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Letters from our Readers
about the NHNE Special Report
on Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions for 1995

Thursday, February 29, 1996

Here are a few excerpts from letters we received about my recent Special Report on Gordon-Michael Scallion's hits and misses for 1995.

Before I share with you what many of you had to say, I would like to make it clear that I am not out to get, hurt, or discredit anyone -- not Scallion, or anyone else. My intent, and the primary purpose of NHNE, is to discover the truth about what is presently unfolding in our world -- and share that with those who are interested.

In Scallion's case, my chief concern IS NOT that he may have been wrong about various predictions, but, rather, that he didn't follow up on many of his predictions in an honest and forthright manner (that's my perception). For the record, I personally believe that some of the predictions Scallion, Edgar Cayce, Dannion Brinkley and others have been making are distinct possibilities. I think that some of these events are so likely, in fact, that a good deal of my time has gone into tracking them. And tracking such things is hard enough when everyone is being perfectly honest, let alone when we get sloppy or produce false and misleading information.

So my intent in reporting on Scallion's hits and misses for 1995 was to bring a little more honesty, and accuracy, into the situation; to lay a few more cards on the table so we can get a better picture of what is really going on...

---David Sunfellow

The following letters are shared with the permission of the authors:


Clap!!! Clap!!! Clap!!!

David, you did a wonderful job on this report. Congratulations. We need more *honesty* and *truthfullness* in the media that communicates about spirituality, metaphysics and non-ordinary experience.

Bob Manrodt,
*Sacred Transformations*


Hi David,

Thanks for your report on Scallions predictions. One thing the readers of this nhne list should know is to what GMS attributes his misses. In his February issue he stipulates "However, another possibility may exist for the misses. Many ECR readers have formed Earth healing groups. These groups have linked with other groups around the world to create a powerful Earth healing thoughtform".

I firmly believe this, since I am part of one of these Earth healing groups.

This brings me to the following request: Since we are open to accepting new people in our international group would it be possible for you to forward this email to this list. If not, please email me and give me your input.

Live life in conscience and in love, Walter


Hi David,

How are you ?

Did I feel a blast of anxiety reading your latest Special Report on Scallion. Unlike others, I have not been discouraged by what might have been. If there is one positive note to Scallion's nature...he was capable of bringing a level of awareness to a mass of people who would of otherwise slept through a future of many changes.

It's important to note, that unless we go within as individuals and find the only true resource known to mankind, our role. All the futuristic information in the world won't prevent mass changes.

Scallion took a role, whether its proven to be right or wrong, good or indifferent. It was the great lesson of '95', we are who we give our power to.

bye bye,


Thank you for your wonderful review of Scallion (someone HAD to do it!). It needed to be done and needed to be said.

The guy annoys me no end (especially when I feel at all reactionary to his "predictions"). Bah, humbug!

Thanks again for a definitive, honest and accurate review! If you would like to quote me, please do...and thanks for asking! Thanks also for all the good effort you put into NHNE. It is much appreciated.

Susan (aka Renuka)



I would be the last to defend or condemn what GMS or any other futurist would have to say. But I do find some things to say about your report on GMS.

I may not have the information gathering tools that you have, but I know that many times we will not hear of discoveries that are made until months sometimes even years after they have been discovered. That does not mean that they haven't been found. (Unless you want to go on that aged old arguement - if a tree falls in the forrest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? :-) ) We must not be so carefull that we end up being clumsy and step on ourselves, just yet.

Also, I'm not sure that GMS wrote out the hits and misses. I may be wrong but wasn't that done independently? Some of the predictions were open ended. And I also think that some of the emphasis you put on some of the predictions - your own.

But of one thing GMS predicted and you felt had not happened and they said was a hit was the increase in awareness. My good sir, this I can say for sure. There has not been a time (except maybe in the garden of Eden) that man has been more aware of the energies around them. You talk with people out here in Washington and everyone is feeling something or sensing something. My husband who is almost tonedeaf in this way has felt things. On many different levels people are becoming more aware. So for that, I give GMS an A.

The best service he does, in my opinion, is make people aware enough to stop, listen, look and make some decisions. To put too much into any one person (except Jesus Christ) is a mistake. To judge or remark prematurely - that too is a mistake. I listen to alot of people out there, new age mystics, futurists, survivalists, scientists and just about any other ists that are out there. Let us not rush too quickly to judgement. History is full of rushes.


David Sunfellow Responds:

We receive and review all of Scallion's materials. Scallion's February issue of ECR contains a clear list of what he felt were his hits and misses. And the emphasis on what predicitions were important, were his, not mine. As noted in the Special Report, Scallion himself devoted a major chunk of his January, 1995, ECR to discussing his Egyptian predictions and how important they were.

Also, as noted in the Special Report, Scallion did not simply say that awareness would increase. This prediction was directly connected to his predictions that there would be major Atlantean discoveries in Eygpt. This, in turn, would unleash new awarenesses on the planet as to where we, as human beings, came from.

