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Special Report

"Remote Viewing"
Tuesday, November 26, 1996



By James Gregory

By Major General Stubblebine, Chairman of the Board of PSI TECH

(5/31/96, 6/14/96)




Michael Lindemann, CNI NEWS, 11/16/96


Alan Hale, Co-Discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp

By Goro Adachi


Richard Heinberg, INTUITION, Sept-Oct/96

By James Gregory


By James Gregory, Editor, NHNE NEWS BRIEF

Up until a year or so ago, the idea that a person could sit quietly in a darkened room and using a simple mental discipline be able to see things anywhere in the universe, past, present or future, would have been considered ridiculous. Then came the news that for 25 years the U.S. government has funded and operated a secret "psychic spy network" that trained operatives in the practice of remote viewing. Remote viewing supposedly permitted American operatives at a distance to delve unimpeded into the restricted secrets of foreign powers.

This is a special report about remote viewing, also referred to as "RV." Much has been learned and experienced in the 25 years since it was first formally developed. The American government says it has now terminated its psychic spy network due to lack of success, but many people are now going public with a different story.

The material on remote viewing is vast. There are many perspectives on the subject, some not particularly flattering. There are inconsistencies. There are claims that are impossible to verify. There is a cast of exotic characters. We have tried to provide a balanced representation here in this report.

Many questions come to mind. What exactly is remote viewing? How does it work? Can anybody learn to do it? What kind of things have remote viewers seen and learned? Can remote viewers see the future? What are the implications for mankind?

By the end of this report, we hope that you have the answers to all these questions, and others. In the end, no matter what you see and read about remote viewing, you are the one who will have to decide whether you believe it or not.



(Source: Lecture by Major General Stubblebine (Ret.) to the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON UFO RESEARCH in Denver, Colorado, 5/22-25/92. General Stubblebine served as Commanding Officer of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Now retired, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of PSI TECH.)

What is remote viewing (RV)?

First of all, it is a very systematic, very controlled method of accessing information that is not normally available by any other source. It is independent of time. It is independent of location. It is independent of space. And it appears to be independent of countermeasures, but not all of the research on this has been done at this stage.

What can RV NOT do?

It is not a panacea. It provides detailed information, but it should not be used as an absolute truth. Information that's gleaned from the RV set needs to be taken and correlated with all other information that is known in order to complete the picture. RV does not do numbers well, nor does it do words or letters well. For instance, I could not go in and read a report that is in somebody's safe. I might be able to get the essence of that report but I could not read it. It is not a tool to be used by the callous or the undisciplined or those people who have an evil intent. It is tool that is to be used to help, not for illicit purposes.

What are the differences between RV and natural psychic abilities?

The first difference is the training. PSI TECH has six remote viewers, all of whom have been through the one-year six-stage training program as well as a having a lot of experience of doing RV itself. The training is a very carefully monitored, very carefully metered, very carefully controlled process.

The second major difference is the very carefully established protocol or methodology through which remote viewers are given their task, perform their RV, do their reporting.

There is a huge data bank that exists out there that can be accessed. Anybody can access that data bank. These remote viewers did not have any special psychic abilities before they were selected for training.

Let me walk you through a hypothetical problem to give you some sense of what occurs. Let's assume an airplane crash, since it is a relatively easy task to remote view. First, we take three of our six viewers and tell them as much information about the crash as we know:

-- It was an airplane.
-- It was UNITED Flight #123.
-- It was flying over Colorado.
-- It disappeared at 10:20 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.
-- No one knows where it went down.

The question we ask them is: "What happened?"

Then we take another three viewers and all we give them is a controlled coordinate. The controlled coordinate is not the latitude and longitude of the plane crash site because we don't know where it is. It is nothing more than a method for the controller of the exercise to make sure that all of the remote viewers are focusing on the same target. Each of the viewers then goes in and independently does his or her thing. Session are about 45 minutes long. We find that if you go much beyond 45 minutes, there is a lapse in the energy field and the quality of the information begins to suffer. At the end of the session, all the viewers write out their reports and hand them over to the controller.

The controller takes the six reports and begins to analyze them to see where the similarities and differences are. For instance, it frequently happens that one viewer will get an indication of a tail number. I know I told you numbers are hard, but the numbers on the tails of airplanes are relatively large, so sometimes you can get an indication. A second viewer might get a crash site that is one third of the way down the side of a mountain; another one may get a piece of a map coordinate; another one will get that everybody is dead. So you get different elements from the six remote viewers.

After the controller has taken a look at all the reports, he then decides on what additional work needs to be done. For example, he may send a viewer back to get additional data. Once he is satisfied with what he's got, he writes a final report for the individual or the company that paid for the service.

Incidentally, the remote viewers do not have to be at a single location. Most of ours are in the Washington metropolitan area, but one is in Minnesota and another one is in Kansas.

Let me tell you about a couple of our projects that dealt with future events:

-- A large American corporation wanted to mine the rock on the moon in order to extract hydrogen and oxygen. They wanted to know what the power source was going to be on the lunar station. We said, "That sounds like an interesting project," so we took it on. What we found there was a portable nuclear reactor. The trouble was -- it wasn't one of ours, it was made in the Soviet Union. The client said, "I didn't want to hear that answer." However, if you have been reading the newspapers lately, the U.S. has just arranged to buy a portable Russian nuclear power plant called "Topaz." That work was done about three years ago; at least part of that future event now appears to have taken place.

-- The second interesting project dealt with a large American corporation that had an interest in the events occurring in the Middle East and what would things look like when it was all over. This corporation was in the oil industry and wanted to position itself. The project was to look inside Saddam Hussein's head and find out what he was thinking and what he was going to do. This was before Desert Storm. What we saw was that, in spite of two assassination attempts, he would still be there and in charge. One of those assassination attempts has since occurred; I haven't heard about the second assassination attempt yet. And though not asked for, the viewers clearly picked up a huge oil fire in the area. That obviously also occurred.

RV is a tool that is available to be used for UFO research. We have looked at Mars. There are structures and machines on the surface and underneath the surface of that planet. We have accessed UFOs and looked at their propulsion systems. We've tracked them back to where they come from.

I am sure what is going through everybody's mind is what is RV's statistical success rate? I will tell you that its better than 85 percent. If you do it properly and begin to take the project down through the layers and keep going until you are down to the nuts and bolts, that number can go as high as 95 percent. RV is a phenomenal tool.


Q: Who invented RV?

A: The protocol was developed by Ingo Swann who is a natural psychic. He has patented the protocols.

Q: Are there places you can't see?

A: There appear to be some areas that we have trouble accessing -- that a psychic wall of some sort has been built up.

