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NHNE Special Report
A Review of Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions for 1995
By David Sunfellow

Tuesday, February 20, 1996
© Copyright 1996 by NewHeavenNewEarth


In the January, 1995, issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT, Gordon-Michael Scallion published his predictions for 1995. I reported on many of these predictions in a NHNE Special Report entitled, "Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions For 1995 (& Beyond)," which was published Thursday, January 5, 1995. In the current issue of ECR (February, 1996), Scallion published his hit and miss list for 1995. Of the 66 predictions Scallion mentioned, Scallion claims 54 as "hits" and 12 as "misses."

If you happen to be a new subscriber to Scallion's newsletter or a current subscriber that doesn't read very carefully, you might be dazzled by Scallion's impressive track record. If, on the other hand, you have been carefully tracking Scallion's predictions as we have, the main thing that would impress you is how Scallion misrepresented many of his "hits" and how many of Scallion's most trumpeted predictions for 1995 not only didn't come true, BUT WERE SCARCELY MENTIONED, OR NOT MENTIONED AT ALL, in his annual review. Scallion did make a few accurate predictions, but his overall track record was nowhere near the accuracy rate presented by the current issue of ECR. Indeed, his most significant predictions for 1995 were major flops.

Scallion began 1995 predicting "1995 will be the most dynamic year of this century, perhaps this millennium. Not in the fact that Earth changes will accelerate this year, but more importantly, as part of these changes, we as spiritual beings are about to take a quantum leap in awareness." He supported this stunning prediction with the dramatic declaration that no less than 12 BUILDINGS, "containing art, musical instruments, records of their history, prophecies, medical instruments, their tenants, machinery and the ancient, perfectly preserved remains of three people" would be discovered on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. According to Scallion, "I believe it [the Giza discovery] will be the greatest of all discoveries, a record of who we really are, where we came from, what happened to our ancestors, and most importantly, prophecies left for us over 12,000 years ago, to be discovered exactly at this time--1995."

Scallion's prediction that "1995 would be the most dynamic year of this century, perhaps this millennium" was based on his expectation that the artifacts discovered in Egypt, which Scallion claimed would be from Atlantis, would blow the lid off established views of human history and offer humanity a true view of our origins. Scallion felt so strongly about the Atlantean discovery that a major portion of the January, 1995, edition of ECR was dedicated to exploring this prediction in depth. He boldly declared "I am being guided to go to Egypt at this time as part of my role as messenger, to receive information about the discovery that will be made in Egypt in '95." Scallion also claimed "I believe an inter-dimensional doorway will open in the Sphinx beginning in January (of '95), allowing ancient knowledge to be accessed. And Cynthia [Scallion's partner] and I will be there."

Because this was Scallion's most significant prediction for 1995, you would expect a major follow up in his annual review. But Scallion's spectacular Egyptian/Atlantean predictions for 1995 were barely mentioned in his year-end summary. In fact, NOTHING WAS SAID ABOUT MOST OF THE ABOVE. And what was said, was surprisingly scant:

First, from Scallion's hit and miss section, we read:


"The discoveries will come from China, the Yucatan, and Egypt."

"The greater discoveries will come from the Giza Plateau."


"In May, major archeological discoveries were found in Egypt. Sixty-seven chambers were found that go back to the time of Ramses II who ruled from 1290 to 1212 B.C."

"Ancient Egyptian canal discovered near the pyramid of Giza, built about 4,500 years ago."

What do these two "hits" have to do with Scallion's prediction that major artifacts from a highly advanced ancient civilization would be discovered? If you overlook the fact that the Valley of the Kings where Ramses II's tomb is located is SEVERAL HUNDRED MILES AWAY from the Giza Plateau, that both discoveries ARE DATED SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS LATER than Scallion predicted and that NEITHER DISCOVERY HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH A HERETOFORE UNKNOWN ADVANCED CIVILIZATION, then perhaps Scallion could be credited for accurately predicting a major archeological discovery in Egypt this year. But when you compare what Scallion actually said, with what actually happened, his most prominent prediction for 1995 doesn't come remotely close to being fulfilled. By re-printing the broadest, least specific part of his Egyptian prediction (and leaving out all the details) Scallion made it look like a wildly inaccurate prediction was, afterall, a hit.

