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A NHNE Special Report:

Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions For 1995
(& Beyond)

Thursday, January 5, 1995
By David Sunfellow

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"I believe that 1995 will be the most dynamic year of this century, perhaps this millennium. Not in the fact that Earth changes will accelerate this year, but more importantly, as part of these changes, we as spiritual beings are about to take a quantum leap in awareness."

Gordon-Michael Scallion, From the January 1995 issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT

Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions For 1995 (& Beyond)
By David Sunfellow

In December of every year, Gordon-Michael Scallion receives his predictions for the coming year and then publishes them in his EARTH CHANGES REPORT newsletter. This year his January issue contains some 59 major predictions. Along with predicting a string of major earthquakes and natural disasters, Scallion also predicts a series of other remarkable events. Chief among these other events is the discovery of an advanced ancient civilization, complete with artifacts and the remains of three perfectly preserved people.

The January issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT also contains an interesting description of how Scallion claims to receive his visions of the future.

"Visions come to me in a random fashion. If a vision repeats itself, I attempt to gain greater insight through meditation. For me, meditation begins with a prayer followed by my mentally focusing on the flickering of a candle. As I drift into a heightened state of awareness, I reach a point where the light becomes bright and fills my inner screen. At this point I seem to split into two consciousnesses. One part of me is aware--the observer. The other part is a presenter of information and ideas--the teacher. The teacher directs visions and sometimes even comments with one or two short sentences. I have, at times, been able to have a dialogue with my intuitive counterpart... the observer and teacher are not separate personalities. They are part of the whole of me, perhaps best described as aspects."

So what are the events Scallion is predicting for 1995 and beyond. What follows is a summary of some of the predictions that appear in the January issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT:

In the same section of the January newsletter where Scallion described how he receives visions, Scallion described a dramatic vision involving ancient Egypt. In the vision, Scallion claims he found himself at the Giza Plateau during the period of its construction. The Sphinx was present, but different than it is today. It was larger, wore a crown and a large statue of a non-Egyptian man stood on a platform between the front paws of the Sphinx. There were three separate entrances into the Sphinx: One on each of its front paws about half way up and a large entrance just below the human figure. The region was tropical with beautiful gardens and exquisitely dressed people. At the end of the vision, Scallion claims the teacher part of himself spoke to him saying, "Go to Egypt in January, something wonderful is going to happen... Your role to warn people is being fulfilled, you now must help to prepare them for the great awakening."

So what, exactly, is Scallion expecting to be discovered this year in Egypt? The discovery of no less than 12 BUILDINGS, "containing art, musical instruments, records of their history, prophecies, medical instruments, their tenants, machinery and the ancient, perfectly preserved remains of three people." Scallion believes he is being prompted to go to Egypt "to receive intuitive information" about this discovery. "I believe it will be the greatest of all discoveries, a record of who we really are, where we came from, what happened to our ancestors, and most importantly, prophecies left for us over 12,000 years ago, to be discovered exactly at this time--1995."

According to Scallion, once the discovery has been made it will take years before the scientific community releases translations of the texts to the general public. He predicts that political and religious elements will be a part of the withholding of this information. He adds that people can still have access to this information. "The same visions that show Earth changes can also show what the messages of the tablets, scrolls and talking disks are."

How likely are Scallion's Egyptian predictions to come true? It's hard to tell. Scallion is, however, in relatively good company. Edgar Cayce, and other credible psychic sources have long predicted that an ancient, highly advanced human civilization, preceded our own. Like Scallion, Cayce and others have also predicted that a significant portion of the records of this ancient civilization (Atlantis) would be discovered near the Sphinx. If Scallion is right, then the legendary tales of Atlantis will finally be vindicated and the world will be radically changed. If, on the other hand, Scallion is wrong--if nothing is found in Egypt this year (or in future years), then Scallion's credibility will be seriously shaken.

We'll keep you posted.


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