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WebBuds 2:
Friday, August 27, 1999

& Bargains Galore
for Spiritual Seekers"


NHNE WebBud 2
Friday, August 27, 1999


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Learning Together & Free Gifts
Success Cannot Be Measured After A First Attempt


The Just-In-Case Food Pantry
Your Own Special House - Healthy & Environmentally Friendly
Fine Handcrafted Gifts & Artworks
A Weekend Conference In Asheville, NC
Coming to Scottsdale, Arizona
Books & Tapes by Robert Theobald
Exposing EMF Myths
Website Design, Re-design, & Quality Graphics
Current Alternatives
Interested In Your Dream Life?
Journey Inside Tibet
Earthear: The Eternal Story, In Its Original Language
Fire Dream Didjeridus!
Ayurvedic Pancha Karma In Paradise on the Healing Isle of Kauai
Affluence Affirmation
The Beginning of the End of Aging
Weddings In Sedona
Y2k Emergency Preparedness Handbook
Emergency Supplies for Y2k & Earth Changes
Y2K Connections
Save Our Planet


Special thanks to the "buds" that decided to list their products and services in this issue of WebBuds. Their support helps keep NHNE on the radar screen of planet Earth. You can thank them, and help NHNE, by ordering their products and services with abandon.

We don't rigorously test/screen all of the products and services advertised WebBuds. So if you have any questions, you'll need to direct them to the advertiser in question.




In my last message, I invited those of you who were interested to participate in this issue of WebBuds and also included the comments of some of the folks who advertised in the first issue. In response to my earlier post, several of you wrote back with some good suggestions, including making WebBud links active on the NHNE Website and adding a prominent link on the NHNE Home Page to WebBud publications. Both of these suggestions have been taken to heart. I have also included a couple interesting reader comments below...

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow

P.S. Some of you have reported difficulty reaching us through the <nhne@nhne.com> address. We are planning to relocate our primary email address and website to another, more stable server which should clear up this problem. In the meantime, if you ever have trouble reaching us through the <nhne@nhne.com> address, we can also be reached through <nhne@wildapache.net>.



That was a very, very nice report on the feedback from the advertisers. I liked the distinct numbers reported -- and the cost per ads. Internet advertisting technologies allow this kind of honest, exact, reporting of responses. NHNE has led the way to show how to report to the wider audience the exact numbers! Bravo! This honest reporting can be expected to allow all involved get better and better at using Internet interactive advertising to get their message across (i.e. get new customers).

One suggestion that I have observed: each advertister should give something away in reward for new prospective customers coming to their websites. This motivates persons to pay the price of their precious limited time in order to check out what the vendor has to offer. A buying decision requires many, many factors to be evaluated. By getting a prospective new customer to visit a site through offering a guaranteed no-charge reward, the prospect gets to experience the vendors' care and professionalism in the no-charge interaction. The no-charge reward could be a free intelligence analysis to help the prospect profile their own needs. The reward does not have to be a physical, expensive product.

Hopefully, this revealing report of the exact number of visits and purchases resulting from the ads placed in the first issue of WebBuds, gives all involved the basis for analysis to find the answer to: "How can we more effectively recruit customers who need our services?"

Jim Massey
Editor-In-Chief, International News Agency



Hi David! Just some sales-oriented thoughts: Marketing research shows that it typically takes at least three sales pitches -- flyers, ads, phone calls, whatever -- before a person actually *sees* the item you are trying to market. And often, it is many more pitches before there is any attempt to inquire about or obtain the product or service. Where marketing is concerned, success cannot be measured after a first attempt.

Susan Perry
Sedona InterFaith Fellowship



By Lorraine Platka-Bird, Ph.D., RD

This succinct guide will teach you how to easily stock your pantry for any potential crisis, including Y2K, by storing commonly consumed foods from your local grocery store that you can purchase when you do your weekly shopping. Easy-to-use charts help you calculate exactly how many of each food item you need, based on the makeup of your family and the length of time for which you wish to store. Simple use of these charts assures that nutrient requirements will be met. This guide also provides valuable information on techniques for storing and rotating your supplies; purifying and storing water; storing for infants, children and pets; storing medications, first aid needs and personal hygiene items; storing nutritional supplements; purchasing strategies; sample menus; and a 72-hour list. The primary purpose of the Just-In-Case Food Pantry is peace-of-mind. The world in which we live is rapidly changing, and many of the old rules no longer apply. There are no guarantees that our lives will remain forever tranquil or that our grocery stores will always be well stocked. This guide is for those who hope for the best but who are prepared for the worst ... just in case.

