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WebBuds 1 Advertiser Feedback:
Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Hello Everyone!

We had 26 advertisers in the first issue of WebBuds. This was good news for NHNE, but how did our advertisers fare? I wrote all of them and found out that most of our advertisers didn't do as well as I hoped they would. Jack Martire of "ClearVision Hawaii Pinholes" was the only one who reported near-miraculous results (45 people respond to his ad). Most of the rest of our advertisers fell somewhere between Jim Cummings of "EarthEar" who reported "a modest response: three emails" and Larry Morningstar and his wife who placed TWO ads in WebBuds and didn't receive any responses (come on now, there must be someone out there who is interested in nutritional supplements and a nurturing and luxurious week in Hawaii).

So, OK, we didn't set the Internet on fire with the first issue of WebBuds. Maybe we will in our second issue!

If you are interested in advertising in the next issue of WebBuds, here's what to do:

Send me your ad (250 words or less) by 6 PM, MST, Thursday, August 26th (that's two days from now). The cost is 20.00 via credit cards. Your credit card information can be sent via email (nhne@nhne.com), fax (815) 346-1492, or phone (928) 282-6120. Please keep your ads to 250 words or less (some folks fudged a little too much last time).

WebBuds 2 will be sent out this Friday, August 27. You can advertise pretty much anything you like (books, CDs, websites, garage sale items, inspiring thoughts, marriage proposals, birthday wishes...) and if anyone has something to share and can't afford the twenty buck fee, just drop me a line and we'll work something out.

But before you send in the ad that is going to get responses from everyone on the MHNE Mailing List (2141 folks last count), please take a moment to read the responses I received from the first batch of WebBuds -- some are sad, some are funny, and all of them are educational...

And that's it for now. Once WebBuds is sent out, Sherry's report on the last total solar eclipse of this millennium will be next.

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow



For a complete description of products, services and contact information, please visit WebBuds 1:



"I'm one of the advertisers in the last WebBuds. You wanted to know how it went. Well, since placing that ad I've have 45 inquiries about our product, pinhole sight correctors. So I'd have to say that the ad was a success. Unfortunately, we're not online yet, but I've begun to compile a nice list of possible customers. I will probably want to run the ad in the next issue as well."

Jack Martire
ClearVision Hawaii Pinholes
Web: clearvision@hawaii.rr.com


Hi, all. I had a modest response, three emails, about our soundscape releases. Given their innovative nature, charting new territory distinct from relaxation-oriented "nature sounds", it's to be expected that we'll need to build a foundation of awareness about this new medium, before we get instantly big responses.

Jim Cummings
eMail: jim@earthear.com


Dear David, I don't have any evidence of increased traffic on my website. I did receive one order, but I'm not sure whether that customer came from WebBuds or not. Despite lack of torrential response, I'd like to try again...

Bonnie Willow
Human Touch Gallery
Manitou Springs, CO
Web: http://www.humantouchgallery.com


Advertising the various classes and seminars being held in Scottsdale over the next few months in WebBuds was not, unfortunately, successful for me. I have received zero responses. I thought it is a good idea, but after placing two different ads and paying for them with no response, much less business, I probably will try a different avenue for advertising. Thanks for all your hard effort and work!

Sandy Rogers, LMT, RMT, CH
Sacred Spirals Bodywork
Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: (480) 946-6002
eMail: Sspirals@aol.com


Aloha David. Thanks for the follow up. I got one inquiry on the Anti-Aging ad. I could probably do a better job of targeting your readers. This approach was not it!! Onward...

Grow Healthier Now
Phone: (800) 692-2390
eMail: quantum@aloha.net


We received two inquiries which were orders! That's it! So we made our $20 investment back, plus another $25. Not a lot of biz, but we were grateful for what we did receive! Hey, in our Maui world, we're grateful for whatever, and likewise, we are grateful for the abundance that all of the other advertisers as well as you very worthy NHNE folks receive! May all of us FEEL prosperous! Radiant Blessings.

eMail: angelic@maui.net
Phone: (800) 539-0203
Regular Mail:
Dancing Dolphin Press
PO Box 959, Kihei, Maui, HI 96753


Sorry to say I got only one response to my "Searching For Like-Minded Male Correspondent" ad -- and that from a being of the female rather than the male persuasion as requested. But thanks anyway.

Donna of Silicon Valley
eMail: ffelicia@pacbell.net


Not much response from my 2 ads. One response to each one and after mailing information to them I have not had any follow up interest. Oh well...

Wesley Ray Wyatt
Phone: (540) 387-1723
eMail: wesleyrw@earthlink.net


We put an ad in WebBubs and we had one inquiry for our Fire Dream Didjeridus. We did not hear back from the inquiry however. We still think the idea of WebBuds is a good one.

Marc Anderson
Fire Dream Didjeridus
eMail: Spiff@netusa1.net


Hello David. My wife and I placed two ads in the first webBuds. My ad was for a business opportunity with nutritional supplements and my wife's ad was for 3 workshops on Ayurveda and on Meditation. We liked the idea, but unfortunately have not received any responses from the ads. We did include our email addresses, and website. Wishing you all the very best.

Larry Morningstar
Phone: (808) 828-6622
eMail: mana@aloha.net
Web: http://wwwayurvedabliss.com
Regular Mail: Box 358, Kilauea, HI 96754


David: I don't know if anything happened because I'm away but I'm pleased to put another $20 into the pot...

Robert Theobald
Spokane, WA


Hi. I thought WebBuds a good idea, but didn't get any calls. One thing I thought of afterwards was that I should have put in my email address. I advertised the health conference in Asheville, N.C. Hope all goes well with it for the next one.

Holistic Connection
Asheville, NC
Phone: (828) 259-7281 or (828) 253-4571
eMail: margeryb@earthlink.net


Hi David. Thanks for including us in the inaugural WebBuds -- August '99... We have had 6 online orders since the WebBud blossoming of which 4-5 are probably attributable to your ad IMHO. As such my evaluation is around break-even but this is an extremely time-delineated product due to the title and is therefore an atypical sample. Wishing you every succes with your projects.

Fergus Reilly
Web: http://www.maleny.net.au/august99/index.html


David Sunfellow
Founder & Publisher
NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE)

eMail: nhne@nhne.com
Web: http://www.nhne.com/
Phone: (928) 282-6120
Fax: (815) 346-1492

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