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NHNE Update 58
Saturday, July 3, 1999


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NHNE Update 58:
"First God Whispers in Your Ear..."
Saturday, July 3, 1999


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"First God Whispers In Your Ear..."
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Elvis & The Precarious Pickup
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I Won't Mind The Switch
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Tenacity & Patience
I Am Thrilled About Your New Dream Direction
Big Ventures Take Big Egos


"First God whispers in your ear;
then He taps you on your shoulder;
then he breaks your arms and legs."



Hello Everyone!

The universe often brings us messages that are important for us to listen to. And if we don't pay attention the first time the message is delivered, the message is delivered again, with increasing intensity.

That's what's been happening to me ever since I sent out my last update on June 22 (http://www.nhne.com/updates/0057.html). No sooner had I sent it, than a series of dreams, signs, and other important events started letting me know that things were not going to unfold as I/we had planned. Instead of changing course and moving ahead with new projects, I was told the time had come for me to take a break.

Two areas, in particular, have been zeroed in on:

1. I need to deal with the pitiful financial situation I have buried myself in while trying to support NHNE;

2. I need to deal with some festering childhood issues that have been causing problems for me, and our network.


In response to my last update, 24 folks wrote back, two folks signed up as Friends of NHNE, and five folks sent in donations -- not a very rousing response for a mailing list with 2,200 subscribers. But this is the way of things for most organizations like ours: only a small percentage of subscribers to free publications support the organization (non-profit or otherwise) that is providing the service.

In 1996, we tried to change this. We went to a subscription-only service and promptly lost 90 percent of our readership. Then we flip-flopped back to a free service because we realized we couldn't generate enough income from the 125 subscribers we had to support our work. "It's a numbers game," we thought. "If we build a big enough mailing list, we'll be able to attract advertisers who can pay the bills." And besides, we didn't want to sell ourselves, or our products anyway; we wanted everything to be free to whomever was interested.

But that didn't work either, because in the grand scheme of Internet marketing, our tiny mailing list doesn't even register on the peanut scale. Worse, our mailing list is mostly composed of spiritually-oriented people (which is a difficult group to sell products to), and, on top of that, most of our subscribers are strapped for cash.

So NHNE became a non-profit and we went after grants. And we also tried contests, MLM's, phone company deals, auctions and good old fashioned pleas for help.

Where has all this commotion gotten us?


A couple nights ago, I dreamed I owned a pickup. It contained my most cherished possessions and was hanging off the side of a cliff. The pickup was perched so precariously on the cliff that the only thing still connected to the earth were the back wheels.

I was also hanging off the cliff, by one hand, but had no fear of falling because I felt I could easily pull myself to safety. My only concern was that I was probably going to lose my pickup and, more importantly, its precious cargo. Then a door closed on the back of the pickup, which locked me inside and made it impossible to get out -- and the pickup began slowly slipping the last few inches off the cliff. I knew if I didn't get out I would plunge to my death along with my pickup and everything inside.

Nearby, were two friends. I quietly asked the friend who was standing closest to my pickup to very gently open the pickup's back door so I could climb out -- and braced myself for the possibility I might not make it. But before he could, the other friend, who was dressed up like Elvis Presley, grabbed hold of a rope and pulled both myself and my pickup to safety. I was amazed. Not only were the pickup and I both saved, but my friend acted as if there was nothing to it -- just grab the rope, pull, and that was it. No big deal.

The first friend -- the friend who couldn't help me -- is one of the few people I know who has been able to make a living pursuing, full time, his spiritual interests.

The second friend -- the one who ultimately saved my life and everything else -- is someone who has struggled, all his adult life, to generate an income from his spiritual interests, without success. In the dream, he was dressed up as an Elvis impersonator, which was the job he was currently working.

What does this dream mean?

I think it is describing my/our current situation: NHNE (the pickup) and myself are on the edge of a cliff, about to fall off. We are not going to be saved by spiritual gymnastics (represented by friend number 1), but, instead, by me going to work in Las Vegas as an Elvis Presley impersonator (just kidding). No, I think the suggestion here is that a real job, in the real world (if you can call it that), is what is needed to save the day (illustrated by friend number 2).

But there other issues that are even more important:

-- How did I manage to get myself in such as precarious predicament in the first place?