SALE PRICE: $5.00 + $2.00 shipping and handling
eMail: zmail@extremezone.com
Fax: (602) 507-0424



Have you ever thought about a different physical lifestyle to match your changing emotional, mental and spiritual aspirations? Why not live in a house that is part of your garden or melts into that special landscape that surrounds your land? We can provide you with an EARTH-SHELTERED HOUSE designed to suit your needs . Even the noisiest environment such as a highway cannot bother you! Such a house is not only energy-efficient but also blends into the landscape.

Or you may prefer an above ground non-polluting, allergy-free and curative health-promoting house in which your 20th century malaise will fade (as did Joan's asthma when she "moved in"). Such a house "filters" out pollution of all types and actually "breathes" as high and low pressure fronts move through.

Both types can be designed by using the Internet to receive and send information to compile your brief and conduct psychological surveys of the whole family or group of friends who will occupy the building. Our methods use computer modelling of ground and air temperatures, photographic analysis of the site, climatic data, soil type analysis and other procedures that comprise the latest in architectural design method.

The excitement of remote design is catching! Why not visit us at <http://www.ozemail.com.au/~docsyd> or email us at <docyd@ozemail.com.au> to find out what we can do for you (for the same fees as your local architects)?




Find unique tools for meditation and serenity. Support American artists. Find quality handcrafted gifts for your hard-to-shop-for friends. Fill your life with beauty. You can do it all at <http://www.humantouchgallery.com>!

Located at the base of Pike's Peak in the historic town of Manitou Springs, Colorado (known for its ancient healing mineral springs), HUMAN TOUCH GALLERY is a gallery of fine handcrafted gifts and artworks by some of America's finest artisans.

We specialize in exquisite handcrafted American-made KALEIDOSCOPES. Our kaleidoscopes allow you to enter a mandala of brilliant colors, which drift gradually like living lights into ever-changing patterns. You'll never see the same pattern twice! It's a magical journey into beauty and light. Prices range from around $20 to around $500.

We also feature: porcelain pottery, blown glass, carved wood puzzle boxes, kinetic sculptures, jewelry, and much more. What is a kinetic sculpture? Take a look at our 6-MAN CLOCK and find out! The HUMAN TOUCH GALLERY website makes these wonderful artworks available to you! We have a wide range of prices. Please visit us frequently, as we continue to add new ones every month. See you there <http://www.humantouchgallery.com>!



Holistic Connection
A weekend conference in Asheville, N.C.
A Benefit for "The Nest" Healing Center


Luanna Lei "Clay Baths detoxing"* Grace Maxwell "The Silva Method"* Gayatri Lee "Shadow Dancing and Soul Singing"* Sandra Ballard "Dare to Be You"* Barbara & Bodie McCoy "Right Use of Will"* LaWanna Rine "Inspiration from God"* Committee Relations* Holigraphic Repatterning* Earth Changes* Natural Process* Relationships* Power of the Heart

October 7, 8, 9, 10, 1999
Register early and save.
For more information call (828) 259-7281 or (828) 253-4571

eMail: margeryb@earthlink.net




Saturday, September 18, 1999 from 9:30am - 6:30pm - $100

Anne Brewer, author of "The Power of Twelve-Achieving 12-Strand DNA Consciousness" will teach you DNA Recoding to help raise your consciousness and shift to a higher evolutionary level. The process will increase your psychic abilities exponentially; release debilitating emotions of fear and guilt and quicken your skills for manifesting. See <http://www.Interlnk.com> for more detailed information about Anne Brewer and DNA Recoding.


Friday, Saturday & Sunday, November 5, 6 & 7, 1999
9:00am - 5:00pm each day - $300

Dr. Trevor Creed, D.C. from Australia will be back in the United States to teach a full 3-day workshop on Chironic Healing <http://www.Chironic.com.au>. Dr. Creed only visits the US once every eighteen months so you do not want to miss this workshop. Chironic Healing draws from many levels. Its names comes from ancient mythology and represents the holistic wisdom of life and health, which was taught by the Master Healer Chiron. Chironic Healing occurs at different levels within the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. The work is accessed through our etheric pattern. Like everything physical, the human body has a form, which underlies its essential existence. The form we speak of is the etheric energy pattern, which is linked inextricably with human consciousness.

Contact Sandy Rogers in Scottsdale, AZ at (480) 946-6002 to reserve your space and receive location and payment information for above two classes. Or send an email to <SSPIRALS@aol.com>.



