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TriCities2000 Discussion List

One of the most active, and informative, Y2K discussion lists on the Net. Also includes an extensive archive of past posts.

Millennium Salons 

Along with providing a collection of valuable Y2K links, speeches, articles and other information, Millennium Salons also hosts a series of topic-oriented bulletin boards where you can post messages and find answers about everything under the sun related to Y2K.

The Cassandra Project

The Cassandra Project is one of the most important grassroot-oriented Y2K sites on the Net. Although poorly designed, their website contains a host of valuable information, including this active bulletin board.

Beyond 2000 Discussion Board

The Beyond 2000 Discussion Board is "a place where we nurture a community that looks forward beyond the disorder of a world shaken by Y2K, The Year 2000 Problem." It is for "visioning the newness and wonder to come" and "posting your visions of a sane and sustainable future that we create now."

EUY2K Discussion Group

The EU (electric utilities) Y2K Discussion Group is hosted by Rick Cowles of the Electric Utilities and Year 2000 Website. Here you will find people discussing all aspects of Y2K as it affects the electric utilities.

The Y2K Investor Threads

Hosted by The Y2K Investor Website, this bulletin board discusses financial issues related to the Y2K crisis. Well-known economist Edward Yardeni is a guest commentator. This forum also provides email notification of new posts.





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