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Smorgasbord 8
Saturday, March 7, 1998
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THE FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION is comprised of women and men who recognize the essential unity of all creation and have joined together to explore the power of love and truth for resolving human conflict. While it has always been vigorous in its opposition to war, THE FELLOWSHIP has insisted equally that this effort must be based on a commitment to the achieving of a just and peaceful world community, with full dignity and freedom for every human being. In working out these objectives the FOR seeks the company of people of faith who will respond to conflict nonviolently, seeking reconciliation through compassionate action. THE FELLOWSHIP encourages the integration of faith into the lives of individual members. At the same time it is a special role of THE FELLOWSHIP to extend the boundaries of community and affirm its diversity of religious traditions as it seeks the resolution of conflict by the united efforts of people of many faiths.



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"Honesty is the most needed and most rare form of love among human beings!"

From the Pathwork Guide Lectures of Eva Pierrakos, "Unconscious Negative Interaction to Conscious Choice of Love"



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An NHNE Special Report on the problem with computers crashing when the year 2000 strikes (due to computer dating problems) is in the works. The report will explore just how serious this problem is, and include a list of major Internet contacts that are researching, debating, and working to help computers (and the people who use them) make a graceful passage into the next millennium.



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Published Saturday, February 21, 1998

We received a pile of letters concerning our Special Report on Sai Baba. While most of these letters applauded our efforts to bring to light the many serious accusations surrounding Sai Baba, one thoughtful reader raised some issues that I wanted to address here:

1. Shouldn't I/we have direct, personal experience with the people/events we report on?

We do not have the time, money, resources, or even the interest to personally investigate every controversial situation that comes along. Instead, NHNE draws on the resources, knowledge, and experience of our growing network of truth seekers. In the case of Sai Baba, while I did not personally visit him in India, I did draw upon sources who had, including Jed Geyerhahn who detailed his encounters with Sai Baba AND invited people to contact him who wanted to verify and/or challenge the accuracy of his story (JGeyerhahn@aol.com). In addition to Geyerhahn, I also contacted people in London, India, and the United States who have been investigating Sai Baba for many years, all of whom collaborated Geyerhahn's unflattering portrait of Sai Baba.

The NHNE Special Report on Sai Baba provided a list of very specific charges: sleight-of-hand, fraud, sexual indiscretions, misuse of power, abuse of women, the death of six people who were killed in Sai Baba's room under very suspicious circumstances, to name a few. If anyone can provide evidence -- either gathered by themselves or others -- that these charges are not true, send them to us (nhne@nhne.com). NHNE is not interested in spreading falsehoods of any kind and continues to look to our growing network of like-minded seekers to help insure our stories are fair, accurate, and reliable.

2. NHNE should not judge others.

While it is not NHNE's place to pass judgement and condemn others -- God, their souls, karma, and earthly laws will do a good enough job of this without our help -- we are committed to discovering the truth about the spiritual path, and all claims of spiritual mastership. If a person is a true instrument of God, they have nothing to fear from us, or anyone else who may challenge them. Their essential goodness will endure all tests and win the hearts and minds of all who challenge them. If, however, they are not the instruments of God that they claim, then nature will take its course and the aspects of their lives, deeds, claims, and teachings that aren't true, will, one way or another, crumble.

3. Divine beings can engage in behaviors that appear morally and ethically inappropriate on the surface, but which are actually gifts from the master to the less evolved, less aware initiate.

Authenic masters often challenge the moral, ethical and religious customs of their day. Jesus healed on the Sabath, ate with sinners, overturned the tables of money-changers in the Temple, called religious authorities hypocrites (all serious breaches of ancient Jewish customs). But he did so publicly. Believing his cause was just and his beliefs and actions aligned with the divine, he brought his cause out in the open. Other well-known masters, saints, and sages have done the same. And they also came clean, publicly, with their own imperfections. Many of today's supposed masters, on the other hand, defy moral, ethical, and religious standards in private and when caught, deny or defend their behaviors with far-fetched and evasive philosophical arguments. In my view, the "master" who engages in immoral and unethical behaviors in private, and then scrambles to cover his/her tracks with fancy philosophical arguments once they've been discovered, is more likely a scoundrel, than a master.