I offered some of my books to the NHNE auction and they sold fairly well. I am, therefore, making the following cut-price offer partly to get material around and partly to support NHNE:

You can get any of three books for $7.50 each:

The Rapids of Change
Turning the Century
Reworking Success

Or either of two multi-set tapes (total running time 300 minutes plus) for $15. These can be broadcast:

The Future of Work
The Healing century

Price for all three books and two tapes: $40.00

Audio discussion starter on transformational change: $5.00

Descriptions of all this material is available on Amazon.Com at much higher prices. The prices quoted above include shipping and handling. Please make checks payable to "Robert Theobald" and mail to:

Amanda Butcher
NRF, E 525 Mission
Spokane, WA 99202

10% of proceeds will be returned to NHNE.



Call or email for a free report "Exposing EMF Myths" (800) 871-0078, or email <info@QuantumZone.com> or visit our website <http://www.QuantumZone.com>. There is a great deal of misinformation about the problems associated with electricity and electronic equipment. This report clears up some of those misunderstandings and offers a solution to the problem.

Electromagnetic fields can interfere with your body's natural ability to maintain optimum health and balance. Some doctors think that electropollution may be the most significant form of pollution that man has created this century.

Electropollution can cause a wide variety of symptoms and discomforts such as irritation, fatigue, stress, diminished creativity and ability to learn, and physical discomforts working at computers, under fluorescent lights, or around electronic equipment. Travelling can be exhausting, work is often draining, and even good relationships can become strained.

Global Coherence, Inc. offers an effective, innovative solution to the problems of electropollution. Quantum products transform the chaotic electromagnetic fields created by electricity and electronic equipment so they are in harmony with the fields our bodies naturally produce. When this layer of environmental interference is removed, there is greater ease and balance, increased creativity and productivity, less stress and overall improved quality of life.

We invite you to try Quantum products and experience the Quantum effect in your home, office, automobile, anywhere you are. Our products are easy to use and/or install, and they come with an unconditional 60-day, money-back guarantee.



Webkooks Internet Design provides website design, re-design, and quality graphics at low prices. We guarantee top quality work at extremely competitive prices -- see for yourself!


We provide the following services:

- Website design (personal and commercial)
- Domain name registration
- Graphic design
- Animated banner ads
- Message boards, guest books
- Search engine registration

Don't see it on this list? Just ask, we're happy to help!

Unhappy with your site? Need a new look? We do re-design, too.

Contact Lynn Coffren at:

Webkooks Internet Design
eMail: lynn@webkooks.com
Phone: (301) 283-6490
Fax: (707) 215-1843
Web: http://www.webkooks.com



Are You Hurting? Sleeping poorly?

Far-infrared and magnetic technologies can help you. 20+ years of research. 3 billion in sales worldwide. 30 million satisfied customers. Effective, natural and safe.

Distributors of the world's foremost wellness products. For free information, write, call or email us:

Phone: (540) 387-1723
eMail: wesleyrw@earthlink.net
Regular Mail: 408 West Riverside Drive, Salem, VA 24153

Would you like to be employed in a job with a focus on wellness and preventive health care? Set your own hours. Make a difference? Achieve financial independence? Free training and support. Give us a call. Get your questions answered.

Far Infrared and Magnetic Health Care Products: We improve the quality of life of those we serve.



Are You looking for some personal attention and support for understanding your own dreams? We provide ongoing phone, email and correspondence support for those seeking to improve their quality of life through dreams. With over 20 years of experience we can point the way. 3-day workshops are also available in your area.

To set up a workshop in your area or to get further information:

Wesley Ray Wyatt
Phone: (540) 387-1723
eMail: wesleyrw@earthlink.net
Regular Mail: 408 West Riverside Drive, Salem, VA 24153


Kris Kristofferson, Tom Vendetti, Paul Horn, Lama Tenzin

DANCING DOLPHIN PRESS has recently completed its sixth video, a documentary titled "Journey Inside Tibet". Narrated by Kris Kristofferson, filmed by Tom Vendetti and starring the renowned flautist Paul Horn and Maui's own Lama, Lama Tenzin, this video is a musical event and scenic journey inside sacred sites, temples and out-of-the way places rarely experienced by most visitors to Tibet and Nepal.

Paul Horn became the first western musician allowed to record inside the Potala Palace, and Lama Tenzin reunited with his family that he hadn't seen in forty years since he left Tibet. These special moments are some of the highlights with a music score of Tibetan and Nepalese folk music, Paul Horn's haunting flute, and chanting of Tibetan nuns and monks.

This film was recently accepted into the New York Independent Film Festival and will be shown there in September. Producer Robert Neal will be there to hand out free tickets to those who would like to attend.

