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WebBuds 4:
Sunday, November 7, 1999

& Bargains Galore
for Spiritual Seekers"


NHNE WebBuds 4
Sunday, November 7, 1999


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Special thanks to the "buds" who listed their products and services in this issue of WebBuds. Their support helps keep NHNE on the radar screen of planet Earth. You can thank them, and help NHNE, by ordering their products and services with abandon.

We don't rigorously test/screen all of the products and services advertised in WebBuds. So if you have any questions, you'll need to direct them to the advertiser in question.



PlanetDeb -- A Gathering Place
Fine Handcrafted Gifts & Artworks
Good Luck New Year's Foods
Discover The Healing Power Of Sound
Current Alternatives
Interested In Your Dream Life?
Weddings In Sedona
Y2K Emergency Preparedness Handbook
Emergency Supplies for Y2K & Earth Changes



"You just give folks a key
and they can open their own locks"

--- Robert R. McCammon

Hello, my name is Debra Hegerle and I've created a gathering place to share interesting articles, stories and experiences on my message boards at PlanetDeb:


As a fellow adventurer with Spirit and a long time Friend of NewHeavenNewEarth, I'd like to invite everyone to drop by and visit, and perhaps join in with others as we share our explorations of life within Spirit on either the Topics Board:


or the in The Bathroom:


or both!

Love & Blessings
Deb <deb@planetdeb.net>



Find unique tools for meditation and serenity. Support American artists. Find quality handcrafted gifts for your hard-to-shop-for friends. Fill your life with beauty. You can do it all at <http://www.humantouchgallery.com>!

Located at the base of Pike's Peak in the historic town of Manitou Springs, Colorado (known for its ancient healing mineral springs), HUMAN TOUCH GALLERY is a gallery of fine handcrafted gifts and artworks by some of America's finest artisans.

We specialize in exquisite handcrafted American-made KALEIDOSCOPES. Our kaleidoscopes allow you to enter a mandala of brilliant colors, which drift gradually like living lights into ever-changing patterns. You'll never see the same pattern twice! It's a magical journey into beauty and light. Prices range from around $20 to around $500.

We also feature: porcelain pottery, blown glass, carved wood puzzle boxes, kinetic sculptures, jewelry, and much more. What is a kinetic sculpture? Take a look at our 6-MAN CLOCK and find out! The HUMAN TOUCH GALLERY website makes these wonderful artworks available to you! We have a wide range of prices. Please visit us frequently, as we continue to add new ones every month. See you there <http://www.humantouchgallery.com>!



RECIPES: Down home, easy to prepare, nutritious, delicious fare to start and keep your new year on track. Satisfying and pleasing for the most discriminating Meatasaurous or Herbivore.

GARDENING TIPS: For no fuss, no muss (well, not much anyway) growing of your own GOOD LUCK veggies.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE --------------------------------------------->

For EVERY scrumptious collection sold, $1.00 (Yes, one dollar -- that's 100 pennies) will be donated to NHNE. (Cheers, Yea, Drum roll, Applause) NHNE needs the dinero. We need peace and quiet.

Please send $5.00, along with your name and address to:

Mary Anne Markley
1615 Northland Street
Carrollton, TX USA 75006-1610



EnterSound Health

We invite you to give your body back the power to heal itself! We at EnterSound Health are distributors of TriStar's Intrasound Products, "the greatest health breakthrough in decades" according to a variety of health care professionals. Medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, dentists, and nutritionists are among the group of healing professionals using and endorsing these products.

In 1957 an ingenious man named Victor Roehrich began has search for the answers to his questions regarding the source of perfect health and wellness. Finally, in 1990, by what he describes as a Divine Accident, he stumbled upon the answer. Victor discovered a method to energize and regenerate the body through the infusion of high frequency sound waves. These inaudible sound waves produce a special signal, a tone, that helps the trillions of cells within the human body come into harmony. This harmonious signal seems to have a miraculous effect upon organizing all human, plant, and animal DNA. Victor named his discovery Intrasound. He then developed a powerful line of health formulas based on this revolutionary technology.

The Intrasound formulas are for everyone -- not just sick people and people in pain. When you restore order to your body, your entire life will improve! You'll perform at a whole new level. You'll gain energy, become stronger, and have more stamina. Remember what you felt like when you were younger? You've got to experience Intrasound!

For a complete overview of these amazing products, and to request a FREE audio tape, "A Doctor's Report on Intrasound", visit EnterSound Health at <http://www.entersound.com/> or call Bonnie at 1 (336) 854-4589.



Are You Hurting? Sleeping poorly?

Far-infrared and magnetic technologies can help you. 20+ years of research. 3 billion in sales worldwide. 30 million satisfied customers. Effective, natural and safe.

Distributors of the world's foremost wellness products. For free information, write, call or email us:

Phone: (540) 387-1723
eMail: wesleyrw@earthlink.net
Regular Mail: 408 West Riverside Drive, Salem, VA 24153

Would you like to be employed in a job with a focus on wellness and preventive health care? Set your own hours. Make a difference? Achieve financial independence? Free training and support. Give us a call. Get your questions answered.

Far Infrared and Magnetic Health Care Products: We improve the quality of life of those we serve.



Are You looking for some personal attention and support for understanding your own dreams? We provide ongoing phone, email and correspondence support for those seeking to improve their quality of life through dreams. With over 20 years of experience we can point the way. 3-day workshops are also available in your area.

To set up a workshop in your area or to get further information:

Wesley Ray Wyatt
Phone: (540) 387-1723
eMail: wesleyrw@earthlink.net
Regular Mail: 408 West Riverside Drive, Salem, VA 24153



Exchange your vows of commitment among the natural splendor of Sedona, Arizona. Our goal is to make this special day memorable, relaxing and romantic. Sedona is truly a magical place to begin your married life. We take care of all the details for small intimate weddings to large celebrations shared with family and friends. Our ministers are non-denominational and our ceremony is spiritually oriented. Arizona is also friendly to weddings. No waiting period and no residency is required. "Weddings in Sedona" is owned by Sandy Ezrine, who works with professionals of all types to create the wedding that you desire.

Web: http://www.weddingsinsedona.com/
eMail: romance@sedona.net
Phone: (800) 973-3762


By Darlene Jan and Frank Wong
Foreword by David Sunfellow

A practical, common sense, interactive 52 page handbook that covers basic needs everyone should be prepared for in case our electricity-based infrastructure is interrupted by earth changes or technology failures. With only a few months to go before we enter into the next millennium, get prepared and welcome the year 2000 with positive aspirations rather than the fear of the unknown.

Published by TEN SPEED PRESS
List Price: $5.95
Amazon.Com Price: $4.76
You Save: $1.19 (20%)
Usually ships within 24 hours




Featuring 55 gal Water Barrels, Water Filters, Solar Radios, Solar Battery Chargers, Volcano Stoves, Nickel Hydride Batteries, Portable Toilets and much more.

Phone: (520) 204-9557
Fax: (520) 204-9555
eMail: jonawon@sedona.net
Regular Mail: PO Box 1628, Sedona, AZ 86336


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