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Emissary of Light Letters
From NHNE's Readers
Thursday, June 18, 1998
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Hello Everyone!

On June 8, 9, and 10, we published a three-part special report called "Emissary of Light" which focused on James F. Twyman, his book, "Emissary of Light", his recent activities, my own issues and agendas, and general concerns related to the spiritual path.

As a part of this lengthy, controversial, and often-upsetting special report, I invited those of you who read it, to write back and share your thoughts -- and write back you did! I hope you find the following letters as interesting as the report that triggered them...

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow


You Missed An Important Opportunity

I've finally finished all three installments of your Emissary of Light Special Report. I haven't had sufficient time to "digest" everything but I felt compelled to let you know my initial reactions. I was one of those who sent you an email asking if you'd heard of The Great Experiment. I was surprised that you hadn't sent out information about it to your readership. Your polite reply came back that you'd heard of it but were conducting an investigation into James Twyman and would update everyone later. I think I let you know that I didn't agree with your initial actions, but had decided to become a NHNE supporter anyway.

After reading your entire report, I am not certain you proved or disproved anything of consequence. However, I am still disappointed that you missed an important opportunity to reach an incredible amount of people concerning The Great Experiment. How can anything be wrong with thousands of people focused and praying for peace? I have personally been part of the World Peace Meditations on December 31st for the past several years. Have they brought world peace, maybe not. However, we have seen significant changes: the Berlin Wall came down, Russia is no longer a Soviet Socialist Republic, to name two. David, we all have hidden agendas -- James probably has one, too. And it is imperative that we all practice discernment in all that we take in. It's unfortunate that his book was presented to the world in the manner it was. But I believe we should all be free to "take in" that which we resonate to and discard that to which we don't. This whole scenario reminds me of an associate of mine who read "The Celestine Prophecy" upon my recommendation, and was disappointed that it wasn't a true story. He had completely missed the message of the book! I only hope that you will continue to scrutinize your own feelings (especially about the Course -- there seems to be hidden feelings still lingering) and maybe soon you will realize that there are as many spiritual paths as there are individuals to follow them.

---Susan Pierce


This Kind of Expose' is Always Refreshing

I just finished reading your Emissary of Light Special Report. Boy, you got a run for money on that one! I'm basically pleased at how wholehearted you are throughout. So many difficult issues and you keep knocking up against them so persistently. It was thrilling to read your assessment of the Course. Just that you even broached the subject. I'm sure not an easy thing for you to do, or even to decide to put out there. And I liked the way you brought the Twyman issue home, to issues already in you. This kind of expose is always refreshing. It frees you up from being the detached critic, and lets humanity inside your secret places, where many of us tend to reside, in hiding, cowering in corners we think are safe. But safe from what?

Love, love always the calling. How many differences must we make sense of while we keep returning to this basic theme?

---Steve Haag


The Ends Do Not Justify the Means

Thank you for a very thorough and honest investigation into the truth or lack thereof of the "Emissaries of Light" book and James Twyman. I, for one, am grateful to know more of the story. No doubt you will be attacked and derided by many, labeled as "spreading suspicion," as Jim himself has done. But know that your efforts and soul-searching took great courage.

Your report was disconcerting to me but I'd rather "see the light" than remain in a blissful haze of self-delusion. Yes, I believe that Jim Twyman's intentions are and have been good. But good intentions are not enough and do not always produce good results. Yes, his message of peace and love is a good one. But the message has been polluted. The ends do NOT justify the means. Deception cannot lead to truth.

Why did he not have the moral strength to INSIST that the book be published with a statement that it was a combination of truth and story-telling? Why did he not answer your questions until the mass-media card was played? If he is so confused about what actually happened, why was he so eager to bring it to the public as fact? Why so many "white lies" and evasions?

I learned some time ago to take everything in this "genre" with a grain of salt. Discernment is important. Still, the book really moved me when I read it. It WAS presented as factual, and it does matter. It saddens me that the spiritual arena is as full of division, greed and misuse of power as most any other. This is most certainly not the way to build a world based on love.

I can only hope that Jim and his publishers will come clean.



Human Beings Need Symbols & Fairy Tales

All the tremendous amount of energies and efforts you and all the good people around you invested in this investigation is very obvious. I don't doubt your motivation and never did. On the contrary, I admire your determination.

It looks almost like an academic research and very clearly and carefully made with much integrity. As a reader, not completely outsider, I can almost sense nights with no sleep, feeling the burdensome mission you took upon yourself, struggling with desires, conscious, and other good friends on the road.

You are looking for the truth! What is the truth? Is there only one absolute truth? What is the essence of all truths if not to call out loud and clear, to awaken humanity and especially those who are ready to wake up and to remember why they are here. I believe, as many others, that this is the time, according any dating formula I aware of!

There are still many members of this enlightened species, human beings, which need symbols and fairy tales to be encouraged by. So why to take it away from them? I can still remember the first time I read "Initiation" by Elizabeth Heich, God bless her. That was the key for my awakening! I never stopped, not for a second to think what are "the real facts" behind it. It touched me and I will ever be grateful for Spirit introducing this book to me when I was ready and mature enough to deal with! So what is wrong with it? I know so many friends who were awakened after reading "Out on a Limb," by Shirley MacCleen, not to mention "The Celestial Prophecy." Is it "Truth"?! In a way, certainly!

I had the privilege of meeting Jimmy in his visit to Israel a few weeks ago. My impression is that he does his work very devotedly and consistently. I couldn't recognize any signs of megalomania. As far as I know, he is not considering becoming a modern guru, neither to establish a movement of followers or a community of disciples, or building ashrams of any kind. All he wants to do is to remind us all -- which I absolutely share with him -- that this is the time to remember who we really are and to act accordingly with no delay. Activating masses of common positive thought forms have indescribable power and can affect instantly. From my perspective, it could be so fruitful if we all do our utmost to help our brothers and sisters to wake up and realize who they are, why we are here in this very particular here and now, and the work we took upon ourselves for this incarnation.

Honestly, as far as I am concerned, this is all that matters. I honor and cherish each one who takes part of this incredible mission, each in his own way!

---Hagit Ra'anan, Israel



Bravo. Bravo seems a simple word to say but it does say it all. I very much enjoyed reading your third and last part of the study. You are an excellent writer and I agree with what you have said.

When I read the first part of your three-part series, I was not impressed with the subject or really interested because I am very tired of this truth or not truth issue. I am not pleased with writers that take advantage of readers and write: 1. Other than the truth; 2. Stretch the truth; 3. Think just because they don't mention it's not the truth, but let you believe it is, it is alright to do. If I want to read a fairy tale, I'll read it, but I want to know what I'm reading. If it's just your opinion, I want to know that also and I'll have my own opinion as well. So, on reading the first part, I was a little bored with the pros and cons of this man and his book, although I appreciate and understand all the time and research that you put into your work. For myself, I don't need that much research to get the picture.

