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NHNE Update 57
Tuesday, June 22, 1999


& Consumer Protection
for Spiritual Seekers"


NHNE Update 57
Tuesday, June 22, 1999


Hello Everyone!

Please take a few minutes to read this update. It's long, but packed with important information...

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow




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One Of Life's Great Mysteries
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"We're in the middle of the most serious cultural change since the capture of fire."

John Perry Barlow,
Co-Founder, The Electronic Frontier Foundation




NHNE is a genuinely odd organization. Worldwide, we number a little over 2,200 people, a mere speck of humanity compared to the five billion human beings that presently call planet Earth home. We have members in 33 countries around the world, but most are based in the United States, Australia, England, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand, in that order. While other organizations have relatively clear-cut missions, with relatively clear-cut objectives -- to stamp out hunger, create world peace, protect the environment, save the Earth's plants and animals -- NHNE's mission is somewhat fuzzy and ethereal. We are in search of something that has eluded our race since the beginning of time: we want to know, once and for all, who we are, why we are here, and where we came from. For us, these are not pie-in-the-sky questions. Rather, they have a direct bearing on the day-to-day happenings of our everyday lives.

Many years ago, I lived in a small intentional community in North Carolina that had a very active Quaker community. On Sundays, I attended their Sunday "Meeting", which consisted of people sitting in silence together waiting for Spirit to inspire someone to speak, or for nothing to be said at all. At the end of the quiet time, there was a time for announcements. Since Quakers are often very active in a wide variety of social causes, there was always a long list of gatherings, events, and projects for people to get involved with. Many of these, like feeding the poor in some drought-stricken nation or helping mediate peace in a war torn part of the globe, were quite stirring.

After each meeting, I listened to these announcements and paid close attention to how passionately each person felt about the project that had captured their heart. I found myself being interested in all of them. I also felt something fishy was going on: the projects never ended. There was always a new war, a new famine, a new social, political, environmental, religious injustice to tackle. It donned on me then, as it has donned on me a thousand times since, that we needed to understand ourselves, and the deeper mysteries of life, before we will be able to master the forces that continuously upset our individual and collective apple carts.



Everyone on this mailing list is probably familiar with the story of Gautama, who became the Buddha. The son of a king, when Gautama was born, a seer predicted that he would either become a great king or a great religious reformer. Since Gautama's father wanted him to follow in his footsteps, he ordered that his son not be allowed to witness any of traumas that afflict humanity. But one day, after the king's guards had cleared Gautama's path of all the things that would make him suspect that something was wrong with the world, three angels intervened. The first appeared as an old man. The second as a sick man. And the third as a dead man. Gautama, sheltered all his life from such things, was astonished. A fourth vision then came of a wandering holy man, which inspired Gautama to leave his wife and newborn child so he could find a way to end all human suffering.

That was 2,500 years ago.

I don't know how accurate the legends are about Buddha. I also don't know how solid the spiritual path is he taught. What I do know is that another all-out search for the truth is long overdue. I also know that such a search has never been attempted by humanity as a whole. What would happen if it was? What would happen if even a small percentage of the human beings now living on planet Earth joined together to unravel the great mysteries?

Until recently (within the last decade), such a search was not possible. But with the advent of the Internet, which gives human beings, from all over the world, the ability to pool our collective wisdom and resources, we now have the capacity to solve mysteries that have eluded us since the beginning of time.



When Buddha began his search, he didn't know where it would lead. Perhaps it would support the beliefs and practices of his day, and perhaps it wouldn't; perhaps his search would lead him where others had already been, or perhaps it would lead him to places no human being had ever gone before.

The legends indicate that Buddha followed his dreams, visions, and intuitions. These, in turn, led him to befriend the wisest sages of his day, and rigorously practice the harsh spiritual path they advocated. In the end, while Buddha ended up rejecting the spiritual path of his contemporaries, he was ultimately successful in his quest: he achieved enlightenment and then returned to help others (including the sages who had once been his teachers) break the chains of earthly suffering by teaching them what he had learned.