Lisa Responds:

I know that the predictions were published in the ECR, what I was given to understand was that the people who gathered and reported where not related to GMS, but were a group that follow his and other futurists with the intent to document for accuracy(sp)whether to the positive or negative. I may be wrong about this though.

Let us not forget the lessons in the story of the 7 blind men and the elephant. All of them were right, yet, all of them were wrong.

David Sunfellow Responds:

This would be a good point, if it were true. Unfortunately, Scallion is the "Editor" of ECR and also writes many of the feature articles himself. His partner, Cynthia, also serves as "Editor." As far as the credits go, they are the only ones personally credited in ECR for its content. ECR is also published by his organization, THE MATRIX INSTITUTE.

From letter one:


Regarding predictions -- I think about all we can say at this point is that many people Feel some major change is imminent, although my feelings lay with '96 and not '95. It feels more like a spiritual change than a physical one, and may not even be that overtly dramatic. Mostly, I simply think that the energy is being made available for people to evolve if they are able, and at least try to, so that at least the first stages of enlightenment will be available to the many -- rather than to a few gurus sitting on mountain tops as in the past...

What we Can say is that almost every ancient culture has placed some great change in the area between 1996 and 2012. And this includes cultures that did not use our calendar, so they cannot be accused of millenialism -- being alarmist at dates that are divisible by 1000. A lot of people thought the world was going to end in 1000 A.D., also.

But here we are still talking about it ;-) Some day we may look back and be Glad that the old world died, just as the prophecies foretold. This is one of the peculiar things about paradigm shifts. People don't realize they happened until they look Back. During the change, they just feel confused and upset, and keep clinging to life rafts of old ideas -- until the old ideas become unworkable. It's like cleaning a huge warehouse. You just keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning your little area as you move, without much thinking about it. Then at the end of the day you look back and are completely amazed at the change that has taken place.

From letter two:


Right after that first enormous snowstorm, I told friends it was due to global warming, even though this seemed paradoxical. This was verified in a later issue of Time by the world's leading climatologist. Increased warmth leads to more energy pumping in a chaotic system, such as the weather, and this leads to more Extremes -- thus the odd effect of warming causing giant snowstorms.

A lesser known effect is that greatly increased weather activity can actually increase the drag on the earth's surface, which will be translated by gyroscopic motion into crustal perturbations. It's simple physics. So Gordon may be right about increased seismic activity. But we really haven't seen enough weather changes for that yet. And we can't localize it, although one would Expect it to go along fracture lines. But there are a lot of those.

I've often wondered why people are more fascinated with these mass disaster scenarios than with the value of single lives. If you reflect on it, you realize that every time One person dies, a universe dies. Let's face it, a lot of people are Hoping for disaster. Everyone seems sick of things as they are, and knows that they Have to change, but lacks the imagination to see any sort of change besides disaster, the most Unintelligent of changes. Personally, I think this is a hidden spiritual impetus. In actuality, most Americans are doing quite well in the physical sense. But their minds are overwrought and their spirits are troubled. They are dying for Something to happen.

I just hope that whatever happens doesn't involve Dying. If only it were more in the nature of a Really Good Scare -- to impel people to clean up their act Before disaster strikes. Although no one seems to be listening. I imagine if the ozone hole disappeared entirely, everyone would be alarmed for a month, until something else hit the news -- then they'd just adjust and forget about it, as they have with nearly everything else. And somebody would get rich selling sunglasses and sunscreen ;-)

Okay -- here's My prediction. No plague of planet-destroying earthquakes or polar shifts for now. If I were God, I wouldn't destroy the world right off -- I mean that's a lot of evolutionary work gone to waste. But I Would scare the bejesus out of people with some sort of Major Warning. Something unusual and unmistakable, to make even the dense ones think. Yet no so overt that clever idiots, the greedy, and rationalists couldn't explain it away. After all, one has to allow room for moral (or immoral) choice. If I were God, I would do something with the biosphere rather than geology. After all, that's where the worst part of our stupidity and greed is having its effect, and where the most learning could take place the quickest. The anti-environmentalists are still Far from learning any lesson at all.

In Union,


Dear David,

Thanks for the NHNE update. I have to say this, though- Your Scallion update is very obviously, a slam of his "predictions". Please know that those of us out here that are positioned to assist in the upcoming earth changes, have very sharp bullshit detectors already in place. Many of us know that Scallion's original info came from Lori Toye, and we are all "On" to Scallion and his marketing techniques. Desperate people do desperate things.

NHNE has an opportunity to share loving, healthy, positive information that aides us all in our spiritual growth. I found it sad that any time was spent at all in creating your update. It wasn't enLIGHTening. I know you have more to share than that.

With love,

Mimi (Lightseven)

Mimi writes again:

I read your reply to the other writer, and I agree, it's tough to sugar coat a sour subject. Looking forward to future reports from NHNE.