Your own writing and opinions of the third part were interesting and very near my beliefs. What you have written in this third part is much more important to us all than the research of James Twyman and his book. It has a deeper "human message." Maybe you should think about writing your own book. BRAVO.

---Maria Taylor Jozwiak


Your Best Report Ever

I really liked that report. Especially Part Three. I think it's your best report ever. And my favorite quote from it:

"The bottomline, as far as I can see, is that none of us really knows what's going on -- even though some of us think we do."

Boy, I like that one. Now there's some truth.

---Stephen H. Kapit


A "New Reality" Seems Reasonable Enough

Thank you so much for your comprehensive analysis of this publication and of James Twyman. I guess at the heart of the questions about him and his work is "the claim" he makes of a certain authenticity, actuality or presence. The concerts aside (it still isn't clear to me how legitimate these were), his intention to speak of a "new reality" seems reasonable enough if one can accept the possibility that language can be used metaphorically or poetically rather than only as a measure of some physically verifiable truth. I am drawn to consider the public reaction to the photographs of Robert Maplethorpe which were interpreted as "real" and therefore corrupt, rather than being seen as aesthetic images, prone to interpretation and other-than-literalist framings. This instance is actually the reverse of Twyman's, but may be indicative of a similar delusion. People have a hard time, in this scientific age, trusting any experience that claims a reality without the appropriate sensory verifications, and, conversely, can only see the literal representation in images and language when other levels of reality may be being addressed. I offer this only as speculation.

---Jane Hudson


Crazyheads Like Jesus, Twyman, Mohammad

Thank you for work in disclosing the fraudity that lies in all man's religious notions of a power that is outside himself. All religions are just lies and dogma that is used to seduce, oppress and make money. The only God and religion we need is love and respect and honest relations. Not some crazyheads like Jesus, Twyman, Mohammad or whatever. We may need teachers all right. But we do not need any mystic masters or saints or Gods in the sky and all that crap of the same caliber. Continue your work to encourage humanity to take responsibility for what's happening on this crazy planet and not hide behind dogmas or cultic behavior.

---Peter Ekström


I Love You

I can only say loud and clear, I LOVE YOU! It's people like you who make this world the way it is suppose to be. What a wonderful energy you put out in your letters. Thanks a million for having the courage and time to question all this stuff. And most of all, thank you for being so honest and sharing about yourself and your feelings about the driving force behind your questions.

When our church of the Golden Age receive some more financial support for our 501 status, I'll definitely let it drip on NHNE as well.



The Beauty of the Course

I was a bit surprised to read such a negative evaluation of the Course. My husband who is an atheist would agree with you completely as would my daughter who is a born again Christian. I have never been able to convince them of the beauty, and inspiration that the Course has meant to me. My son-in-law says I am the most loving, giving person he has ever met, but because of his belief, he thinks I am truly doomed unless I embrace the Bible as the truth. The music of Arnold Schoenberg is among my husband's favorite music. Over the years I have become able to listen to it with out without physically feeling I am being tortured. He can not understand how I cannot love the beauty of this music. I don't understand why the words in the Course seem to be written on my heart and has beauty and truth which is much deeper than the words you read -- unless the inspiration, which is not from a thinking brain but from a loving heart, feels and knows its reality more than black letters on a white page. Is it Jesus that wrote the book? I don't know? It does not really matter. I know that this book helped me in my life to come from a place of pain and suffering to place of peace and love and joy. The book for me was just a beginning of a way to see things differently. I truly feel that the peace of God was my deepest desire and longing. Over time, I believed and practiced the ideas of forgiveness and surrender, acceptance and trust from deep within myself. Living close to that source daily is my real goal. My wish would be that in some small way that my life serves that source whatever you choose to name it. God did not make only one flower to call beautiful in the garden of life. The Course may not be the right path for anyone else. I truly have no need to convince others that it is. I know after seeking long and hard it answered my needs and longings for truth in a way that nothing else has. I don't think you need to pay money or have a teacher in the Course to make it work for you. It is nice to share experiences along the way and may be helpful. This may work for some.

I really enjoyed our Course group and their friendship and love. I enjoyed the Course for a very long time before joining a group and have not actually belonged to a group for several years. I have a hard time with Course people that have become overly zealous. Sometimes they can turn people off completely. In the end, I came back to let them live their life and light the best they can and I will do the same. Wherever there is money to be made, some will find a way to use it for themselves. Others may have lesson to learn from that. I could not understand how people could feel like they did about Chuck Anderson (the Founder of Endeavor Academy). But they truly had some experience that meant something to them. So in the end, can we really tell the truth unless we are living in a state of absolute perfect unconditional love?

---Marie Rhodes


Not Alone in My Thoughts

A very well-written and thought-out article. I thought I was the only one who saw the world as you seem to. It's nice to know that I am not alone in my thoughts. Please keep looking for the truth and if you find it, please share it with me.



Simply Brilliant!

Simply brilliant! I am not given to superlatives but I found your introspections in the third part of your report an outstanding encapsulation of all that is wrong with attitudes towards life and religion. You seem to have hit the nail on the head not once, but repeatedly. I couldn't help drawing a parallel with those folk who see crop circles as messages from super beings who have come to put the planet to rights. No matter that the alien connection has never been proved, with an increasing likelihood that most, if not all, are humanmade, they are still revered with a burning faith by some. These formations are as the Holy Grail to the New Age fraternity in England, and possibly elsewhere.

---Ronald Hill


Fair, Logical & Rational

May I take this opportunity in congratulating you on a thoroughly well-researched topic. Perhaps my thanks to you in presenting reports of a high quality are rather belated as my friends and I also learned much from your articles on Sai Baba which we all read with great interest. You certainly have saved me (and a lot of other interested seekers) a lot of time, money and energy in exposing an obvious charlatan. Your logic and reasoning is what any discerning seeker would have applied as a test of truth so don't ever let yourself feel doubtful when exposing such spiritual scams. We have enough of them strolling around in the world's "spiritual supermarket" strutting their stuff. Your analysis was fair, logical and rational. Keep up the good work.

---LK, Durban, South Africa


"Unofficial Emissary" Page

I feel it's only healthy to question beliefs, this is the only way to stay grounded. I've added a link to your Emissary of Light Special Report to the "Unofficial Emissary" Website:


---David H. Bennett, President, Bensoft


Keep in Touch with the Inner You

Thank you, David, for your insightful musings. Here are a few of mine about a matter that I would like to have "aired" amongst members.

Having looked at, and been part of a major school of "enlightenment," I am left feeling that we have the privilege of enduring this and many other lives, in the physical world. Learning by trying to understand what its pleasures and pains, loves and conflicts can teach us about our inner selves, seems to be its function. Function in the physical while keeping ideals intact -- let the wheel grind away, feel its pain but keep in touch with the inner You --this seems to me to be a darn good reason for the existence of matter (which gnostics past and present considered as "hell").