-- Why have I been willing to jump through so many hoops trying to make NHNE a credible, financially viable organization?

-- And why, as Steve Haag asks in his letter (included below), do I tend to frame myself as the "ring leader/fearless hero" in a global drama to solve the great mysteries of life?


When our local task force was still active, one of the volunteers told me a story. She said she knew two families. One family, who loved and cared for their children, produced adults who lived relatively happy, peaceful, easy going lives. The other family, who raised children that were neglected and starved for love, produced adults who were stressed out over-achievers bent on making a big splash in the world.

Her story made me ponder, again, where my passions were coming from: "How much of my zealous efforts to create a global network of spiritual seekers traced back to unhealed childhood issues?" "What would I look like," I wondered, "if my deepest inner issues were healed?" "Would I still be as driven, spending massive amounts of time trying to mobilize, inspire, educate, awaken others?" "Or would I be laying on the beach somewhere with a perfect marriage, beautiful children, meaningful (but completely stressfree) work, and all the money I needed to live a beautiful, completely fulfilling life?"

While I don't know what I would look like, or do, if all my inner issues were healed, the recent outpouring of guidance has indicated I need to take a closer look at how my childhood issues are influencing my outer activities -- including my potentially suicidal commitment to NHNE.

Like many of you, I had a difficult childhood. Mine so traumatized me that I ran away when I was 16 and only returned once, 25 years ago, for one day.

Now I am gearing up to return again -- and this time take my three daughters with me who have never met my father -- their grandfather. According to my brother, who just finished making a similar trip with his three girls and wife, a lot has changed since we were children and there is the possibility for some healing to take place that is long overdue.

In order to make this trip, I need time, and money -- and in order to make enough money, I need to put my work with NHNE on hold.

If you read the letters we received in response to my last update (included below), you will see that many people have found NHNE to be a valuable source of inspiration. Their lives have been made easier, lighter, more meaningful. I want this to continue. I also want to find ways to get more of you involved in this work. The best way I know to do this is to attempt to clear up some of the patterns in me that have limited how far, fast, and high we can go -- and to get NHNE (and myself) off the precarious cliff we are presently dangling from.


So what, exactly, is going to happen?

1. After this letter, you probably won't be hearing much from me until the end of August. I am going to spend the month of July making as much money as I can so I can pay off personal bills, NHNE bills, prepare my family for Y2K, and save enough money for a trip to see my father. I expect to visit my father the second or third week in August, and then return to Sedona and figure out what's next.

2. James Gregory, meanwhile, who recently started a full-time job in Ontario, is going to take a similar leave of absence. He will be concentrating exclusively on his new job until the end of August, which is when his wife is returning to Sedona and he has more time available to give to NHNE. James and I will touch base then and see where things are.

3. While James and I are busy on other fronts, Linda Becker and Sherry Stultz will be holding down the fort. Linda will be taking over the wild2k Website, including maintaining the daily news section, and Sherry will be launching the NHNE's new "Forum for a Common Understanding." As soon as they are ready to go (in the next couple of days), you'll be receiving a letter from them announcing the launch of their respective projects.

4. Finally, the remainder of this message contains the letters we received in response to my recent update. Like usual, many of them are quite stirring.


While I will be turning my attention elsewhere for the next couple of months, I will continue to monitor my email. I will also continue to post important Y2K news and information to the Sedona Y2K Discussion List (if you are interested in receiving these posts, you can send an email message to "SedonaY2K-on@mail-list.com"). Should the need arise, I will also to jump back into NHNE before my pickup-saving, childhood-healing sabbatical is finished.

I hope this abrupt change of direction does not cause any undue concern. NHNE, as far as I can see, is here to stay. But since the path we are on is largely determined by where Spirit leads, we are probably never going to be the kind of organization that can come up with a five-year plan and follow through without any adjustments. Instead, we can expect NHNE, like many of us, to follow a path that is as difficult to predict as the wind...

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow

P.S. Please keep NHNE (and me) in your prayers.



(The following letters were sent in response to NHNE Update 57, which was sent out June 22, 1999, http://www.nhne.com/updates/0057.html)


My true thoughts? Well, I haven't known what to think about NHNE since I stumbled onto your website a year or so ago. Breathless reports about crop circles direct from the field (and I do mean the field), comparisons of the success rates of various contemporary prophets of doom (maybe "success" isn't the right word to describe the competency of a doomsayer), anyway, this sort of content left me bemused.