Published Monday, February 23, 1998

While many of you found this news update thought-provoking, some of you found it suspiciously lopsided. Should all, or most of the blame for failed marriages be laid at the husband's doorstep? Aren't both of the people involved in a marriage relationship equally responsible for insuring its success? Primarily stressing the husband's need to share power, and to a lesser degree, the wife's need to bring up issues in a sensitive fashion, some of you thought the article focused too much on techniques instead of what ultimately determines the success or failure of all relationships: the heartfelt desire to join with another human being. Others of you jokingly speculated on what husbands might be asked to do next...


"Without an openness to interdependence -- sharing of power -- no technique is of much use other than to validate one's one willingness to try and resolve a conflict. However, a willingness to move forward, is always necessary, no matter how clumsy (without techniques, etc.). To teach a technique without the purpose behind it, without getting to the essence, is merely teaching mind games and if anything, increases anger. I would readily agree that too often we train technicians, not counselors, and hence we have techniques which can be duplicated but very little 'counseling.'"

Bob Basham
Rice, WA


"So they first thought you had to LISTEN to what your wife wants and now they think you need to DO what she wants. The next study will get closer to the fact that you actually will have to WANT to DO what she wants..."

Rupert Oysler
Sedona, Arizona


Published Tuesday, February 24, 1998

One reader wrote:

"I watched DATELINE tonight. Do you feel that this was a accurate portrayal of Gabriel? Would love to hear your reaction."

I believe the DATELINE special on Gabriel of Sedona was accurate -- as far as it went. DATELINE correctly reported that Gabriel has been sexually involved with members of his community (something he tried to deny, but was forced to admit in his DATELINE interview); that he believes he WAS the Disciple Peter, Alexander the Great, King Arthur, Martin Luther, Saint Francis, George Washington, and IS the commander of a fleet of extraterrestrial spaceships and a messianic prophet ("the vessel to bring forth Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation"); that he has warned both members of his community, and people in the larger city of Sedona, that bad things would happen to them if they didn't accept him as their spiritual leader; that Gabriel maintains a dictatorial influence over the members of his community; that a growing number of people have been hurt by following Gabriel's lead instead of their own. The DATELINE special erroneously reported that Gabriel's AQUARIAN CONCEPTS COMMUNITY is "low-key, quiet and keeps to itself." Along with maintaining several local cottage industries, Gabriel and/or his followers have participated (sometimes very loudly) in public meetings, written editorials in local newspapers, performed public concerts, and actively sought new converts from Sedona and elsewhere. When Gabriel first began organizing his community, his "compliment", Niann, delivered a letter to me telling me that I should accept Gabriel as my teacher because I did not have the same kind of direct access to God that Gabriel did. When I failed to respond to his invitation, a letter was delivered to my former wife. Accusing me of being too prideful to join them, they then attempted to woo Pamela by praising her for her humility and declaring that she was a sister of their's -- also to no avail. Many other friends and aquaintances also received letters from Gabriel, some of which contained threats of bad things happening if Gabriel's call was not heeded.

Gabriel and his community, in other words, are well-known in Sedona -- in both public and spiritual circles.

While the DATELINE special did cover the darker aspects of Gabriel and his community, it failed to mention the positive aspects. Gabriel and community are strong environmental advocates, they are actively involved in local coops, health food stores and recycling projects, they practice alternative health care, they are interested in alternative sources of energy and education, and are sincerely seeking to build a new, more spirit-filled and loving world for themselves and others. In short, even though they add their own cult-like spin to everything, they believe and support many of the things the growing planetary transformation movement represents and champions.

Finally, DATELINE failed to mention that people like Gabriel wouldn't exist unless they were meeting needs. Remove Gabriel, and someone else will fill the empty spot -- perhaps someone worse. Personally, I believe it is important that all of us have the ability to follow whatever spiritual path appeals to us, however flawed it may be, so we can learn and grow. At the same time, I think it is also important to shine bright lights on situations like Gabriel's so those of us who are interested can clearly see what is going on -- and, by virtue of seeing clearly, make informed decisions as to what kind of beliefs, and people, we invest ourselves in.



(Source: The Shroud of Turin Website, http://www.shroud.com/)

Looking for a way to stay current with the latest research on the Shroud of Turin (http://www.nhne.com/shroud.html), ask Shroud researchers questions, and compare notes with others interested in the enigmatic burial cloth? There's now a newsgroup dedicated to Shroud research and discussion. Called "alt.turin-shroud", the Shroud newsgroup "is created to provide an open Internet forum for discussion of all aspects of the Turin Shroud -- scientific, art historical, historical, religious, conservation-related, etc. It is unmoderated, but advertising, binaries and off-topic posts are not welcome, in line with Usenet practice. Single brief announcements of events or services related to the Shroud, for example new organizations, books, websites, lectures, tours, and activities, will, however, be acceptable."