I too wonder and worry about "false prophets" -- I like to be broadminded and give them a fair hearing and, I hope, listen to my inner voice. But sometimes one comes along that has me stumped. Such can be seen on the website SHARE INTERNATIONAL (www.shareintl.org). I find much that has/could have been "lifted" from Theosophical teachings, in particular those of Blavatsky (who, by the way, was not discredited, as many claim). But the claim that a great being, the Christ who occupied the Jesus body two millennia ago, has come to teach the world to love and live together, has me baffled. As I understand it, this is not the way of the Great White Brotherhood.

Thank you for all your team's efforts on our behalf.

---Sydney Baggs


We Are Not Alone

Oh buddy, oh pal of mine, it's been a long time since I read something that I had thought about, drawn similar conclusions concerning , then found it in print by someone else. Thanks, bud, for saving the time and energy of not putting on paper my own observations, thoughts and conclusions. To quote some silly Sci-Fi movie, "We are not alone."



The Courage to State Your Opinions

I was amazed by your report "Emissary of Light", not only because it was insightful, thought-provoking and well-written -- actually, I've come to expect this from you -- but also because you found the courage to state your opinions and communicate your truth in a very direct and forthright manner. From what I know of you, it must have caused you a great deal of distress to risk offending James Twyman and those friends and NHNE supporters who do not share your views. But, if it is of any comfort to you, I think the report is wonderful -- a challenging, but refreshing departure from your old style which, correct me if I'm wrong, was slightly more focused on safeguarding the sensibilities of others than on communicating what you believe to be the truth. In "Emissary of Light", you seem to have found your balance. Congratulations, David! And thank you, James Twyman!

Aside from mirroring many of my own hopes and concerns, there is so much food for thought in your report that I could ramble on about it for hours, but here's one of the many comments that captured my attention:

You wrote:

"I obviously like my version of creation and the purpose of life better than the Course's, but I don't know which is true. Perhaps they both are."

Though we may be influenced by all kinds of seemingly conflicting ideologies, I believe that the fear of someone or something having the power to permanently steer an individual away from his/her path is unwarranted. Through the experience of living, through the trial and error of testing our assumptions and putting into practice our own and each other's beliefs, each of us grows in conscious awareness of where we fit into this grand scheme of creation. Perhaps those of us who are able to, as you say, relax, enjoy ourselves and appreciate our earthly adventure will choose to stay and bring to life our visions of heaven on Earth, while those who feel that nothing of value can happen here, that life on this planet is a mistake, will move on to create their visions of heaven elsewhere. I believe, in fact, that we are blessed with exactly this kind of freedom.

But, here's what stands out most in my mind:

You wrote:

"...we chose to create and participate in the dream of creation so we could grow, evolve, develop aspects of awareness and consciousness that we did not possess before beginning our adventure here. The created universe is, therefore, a marvelous place to be..."

Yes, David -- for me, the created universe IS a marvelous place to be, made even more marvelous because you, and others like you, have chosen to embrace it with love and preserve it with truth.

With love and heartfelt gratitude, Helena.

P.S. I think the time has come for me to become a Friend of NHNE.


Lacking Integrity

I have finished your three-part report on James Twyman and found it interesting and, ultimately, balanced. I think it is to Twyman's credit that he attempted to respond to your questions, even though your early tone was somewhat "Mike Wallace", creating more of an inquisition than an interview environment. As you summarized, it appears there is some fragment of truth in Twyman's statements, but he appears to feel so strongly about his message that he must embellish it to ensure people will listen.

However, although he claims to have told his editor and publisher that his "story" was at least partly fiction, it seems he is not very concerned with how it is presented, as long as it gets attention. His announcement of his appearance at the UN for The Great Experiment goes way beyond good advertising or spin doctoring. I would call it a bold-faced lie to promote his own fame! Certainly, he has lost any credibility I would have given him. I wish him well for any ability to create/promote peace on our planet, but his methods lack too much integrity to gather my support.

Now, on a different note, have you done any reading of Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll)? I was recently introduced to these books and have found them interesting reading, especially in their discussions of math and scientific concepts that appear (to me) to have possible merit (e.g. base-12 number systems and magnetic interactions with cells that are presently unused or unknown by modern medicine). There is not enough detail in his books to be able to apply these, but there may be enough to open fruitful areas of investigation. The rest of his statements seem more typical New Age, but, for some reason, seem to hold a stronger appeal for me. I would like to hear any comments you may have on this topic.

---Mike Oberg


I Have Arrived at Very Similar Conclusions

WHEW! What an amazing expenditure of energy you just completed.

Parts One and Two were informative and essential to the best part, Part Three.

Part Three deals with the Truth. You could only tell it from your perspective in order for it to qualify as Truth. In the 30 odd years that I have been awake enough to know there was a path to find and follow as well as a goal to achieve, I have arrived at very similar conclusions.

Yogananda gave me my first real clue. The God the Hindus worship is the same God the Christians and Jews worship (simply understated, but accurate I think). From there Yogananda's teacher, Sri Yukteswar, printed a little book that modestly offered itself as a possible guide to achieving enlightenment (God consciousness) while inhabiting a physical body. I joined Self Realization Fellowship for awhile only to realize that the "organized" process of being instructed in Yogananda's teachings "lost" a great deal. I believe we all incarnate for specific and different reasons. The fulfillment of unresolved desires is the most probable general reason. We're all observing creation from our unique points of view and desiring to fulfill our unique desires.

There are many ways to approach that concept. You touched on what I consider to be an extremely important step: Discernment. Discovering the truth about one's own perceptions and how those perceptions were developed (or not developed, as the case may be).

Part Three brought it all back together for me. I understood your processes. I have experienced those processes. Your honesty with the rest of us in this report helped me appreciate the true message. The leaders would have nobody to lead were it not for the followers. "There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy, there's only you and me and we just disagree."

I have come to this position: If all the answers to our questions are constantly available to us (and I believe they are), then I choose to align with people who feel harmonious with me. If I am diligent and honest in my pursuit of the truth, those are the people who are most likely to reflect the Light towards me in a manner I will be able to appreciate.

I am more than a little proud to be involved with NHNE. If we manage to do nothing more than provide data and dialogue for fellow seekers in order to promote continued growth, we will have performed a valuable and worthwhile service.

Noel Fray,
NHNE/NewEarthNet WebMaster


Do We Dare to Fly

If and when any of us here on this, and other lists dedicated to the most impeccable outcome for humanity, look back at the multifaceted jewel of our personal journey, we are liable to see an increasingly focused patterning of inner and outer experiences that, like Jimmy Twyman's story, has the power to transform our lives, and the lives of all those we touch. The point is, do we let our own stories move us beyond the material and mundane -- do we dare to fly -- or do we stay wincing and agonized, on the fence.

As holistic healers, Shlomo and I were thrilled by the surfacing of Jimmy's story into the group psyche, just as we were glad for The Course in Miracles, The Celestine Prophecy, the rise of Reiki, etc. To embrace a vision, to envision, a new heaven and new earth, we need a diverse multiplicity of stories! Wholesome stories, to help us heal our inner gods. "Emissary of Light" for us, is one.