But something touched me. Your obvious sincerity, I guess. And a spiritual essence. I was intrigued enough to pay for a six month subscription. I let that lapse, but you have faithfully continued to send the update. I'm about as updated on Y2K as I can stand, so the announcement of your new direction, wherever it might lead, is welcome. I still don't know what to make of NHNE, but I would miss you if you weren't around. So here's my contribution towards your efforts. I look forward to your continuing to gently push me out of my comfort zone well into the next millenium.

--- Gilbert O. Taylor



Just when I'm in danger of my life becoming too superficial, I can count on you to print something than causes me to look deeper -- thank you for that!

I like the proposed new direction. I feel that Y2K will be what it will be. There's not a whole lot more to be said. Now it's time to take action or not, as we are each guided. I love the dream forum idea. I especially love the person-to-person email list idea. You're just full of good ideas! Keep up the good work.

I'll be renewing my Friends of NHNE contribution, as I feel your work deserves support.

--- Shari Mueller, Blacksburg, Virginia



For whatever reason, when I received this [a letter describing that the Community Voice and Daily Quote would be ceasing publication as of July 1st] I thought of you and how proud Craig and I, and most likely just about everyone else that receives NHNE publications, are of you and all that you have accomplished with NHNE. I know how very hard you have worked to stay afloat and how you have put your heart and soul into making NewHeavenNewEarth an organization that makes all of us think in terms of a global community. I remember the early days when I was compiling the member directory and you were happy to have twenty to thirty members listed. Look at you now! When the insanity settles down around here we hope to become much more active again with NHNE.

Wishing you the very best. Love and friendship always.

--- Jan Morrow, Virginia



I think the focus change is right on -- I think a lot of us involved in Y2K awareness and preparedness are reaching similar questions and inquiries. We are past the nuts and bolts of canned goods, storing rice and water to deeper issues of how we will feel when we are eating meals in the year 2000 and how this has made us feel now.

I feel that NHNE has connected the Y2K issue with the individual human, emotional side of our lives. I remember when I was pregnanat with my first child and everything was: "How much protein to eat?" "When to see an o.b.?" "How to excercise?" I felt like I was being led away from the spiritual side of carrying a being in my body. I found a book that tuned into and resonated with that side of the experience and it strengthened me, grounded me, and then I was able to eat the protein, do my walking and, well, I left the o.b. and found a midwife -- you get the idea: like the way I had approached my pregnancy, the way I have approached the Y2K issue is a reflection of who I am and who I am growing to be. Your are part of that path [and] a touchstone...

--- Carol



Just a quick note to tell you that I think your new focus is very much needed right now, and more so as the months pass. Just as each of us is far more than flesh and blood -- more than meets the eye! -- so too, I believe, is the coming event known as Y2K.

Are there spiritual implications? Does anything ever take place "by accident"? Has humanity, on a spiritual level, set this up? Is it merely coincidental that this will arrive concurrent with peak solar flares and extreme weather changes/earth upheavals?

I think these, and more, are important ideas for exploration by the "spiritual community"; all of these, and the potential for all the prophetic fullfilment may be occasions for intense growth and enlightenment.

Sharing my musings and in appreciation for all you do.

--- Sharon Morrissey



I love your broadening focus. It is more in tune with why I came aboard.

NHNE has made me less of a "black and white" person. I now see more gray. You keep me in touch with what I have been feeling in the absence of people that believe as I do. I am not a "wacko" in this fine group of people. We know there is more out there than meets the eye. Thanks so much!

--- Kris Benevento



I commend you for making the changes. Y2K is becoming old hat and people for the most part don't want to hear it. Besides, we hear about it constanly in the "regular" media. The ones on the mailing list, including me, are looking for insights into spirituality. Continue to open our minds to new and wondrous things within us and those things that may affect our lives. We want Inspiration, Information, and Insight.

Lead the way, we are listening...

--- Richard Footitt <http://www.singingdrum.com>



For me NHNE let me know that others felt a need to assimilate Y2K into their larger spiritual picture. The newsletter was a confirmation to me that I was on the right path. The tone of voice, or choice of topics, is the touchstone for me, over any particular data or insight. And so your voice has come to be one I trust. I would seriously consider sharing dreams online because you recommend it. I will this week examine the fears I harbor about such a commitment.

