild-eyed students and faculty members of ISU. I had been invited to attend by a professor who was well-known for his interest in everything far out. The Reverend's claim to fame was that he channeled a being called, "Brother Seron," from the planet Venus. A newbie to both the college scene and the spiritual path, I didn't know what to think -- but I liked my professor and decided to show up just to see what would happen.

Altogether, about eight people came. We made a circle, sat on the floor, and meditated together for about 20 minutes. Wanting to look like a veteran of the spiritual path, I assumed the most impressive meditation posture I could -- an amatuerish half-lotus. Any kind of special meditative posture was, however, a mistake for me. Instead of entering the kind of exalted states of consciousness everyone else seemed to enter, I spent my time struggling not to let anyone know that both of my legs had fallen asleep, racking me with pain.

When the meditation came to an end, Reverend Ray channeled a message for us from Brother Seron -- something about loving one another and preparing ourselves for the difficult times that Kohoutek was about to unleash on the Earth. And then it was time to do some personal growth exercises. We were asked to choose partners, preferably someone we didn't know, and look ever so deeply into their eyes. Because I was too chicken to protest, and because I thought it best to defer to people wiser and more experienced than myself, I kept quiet and acted cool. Indeed, it was clear to me (and everyone else for that matter), that those of us who could look into one another's eyes the longest, with the least amount of resistance and most amount of openness, were the most spiritually advanced -- so I, like everyone else, did my best to look like an adept. I gazed deeply into the eyes of my partner, doing everything I could not to betray how utterly uncomfortable the exercise made me feel. And then, after what seemed like an eternity, we changed partners, and searched the depths of the next soul. Finally, the meeting came to an end, and I left vowing to myself that I would never, ever attend such a stupid meeting again, or partake in such a personally violating exercise with complete strangers. I also thought I better work on my lame half-lotus or the next time I tried sitting for 20 minutes without moving, I could loose my legs.

This humorous situation was brought to mind by a show I saw on TV last week. It was an Ally McBeal episode that revolved, in part, around lovers looking into one another's eyes while making love. Couples who looked deeply into one another's eyes, the show's characters suggested, were rare -- and special. Indeed, most people prefered not to get that personal, even when they where intimately involved and genuinely loved one another. "Whoah," I thought, "now there's something to think about."

At first, I pondered my own intimate eye-contact history. Then I remembered my sessions with Brother Seron. And finally, I found myself face to face with the sad, shields-up, lost-in-our-own-world condition of most human beings. Why don't more of us look deeply into one another's eyes in a natural, uninhibited and open-hearted way, even in our most intimate moments? It seems to me that there are at least two reasons: We are either too defensive and withdrawn, more bent on protecting ourselves and erecting force fields than letting others in, or we are too pushy and judgmental, more interested in invading another person's inner world and making them a clone of ourselves, than really understanding and joining with them as they are. Rare, indeed, are two people who want to connect and have no defenses, or immature reactions, preventing them from doing so.

How do we overcome these universal human tendencies? While Space Brother Seron might advise us all to sit down in a circle and look deeply into the eyes of people we don't know, I think we would be better advised to first become aware of the forces within us that are afraid of connecting deeply with one another. What are these forces? Where do they come from? How do they manifest? And then we can begin to gently dismantle them (when appropriate), beginning with the people we love the most, know the best, and feel the safest with.

The fact that mainstream programs like Ally McBeal are beginning to explore topics like this is, I believe, cause for jubilation. And the trend certainly looks like it is going to continue. Unisex law firm bathrooms (another Ally McBeal first), coed showers and bunking quarters (Starship Troopers); perfume that both men and women can wear (Calvin Kline), all seem to be attempts, however odd, to break down the barriers that stand between men and women -- and, by extension, the barriers between all human beings. Indeed, now days, even Space Brother Seron look-alikes are everywhere, which, I suppose, is a sign increasing numbers of people are searching for deeper, more meaningful ways to connect.


Here are a couple of related quotes from the Pathwork material of Eva Pierrakos:

"Whatever exists within the human psyche shows up in the sexual experience; it is impossible to keep anything out. The actual form of the sexual experience is therefore an infallible indicator of where a person's psyche is. It will reveal where a person is liberated and at one with divine law, where evil and destructive, and where stuck and stagnant because the destructiveness is hidden and not dealt with."

---Creating Union, Chapter 13: Fusion: The Spiritual Significance of Sexuality


"One of the main obstacles to overcoming the fear of death is the fear of letting go of the barriers which separate you from the opposite sex. There is a very direct connection between these three: Fear of one's own unconscious, fear of love with the opposite sex, and fear of death."

---Creating Union, Chapter 11: Life, Love and Death, Pg. 118




From time to time many of you write asking questions about personal growth, the spiritual path, and all kinds of other topics. I thought it might be interesting to start including a column in Smorgasbord to share some of these questions and answers. So if you have any questions that you think I/we can help with, mail them to "nhne@nhne.com" and I will do my best to give you some kind of answer -- or, if I'm stumped, find someone else who can.




[In Smorgasbord 1, we heard a little bit about Lewis and Clark's adventures in the wilds of the North American continent. Now let's hear from some of the folks that the great white European exodus to the New World affected.]

