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"Letters about Geological Cataclysmic Global Upheaval"
Saturday, October 26, 1996



David Sunfellow

Deborah K.B. Chaplin (& David Sunfellow)

Robert Perry, Founder, The Circle of Atonement

Bill Dewey, President, Dewey Research Center

Ted Daniels, Director, Millennium Watch Institute

Carla McAuley

Keith McCoy



By David Sunfellow

So, are worldwide catastrophic geological changes going to tear our planet to pieces in the next couple of years? Are islands and continents going to rise and fall? Will the poles shift? Will super-mega quakes, ferocious volcanoes and mile high tidal waves rage across the Earth?

You already know what I think (there might be isolated geological changes, but there aren't going to be any planetary-wide ones). In a minute, we'll be taking a look at what some of the rest of you think.

Before we do, though, I want to draw your attention to another, more fundamental concern: Can human beings receive guidance from God/Spirit that is accurate and reliable?

At this late stage of the global geological catastrophe game, it is already clear that many of the predictions made by our most celebrated psychics and soothsayers are wrong. And while many people might justify their poor track record saying that our prayers, or some significant change in human attitudes or behavior, prevented their predictions from unfolding as predicted, I don't think their misses can be explained so easily. Prayers and changes in thought and action can undoubtably help avert all kinds of disasters in our personal and collective life, but what about the possibility that these psychics were wrong? That they misread and/or misunderstood what they were seeing? That, in some cases, they may have even fabricated their visions?

Like many of you, I have spent many years attempting to receive guidance from God and follow it. Sometimes I have received guidance that proved to be stunningly accurate, while other times I have received guidance that proved to be stunningly wrong. I know, therefore, that it is possible to receive guidance that is true and helpful and, at the same time, guidance that isn't. I also know it is very possible to receive solid guidance and twist it to fit preconceived (and erroneous) conclusions.

And what is true of me, also seems to be true of others. Since very few of us are truly pure, open channels to the divine, we can expect whatever impulses come to us to filter through our personalities, fears, biases, belief systems, cultural conditioning and other human imperfections. We can also expect many of the impulses that come to us to originate from places within us that are far from divine, even though they may feel genuinely inspired at the time.

Because of the jungle of forces within us that are both producing and interpreting guidance, discernment is critically important. It would be nice if there was a simple way to sort it all out, but for most of us, there isn't. Real discernment is a deep, complicated, multi-faceted process. And while there are those rare moments when a flash of inspiration strikes that requires no further processing, most of the time receiving and acting on guidance is an ongoing, ever-evolving process: We receive an inspiration, think about it, apply it in some way, see the results, make adjustments, receive more guidance, see a few holes, notice some inconsistencies and loose ends, make some more adjustments, say a few prayers, receive some more guidance, and so it goes. Our guidance develops, deepens and unfolds as we do.

As flexible as this process is, there still seem to be a few helpful guidelines:

1. Since no one on this planet is perfect (or they wouldn't be here), no form of guidance and no channel of information (psychic or otherwise) is free from error. We should, therefore, treat all forms of guidance accordingly: nothing should be swallowed hook, line and sinker, and we should always be on the lookout for things that don't quite sound (or feel) "right." In a similar vein, it is my personal conviction that we should regard any person, or source of information that claims to be perfect (either overtly through bold declarations, or subtly through airs of superiority) with exceedingly great apprehension.

2. Since all guidance comes to us through human instruments, the human instruments in question are a major part of the process. Their moral character, their open-mindedness, their sincere desire to receive AND LIVE the Highest, deeply affects the guidance they receive. More to the point, if someone is dishonest, unethical, unstable, brazenly egotistical in his or her dealings with themselves and others in the outer world, you can be sure the same kind of forces are also affecting and influencing whatever guidance they may be receiving. If the person in question is especially unstable, it is entirely possible they are fabricating their inner experiences and/or seriously embellishing them. I have, in fact, personally known psychics (including very well-known ones) who have done this. Psychics, in other words, are not immune to being dishonest and since many of their other-worldly claims cannot be put to the test as easily as other, more earth-based claims can, the psychic arena is an easy place for misinformation to thrive.

3. When guidance comes to us in one form (say a voice, or intuition), we should learn to check it out with other forms of guidance. If, for instance, we have a strong intuition about something that dreams, I-Ching readings and synchronicities call into question, then we should take a closer look at what we think we are receiving. If the guidance we are receiving is truly inspired, other forms of guidance should back it up. If they don't, something is amiss.