In another part of his hit and miss section, Scallion actually claimed that the discovery of ancient "carved tools" was somehow proof that an ancient, technologically advanced civilization, once existed on our planet:


"Major archeological discoveries prove existence of intelligent humans and advanced technological civilizations dating back over 12,000 years."


"This summer ancient carved tools were discovered in Zaire. Researchers dated the tools at more than 80,000 years old."

Elsewhere in the current issue of ECR, in a section entitled, "Ancient Civilizations: More Discoveries in Egypt," there is a report on current developments in Egypt. The section begins by declaring, "Major archeological discoveries from Giza of the sort GMS predicted began to unfold in November."

And what were these major discoveries "of the sort" Scallion predicted?

ECR reported on the door that was recently discovered in an air shaft in the Great Pyramid (see News Brief 9); some carved blocks with inscriptions that may have decorated the causeway of a nearby pyramid; and the demolition of a concrete theater that revealed holes that some experts believe may help shed light on how the Temple of Chepren, and other nearby structures, were constructed.

While all of these events could potentially lead to the kind of extraordinary discovery Scallion predicted, so far, none of them have--nor are most of them, with the possible exception of the door, likely to. Unfortunately, ECR did not say this. Instead, these recent developments were used to support the notion that Scallion's predictions (which, again, were not reproduced in detail) were unfolding as predicted.

While not as loudly trumpeted as his "most dynamic year of this century" Egyptian/Atlantean prediction, many of Scallion's earth change predictions met with a similar fate: They, too, failed to happen. Here are the 12 failed predictions THAT SCALLION MENTIONS in his review of 1995:

A 7.2 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will strike the Portland, Oregon area.

A 7.3 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will hit Utah.

Southwest Nevada will be hit by a 6.7 earthquake (plus or minus .5).

A 5.0 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will strike northwest New York.

A 5.2 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will strike southwest Florida.

A 5.0 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will strike southwest Illinois.

A 5.0 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will strike the southern part of North Carolina.

A 5.0 earthquake (plus or minus .3) will strike eastern Massachusetts.

Vermont-New York State region to be hit by magnitude 5.0 (plus or minus .3) earthquake.

The Palm Springs area of Southern California will be hit by a 9.0 earthquake (plus or minus .5).

Fifteen or more snowstorms shall hit Northeast.

Flooding in the Northeast--along the Connecticut River and its tributaries because of a very early melt-off. Massive road and bridge damage.

Here are the predictions that Scallion made in his January, 1995, issue of ECR that failed to happen--AND WHICH HE FAILED TO MENTION IN HIS REVIEW OF 1995:

Sonoma County and the bay areas of Northern California will be hit by an 8.5 earthquake (plus or minus .3).

A 7.5 earthquake (plus or minus .5) will strike 75 miles southwest of Mt. Rainier in Washington State.

A 7.0 earthquake (plus or minus .5) will strike in Colorado, west of the Rockies.

Average annual wind velocities will increase; think in terms of two hundred, two-fifty, three hundred and more, mph.

Thanks in part to the eruption of twelve volcanoes worldwide, volcanic ash fall-out will encompass the entire planet in 1995-1997 with a minimum of 30% coverage. The reduction of light and sunlight will decrease global temperatures (a minimum of a half degree in 1995-1996) and cause physical and emotional problems worldwide.

Here are the predictions that Scallion made in his January, 1995, issue of ECR that failed to happen--BUT WERE INCLUDED IN OTHER PREDICTIONS THAT DID HAPPEN (meaning these erroneous predictions ended up being included as "hits," instead of "misses"):

An 8.5 (plus or minus .5) earthquake will strike AND UNLEASH TIDAL WAVES IN EXCESS OF 100 FEET in the Indian Ocean area. (Scallion claimed this as a hit. A 7.8 earthquake did strike Indonesia on December 30, 1995, but 100-foot tidal waves failed to materialize.)