Q: What is the mental state of the viewers?

A: Completely passive, heavily Theta, for those of you who understand brainwaves. There is no active instrument other than the mind accessing the information.

Q: To what extent are major governments using RV?

A: The Soviets have been using RV for years. They call it "extra-sense." At one time the second highest item of the Soviet budget, right behind defense, was parapsychological/paranormal work. PSI TECH and a Russian civilian enterprise which does similar work are currently working together to devise a project that will use the capabilities of both organizations in a spirit of cooperation. One project we are looking at is finding and cleaning up some of the incredible environmental problems that exist in the Soviet Union. We picked the environment because it's non-political.



(The following is taken from interviews on the Art Bell Show, 5/31/96 and 6/14/96, between the host Art Bell and Major Ed Dames, remote viewer and President of PSI TECH. The material has been edited for brevity and continuity.)

5/31/96 INTERVIEW:

You don't have to be a "natural psychic" to download very accurate, detailed information from the collective unconsciousness. This technique was developed in 1983, after a lot of funding by the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. In essence, it is a grammar and syntax for the way of the unconscious mind to communicate with conscious awareness. It allows the practitioner, in a very structured fashion, to recognize when they are "on target," where the target is a person, place, thing, or event, anywhere in space or time. The job or a remote viewer is to collect information and to get it right.

There is a reality all its own in the collective unconscious. Think of it as a huge library that we call "The Matrix." Searching for information in the collective unconscious is like a database search. We actually use specific words.

What I am talking about is being able to stick your head up above the clouds into the collective unconscious and see where you have been, where you are going, and how you relate to the rest of the people and things around you in space and time. That changes you.

This is an amazing skill, but I think it really is a stepping stone to higher evolution -- an evolution of mind.

Here are some predictions gathered from the PSI TECH remote viewing sessions:

-- Many human babies will start dying soon. We are looking at a very immuno-supressed planet.

-- There will probably not be many frogs left on the planet. Frogs are an indicator species. Shortwave ultraviolet ionizing radiation as a result of ozone depletion is killing frogs eggs and will soon start killing babies. The damage to the atmosphere will not get better.

-- Watch for de-speciation and sterilization of many species. You will see fewer and fewer species of birds as years go by.

-- Watch for problems due to broken atomic reactors in the former East Bloc countries. The maintenance is not being performed the way it used to be, so we are going to stress ourselves radiation-wise from above and from below.

-- The jetstream will drop down and graze the surface of the earth. It will produce catastrophic effects, including microbursts among other things. There will be a lot of dust and dark skies.

-- The vicissitudes of these weather changes will preclude growing crops the way we have grown them in the past. We will either grow them underground or in sealed buildings.

-- The CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) will not be able to keep up with the bacteriological mutations and their subsequent epidemics and pandemics. Africa, India, and China will be the hardest hit.

What can be done?

Move to a colder climate -- the colder the better. Cold climates will stay the introduction of tropical viruses. Snow packs will provide fresh water. The winds will be predominantly in mid-latitudes, so move north, or build solid structures, or go underground. Food will be a very serious problem.

Is there a possibility that this all can be averted?

No. We have double checked this. It is too late. There is no remedial action.

6/14/96 INTERVIEW:

About a year ago, Ed Dames began to detect and urgency concerning the immediate future of the world. He now predicts that within the next three and a half years a number of critical events -- famines, weather disruptions, disease, war, economic upheaval -- are going to happen. Dames says that there are going to be a lot of lives lost and is focusing the attention of PSI TECH on gathering information that will assist in survival. There is also going to be something dramatic happen to human beings as a species. This thing is very eerie, but it is not supernatural. It affects the everybody on the planet, but he can't pin it down with regard to biophysical parameters. It changes us somehow. It is coming at us quickly -- we are ending out timeline in three and half years from now.


-- Pulsars are used as a galactic time standard. Similarly, crop circles are registration marks made by alien races moving back and forwards in time and space. They are purposely laid in perishable media like grasslands to indicate the specific day on which they were formed. These registration marks enable time travellers to lock on specific days and times. Little blue spheres produce crop circles. It is Grey technology.

-- We have damaged the Earth's atmosphere beyond repair. This is not just a big ozone hole; what scientists are generally not aware of is that there is a deterioration like a cancer of the upper levels of the troposphere. The condition is spreading really fast. Single celled organisms are going to be hit hardest; that includes bacteria and nitrogen-fixing organisms in plants -- the plankton in the ocean provide most of the oxygen we breathe. We are going to suffer a lot of loss of life on Earth.

-- TWA Flight 800 was NOT shot down by a missile. The crash was due to the failure of an air-driven hydraulic pump on the Number 3 engine under the right wing of the craft. The failure of the pump ruptured a fuel line to the Number 3 fuel tank resulting in a fuel-air explosion that tore the right wing off the jumbo jet.

-- Mars was inhabited a long time ago. The Martian environment was destroyed by a cosmic event -- the planet lost its atmosphere. The Greys (aliens from another star system) transplanted the genetic stock of the residents of Mars to Earth. This is reflected to a certain degree in the Mayan people, who also have some Martian cultural memories.

-- Greys have a bicameral mind that takes eight seconds to process information, making them appear amotional and robotic. In fact, they are 100 million years ahead of us, evolution-wise.

-- There is race of aliens living on Mars who are much like us. There are 15,000 to 20,000 individuals who are living under the surface of the planet. They fly vehicles back and forth from Earth to Mars with stops at the Moon. They are transporting fertilizer. Mars does not have Potassium, which is needed to make green things grow. The U.S. BUREAU OF MINES tracks the domestic production of minerals down to the ton. Every year, they lose track of tons and tons of potash.

-- People who are abducted are in fact taken to work on Mars in a catatonic state. After two years they are returned to Earth to the same time period they were abducted from. Thus they appear to have aged two years in a matter of hours. They remember little or nothing of the experience. At an unconscious level, they volunteered for this role.

-- The Greys have our best interests in mind in much the same way United Nations soldiers have the best interests in mind of the country to which they are posted. U.N. Soldiers tend to feel superior to the citizens of whatever country they are assigned because the citizens have messed things up in their country so badly that outside help has to be brought in to prevent disaster.

-- The Middle East is not going to last. There is not going to be anything like peace there for too much longer. Israel has about six nuclear weapons. If that nation is cornered, they are going to drop them somewhere. Now six nuclear weapons is not militarily decisive as far as a superpower like the U.S. is concerned, but in a small area like the Middle East, that's going to change history.

-- We are going to be ravaged by pathogens, bacterial and viral. We are going to be hit hard. People need to eat well and stay healthy or they are going to be susceptible to vicious attacks.