The question is, not was this an inner/outer landscape experience for Jimmy, so much as, through sharing this journey have I, the reader, been able to enrich my life experience. The book cost me 8.99, and took me two days intermittent attention to absorb.

And then, their was The Great Experiment, contacts with fellow Lightworkers in Israel and around the world, and now this thought-provoking process with yourself and Jimmy and us all. Great value in my view. After following your process, David, I began to wonder if we'd read the same book! I was eager to reclaim it from friends and scan it, just to check if, hidden somewhere in there, there was some cultist messianic hook that could have triggered your dis-ease. Can't say I've found anything yet, am open to looking with new eyes! I guess it's a matter of perception.

Where you experienced dangerous bliss-ism (letting go of woundedness to experience the deeper ok-ness of it all), I read a translation of what has been referred to by new physicists as the implicate order (that which is enfolded) into the language of the shared heart.

It is a shock to the "system" to take on board the idea that there will be no one messiah, riding into our sunset, coming to save us, to explore the premise that what is on offer is Christing en mass, that what is happening now is our own Christ self offering illuminating support to save ourselves, our planet and our "god". It's hard to stop looking out there, and start taking unconditional for what is, what was, and what is to be. To acknowledge that within each of us is a fractal messiah eager to raise us up and dignify our efforts. It's hard to feel we're good enough.

To me, Emissary of Light says this. It, and Jimmy, through his peace concerts, networking and lightworking, add to the momentum for political/spiritual synthesis. The more, the merrier! Getting esoteric/healer types to involve themselves in political awareness raising, supporting political types to accept that there is more than one way to contribute to the global peace process. I don't see Jimmy trying to be "The One". We are all equally going for it!

Participating in The Great Experiment was very heartening. Connecting with old friends, new networks, cross-fertilization of often fragmented spiritual groups/cultures, bringing together orthodox prayer folk, heretic lightworkers and consciousness activists, because of a consensus among all involved, that making peace starts within one's own heart and ripples out. How could we ask Arabs/Israelis/Americans/Iraqis/ Irish/English to heal their wounds with each other if we so called spiritual folk can't march together sharing the same banner for peace?

Choosing to come to terms with the realities of war -- to search our belief systems for an adequate response, and find it in participating in focussed community prayers for peace, is moving us all forward to new heaven, new earth.

Great to meet you David -- well worth all your typing it in. Thank you for sharing your amazing dreams and powerful journeys! Blessings and abundance to your corporate efforts.

---Laine K. Dowen


Life is Good

First of all, thank you for sharing your process with us -- only good can come of your candor and your openness to receive feedback from us, your readership. Trust that those who do not post a response are still adding to the sacredness of this group journey by bearing witness.

Now for my response:

Seems to me that lurking within your worldview is an as yet un-deconstructed assumption that the "Dark" has power over the "Light". Have you played around with the notion that the Light can make use of even the "Darkest" of energies? To go a bit further, it is a lie, perpetuated by those invested in promoting fear, that the Dark could "win" in a battle with the Light. This is not, of course, intended to excuse acts of unkindness, evil, fraud, deception, oppression, torture, etc., but rather to place ALL events within the context of a larger holon -- that of a benign, purposeful, and meaningful Cosmos. Hey David, Life is Good!

Yes, a service to the community is provided by those like your good self and the folks at THE NEURAL SURFER (http://www.mtsac.edu/~dlane/index.html), who expose fraudsters and trickster gurus for what they are. Still, it is important, indeed vital, to keep in mind that when the lies (of individual powerlessness) are stripped away, the Truth shines out from the Heart. And for me the work of James Twyman is all about empowering people to care, and to take an activist/pacifist life-positive approach to righting the very real wrongs that abound, as apart of a process of humanity Christing en masse.

Each individual person is at one and the same time a whole person with integrity, and part of the larger whole of the Human Kingdom -- a unique expression of the shared heart. This is consistent with my understanding of holism, and my work as a vibrational healer and promoter of holistic culture.

Nobody wins until everybody wins. Enlightenment is not a competitive race to be first past the post. James Twyman's "success" is not won at anybody's expense. The widespread acceptance of the life-positive message of The Emissary of Light provides encouragement to Lightworkers and peacemakers worldwide, supplying us with shared language and images that transcend cultural differences. For this I am grateful to James. Loving James doesn't stop me loving you, too, David. As John Lennon said way back in 1970:

How in the world you gonna see
laughing at fools like me
Who on earth do you think you are
a superstar?
Well, right you are
but we all shine on
Like the moon, and the stars, and the sun...

-Instant Karma

Far from being evasive, I found James' responses both respectful and sincere. James seems to be putting himself in the frontline of global transformation, a far cry from sitting at home counting the money pouring in from suckers who are desperate to believe anything that claims to be of Divine origin.

I can only hope that your investigations will lead you to a place of openness to receiving some personal encouragement, helping you to experience a profound "change of heart" that leaves you feeling happier about the world within and around you. We're all rooting for you, so...

Trust a little, risk a little, love a little and join the cosmic party!



Holiness is Hard Work

Thanks for the report. I can see that it was a lot of hard and painful work. But the truth must be honored.

I wonder at Twyman's insistence that he could not tell the events as they really happened because "it would not work" as a book. Why wouldn't it work? What's wrong with truth? I wonder. We all have our stories to tell of the time we touched the Divine. But the events surrounding these epiphanies are not trails of glory as in new age novels. Instead they are painful plodding journeys through the dust of duty, disappointment, humiliation, and other trials of life. And who would want it any other way? We are not characters in new age novels. We are real beings living out real life. And if there is no truth, there is nothing at all.

It is a remarkable fact that peace has broken out in the Mideast, Ireland, etc. And war has broken out in other places. India is testing nukes, Pakistan playing keep up with the Jones, while here in our good ol' USA, we are having a spate of gun-toting school boys pulling massacres. Such is life. It will be this way as long as humans have the annoying habit of preying on their own kind.

The main danger of stuff like Twyman, is, as you said, it makes people think that there are easy instant fixes. Otherwise, I wonder if he had something to say, why couldn't he have just said it. If he wanted to clothe his message in a story as many other messengers have done since time immemorial, why couldn't he have told us that it is a story. Sacred story telling is an ancient honorable art. Jesus did it. So did Socrates and many others. But the important thing is, they were up front about the fact that they were telling a story.

I've investigated "the Course" to see what all the fuss was about. Went to one meeting. Like you, I wasn't impressed. Jesus may be all things to all people, but one thing he is not, to me, is someone who would force a reluctant shrink to be his stenographer. The discussion leader was a woman who was in remission for cancer after a hard round of treatment. When I heard of this, I thought, why did she fight the cancer? If this whole universe is a big mistake, a massive bad dream, why didn't she welcome the cancer as her ticket out? Get out of Dodge! Go figure. Holiness is hard work.

Like most of us here, I've had my share of visions. Once, a sacred messenger asked me, "Would you rather accomplish a lot and be credited for a little, or accomplish a little and be credited for a lot?" I answered as I should have. Then I saw a great flash of light, and saw the entire universe as the sacred ones see it, and understood everything as they understand it. All in that flash.