The point here is that Buddha did not know where he was going when he began his journey, nor did he know how he was going to get there. He set his sites on solving life's fundamental mysteries and then went where he was led.

And that's what we've been doing. On a global scale.



For almost five years now, NHNE has been using the power of the Internet to investigate all kinds of mysteries -- earth changes, psychic predictions, near-death experiences, dreams, Jesus, human relationships, crop circles, various claims of spiritual mastership, you name it. A year ago, we began tackling Y2K. We did this because it looked like Y2K was going to trigger massive changes in our world and we wanted to be sure our network of spiritual seekers had everything they needed to safely sail through whatever changes Y2K might cause.

As our efforts progressed from creating websites and publishing reports to organizing communities and getting involved in national politics, we also thought we might be able to prepare the world at large for potential upheavals.

While we were successful at encouraging many spiritual seekers to prepare for potential disturbances, we were largely dismissed, as other grassroots organizations were, by the general public. This, it seems, is the way of things. Most people live their lives as they always have until change comes and carries them, often traumatically, into new ways of being.

Regardless of how successful our Y2K efforts have been, it feels like the time has come to alter our course. We still believe Y2K is very serious and we hope everyone in our network will prepare, on all levels, accordingly. And we are also still planning to report on it. But we want to start spending more time exploring deeper issues: What is Y2K (and other global upheavals) really about? What is happening behind-the-scenes, on the level of dreams, visions, and intuitions? Where are all these changes taking us? And how can we get there in one piece?



The best dream book I ever read is a book written by Jeremy Taylor. Called, "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill, " the book is a treasure trove of profound insights. Two insights, in particular, have repeatedly passed through my mind as I've pondered Y2K and NHNE's response to it.

Taylor sets the stage for the first observation by pointing out that dreaming must be profoundly important from an evolutionary standpoint because we place ourselves in great danger everytime we sleep. Writes Taylor:

"If you take the idea of evolution of the species at all seriously -- if you think there is anything at all to the idea that species alter both behavior and physical structure to enhance their ability to survive in particular ecological/environmental circumstances -- then there must also be something about dreaming itself that is of primary and fundamental importance from a collective evolutionary survival point of view, because in spite of the multiple, serious, and dangerous drawbacks associated with dreaming, there is not a single relatively evolved species that has found it of increased survival value to abandon this seemingly... dangerous behavior."

Why is dreaming so important? Taylor sites numerous reasons but one, in particular, struck with me. Referring to the work of Sandor Ferenczi, who was a colleague of Sigmond Freud's, Taylor writes:

"Sandor Ferenczi suggests that the human species may have evolved into the condition we recognize as human today because our prehuman, hominid ancestors dreamed about articulate speech, making the first neurological/synaptic connections and first laying down the neural pathways necessary for speech in the dream state."

In other words, says Taylor, "New forms of individual and collective life may emerge first as images and experiences in dreams."

How have your dreams been lately? My dreams, and the dreams and inner experiences of many of the folks we've been in touch with are often unusually charged these days. Shouldn't we be paying closer attention to this?

Taylor also talks about the role dreams can play in dealing with social and cultural ills. He cites, for example, a time during the civil rights movement of the 60s when socially-conscious blacks and whites were attempting, unsuccessfully, to work together. In spite of their best efforts, various "unconscious, condescending racist attitudes and behaviors" emerged which ended with "injured feelings on all sides." A seminar carefully designed to root out and heal these destructive forces was a dismal failure. What finally worked? A dream group in which participants simply shared their dreams. Writes Taylor:

"The change of focus to dreams suddenly had the effect of awakening in us a much greater interest in one another as unique human beings. The exotic new symbolic material we were sharing caused us all to slow down and make few unquestioned assumptions about each other. By sharing our dreams, we began to inquire much more carefully into the deeper reasons why we each thought and felt and behaved as we did."