4. Whenever possible, we should involve other trusted human beings in our process. The more sincere, honest, open, genuinely seeking people we have looking at a particular situation, the more likely we are to get a solid, well-rounded answer. In a similar vein, the more isolated our process is, the more possible it is for us to make an error. While there are a few extraordinary exceptions, history is littered with would-be prophets who received solitary visions that led multitudes of unquestioning people to ruin.

5. And, finally, no matter how clear a particular piece of guidance may seem, or how strongly we feel that we understand it completely, we should always be open to having overlooked, misunderstood, or misinterpreted what we have received. True spiritual impulses are renowned for their dazzling unpredictability. At every step of the process -- before getting guidance, after getting it and in the middle of trying to apply it -- we should be poised to move in directions we aren't aware of and don't expect. Similarly, if truly being guided is what we are after, then we must make our search for the truth our highest priority and be willing to admit we are wrong -- which, for most of us, will be a fairly common occurrence if we are seriously seeking the truth and owning up to the blind spots that are part of being a human being on planet Earth.

So there's a few guidelines that I have found to be true and helpful in my journey.

A major goal of NHNE is to create a global system of people that can help discern the truth about many of the impulses that are appearing in the world today. When new (or old) impulses arise, we want to be able to discern how authentic they are. In time, we hope to draw together some of the best people on the planet -- from many diverse fields and perspectives -- to do this. Diving into the topic of cataclysmic geological change is a good example. Instead of simply relying on psychics and their predictions, we are also looking to geologists, scientists, psychologists, reporters, long-time seekers, common every day folks, to get to the bottom of the issue. And while it will probably take us a little while to get our act together, in time we hope to have a truly marvelous system in place for discerning the true nature of our experiences on this planet.

And with that, let's put a few more pieces of our truth-seeking system together by looking at what some of you had to say about the threat of worldwide geological changes...


By Deborah K.B. Chaplin

A comment on the geology issues: A slowing down of earthquakes can be an ominous thing! It can be the foretelling of big ones to come. Small earthquakes serve to relieve the pressures of the Earth gradually. If there are none, pressures may be building, especially in those faults that are not well lubricated by water, etc.

Also, changes to this planet have been quick, even evolutionary changes. Changes happen suddenly and then plateau. This has been a topic of evolutionists for several decades now. "Punctuated equilibrium" is one term for it.


David Sunfellow responds:

Excellent letter, Deborah!

A few counter points:

1. The psychics we were referring to all indicated that there would be a global increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. This was one of the things these sources said would happen before the poles shifted. They did not say there would be a lull over a couple decades and then, just before the year 2000, we would be inundated, out of the blue, with 8.0, 9.0 and greater earthquakes. So however you look at this, they were wrong on this point.

2. Along with a general increase in earthquake and volcanic activity worldwide, these sources also indicated the intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would be quite extraordinary -- waves of 8.0, 9.0 and larger quakes would strike repeatedly, while massive amounts of volcanic ash would fill the atmosphere. Nothing of the sort has happened. Current earthquake averages haven't even matched the most active years of this century, let alone unleashed forces the likes of which we've never seen.

3. The idea that major volcanic and earthquake activity is often preceded by quiet periods is usually associated with specific regions of the planet. Specific areas (like California) get quiet and then, as you pointed out, get very active. In a larger sense, I realize the Earth, as a whole, has also gone through quiet periods and then become active. The Earth, as a whole, does, however, not appear to be in one of these "calm-before-the-storm" periods. Rather, it seems to be moving along a rather typical -- non-dramatic, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary -- path of geological activity.

In short, the extraordinary earthquake and volcanic activity predicted by these psychics was supposed to climax in a pole shift in about three years from now. Again, the idea was that things would build and build and build, getting worse and worse and worse, until the poles shifted (or the crust slipped -- depending on what psychic you talked to). And again, this is not happening. Theoretically, the next three years (or in Edgar Cayce's case, the next two years -- his time frame was from '58 to '98), could see massive volcanic eruptions and a series of massive super-quakes the likes of which we've never seen in recorded history. In this case, the psychics would be correct about the general time frame, but still in error about how it unfolded.


Deborah writes:

"Also, changes to this planet have been quick, even evolutionary changes. Changes happen suddenly and then plateau."


With the exception of the instant geological changes that were unleashed when our planet was hit by asteroids, I know of no other reliably documented case for such instant changes -- i.e., continents or large chunks of land rising and falling instantly, or, even, the crust slipping (you probably know that current research has been sorely challenged many of the key points for crustal displacement).