But did that vision bring me wealth, fame, power? Crowds of devoted disciples? Total instant peace, love and joy? On the contrary -- literally. For when this vision happened, I was fasting at a Sundance. (The Indian ceremony, not the film festival!) And I'd just been visited by the Thunderbeings. So you know what happens from there.

Many people have said I ought to write a book: What led up to this vision. What followed up. I've been told that things like this sell like hotcakes these days. Indian is in. But I've declined, for many reasons. One of them being: If I were to tell the truth, I would not tell a glorious story like Amber Wolfe or Castaneda or Hyemonethsys Storm would write. Instead, I'd tell of plodding efforts to make my visions make sense in my life. Making a living. Relating to family and friends. Putting up with the inevitable disappointment and humiliation and frustration that comes with being "touched by the gods" and then having to return to Earth. If I were to tell the full truth, it would be as boring as reading someone else's appointment book or hearing someone else's dreams. It would not "work" as a book, because it isn't a book. It's real.

But I wouldn't trade my journey for a thousand fairy tales. Um, excuse me -- "allegorical non-fictions". I agree with what you said. That this universe is a basically decent place, although things do get hairy at times. The best thing to do is love and learn the best we can, and relax and enjoy the ride.

Another thing that's occurred to me is maybe Twyman's songs do have power to bring peace. Many traditional cultures know of power songs, used for tangible down-to-Earth purposes such as healing, good luck, weather, success in hunting or farming, etc. And the amazing thing is, they "work"! Here in this society we know power songs as "hymns" and use them primarily for otherworldly purposes -- worship.

It could well be that Twyman has come across something real -- songs for peace that really work. And maybe, in order to work, they must be performed before a large diverse audience who are praying while listening. All this is well within precedent. But if he wants to share his medicine power, a more honest way to do it would be doing what he's supposed to do -- perform music. Perhaps even teach his songs to others, if he is led that way. But leave the guru business out of it, especially if he feels that he cannot tell a story without compromising the truth. Hagiographies are best written after one has passed on.

Another thing I wonder is if there is a price to be paid? Do the nuke testing in India and the school boy massacres here have anything to do with the peace in Ireland and the Mideast? I don't know. In many traditions, people who receive spectacular medicine powers through a vision, such as healing, miracles, weather, are often young and eccentric. And they are quickly cautioned by their elders to use the power sparingly; a balance must always be maintained. The Universe will sometimes extract the price in ways that are most unexpected. And be discrete -- God doesn't like showoffs. Anyone who allows ego gratification to taint his use of sacred power, will generally lose the power, temporarily or permanently.

Gee, I hope Twyman gets this. And again I commend you for serving as a watchdog over this stuff. It's a dirty dog job, but somebody's gotta do it.

---Dee Pinkney


I Applaud You

Aloha! I am very moved by your incredible gift of insight, writing, reporting skills and courage! I applaud you for this incredible piece of truth-telling! You are one of the best on the net! Bravo!

---Ashleea Nielsen


A Socratic-Like Dialogue

I downloaded your report over the Internet last night, and re-read it again this morning -- slowly and carefully -- and, right off, I want to congratulate you as well as thank you for a magnificent piece of work, considering especially the many psychological and physical hurdles you had to surmount in order to get it out to us in such a comprehensive way.

In fact, my first inclination was to say to myself: "You know, if David Sunfellow didn't already exist in the world, I think it would be necessary to invent him!" So you see, you and your report made quite an impression on me -- for all the right reasons.

What I would like to do right now is offer you just a few preliminary observations, and follow that up with a particular kind of recommendation at the end. So here goes.

My first observation is that although your report was ostensibly about Jimmy Twyman, it was really mostly about David Sunfellow, was it not? In short, it was about you coming to terms with your own spirituality -- and nothing less. And that I found truly inspiring.

My second observation is that, after all is said and done, Jimmy comes across as a totally grounded person, and not the least bit "flaky" -- and most certainly not like the usual Endeavor Academy type. More important than that, however, I think he won a lot of respect for THE WAY he finally addressed all of those difficult or awkward questions you confronted him with -- without being defensive in any way.

My third general observation is that Jimmy seems to have finally earned your respect in some fundamental way, David, and that you have even developed a genuine liking for him (as I thought you would, by the way). Note that you state without qualification near the beginning of your report -- although parenthetically -- that "Twyman is able to effortlessly meditate 12 hours a day, see colors and energy fields, experience mystical states of consciousness, and read minds." All of which stated as a matter of fact, and also all of which were taught to Jimmy by those so-called mythical Emissaries of Light. I wasn't aware that Jimmy even had those powers. Certainly he didn't show any signs of having them when I knew him at Endeavor Academy in 1993. So it appears that he has acquired them subsequently. Therefore, why not from those Emissaries, and most particularly his "Teacher"?

[Editor's Note: The powers and inner experiences mentioned in Part One of The Emissary of Light Special Report are powers and inner experiences that Twyman claims for himself in his book, not powers and inner experiences that I/we verified or validated. -DS]

I especially liked the way you concluded your final exchange with him over the phone, with you saying: "Long term, I hope that we can work together and be a support to each other." To which Jimmy responded: "Thank you. I appreciate all of your help as well." For me, therefore, your interview ended on a very high AND hopeful note!

Now, with respect to your Second Special Report -- the one which is going to be made up of invited comments from the first one -- may I suggest that you consider going about this in a particular way in order to maximize the opportunity I feel is currently before us? What I would like to suggest is that you consciously invite a small group of people to specifically comment on your whole report, but most especially that section of your report you titled "My Own Issues & Agendas" -- and see what comes forth from them in the way of insights, and perhaps even further in-depth NHNE-sponsored explorations through Socratic-like dialoguing or multiloguing over the Internet.

The people I have in mind are as follows, but of course not limited to ONLY them, which I am placing in two different categories for a particular purpose.


Robert Perry, Patrick Miller, Marianne Williamson, Diane Berke, Corinne Edwards, Vicki Poppe, Bob Sandoe, Greg Braden, Doreen Virtue, Ted (Hector) Poppe, David Spangler, and Jimmy Twyman.


Brent Haskell, Jon Marc Hammer, Tom Carpenter, Paul Tuttle, Paul Ferrini, and Neale Donald Walsch.

The first category includes people whose views you at least respect, but may not find yourself in complete alignment with. People such as David Spangler, Robert, and Patrick, for instance. It also happens to include, however, several Course and non-Course people who have a much different view of Jimmy than the one that you have at the moment, and most especially in terms of what he represents in the world today. People like Marianne, Diane, Corinne, Vicki, Bob, Greg, Doreen, and Hector -- not to mention, of course, Jimmy himself!

The second category, with the exception of Neale, is made up of people who "channel" the same Jesus who speaks to us from the Course, but in a much more simplified way (although not less profound). Along with Neale, therefore, I offer them to you as a way of helping you surmount some of the current problems you seem to have with the Course itself (and most particularly its language).