--- Mendalara



Thanks for the latest update, David. I like your plans and will stay tuned. I think we all need to be tuning in to the deepest levels of inner and collective awareness for wise counsel. Perhaps NHNE can help encourage and facilitate that dialogue.

--- Karl W. Frederick



Welcome back! I definitely am ready for NHNE to return to being "a World-Class Blood Hound." It is time to move past Y2K. As I've said in the past, I am not as concerned with the technical problems and disruptions introduced by the Y2K "bug" as I am the hysteria and panic responses of an overly-concerned public. I welcome a return to the days when your report was eagerly awaited and read "cover-to-cover" because I didn't know what to expect, but knew it would be interesting/spiritual/humorous or all three!

Please keep the ongoing Y2K report separate from the other NHNE publications.

I will gladly renew my Friends of NHNE commitment...

--- Mike Oberg

P.S. You could get cheaper computing power if you didn't insist on Apple! :)



I am sitting here checking my email and I see an NHNE Update. I think, "Another Y2K newsletter: I can't take it anymore!" As my mouse goes toward the delete button it snags the message and pulls it up. Okay, I'll read this one last time and then unsubscribe...

Thank you! Your idea is right on the mark. Perfect timing! At this point I feel that anyone who isn't prepared doesn't want to be, and those of us who care have heard it over and over and over. I am interested in a lot more than this one subject. Thanks for keeping what I see as the true purpose of NHNE alive -- the quest continues!!

--- Beth Lockwood



I am very pleased to see your focus shifting to include other areas of exploration. Dreams and other spiritually significant aspects of our lives still deserve and require our attention, now more than ever, without lessoning the importance (possibly adding to) of Y2K. These are the things that drew me to NHNE in the first place. If we aren't continually aware that we live in a place of potentially unlimited possibilities, where our very state of being is the biggest mystery we can face, then we lose perspective. Your fundamental questions of "Where do we come from?" "Why are we here?" "Who even are we?" are the same as mine and should determine the direction of our lives and how we live them. Thank you for your help.

--- Jason



You are new to me these past few months, a friend passed on one of your Y2K news letters. I support you in your efforts to make this planet a better place to live and the inhabitents thereof, growing through spiritual insights and conscious living.

I am a 67 yr. old widow, and a serious spiritual-metaphysical student for over thirty years, just hoping to always connect with TRUTH. I would like to be in touch with others here in my area that have similar goals.

The Y2K mess overwhelms me. I have made modest preparations but feel totally alone and would like a support group since I have no family near me. I live near Bradenton, Florida.

You spoke of a number of members. How does one become a member? These several things I would like to know about in email newsletters: behind-the-scenes news on world events, intrepreted from a spiritual perspective; Y2K news; more on finding answers to who we are, what we are doing here, and where we are going with ALL of this earth trauma? Focusing on dreams may prove very interesting, so forge ahead!

God Bless You in your efforts, I will endeavor to back my support with a check now and then.

Sincerely for Truth.

--- Elaine C., Bradenton, Florida

[You asked "How does one become a member?" NHNE readers can become members of our Friends of NHNE program by making monthly pledges to NHNE of any size. Write "friendsofnhne@nhne.com" for more information. -DS]



David Sunfellow Wrote:

"But if the power goes down for any extended period (I have battery backup for 15 minutes), the main hub of our network goes offline. If I need to get a message out to all of you, I'll have to wait until the power comes back on. I need the ability to stay up and running whether the lights are on or not..."

Buy a 130 watt inverter from Advance Autoparts for $40 (plugs into cigarette lights) and run an extension cord from your car to the Imac. Run the engine 15 min every few hours. There are more elegant and slightly more expensive solutions, but this is the cheapest.

I run off solar power with a battery in a camper.

--- John W. Travis (Jack)



I agree with the above change of focus. I also like the way you are keeping the Y2K reports abeit twice monthly. Happy to know you got your non-profit status and hope the money comes thru quickly! I was sorely missing the regular NHNE reports.

