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WebBuds 2 Advertiser Feedback:
Sunday, September 26, 1999

Sunday, September 26, 1999

Hello Everyone!

WebBuds 3 will be sent out this Thursday, September 30th. If you would like to advertise in our next issue, the deadline for getting your ad copy to me is 6 PM, MST, this Tuesday, September 28. The cost for advertising in WebBuds is 20.00 for 250 words. To streamline the process, we are accepting payment via credit cards only. Ad copy can be sent to <webbuds@nhne.com>. Credit card information can be emailed <webbuds@nhne.com>, phoned (928) 282-6120, or faxed (815) 346-1492.

So how did our advertisers do in the last issue of WebBuds?


Well, folks like Jack Martire of ClearVision Hawaii <http://www.clearvisionhawaii.com> continue to report great results, while others aren't receiving so much as a nibble. I guess WebBuds is mirroring life in general: some things are hot, some things are not, and hot or cold, our successes (and failures) seem to have as much with where we are as people/businesses as they do with the creative ways we market our particular products and services.

That's my two cents.

What do the folks who advertised in the last issue of WebBuds think? I wrote all of them and here are a few comments from those who wrote back:


I had four replies and all four bought my book "The Just-In-Case Food Pantry: A Common Sense Guide for Y2K or Any Other Emergency". I'm pleased with the results as it seems that for each one person who buys it from a source such as this, it leads to several additional sales through Amazon.com for their friends and neighbors.

Lorraine Platka-Bird, Ph.D., RD
Fax: (602) 507-0424
eMail: zmail@extremezone.com


I haven't received much response. About one or two inquiries each time. I then either emailed more information or mailed them a packet. I had no subsequent replies. The frustrating truth.

Wesley Ray Wyatt
Current Alternatives & Dream Workshops
Phone: (540) 387-1723
eMail: wesleyrw@earthlink.net


I had planned to advertise in WebBuds 2, but found that the deadline was already passed. Thanks for giving us that free plug in your feedback letter [for WebBuds 1] <http://www.nhne.com/webbuds/webbuds0001f.html>. As a result of that, we received an additional 6 inquiries. It's obvious that we have a product that appeals to people, so we plan to place more ads...

Jack Martire
ClearVision Hawaii
eMail: clearvision@hawaii.rr.com
Web: http://www.clearvisionhawaii.com/


Truthfully, I didn't receive so much as one hit to my site as a result of posting my ad. Still, it's only the first time I posted an ad on the list, so not getting any hits doesn't mean much. I realize Web services aren't commonly found on a list of this type, so I'm willing to try it again.

Lynn Coffren
Webkooks Internet Design
Phone: (301) 283-6490
Fax: (707) 215-1843
eMail: lynn@webkooks.com
Web: http://www.webkooks.com


[My] response: there was none. I guess people who read the WebBuds just aren't interested. Good luck to all of you who do find it productive.

Margery Bastian
Holistic Connection
Asheville, NC
Phone: (828) 259-7281 or (828) 253-4571
eMail: margeryb@earthlink.net


I should let you know that the service ECA Space Desgn Pty Ltd provides has only been implemented by word-of-mouth so far. It is a radical change from normal practice to have feedback from a Net advert because, for most, a new home is one of, if not the THE, major investment in life. So I know it is a lot to ask that people should use the net for this purpose. Hence I have no expectations, I just keep trying in case someone needs help in say, a remote location where access to professional help is not possible.

So as you have gathered by now, my response from the current ad is zero.

Dr. Sydney Baggs
Your Own Special House - Healthy & Environmentally Friendly
Newport Beach, NSW, Australia
eMail: docyd@ozemail.com.au
Web: http://www.hotyellow98.com/docsyd/index.html


Thanks, David, for the opportunity to give feedback again on WebBuds. Unfortunately, I again did not have any calls or e-mails from my ads regarding the Chironic Healing Workshop. However, they say three is the magic number, so run my ad again for the Chironic Healing Workshop to be held November 3, 4, & 5 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Sandy Rogers, LMT, RMT, CH
Sacred Spirals Bodywork
Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: (480) 946-6002
eMail: Sspirals@aol.com
Web: http://www.Chironic.com.au


Please put my same ad in WebBuds one more time. I have no way to measure who is visiting my website from this particular ad, although we are recording more and more hits all the time. My guess is that some WebBuds are visiting our site. Thanks for providing this service!

Bonnie Willow
Human Touch Gallery
Manitou Springs, CO
eMail: bonwillow@earthlink.net
Web: http://www.humantouchgallery.com


David Sunfellow, Founder & Publisher
NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE)
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
P.O. Box 2242
Sedona, AZ USA 86339

Primary eMail: nhne@nhne.com
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NHNE: http://www.nhne.com/
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