I've also heard that geologists have determined that sea beds and continents are composed of fundamentally different kinds of rocks, and that there are no large areas of continent-type rock present on the ocean bottom (meaning, if these geologists are correct, that there is no Atlantis or any other sunk continent under the ocean waiting to rise again). While specific areas of the continents themselves have been both above ground and beneath water, the continents themselves apparently have not. They have moved (via some kind of continental drift mechanism), but not risen and fallen as many psychics have suggested.

If you have any evidence to the contrary, I would love to hear about it.

And thanks for writing, Deborah. We are anxious to learn the truth about the controversial topics we've been discussing and I sincerely welcome any insights you can offer to help clear things up...

---David Sunfellow


Deborah responds:

If I ever have time to research the specifics you asked for, I will, but right now I have more consequential things to do. Geologic truth will not change because of your or my opinion of it!

Warm regards and thanks for all the insights I find in your newsletter. I can honestly say they have changed my life. And there is much to pass on to others.


By Robert Perry
President & Founder,
The Circle of Atonement

I have always been in support of NHNE's critical eye towards psychic predictions. I was especially glad to see the article, "Global Geological Changes Unlikely," in issue number 31 (October 11). I would like here to offer my personal perspective on psychic predictions of massive geologic upheavals.

For many years I strongly believed in the predicted Earth changes. For a while I stored dehydrated food (it has since gone bad). I congregated with others who believed in these changes (such as NHNE publisher, David Sunfellow). Something like starting an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) seemed totally pointless (now, I'm not so sure). I envisioned human history as rushing headlong toward an imminent death and rebirth. I based my life on information from higher levels, which came through a chorus of channels with a stunning unanimity.

Yet I also based my life on reason, and because of this, cracks began appearing in my vision of a cataclysmic future. I saw prediction after prediction fail. I saw timetables continually set back. Most disturbing to me was that psychics were predicting geologic events that went way beyond the normal, and even the possible (as measured by geologists). And yet I never saw anything happen that has not been happening regularly for countless centuries. In over fifteen years I did not see a single coastline altered by earthquakes. I began to believe the scientists, who said that continents simply do not fall into the ocean like that.

Even before I began doubting the vision of a geologically disastrous future, I doubted the psychic's vision of the past. Carbon-dating of the Great Pyramid did not support the psychic view that it was built in 10,000 B.C. by a spiritually-advanced civilization, but instead supported the standard Egyptological view -- which put it 7,000 years later. Research into the human chromosome traced Native American ancestry back, not to a fabled Atlantis, but to Asia -- as the anthropologists had always maintained. I had an increasingly sinking feeling that whenever evidence and reason met face-to-face with the psychic view of history, the psychics lost.

Eventually, I started to re-examine the entire phenomenon of psychically-derived history. The standard timeline that I knew of went like this: In the distant past there was the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria, characterized by heightened spiritual awareness and psychic powers, as well as advanced New Age technology. This Golden Age, however, perished in natural cataclysms brought on by the sins of the people. Since then, civilization has slowly built up again until we are now facing another terrestrial cataclysm, again brought on by the sins of the people. Land masses will fall into the sea, ancient continents rise from the ocean floor, and the Earth tumble in space. Though this will decimate civilization, it will immediately propel us into a new Golden Age of spiritual awareness, psychic powers and New Age technology. As cataclysm had ended the first Golden Age, so, just as abruptly, it will ignite another one.

There is a lot that could be said about this psychic vision of history. The first thing I want to say is that I think it is simply not true. I seriously doubt that there was an Atlantis or Lemuria. I am certain that California is not going to fall into the ocean (I have $100 riding on this with a friend). And I am willing to bet that May 5, 2000 (the commonly predicted date of the pole shift) will be one of the most forgettable days in history.

If, for the moment, we grant that this timeline is not true, where does it come from? Why does it come through so many people, often independently? To answer that, ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen anything like this vision before? If you step back far enough and blur your eyes a bit, doesn't this vision start to look suspiciously familiar?

To me, it looks like a universal archetype, which can be found in ancient mythology, in conventional religious prophecy, and in New Age predictions, and which goes something like this: Once man lived in a Golden Age of peace and harmony. Then by his sins he fell from this, which gave rise to how things are now, to our despoiled and sinful current age. Yet a cleansing is coming, in which God will punish the wicked, lay low the powerful, exalt the holy but powerless ones (the ones making these prophecies), and catapult us into a new Golden Age.