Equally striking, Taylor also mentioned how sharing dreams effectively counteracted the all-pervasive human tendency for people to project their unhealed inner issues onto others. Writes Taylor:

"As the repressed, seemingly 'negative' emotional energies that wore the masks of nasty people of other races in our dreams were admitted more into consciousness in the simple act of sharing and talking about them, the tendency to suppress and project those same energies out onto others in waking life began to diminish."

These, and other topics like them, are the kind of spaces we want to explore with renewed fervor. Here's a quick overview of what we are planning to do.




I plan to resurrect SMORGASBORD (http://www.nhne.com/database/dbsmorgasbord.html) and use it to tackle the kind of issues I mentioned above. I've been quietly gathering many thought-provoking items to share with you and can't wait to pass them on.

I have also been thinking about starting a dream group online that can explore the world of dreams more deeply. In the meantime, I urge all of you to get a copy of Taylor's book and if you are not already working with your dreams, to begin to do so. Dreams have been a central part of my life for over 25 years and I can tell you from first-hand experience that dreams, if used correctly, are an amazing tool for guidance, inspiration and personal development. If more people knew this, and used them, our world might look very different than it does today.

Here's where you can find Taylor's book online:

Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill:



While I begin cranking out Smorgasbord, James Gregory will continue to produce the NHNE Y2K Report. He has, however, returned to Canada and now has a full time job, so the report will be published less frequently -- perhaps once every two weeks. We had originally decided to incorporate Y2K material into a resurrected version of the NHNE News Brief (http://www.nhne.com/database/dbnewsbriefs.html), but after talking it through more carefully, it seemed wiser to continue to publish our current report, at a slower pace.



While James and I are busy with Smorgasbord and the Y2K Report, Linda Becker is planning to resurrect the daily news section on our wild2k Website. Every day, for as long as Linda can keep up with it, she plans to post the day's most important Y2K news stories. Many of these stories will eventually make it into the report James puts together, but for those of you who don't want to wait, you can bookmark wild2k and check it every day. When Linda is ready, I will let all of you know and send you the URL to wild2k's daily news section.



While Y2K has dominated our day-to-day time and attention for the past 12 months, we have also been monitoring other world events, like the crisis in Yugoslavia. We received several heart-rending posts, in the middle of the bombings, from people who were living in Yugoslavia that described their ordeal. Needless to say, what was happening behind the scenes was not the same thing that was being reported by the mass media or trumpeted by U.S. and NATO representatives.

Sherry Stultz, with the help of Scott Hess, will be launching a new mailing list to track events like this. The purpose of this mailing list will be to help human beings in troubled places connect with other human beings in other parts of the world -- person to person, one human being to another, with the goal being to understand one another more fully, deeply, and accurately. We want to bypass the media, bypass governments, and bypass all the other filtering devices that tend to separate one human being for another.

As soon as this list is ready to go, I will let all of you know. The list will allow members to actively participate in whatever discussion might be taking place. It will also have its own website to house links, news stories, and other resources.



Speaking of websites, the NHNE Website just underwent a major overhaul. It now sports new graphics and a more user-friendly navigation system. Swing by and take it for a spin:


Also, be sure and check out our special report on crop circles. The letters section of the website is now complete. If you sent a letter about the report, and don't see it posted, or have additional thoughts you would like to share, please send them to Sherry and we'll get them posted as soon as possible.

Crop Circles Special Report:

Sherry Stultz eMail:




Right up there with what happened to the dinosaurs and who shot JFK is the mystery of how NHNE has managed to accomplish so much with so little for so long.

How, for instance, have we survived, flourished even, with no salaried staff members and often not even enough money to pay our day-to-day expenses?

And why are so many people -- myself, James Gregory, Diane (Di) Tracy, Linda Becker, Sherry Stultz, and others -- willing to work so hard for NHNE, with about as much chance of getting paid for their efforts as the man in the moon?

In the nutshell, we think we are doing something important. Many of you apparently think so, too.