(Source: Peter P. "ptp@primenet.com")

There is a new mailing list for prophesied "Earth changes" called EARTHPROPHECY-L . Available in regular (each email sent individually) or digest (all sent in one email per day) form. You can subscribe by logging onto "www.spiritweb.org" & click on "Apply For Membership" (it is FREE to join). Once you log into your member account, you can subscribe by clicking on the Mailing Lists option & then scrolling down to the "Prophesied Earth-Changes Mailing List" area & signing up.

EARTHPROPHECY-L is a public list covering prophesied spiritual & physical "Earth changes", current planet-wide changes, ancient prophecy & modern predictions, and the techniques used to foretell changes (psychic, remote viewed, visionquest, dream, etc). In-depth discussions of specific predictions & news articles fulfilling (or disproving) these predictions are also on-topic. A more detailed description can be found at "www.spiritweb.org".

A newsgroup dedicated to Earth changes is also available. Called "alt.current-events.earth-changes", the unmoderated newsgroup is open to a wide range of perspectives -- from spiritual to scientific, environmental and survivalist. Or any others in between or beyond.



Speaking of Earth changes, now there's a television show that explores these topics, too:




People all over the world are gearing up to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium. Who are they and what kind of activities do they have planned? For the latest news concerning all things millennium, "Everything 2000" is the website to visit. Along with tracking organizations, movements, news, conducting surveys, offering reviews, and selling products, Everything 2000 also has a calendar of "mega-events". Here are a few of the events being planned to usher in the new millennium:


Celebration 2000, the Party of the Century, will be based out of New York City's JACOB JAVITS CONVENTION CENTER. The celebration will cover a series of events designed to ring in the year 2000 through entertainment and education, and also benefit those who will be our legacy to the 21st century: Our children. (212) 644-8900


The celebration begins at 7 a.m. EST, December 31, 1999, when the Millennium arrives in the South Pacific. Giant television screens strategically placed throughout Times Square will display images of people and their cultures from around the world as the dawn of the year 2000 travels across the globe. The celebration will continue until the New Year has been observed in all 24 time zones.

PARTY 2000

Party 2000 is a three day event to be held in Southern California on December 30, 31, 1999 through January 1, 2000. This "End Of The Century" Celebration expects an attendance of 2.5 million people from around the world.


Sailing from New York to Alexandria, Egypt, CUNARD'S luxury liner is one of the most touted celebrations of the Year 2000. Everyone from Bob Hope to former U.S. President George Bush are reportedly going to be on board.


Fly through the time zones on the Concorde. One $70,000 tour, offered by API TRAVEL CONSULTANTS, begins on Christmas Eve 1999 in New York City with stops in Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles to collect passengers on the way to Christmas in Hawaii. Other stops include Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong, Delhi, India; Masai Mara, Kenya; and Cairo.


The Millennium Society is sponsoring 23 simultaneous celebrations around the world, including the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Acropolis and the Eiffel Tower. Each of these "celebrations of civilization" will be linked via satellite to create a"round-the-globe," "round-the-clock" welcome to the year 2000. Contact: The Millennium Society, 250 24th St., N.W. Washington, DC 20037 USA. (202) 332-1999


In the year 2000, more than 300 million people worldwide are expected to participate in the largest Earth Day ever. It will also be the 30th anniversary of Earth Day.


To celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ, on June 10, 2000, organizers are planning a global "March for Jesus" celebration. More than 30 million people in 2000 cities are expected to participate in this procession of prayer and worship. Each year counting down to the millennium, annual marches are held on Pentecost weekend in anticipation of the Year 2000. Contact: March for Jesus, P.O. Box 3216, Austin, TX 78764

EXPO 2000

The bimillennial world's fair, in Hannover, Germany is expected to feature the state of the world through the theme "Mankind, Nature and Technology." Contact: Expo 2000, Hannover D-30510, Hannover, Germany. Fax: 49-(511) 84 04-100


More than 10,000 athletes from 171 nations are expected to compete in the Games of the XXVIIth Olympiad held in Sydney, Australia.


World Wide Leap Year festival.


Mayflower 2000 will sail in the spring of 1999 with an experienced crew of about 20 and around 10-15 passengers for a 66 day voyage to the "New World".