Is it so hard to imagine what might produce such an archetype? I don't think so. There is profound psychic stress generated by the conflict between what is and what ought to be -- at least as we see those things. The vast gap between them is so anguishing that the mind craves relief. It fantasizes about a time when what ought to be was the norm. And it yearns for what ought to be to dramatically re-assert itself, to swoop in, wipe out what is, and re-establish its utopian kingdom.

What if these urges have over time built up an archetype in the human unconscious, a place where you can go and experience visions of all this coming to pass? What if, in a certain sector of this unconscious place, this vision will get dished up for you in fantastic geologic imagery, in which nature itself rises up to cleanse this sinful age? And what if, to flesh this vision out, the unconscious will draw upon valid -- perhaps psychically-obtained -- information about seismic activity and tectonic stress points?

This is my current best guess about what is going on with psychic predictions of geologic upheaval. I am sure there is much more going on than this; even I have additional, more complex views. But I suspect that this is a huge part of it.

I guess I sound somewhat like a traitor to my own spiritual roots. Yet, I remain deeply and humbly indebted to many channels, not the least of which is the great Edgar Cayce. I think that psychically-derived information is often remarkably accurate and helpful. I think that human channels have brought through some of the greatest spiritual wisdom and philosophic truth that humanity has seen. Yet I think that psychic history, by and large, is profoundly mistaken. I do think that history is a great drama of coming into harmony with reality and God, a drama which is overseen and guided by a divine plan. Yet I don't think it is a simple process of rocketing back into Eden through a dramatic divine cleansing of the Earth. Rather, I think it is a slow maturational process, in which there are no guilty sinners, in which we will of our own free will rise above the messes we have made, and in which God never swoops in -- because He is always there.


By Bill Dewey
Dewey Research Center

Your overall reporting of the track record of various psychics seems to be very good. I would like to caution you in a couple areas:


David Sunfellow writes:

"To be fair, the year 2000 isn't upon us yet and some of the disasters predicted by Cayce and others may still visit us."


My first caution is timing: A number of psychics have told me that the information they get is from the "other side," where there is no time or space. When they try to force "timelessness" into linear Earth time, there is always room for error, which cannot be helped. I'm told it is nearly impossible to state clearly that event A will precede event B, and by how much time. That's why I keep wondering if the predictions from so many sources aren't accurate in all aspects except WHEN they will happen!

Most of them (and I believe Gordon-Michael Scallion is honest in doing this) report what they see in visions of various kinds. Period. Just like you or any good reporter would. It is never more than a probability, and most of the recent predictions that haven't happened may just have been in error about the timing. It could also be that they have been postponed by some "higher?" force. It's so unclear...


David Sunfellow writes:

"That said, the possibility that our planet is going to undergo a global geological catastrophe is becoming increasingly remote..."


My second caution is that science has always run far behind reality -- scientists just don't want to admit error! I've worked with some brilliant scientists over many years. (As recently as the early 90's when cold fusion came out, I was heading up the upgrade of the UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER HIGH ENERGY LASER FUSION LAB. The lab director sent scathing letters to congressmen putting down the possibility of cold fusion, not because he knew anything about it, but because he stood to lose 50 million dollars in congressional grants if cold fusion worked! The inventors got run out of America, sponsored by the Japanese government, and set up a lab in France!)

Just look at how hard it is to get scientists to take crop circles and UFO's seriously. Or animals predicting earthquakes. Or subtle energy for healing the body, or homeopathy or Linus Pauling on Vitamin C for cancer. It's all tied up in money and prestige. The official line is that earthquakes can't be predicted, yet we weirdo's know how to predict about 75% of them! My son, when living in San Jose, CA, observed his fish always huddled together in the center of the aquarium about 1/2 hour be for each quake and after shock. Dan Winter has evidence of electro-static changes along fault lines that give early warnings in about 75% of the quakes... etc. etc.

I believe that we don't begin to know what's going on under the mantle, and what potential cataclysms may await us. There's just too much evidence (albeit no proof) that the "quickening" is underway. It's important to keep an open mind.

Keep reporting on Earth changes: there's too much "unrest" and too many people expecting changes to dismiss it all as quackery. Remember how many changes it takes to make one a believer: only one, if it lands in your backyard!