"Your forefathers crossed the great waters and landed on this island. Their numbers were small. They found friends and not enemies. They told us they had fled from their own country for fear of wicked men, and had come here to enjoy their religion. They asked for a small seat. We took pity on them, granted their request and they sat down amongst us. We gave them corn and meat. They gave us poison (spiritous liquor) in return. The white people had now found our country. Tidings were carried back and more came amongst us. Yet we did not fear them. We took them to be friends. They called us brothers. We believed them and gave them a large seat. At length their numbers had greatly increased. They wanted more land. They wanted our country. Our eyes were opened, and our minds became uneasy. Wars took place. Indians were hired to fight against Indians, and many of our people were destroyed. They also brought strong liquors among us. It was strong and powerful and has slain thousands....

"Brother! Continue to listen. You say that you are sent to instruct us how to worship the Great Spirit agreeably to His mind; and if we do not take hold of the religion which you white people teach we shall be unhappy hereafter. You say that you are right, and we are lost. How do you know this to be true? We understand that your religion is written in a book. If it was intended for us as well as for you, why has not the Great Spirit given it to us; and not only to us, but why did He not give to our forefathers the knowledge of that book, with the means to understanding it rightly? We only know what you tell us about it. How shall we know when to believe, being so often deceived by the white people? Brother! You say there is but one way to worship and serve the Great Spirit. If there is but one religion, why do you white people differ so much about it? Why not all agree, as you can all read the book? Brother! We do not understand these things. We are told that your religion was given to your forefathers and has been handed down, father to son. We also have a religion which was given to our forefathers, and has been handed down to us, their children. We worship that way. It teaches us to be thankful for all the favors we received, to love each other, and to be unified. We never quarrel about religion.... Brother! We do not wish to destroy your religion, or to take it from you. We only want to enjoy our own."

---Red Jacket (1756-1830), Seneca Chief


"Our fathers gave us many laws, which they had learned from their fathers. These laws were good. They told us to treat all men as they treated us; that we should never be the first to break a bargain; that it was a disgrace to tell a lie; that we should speak only the truth; that it was a shame for one man to take from another his wife, or his property without paying for it. We were taught to believe that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything, and that He never forgets; that hereafter He will give every man a spirit-home according to his desserts: if he has been a good man, he will have a good home; if he has been a bad man, he will have a bad home. This I believe, and all my people believe the same."

---Chief Joseph (1840-1904), Nez Perces Chief


"Look at me, I am poor and naked, but I am the Chief of the nation. We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches, we want peace and love. The riches that we have in this world, Secretary Cox said truly, we cannot take with us to the next world. Then I wish to know why commissioners are sent out to us who do nothing but rob and get the riches of this world away from us?"

---Red Cloud (1822-1909), Sioux Chief

From "Indian Oratory," compiled by W.C. Vanderwerth, published by the UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA PRESS



By Guy Kawasaki

[The following message was posted Monday, July 21, 1997 by Guy Kawasaki to his Evangelist Mailing List, an online mailing list that reaches some 280,000 rabid Mac fans.]

"We've gotten hundreds of messages from people who think I should be the CEO of APPLE, and I'm doing quite well in the online polls. I want to address this topic publicly for all who are interested. Not that the job will be offered to me, but a few years ago I wrote a book called 'Hindsights.' It is a collection of interviews of people about their hindsights in life. The people in the book are rich and poor, famous and unknown, happy and sad. Only 33 people are in the book, but I interviewed about 130 in total. In all these interviews, not one person told me that that they should have spent more time working or amassing wealth. Zero. Zippo. None. On the other hand, many of them told me that they were so busy making money that they woke up one day and their kids had grown up.

"I developed a firm grasp of the obvious: You can work your butt off anytime, but your kids are young only once. Thus, I made a decision to not take an operating role in a company so that I could be with my two kids (and I would like more) and wife. I took the APPLE fellowship because I love APPLE, Macintosh, and our customers and it was the only way to get a PowerBook right away, but it is a fellowship and not a 'job' per se. My decision is not going to change in the near future, and you know what? My kids don't care how the MERCURY reported an APPLE story, how the WALL STREET JOURNAL predicted our death, how the SPA forecasted a decline in Macintosh software sales using inexplicable math, or whether APPLE'S market share is 5%, .5%, .05%, or 5000%. All they care about is that I'm with them. And what job could possibly be more important than this?"

You can find out more about Guy's Evangelist Mailing List by visiting their website (http://www.evangelist.macaddict.com/). To join the Evangelist Mailing List, send an email to "evangelist@macway.com"


And while we are on the subject of Macs, here are a few of my favorite Mac websites:






Version Tracker:

Most Popular Mac Downloads:


ChezMark's MacPicks:

Control Strip Heaven:

The Apple Store:


We are Microsoft.
Resistance Is Futile.
You Will Be Assimilated.

---From a bumper sticker




Three Apple engineers and three Microsoft employees are traveling by train to a conference. At the station, the three Microsoft employees each buy tickets and watch as the three Apple engineers buy only a single ticket.

"How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?' asks a Microsoft employee. "Watch and you'll see," answers the Apple engineer.

They all board the train. The Microsoft employees take their respective seats but all three Apple engineers cram into a restroom and close the door behind them.

Shortly after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the restroom door and says, "ticket, please." The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand. The conductor takes it and moves on.

The Microsoft employees saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea. So after the conference, the Microsoft employees decide to copy the Apple engineers on the return trip and save some money (being clever with money, and all that). When they get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the Apple engineers don't buy a ticket at all.

"How are you going to travel without a ticket says one perplexed Microsoft employee.

"Watch and you'll see," answers an Apple engineer.

When they board the train the three Microsoft employees cram into a restroom and the three Apple engineers cram into another one nearby.

The train departs. Shortly afterward, one of the Apple engineers leaves his restroom and walks over to the restroom where the Microsoft employees are hiding. He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket, please..."




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