The Greatest Event in Maritime History will take place on July 3-9, 2000. President Clinton will be joined by more than 50 nations and an anticipated fleet of 30,000 spectator vessels which will be spread ten miles through New York Harbor.


Beginning in Los Angeles and continuing around the world, Odyssey 2000 is a bicycle rally that will cover 20,000 miles and cross 54 countries.



How many times have you received a warning from well-intentioned friends that opening an email message entitled "Good Times", "Join the Crew", "Penpal Greetings" or something else, would tear your computer to pieces with a deadly virus? Is your computer, or anyone else's in danger? Is there a virus that can infect your computer through an email message? The answer to these questions is NO. Here are some words of wisdom from a company that specializes in virus protection software:

"Although there are thousands of viruses discovered each year, there are still some that only exist in the imaginations of the public and the press. This is the comprehensive list of viruses that DO NOT EXIST, despite rumor of their creation and distribution.

"Please ignore any messages regarding these supposed "viruses" and do not pass on any messages about them. Passing on messages about these hoaxes only serves to further propagate them."

3b Trojan (alias PKZIP Virus)
AOL4Free Virus Hoax
Baby New Year Virus Hoax
FatCat Virus Hoax
Free Money
Good Times
Hairy Palms Virus Hoax
Join the Crew
Penpal Greetings
Red Alert
Returned or Unable to Deliver
Time Bomb
World Domination Hoax

Symantec Hoax Page:

(Thanks to Diane Luboff for forwarding us the URL to this website. I encourage all NHNE readers to keep a copy of this list on hand so you can send it to whomever sends you the next email message warning of computer meltdowns caused by reading email messages containing "Good Times" or some other bogus title in the subject field...)



Now that we've got virus hoaxes out of the way, it's time to turn our attention to real virus threats. Thanks to Allen Watson for forwarding NHNE this important information:

If you receive an email with a subject line of "FEAR," delete it immediately WITHOUT reading it.

This is the most dangerous email virus yet! It will rewrite your hard drive. Not only that, but it will scramble any disks that are even close to your computer. It will recalibrate your refrigerator's coolness setting so all your ice cream melts and milk curdles.

It will demagnetize the strips on all your credit cards, reprogram your ATM access code, screw up the tracking on your VCR and use sub-space field harmonics to scratch any CDs you try to play. It will give your "ex" your new phone number. It will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. It will drink all your beer and leave its dirty socks on the coffee table when there's company coming over.

It will hide your car keys when you are late for work and interfere with your car radio so that you hear only static while stuck in traffic.

FEAR will make you fall in love with a hardened criminal. It will give you nightmares about circus midgets. It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rogaine, all while dating your current partner behind your back and billing their hotel rendezvous to your VISA card. It will seduce your grandmother. It does not matter if she is dead, such is the power of FEAR. It reaches out beyond the grave to sully those things we hold most dear.

FEAR will give you Dutch Elm disease. It will leave the toilet seat up and leave the hair dryer plugged in dangerously close to a full bathtub. It will remove the forbidden tags from your mattresses and pillows, and refill your skim milk with whole. It is insidious and subtle.

It is dangerous and terrifying to behold. It is also a rather interesting shade of mauve.

These are just a few signs. Be very, very afraid. AND PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!



(Source: EVERYTHING 2000, Matt Markovich)

When the dawn of the year 2000 breaks on the morning of January 1st, there will be two ways to view it. You can do so in person as part of a flotilla of cruise liners and chartered sailing ships located at the equator on the international dateline. Or, you can be in the comforts of your own home watching it on TV as part of an estimated worldwide television audience of two and a half billion people.

Television studios around the world are announcing plans to air live 24-hour worldwide millennium broadcasts. Producers of two of these shows were boasting of this "shared experience" as they promoted their programs to television programming executives at a recent convention in New Orleans.

"It will be an international festival of human creativity that will celebrate our differences and a sharing of a common humanity," says Zvi Dor-Ner, executive producer of "The Millennium Day" Broadcast. Fifty networks from 50 countries have formed the Millennium Consortium to produce the broadcast. Dor-Ner is a veteran documentary producer for public television station WGBH in Boston, which along with PBS and the BBC is spearheading the broadcast.

Dor-Ner's concept calls for each participating country and network to produce a live segment with an appropriate message to the world to be broadcast near midnight in the country of origin. The 24-hour broadcast would circle the globe with each country passing off the hosting baton to a neighboring country in the next time zone.