So what I am saying is that if these people were specifically approached by you (preferably over the phone, at least initially), I wouldn't be at all surprised if each and every one of them would be willing to make a contribution to a discussion and/or multilogue forum of this kind -- along with others, of course (such as thee, me, and your partners at NHNE) -- and we can go on from there -- and at the same time give the NHNE itself a new kind of foundation for its ongoing work.

So that's what I have to offer you at this time. Hope it resonates with you.

---Val Scott


What Harm Has Been Done?

I have been reading through the Twyman report. I congratulate you on your honesty and courage in exploring and including your own reasons for this "expose'". I still can't really see what actual harm has been done. I think that the response world wide to "The Great Experiment" was incredible and sparked a type of "First Alert" Meditation Network! I am amazed at the speed with which these messages reverberate around the world. Some accomplish great aims (re: Benedick from Hawaii) and some are catalysts for awareness and discernment. Judgements are a waste of energy. (See the latest ONN report on "Being".) I think that you are doing one hell of a good job!!

---Debby Silver


Change Comes When We Do the Hard Work

I want to thank you for the time invested in your report, and your website overall. Many of the questions you ask yourself, I need to ask myself. I have copied the report to pass around the Search for GOD group I have attended for 11 years. I believe it will be helpful and can be applied to other areas. I see too many people looking for a quick fix. Growth, enlightenment, positive change comes when we do the hard work to achieve it.

---Judy Casale


As Much to Do With You as Anything Else

I will keep this simple. After I read your comments about "the Twyman situation" in parts one and two, I had the feeling that this issue had as much to do with you as anything else. You just reacted so strongly and I felt you were being somewhat unfair. We learn as much -- sometimes more -- from our so-called "bad teachers" as we do from our good ones . Perhaps Twyman fits into both these categories depending upon the observer. I was impressed with what you wrote in the third part, (probably because I share so many of your views and observations about this life!). Thank you for looking within (something very few people seem to do) and sharing with us. Often blessings can be found in the most unlikely places.

---Linda Males, Canada North


Self Examination

I read your Emissary of Light report today. Upon concluding my reading, these questions came to mind:

You say that you are trying to find the truth. Is that your "truth", James Twyman's "truth", or "the truth"? Who determines "the truth"? What has happened to our personal responsibility for our own "truths"? I left organized religion because I didn't want someone telling me what was true and what wasn't. I became willing to take on the responsibility of my own spiritual growth, and that has brought me freedom, and a wondrous adventure. Here's something to consider: Perhaps people like James Twyman come to our attention so that we as individuals can go through the process that you describe in section three of your report. Perhaps they are "teachers", meant to aggravate us to the point of self examination and self reflection. Just a thought.

You obviously worked very hard on this report and I applaud your effort and thoroughness! It has facilitated much pondering on my part. Thank you!



Sing & Dance & Pray Together

I found your review sweet and sincere. Twyman's book was of interest to me as a Course student and because I wrote a Ph.D. dissertation with a focus on the war in the Yugoslavia. In my opinion, the poor man is allegorically dodo birdish. Still, world meditation events are a grand idea! And I wish more people would travel to war-torn areas, meet spiritual warriors, sing and dance and pray together.



Questioning His Work & Yourself Was Appropriate

Personally, I've always been annoyed with the way certain authors like to hide truths within a drama or story such as James Twyman does in his book "Emissary of Light", James Redfield did with "The Celestine Prophecy" and "The Tenth Insight", and Lee Carroll in "Kryon - The Journey Home".

I always struggled with books like these because I felt like I was constantly having to push garbage aside to find the pearls of wisdom hidden in the sentences. I was so excited when James Redfield dropped that format when he wrote "The Celestine Vision" that I wrote to their website and told them so! I received a nice response back, too!

I don't feel that hiding the truth within a drama or story is necessary anymore. I think that what Mr. Twyman is experiencing is a direct result of his own words and actions. I'll use his words as example:

The following quotes are from Part Two of your Special Report, 2."Dear Co-workers in the Light" (Mr. Twyman's first response to the questions):

"It is unfortunate that the attention is focused on the story instead of the truth behind the story. I have always said that the story is a mix of facts and allegory. My attempt to explain a profound life-changing experience that defies explanations. However, everything I have written is either totally true or is at least based on what happened... Also, let it never be said that I don't know how to tell a good story. Adaptations must always be made to facilitate flow and drama... To overemphasize the story is to miss the point of the book. I would prefer that someone believe all of the teaching and none of the story than the other way around."

How can something be "totally true" and anyone "believe all of the teachings" when they are a "mix of facts and allegory"? Also, if you don't want an overemphasis of story then why present the experience in a story format? The conflict of belief/disbelief was created when he choose to explain his life changing experience in this old format.

I certainly agree with his statement: "Also, let it never be said that I don't know how to tell a good story." Indeed, he doesn't state that he knows how to tell the truth of his experiences, instead he says that he knows how to tell a good story. He may "prefer that someone believe all the teachings and none of the story" -- but he didn't present it as a personal teaching, he presented it as a story! So it's appropriate to question the story. This shows me that this is an area that he's learning and growing in, via experience.

Again I use his words:

"But there is a way to definitely tell what is true from what isn't. One of the greatest Emissaries of all time once said: 'Judge a tree by the fruit that it bares.' I hope I will be remembered not for my ability to tell a good story, but for the way I practice what I have learned. In the last months, millions of people have accepted the single most important message from the Emissaries: 'Tell them they're ready,' Teacher said. 'Get them to understand that its time to step forward into the light.' It's time to put away gossip and rumors and accept that. Believe my story or don't believe my story. It really makes no difference at all. But please believe that you are ready, because that makes all the difference in the world."

The important thing here is that he is still learning! So am I, and so is everyone as far as I can tell. That's why I feel your Part Three was the most important information presented.

You state in Part Three, "In short, I discovered that very little of what we believe and do is based on what we think it is. Some of our belief systems and spiritual practices are valid, some are not, and they all are mixed up with a multitude of unconscious, unhealed issues -- whether we are aware of them, or not. Discovering the true nature of our beliefs (which often includes seriously investigating the stories they came from) has, therefore, become very important to me."

It's very important to me, too, and from what I've experienced so far, it seems very important to a lot of people!

All these discoveries that we as individuals are making are all helping us find our true selves which in turn is the key: The ability of each of us to bring our individually into the whole in a way then benefits ourselves and the others in our lives. Appreciating ourselves, all are parts, as well as the parts others are playing in the process.

Your points about the ideas of perfection blends well within the area of self discovery of personal truths. I'll give an example of how perfection is a personal thing:

I don't look good in clothes that are orange, yellow, or an orange-based red, so I don't wear those colors. My son, on the other hand, looks wonderful wearing oranges, yellows, and any type of red! Those colors are perfect for him! Individually, we've found our perfect colors. So who's version of perfection do I promote? Do I force my son to where the colors that look good on me, or do I have to wear his colors to belong? No, of course not! That's the point isn't it. It's all in the weaving.