The 56 minute video sells for $25.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Visa and Mastercard accepted. To order:

eMail: angelic@maui.net
Phone: (800) 539-0203
Regular Mail:
Dancing Dolphin Press
PO Box 959, Kihei, Maui, HI 96753



For the first time, EarthEar brings together the most creative nature sound recordists and soundscape producers from Europe, Canada, and the US, with a series of new releases and the first-ever catalog to feature the best works of the world's premier soundscape artists.

These sound sculptors spend thousands of hours in the field, seeking, responding to, and recording the sounds of our world -- from mountains to subways. They then dance with their muses in the studio, weaving sonic essays and aural portraits in a delightful range of styles. Some present "pure" nature, with minimal editing; others create subtly-crafted evocations of a place, built of many overdubbed parts.

Until our national release on the Autumn Equinox, you can order directly from EarthEar at reduced rates, and be among the first to experience the future of nature audio.

Contact us at <info@earthear.com> (blank message OK) and we'll send you an email summary of our current releases, including "The Dreams of Gaia" (a great overview of the field), "Forests", "Why do Whales and Children Sing?", and "The Call of Home" catalog.

Listen... the voice of the planet is the Muse.



Unique, handcrafted, ancient aboriginal wind instruments that are imbued with excellent sound qualities. Our Fire Dream Didjeridus carry the ancient sound and reflect the traditional primitive art that may call you into the dreamtime. Let us create a masterpiece for you! Length will determine musical pitch and they are available in 2 or 3 inch tubing. Tutorial tape and instructions included.

Email <Spiff@netusa1.net> for pictures and prices. We ship worldwide.



A nurturing and luxurious week designed especially for you: massage, steam treatments, aromatherapy and blissful Ayurvedic oil treatments, complemented by delicious, cleansing foods, carefully selected to prepare you for effortless elimination. Using simple purification practices, pancha karma cleanses and rejuvenates your body, mind, and Spirit. Excesses are eliminated, and the body's natural rejuvenating abilities are awakened. Pancha karma is Ayurveda's most potent means of returning the body to a state of wholeness. You will be totally renewed, having left old patterns behind. You will leave clearer, lighter, and with more insights into how to enhance and maintain your health using the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Pancha karma includes 7 days of luxurious treatments, beautiful accommodations and simple, elegant meals.

Ayurveda's treatments are designed to facilitate a remembrance of your divine origin and to nurture your soul by flooding the senses with beauty. Imagine yourself cradled in the womb of this waterborn jewel of Kauai, the healing isle. Enjoy white sand beaches, dolphins, whales, and a tropical wonderland of fragrant flowers, palm trees, and majestic mountain views.

Myrica Morningstar CAS
Phone: (808) 828-6622
eMail: bliss@aloha.net
Web: http://wwwayurvedabliss.com
Regular Mail: Box 358, Kilauea, HI 96754



You too could be making good money simply by referring friends to our unique liquid nutritional products and herbal body wraps.

LIFE FORCE INTERNATIONAL is a strong, established company with a proven product line. We have been in business for 18 years, selling products to doctors, and for the past three years have been selling through referral marketing. We offer the ability to receive 40% commission (with additional bonuses) on each order and on each subsequent monthly reorder, simply for referring customers to our products. These products are exceptional in their formulation and quality, and they are reasonably priced. Commissions are among the highest in the industry, and you will receive substantial support both from the company and from your upline support team. This is a real money-making opportunity, even for people who have had limited success with network marketing programs. Why? Because the products are innovative, the company is dynamic, the profit structure is generous, and the market is still largely untapped.

One never knows when a life changing opportunity might be knocking at the door.

Just email me back at <mana7@aloha.net> for more information, or call Larry at (808) 828-6622.



10,000 studies and 30 years of research have proven that understanding Growth Hormone (GH) may be the most important medical breakthrough of the 20th century. What if it really was possible to reprogram our DNA to reverse the effects of Aging?

Dr. Daniel Rudman in the New England Journal of Medicine published that higher IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) levels due to increased GH stimulation were reversing the biological age of men aged 61-81 from 10-20 YEARS!! The main problem, GH depends on a properly functioning Pituitary gland. Dr. Ronald Klatz, in his new book "The Hormones of Youth" notes that IGF-1 is the true miracle worker, and it is 10 times more potent than HGH.

So how can we get IGF-1 directly and naturally?