"I don't want to do 24-hours of pop-the-cork celebrations, I want to take a look at our world over the last 100 years and look to the future," says Hal Uplinger, executive producer the Millennium Television Network. Uplinger's concept calls for a studio host and central control located possibly in London. Like a ringmaster of a high tech circus, the host will toss back and forth to celebrations in various time zones - not necessarily focusing in on activities surround midnight celebrations.

"We have commitments from the top 10 countries with televisions in use which make up 73 percent of all the televisions in the world," says Uplinger, who is known for producing Live Aid. He is recruiting five or six major sponsors for his broadcast. Plans call for broadcasters to take all or part of Uplinger's program in exchange for advertising time his network would sell.

Both producers believe the audience for a 24-hour millennium broadcast will surpass anything previously viewed on worldwide scale. While Uplinger is making plans to open his broadcast with dawn's first light at the equator, Dor-Ner is going one step further. "We are talking with NASA and plan to open the show from space where the astronauts in MIR will see the sun first at the moment of the new millennium."



OCTOBER 17-24, 1998

(Source: Robert Gilman, CONTEXT INSTITUTE, http://www.context.org)

FINDHORN is returning to the theme of ecovillages and sustainable communities for their major fall conference this year. Diane Gilman was a key organizer for the October 1995 FINDHORN Ecovillage Conference (http://www.findhorn.org/edu/eduecoconf.html and http://www.findhorn.org/press/eco.html) and this new conference promises to be another delight AND movement milestone.

The official title is, "Creating Sustainable Community -- Here, There & Everywhere," and the speakers include Hazel Henderson (noted futurist and economist), Satish Kumar (editor of Resurgence), Stephen Gaskin (founder of THE FARM in Tennessee), Robert Gilman (CONTEXT INSTITUTE) and many others from the growing edge of sustainable community development -- all of this in a magical setting (northern Scotland) where a wonderful community is hard at work making the vision real.

You can find out more by visiting:


(Thanks to Rob May for alerting us to this story)

In March of last year, hundreds of people reported seeing mysterious lights over Arizona. Since then, endless theories, news stories, and television specials have speculated on this mystery. What really happened? How thoroughly did the various news and documentary organizations research this story? How credible are the principle "authorities" claiming that some kind of extraterrestrial presence was/is behind the lights? Here's a story that provides an inside look at how sloppy reporting, suspect experts, and gullible viewers help create many of today's sensational stories:



(Source: SI ELECTRONIC DIGEST, Matt Nisbet, 2/27/98)

It appears the powers of thousands of alleged psychics failed to predict misfortune and financial ruin at the nation's first psychic phone network. On February 2, INPHOMATION INC, the company that operates PSYCHIC FRIENDS NETWORK (PFN), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company, based in Baltimore, Maryland, listed liabilities of $26 million and assets of $1.2 million. Launched in 1990, INPHOMATION pioneered the use of "900" phone lines, spawning ubiquitous late night and Saturday afternoon infomercials. The 30-minute infomercials were hosted by singer Dionne Warwick, and were supported by a network of 2000 psychics. Estimated revenue for the company in the early 90's totaled close to $125 million, but in recent years competition and mismanagement combined to put Inphomation into debt.

Despite the recent bankruptcy of PFN, the psychic network industry is booming. Analysts predict the industry to rake in annual revenues from $1.4 billion to 2 billion by the end of the century, a dramatic increase from $620 million in 1994. Networks like PSYCHIC READERS (PRN), PSYCHIC BELIEVERS NETWORK (PBN) and PSYCHIC ENCOUNTERS charge upwards of $4.99 a minute, potentially turning a 30-minute call into a $150.00 bill.

The rapid growth in psychic networks can be attributed to the merger of traditional belief in psychic power with the explosion of the mass media. It began in 1984, when the FCC deregulated the amount of broadcast time stations could allocate advertisements. With the average American watching four hours of television a day, entrepreneurs recognized a captive audience, and the infomercial was born.

The marketing potential for psychic networks is almost unlimited. On most networks, at the beginning of each call, psychics take the names and addresses of callers to be added to mailing lists, and to be used as leads for a variety of products. Along with hotline numbers and personal testimonials, psychic network infomercials tout psychic accessories ranging from tarot cards to fortune-telling eight balls. The World Wide Web is the next frontier for psychic marketing, with websites charging $25 and up for email readings.