Pictures of alien space crafts will be broadcast LIVE on national television.

Terrorist activity hits New York, Los Angeles and other U.S. cities. (Scallion recorded this prediction as a hit, even though the Oklahoma City bombing was the only terrorist activity he cited.)

Scallion also claimed several predictions as hits that seem only vaguely related to the prediction in question. Here are a few examples (which are re-written exactly as they appear in the current issue of ECR):


"Hollywood Studios will begin to move to the Southwest, including Colorado and New Mexico. When the next major Los Angeles earthquake occurs, most of the film industry will leave California."


"Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico signed into law a bill that will exempt film and some television production companies from gross receipts taxes."


"A system of reusing spent fuel will emerge in the world. This system will have the ability to neutralize nuclear waste so as to return it to a safe state."


"Two professors at Armed Services University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD., reported in the November issue of the journal SCIENCE that the radiation-resistant bug, Deinococcus Radiodurans, can withstand of up to 1.5 million-3 million rad."


"War spreads in Europe--the Holy War begins in Middle East--watch Turkey."


"At least 15 people were killed when riots broke out in a suburb near Istanbul in March."

One more dubious prediction worth mentioning concerns Scallion's ongoing insistence that a new sun is destined to appear in our solar system. In News Brief 10 we reported that Scallion believes the Hale-Bopp Comet to be the new "blue star" he has been predicting. While scientists believe that the new comet might eventually be large enough to be seen during the day (it comes closest to the Earth in 1997), it is unlikely to reach the level of brightness ("100 times brighter than any morning star") or the size ("during the evening, it will appear as a moon") that Scallion is predicting. Nor is it likely to alter its normal flight path (which brings it into our solar system every 3250 years) and hang around for "1,800 years" (which is how long Scallion says the blue star is supposed to stay in our solar system before departing again). The fact that current scientific observation does not support Scallion's belief that the Hale-Bopp Comet will transform our solar system into a binary (two-sun) system, hasn't changed Scallion's view. In his year-end summary, Scallion again declares that the Hale-Bopp Comet is, indeed, the blue star he has been waiting for.

By now, you are probably wondering IF ANY of Scallion's predictions actually took place the way he predicted they would?

A few did. And while many of them were rather vague, at least one prediction, his oft-quoted "4-Quake Scenario," did play out (so far) very much like he predicted it would. But before we take a look at Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario, let's take a look at his other hits. (I have left out several predictions that Scallion claims are "hits" because I believe they are too general, or nondescript to be called a "hit.")

Mexico City region experiences a magnitude 8.0, plus or minus .5, earthquake.

Twelve Volcanoes fire off in world.

Three volcanoes erupt in Japan.

Two hurricanes originate in the Gulf of Mexico. One hits Florida between St. Petersburg and the Panhandle. The other hits Texas between Galveston and Brownsville.

The Midwest and the northwestern part of the country will experience unusually severe tornadoes with winds.

Temperatures nationwide will be unseasonably warm--breaking many records in February.

Rain in the spring will be record-breaking throughout the U.S.

Mary and angelic sightings will occur in over 100 countries.

UFO sightings will increase.

Many predictions--Biblical, Native American, and other cultures--begin to take place. (Scallion specifically sited the birth of the White Buffalo in Wisconsin.)

Ireland goes through very positive changes in 1995, even greater changes in 1996.

Cottage industries and home industries flourish, especially writing--books, publications, journals, reports--"How To" will do very well.

Herb sales will soar as more people seek alternative methods of healing.

Water will rise because of a melting of the poles. (Scallion backed this up by reporting that the ice shelf which formerly occupied Prince Gustav Channel and connected James Ross Island to the Antarctic Peninsula has disintegrated.)

Media programming on metaphysics, the world of spirit, and phenomena expands.


Finally, here is a summary and update of Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario.

Scallion's 4-Quake Scenario begins with an earthquake in Japan, which triggers earthquakes in the Indian Ocean and/or South Pacific, followed by earthquakes in South America and, finally, the West Coast of America. Scallion predicted that this pattern would occur 3 times in 1995. Cycle one would begin in January-February of 1995 with an average magnitude of 6.5. Cycle two was to begin in May-June 1995 with an average magnitude of 7.0. Cycle three was to begin in December 1995-January 1996 with an average magnitude of 8.0.