Knowing what's perfect for me and recognizing what's working for someone else are two separate issues that work in harmony, like the blending of threads in a tapestry. The only time it becomes a problem is when I'm unsure of myself and then I have to remind myself as of who's version of perfection am I using, like you do in your comments about "the Course". I think that's also appropriate -- for how else will I know how to determine what colors I may or may not need in my life if I don't at least look at them?

"Exclusive Paths" are real. I walk an exclusive path of one -- it's called my path, based on my own strengthens, weaknesses, and experiences -- and it's just perfect for me! I share common experiences with other and that's how I relate and interrelate with others. I don't want other people to follow my path exclusively. Nor do I choose to follow anyone else's path exclusively. I like hearing about their experiences though, because it gives me so much more to choose from. The reality of taking all this different information and sorting out what to keep and what to throw away is difficult, but necessary.

I don't feel that we, as a society, are toddlers in our spirituality any longer. For me, it feels more like we are all in our awkward teenage years -- peer pressure and all! Struggling to see where do we fit in, what do we look like now, and what do we want to become.

I like that you were courageous enough to write about your own experiences, feelings, past actions, exposing yourself as it were, because it helps me see that I'm not alone in my awkward struggle to spiritual maturity!

My opinion is the Mr. Twyman could have chosen to write his book about his experiences in the same way that you write about your experiences. Not as an authority of the whole, but from an authority of the one -- himself! If he had, he probably would have received a better response. People are looking for honesty -- not drama. I also feel that as a whole, people are getting very tired of hearing stories, and that this situation emphasizes that fact.

I think your questioning of his work and of yourself was appropriate, and exposing inconsistencies is never wrong. They helped bring out the honesty, the truth. Putting this out for everyone to see, read, and find their own truths is a good thing.

Thank you for providing a place to for me to express my feelings.

---Debra Hegerle


We Are All One, But the Journey is an Individual One

I have followed your reports and have tried to look with an unbiased eye. I am grateful for your diligence in these areas.

We have a history of following one leader after another without looking inside to see the Truth. From my own perspective I can say that we are all looking for a way to transform this planet. Where I get caught is in the sincere desire to see some positive transformation. We are living in very special times. I don't think there is one of us that has not hoped and wished for a great fix for the way the world is. It is our desire to believe people like James Twyman because he presents a way for all of us to go forward. With vibrational shifts occurring and a list of would-be Messiahs parading around the planet it is so easy to lose one's perspective and focus. This has helped push me back to the position of looking inside and using my own discernment to check if information is correct or not.

I do believe that some of the info that is in the book is correct. I have been involved in a group where energy transference was used as a healing tool, a means to raise the vibrational frequency of the individual, and facilitate healing of our Mother Earth. During my three years with that group I was able to actually see the energy as it was transferred. So the Emissaries were doing the same thing from what I could gather. I remember as I read the book, the resonance around what they were doing. I sincerely believe that there are very powerful groups of lightworkers on this planet working as hard as they can to make the changes that are required.

I think that what needs to stay front and foremost for all of us is that this Great Journey that we have chosen is done with the knowledge that as much as we are all one, the journey is an individual one. We must all look inside for the information. Each time we give our Power away by negating what we know to be true, we empower more people to create sensational stories. When we truly take responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts and our choices then we can take this planet and humanity to a place of Love and Truth.

Thank you for your dedication, I am going to leave you with a small prayer that I received while meditating:

May you walk with Peace at your side,
Divine Guidance in front of you,
And Love at the center of you being.

---Janis Long


Love One Another

I just finished reading your excellent report on this subject, and must compliment your fantastic research, as well as your own "version" of Truth! I just totally loved your dream about the Silver Stone -- that said it ALL! You had the "real" secret years ago, you just ain't realized it yet!

Now, may I welcome you to my club, which is simply to "Love one Another!" Oddly enough, this is the "one and only thread" that runs through ALL of the world religions, and it is yet -- by far -- the one thing that no one wants to do! It seems that we each manage to keep getting in our own way by spending too much time worrying about MY religion is better than your religion, or MY God is better than your God, when in reality, there is but one God! So let's get on with "actually living" the one and only real truth: just love one another!

Christians themselves should have realized years ago that there are over 500 hundred denominations that all claim to be following the path of Jesus, or Christianity. What separates these 500 groups? One little "idea" or "thought" about something that really isn't even important! If this many sects of the SAME religion can't even agree, then how will any of them ever be able to put aside their "wrong" ideas about all of the other World Religions?



I Don't Quite Know What to Make of the Information

I just read through most of your report about Jimmy Twyman. I must also add that I'm a friend of Jimmy's and it seems to me that he is doing very good work. A mutual friend, John Nagy, who knows Jimmy better than I, had already shared with me his convictions that the Emissary story was not true. Unfortunately, what you say makes a great deal of sense. So it's not true. I don't quite know what to make of the information. I am, as you may or may not know, an active student of ACIM and I'm convinced that the Course is wholly true. Keep me posted. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes down.

---Jon Mundy, Interfaith Fellowship, "On Course" Magazine, NYC


James Taylor & the Kingview Farm Emissaries

I am one of your 33 loyal supporters. Until just now, after reading Part Three of the Twyman report, I wasn't sure I would be able to say that or remain so. I'm glad I waited to write because like you I was getting angrier and angrier -- at YOU! Now I realize that this whole thing has also touched me in a vital way.

Last year, I attended a spiritual retreat in Toronto. It was a wonderful experience. I had not at first realized that the facilitators and all the staff were part of a residential community. If love could ever be a tangible thing, this was the closest I have ever come to it. There was never any mention of or subtle steering of the workshop attendees towards any particular "path". It wasn't until the day I left, at the main desk, that I became aware that the centre was run by a group called the "Emissaries". Along with some casually placed pamphlets about the work of the Emissaries (who, surprisingly, have existed for about 70 years -- not exactly tooting their own horn!), there was a small pile of eye-catching books called "Emissary of Light". I asked about it and the receptionist beamed, "Oh, that's Jimmy's book. It is very inspiring!"

James Taylor, I realized, was a sometimes member of the "family". It didn't surprise me then, nor now that he "met" the Emissaries of Light. I decided to find out more about this group of gentle souls. I enjoyed the book for the message, also putting on my back burner the similarities it had to the "Celestine Prophecy" and to some of what I knew about "A Course in Miracles". Although the more unusual claims were harder to totally accept, hearing the same experiences over and over tend to give them more credence in my search for truth.

I want to say here that I also believe, like you, that no group or label has the ultimate truth, but that there probably is an ultimate truth that can be discovered through different groups and labels. So to me (a person who is not interested in labels for myself), exposing myself to various paths (and using personal discernment about the genuineness of the individuals I interact with), I can choose to believe or not believe that someone is reporting honestly about an experience he or she "feels" they have had. I think I am strong enough not to automatically accept someone else's experience as my truth. But, I love this puzzle called "Life" and have made a hobby out of collecting the pieces to see if and where they "fit". So, it seemed to me that your reaction of doubt because of the similarities in philosophy could have been unfair. After all, how will we find the truth if everyone has a different one?