-- Dairy men will inadvertently transmit Bovine AIDS by using the same needle to inject cows with growth hormones. Bovine AIDS will be a killer of a number of babies. Mothers should switch to goat milk or breast feeding.

-- There is something about the Hale-Bopp Comet that is not right, in terms of being just a geophysical event. It is as if it is under intelligent control. There may be something that splinters off from that.

-- Cities are going to be increasingly unsafe, water supplies specifically. The best locations are mountainous areas (protection from high winds) with cold (protection from disease) and snow (for water).

-- At least one of the alien races is going to infiltrate during the chaos and essentially pop up when our grandchildren begin to rebuild the planet and try to recreate the atmosphere. A la "Alien Nations," they are going to be living here with us. The rest of the alien races appear to be observers.

-- There is nothing in any of our remote-viewing work that indicates anything other than that they have tried to prevent lots of bad things from happening to us. It appears that these beings have intervened four times in the last 50 years to prevent global nuclear war. They are trying to prevent us from destroying ourselves.

-- Antibiotics, ozone depletion, the high level of ultraviolet radiation are causing a multiplicity of mutations" which will result in a variety of virulent diseases.

-- Watch the jetstream. It is a really good indicator of how chaotic the atmosphere is going to quickly become. It will furnish us with heavy-duty microbursts, vicious storms, very serious winds. The skies will become dark over the mid-latitudes. It will preclude growing crops. There will be no life. You'll need to be underground or in solid structures when this happens. The winds will begin in the next four and half to six years. And this is just the beginning.

-- In the "Out Years" -- perhaps 20 years from now -- we are probably looking at a loss of 80 percent of human life. The rough period is going to be the next three and one half years.

-- What can be done? For the time being, people can prepare: take your babies off cow milk; start digging; move to an area with fresh water. Life has to go on. I have a lot of faith. There seems to be a Grand Plan and it is generally pretty loving. I plan to move to a safe place in two years.



PSI TECH, a New Mexico corporation, currently employs an expert group of professional remote viewers in its commercial operations, administered from corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) instruction is also conducted in Beverly Hills, at PSI TECH's training office. We also maintain an international service office in Hamburg, Germany. Our outside directors have included prominent figures from science and industry. Additionally, the company has at its disposal an adjunct Technical Analysis Team, consisting of a multidisciplinary group of distinguished scientists, engineers, and medical doctors from national labs, major corporations, and universities. These individuals provide analytical support to PSI TECH technical intelligence collection projects, as required.

PSI TECH training and operations performance standards are exacting; we require military precision on the part of our remote viewers. Each viewer works independently and does not collaborate or compare data with other viewers. The training program employed to install those unique skills which enable the production of calibrated, consistent, and accurate results is rigorous. While at work, a viewer's mind-body state could be generally characterized as one of high attention. (To an unwitting observer, a PSI TECH viewer could easily be mistaken for someone engaged in an attempt to solve a difficult math or science problem). Conscious focus shifts between the tasks of directing the trained unconscious in a systematic exploration of the assigned target, breaking out (decoding) the target-associated gestalt patterns of information, then rendering the data as detailed words and sketches (or models, if necessary). Meticulous attention to technical remote viewing structure is required not only to correctly acquire the target and maintain lock-on but, additionally, to disallow subconscious analysis and/or imagination from interfering with the unconsciously acquired signal.

P.O. Box 3762
Beverly Hills, CA 90212




(The following is taken from interviews on the Art Bell Show on 7/19/96 between the host Art Bell and Courtney Brown, remote viewer, author of "Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth," and President of the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE. The material has been edited for brevity and continuity.)


Remote viewing is a trainable mental procedure. It enables a person to extract accurate, descriptive information from distant locations. Remote viewing also works across time, in the sense that the remote viewer can actually extract information from the past, present or future as if time doesn't exist.

RV goes back to the beginning of existence. It is innate in every human. You don't have to be talented to do it, but you have to be trained. The earliest remote viewers were the prophets, the ancient the seers. Some of them were pretty good at being able to perceive things across time and space; in fact, many of our biblical stories are fairly accurate remote-viewing perceptions.

At the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE I have restructured the training of remote viewing. Not only have we modernized the actual Remote Viewing procedures, but we also imbed the training with lectures, discussions, presentations with regard to other approaches to consciousness. Replicability is the bottom line. We encourage people not just to learn how to remote view, with great accuracy, but to also pursue growth in consciousness that leads them in the direction of healthy self realization. In that regard, we have a very close and supportive relationship with the MONROE INSTITUTE in Faber, Virginia. They use a type of technology that is oriented toward self realization, and we support the use of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the advanced version of the TM Sidhis Program, which is a mechanical approach we've found it to be very compatible with Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV).

In the subspace side of life we don't die, development just proceeds more slowly. Living in the physical realm is the fast track.

Time does not exist. It's as if we are looking out the window of a fast-moving train. The train passes by a tree, but in a moment it is gone. Just because you can't see it any more, it doesn't mean that the tree doesn't exist. There is no experiential difference at all when you remote view something that is in the past, present, or the future. It is as if all is in the here and now.

The future is not deterministic -- it's probabalistic. The future can change. The future can interact with the past and the timeline can change.

99 percent of time humans are not aware that you are remote viewing them. That is not the case with ETs -- they know you are coming before you even go there.


-- There definitely are climactic changes coming. The fundamental driver of this whole thing is the number of people on the planet. If you go out 30, 40 years, population problems become very severe. The world is running out of food and there are famines in various places. By 2075 there is a "Mad Max" scenario. The political systems fall apart. There are roving gangs on the surface. It is quite clear at this point that civilization has to hunker down and go into underground shelters. 250 years in the future, the only inhabitants are the people in underground bunkers -- the rest of the world is barren. 300 years in the future, the Earth is being terraformed again by humans slowly coming out of the bunkers. 400 years in the future is a sort of Garden of Eden. Humans are much wiser, much smarter, much more careful about their environment. I have not gone out more than 400 years. Robert Monroe and others have gone out as far as 1,000 years, and they found a completely reborn planet. Robust and very wise humans who are completely re-oriented with regard to their role, not as users and abusers of the planet, but as caretakers. The changes that are going to happen are going to be gradual, and the near future for humans is one of the most exciting times to be alive on the planet.


-- Long ago when the dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, there was an ancient civilization on Mars. They did not have high-technology. The Martians had a civilization that technologically was pretty similar to the ancient Egyptians 3,000 years ago. The Martians of long ago experienced a planetary holocaust not of their own making. A very large asteroid skipped through their atmosphere, but didn't impact on the planet. It caused an atmospheric disruption that resulted in climactic changes. Mars didn't have a sufficiently high gravity to dampen the disruptions so the atmosphere started to vibrate and much was carried away by the solar wind. The planet was destroyed over a matter of a few months. Before they were wiped out, something called the Galactic Federation had a group of aliens called Greys come in and rescue them. Greys are the beings that are involved in the so-called "abduction phenomena" that you hear so much about.