The Chinese have known for 3000 years of the benefits of Deer Antler Velvet. Modern science has revealed that it is loaded with IGF-1, and many other Anti Aging co-factors. And now New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet is available for the first time ever in a Patented 20-1 concentrated Oral Spray. Introducing "Regeneration Matrix" from Body Electric (an incredibly conscious health company in WA). Guaranteed to make you look and feel better or your money back (60 days). Only $79.95/ 30 Day supply. Grow Healthier Now, email <quantum@aloha.net>, call (800) 692-2390, NHNE code #41517



Operating your own announcement or discussion group mailing list is easier than you think. Mail-list.com has an easy to use, affordable system that handles all the clerical tasks involved in maintaining mailing lists. No complex commands or programming knowledge required, just your email reader. Visit <http://www.mail-list.com> for more information.

[Many of you may remember that NHNE considered several different listserve providers before finally settling on mail-list.com. They've done such a great job for us that ALL FOUR of our mailing lists are now run by them! -- DS]



Exchange your vows of commitment among the natural splendor of Sedona, Arizona. Our goal is to make this special day memorable, relaxing and romantic. Sedona is truly a magical place to begin your married life. We take care of all the details for small intimate weddings to large celebrations shared with family and friends. Our ministers are non-denominational and our ceremony is spiritually oriented. Arizona is also friendly to weddings. No waiting period and no residency is required. "Weddings in Sedona" is owned by Sandy Ezrine, who works with professionals of all types to create the wedding that you desire.

Web: http://www.weddingsinsedona.com/
eMail: romance@sedona.net
Phone: (800) 973-3762


By Darlene Jan and Frank Wong
Foreword by David Sunfellow

A practical, common sense, interactive 52 page handbook that covers basic needs everyone should be prepared for in case our electricity-based infrastructure is interrupted by earth changes or technology failures. With only a few months to go before we enter into the next millennium, get prepared and welcome the year 2000 with positive aspirations rather than the fear of the unknown.

Published by TEN SPEED PRESS
List Price: $5.95
Amazon.Com Price: $4.76
You Save: $1.19 (20%)
Usually ships within 24 hours




Featuring 55 gal Water Barrels, Water Filters, Solar Radios, Solar Battery Chargers, Volcano Stoves, Nickel Hydride Batteries, Portable Toilets and much more.

Phone: (520) 204-9557
Fax: (520) 204-9555
eMail: jonawon@sedona.net
Regular Mail: PO Box 1628, Sedona, AZ 86336



Y2K CONNECTIONS is an interactive learning tool which challenges players with realistic Y2K scenarios. It's a what-if card game, a puzzle and an energizing conversation that's fun, interactive and educational. Tables of 5-7 players collaborate to problem-solve realistic Y2K scenarios, like: "How many candles and batteries do we need for 10 days without electricity?" and "If the phones don't work, how will I know if Mom is okay?" You'll learn new ways to stretch your understanding, embrace different points of view and expand your foundation of personal flexibility and community resourcefulness.

If you've been trying to get people's attention on preparing for Y2K, try Y2K Connections and watch people shift from "Y2K's not my problem" to "Ohhhh, I never thought about that" to "What can I do?" to "Let's work together on this."

"In just 30 minutes, Y2K Connections changed the atmosphere from 'doom and gloom' to enthusiastic proactive involvement"

-- Virginia Hirsch, Ph.D., trainer, Milwaukee Adult Ed.

Bring the world together as you build community, not crises, and as you prepare without panic -- at work, at home, throughout your community.

Available for $30 (and less, in quantity) at:



The SAVE OUR PLANET public service website hosted by SEE (the Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs) is about to be launched at <http://www.saveourplanet.org>. Public email, Nonprofit Resources, Fiscal Sponsorship, and Administrative Services are offered through this Website. SEE is currently seeking volunteers and cash donations to help expand this site into a Portal for use by the entire nonprofit sector while empowering the 60+ SEE nonprofit projects worldwide with greater tools and alliances. Volunteers to do Web research & mining, graphic creation, and html programming to expand the site into the defining nonprofit Portal on the WWW will be compensated with a tax-deductible receipt as a in-kind service donation. This is a chance to help those on the front lines of humanitarian work while cutting your tax burden. For more information or to start your own nonprofit project by joining the SEE network (it's free) please email <stephen@saveourplanet.org> or call Pepper at (310) 456-3534. Our mailing address and the place to send a donation should you be inclined is:

SEE (Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs)
20110 Rockport Way
Malibu, CA 90265
Fax: (310) 456-0388

We accept donations and are in need of cash, credit card, computer hardware donation, professional in-kind service donations, stock, or by check.


WebBuds is published the fourth week of every month by NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE). The cost for advertising in WebBuds is 20.00 for 250 words. For more information, please contact us at the addresses listed below:

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