On average, I spend 60 to 70 hours a week working on NHNE-related projects -- answering email, writing and editing our publications, creating and maintaining our websites, hatching new projects and finishing old ones. I've done this, full time, since NHNE first appeared online in 1994. I've survived financially through working part time jobs, racking up several thousand dollars of debt, and leaning heavily on divine intervention when it looked like NHNE (or myself) wasn't going to make it.

In the meantime, James, Di, Linda, Sherry and others have also been caught in NHNE's tracker beam. They haven't been called to spend as much working for NHNE as I have, but each of them have made significant sacrifices. James, for instance, spent a whole year working with me in Sedona publishing the NHNE News Brief and was paid next to nothing for his full-time efforts. He got married, moved to Canada, acquired a real job, and took a vacation from NHNE until Y2K showed up. Then here he was again, back in Sedona, working full time for NHNE on the Y2K Report. And now's he back in Canada, working another full time job, planning to produce the Y2K Report on the side and return to Sedona again in November.

Are we nuts? Yes. Enamored by a good cause? Definitely. Giving up because we haven't got our financial act together? Hardly. After having rowed this far mostly on our own, we'll keep rowing until more folks jump in and help us or a good wind fills our collective sails.



Last year, we applied for non-profit status. We did this solely for financial reasons -- so our readers could make tax-deductible contributions and so we could apply to various foundations for grants. A couple months ago, our non-profit status was finally approved by the IRS. Two things worth mentioning came of this.

First, the IRS representative who reviewed our application told me, repeatedly, that he appreciated the work we were doing. I was stunned. An agent of the IRS -- one of the most vilified of all earthly organizations -- kindly, sincerely, unabashedly expressed his admiration for our efforts! I immediately wrote this episode down in my book of miracles and began reworking my negative views of the IRS.

Last year, we also applied for a grant from the New Earth Foundation. A few days after the IRS approved our non-profit status, we received a letter from the foundation that indicated they wanted to give us $200,000.00! The foundation's director also let me know that NHNE was one of his personal favorites.

Too much, I thought: first our non-profit status is approved by an IRS agent that is a fan of our work and then we receive word that the New Earth Foundation wants to give us TWICE as much money as we asked for (we had originally asked for $84,000).

I thanked the foundation profusely for their support and then asked, as diplomatically as possible, how soon could we get our hands on the money?

"Not anytime soon," was the answer. The foundation had overspent their fund the previous year, and was waiting for it to replenish itself. In the meantime, they were seeking grants from other organizations on behalf of the few non-profits they felt deserved their support.

If Y2K ends up seriously disrupting the banking industry or any of the major infrastructures our global society presently depends on, then we may never see and/or be able to use the money the foundation wants to give us -- which puts us back in square one: depending on ourselves, divine intervention and all of you to keep us going.



While I'm sure it is obvious to everyone on this mailing list, let me emphasize how important it is for us to keep NHNE up and running.

Right now, we have one of the planet's oldest, largest, and most well-connected global networks of spiritual seekers. Because of our work with Y2K, we are also intimately connected to grassroot preparedness efforts all over North America. By posting a simple query to the members of our network, or the members of some of the other networks we are plugged into, we can instantly tap the wisdom, knowledge, and resources of thousands, perhaps millions of human beings all over the planet. NHNE, in other words, has become a world-class blood hound. In the best of times, we can use these connections (which are continuing to expand and deepen every day) to explore whatever topics interest us. And in the worst of times, we can use these connections to save/protect/strengthen everyone connected to our network -- including all the folks who are connected indirectly through family, friends, and acquaintances.

Our network could, in other words, end up being one of the most valuable resources you and I have -- especially if Y2K, or some other global crisis, really shakes things up.

So how can we keep what we've built up and running? There are three areas we need help with right now:


1. FRIENDS OF NHNE (Goal = 100 buds)

We need more people to sign up as Friends of NHNE. These are people who contribute every month to NHNE. The money from this fund helps us pay our basic monthly expenses (phone bills, Internet access and website fees, electric bills, subscription and software fees, and personal needs -- like food and rent -- if any money is left over.)