-- The Greys have the technical ability to move their ships through time as easily as space. It's only a matter of years before our scientists in our laboratories understand the physics and can do this as well. The Greys can travel a billion years of time like we walk across the street. They brought lots of those Martians up to the present time period, and returned them to Mars. The Martians would have loved to have been brought to Earth a 150 years ago -- they'd be running this planet by now. The problem is, right now they're on a dead world that has no future for them. They must leave. The Greys have bootstrapped the Martian technology, so that they have about a 150-year technological advantage over humans. They have an ability to have fast flying saucers that shuttle between Mars and Earth to get supplies and things like that. They do not have interstellar or inter-time capabilities on the level that the Greys have.

-- The Martians have no choice. They have to leave Mars now, but our planet is populated with aggressive, hostile inhabitants who have movies about wiping out invasions from Mars. The Martians are terrified. They are not interested in conquering; they just need to be rescued.

-- There are already some Martians on Earth. One of their bases is underneath a mountain called Santa Fe Baldy, outside of town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are also villages of Martians on the surface of the Earth. They're basically mistaken as being Native American. Inside the base underneath Santa Fe Baldy, there is a nursery where moms are taking care of kids. Those kids were born here -- that means, those kids are American citizens and their parents have legal rights for expedited green card status. They don't need warheads, they need passports.

-- The Martians are not interested in warfare, and their only major defense is clandestine activity. They're hiding. The rest of the galaxy is watching to find out what humans are going to do when we finally take our heads out of the sand like the proverbial ostrich, look up and say, "Alright, we admit that we are not alone in this universe, or even our own solar system. You exist -- let's talk." The question is: are the humans going to freak out and send missiles or are we going to say with compassion, "We hear you have troubles. Can we help?" That's what the galaxy is actually looking to see -- are we going to be mature participants in what we now know is a robust galactic community of life, or are we going to stay in the daycare of the galaxy and remain primitive? This is the biggest spectator sport in the galaxy!

-- You probably would not know the difference if you saw a Martian -- they're all humanoid. There are various genetic strains. Some of them look different, but some of the Martians are very human looking. The closest connection that you might find to the largest group of Martians, would be the Native American community. A little makeup, a hat, some glasses go a long way if someone wants to keep themselves disguised. They are not carbon copies of humans, but they're interesting. In the old days on Mars, they were clearly thinner, wispier, physically weaker beings. They didn't have as much gravity to deal with. The ones living in villages on the surface of Earth seem to be thicker, heavier, Indian-type stock. You would very easily confuse them with Indians in Latin America. Those in the base underneath Santa Fe Baldy seem to be taller, thinner, lighter skinned. We will have to get over our worries about racism and realize that we are only one of a large number of species.

-- The Martians know they have to come here, and they don't want to make us enemies. They have to beg their way in here. On the other hand, there are not so many Martians that they are going to be a population problem. We're probably talking a few million -- enough to populate one medium-sized city.

-- They have a technology to change the vibration of matter, so that physical matter can pass through other matter. ET ships don't need a tunnel to get through rock -- for the Martians to get to their base when they are flying their ships, they flip a switch and go right through the mountain, and then flip the switch off when they get inside the hangar. Eventually a tunnel will be made into the mountain, train tracks put down, and the base will become an immigration processing center.

-- What Richard Hoagland and others have been saying about the Martian Cydonia complex is true -- they are clearly the ruins of an Ancient Martian city. It's one of our favorite spots to send people, because it's such a clear target. We send them back in time when that place was bustling with activity.

-- The root of the word "Cairo" in Arabic is Mars. There is a tremendous parallel in culture between the Egyptians 3,000 years ago and the ancient Martian culture at the time of the destruction. I don't believe in coincidences anymore.

-- The one time I almost lost it in a remote viewing session was when I remote viewed the Martian flotilla leaving Mars. It was the day of the exodus when they leave their prison planet and come to Earth as welcomed guests. It still chokes me up to think about it -- the emotions of those people, the euphoria of leaving their imprisonment and coming to Earth, the promised land -- is one of the most remarkable states of emotional awareness that has ever been experienced by anybody.

-- I think something has to happen very soon -- before 2000. The situation on Mars is going to be coming to a head very soon because of the new probes we are sending up. If the Martians blow them up, which is what happened to the American Mars Observer probe and the Russian Phobos probe, because they want to continue their clandestine nature, then stuff will start coming out. If they don't blow them up and the probes actually arrive on the planet and start taking pictures, then people back on Earth are definitely going to start asking questions.

-- I am so certain of the existence of Martians that I am willing to risk my entire professional career on it.


-- The Greys are an alien race from another star system in our own galaxy.

-- Back in 1947, when we first found out about the Greys, the military was in a dilemma. They said, "Mr. President, you can tell people on the radio that the ETs are here. That they have extraordinarily advanced technology. That we're defenseless. And that they may be doing some things to our citizens that they may not particularly like." Every president since Truman has had the same response as he did: "I'm not going on the air with that."

-- Greys have a bad rep -- the early abduction literature is filled with horror stories, about how they abducted people in the middle of the night, performing gynecological and neurological experiments. One of the main reasons for "Cosmic Voyage" is to give the other side of the picture: that, in fact, we're not being invaded by hostile species. If anything, the Greys are as helpful to us as they were to the Martians. They are the cavalry, the rescue corps. The Greys are an interesting, benign and helpful species.

-- The Greys, unlike the Martians, destroyed their own homeworld through wanton abuse of their environment, greed, and selfishness. They had to go underground in order to survive -- not too dissimilar to what we're going to be facing in 80 years. When they went underground, they had a genetically-engineered nervous breakdown. It started when they said: "It would be better if we were shorter because it's hard to walk around in these tunnels. It would be better if we had larger eyes, there's not that much light down here. As smaller beings, it's harder to give birth, so we might as well start raising our fetuses in cannisters." And when they realized how good they were getting at genetics manipulation they said, "Why don't we get rid of the rampant emotions, the greed that got into this situation? Let's change our brains genetically, so that we have only one electrochemical response to any stimulus that we get. That will allow us to advance spiritually. We'll get rid of all the anger, all the hostility, everything." They even got rid of love. What they ended up with was a society that was no different from Mr. Spock on Star Trek -- electrochemical brains that produced only one benign response to everything that happened to them. They experienced tremendous spiritual growth, but they eventually realized they were in a dead end, and they realized that unless they had more emotional flexibility in their minds, they couldn't be like the very great beings in the spiritual realm. They needed to experience more, yet they were terrified of going back to their own past, because that's what led them into that collective nervous breakdown in the first place. They went to the Galactic Federation and submitted an application for help in a genetic uplift project for themselves. They said to the Galactic Federation, "May we go to Earth and use their gene pool?" They picked our planet because of the tremendous genetic variation. Their request was approved. When they got here, they went around asking for permission. The Greys are almost comical, in the way that they ask permission for everything.