--- Sherri Anderson, Russiaville, Indiana



I read your report about your change in focus/direction and your plea for funding. I want to validate that I am genuinely supportive of you as a human being, and someone I've come to respect. I appreciate and laud the efforts you and others have made toward disbursing credible information about Y2K. I sincerely affirm your search for truth. However, even if I were actually earning money right now, I could not, in good conscience, give money to NHNE when its philosophy does not fully strengthen my personal belief in the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God, and Jesus as the way, the truth and the life. (I observed that Jesus was mentioned in your melting pot, along with other spiritual quests/leaders, but it is Jesus' teachings, with exclusivity, to which I am attracted.)

I don't mean to sound presumptious, David, but in a way, you seem to be on a spiritual quest that I found myself exploring many years ago. I examined other "great" teachers and their version of spirituality, but my journey ultimately turned up empty-headed, vane, arrogant philosophy, and deceived theorists/ideologists.

I believe with my entire being that I have (by the grace of God) found the truth: the truth of Holy Scripture. I embrace it with all my heart, and worship the Triune God: The Father (righteous and holy), the Son (Jesus--the creator of the Heavens and the Earth), and the Holy Spirit (our comforter and guide) -- with all my mind, soul, and strength. In this, I have found relationship, not religion. I talk with God and He talks to me. Real conversation. I can't wait to know Him more, and more, and more. He is my best friend. As I understand His character and faithfulness, our relationship grows and my faith and trust in Him increase. It just keeps getting better and better. He has given me a future and a hope!

The Bible says that if we seek Him, we will find Him. If we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. That "we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free."

My hope and prayer for you in this directional and time change, is that you will find truth and peace, and that it will satisfy your soul beyond measure. My very best wishes go out to you.

--- Liza Christian, Oregon



I feel as so many others do, that we are starting to flog a dead horse. There are surely people like me who are just now buying a kerosene heater and big water filter, but I've saved my past issues of the Y2K Report, so I still have access to the suppliers you've recommended.

But I also think it's probably not the right time to return to your previous format, researching the validity of various spiritual paths. Something else is called for now.

This strikes me as a good time to have a collaborative format, now that we've become a large group with regular communication. You've created a community here, which is what we've all been talking about as being of paramount importance. Maybe you can write your wonderful, uplifting stories on a spiritual theme, and we can offer you our similar stories and inspirations. Your reports could be your re-written versions of all of our stories and dreams.

I still love David LaChappelle's Dream website (http://www.tidesofchange.org/dreamsof.htm), and think it's important, although not too many have contributed to it yet. I believe that our dreams have as much substance as our waking lives -- it's just more etherial substance. A regular sharing of our dreams -- the ones that relate to society and the world and coming changes and evolution/development -- could be nourishing to us all. I suspect that those who have never been too interested in dreams would quickly be fascinated by a regular reading of a "Dream Chapter" in your reports.

Continuing on this theme of nurturing a diverse online spiritual community, what about chapters in your reports that really help us feel like a community in deep ways? For instance, one chapter (whatever your term for chapters would be) could be your uplifting stories, and the re-written versions of the uplifting stories others have submitted. Another chapter for dreams that we all submit. Another chapter where people can submit their spiritual goals and the affirmations or prayers they might want to share. Another chapter for Y2K stories and suggestions and questions/answers. Or maybe a Y2K question/answer chapter, with us submitting questions and you/others answering them.

So those are my suggestions. Hope it helps as you reform your baby into a more mature community publication. Good luck!

--- Bonnie Willow, Colorado Springs, Colorado




I finally got around to reading your NHNE Update 57 last night, and have been thinking and pondering ever since. I want to apologize in advance for the length of this letter, as I know that I have a tendency to ramble.

You asked for input on your change of focus -- for me, I think it's an excellent move and the timing couldn't be better. I am concerned deeply about what is coming (whether it's Y2K, or something else, I don't know). However, from reading your weekly Y2K updates and other articles on the subject, what it boils down to is that we are on our own. I don't believe the government or big business is going to "come clean" -- they will continue to tell us what they want to and sweep the remaining pile under the rug. Although the updates are important, they all basically send me the same message -- prepare, and read between the lines.

I came across your website by accident a little over a year ago. My husband and I had watched a program on TV about prophecies, and I decided to do a little bit of research on the Internet a few days later. I entered one of the prophet's names on the search engine, and scrolled down through the hits, and there was NewHeavenNewEarth. Your name intrigued me, and I was immediately hooked.