By Ted Daniels, Ph.D.
Millennium Watch Institute

Prophets put themselves in an odd predicament, sometimes. Those who are "sweating" over their failures might want to reflect on the example set by Harold Camping of the Christian broadcasting organization called FAMILY RADIO, out of Oakland. Camping scrutinized the Bible's genealogical record and concluded that it was correct to expect the Second Coming in 1994. He wrote a book with that title,"1994?". When our Savior failed to materialize on Camping's schedule, and the press came round saying, in effect, "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah," he had his answer ready. The "prediction" (1994) had failed, but the "prophecy" (Second Coming) had registered an immense success. God didn't tell Camping the date. He figured it out on his own, and, as humans generally are, he was wrong. (He got around the biblical prohibition on guessing "the day and the hour" when Christ will return by figuring out "the year and the month.")

But, he told the reporters, with their help millions of people all around the world who'd never heard of the Second Coming (because mainline churches don't preach it) now knew about it, because the media had, unwittingly, hyped his book. What's more, contributions to his ministry had quadrupled.

So even when their predictions fail, these unnamed prophets can expect to bolster their prophecies. A prophecy, after all, is a message from a supernatural source, and structurally it is a warning, not an absolute prediction. What the supernatural says is that destruction will come "unless..."

So if we clean up our spiritual acts, we can save the planet from its doom. If the people you're talking about had cast their prophecies in these terms, they'd have been okay, and their followers could bask in the glory of saving the world.

This sounds cynical, but it's meant to be structural. That's how prophecy works. For the prophet failure never needs to come from inaccurate prediction; she will fail only if nobody listens. Noah failed in this respect, and his prediction came true. You could say the same of Jonah.

But even beyond this point, all sincere prophecies of planetary destruction should be read, not literally, but symbolically. They're really talking about doom for "the world order," not the very fabric of the planet, though they couch their predictions in those terms because they imagine a titanic final battle will be necessary in order to bring about the "political" change they envision. Scallion, for a familiar example, even said as much in one of his earlier newsletters. He envisioned an America that had reverted to 13 independent colonies, living without cash or electricity. It's about a return to a pristine paradisaical state of origin that's been ruined by the corruption, heartlessness, and greed of the ruling elites, or at any rate people with obscure powers: bankers, government agents, communists, etc.


By Carla McAuley

Perhaps the psychics you have consulted are not taking into consideration the thousands of people who are praying that the earthquakes will be diminished, prevented or postponed. One very powerful group working in that direction has been the followers of the Ascended Masters, CHURCH UNIVERSAL & TRIUMPHANT (C.U.T.). At their most recent quarterly conference last weekend, a dictation by the Ascended Being, Sanat Kumara, spiritual hierarchy of the planet Venus, warned that the karma (for abortion, murder, genocide, pollution, etc.) of the Earth had become too heavy to hold back any longer and that by decision of the Solar Logoi this karma would begin to descend in the form of increasing Earth changes after December 31, 1996. These may still be mitigated somewhat by prayer and decree (a rhythmical chant practiced by C.U.T. members), but they can no longer be postponed. You may therefore expect to see some increases in the accuracy of the psychic predictions, which, after all are only astral extrapolations based on current conditions. They do not take into consideration higher level decisions by the spiritual hierarchy.


By Keith McCoy

I just finished reading News Brief 32. Many predictions have been made about the demise of the Earth through earthquakes, volcanoes, and tidal waves. Those are things that are hard to predict and even harder to control. I believe that even if those sudden occurrences do not happen, we are slowly eradicating ourselves from this planet through global warming, pesticides, over-population, water pollution, and corporate farming practices. I would say it's important to stay alert to the possibilities of global happenings (don't live on a major fault line), but more importantly to clean up our environment. As some else said, 'We've pooped in our house and were too stupid to even realize it.'

In another note: I just read an article about an Argentina scientist indicating that from 1971 to 1990(?) that Antarctica lost 1000 sq. kilometers of ice. From 1991 to present it has lost 5000 sq. kilometers. Also pilots have reported problems landing due to the fact that rocks have been exposed on once previously frozen snow banks. Predictions say that if the west side of Antarctica melts (the smaller of the two sides) the sea level could rise as much as 5.5 meters.


For more information on many of the issues discussed in the preceding letters, I enourage you to visit the "Talk.Origins" Web site and take a look at some of the information posted there. Many of today's hottest controveries (Atlantis, ancient technologically advanced civilizations, catastrophic geological changes, pole shifts, instant ice ages, etc.) are dealt with in depth:


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