-- The human gene project is one of the most beautiful transformations of a species that anybody has witnessed. People volunteered before they were born saying, "When I am in a physical form, I am willingly to participate in this so-called abduction phenomenon so that you can get some of the genes to help uplift the species," knowing full well that when they took on human form, that they would not remember the experience. For example, when we remote view a woman, being abducted, transported up to a Grey ship, having gynecological procedures, the emotions in her electrochemical brain are off the meter -- panic, chaos, horror. But when the remote viewer goes deeper into the soul of the person, you find ecstasy and fulfillment of purpose. You find a fully sentient being saying, "I participated."

-- The Greys didn't want their old genetics, they wanted something brand new, they wanted part of our genes. They consider us a dysfunctional species in some regards. They don't want our aggression, our hate, our anger, our fear, our territoriality. But, they do want the love, the nurturing, the caring, all the good things. Those are the genes that produce those type of electrochemical responses for love, caring, nurturing, that they're splicing, slowly but surely, into their own genetic framework. In the future, the Greys have their own planet again. When you go to that planet where they take this race that literally is our offspring, since they are half us, and do a mind probe, it's one of the most beautiful things anyone could ever imagine. You get all the love, all the nurturing, all the caring, none of the hostility. They are the type of people you want next door.

-- The Galactic Federation needs us to help the Martians and the Greys. It is literally like the Star Trek series -- the Federation is expanding.

For more information, contact the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE:

P.O. Box 49243
Atlanta, GA 30359
Phone: 404-320-2007



This example of session with a professional remote viewer is included here in its entirety to demonstrate what is involved in a typical RV session.

In assigning this session under blind conditions, The FARSIGHT INSTITUTE's staff was aware that the professional remote viewer was probably going to identify the target within 10 to 15 minutes of beginning the session. Thus, we chose to write the target identification cue so as to focus on the mechanism by which the plane was disabled rather than just the crash itself. We were interested in WHY it crashed, not THAT it crashed. Thus, the target cue was "TWA Flight 800/moment of crash/mechanism." Since we were dealing with a professional remote viewer, we knew that the viewer would eventually perceive the crash. But by focusing on the cause of the crash, we hoped to postpone the viewing of the crash until after the crucial causal information was obtained, thereby reducing the possibility of the viewer's conscious mind interfering with the data due to any strongly held feelings relating to the crash that the viewer may have had.

Immediately after beginning the session, the viewer perceived sounds of roaring, whistling, and clicking. He felt a variety of textures, including hard, smooth, rough, prickly, and spongy. The temperatures were both hot and cold. He perceived acidic and pungent smells, as well as sulfur tastes. The viewer then sketched an initial drawing that identified a person on the ground standing near some structures. This person was looking upward at something that was either going up into the sky or falling down.

The viewer then perceived something that felt both "fast" and "flung out." Something was both rounded and pointy. The viewer himself felt the internal feelings, "Look out! Duck!" He perceived the emotions of concentration, seriousness, concern, but also a certain type of unexplained flatness to the emotional depth. He perceived machines and structures in an otherwise natural setting. He also perceived a group of subspace beings who were watching something. The viewer sensed the association of the concepts of remoteness and strategy, "like someone preparing for a long solo adventure."

The viewer then perceived very intense emotions at the target site. The emotions felt "hot, like crying out for something." The viewer declared that he perceived the concept of "vengeance."

The viewer then focused on something metallic that was perceived at the site. He stated that it was enclosed, like ribs around a barrel. Moreover, it was somewhat old. [Editor's note: This nearly certainly was the initial perception of the aircraft, a Boeing 747.]

The viewer then shifted his awareness to the central person related to the target. Initially, he perceived an older, white male who had a professional "flavor." [Editor's note: The perception of skin color changed as the viewer became more intimately identified with the central person as the session proceeded.] This person also seemed religious, a person who held self-perceived universal truths.

The viewer then did a deep mind probe of this central person. [Editor's note: This procedure typically dramatically increases the viewer's contact with the target.] The viewer perceived that this person was very goal oriented. He was a visionary type of being (self-perceived by the central person). The viewer felt that this person was "incredibly strong, focused, and holding lots of pain." The viewer also perceived a sense that the person had a "military" feeling. The viewer perceived some garments on the person that seemed like a type of uniform. The self-perception of the person was that of a healer or a leader. The viewer sensed that the central person was in some sense foreign, perhaps European.

At this point in the session, the viewer executed a relocation exercise that placed him at the center of the target area. Immediately, he perceived an explosion. He felt hot temperatures, felt textures that were "hard, vaporous, stinging." He had perceptions of "spewing fires," smelled ozone, and tasted chemicals. The viewer then drew another sketch that seems to identify a central person below, and something spewing up or out or some structure or thing.

The viewer then described the central person as "hairy." He was very busy, observing what was going on. He was frantic inside. Following another deep mind probe, the viewer then declared that this central person was "scary." In the viewer's own words, "It's like somebody has upset this guy's apple cart, and he is trying to put everything back in order. His occupation was perceived to be like that of a professor. He was up to no good, destruction was on his mind. He was like the Unabomber. [Editor's note: The viewer was not stating that this was THE Unabomber, but that this central person simply "felt" like the Unabomber in a mental sense.]

At this point, at the suggestion of the monitor, the viewer cued specifically on the idea of mechanism, and stated that he perceived something box-like, some form of technology. Shifting his perception to the current location of the central person, he perceived that the person had moved to a location in the Midwest at some point after the target event. Continuing the deep mind probe, the viewer cued on the motivation of the central person, and perceived that this person was guided by what he considered to be a "higher good."

The viewer then shifted his location to one hour before the target event, and located the central person. He immediately perceived that this person was a terrorist. At that time, the person was "moving away from the target area, but also watching somehow. Again shifting in time, at two hours before the target event the viewer perceived the central person "folding something together, calculating and calibrating an instrument."

Going deeper into the deep mind probe, the viewer perceived that this central person was "cool, calm, calculating... a professional, almost absent emotion, but intense."