Friends of NHNE contributions can be any size, large and small. We prefer to use credit cards because they are easier to process and more reliable. To become a Friend of NHNE, you can contact us via email, regular mail, or by phone and let us know how much you would like to contribute every month. If you sign up using a credit card, you're done: the first of every month Di automatically deducts the amount you have agreed to contribute from your credit card. If you decide to mail in monthly contributions, then you can simply send a check or money order in before the first of the month.

eMail: friendsofnhne@nhne.com
Phone: (928) 282-6120
Regular Mail: P.O. Box 2242, Sedona, AZ 86339

At present, we receive about 150.00 a month from the Friends of NHNE program, with another $1,000.00 a year coming from yearly donations of $120.00 or more. 42 people are presently signed up in this program which is the financial foundation that keeps NHNE going.



On top of our normal monthly expenses, we have several urgent bills and pressing needs. Our largest bill is a phone bill that was acquired when we had our Task Force office in Sedona. We still own $700.00 on this bill. Thanks to the auction Linda organized (and many of you contributed to), we raised enough money to pay off two iMac computers, but there are still some critical software programs and miscellaneous pieces of hardware we need. Among other things, we need to purchase an extra battery and solar charger for James' computer and begin moving our network into Internet-based teleconferencing and broadcasting.


3. NHNE'S AIR FORCE ONE = $3,500.00

James and Di are both set up on laptop computers, so they have mobility and can continue to operate if the power goes down. Sherry also has access to a laptop, if the need arises. But I'm stuck on a desktop. It's an iMac, so it's fast, flexible and beautiful (everyone on planet Earth should have one). But if the power goes down for any extended period (I have battery backup for 15 minutes), the main hub of our network goes offline. If I need to get a message out to all of you, I'll have to wait until the power comes back on. I need the ability to stay up and running whether the lights are on or not. I also need to be able to move from one location to another, or make trips to other parts of the country, and stay in touch with all of you. For 3500.00 dollars we can buy an Apple PowerBook that will do everything for us that Presdient Clinton's Air Force One does for him (well, OK, it can't fly, or command the U.S. military yet, but Clinton can't stuff his airplane into a briefcase like we can).



Before any of you respond to these needs, let me thank every single one of you who has ever contributed to NHNE. We wouldn't exist if it weren't for you. Period. And some of you have given way beyond the call of duty, again and again.

I would also like all of you to know that your contributions do not fall into some kind of impersonal corporate sinkhole. They directly affect my life, the lives of our staff members, and every single person, all over the planet, who benefits from our work. Having computer systems that are powerful and flexible enough to keep up with our growing needs, having money to pay our creditors, and knowing we have enough money to pay our basic operating expenses is immensely helpful. It REALLY helps, it is REALLY appreciated, and it REALLY makes a difference!

If you can help, credit card donations can be made through NHNE's Website:


Credit cards can also be emailed, or called in:

eMail: friendsofnhne@nhne.com
Phone: (928) 282-6120

Checks or money orders can be sent to our regular mail address:

P.O. Box 2242, Sedona, AZ 86339

And all contributions, thanks to the support of our friendly IRS agent, are tax-deductible.



Now that I've wore you out with my thoughts about everything under the NHNE sun, it's your turn. Specifically, I would like to know two things:

1. What do you think about the change of focus I outlined above? Do you feel good about us broadening and deepening our focus, or would you like to see us continue to spend as much time as possible on Y2K? Do you have other suggestions?

2. How has NHNE affected your life? Have we made your life better, fuller, deeper, richer, safer, or just been a thorn in your side? Now's your chance to let us -- and the rest of the world -- know.

We'll publish your responses in a future special report. If you would rather not have your comments included in this report, please say so when you write. I WILL ASSUME I HAVE PERMISSION TO SHARE YOUR COMMENTS UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY ASK ME NOT TO.


And that's it for me. Thanks, again, for being a part of this important work. Together, we are making a real difference...

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow


David Sunfellow
Founder & Publisher
NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE)

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Web: http://www.nhne.com/
Phone: (928) 282-6120
Fax: (815) 346-1492

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