In April, a group of us participated in "The Great Experiment". I was surprised to see James Taylor involved in this because I had not figured he had such a following. Also, this was not a new experiment. Last summer our group responded to the same call for a world "peace meditation" by Barbara Wolfe. There were claims of changing world consciousness then and scientific measurements that were going to be made. Since then, I receive email from her about once a month for collective meditations on just about every world crisis there is. Kinda took the wind out of our "inspired sails", but who am I to say it isn't effective?

So, maybe Jimmy knew about this, maybe not, maybe it kind of drifted his way like the game of "Broken Telephone". Is it a positive way to think and act? If masses start to meditate/pray, isn't that better than throwing up our arms in complete resignation? Could it make us start to act together. I suppose "act" is the operative word. The concerts that sprang up for AIDs and the African drought years ago were an example of what can be done if we really act together in the physical as well.

A few weeks ago, I went back to spend the weekend at the same place I originally found the book. James Taylor ("Jimmy") was there, leaving for New York in a few days. According to your dates, he had just spoken to you on the phone -- May 21st. He was not part of our group, but just ate in the dining room with the other residents and guests. No one at the center made any comments about his recent stardom except to say they were proud of him. After reading about your investigation, I decided to introduce myself and get a first-hand impression of what was going on. Being a fan of NHNE and in this place at this time with James suddenly appeared to be a synchronistic event -- not a "co-incidence".

I think that I'm not a bad judge of character, and since my intuition about individuals is all I've got when it comes to second-hand experiences, I must tell you that I found him to be as warm and personable as the rest of the residents.

Basically, he told me that he really wasn't sure why the fuss, and that he didn't mind the mistrust so much because, he said, "I KNOW what happened and that's what matters." As you said, he admitted using poetic licence but said his main concern was the mission. I really liked him! Awkwardly, because it's true, and because I have been a fan of NHNE and your honesty, I tried to explain that because of the overwhelming claims and ideas floating around "out there" for spiritual seekers, most people need a way to sift it all out. He simply wondered why each person shouldn't be responsible to do that for themselves. I had brought my book with me to share with someone so I asked him to take his time to write something in it for me to consider. I don't usually get autographs because I don't believe in deifying people just because they write their thoughts on paper or do whatever they do for the public. There are MANY private enlightened souls out there! This was different. I wanted more insight into him. After dinner he returned my book. It said:

"To Tyna. You are the light of the world. Believe what you KNOW!"

Mentioning NHNE and the investigation to the other residents I was with, they all seemed to agree: Why do people need to rely on some "authority" to tell them what to believe? So, it seems we're back to square one. You see, I know you believe the same thing, but now look who people are looking to as an authority? A slippery slope isn't it? I felt your guilt at having printed and "promoted" every idea that "might have been a figment of my or someone else's imagination," and your anger at yourself! But, you see that is your strength. It is your honesty that always attracted me to NHNE. The fact that I never felt that I should accept everything I read about just because you printed it. I assume most of your readers who have really followed not just the reports but your own search, realize that we are in this together, seeking, right? And you listen carefully to others, too. Judging by the letters you print and my own personal communications with you, I know you are as real as I am and doing something about it.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I was really upset at you for your biting accusations and even threats to James Twyman. I'm not arguing the results, just the unkind method, not becoming of what we strive for in a new world. Yes, I admit, I have been influenced by his "community" of caring souls and by my direct impressions of him. I don't think that makes my observation invalid. I would never have expected that from you. It really seemed like a tantrum. I'm glad I waited to write because your honesty in Part Three has been the most enlightening part of this.

In the last year, I introduced a few people to NHNE. One of the comments I got was that you were so negative. Funny, I explained, you never used to be. But thinking about it -- what has happened in the last little while? Well, for one thing, nothing! A let down? Most of the predictions for the approach of the millennium have not happened. Yes, we probably all want an instant awakening. Hey, that's not YOUR fault. You have always, it seems to me, just reported these things, considering them excitedly as the rest of us. I thought,"Do you now feel you must humiliate their authors to vindicate yourself?" You don't! You are not one of those charismatic know-it-alls that you criticize are you? Do you want to be? This is not to say I don't want to continue to seek the truths out there. You said you had illusions that you were "special". Well, you ARE -- and it's because you SAY you are one of the rest of the spiritual seekers and so doing validate the fact that everyone can be the same. To me, that's what Jesus tried to say.

What else has happened? NHNE has been struggling to keep from drowning! And that is probably in no small way related to the disillusionment people feel at seeing no obvious momentous changes. At the beginning, I never could understand why you would keep up such an endeavor for so little remuneration -- at least others questioned me about it. But it seems, there is true dedication in the world and NHNE and you personify that to me. So, in all, what a load you have been carrying! Could I safely assume that you cracked?

In any case my anger has subsided (but my headache has not). I have spent the morning writing. I hope you actually read this and, further, that you get some insight from it. My meeting with Jimmy and my association with the other Emissaries at the Kingview Farm seemed to be an important link that I thought I should pass on. Did you actually know about the Emissary movement at Kingview?

I realize that this is way too long and maybe irrelevant in parts to print, but feel free to quote any part -- and I guess I will be sending my monthly contribution after all! Most of all, I really appreciate your HONESTY -- from the heart! Please keep it up! Just don't forget the HEART part (remember the LOVE behind the water jugs)!

With love to my fellow human being, David.

---Tyna Silver


Hello Tyna,

Thank you for your very honest feedback. Many people probably had similar reactions, but were hesitant to say so, or perhaps didn't quite know how to verbalize them. Along with taking the time to describe your reactions to my reactions (funny how we've got an extended circle of people all reacting to one another, isn't it?), I also found it very synchronistic that you were able to spend a little time with Jimmy and the Emissary group. I don't know much about them and would be interested in any additional information you might have. Your connection with Jimmy and this group reminds me that our world is very small, indeed!

Anyway, Tyna, I plan to share your entire letter so everyone will have a chance to think about what you said.

Until next time, thank you for deciding to continue supporting NHNE even though I disappointed you. I try very hard to be fair, honest, and appropriate, but am by no means perfect and my/our imperfections, as you probably know from your own experience, tend to pop up when we encounter issues that are especially difficult for us and/or when we are under a lot of pressure. At this point, the only thing I can promise is that I will keep trying. I also won't cover my tracks when I make a mistake. I was particularly disappointed with myself when I challenged Jimmy's refusal to answer our questions by threatening to call in the mainstream media. But that's what I did and I wanted to be sure everyone saw the whole picture, not just the parts where I seemed calm and reasonable. Here's hoping the dance we did with Jimmy Twyman, and whatever dances we may do with others in the future, ultimately help all of us become better, happier, healthier, more spirit-filled human beings...

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow

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Letters from Our Readers


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