I have always struggled with my spiritual side. While in my teens, I was deeply involved in exploring that side of me -- I practiced yoga and meditation, I was a vegetarian, I could see auras without difficulty, and continually shocked my parents with dreams that became reality. I had numerous encounters with spirits -- both good and evil, on a routine basis. My father was transferred to North Carolina, and I lost touch with my spiritual side. Fast forward twenty five years. I am now trying to get back on the right path, but it is a constant struggle.

I am the mother of three young children (two, four and five years old), and also have my elderly mother-in-law to take care of. Two years ago, my sister, brother, parents, and my husband and I all pooled our resources and bought an old tobacco farm in upstate North Carolina. My sister and parents are now living up there, and we hope to move within the next year or so. We have a lot of elbow grease to do on this house before it's ready to put on the market, so who knows when the magic day will finally arrive.

My husband, Craig, and I yearn for a simpler, more meaningful life. A life that has purpose. A healthy environment to raise our children in, surrounded by people that feel the same way we do, and that we can trust. Most people would look at what we have now and say, "Are you nuts? You're going to give all this wonderful STUFF up for a farm in the middle of nowhere? What about your career, your nice house on the good side of town, blah blah blah...?" They just don't understand, and probably never will. Materialism is their god.

After reading your newsletter last night, I have been doing a lot of soul searching. It's time for me to make a commitment, and really work on getting to where I'm supposed to be. I don't know why, but I'm drawn to your organization. Your articles are very thought-provoking, and hold a lot of meaning for me. I always enjoy getting on your website and reading new things, but my computer is as slow as molasses in January, and I end up getting very frustrated because my "non-Mommy, non-Daughter-in-law" time is limited. I have very little patience with machines, and have threatened my computer with a hammer more times than I care to admit (probably why it's so slow).

I want to help NHNE. However, I don't have the financial resources -- I wish I did. But I do have a brain that works on occasion, and can be very creative for stretching the budget when pressed. In thinking about your organization, it seems to me that you should consider adding some more eggs to the basket for funding. I don't know a thing about the regulations governing non-profit organizations, so these ideas may be completely out of the ballpark, but here goes!

1. A printed newsletter (bi-monthly or quarterly) that people can subscribe to that do not have access to a computer, with a selection of your articles and news. I know of a few people that would probably be interested in this, that do not have Internet access.

2. Offering small booklets with related articles and essays for sale. Nothing fancy.

3. An ongoing used book sale, with books donated by members.

4. Members donating their time, service or expertise. For example, an attorney donating his usual fee or a portion of it for work performed.

Now here comes the rub, where I jump off the cliff (so to speak). I would be willing to coordinate the used book sale idea, or something similar. I have a handful of books that I can donate, but don't know right off the top of my head which ones I'd be willing to part with. Probably a few on Nostradamus, and that sort of thing.

You ask how NHNE has affected my life. My time is precious to me, and I haven't offered any of it to anyone outside of my family for many years. Time is more valuable than money to me. I can't think of a better way to say it, but I am offering my time to your cause because I believe in what you are doing and want to see it grow.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to ramble. And thank you for coming in to my life at a crucial time.

--- Lisa Evers, North Carolina



Now you're finally back to the things that turned me on to begin with. I really like the idea of global communication inside areas where we only get media coverage (eg, Kosovo).

I'll be sending some money soon. Thanks.

--- Dianne Brannen



Yes, I have enjoyed the weekly newsletters, and yet I won't mind the switch from Y2K focus to more community development including individual spiritual evolution. And I'll be interested in participating in some forums and discussions.

For example, for a while I wondered if my dreams were excursions into the lives of other people who somehow beckoned Providence for assistance, perhaps in their emotional desperation or crisis panic, and I came onto the scene somehow. Not so much that I was a helper-agent, but more that I seemed to inhabit another's body or mind for a brief period, assisting them to make more rational or centered choices, like during a particularly vivid drive-by shooting in some ghetto/urban scene, one of the earliest such dreams. It may be that they were just subconscious musings on the daily news, but it didn't feel like it, and I don't watch the news much.