It may be a bull market for psychic network revenue, but there appears to be a growing undercurrent of discontent. Callers are frequently frustrated by per-minute charges that include time charged for network introductions and delays caused by recorded profiles, menus of psychics, and signups for free newspapers. Customers, enticed by promises of ten free minutes of calls, often receive their bills with the application of the incentive a mystery.

The most troubling charges levied against the psychic networks are that they market to minorities and individuals with lower levels of income. It seems odd that networks prefer to use almost exclusively African-American celebrities like Billy Dee Williams, Phillip Michael Thomas, Dionne Warwick, LaToya Jackson, and Nell Carter as hosts. Masquerading as a phone psychic, writer Stephen Glass published a first-hand account of his experience with a psychic network in the February issue of HARPER'S MAGAZINE. According to Glass' tabulations, over 74% of his callers were African-Americans and close to 85% said they were having money troubles.

In a twist of irony, the psychics who man the phone lines are starting to rebel against the corporatization of their "ancient art." An August 1997 MIAMI HERALD investigative report revealed that psychics' wages at PRN from June '96 to May '97 fell from $19.20 an hour to $15.00 an hour. Stephen Glass in his HARPER'S article wrote that some psychics were upset over the networks' marketing to minorities and lower income individuals. Other psychics complain that the networks are hiring "phony" psychics. As one self-proclaimed mindreader told the MIAMI HERALD "I feel they're hiring people just to get money and the vast majority are not psychic at all and are making things up just to keep people on the line. It gives us a bad name. It makes me ashamed of what I have to do."




(Source: EUREKALERT, 2/16/98)

A recent study conducted by Robert Ham, emeritus professor of civil engineering at UW-MADISON and one of the country's leading landfill experts, discovered that much of our garbage, under the right conditions, moves quite nicely toward oblivion. Using information from this study, Ham has started a new project to design "landfills of the future." In partnership with a Wisconsin waste-management company and Montgomery Wattson, an engineering consulting firm with a Madison office, Ham is creating a full-scale demonstration that will promote degradation of waste in landfills, forming methane gas for use as an energy source. "There are some landfills in the country putting out enough energy to provide electricity for 10,000 homes," Ham says. The approach could allow the majority of waste that decomposes quickly to disappear while safely sealing away the rest in a capped landfill, he says. Ham says the country should be doing more to eliminate long-term problems with garbage.



(Source: EUREKALERT, 2/13/98)

Researchers at the TECHNION-ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY have used strands of DNA, the biological molecule that makes up genes, to assemble tiny particles of silver into a conductive wire 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. The research, reported in the February 19, 1998 issue of NATURE, is an important step toward the next quantum leap in electronics miniaturization. The nanocircuits of the future will consist of wires, transistors and other components with dimensions measured in billionths of a meter. (One nanometer or a billionth of a meter, is about the length of five carbon atoms laid end to end.) By packing many more components closer together, scientists could produce computer chips that are much faster than today's, and far more sophisticated.



(Source: REUTERS, 2/15/98)

CAMBRIDGE DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY (CDT) said it would unveil the world's first plastic TV display on Monday, a move which could eventually see the demise of the standard television set. CDT has developed light-emitting polymer (LEP) technology, which it calls "plastic that glows". CDT hopes this thin, flexible LEP technology will lead to the production of flat panel display screens for use in mobile communications, computers, consumer electronics, and ultimately as an alternative to the cathode ray tube. The company hopes to able to eventually produce TV's as thin as picture frames which can be hung on walls.



(Source: CNN NEWS, Patricia Kelly, 2/18/98)

Could artificially intelligent robots signal the end of the human race? Some Swiss scientists say such a threat may be closer than we think. Their doom and gloom talk was prompted by one of their own creations: an autonomous robot that learns from its environment. Within a few minutes, the microprocessor-based robot can learn not to bump into a barrier. No one programs the robot's actions, and its creator isn't exactly sure how it will behave in any given situation. Within 10 years, they predict that similar but more advanced machines, equipped with artificial intelligence, will be as clever as humans. Soon after, they say, the man-made objects could become more intelligent than their creators -- and capable of taking over. "Next century's global politics will be dominated by the question of should humanity build ultra-intelligent machines or not," said Hugo de Garis, who's already created an artificially intelligent machine. "In fact, I'm going so far as saying there will be major warfare between these two major groups, one saying building machines is the destiny of the human species, something people should do and the other group saying it's too dangerous," de Garis said.

