Y2K Daily News Sources



Sanger's Review of Y2K News Reports

A comprehensive collection of news reports about Y2K. These articles are linked (occasionally to multiple news sources that ran different versions of the same story), summarized, and archived on a daily basis.

Gary North's Y2K Links & Forums

Along with tracking a wide variety of daily Y2K news stories, Gary North includes personal commentary with the stories he posts. Strong apocalyptic views and conservative Christian leanings heavily influence North's choice of stories, as well as his commentary, but he consistently asks good questions and makes important points. He also tends to find good stories that the other Y2K clipping services miss.

Year 2000 Press Clippings

The best source for daily Y2K news (and archived Y2K news) on the web. Hosted by The Year 2000 Website, this page is updated several times a day. Stories are listed by day, publication and title and the administrators seek to keep all links active. This page contains two weeks of current Y2K news from around the world and a list of archived sections from past months.

Y2K News Magazine

Billing itself as "the world's leading bi-weekly printed news magazine and information source for the Year 2000," the Y2K News Magazine Website lists the day's top Y2K stories. Stories are introduced by date, publisher, headline and usually include a brief description of the story's contents. A lot of other good links and information, but the site is buggy and slow-loading.

2000 & You: Latest Y2K News

Designed like the Year 2000 Press Clippings page: daily news stories are headlined, sourced and linked to originals.

Year 2000 Newsroom

Designed like the Year 2000 Press Clippings page: daily news stories are headlined, sourced and linked to originals. Significantly, this news service is offered by the state of Utah.


Designed like the Year 2000 Press Clippings page: daily news stories are headlined, sourced and linked to originals. This site also offers a daily newsletter that highlights the most important stories of the day and offers commentary.


Based in Washington D.C. and billing itself as "the world's largest information resource on the Y2K problem," Y2Ktoday draws upon a daily newsfeed of 500 stories created by its own team of writers and newswire reports from around the world. The Y2Ktoday site also providing in-depth analyses, expert commentary, and industry and community status reports.

Yahoo! Full Coverage: Year 2000 Problem

The Yahoo Y2K page contains a short list of daily Y2K news stories, along with links to various other Y2K related areas: websites, events, news sources, message boards, audio/videos.

MSNBC Y2K Coverage

CNN Y2K Coverage

CNET - News.com - Year 2000

euy2k.com - The Newsroom

News stories and information concerning Y2K and the power industry.

CBN: Y2K News Stories & Interviews

Christian Y2K news coverage from the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Home of Pat Robertson and the 700 Club.

News from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Here's where you can find the latest news from the FDIC.

New Zealand Clippings, Press Releases & Other Items

News from New Zealand.

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Y2K News Fax Service

An especially important resource for people who want to send or receive a hard copy of recent Y2K news stories that are clipped from newspapers around the country (and world). Dr. Ed Yardeni maintains a long list of faxes on many different Y2K topics. Updated regularly, all you have to do is visit this link, select the faxes you are interested in receiving, enter a fax number, and a minute or two later the faxes you selected are sent.





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