David's reply to another letter that Mimi is referring to:

Writing the Scallion Report was a difficult and thankless job. I do, however, feel obligated to let folks know, as much as I am able, the true nature of the various things presently unfolding around our planet. Like you, I want to identify and help all who are interested move into ever more spirit-filled experiences. I have, however, also come to feel that part of the work of moving into more wonderful places seems to be identifying places that aren't as wonderful (or reliable) as they appear to be. And in Scallion's case, a great many people simply have not had the information they need to evaluate his predictions. I wanted to give them a little more insight into this situation so they would be better equiped to evaluate Scallion and his predictions--and, by extension, the host of other folks who are presenting material similar to Scallion's. My intent is to help us all (myself included) sharpen our discernment so we focus as much energy as possible on those things that REALLY produce Peace and Happiness...


David, thanks for calling it like it is! Refreshing, needed, and adds to your own integrity. He may actually be for real, but careful assessments like your's are invaluable and much appreciated.

Later... Mark Harrison



Thanks for the enlightening and well written assessment of the Scallion prophecies. My own sense of the man is that he is caught in what is called "payroll creep," in that he now has a staff and overhead to meet and must keep cranking 'em out to keep his audience going at the same thrill level. It happens to just about anyone who goes commercial.

Keep up the good work. Mark Hammons


hey david, ever since i saw the i am america map i knew that it didn't have to be that way. since thoughts create and scallion is only taping into the astral realm of mass consciousness he is really telling us that with the way we are acting this physical outcome could occur. like nostradumas, predictions are made so that we can see what might occur if we don't change. do you know what i a saying. let's not take scallions word for our enviroment.....lets use his message and translate it into ours!!!!! if enoungh of us would do this we could assist in redefining the purpose of receiving predictions. ask the woman who channels nostraduams....dolores cannnon. i think she would agree

light, cheryl


Dear David:

I must tell you that I found your evaluation of Gordon-Michael Scallion's "accuracy rate" very interesting, and I'm glad that someone has taken it upon himself to monitor it.

From the very first I heard of this man on Art Bell's late-night radio show, I have had great doubts regarding his credibility. There is a danger, I feel, of people taking these types of "prophets" a bit too literally, and when they do there can be serious consequences. I am not a total skeptic of those who profess abilities to foresee disasters, and great upheavals of the earth, but surely such predictions must be examined in a critical and scientific manner.

I enjoy Art Bell's show, but as I continue to listen to it I feel that Mr. Bell is taking advantage of the senationalism afforded by such guests as Mr. Scallion, and is using it to build his listener base. Indeed, I was surprised to hear him (Mr. Bell) equating Mr. Scallion to Edgar Cayce, and describing him as "the real thing" on his show of the other evening.

I don't know if you have ever addressed this matter on Art's show, or whether he would let you, but I think your message needs to find its well-derved audience!

Richard J. McConnell


Hi David,

Last night I finally had a chance to read your article about Gordon Michael Scallion's predictions and I found it extremely interesting. I am going to circulate it to friends and contacts... it is important to know the truth.

It has always amazed me how marketing can turn ANYTHING into something we want, buy and need. Chemical companies, breakfast cereals, the AMA, the tobacco industry... and the list is endless of those perpetuating and participating in mindless illusions. It is particularly disturbing when someone has presented themself as a leader of sincerity and truth are revealed to be deceptively calculating. Once the insatiable fire for attention and money is fueled, there is no water on this earth that can quench or extinguish it.

I grew up in a remote area of central Idaho and my mother worked for over 30 years with the Forest Service. Engineers, forest supervisors and smokejumpers often sat at our dinner table and I heard and learned alot about fighting fires. When the August summer rolled around every forest service employee was ready, attentive and on red alert. Each detail surrounding a fire made the difference between several acres of timber lost or a devastating conflagration that destroyed millions in natural resources and taxpayers' dollars. Large fires were rarely fought with chemical sprays or water; this was usually impossible and, often, only made things worse. Instead, fires of this nature were allowed to burn entirely on their own. Unfortunately, innocent and immovable things were often victims of their path. But the caretakers of the forest, who had long studied fire management, knew what to do.

Off in the distance of the roar of the fire a ditch was dug. That was the line. Then, small fires were lit along this line towards the consuming blaze. Soon, the small fires gained momentum towards the larger fire. The two fires burning towards one another create a wind (through their mutual need of oxygen) that literally pulls them together. They join in one last hurrah, their destructive unity short lived as there is nothing left to feed the flames.

The mission is accomplished. Millions of trees and the habitats of hundreds of animals is preserved for another generation. The firefighters go home to their families and my mom didn't work late anymore. Fire is fought with fire.

I heard this same lesson, presented in a lecture about a month ago. It was given to illustrate the mindless fire of ignorance. It goes like this: Fire, appropriately lit, tended and contained in a fireplace is a powerful source of heat and comfort in a home. Allowed to burn unattended, not only can burn the home down, but destroy the entire neighborhood.

Keep lighting the disciplined fire of truth, David. Time is short and life is precious. There are few who have the courage and wisdom to do so and understand the impact of raging fires on future generations.

with love, I AM,
Lori Adaile Toye

"O, let not the flame die out! Cherished age after age in its dark cavern - in its holy temples cherished. Fed by pure ministers of love - let not the flame die out!" -Poet Unknown


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