In his October, 1995, EARTH CHANGES REPORT, Scallion wrote:

"The next cycle of the 4-Quake Scenario begins in the December, 1995-January, 1996 time frame. The average magnitude of the next cycle however, increases to 8.0 or greater. The signals to watch for the beginning of the next cycle are quakes in Japan, followed by quakes in the Indian Ocean region or the South Pacific, followed by quakes in South America, and lastly the west coast of America. Should the second quake in the cycle occur in the Indian Ocean instead of the South Pacific, then the location of the fourth quake in the cycle will be somewhere in Southern California--possibly my Palm Springs predicted event."

According to Scallion, the first event of the third cycle occurred on December 3rd, 1995, on the Kuril Islands, with a moment magnitude of 8.0.

On January 1st, 1996, the second event took place when a 7.7 earthquake hit Indonesia. Scallion immediately posted the following statement on his EC Hotline:

"This is Gordon-Michael Scallion with a special January 2nd, 1996, Earth Changes Bulletin. On January 1st, 1996, at 0805 Greenwich Mean Time, a powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.7 hit Indonesia at latitude 0.66 North, longitude 119.92 East.

"I believe this quake is the second event predicted to occur in my current 4-quake scenario. The first event occurred on December 3rd, 1995, on the Kuril Islands, with a moment magnitude of 8.0.

"Since the epicenter of this quake was between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, I cannot say for certain how the next two quakes in my scenario will play out. However, I do sense that Mexico or north-central South America are potential regions for the next quake.

"As previously stated in ECR, events will occur within weeks of each other.

"Any mega-activity in Mexico or South America should be seen as a precursor for activity in the West Coast of North America from British Columbia to San Diego."

In Scallion's January, 1996, issue of ECR, Scallion added:

"Unlike earlier 4-Quake Scenarios, the current cycle may proceed much quicker, occurring, in some cases, within days of each event. Any activity in the Indian Ocean from this point forward should be considered a potential precursor to activity 50 miles either side of a line drawn from Vancouver, B.C., to Eureka, California, to Palm Springs, California, to San Diego, to the California Baja. Palm Springs, California, continues to be a potential 'high risk' region. At press time (December 15, 1995) I am seeing visions of tsunamis off B.C., Oregon, and Washington State coastlines in '96."

A month and a half (six and a half weeks) have passed since the second quake in Scallion's cycle occurred. No new information was posted in his current newsletter (February, 1996).

And that's it.

Overall, Scallion did not fare very well during this last year prediction-wise. And since we have only systematically tracked him for one year, I can only guess at what kind of discrepancies would emerge if his track record from previous years was also carefully examined. For while he appears to be genuine and sincere in public (and may well be), I, personally, find the way Scallion has forgotten and/or misrepresented some of his predictions to be disturbing. Indeed, in many cases, Scallion appears more skilled at making his predictions "look like they came true," than actually making accurate predictions.

I realize, of course, that the nature of prophecy is that it is difficult to pin down: symbolic events are often confused with literal ones; time tables are very difficult to predict accurately; and, of course, predicted events sometimes change. That said, there is still something to be said about being honest with what one receives--and clearly owning it when things do not turn out as expected. On this count, even if Scallion's track record was as accurate as he would like us to believe, the lack of serious follow-up on major predictions like his Egyptian/Atlantean one, calls many things into question. Furthermore, while a first glance at Scallion's annual hit and miss review might lead one to believe (as it did me) that Scallion was making a sincere attempt to evaluate his predictions, a closer look reveals so many gaping holes that one must wonder what is really going on here. Is Scallion manipulating his year-end review as a way to make himself, and his organization, appear more accurate, credible and authentic than they really are? Or can all the oversights and errors mentioned in this report be attributed to haphazard record keeping?

I don't know. But whatever the case, Scallion's predictions, as recorded in his own publication, are significantly less accurate than they present themselves to be.



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