Kevin Warwick, a professor of cybernetics -- the science of comparing biological and computerized brains -- agrees that thinking robots could be dangerous. "I can't see any reason why machines will not be more intelligent than humans in the next 20 to 30 years and that is an enormous threat," Warwick said. De Garis speculates that the robots might soon tire of their human creators. "We could never be sure these artellects, as we call them -- artificial intellects -- wouldn't decide that humanity is a pest and try to exterminate us, and they'd be so intelligent they could do it easily," de Garis said. Warwick has even gloomier premonitions. "We're talking in the future the end of the human race as we know it," Warwick said. The day when robots no longer do what we want them to may already be here. De Garis' machine quickly decided it was camera shy and refused to be filmed by a CNN crew. Shy or not, only time will tell if these artificially intelligent machines will evolve enough to bring about our demise.


Moral Dilemmas Concerning the Ultra Intelligent Machine
By Hugo de Garis
(Thanks to CNI NEWS for this link)


(Source: FOX NEWS, 2/17/98)

Experts say linguistic and physical evidence is mounting to show that the first Americans migrated from Asia not 10,000 or 20,000 years ago but as many as 40,000 years ago. Researchers said today the first people to make the trek across what is now the Bering Strait from Asia into Alaska may have arrived even before the last Ice Age covered North America with glaciers. The discovery of a site apparently 12,500 years old in Monte Verde, Chile, has thrown the archeological world into an uproar. The site itself is 1,300 years older than the oldest known previous site, and it is 10,000 miles away from the onetime land bridge between Asia and Alaska. Unless the settlers went dashing straight down to Chile, they must have been on the continent for tens of thousands of years, researchers said.



(Source: CNN ONLINE, Paul Caron, 2/12/98)

The mysteries of ancient Angkor are being reclaimed from the dense jungles of Cambodia, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Angkor was a huge city, built by ancient Hindus and Buddhists, that at its zenith in the 12th century was home to more than a million people and covered an area the size of Los Angeles. Today, most of the ruins, located in northern Cambodia, are hidden by jungle. But scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, using three different types of radar images taken from a plane flying over the area, have been able to pinpoint previously unknown sites that are changing the way archaeologists understand Angkor. John Stubbs, vice president for programs at the WORLD MONUMENTS FUND, a nonprofit organization, said "The real story here is a collaboration between archaeologists and rocket scientists who actually know very little about each other's trade, working serendipitously to break new ground." NASA plans to use a similar radar system on a space shuttle mission in 1999, hoping to map about 80 percent of the Earth's surface in unprecedented detail.



(Source: BBC NEWS, 1/8/98)

The pain of the dentist's drill could be a thing of the past for many patients, with the development of a gel which dissolves tooth decay. The treatment, which has been pioneered in Sweden, is said to be painless and preserves healthy tissue. The product, called Carisol, is the brain-child of the firm MEDI TEAM. It is about to be tested by 1,000 dentists throughout Sweden. Two ingredients are mixed to make the gel. The gel contains three amino acids which are combined with a weak solution of sodium hypochlorite. Dentists mix the two ingredients together to make a red gel which is then applied to the affected tooth. In less than 30 seconds the solution eats away a layer of decayed area and the cavity can then be scraped out. The combination of two chemicals means only dead tooth is removed. Researchers say that so far the gel has preserved healthy tissue and resulted in less bleeding from gums. However Irene Herrmann, the manager of clinical research at MEDI TEAM, warns the breakthrough may not see the end of dentist's drills entirely. "For many cavities such as those underneath fillings, some drilling will still be needed. But even in those cases, the drill will usually only be used to remove tissue in the least sensitive areas, far from the nerve," she said. Decay can be easily scraped away after the gel is applied. The treatment could reduce chance of further decay. The hypochlorite dissolves the existing decay while the amino acids coat any living matter, preventing it from being attacked.



(Source: Eurekalert, 1/7/98)

Researchers examining the effect of financial conflicts of interest have found a strong association with authors' published positions on the safety of a type of heart medication and their financial relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers. The results of the study are published in the Jan. 8 issue of THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. The researchers examined the positions of authors in 70 articles published from March 1995 to September 1996 about the safety of calcium-channel blockers and manufacturers of competing products. The investigators found that 96 percent of the supportive authors had financial relationships with manufacturers of calcium-channel antagonists, as compared with 60 percent of the neutral authors and 37 percent of the critical authors. The researchers also found that supportive and neutral authors were more likely than critical authors to have financial interactions with manufacturers of competing products (87 percent and 53 percent, respectively, versus 37 percent). In addition, 100 percent of the supportive authors, as compared with 67 percent of the neutral authors and 43 percent of the critical authors, were found to have financial interactions with at least one pharmaceutical manufacturer.