Another thing I'd be interested in you sharing among us is individual visions or meditative inspirations, and our cumulative predictive and clairvoyent/audient experiences. Any chance of this?

--- Donna Daniel, St. Johns, AZ

P.S. I sent our Heartfelt Joy newsletters, from St. Johns, AZ, and haven't heard back from you. Are we in this journey together, or are you committed to being the oldest, most and best with exclusionary self-interest? I'm not annoyed, just disappointed. Seems like the New Earth will involve inclusion and collaboration, don't you think?


[Hi Donna,

>Another thing I'd be interested in you sharing among us is individual
>visions or meditative inspirations, and our cumulative predictive and
>clairvoyent/audient experiences. Any chance of this?

We may be able to tackle this in the future. Right now, a few other
areas seem more pressing.

>I sent our Heartfelt Joy newsletters, from St. Johns,
>AZ, and haven't heard back from you.

We receive lots of information information via email and regular mail
that are sent to us by all kinds of folks. Unless there is something
unusually compelling about the material and/or we've been alerted in
advance and are on the lookout for it, we simply don't have the time to
read and respond to everything we are sent.

>Are we in this journey together, or
>are you committed to being the oldest, most and best with exclusionary
>self-interest? I'm not annoyed, just disappointed. Seems like the New
>Earth will involve inclusion and collaboration, don't you think?

If you read our material carefully, our current Y2K Reports as well
other publications from the past, it is obvious that we regularly
collaborate with a wide variety of organizations. But, as I mentioned
above, it is very difficult to keep up with everyone... -DS]



I have been on the list almost since its inception and appreciate the thoughtful, engaging work you do. I am the skeptic's Skeptic, more Carl Saganish than Art Bellish, and I STILL greatly appreciate what you are doing.

--- Carl Carlin, Martinez, Georgia



Thanks for the update. I admire your tenacity. Along with patience, it is needed.

Regards and good wishes,

--- Lewis Levenson, Payson, Arizona



I am so happy that when this email appeared in my in box this morning that I took the present moment to read it all the way through. I must admit, that due to the heavy traffic in my mailbox, I can't always read your messages thoroughly. But this one I did -- I am so glad!

I am THRILLED about your new dream direction. For as long as I can remember, I have been an over-active and vivid dreamer and have always been aware of it and thankful for it. I recently even purchased one of those "Dream Clocks" (http://www.now-zen.com/) so I could remember and analyze my dreams even more. I am extremely interested in pursuing this further, and will be ordering Taylor's book today.

As for the impact NHNE has had on me -- it is TREMENDOUS! I am happy to be a supporter of your efforts and I return love and light to you and your group with every email I receive from you. THANK YOU for making such a positive difference. Carpe MOMENTO!

--- Diana Brock Makes, Postive Projections


from Steve Haag

David Wrote:

"... we want to know, once and for all, who we are, why we are here,
and where we came from."


The "once and for all" part concerns me. These are big questions, and part of the journey is living into their mystery. Our learning is cumulative, but I doubt the once and for all will come anytime soon. Do you really want it to? It may spoil the fun in the adventure if you get to the end of all mysteries too quickly.

David Wrote:

"...the projects never ended. There was always a new war, a new famine, a new social, political, environmental, religious injustice to tackle. It donned on me then, as it has donned on me a thousand times since, that we needed to understand ourselves, and the deeper mysteries of life, before we will be able to master the forces that continuously upset our individual and collective apple carts."


Perhaps it is appropriate the ever-recurring themes for new incarnates to try to take on. Is Monopoly ever done once and for all? Is there one final family that will obsolete all possible families? I don't think humans really want final resolve. They want to live into what appears a meaningful story. And for there to be a story, there must not be too much resolve.

David Wrote:

"...end all human suffering."


That will come when we are beyond desiring, beyond lack of any kind. But to be beyond these, you must be beyond process as well. Ironically, if we're here for anything, we're here for process. To have process, we must have things undone, things left to do, things to suffer along with.

David Wrote:

"...another all-out search for the truth is long overdue. I also know that such a search has never been attempted by humanity as a whole. What would happen if it was? What would happen if even a small percentage of the human beings now living on planet Earth joined together to unravel the great mysteries?"


I think we're all doing this individually in our own ways and collectively in all the ways we share. I don't think humans can help but puzzle over "truth" and live into the unraveling of the great mysteries.

