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NHNE Update 61
Thursday, October 7, 1999

& Consumer Protection
for Spiritual Seekers"


NHNE Update 61
Thursday, October 7, 1999


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Hello Everyone,

The primary purpose of this update is to let all of you know that the giving and receiving project I wrote you about in Update 60 is now ready to go. But before I let Sherry Stutlz tell you all about it (Sherry is the main one who will be facilitating this project), I also wanted to pass on a few other important news and information...



The Strawberry iMac I've been using for the past couple of months is about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. A souped-up powerhouse, she comes complete with 96 ram, a 266 processor, a 6 gig hard drive, System 8.6, every kind of software program under the sun and, most important of all, a complete copy of NHNE's database (including material that has yet to be posted on our website). Linda Becker, NHNE's auctioneer extradordineer, will be helping us find a new home for this cheerful, ever-dependable computer. Bids will begin at 850.00 and the auction will last for one week.

Why are we auctioning off this little dynamo? Because we need to make room for another dynamo (actually two dynamos) that will give us enough firepower to produce videos and operate for extended periods on batteries should there be disruptions to the power or telecommunications grid. Originally, we were planning to move our primary system to an Apple PowerBook, but since we can now get two systems for less than it costs to get one PowerBook, we'll be getting a new DVD iMac now, and an iBook down the road.

If you're interested giving our Strawberry iMac a new home, you'll be able to place a bid in the next few days. In the meantime, here's where you can see what she looks like:




While we are on the subject of Macs, I spend a good deal of time monitoring everything happening in the Mac world -- and so do many of my Mac friends. To help us stay on top of everything Macintosh, I've created a mailing list that receives the most important Mac news I come across -- and you're welcome to join!

MacBuds Home Base:

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How many of you would be interested in participating in a round-the-clock Y2K watch for the first couple of days of the new millennium?

We are planning to setup a couple different listserves, in different parts of the country, where those of us who are interested can post news from our part of the world. Did the power go out? Are the phones working? Is everything working fine in our part of the world, or have there been problems of one kind or another?

There will, of course, be plenty of mainstream news organizations tracking this, but we are interested in hearing from our own people, rather than reporters, experts or government officials who may or may not be telling us what is really happening.

If you feel strongly about this idea (either good or bad), or have some suggestions about how we might put a round-the-clock watch like this together, drop me a line <nhne@nhne.com>.


And now for the big announcement (drum roll please):

NHNE'S FLOW (Fulfill Lots of Wishes) PROJECT

Sherry Stultz, along with several folks from NHNE's Forum for a Common Understanding hatched, and fine-tuned this innovative project. Our hope is that it will help us build a deeper sense of community by sharing our resources with one another.

Here is Sherry's introduction:

Welcome to NHNE's FLOW (Fulfill Lots of Wishes) Project, an new online exchange that gives folks the opportunity to meet their needs and the needs of others. This project will run for 8-10 weeks and then NHNE will evaluate the success of this project and decide whether we will keep it as a permanent feature.

How does it work?

The FLOW Project consists of two lists: a list of needs and a list of gifts. To post to either of these lists you must send your need or gift to Sherry Stultz, <sher@digiscape.com>. After Sherry insures the needs/gifts she receives have all the necessary information, they are posted to the appropriate list on the FLOW Website.


1. Be specific about your need or gift. Give an accurate description of what you are donating or needing. The description should read as you would like to see it posted on the Internet. Please no more than one short paragraph!

2. You must provide an easy way to be contacted. We suggest your email address as the initial contact source and then when someone contacts you about the exchange, you can give more personal details if they are needed.

3. You can request and/or give pretty much anything under the sun -- paint brushes, seeds, your time, used car parts, anything that you need or can give, except money. We discourage any kinds of requests for cash donations.

4. Once you have have given your gift or have your need fulfilled, please send an email immediately to <sher@digiscape.com>, and the post will be removed from the list. If you are donating an endless resource, such as advice regarding a technical topic, then we will leave your gift up until you ask to have it removed.

Here's where all the action takes place:


And that's it for this update. As always, I send you my best and thank you for your continued support of NHNE!

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow

David Sunfellow, Founder & Publisher
NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE)
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
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