By Jill H. Lawrence

[Editor's Note: The following column was posted in Joel Metzger's ONLINE NOETIC NETWORK (ONN). Lawrence's article is based on a study mentioned in Dr. Deepak Chopra's best-seller, "Quantum Healing."]

An antidote to a diet of pork rinds, ice cream and Ding Dongs? Is it possible that something is so powerful that it neutralizes the artery-clogging effects of a junk food diet?

Such a thing exists and it was discovered in Ohio. Back in the 70's, researchers at OHIO UNIVERSITY were feeding rabbits a diet of pure junk food. They were seeing if a diet high in fat and low in fiber would block arteries and create heart disease.

According to best-selling author, Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD, most of the rabbits did develop heart disease. Most, but not all! One group of rabbits in one of the laboratories showed amazing tolerance to the diet. In fact, the rabbits in this particular lab developed 60% fewer symptoms than all the other rabbits at the other lab sites around the campus.

Researchers were extremely puzzled at this anomaly and naturally investigated to see what was different. They wondered if the rabbits at this one laboratory were being slipped carrots instead of potato chips and weren't really being fed the deadly diet.

But that was not the case. These rabbits were indeed being fed the junk food diet, just like the rest of the bunnies in the experiment. But they were getting something additional that the other rabbits weren't getting.

That something extra they were getting was... Love. It's true. It turned out that the student who had been assigned to feed the rabbits in this laboratory loved animals. And so each time they were fed, the student would loving take each rabbit from the cage and would stroke it and croon to it and tell it was a great little bunny! Then he would return it to the cage and feed it the heartcrippling fare. His routine was the same every feeding: first he gave them love, then he gave them junk food!

The researchers doubted that such a simple act as petting and loving could be powerful enough to override the ravages of the destructive diet. So they tried the experiment again - this time treating a group of rabbits with love while others were treated neutrally. The follow-up studies were replicated many times but all the results were always the same. The rabbits that got love added to their diet profoundly benefited. It was like being given an inoculation against heart disease, despite the diet.

It's not much of a stretch to leap from rabbit to human being. If love benefits rabbits, it certainly benefits human beings.

A four year study done at the University of Chicago proved love helps people be more creative and to flourish in life. This particular study focused on 210 exceptionally talented high school students between the ages of 12 and 17. The point was to determine how the quality of their family life affected their creativity and motivation.

The study proved that creative intelligence blossoms best in families that are intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive. The gifted children who came from families that were both supportive and challenging turned out to be the most happy and alert. These kids who felt loved also had the most confidence and curiosity to experiment with learning as well as to follow where their interests took them.

And if that isn't enough to prove the case of love conquers all, think about this sobering statistic. Twenty-three percent of unmarried men between 45 and 54 years of age will die within the next ten years vs. only 11% of married men. Without love in their life, these men face double the death rate.

It all seems to prove that love is the answer no matter what is the question!


Jill H. Lawrence is a columnist, Executive Editor of THE SHIFTING TIMES NEWSMAGAZINE, national speaker, radio personality and seminar leader. She can be reached at "RubySlipp@aol.com" or by calling her at (330) 478-8895.

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Seems a fire started on some grassland near a farm in Indiana. The fire department from the nearby town was called to put the fire out. The fire proved to be more than the small town fire department could handle.

Someone suggested that a rural volunteer fire department be called. And though there was doubt that they would be of any assistance, the call was made. The volunteer fire department arrived in a dilapidated old fire truck. They drove straight towards the fire and stopped in the middle of the flames. The volunteer firemen jumped off the truck and frantically started spraying water in all directions. Soon they had snuffed out the center of the fire, breaking the blaze into two easily controllable parts. The farmer was so impressed with the volunteer fire department's work, and so grateful that his farm had been spared, that right there on the spot he presented the volunteer fire department with a check for $1000.

A local news reporter asked the volunteer fire captain what the department planned to do with the funds. "That should be obvious," he responded, "the first thing we're gonna do is get the brakes fixed on that stupid fire truck."



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