The viewer then perceived that this person was connected to an organization. This person was pivotal to the outcome of the target event and to the organization, but he was not the head of it. But his activity was key to the organization's success. Shifting his awareness to the organization, the viewer perceived that it was both an underground organization, and that it had some connection to the occult.

Shifting his attention to the skin tone of the central person, the viewer perceived a "swarthy" complexion.

Shifting his attention back to the organization, the viewer perceived that the motivation of the organization was "control, power, disruption." The viewer clearly perceived that this was a terrorist organization. He also perceived that the organization was "incredibly rich."

Continuing the deep mind probe of the central person, the viewer stated that the person was "old, ruthless, and will do whatever it takes, regardless of cost." The viewer compared the central person to "Dr. No." The view stated that he was becoming very uncomfortable experiencing this central person's mind.

At this point, the monitor decided to end the session after allowing the viewer to perceive the main incident by giving him a movement exercise to the "target event." The viewer immediately perceived the plane crash. He felt the full force of the emotions of terror from the occupants of the crash. The monitor ended the session immediately thereafter.


(Source: Michael Lindemann, CNI NEWS, 11/16/96)

Dr. Courtney Brown, respected professor of political science at EMORY UNIVERSITY, described how he used "scientific remote viewing" to discover aliens in his controversial book "Cosmic Voyage." He went on to found the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE in Atlanta, Georgia, where he trains others in the use of remote viewing and also continues to track the alien situation on earth and various other places, notably Mars.

Now Brown has announced a series of momentous events-to-come, which no fewer than nine remote viewers at the Institute have confirmed (or so he says). The events include a presidential disclosure of the alien presence on earth, as well as a massive presentation by the aliens themselves. Unfortunately, if things go the way Brown and his co-viewers foresee, this will lead to chaos and social breakdown.

Brown sincerely believes that the events described in his latest announcement, backed by nine different remote viewers (all working "blind," or without any preliminary information concerning the nature of the target, Brown says) will definitely happen. What is not certain, he says, is how humans will respond to the revelation of aliens on earth. He hopes that by warning and educating the public beforehand, the disastrous consequences foreseen at the Institute can be minimized.

The details are spelled out (including transcriptions of remote viewing sessions) on the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE Web site: Excerpts from Brown's announcement follow:

"The time is approaching when we will be interacting with extraterrestrials from far away places. What we have been viewing [at the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE] is a world filled with fear and hatred. When the ET event happens, the world is seen being thrown into global chaos."

"Very soon, the President of the United States will address the nation. He will tell us that extraterrestrial life exists -- not merely bacteria from Mars, but living, sentient beings."

"But that is not all. The events that we have viewed tell us that one day soon the visitors from somewhere else will fly openly in our skies. They will make themselves known, not because any one of us humans requests it, but because there are beings in trouble living on our planet."

"We have viewed what happens next," Brown continues, "and it is amazing. Ships will appear, flown by the group of extraterrestrials that we call the Greys. They will rescue as many Martians and humans as they can from the disaster. The whole world will see."

"The Greys will fly their ships over our skies, letting us know that we are not alone. They will not harm us."

"We are sharing all the information that we receive because these events are of great importance. We are not interested in using these sessions as prediction devices. Remote viewing is a real phenomenon, and has been studied intensively for years. It is our hope that we can help educate the planet."

"Our goal is to inform you of what we view. Through our work, we have discovered that we are no different from the beings who will soon appear. We can learn to communicate with other beings, and in doing so, we are learning who we really are, and what our place in the Universe is."

"All of humanity is on the brink of discovering much more about ourselves that we can even conceive is possible. We are also on the brink of self-destruction. Taking one small step to welcome new friends is one giant leap from destruction and one giant leap towards amazing growth and discovery."

Brown says, "Most of the sessions are scary. They show a world not ready to accept strangers from another place. They show economic collapse, militia activity, government mistrust, and riots. Because the visitors are about to attack us? No. Because we, as humans, can't even accept ourselves, let alone another species."

Transcripts of nine different remote viewing sessions describing these events are posted at the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE Web site.


(Source: FARSIGHT Web Site,, 11/17/96)

On November 14, 1996, astronomer Chuck Shramek of Houston appeared on the Art Bell Show to announce that he had just discovered a ringed object four times the size of Earth tracking right behind the Hale-Bopp Comet. The object appeared to emitting light. He claimed to have posted photographic proof of his discovery on his Web site.

The next night, remote viewer Courtney Brown of the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE appeared on the Art Bell Radio Show to provide a detailed description of the astronomical anomaly in the vicinity of the Hale-Bopp Comet based upon information gathered by remote viewing. Previous to Brown's appearance on the show, the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE had assigned three pairs of remote viewers (one monitor and one viewer in each pair) the following target: "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet (current time)." These sessions were conducted "blind," meaning that the viewers were not told the identity of the target until after the sessions were completed.

The following are excerpts from the sessions.

-- The target involves an artificial structure. The target is large, hollow, and moving very fast.

-- A climate-controlled space capsule. An ET craft. Heavy, big, hollow, magnetic, and electric.

-- Something at the target location is glowing. It is large, dense, magnetic, and it was involved with a great deal of energy.

-- The target is moving, and is following a plan.

-- The purpose is not as a weapon.

-- The government and secrecy are involved. The potential of harm is great right now due to the lack of faith by the leaders.

-- It is crucial for the leadership to wake up and listen. There is an urgency in understanding now. The object is known by the government due to satellite and reconnaissance photos. They don't know what it is for.

-- NASA is related to this. They are not seeing what they think they are seeing. They have not properly decoded the messages.

-- The guidance system (of the object) is a composite of minerals and organic material in a matrix of thought. It is intended as a device for vibrational instrumentation. Some have looked at it and not decoded the unlocking or keying mechanism properly. It is a danger to those and some others as a result.

-- The object is on a journey/mission of awakening from the center of the belt system. It is traveling through the Earth's and other star systems. The purpose is galactic evolution and is humanitarian in application.

-- This object is a joint project of Greys, humans, Martians, and others.

-- The Galactic Council is watching with serious intent.

-- It constitutes a new historical discovery.

-- The purpose of the target object is uncovering that which has been hidden or lost. The purpose is one of discovery. It is fulfilling a destiny. It will provide radical information to help ease humans through the coming transition.

-- The target object will accomplish its mission. This time it will not be stopped. There will be no interference. It has unilateral support.

-- In some sense, this object is welcome. The target object's information will help bring about a new era for humanity. It will help heal the schisms created by the upcoming event with the target object's information.

-- It seems to represent a new beginning even though some view it as an end. It is advanced, helping, necessary, and relevant.

-- There are more of them coming.