David Wrote:

"...we now have the capacity to solve mysteries that have eluded us since the beginning of time."


I think it was Isaac Asimov who said that the unknown will always outdistance what we are learning, because change occurs faster than we can keep up with. You'll solve some mysteries only to make room in your head for recognizing more.

David Wrote:

"He set his sites on solving life's fundamental mysteries and then went where he was led."


I thought he set his sights on relieving human suffering. That leaves many mysteries left unsolved. Wasn't "stop desiring" what he came up with? And yet, that too is a desire. I guess what you're really saying is "aim high and you'll go farther." Aim for ultimate truth, and the truth you get along the way will be richer than if you aimed for less? Aim for the absolute comprehension of all mysteries and that is at least a step toward grasping some of them?

David Wrote:

"1. What do you think about the change of focus I outlined above? Do you feel good about us broadening and deepening our focus..."


I like the diversification aspect.

David Wrote:

"Do you have other suggestions?"


Cut back on the self congratulations. It sounds canned and glib and clichd. Don't you just hate having to sell yourself? Tie you up in a pretty yellow bow, and hope someone will buy you. It gets to feeling like too much of a pat on your own back. It's distracting. You remind me of that Theobald guy who's saving us all in his own head, while posing as this great collective integrator. You've created your own limelight. It's been done. Do we have to resort to the same old song and dance in new get up? "Jump on my bandwagon as we race to the end of all mysteries together with me at the helm as your fearless leader!" That's what I hear. I guess all big ventures take big egos. Vigor of pretense strikes again. Maybe I don't like it because I keep seeing how thrown I am to this sort of theme. Are we all the main hero in our own play?

David Wrote:

"2. How has NHNE affected your life? Have we made your life better,
fuller, deeper, richer, safer, or just been a thorn in your side?"


I admire your sloothing and the order with which you reconstruct the news, which is a more refreshing news than what we've allowed to be sold to us Yellow Journalism subscribers. I feel better informed for it, especially with all the Y2K coverage... I guess I question the collectivization of innumerable folks all pooling in their insights. It seems unwieldy. How many ways can we line up 23 letters of an alphabet into lines of symbols in order to get to, what, that place where we won't need them any more because we've all gotten to enlightenment? We're all just processing symbols for the sport of it. And you've put this spin of importance, as though the right collection and digestion of symbols will make us whole. It's just symbol swapping for fun and amusement, while the ocean of unqualified completion eludes us because we're busy eluding it.

But, you know, you owe it to yourself to have a good story. It's just funny how you've painted yourself as the ring leader/hero, and the Great Mysteries get to be the "evil" to overcome. Not sure what to offer you as an alternative. We're one in a great Shiva dance of unions and diversions. And behind the diversions, there is the One we all connect in. It's only a story because we've set it up that way; and "God" lives through the stories we invest ourselves in. If you feel you're being true to the story your meant to invest yourself in, then I've got nothing to say. You're there. That's as much resolve as you need, resolved enough to continue on "into the Mystic."

Did you know that to "sacrifice" is to make sacred? From that context, I wish you much personal sacrifice. The joke is, you're already sacred.

Maybe we're just trying to improve on the same old stew. Theme and variation, what else is there? And how real is the duality?

--- Steve Haag, Flagstaff, Arizona

[I dealt with most of the issues Steve raised in his letter at the beginning of this report, but I wanted to clarify my/our goal of unraveling the great mysteries of life.

Steve asked if I really wanted to solve the big mysteries "and spoil the fun in the adventure." Absolutely, but I don't believe that solving them is going to spoil anything, or make the adventure any less fun. I want to know what makes this world tick so I can decide what kind of things I want to experience, rather than have experiences just show up on my doorstep whenever they darn well want to with me scratching my head wondering where they came from, and why.

And, no, I do not expect that we are going to unravel all of the big mysteries in our lifetime. But I do believe we are going to start laying the groundwork for future generations to do so. If souls want to keep frolicking in the created universe, with little or no desire to understand what the whole shebang is about, that's fine with me -- and no doubt fine with the universe. But I want some answers. And I want them because I believe they will make me, and whomever else is interesting in seeking them out, better, happier, healthier, more deeply satisfied human beings. -DS]


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