For the full text of reports from the three sessions, see the FARSIGHT Web site.

To see the Saturn-like image be to the right of the comet taken November 14 at 6 p.m. Houston time (CST) by Chuck Shramek, see:


(Source: Alan Hale, Co-Discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp, Hale-Bopp Web site <>, 11/16/96)

Within the past couple of days there has been quite a bit of discussion concerning a "mysterious Saturn-shaped object" supposedly photographed "trailing" Comet Hale-Bopp. This claim was made by a so-called "amateur astronomer" (Chuck Shramek from Houston) from a photograph he took on the evening of November 14, which he then discussed on Art Bell's radio talk show later that night. Some of the national news media apparently picked it up, and as a result this story has spread quite rapidly across the nation.

My suspicions were aroused immediately. First, as readers might suspect, I've been following on the comet on a pretty regular basis, and I have not noticed anything unusual about or around it. Second, the mere fact that this was discussed on the Art Bell Show is enough in itself to raise suspicions; Art Bell is pretty much the "Weekly World News" of the late-night radio talk-show circuit, and many outlandish theories that wouldn't receive air time anywhere else get aired there. And finally, a check of Chuck Shramek's home page ( shram/comet.htm) reveals writings full of government conspiracies and cover-ups, charges of lies by scientists, and numerous references to the works by fringe writers such as Richard Hoagland and Zecharia Sitchin.

With the help of some of the local news media and some astronomer friends in the area, I was finally able to track down "the" image. [Editor's Note: Alan does not have regular access to the Web.] Shramek does not give a scale or orientation to the image, but I was finally able to determine that the image's long axis is oriented roughly northwest to southeast. For comparison, I downloaded an image from the Digital Sky Survey ( corresponding to the comet's ephemeris position for the time in question. This image's long axis is oriented north-south, with the comet's position in the exact center. If you rotate this image counter-clockwise about 45 degrees, and compare this to Shramek's image (with it oriented with the long axis top-down and the "object" on top), you see that the bright two stars above the comet in Shramek's image will match the two brighter stars above center in the DSS image.

Shramek's "mysterious object" is nothing more than the bright 9th-magnitude star appearing in the DSS image. The "Saturn-like rings" are nothing more than a diffraction effect, a phenomenon which has been known and understood for centuries.

There are many "fringe" people who are trying to attach apocalyptic significance to Comet Hale-Bopp, and incidents like this one by Shramek are sure to increase as we get closer to the comet's perihelion. I ask readers to treat all these irresponsible reports with the disdain they deserve, and instead enjoy the beauty of the comet for its own sake.


By Goro Adach

For several days after the initial announcement, the Internet was absolutely abuzz about the anomalous "thing" near Hale-Bopp Comet photographed by an amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek. It now appears that it was probably a star named SAO 141894 which did not show up in Mr. Shramek's computer program called "Megastar."

The heated discussions on this topic all over the Internet were really something, and it was exciting and fun while it lasted. It was also a good demonstration of the amazing speed of information exchange and the accessibility of new information on the Internet.

One of the main reasons I took the information seriously was because Dr. Brown, President of the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE and a professor at EMORY UNIVERSITY, clearly stated on the Art Bell Radio Show that he had consulted an unnamed astronomy professor with "absolutely impeccable credentials" at one of the "top-ten" universities in the country about the Hale-Bopp anomaly. The astronomer assured Dr. Brown that. "There is an anomaly. [It] has been observed several times, not on just one evening. It is emitting light [and] is moving as if it is under some control. [The object is] very, very large." He also told Brown that respected people in the astronomical community were aware of the object but not willing to talk because of the potential to damage their careers. Brown's remote-viewing data supported the existence of an anomaly with Hale-Bopp.

Brown's claims were enough for me take the matter very seriously. But now that there seems to be a more down-to-earth explanation for the "anomaly," what I'm most concerned about is the reputation of Dr. Courtney Brown/FARSIGHT INSTITUTE and remote viewing in general. In my opinion, something is not quite right here. A person with his credentials would not risk his credibility by endorsing a rumor without some good corroborative information.

There are two possible scenarios that would still support Dr. Brown/FARSIGHT INSTITUTE's position. The first one is that the star and the anomalous object were overlapping. The other scenario is that the SLO ("Saturn-like object") pictured by Mr. Shramek was not the "anomalous object" targeted by the remote viewers nor was it the object the respected astronomer told Dr. Brown about. The remote viewers were not instructed to "look at" specifically the SLO in Mr. Shramek's photo but rather any "anomalous objects near Hale-Bopp" because the RVers focused on a random number that represented the target written down (not known to the RVers) as "Anomalous target near Hale-Bopp comet (current time)." The unconscious mind could and would take the hidden "instruction" very literally, and therefore IF there were other "anomalous objects" near Hale-Bopp, they would have likely targeted that instead of Mr. Shramek's SLO.

Interestingly, another anomalous object showed up in some pictures of the comet some months ago. Images show two bright spots in the comet, which have come to be called the "Eyes of Hale-Bopp." This is a mystery still not solved. This anomaly has been also mentioned on Mr. Shramek's Web page:, and discussed on:


(Source: INTUITION, Oct/96)

In July 1970 while serving in the American Army in Germany, Joseph McMoneagle suffered a massive heart attack and had a near-death experience. As a result of his trauma, he began having out-of-body experiences and developed psychic abilities, such as the ability to know what others were thinking.

These disturbing developments led him to get in touch with Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff at SRI International to see if he could find an explanation for what he was going through. He was invited to participate in some Remote Viewing sessions. He demonstrated a natural ability, which was honed to a professional skill with training from SRI. He became one of the first members of the U.S. military remote viewing team.

McMoneagle has written "Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing" to tell the story of his psychic awakening as well as a how-to RV primer that goes into much detail about RV training and techniques. As he gained knowledge and experience about RVing, he experienced the boundaries of space and time giving way and was constantly forced to move beyond fixed concepts and consider subjects and viewpoints that would have previously seemed bizarre or even crazy.

According to McMoneagle, remote viewing is the ability to correctly perceive and describe detailed information about remote places, persons, and things -- regardless of the normal boundaries of time and space. He feels that he is sending himself information from the future. In other words, at some point in the future he, or some future reincarnation of him, will come to know the answer to whatever question is put to him in the present.

McMoneagle has come to see reality as far more complex and malleable than it appears when viewed solely from with the physical context. He explains, "On the other side of physical reality, there is no logic because it isn't necessary for understanding. In the nonphysical universe, there is only truth. Humanity simply straddles the dividing line."

Like other RVers, he claims to have had occasional contacts with alien beings and other dimensions of existence. He has targeted the mysterious pyramid structures of Mars and his impression is that they are remnants of a civilization destroyed by some sort of cosmic catastrophe, perhaps a million years ago.

"Mind Trek" is more a technical manual than a description of McMoneagle's more successful RV experiences. He is currently working on a second book called "Expectations From the Year 3000" which will cover such topics such as how the Great Pyramid was built, the Crucifiction of Jesus, the Kennedy assassination, UFOs, and life in the year 3000.

McMoneagle now works as an RV consultant to various laboratories, agencies, corporations and individuals.


(Source: Richard Heinberg, INTUITION, Sept-Oct/96)

In 1987, David Morehouse was shot in the head while on military duty in Jordan. The event induced an out-of-body experience and recurring nightmares. Rather than being thrown out of the American military, he was recruited by the psychic espionage program of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He was told that his head wound had opened a conduit to the subconscious and he could either be hospitalized and sedated for the rest of his life or join an organization that would allow him to use these experiences, do something productive, and learn how to control them. He joined.

As part of Sunstreak (the code name at that time for the project), Morehouse was trained for ten months to transcend time and space: to view persons, places, and things remote in time and space and gather intelligence on them. RV requires a level of discipline comparable to serious martial arts. According to the theory developed by scientists involved in the project, the human subconscious has a direct link to the space-time continuum, which is nonlinear and interconnective. Because of its access to this fluid realm of subspace, the subconscious can see forward and backward in time, its vision unhampered by distance. The conscious mind acts like a filter. It is selective in its focus and tries to maintain a sequential picture of reality. This is part of our survival gear, but it cuts off the flow of perception. Remote Viewing training is about putting that part of our mind that requires meaning and order in abeyance. The viewer must be trained to control the psyche's strongest survival instinct before the information can come through in a pure and uncontaminated form.

According to Morehouse, "The altered state of remote viewing is very euphoric, an extended theta-wave state. Your mind becomes habituated to that feeling; it craves it. When you are in training and you wander away from structure or try to put your own interpretations on the impressions you are getting, the session is terminated. It is through this process of reward and punishment that you train a remote viewer."

Typically, Morehouse participated in one or two sessions a day. Information on the target would be locked in a safe. He would be only given an encrypted ten-digit coordinate, with the assignment, "Access, locate, and describe the target." He would do so and turn in a summary and sketches. Other remote viewers would be given the same assignment. No one would discuss the findings with anyone else. All the summaries and sketches would be turned over to the program director who would study the material and revamp the targets, narrowing the aperture. The remote viewers might work on a project of this sort for two or three weeks, with all the hard data being passed on to the CIA or DIA.

Eventually, Morehouse reached a philosophical impasse. He felt the power of remote viewing was given as a gift to further mankind, not as an espionage tool. He decided to make a break with the program and violate his security oath. "I think there comes a point in every man or woman's life where they have to take responsibility to make a moral and ethical decision. Just because the government of the United States says, 'It's a secret does not mean that it is right.'" He eventually resigned from the army in December, 1994 with a dishonorable discharge. Media attention became intense and the American psychic espionage program was "officially" disbanded in 1995, with the military claiming poor results as the reason. Morehouse claims that the accuracy of the remote viewers was 60 to 85 percent and that in his opinion the program continues under a new name and deeper cloak of secrecy.

Meanwhile, Morehouse has gone on to write the book "Psychic Warrior" about his experiences. A feature film, "Comes the Watcher" is in development.


By James Gregory

Ed Dames, Courtney Brown and most of the other remote viewers seem to be in agreement over the remarkable accounts about Martians and Greys and the role of Earth in their evolution. There is so much similarity in their stories that one is either inclined to believe them as true, or assume that the stories are some kind of archetypal images floating around in our collective consciousness.

Courtney Brown went out on a very long limb over the mysterious object near Comet Hale-Bopp, and that limb seems to have broken off. Despite claims by Alan Hale, one of the professional astronomers who discovered the comet, that the object was a faint star, Brown still stands by his story. One wonders if they are looking at the same thing.

Dames and Brown are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the cause of the crash of PAN AM Flight 800. One of them has to be wrong, and at the moment the evidence seems to support Dames' view.

Brown and Dames are far apart when it comes to looking at the future of the human race. Dames feels that the next three years are going to be traumatic and followed by a tremendous world-wide calamity; Brown sees the next few years as being rosy, and future changes being gradual. One of them is wrong.

Ed Dames' company PSI TECH promises that the information provided by their remote viewers to their paying clients is 100 percent accurate. Courtney Brown was trained by Ed Dames, but Dames says that Brown has since strayed from the methodologies he was taught. Dames will no longer have anything to do with Brown.

All the remote viewers have had some spectacular hits. Some make ridiculous claims that cannot be verified. All have made mistakes.

What to believe?

Remote viewing results have been consistently produced at STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE, and replicated at the PRINCETON ENGINEERING ANOMALIES RESEARCH LABORATORY and the CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH LABORATORY at the UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA. So the issue is not so much does RV work as HOW does it work?

We really don't know what time and space are. In recent years, as a way of dealing with internal contradictions, physicists have begun to postulate the existence of wormholes and parallel universes -- ideas that sit well with CRVers. Remote viewing also calls us to re-examine our notions about the relationship between mind, brain, time, and space and also the nonmaterial aspect of human beings that seems to echo the ancient spiritual worldview common to traditional cultures around the world.

The practice of remote viewing is a relatively new "science." Protocols and training methods vary greatly from practitioner to practitioner. Although all remote viewers make mistakes, it is not enough to reject remote viewing as a whole.

If remote viewing is valid, the repercussions are so great that they are difficult to grasp. If it really works, it upsets the paradigm upon which our scientific model of reality is based. There are no more secrets. Absolute truth is available to all. There are no boundaries between past, present, and future. Privacy becomes non-existent. And the implications of remote influencing are too chilling to dwell on.

Remote viewing also raises some troubling questions. What of the ethics of remote viewing? Are there some things that are better off not known? What are the dangers of playing God?

Like shamans of old, trained remote viewers could act as specialists in the realms of nonphysical reality. If, instead of spending their abilities on espionage, they put their energies towards healing and the gathering of knowledge, they might help us deepen and broaden our collective understanding of reality.

The greatest implication of remote viewing -- of poking your head through the clouds and into the sunshine of the collective unconsciousness, as described by Ed Dames -- is the possibility of a quantum leap in consciousness that would be nothing short of the birth of a new species of human being. This is powerful stuff. Caution and discernment are advised.

[NHNE is grateful to Rebecca Lee of the GOLDEN WORD BOOKSTORE in Sedona, Arizona who encouraged and supported us in the research for this report.]


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